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For girls ready and willing to date foreign guys, Vilnius was the hidden gems of the 1990s until about 2004. Was? What about now, for play with Vilnius girls? Yes, but there is more to the story. Herein this post are the tips to court women from this Baltic capital city.

Once Lithuania entered the EU there was a huge vacuum sound (get your mind out of the gutter) of educated Lithuanians going to work in the IT industry in Ireland and professional positions in the UK. Lithuanian girls are some of my most beautiful girls in the world. Their thin, pale bodies with blue eyes and dirty blond hair and serious cautious demeanor is a signature of beauty from Eastern Europe where everywhere working in brainy professions in the EU.

Under the grey skies of the Lithuanian capital you can find subtle beauty walking the street.

History of Eastern Europe has shaped the people

Vilnius’ painful history has yielded sweet people. It amazes me that people who have endured and suffered, often are the most gentle and understanding. I think this can be said for people in countries like Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine.

The city has suffered plagues, Polish German and Russian occupation a series of fires. By the 19th century the population was only 20,000. There was a surge in the early 20th century then it was devastated by the war. In the Post Soviet era the Lithuanians rightfully have reinvented the city to be a cultural is known as the Athens of the North and the Jerusalem of Europe.

Who are the Vilniusians?

Mostly Lithuanian about 67% with about a 17% Polish population and some Russians and small Ashkenazi Jews. Vilnius used to be a Jewish and then Polish city before the tragedy of the war. With a mix of Lithuanian, Polish, Russian and Jewish, you are going to get beauty on ever street corner in Vilnius.

Daylife and Nightlife in Vilnius – the real story from an Eastern European

  • In the area of the building of parlement you have three clubs I can recommend. Pacha, Gedimino prospektas and Kafka.
  • Avoid Lithuanian wild, Prospekto pub and Brodvejus which are for foreign guys to pay for drinks in hopes of picking up Lithuanian girls. Good place to meet expats and other wayward adventurers but for trying out cheesy lines on Eastern European women, there are better places.
  • Go to Metelica if you are looking for Russian girls in Vilnus. If you looking for fast bright lights, big city girls most of the local guys go to Minsk, which has more of a Russian female feel, excitement and desire for escapism of an appetitive motivation.
  • Other places worth mention are Pabo Latino, Brodvejus and Broadways.
  • In Vilnius guys go to the discos, cafes and taverns (OK maybe not Taverns), in the The bohemian Užupis district. This is the artsy student area where foreigners do not frequent as much so your probability to connect with a good girl is higher.
  • I would also go to Aukštadvaris Regional Park – which is a nexus for women in three seasons reading books on park benches or sauntering and dreaming about an idealistic prince who will win their hand in marriage.
  • It it not bad to hit some touristy attractions like the Dawn Gate and Gediminas Tower. I am a recommend religious sites even if you are not like St. Anne’s and St. Casimir’s church.

The idea behind this Baltic republic capital city is it is not a place to meet women who treat their bodies like an amusement park, but rather a subdued cloudy city that has potential for long-term relationships.

I would say Lithuanian girls are now more spiritual than religious so maybe not the best place for those looking for Christian dating. It is interesting that they were the last country in Eastern Europe to abandon paganism. Yet, I would not rule it out either because the history is steeped in Catholicism for centuries when it was the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Short of importing girls from that century I would recommend dating sites that focus on Christian dating or joining church groups if you are a long-term tourist. This is not pet advice, there are many organizations that welcome foreigners for the language practice alone. Catholic dating is possible when looking for damsels in Vilniaus apskritis

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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Laba diena Inna….My name is George and I am writing you a letter to introduce myself to you.

I spend a lot of time in Vilnius and would love to meet interesting women 30-45 for friendship.
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