What do women want – Ossetian girl

Here is an interview with a girl from Ossetia or Alania in the country of Russia. Why is this interview interesting?  Because tells you want women want in terms of  relationships.  Why is it important?  Because  many guys learn a truth too late.

The culture of American girls that are sold to American guys via the media is a distortion of what females really want and causes unhappiness in marriage.  It is true.  It is not natural.  Most guys learn this too late. But if it is not too late for you and you still have time, read on. If it is too late, I am sorry I guess all you can do is wait for the sweet kiss of death to set you free.

Here is an interview with a beautiful Ossetian girl, that has nothing to hide about what females desire.

What do women want – Interview with an Ossetian girl

Mark: Hi, Where and what is Ossetia if I may ask?

Lesya: Ossetians are a group of ancient Indo-European people related to Iranians actually, however, most of us are Christian and European lifestyle but live in caucuses traditions. We live in the Northern Caucasus mountains which was close to the original Indo-European homeland. That is the group of  people from Ireland to India belong. So we I guess like to pride ourselves that we are the primordial archaeal types of the of western culture. OK maybe I am exaggerating a bit. But I love my culture.

Mark: Are you a city or country girl?

Lesya: I’m from the city of Vladikavkaz. is the capital of North Ossetia.

Mark: What do you do in Ossetia?

Lesya: I am a student, studying in the city of Krasnodar. This is one of the best cities in Russia. I could have gone to Moscow to study but I did not want to study in Moscow as the people there are corrupted by the bright lights and big city and have lost their way.

In addition to my studies I am a gymnastics and a model.

Mark: So you do modeling, sports and study and are multilingual, I am impressed.

Lesya: I am just a normal girl.

Mark:  How would you compare and contrast the culture of Ossetia and girls from the Russia or Russian girls?

Lesya: Russian girls are very different from us (although I am partial of course).  In my personal experience they focus on money, and are more base in their ways of having fun, if you know what I mean.  They have multiple boyfriends and sense of values are different, maybe more like the West.

In contrast Ossetian girls believe there is one guy for them and one guy for life. They do not spread themselves over many guys. They believe that there is one soul mate who will rescue them, a prince . For her husband they would do everything and love has no limits.

Mark: So Ossetian girls do not mind cooking for their husbands?

Leysa:  Cooking for us the main thing. The wife will take care of her husband. Of course, the woman should do this, and food and children, and cleaning, it is not even discussed. After all what is woman?  – The guy has to earn money,  the woman should keep the house and children and the husband ..))

Mark: So the husband does not have to feel guilty if the women does all the domestic things and the man provides for the family?

Lesya: The woman does this because she loves her husband of course, I do not even know what you mean, this is our joy.

Mark: What do you want from a man or relationship?

Lesya: Love, respect, caring, gentleness, caress and not to worry about my needs. I think I look for someone who has a beautiful mind and courage and passion about life.

Mark: Great answer, courage and brains and being passionate about life. This is different from American girls who care about three things: your title, cash you spend on them and muscles. And when it is time to get married they are willing to ‘comprises’ on one of those three things.

Lesya: Umm I guess, I do not know what you are talking about.

Mark: Tell me more about what you for example are looking for?

Lesya: Personally, I love  culture, I love Russian classics 18-19 century, and I would like to see next to me was the same person. someone with culture and love of beautiful classical things.
Religion plays a big role, I am a Christian and open minded to all people, and love world cultures. However, personally I have never been able to communicate with Muslim guy and I think to live with or marry a Muslim guy for me personally would be difficult.

Mark: What about foreign guys, would you date them? Americans for example?

Lesya: I do not know any Americans, I am not thinking like this. I do know one girl who wants to date foreigners, she is Russian by the way, I can give you her ICQ number.

Mark: What is your dream life or location?

Lesya: I would like to live here in Ossetia. The people here are good honest interesting people.  Of course travel is interesting but what can I find outside my world, that I can not experience here at home walking in the mountains?

Mark: Thank you.

Lesya: The pleasure has been mine.

What one girl wants

The way women think in the west is treated as some sort of enigma guarded by an inner circle or left for Freudians and people into psychobabble to debate about. However, why not just trust what this Ossetian girl thinks is imporant in life? She is not afraid to speak the truth, like in the fairy-tale ‘The emperors new clothes’. This Ossetian girl clearly answers the question what do women want.  She is normal. She is healthy. She is a beautiful girl, a model who just wants a prince.  Is there anything wrong with this?

Why I know what girls want

I basically married a model whose beauty is only exceeded by her charm, virtue and grace. If you want a happy marriage consider marrying a girl who thinks idealistic, not what is conveyed in the media. I do not recommend an American or UK girl if family values are important to you. I think these women do not want a traditional family.

Therefore, why not marry a princess who looks like a model who will turn your world upside down in a good way, and not some feminist women wants to make you unhappy and punish you for being a loving caring man. If it is not too late please consider this. Consider what girls want who have not been corrupted by money or feminist culture. Do not just accept the type of relationships you have been programmed to accept, find a fairy-tale princess. This is what women need you to do, find them, rescue them and marry them so they can be in the kitchen cooking borscht barefoot with kids running around and thanking you every day for being their champion. That is what women want.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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This article is excellent, absolutely wonderful. I suppose Lesya has already found her prince . Well, I guess I should book my next flight to Ossetia.

Do you think I should pack the body armor? Last I heard, there was like some type of civil war or infighting there and that Russia and Georgia were fighting some type of war over the territory.

Well, whenever you think the smoke is cleared and its safe to journey, I would be so intrigued to journey to this mystical and exotic land, with beautiful and loving people. I am a man of the mountains and I would love to venture in these mountains and explore this place. Also, I find it very interesting that these people are related to Persians and that they have maintained a culture isolated from the rest of Russia.

From this conversation, it sounds like Lesya more or less depicts Russian women as not suitable for marriage. Mark, if you don’t mind what is your comment about Lesya’s views on Russian women? It seems from what she says that they are materialistic, feminized and westernized.

Another question, what is your view about thesituation of Ossetia? Have you been there before?

I liked this article so much because it is full of truth,I always love caucasian people, because they are ours relatives and they have values! ossetian girls of course best in the west.

If it was not so dangerous to travel there, I think I would love to venture there. I was told only Russian citizens are allowed to travel around North Ossetia, and it is quite dangerous, because of rebels hiding in the mountains.

Add to that, Russians and others can always tell a foreigner. No matter if you dress or look and act like them, there is always something that will give you away. I have been living in Eastern Europe for many years, still, but not always people will in a one second glance see me as a foreigner.
Me and my friend are hanging out and are Eastern European in blood and have lived in Eastern Europe for many years and he made the comment to me – we are not fooling anyone.

Ossetians aren’t relatives to Iranians, I mean the country and people of Iran. It’s just the name of a language group in the language classification system which sounds like the name of the country above. They are isolated ethnic group related to North-“Iranian” tribes such as Alans, Skiffs, Sarmats e.t.c. Actually, they are descendants of Alans. It was the tribe of warriors witch used to live on territories of present Russia, Germany, France, Spain, Swiss, Hungary,Italy e.t.c Former capital of Alans was Orlean in present France. In Hungary still live ethnic group of people with the name Yass, and in fact they are the only closest relatives to Ossetians.
Everything she said is true, almost 95% of girls out there are thinking that way.
The place is safe to travel without rebels in the mountains. All you need just a flight ticket to Moscow and then to Vladikavkaz-the capital of the Republic of Ossetia-Alania.

They speak Ossetic, an Iranian language of the Eastern branch of the Indo-European language family. Ossetians are significantly more similar to Iranian groups than to Caucasian groups.

No, it’s what Lesya wants – she only wants her life to be this way because she presumably doesn’t know anything else.
I’m nobody’s servant – would you like to cook and clean like a servant for the rest of your days? Or would you prefer to live your own life?
I feel sorry for Lesya. Being a servant isn’t even a servant’s joy in life, why should a woman’s ambition or joy be that?

Celeste I appreciate your comments but I have to disagree with you on this one. I have travelled the world, OK maybe only about 30 countries but enough and live abroad and this is how women think in most of the world. Only in the USA and the UK and not all women, just some, rebel against the ideas that love is humility and serve to your beloved. I am a man and I am married and my life is nothing more than service. I confident and strong enough to know that love is submission, gentleness and not thinking of yourself. The whole is more important then the parts when it comes to love and marriage.

What kind of service?

I still feel sorry for the woman who wants a husband to wait on. In all the 30 countries you visited, did you ever come across someone, anyone, whose horizon is somewhat broader and more enlightened? Are these all countries where women are considered fools for wanting something different? You never talk about Australia. They’re also a first world country, but yet you haven’t mentioned them. What are the thoughts about this in Western Europe? You seem to dislike first world countries because the women have actually realised that marriage is an option, not a necessity.

I am a scholar of the enlightenment. In fact I did my graduate work at Trinty and the history of thought was my particular interest. So if you are talking about the enlightment, lets talk. I believe that we all have the free will to live our lives by our choosing. But again, from my experience and wisdom, love is what brings happiness in life. Love and commitment and service to others.
Did you not read Goethe’s Faust?
About the man who has felt he has reached the limits of experience and knowledge? He is still unhappy. So he makes a deal with the devil that – that for one perfect moment of happiness he will sell his soul.
The devil agrees.
He found that perfect moment of happiness is the selfless act of serve to another.

Yes, I’ve read Faust at school. But I still don’t think the perfect moment of happiness is to serve others. Perhaps if you feel a connection to other people, but I think it puts them in your debt and you in theirs. Debts are inconvenient. I’m thinking of people who are not made happy by serving other people, even if it is simply to hand them the remote or clean their house.

Faust was made happy with learning. Nothing wrong with that. I am happy when I hear Boeings. The mistake Faust made was to take a shortcut.
I know I come across as selfish, but I have to take care of myself, and love and commitment are simply not things that feature in my life. I think many people out there look beyond that too, and it is a shame when they are limited by culture or marriage.

Like I wrote before: Jacob Marley to Ebenezer Scrooge ‘Mankind is your business’.
No one is selfless or selfish 100% but we are all degrees. It is more being open to the possibility that love can transform your life. If you are open to this than things will happen and it will take you places you never imagined existed.

Okey I don’t know why you always tell that westerns can’t be like this. We don’t really care that much for money, the girl is working so she wouldn’t burden her bf with asking money, because she knows he doesn’t have that much too, or the other one always lending money to her bf, because that never have any. They cook for them, clean, they will gladly do anything from raising child to manging the house. But they will work, that’s what westerns can’t understand, that in Eastern-Europe our salary is the 1/3 or 1/4 of western workers. If only the man worked we wouldn’t have a roof or food. And an other thing women do these out of their own will, but when the guy starts to say you can only do that, and leave no option for the girl to choose they will rebel. My mother got her degree when she was 40. If my father haven’t supported her, and the whole family, we would be poor, since she is the one who brings back more money to home (though we still live from month to month praying we wouldn’t run out of money). What you can’t see is tat if a women works that’s a support for the family, yet she still has to do the cooking, cleaning, raising child in her freetime, I think this is a hard thing, just try it out once.
And dating many guys? well I have dated 2 but doesn’t mean that I’m bad right? You fall in love, see everything in pink then the sunglasses fall of and you realise the guy is just having fun, cheating, or doesn’t let you live, and in the end you can end up in the news: The husband shoot down his wife and child and then himself too (this happens nearly every week nowdays, it’s getting scary). So dating is there so you can get to know the other and if the person doesn’t match you in the end both of you can part. If it works then happy ending ( I know this happy ending, for 7 years now as a 21 year old girl).
Greeting from Hungary which is said to be in the other article a bad place to marry, and sorry for being rude Admin, but you wrote that dating Hungarian girls are okey, but not for marriage, what makes us b*ches, and that sentence hurts many Hungarian girls.

IAs got older the answers that what women want is no different to any other time. Being friendly, approachable, good sense of humour, don’t try to hard, offer compliments without overdoing it. a guy who pays attention to their body (do not get overweight just like that). appearance is important of course don’t let the bad things like hair growing out your nostrils be an issue. If you’re balding, don’t comb over, shave it or style to what your face allows. if your thin make an effort to build up, if fat lose weight.

Women simply want to feel you’re a masculine man who can embrace the sensitive side as well as be butch, they want to feel protected and made to feel special.

accept and polish up on your conversation abilities, it helps if you are linguistically sound. tell the girl what she might be wearing is nice (if it is), don’t lie.

I tell my german girlfriend she is beautiful everyday for last couple of years (cuz she is mind), but its important to not lose sight of that just because your with someone as well.

As you get older it gets easier, just be a good person

I find your site full of truths and therefore it’s very encouraging to me. It encourages me to open up, to be myself. Not to be afraid of where I am. And not to be afraid to go after what I want. I’d like to point out though, that not all American women are the same. I am a “single” American 21 yr old female and would Love to be the pregnant, barefoot wife, cooking for my hardworking, gentle, loving husband. I would say that a lot (maybe even the majority) of American women are how you say they are, but please don’t label us all. I have met plenty of girls like myself who are just simply waiting for their princes to come. 🙂

Since I moved back to the USA I have to say I met a lot of American girls that are really nice, warm loving and together but they are married with kids. So maybe it is that married with kids are the happiest and most normal.

Also I am married and I do not know how they would be in dating situation, and since I am married they might treat me different. However, the culture here is swinging back a little to be more traditional in some areas. It does my heat good to hear this. I think if you find a partner in life who is idealistic and heart centered your life will be interesting and fulfilling.

Unfortunately there is still another cultural current pushing the wrong message. That is career is an important way to be fulfilled or that marriage is servitude. I am dude and I think family is always more important than anything and a blessing from above. I would rather be poor and spend a lot of time with my family than chasing some promotion. For what, so I can spend more time with my family?

I am sure that one day your prince will come.

I’m glad to hear it! 🙂 I think a person can be happy and normal being single and w/o children, though I also believe that marriage and children (especially children for some reason) can bring out the best in people. 🙂

I think that the cultures always been traditional in SOME areas, more so in the rural areas and smaller towns perhaps. Each person is different though too.

Thank you. 🙂 I think so too!

I think the reason why society puts careers up so high is because of money. Society seems to think that success is having plenty of money. And that success (of course) comes from your career. But what is success? Isn’t it simply happiness? And money can’t bring happiness.

Marriage is a kind of servitude I think, but it is (or ought to be i think) a willing servitude. Because it’s done through love. I think a man ought it be able to take care of himself and a woman herself, but through marriage(love) they can help each other out, because women are generally suit better for some things and men others.

I trust that he will too! 🙂

Brillant, I do not know how you became so wise. Marriage is a kind of servitude. You become a slave to love, but when both partners are it takes you do places no one could ever achieve on their own. You might have have all the power and ambition in the world,beauty, brains, but without your other half you can not go where simple humble people in love go.

And once you are married you will see what I mean.

Thank you for your kind words Bogdan. There are many normal, beautiful, mentally healthy women in the world, it just takes a little effort to find the one for you.

Celeste, I am Australian but i tell you many Australian women want what Lesya is saying but find themselves trapped in the ideas they had first embraced but now don’t know how to go back to reality. So I totally agree with Lesya’s view. Cooking food for your husband or children has nothing to do with slavery instead its a sign of love, care, etc. Food unites people, if you want to know time when all people come together go to adelaide street and see how people come together for sushi during lunch.

Benoit, I agree with you. I’m a wife and mother of three. As with the Ossetian girl I also firmly believe in 1 true love and therefore am married to the same man I met in college.

I am a worker due to I have to pay the loan we took on our house. But ideally I won’t be working forever, just until my husband can afford the loan on his own salary.

My wish is to stay at home, to cook for my family and housekeep and maintain the household. I don’t think it’s slavery or being submissive, I think this is a way of showing care and love. I believe many women chase ambitions and career that give than money to have fun; have forgotten that there are many ways of showing love.

In my experience married people are more balanced, less neurotic and happier. Single people, and I was one of them so no slight intended, are generally more erratic and neurotic and lonely and depressed. Married people are more easy-going. I think being at home, is what men and women did for one million years of evolution. It is great if one or both parents can do this.
In contrast, both partners, commuting to the office and being apart most of the waking hours, is only a relatively new thing and I do not know if it is good for anyone.

She is speaking like a person who hasn’t travelled around her own country and hasn’t compared its citizens’ natures. I live in Moscow and I can tell you there are a lot of modest and honest girls that also dream about one eternal love. It seems like Lesya likes stereotypes about the Russians and some of her remarks sound offensive to me.

I am from Chechenya and I am a girl. Yes, we are very beautiful.Bothers me when I hear about strangers who want to marry girls from the Caucasus and Eastern Europe,disagree with international marriages.If we’ll marriages with foreigners, future generations will not be so beautiful.Our features will change.What will become of our people? Chechen boys for Chechen girls, Russian boys for Russian girls,American girls for American boys, gypsy girls for gypsy boys,Arabic girls for Arabic men.

Great article, but I have to clear something up.
I’m pure blooded Ossetian girl, living in Moscow right now and studying International Law.
I think devoting your life to your one and only man – your husband is a true happiness. Don’t get me wrong it’s not a servant work or something like that. No. A girl is going to do everything she can to please her man. And her man is grateful and caring that’s why there are few unhappy marriages here in Caucasus. Keeping a house, cooking food for the beloved one, bringing up your children. It’s natural for woman. And I’m proud to be a part of my rich culture and traditions. Although I haven’t found my prince either. I really hope to:)

P.s. Sheila, it doesn’t matter where does person come from. If you love a person – you have to do everything you can to be with him. I think it’s stupid to support this opinion of one nationality life share (Russian girl for Russian boy, Ossetian girl for Ossetian boy etc)
The most important thing is to find a right person no matter what nationality he is and what he believes in.

The Ossetian girls are worthy of love but have a lot of issues with angry and coming from a society where the expectations on them vs men are polarized. Therefore this creates an unnatural tension between the genders. I come from this area of the world and the women are stunning in terms of physical beauty, something that is written about in classical mythology about beauty and women.

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