vkontakte the new dating game for Russian girls

What is vkontakte

What is vkontakte?  Vkontakte is the number one (or two depending on the data) website in all of Russia. It is like a Russian Facebook. Go to, they even have an English version. The purpose of this post is to help you find a date with the social networking site in Russia. I lived in Eastern Europe and I think people are even more online and connected than in the USA, maybe because of the colder darker weather.

How many girls could be your mate from Vkontakte?

There are 170 million users. Let’s say 100 million are active and not spam, that brings us to about 50 million girls on VKontakte of which I would say 30 million are single and lets really boil it down to 20 million very single and available women who you can date on VK with a good meet game.

Imagine 20 million women lined up, and most are nothing less than beautiful. 20 million girls minimum. If you are looking for a wife, why would you not look here?

Russian girl on the Crimean coastal city of Odessa texting her companion on her mobile phone, maybe after meeting on vKontakte.

How to use VK for meeting girls

I would use communities or groups as the way to meet people because you will find a commonality of interests. For example, I am in a Catholic group. Russia (VK is not only Russia) is mostly Orthodox. I also like Chess so I am in a chess group. If I were single (I am happily married) I would be looking for girls that intersect with these two groups.

Of course, you have messaging and cell phone numbers are all over the web for meeting girls. But it is in girl’s nature to make you wait. I would recommend that you find girls, not with the direct method of asking for their number as this is the web. If you are picking up girls on the street of Moscow, I would do this. I would collect a hundred girls numbers a day. You will get them. But the girls online show more caution for some reason and make you wait. Therefore, you want to meet a girl online, start off by joining groups and then using the messenger system.

I would use a Firefox add-on called “vkontakte tools” to make it easier to search and connect with females.

Girls of the highest frequency by geographical region:

  1. Russia
  2. Ukraine
  3. Belarus
  4. Kazakhstan

Considering how difficult it is to connect with Kazakhstan girls or girls from Belarus, this is not a bad place to start.

Who started Russia’s Social networking

Pavel Durov who is about 28 years old founded the company and is in control with 52% of the voting rights. Vyacheslav Mirilashvili and yielded control.

VK is no longer on invitation only, however, all account activations have to be linked by a mobile phone. Once you are activated you are in.

Odnoklassniki is the original but I do not like it as much as vKontakte because the latter is more user-friendly especially for foreigners as it tries to be a truly European social networking website.

What does В Контакте mean? It means ‘in contact’. It also means (stay) ‘in touch’.

Vkontakte and Russian women or traditional American women

You can meet girls the hard way, that is date American girls until you are defeated. American women will subject you to social conditioning known as the materialistic malaise. You will wonder why you are not in love and is this the best you can do, in many but not all relationships. Or you can meet beautiful Russian girls who will fall in love with you and marry you and of course, cook you dinner.

vkontakte effect

Initially, you will become addicted to vkontakte, then you will find scores of beautiful women you could marry and mate with (not simultaneously) then you will forget your old headaches and live happily ever after. This is my post in my mind is like discovering plutonium so if you could spread the love about this vkontakte post on social media or with a link.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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Please invite me to vkontakte. How can i proceed with the registration, I do not know where to get the code.

There are two choices for vkontakte: Login and Registration. Choose the latter. You do not need an invite, just sign up, they have a good English interface if you can not speak Russian.

hey there, so i have joined VK recently, but I dont know where to start. Of course I wanna to meet some russian girls, and I dont have any friends using VK..

Hey Mark,

I created a profile on vkontakte and then proceeded to send e-mails to different girls. I sent about 25 – 30 of them and only got one response. In my experience, I have always found it close to impossible to talk to girls on social networking sites that actually want to talk to me. This is very frustrating. At first, I sent the messages in English but then I started using a translation tool to help them better understand my words. Still no change, what do you recommend I do?

If you do a general screen on Vkontakte your search will not be as quality results. Try to find a few cities or towns or even screen Russian girls in Warsaw or Krakow, Poland. The results will be a high quality as a general search produces some fake profiles. But I think you already know already can tell if the the profiles are real or fake.
Also try this is also free and will yield a higher return rate.
For Polish girls try this – great hots here. – this might be the best
Remember with all these sites no Russian or Polish girl is looking for a husband right out of the box. They might with time chat with you for a while and yes they are looking but you have to patient. The other thing is you are a foreigner. On Russian brides sites being a foreigner might be a plus as these are specific women, that is women who want foreigners either for marriage (most often) or to scam them. The girl on the sites I recommend above are normal girls (mostly) who want someone to take home to meet the parents and marry.
Therefore you can not expect easy success if you do not speak the language. It is very possible but will take more time to gain their trust. If you are learning Russian or Ukrainian or Polish and know something about the culture and are interested etc, then you are in. Think of it like if you are sitting in Anytown, US and some foreign women in a foreign language who you do not know emails you. Would you reply? So this is actually a good thing, as the ones that do not reply are normal girls who would be skeptical of something like that.
Just be very patient and you will make progress. There are plenty of fish in the sea.

I see, then I guess I was approaching it all wrong. It is good for those women to be skeptical so as to protect themselves. I understand that most of those women are not looking for a husband right away which is actually perfect for me. I am attempting to break into the foreign community seeking out friendships. Thank you very much for the tips and helping me understand. This leaves me with two questions for you. Do I use google translate tool in my first e-mail to write them in their own languages? Do I state that I am American? I am just looking for ways of showing them I mean no harm and would like to get to know them. Thanks again.

Ninja, I don’t know if you’ll ever read this response. But I’ll try to help. I have almost 1,000 friends on vkontakte and 95% of them are Ukrainian women and a large percentage of them are really down-to-earth. Granted, I taught English in Ukraine for three years, so I already had an “in” and I actually do know a lot of these friends personally. However, the majority of them are strangers who enjoy practicing English. My tip for you: Forget about finding women who don’t speak English. I can tell you for a fact that the women who studied English in school and college are motivated, high achievers. And they would absolutely love to chat with Americans! Heck, most of them want to, but don’t know how to go about it. So anyway, search for interest groups related to English speaking. Type in “USA Work and Travel” If you’re searching for beautiful, sophisticated “street smart” girls who won’t be naive or in awe, type “USA FLEX.” You’ll find girls who have spent a year in America as exchange students and many of them would be more than happy to be in touch with Americans.

Well good points. Find a girl who speaks English and your life is easier, however, I think these girls are often a little more western. Find a girl who speaks zero English and maybe that is not the best either as why does she not know English at all. I think a girl who knows a little English is the best. She will not be westernized and willing to learn from you, they women are smart.
Women are smart and are not lazy like us men 🙂 They learn languages very fast, in my experience my guy friends do not like to study languages, maybe some do, but more women. So best is not to focus on if a Russian girl knows English but rather, if she is willing to learn. And you can learn Russian also, its fun.

Mark, I will disprove your theory here, my younger brother is smart and he speaks about 5 languages fluently, as well as can speak a few others. They say women learn languages faster, but perhaps women just like to talk more 😀 .. If you try hard at anything you can succeed. Many Latino people here are impressed that my brother can speak better Spanish than they can.

Also, the very one person I knew who could speak more languages than anyone else was an Italian friend I had a long time ago named Gustavo. He was fluent in like 6 languages, his native being Italian.

When I was in Africa, I was impressed at how multi-lingual the people were. If you think men cannot speak multiple languages, go to Africa. A large number of the educated African men I met in Ghana could speak 3 or 4 languages. My good friend and driver named Emmanuel could speak 5 languages. You must realize that Ghana alone, has 50 languages and many dialects. He could speak fluently: English, Ewe, Twi, Fante and Ga. These are not easy languages at all. I tried learning some of each of them.

I have a goal to speak at least 3 or 4 languages before I leave the Earth. If I didn’t work like 13 hours day + plus all my additional labors in life, I would certainly be doing everything in my power to become multi-lingual.

Men are funny with languages. I have observed than in a general sense I have more women students and they generally speak languages better. But I think many guys are lazy or whatever, because when I get a guy who focuses, he is often eons better than any of my female students. He speaks with almost no accent and uses the language differently. But these guys again are more extreme in their studying. I think guys are more extreme and girls are more round, in their studies of course.

I just want to say that if a man marries a Russian lady, he should make it his effort to learn her language and she should make it her effort to learn his language. Then there will be a greater mutual respect for each other. When she hears, “I Love You” in her own native language, I think it will mean more to her. Likewise, if she says “I Love You” in your native language, it may mean more to you.

Sorry, but I might disappoint you all. I’m a very active user of vkontakte website, and yep, I’m Russian. But we don’t use this website as a dating service. People try to add to their friends only the people they know. And nowadays more and more they chat only with your friends.
Surely, there are some people, even girls, who are often glad to talk to a foreigner. Try to talk to people from big cities such as Moscow or St Petersburgh. Otherwise, you won’t find the person who will understand you

Dasha thanks for the comment. It is like Facebook, that is vkontakte is not a dating site per say, but on the other hand FB is one of the most popular reasons that are mentioned in divorce cases in the US. Which means it is innocent on the surface but a lot of people are connecting for other reasons. So is the case with vkontakte, you personally are not using it this way, but many people are.

How can I register at vkontakte, I only see the login part but no registration. I would be glad if you can send me an invite, I would be studying in Ukraine this year and need to get some friends

In the upper right hand corner there is something that says ‘how to become a member’. You need to get someone to sent you an invite to vkontakte. Maybe when you know someone connected to your studies?

Народ, когда вы пишите русским девушкам вконтакте, они принимают это за спам или шутку! Конечно, следует быть вежливым, но гораздо важнее убедить в том, что вы не фейк или спамер!

Basically for women to take you seriously on vkontakte you need to be real and sincere and no generic because even if they do not think you are spam, they will not reply. The problem is to find depth in the girl you write.

I am not into travel and always wanted to meet Russian women. Love them. I live outside of Boston and was wondering what are the best “free” Russian Dating sites where you can meet Russian Women already living here in Boston? I want to keep this really simple. Meet them here, get to know them and find me a bride as I have never been married and I am 62 now. Thanks so much.

Check my post here: In your age group and I would say ten to twenty years younger there are a lot of Russian Jews Boston and Brookline in the Orthodox ones came in another immigration wave. It does not matter but if you are looking for Slavic Russians rather than Jewish Russian girls there is a slight difference in culture. But for me it does not matter.

I am an immigrant from Russia and a frequent user of vkontakte. I think the best way to meet Russian women is to join one of the English-speaking groups there and ask if anyone is interested to correspond for possibly dating and marring relationship. Here I found few groups for you – use the links and search for more groups within vkontakte.

Most of these groups are closed. You need to request a membership, which will be granted (but make sure you fill out your data when registering). Then write your post on the wall of the group or start a new discussion within a group. Ask to respond to you personally (in vkontakte). Then wait 10 minutes for the first response. Have fun but be careful. Never send money.

Good Luck!

Brilliant contribution here. If you want to meet a girl from Eastern Europe, helping them with English or being involved online or off-line with activities involved in learning English is a place to start. I taught English to foreigner and so did my friends. There was no shortage of pretty girls learning English.

If you are a construction worker you are in a mostly man’s job. If you teach English to foreigners or involved in any way in this, you will have a disproportionate number of pretty girls crossing your path. And these girls are usually smart and educated and really want to learn something about the culture and the world.

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