Buy a Russian wife with sincerity

You can not buy, barter or trade for a Russian wife. This is not Kievan Rus or some Medieval fantasy RPG game. It is reality. See beyond what is here and now and the veil of the physical world and you will be better equip to operated in the between both worlds and get a Russian bride.

Win them with qualities that inspire and life them up. Sun bathers in Odessa, Ukraine.

A lot of guys are searching to purchase a Russian wife and have her shipped to you. It conjures up images of bustling markets and auctions., maybe in a Gothic historical fantasy and you are the hero who frees her, and escapes to your homeland, but not here.  Here are my recommendations for those in the market:

  • You want to buy a Russian bride, easy pay with spiritual capital.
  • The market for Russian women to purchase is wide open. Any available single girl in Russian can be obtained.  The payment is not transacted in Gold, Dollars, Rubles, or Euro, yet the currency is just as real, it is spiritual authenticity and sincerity.
  • The person who holds this capital is not a bank and it can not be faked, it is the Divine master in Heaven. If you have accrued and accumulated real goodness with works of charity and gentleness, I can not imagine you would have a problem going to Russia and having your pick of brides.
  • Faking authenticity, is possible but it takes so much etheric energy to transmute into an authentic person it can be sustained only in the short-term and at a Karmic price that is high. At some point you will crash and burn so what is the point? Why not walk the walk.

Russian women – Русская Душа (Russian Soul)

For Russian women the two qualities that Russian women admire in other people are sincerity and sensitivity. I grew up believing women were fairer more gentle and caring than men. Then I got into the dating arena with local chicks.  They chewed me up and spit me out. Did every knifing underhanded, cold-hearted thing I had only read in fairy-tales of plotting dark queens with spells and potions. I can only surmise they were pride fueled power plays against me and gentle lamb.

When I took my first real bachelor trip abroad, it was Russia. My world was turned upside down. Everything I believed women to be, they were. Even the bad ones were transparent they posed no major threat.

The reputation that Russian women can be bought is perpetuated by a percentage of bad one.  Some Russian woman can separate the act of passion from emotion.  Just give her the keys to your BMW and throw money around on dinner etc and she will be yours for a night maybe and even give you a peck on the cheek in the morning. Abroad they are seen in tourist places like:

  • Crete
  • Dubai
  • Turkey
  • Greece
  • Egypt
  • Israel
  • India
  • Any local Craigslist

Their notoriety makes them stand out, but I would not say this is a good representative of females from the CIS. Read my post on devochka 3 meanings to understand women from Russia.

The basic idea here is to win them with ideal and choose the right one, one that read fairy-tales and believes in them over money.

Win the heart of a Russian women

You have to on a daily basis drip on her with specific acts that prove your sincerity. You have to do this over time.   Do not say you are sincere like her say it as manifest by her actions. Then she will glow like the sunrise of a Siberian dawn.  And you will have yourself a girlfriend who will be loyal to the end of your days if you are sincere.

And that gets back to the concept of the Russkaya Dushah.  The Russian soul.   Because regardless how much money or power you have, Russian women will not take you seriously unless you have a soul.  This is the converse of American women. For any human, the ultimate goal of life is  the soul, to glorify God be a better Christian.

In contrast, monetary buying is the ultimate sign of laziness for a guy to purchase a bride. Laziness is a sin, called sloth. It basically looks at love like a transactions. It is right up there looking for a date on a website to text instantly. Females do not work like this.

You try to buy a girl with money, you will pay twice, on the way into marriage and on the way out when she leaves you.

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