What are Russian girls like

What are Russian females like in dating and marriage?

A lot of people are wondering what Russian girls are like beyond the Photoshopped pictures of Russian girls you see online on bride or dating sites. The purpose of this post is to give you a description, that I feel is pretty accurate and without exaggeration. A physical and intellectual description of a woman from Russia.  I will take it from Russian literature. Sergei Lukyanenko is one of my favorite Russian writers. He has written books that often deals with the unseen battle between good and evil.

In one of his latest books he describes a Russian girl living in cottage alone in the forest outside a village in Siberia. To an American guy this might seem a bit fairy-tale. It is not.

The best girls are these Russian girls from the village or living in some forest somewhere. I married such a girl from Eastern Europe. These Rusalki are real and good. If you like nature,  even better. Many days my wife and I go into the forest and pick fruit to have a picnic and read a book under tree in some field in the middle of a forest. In my experience American girls would tolerate primitive conditions you find in a deep Eastern European forest, or lack of sensory stimulation.  I tell my wife I am living some sort of male fantasy.

Description of a Russian girl

From the Russian author Lukyaneko here is a description of what one Russian girl is like

Go to the little hut, little hut, I whispered to myself, citing the fairy-tale. I thought this silly.  But then it was facing me anyway, in the middle of this endless forest.  I suddenly felt foolish.  I walked up to the door and clutched the rusty iron handle and at that moment as if someone had been waiting for the old door open.

Good-day, said a woman about 30 years old.  A very beautiful women.  From the children’s description I expected her to be older.  The children did not really say anything about her, and I imagined some average image of an old woman. That was stupid of me because for children as young as them, ‘beautiful’ meant wearing a bright colored dress, old was anyone older than they were.

But she was wearing a checked shirt, the kind of men and women can wear. She was tall, but not so tall is to make a man of average height feel insecure.  Slim, but not all skinny, a shapely youthful body.  Legs so long and straight I felt like shouting, ‘why the heck did you put jeans on those youthful legs, get into a miniskirt!’

Russian girls have long legs and brains of a rocket scientist. That is what Russian women are like.

Brea_ts, well no doubt some men prefer to see two huge silicon melons, and some take delight in a chest has flat as a boys.  But in this particular any normal man would delight in this golden mean.

Hands, well I don’t know exactly how hands can be erot_c.  Well her certainly were. I could only imagine that one touch from those slender fingers and …

With a figure like that, a beautiful face is an optional extra.  But she was so lovely.  Hair as black as pitch, large eyes that smiled and enticed.  All her features for regular, which just some tiny deviations from perfection that was invisible to the eye, but nevertheless allow you to see her as a women rather than a piece of art.

Uhm, He- hello, I whispered. What was wrong with me?  Anyone would think I had been raised on an uninhabited island and never seen a woman before.

That is the physical description of a Russian girl here is the intellectually what a Russian girl is like, from that same book ‘Twilight Watch’. I highly recommend his books by the way. I took liberties with the translation for clarity.

Don’t you find it boring out here in the wilderness?  I asked, changing the subject.

I’m not stuck here at all she laughed.  I come for the summer, I am writing a dissertation.   “The ethogenesis of certain species of crucifers in the central region of Russia’

For a doctorate?  I asked feeling rather envious. I was still disappointed that I’d never finished writing mine. But I’d become an ‘other’ and all those scholarly games would seem boring.  But even so I felt a little sad.

Postdoctoral she replied with an understandable pride. I am thinking of presenting it this winter.

This is your research library? I asked.  She nodded yes. I went over to inspect her bookshelves. Her library was a rather rich collection of botanical scholarly books, new and old, some volumes going back to the early part of the last century.

Russian girl are really like this

  • Russian girls in all their characteristics and variations are above and beyond wonderful women. In fact a girl like in the above book passage is very common. To throw in one added bonus, Russian girls tell me their dream is to have a man who they can cook for a raise a family. The are not ashamed of this at all, but feel good about it. It is not even mentioned because that is just the way it is.
  • Consider this most beautiful Siberian Russian girl.  What did she do with the money she won? She donated to build children’s playgrounds across Russia.
  • I am friends with several Russian girls from Siberia or the countryside and they are remarkable. One of my friends Olga, her father wanted her to study in Moscow, but she choose to study in a University near the Ural mountains, as she did not want to be corrupted by the big city.
  • Or Alexandra Kosteniuk player who is a model and married a normal American guy.
  • Or one of my friends from my school here, Svetlana getting her PhD, her style is great, she wears tight jeans, a nice top and a small Russian crown when she goes to a party. It looks cool.  She is just an interesting nice person, nothing like you find in America.
  • I have another friend from the Russian countryside named Stella and her long legs are so long my friend Erik, said it looks like she is on stilts, in a good way. She is nice a nice normal girl that moved to Moscow and lives a humble life in a small flat but works and an accounting manager.

If you are considering getting married why are you even thinking about an American girl when such Russian girls are real and just as dreamy. But remember, the best ones, and maybe your other half is found with a quest and not a search.

That means to find her you usually have to over come some great obstacles and leave behind some things that are holding you back. Just a thought. This is what Russian girls are like in my view.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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Hi, I do like Russian girls allot and would love to marry one. I live I India and I guess allot of the girls would like to marry someone from the US, UK or any of the European countries. Just wondering if there is a site which will help me find a Russian girl for marriage and is honest. Please let me know

If you want to understand mentality of Russian girls and learn more about their country and culture, read “Earrings for a Black Day” by Mila Austin — just Google it or find on Amazon. This is a great book about beautiful Russian girl Lena and about Soviet men and their war in Afghanistan. You’ll enjoy the book, I promise.

There’s a Russian girl on YouTube named Lena Danya that has everything going for her. She’s an artist, musician, ballet dancer, and writer, and she’s really funny. If that’s what most Russian girls have going for them, it’s no wonder they’re so popular. The best thing about her is that she hasn’t become Americanized. So many Russian girls that come here to America lose their cultural interests and only care about money and looking good, just like the typical American girl. I don’t like seeing Russian girls make themselves up like American girls, because Russian women are some of the most naturally beautiful women in the world.

Go to Russia, visit castles, museum, monastery, read Poushkin, Lermentov. Meet Russians, and discover their deep mind, their love of Russia mother. Go to sauna or bagnia. Travel by train or bus, only Russian people. And then you will fall in love with Russia, just a little step to find a lady there.

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