Understanding Russian women

Do you want to see through Russian women? I am not talking about their clothes, but rather, to understand the mind of a Russian woman. If you can crack the code of psychology of Russian females you can discern the difference between a scammer or a heaven sent angel of a wife.  With great confidence if you follow my dating advice you will be married happily ever after, and conversely if you ignore it you will be punished. Trust me you do not want to be punished.

If you want to ‘see though women’ from the former USSR, understand stand their motives and what inspires them.

There are many women that will smile at you, pretend to be shy with  blue eyes and Slavic high check bones and subtly provocative style, please read my advice and ask questions.  Further, romantic love brings people together that never should be brought together. Ask me any question about Eastern European women, I am an expert as this is my nationality and I have a life long study of the culture. I would challenge anyone PhD or just expatiate meet artist/player with their understanding of the Русская душ.  I bridge both cultures and living a successful marriage for many years.

  • There are three types of Russian women. If you are aware of these categories will allow you to understand Russian women, find one and get married.

Yes, everyone is different and you can not categorizes females into three simple buckets. However a conceptual framework of three buckets, is a good working model.

What do women want? Find out their ‘meaning of life’. Every Siberian beauty has many layers but what resides at her core?

The psychogenesis of the three streams of Russian collective unconsciousness and why they are divided

The genesis of the Eastern European mind stated over one thousand years ago in the history of the the Prototype Slavic culture. Then subsequently it differentiated into currents which influence the way girls see the world and interact on a relationship and dating basis.

Fertile Slavic women are the true Alpha women of today

Pre-Christan Slavic culture was everything you might image out of some erotic historical fantasy novel.  It was largely connected to the natural settings of the deep forest, and mating and reproduction was the goal, to keep the culture going.  Perun was the supreme god and the goddesses Lada, Lelya and Ziva, were worshipped for love, fertility, spring, marriage and beauty. Living in a rustic culture, in a winter wonderland forest where a society largely centred on the goddesses of love and fertility does not sound like a bad start.

Therefore, deeply ingrained in the initial consciousness of Slavic women is reproduction and mating and being a mother to take care of the next generation.  Maybe it is a coincidence, but have you experienced how Russian women want to get married and have a family, whilst their English or American counter parts are not so direct or consequent? Russian women want someone to make them pregnant. This is because of thousands of years of the culture even affecting their genes.  This is how evolution works. Society and culture influence genetic abilities to mate and bond.

I recommend you do research on respected sites:

Do genes influence romantic behavior or or culture change our DNA and brain?

My wife (Polish) and I (Ukrainian) who both did, found we have a high level probability of strong enduring romantic bonding in our genetic code. Attribute it to culture or oxytocin receptors but we are striking together.  I have not seen any in-depth study of this in relation to Russian women but the hypnosis of culture influence on genes, however, it would make an interesting research topic.

Christian Russia was the time to find a mate East of the Oder River

Since we can only travel forward in time at varying rates but never back, we can learn from the past and not participate in it. Although if there ever was a time machine who would not want to go back in time and pick one beauties of these from the Golden age of Russian culture. The good news is you can, as a subculture of them still exist.

You want a humble, submissive female as a wife who tries to perfect her spiritual soul though a life of self-denial and hard work.

From Cyril and Methodius through the time of Kievian Rus to the rise of The Grand Duchy of Moscovy to the time of the last Romanov, Russia was a paradise to find a mate in terms of loyalty.

There are moral philosophers put loyalty as their highest value, the summum bonum. Why? Because, if someone is not loyal to their ideals, than what is the point of having ideals.

Byzantine Orthodoxy in Russia had a twofold affect. It elevated women above a pagan objectified status to and idea. Look at the adoration of the Blessed Mother in their Icons. Women were quasi-sacred, even if economically they did not have career opportunities in a paternal society (except for the princesses and queens like Katherine the Great, (the horse story was just a myth)). It instilled humility and loyalty. So if you married a girl with an authentic ‘Russian Soul”  practice of Orthodoxy, would be by your side beautiful inside and out.  Women like this rarely exist today in the areas of the former Soviet Union and here is why. Subsequent Petrine reforms further then elevation of female Russian Peasantry on par with males for inheritance. The consequence was a society intact and  functioning for the male and female in marriage.  If there were relationship problems, ecclesiastical guidance was given based on Biblical principles.

Christian and a love of nature, with beauty and hard work is what you want to go for in an Eastern European wife. Above my wife in the garden, we try to grow most of our own food.

The Soviet Union and the erosion of idealism

The Soviets were not effective at economics as Marxism was based on the primes that value was determined objectively by the amount of labor put into its creation rather than subjectively. However, when it came to the eradication of religion, they did it.  Stalin turned the Union from an idealistic society into a surrealistic perversion of culture. Like the Rolling Stone’s song Sympathy for the devil lyrics alludes to.  Unless you lived though it, or had a close experience with it you can not imagine how the Soviets systematically destroyed any ideals of the soul and religion values.  It was replaced with a didactic materialism.  The result were people who had not dreams and hope beyond what was in front of them, a nihilism that can not be help.

There was no transcendence.  Without transcendence in life, people become pessimistic and cynical.

This caused a split in the thinking of modern Russian women and why there exists three main currents of thought.

The three types of Russian women

  1. Post communistic materialistic – Their motives are they go for the gold, money, excitement, travel, visa and whatever they need, and all primitive manifestations of power. – less than 10% of the population. You can easily smoke these ladys out if you press them on experiential questions. No need to read Nikolai Gogol’s Dead Souls,  to understand this.
  2. Post modern spiritual or atheist but classically educated – They have the Slavic looks and are upgraded to Nordstrom style and a liberal eduction, which was a legacy of the USSR, but not who you want to marry them. Their motives are career and their definition of family. Although not bad people, and certainly highly educated, their belief in marriage and love is diluted and if needed they would divorce you someday they would. There is not feeling of transcendence only ‘fun’ and career and Facebook. Yes love but a temporal love, not eternal.  They want to believe but too much psychological inertia. You will find these women in accounting, science and academics professions for example and are often from the culture of divorce. That is their parents are split, so why would they ever commit to you forever? They live quite lives of desperation behind their charm.  Maybe better than a liberal American girl, but not my cup of tea or should I say samovar. 80% of the Russian women. Could be saved but from this existential desert, but too much work, I am not my brothers keeper.
  3. Russian Cinderellas and snow whites – They are not spiritual, but religious. Their whole life is a practice in humility. Toil, suffering and lament is accepted to purify the soul and make oneselves a more beautiful person. They go to church weekly and read the Bible and have a prayer routine.  They are often from the countryside and love to garden and cook.  They are also classically educated, but it is balanced with a spiritual temperance.  I am not talking about the Russian Old believers or a Slavophile. Rather have the sense of morality like Russian writer Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, the romanticism of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky and Tolstoy with the depth of Fyodor Dostoyevsky. Yet behind that all is a primitive uncontrollable sensuality and faith in God. 10% of the Russian women.
Most from post communist Russian dolls are either nihilists or have a vague spirituality which does not elevate their actions, and you need to avoid these women. Faith is a radical reorientation of your life.

This is exactly who you want to marry

I get a lot of questions about what the true motives of some Russian lady they met online or on a tour.  My answer is simple, you need to discern what is their: raison d’etre or Weltanschauung or the meaning of their life? How specifically this is manifest in the ‘walking the walk’.  Read a Viktor Frankl book and not Boris Mikhailovich Teplov  or Lev Vygotsky, if you need more clarification about this question.  How many hours a day or week in do they spend in prayer and meditation?  That is the question when we come to the corrosive end of our analysis of Russian women and their inner thoughts.

You need to ‘cleanse the doors of perception’ so you can see which one of the three girls you are dating. They are all three good, but I personally would only date and marry the latter. American women may jump up and down if they read this, but are they really happy?  I am.

Why Pious Russian peasantry are marriage material?

Remember I am not making a prescription for society, but rather, what I personally recommend for a man looking for a wife from Russia.  If you want to ‘roll the dice’ and go contrary to my advice that is fine. It does not bother me.

However, there is a basic psychological principle in play here, and that is consistency of values and behaviour.

If someone can make small sacrifices daily though a structured pattern of behaviour like prayer or fasting, than chances are that when life gives real challenges, their internal coping mechanism will be more one of self-sacrifice and riding the waves instead of abandoning ship.

Think of it this way, if you are meditating and you distractions tempt you but you are able to gently guide your mind back to your purpose, than in life you will be practiced to do the same. In contrast a weaker person who does not train their spirit will be weak and not take the high road.  The obvious extension of this metaphor is a woman will not forget your purpose when in a relationship if she is disciple in prayerful practice.

The alpha Slav female – tempered with meekness and submissiveness

This is your best choice to date and mate with.  When people think alpha, they imagine genetically superior mating material. This is not true. An alpha is woman who will give you the greatest happiness over the long-term by knowing how to be a good wife. It has nothing to do with genetics, being a mesomorph, coolness, number of people they can attract or nationalism. You want a Russian girl from a Baba Yaga and Vasilisa the Brave fairy-tale.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

4 replies on “Understanding Russian women”

Learnt something, thanks. Putting ladies that are spiritual together in the same group with atheist conceptually might be a stretch.
They are in essence polar reversals.

It does not matter, whether they are ethical atheist or hedonistic people who are spiritual or whatever they live their life by I grouped them the same. The reason is I have not seen as much personal commitment in terms of relationships from these two groups. Therefore from the perspective of considering someone for a mate, I would say they are the same even if on the surface different.

In contrast, when it comes to marriage and love I think someone who has a personal discipline of practice (prayer and fasting and acts of charity), it could be Christian, Hindu, Islam etc, they have a higher commitment to the relationship if they are psychologically flexible. My personal experience has been someone who is faithful, as manifest from a discipline of practice, either such as prayer and medication and acts of charity with a vision that the whole purpose of life, such as the meaning of life is to purify one’s soul, the relationship will be happy. The relationship will stay together, no matter what.

The reason is they do not see life in terms of the here and now, but rather transcend the day to day or year to year unhappiness that might be their situation and look to a higher purpose. If you do not transcend in this way, then the first ‘war party’ the girls have when they get together can break down the marriage.

They will rationalises he is not good or not treating me with respect. In contrast, someone who sees life in a religious context will see the struggles of marriage as a blessing a chance to grow and be a better person.

I have a Russian fiancee from the town of Perm. She is from a poor family, but her parents for her to go to university and get her medical degree. We have been dating and visiting one another for two years. She is a doctor in Moskva and shares similar values like family and caring for others as I do. We are getting married in Moskva in September 2019. She is my Russian Queen and I love her with all my heart. I am always romantic with her every day and she responds to me.

That is a nice story, just remember education is second to values. My personal reference point for values is eternal, rather than temporal.

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