Can you handle Warsaw girls?

When you walk the streets of Warsaw as a single man, it is not the romantic picturesque snow covered streets that catches your eye, but rather the inordinate amount of leaflets and fliers on the ground featuring some ill clad women with their mobile number.

For 20 something English speakers Warsaw is a stag weekend town for guys from the UK. A lot of the nightlife for English language natives are geared to foreigners at this level.

My message ignore it. This is like going to New York city and only patronizing the seediest places. New York is more than that and so is Warsaw. Wash your hands of peddlers of activities of ill repute and enter the world of fairy-tales, that is Poland.

There are millions of girls from all over Eastern and central Europe in Warsaw. Warsaw is a nexus point for beautiful people, like Moscow or Kiev.

These are ordinary women walking on the street in Poland.  These images might boarder on the mundane as not to spoil the surprise after you leave Chopin Airport.

Why the title can you handle Warszawa girls?

Of all the girls I have ever met women, Warsaw princesses are proportionally melodramatic to their beauty in inclination. They are not bad in a Western girlfriend witchery way, rather just beautitiful and melodramatic with a depressive pesitimistic aura. Are they worthy it?  Yes.

It is a national passtime in Poland to complain and be pestimistic. I am Polish and I know this. I think it has to do with their history as well as the the cloudy weather, sitting at the end of the jetstream with contentnental European cold mixed in. If you read about the greatness of Poland and yet the tradgety of aggressive neirgbors and how many years the Poles fought for their freedom you would understand. Culture and history does influene the charater of individuals.

So if you go to warsaw looking for a lady friend, it will be like sitting next to the beautiful girl of your dreams on a roller coaster.

Why girls do not want to escape Wawa into the arms of a foreign man

There is a difference between Warsaw and other cities in Eastern Europe. Warsaw is a metaphor for Phoenix rising from the ashes. The city suffered greatly in its history and is now a fully integrated prosperous EU capital city. The feel of Warsaw is Western, safe and fairly wealthy.

There are no poor Warsaw girls who are dreaming to escape Warsaw for a greater life in the West. On the contrary, I would live in Warsaw. It is a great city. I would live in Warsaw than most cities in the USA or the UK as it is safer, more interesting in terms of culture and things to do and there are jobs.

What to do on a date in Warsaw guidebooks will not tell you

  • N. Copernicus Lecture Hall on every Tuesday at 4 pm they have a lecture at the Astronomical Observatory of Warsaw. You might look like Leonard Hofstadter PhD. But you will get girls looking like Penny if you take a Warsaw girl to one of these. It will impress her as Poles really have a respect for classical education and knowledge. Any intellectual curiosity will perk her curiosity in you.
  • Łazienki park – It actually means bathroom as the royals used it for this purpose (so did I in the woods), but it has botanical gardens and very a very romantic stroll. It can more gently translated as the royal baths.
  • The Erotic Museum in Warsaw has 2,000 exhibits about the history of you know what. The gift shops has no toys only books.
  • Amphitheater with monuments of Classical poets on the edge Łazienki lake – The reason this is appealing for a date is Polish girls like high minded things connected to classical education. If you know anything about the classics it is like driving a nice car, even better.
  • Temple of Diana – in the park also, flowery, and Victorian.
  • Blue city _ Large shopping mall in the center – take her there and buy her shoes and see what happens latter.
  • The Złote Tarasy – Golden terrace – Right by the train station and Jan Pawał II Aleja. You can not miss it is has blue glass futuristic shaped dome ceilings.
  • Know about the history of Warsaw and the The Palace on the Water, the Vistuala, and any history connected to Poland, which Poles are passionate about and you are in.

Nightlife in Warsaw reviews

All reviews of clubs and discos all say the same thing. They are often boring. I question if a person even writes these things or are they put together with some content aggregation program. They all say, the atmosphere is good and the music also with subtle differences. That being said, here is a list I can recommend. They all have websites in English and really nothing new here. Go to a Warsaw club and meet girls based on the same dating rules anywhere. Try to impress them by being different from the next guy. This is why I prefer not to play the club scene.

Yet one point worth mentioning is Polish girls are interested in love and marriage. I do not know if that is true for Western females, who focus on career and being caring about what their girlfriends think. Polish girls have a low flight factor compared to Western girls so they are worth it. Go to a Disco and find one that you will marry and stay with all the days of your life.

You can look them up they all have English websites, just find the British flag. These are Mark’s Top five I can recommend:

  1. Face – Al. Jerozolimskie 120
  2. Capitol – ul. Marszalkowska
  3. Piekarnia – This is a famous one it means the bakary – ul.Młocińska 11
  4. Organza – warszawa sienkiewicza 4
  5. Monobar – ul. Mazowiecka 11

The abbreviation ‘ul.’ means ‘‘ or street. ‘Al.’ Mean ‘aleja’ or large street. You can search the sites and map or GPD and you will have no problem going there, on tram or bus or cab if you have the cash.

Let me know if you need more information on Warszawa girls.

Warsaw girls Vs. Krakow girls

Warsaw girls are a special kind of Polish girl. They are cosmopolitan and worldly, more than say Krakow girls or normal Polish girls.  Do not get me wrong, there are some nice girls in Warsaw, but the culture is not traditional Polish culture if you are talking the hip and cool agnostics and Euro new rich worldly and affluent.  It is Warsaw culture.  A lot of the Warsaw culture is about money and business. The girls get caught up in the idea of having an apartment and a career and husband if he behaves and submits to their drama and accepts a lot of their exceptions. This sounds like the USA, it is not that bad.  So why look for a girl from Warsaw? Maybe I would just say in the USA look in Chicago. The only great feature about Warsaw is simply the sheer number of girls and many come from the countryside. So you can meet a nice one.

Generally you will find a prettier girl in Warsaw as they believe in staying thin and fit, but they are only marginally better than girls from the west. Worldly selfish women are everywhere, do not get tempted by their look. They will lead you to a path of destruction if you chase the model ones. My friend dated a model from Warsaw but he will not marry her. My grandmother lived on ulica Piękna (means beautiful street) the same street as the US embassy, but she did not live for long, as Warsaw is like NYC, everyone is from somewhere else and young professionals move on once they have a family.

Are Warsaw girls really for marriage?

If I was looking for love and marriage I would consider  Warsaw ladies but not as my first choice.   Why should I? I think I could get the same cosmopolitan worldly girls in the UK or USA to a lesser degree.  It depends if they are truly Catholic or in name only. As much of the romantic idealism of Poland is derived from Catholicism and classical ideas from the Romantic era of the 19th century.

If I was looking for a wife I think the most important quality is wisdom.  Wisdom girls, is much better than flashy material girls, look at Madonna’s love life.  So I am not saying  W  are all without hope, I just think the culture is not for me unless you are talking about romantic idealistic ones.

I am married and live in Poland, but not from Krakow.

  • Where to look for Polish girls?  I think you should read my post on Polish girls generally and then my post on Krakow girls if you want to learn Polish read my post about how one person learned Polish.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

9 replies on “Can you handle Warsaw girls?”

I am a lecturer and researcher in Turkey and I am looking for a Polish girl or European girl who can live in Turkey and has responsibilities of a good wife, is this possible?

“Where to look for Polish girls? I think start with Poland or ICQ.”

Okay so basically look for Polish girls that are anywhere in Poland except Warsaw? I’m actually not surprised by this since it seems the culture in Warsaw is completely stand-alone compared to the rest of the country. I started talking to this girl from Belarus who is going to school there in Warsaw. When I asked her if she liked it, she said the country is beautiful but she can’t stand the people because they are extremely rude. I pointed out to her that it might be because of the large city she was in and that it would probably be different if she were to venture out anywhere else into the country. She agreed with me. It just seems that no matter where you go, if you wind up in a big city then there seems to be a ratio of bad people that outweigh the good ones.

You know there are many nice Polish girl’s in Warsaw, but it is like looking for a girl in NYC. It depends on their attitude. Warsaw generally has a very cosmopolitan attitude. If you like that, go for it. I prefer an idealistic sweet countryside girl than a big city girl.

I’ll scratch Warsaw off my list of places to do bride searching. 🙁 NYC is also off the list.

Well I would cross Odessa, Kiev off also. I think basically the secondary cities in countries are better to find interesting girls for marriage. That is St. Petersburg in Russia, Krakow, in Poland, Lviv, in Ukraine. These are more the cultural centers rather than the cosmopolitan centers. They attract a different type of person. Not always but generally.
A very specific person wants to move to the biggest city and a different type wants to move to a big city with a small town feel.

My friend dated a couple of models in Warsaw but he will marry a small town girl, from the mountains in the south, who moved to Krakow to study. I think this is a classic example.

Thanks Mark.. This is great advice.. I think pursuing women from smaller cities and towns is definitely the better option. Culture is still alive in the more remote places. However, cities seem to be a place were financial and materialistic concerns outweigh that of any other. People in the major cities are stuck in a rat-race where everyone is out to prove they are better than the other. It seems in these places people are out to bring others down.

In smaller places, people still learn to work together and the old tradition of helping and caring for your neighbor is in effect. Also, people still respect their traditional cultures, rather than the sterile and lifeless culture of the modern Western society. Bars, clubs and parties of people intoxicating themselves having pointless conversations is the norm in the big city.

I was even told in some areas in the rural part of the South of France, there is still some traditional French culture left. That would be really amazing to experience, considering France is so conformed to global cultural standards.

Sadly, America is completely void of culture. I would call our rural redneck towns very far from being friendly, kind and open. So, your either stuck there or in the big cities.

Krakow is a place I am very eager to experience and would love to spend time in the surrounding mountain towns. I was looking at the mountains bordering Slovakia, and I must say they are gorgeous.

The world is full of opportunity. Women in Italy, Spain, Eastern Europe all can be very nice girls. I think the smaller the town you have a better chance of meeting a nice girl. But the issue is the population density is not as much. That is OK many girls go to school in university towns and are from the small towns and still have this traditional ideal of love and marriage.

“There are no poor Warsaw girls who are dreaming to escape Warsaw for a greater life in the West”
I have to disagree with that. Warsaw is full of girls from small towns who want to escape from them and it doesn’t make a difference to them whether they end up in Warsaw or somewhere else. Warsaw just happens to be closer or is the only option. It’s full of dreamers who are looking for a better life, which actually makes it a good place to meet a girl. Especially if she just moved there. Warsaw is so overwhelming… When I was there, I wished a had a good man by my side who would make me feel safe. I can’t be the only one.

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