Ukrainian girls of European Ukraine for love

Ukrainian girls who live in European Ukraine are better for love

What is European Ukraine? Technically all of Ukraine is in Europe, however, Western Ukraine from Ternopil to Lviv has a different character (regarding live and love) than Kiev and Dnipropetrovsk or Odessa.

These Eastern and Southern regions of Ukraine often have girls that I would call Soviet girls.  Certainly not all the girls, maybe not even most of the girls are Soviet girls, but many have a mentality that religion does not matter and that materialism does.

In Western Ukraine the girls have the attitude that money does not matter as much as spiritual values and love. Why? Soviet influence was resisted by Ukrainians more in the west.  The west had close ties with Europe, while the east had ties with Russia.

Which Ukrainian girls are better brides

Amazing women are found all through out Ukraine.   Decartes said ‘ever generalization is a distortion of the truth’. I agree. I would marry a girl from any region.

However, me personally, I am partial.  My grandparents came from Ternopil Oblast and I live in Krakow, however, I am an American. I have travelled all though Ukraine many times.  There are amazing ladies everywhere.

However, if I were to look for a bride (I am married so I am not looking) I would look in Western Ukraine if spiritual values and true love matters.  If material values matter more to you than real love than I would look in Eastern Ukraine and in particular Kiev, but watch out for the clever girl who sees you as a meal ticket.

How to test a girl from Ukraine

Be smart, ask question early about values and observe behavior.  Ask indirect questions or make indirect comments about how they feel about life and money, love and values.

I married a girl who wanted to stay in Poland, rather than wanted to moved to the USA.  I saw her family were devout humble people as she was.

I saw in the early dating phase my girl was going to church, even without me.  She told me straight out that she would rather be poor and with her destiny than marry a little for money and a little for love, like many  European girls or women in the world today.

Think of  ‘Slum dog” the film, you want a girl who can be with you in rich and poor times, if you are healthy or sick, not a fair weather fan (if you marry for money its the hardest way to earn it).

Ask them these questions if you are serious about love. Better yet observe how they respond to different hypothetical questions. Do not let the sickness of the western Europe and America toward love and marriage infect your soul.  Love and marriage transcend everything make sure your love feels the same.

Bride tours

Get a flight on your own and book an apartment or just the flight and a Babcia (a Ukrainian old lady) will find you at the train station and airport and invite you to their home to stay for 5 dollars a night a  real home cooked meal. You will meet better girls for love than on these very commercial marriage tours to Ukraine. I would not take a bride tour, as its pricey and commercial.

How to meet girls from Western Ukraine

Explore my site.  It is for free. I give you very good websites that are about how to meet Ukraine girls online, concrete websites.   I give you many websites I recommend for free Ukrainian dating for love, that Western European and American guys do not know about.

I personally know many girls from Western Ukraine but often the best ones are the hardest to get and find.  Consider a trip to Ukraine and you will meet girls in Lviv and Ternopil other guys will not ever meet as they are too lazy to travel.  You could learn Ukrainian a little.

You can take a flight to Lviv or Krakow.  If you fly to Krakow there is a bus and a train that leave to Lviv.  The bus to Ukraine leaves every night at the train station, but I think its easier to fly directly to Ukraine.  I have even walked over the Ukrainian boarder and hitch hiked.  Usually the low cost methods you will meet better girls, often student girls.

If you have any questions about Ukrainian girls for love and love Ukraine or Europe please write.  However, use proper grammar and punctuation, not in chat style.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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Dorinta mea ,as vrea sa vorbesc o fata frumoasa si deasteapta din Ukrania pentru iubire ,bineteles o sa fie nevastain viitor.

I’m from Sweden/Stockholm and I am interested in marrying an Ukrainian girl.

Joseph, how old are you, have you started to look? I can give you advice. What are you looking for in a Ukrainian girl.

Beauty is one of the main reason why i would like to marry an Ukrainian girl but sure its not the most important thing. I’m not looking for a short term relation. I did have those kind of relations enough in my past.

What am i looking ? Actually am not tall. Just 173cm. So would prefer someone shorter than me and someone who can speak enough English to communicate each other. And sure someone who will want to live in Sweden.

I am 33 years old and i will be happy with your advice admin…

Joseph, if you live in Sweden this is very close to Ukraine, no problem. I am an American that lives in Poland and goes to Ukraine a lot. I am married.
Sweden and Ukraine has historical connections what are over 1000 years old if you read about the Kievian Rus.

Anyway, here is what you might do. Check out some sites like and search Ukraine. They have an English interface or use translate. Also try
If you search my post I have some list of Ukrainian sites also, but you can start with these for example and search in Ukraine.

They are for Ukrainians so they are not western dating sites, but rather mail servers that everyone uses in Ukraine.

I think if you live in Sweden start taking vacations in Sweden. Go to Lviv. Lviv is a Ukrainian city that does not have the Russian influence. Go to Crimea for vacation. Go to Kiev maybe but this is a big city with different ethics a little, but many beautiful Ukrainian girls.

Try these three places. If you dress normal you will do fine.
Your a good height, not problem 173cm is quite ok for any girl, believe me, my friends at that height do not have problems, in fact many girls like this, really. They do not like some big meaty guy with no brain.

Many girls in Ukraine speak English.

Many Ukrainian girls would move to Europe with you and not for your citizenship, rather if they love you they will follow you to the ends of the earth.

If you are romantic, you will have no problem with Ukrainian girls, if you are not I recommend become romantic and learn some love phrases in Ukrainian.

Meet girls on the street in a shop. You can go to a disco, but you will compete with a lot of guys who are trying to pick up girls for fun. I prefer to meet girls in normal places during the day. Just walk up to them and ask directions or something lame like that and then talk.

Do not choose the first girl you see rather collect e-mails and numbers. Maybe on your first trip 100 e-mails and then from there when you are in Sweden write the ones you feel you connect with spiritually or mentally.

Many Ukrainian girls are religious, some are not. So you need to consider this. I am religious and would only date a faithful Ukrainian girl. If you are not find one who has similar values.

Main thing is collect e-mails of Ukrainian girls that you could fall in love with. Then from there its up to you.

I usually stay in apartments for trips longer than a week, hotels in Ukraine can be western prices. I prefer cheap Ukrainian hostels or hotels or apartments.

Let me know if you have any regarding Ukrainian girls who might want to live in Europe for love and marriage.

I don’t know how to thank you.. Not just because of your advises but also for being so kind.

Frankly speaking i am bored of short term relations and i am completely not interested in that kind of relations. Otherwise its much easier here in Sweden. I am interested and looking for marriage…

Why am i looking for Ukrainian but not Swedish ?
I did try many times before. But now I am sure that they are not my type. Not warm enough maybe. I don’t even know how to tell the reason of that. But i’ve some friends who are married with Ukrainian girls and beside their beauty, i see that they love their partners/husbands very much. And they are much much warm and kind than any typical Swedish woman.

Frankly speaking i don’t know when i can be able to go Ukraine for sightseeing or holiday. But maybe next summer. I hope so… And actually i dont think that i can stay at someones house (which you advise in your previous posts) due to i may be a shy guy ? 🙂

I am not that good to talk with a lady i’ve never seen (maybe because of am shy), but i guess i can ask for an address 🙂 I hope it will help..

And sure i will listen your other advises and i will check the websites. What can i say ? I hope that i can find someone will love me and i will love her… Thats what i want.

And once again thanks a lot for your very kind relation….

Joseph, You do not have to explain why, I am an American and married a Polish girl. I a very very happy everyday of my life. I think western women can be cold or really hard on guys, and unfair in marriage.

Ukrainian girls are just normal.

Who you marry is the most important choice of your life perhaps. There is no way I would marry an American girl. No way, even if forced to I would not. Although I dated many, they have different dreams than I.

Ukrainian girls are wonderful. I have many Ukrainian girls as friends, my grandparents were from Ukraine.

They are universally amazing.
I was very lucky to find my wife.

Just take your time. If you are shy, then go the internet route. Internet dating everyone does. I recommend lots of websites. A lot of my married friends met this way.

Who you marry will make your life happy or sad. More than job or anything.

hi everybody I want to say ukrainian girls is the best and sweet girls around the world

because i adore beauty and morals, and because i appreciate beauty and the marriage life, i am dreaming of finding my seconed half, she will be always in my heart and will be my princess.

Hi Admin,

I would like some advice from you please, i put myself on a dating website last year and met a girl originally from northern Russia who has lived in Alexandria in Ukraine since she was 6 and has a Ukrainian passport.

I have been to Kiev 3 times and met her in Turkey once in 9 months, i really like the girl but it is an expensive relationship for me as she is a 22 year old student (I am 31), how do i know if it’s real love or if she is using me for a passport of of the country and just using me for money?, I love the girl but I am not 100% sure she wants me or is more in love with the idea of leaving Eastern Europe, any advice you could give me would be appreciated.


Do not marry her unless you are 100% sure. I personally would ask her questions about her conception of marriage and views on God. Then I would observe if her behavior matches this (such as does she go to church weekly and say the rosary or her parents do). I would ask her indirect questions, like ‘well I have a friend that divorced because the man was verbally mean to her, what do you think?’ If she says this is ok, do not marry her. Read my post on ‘should I get married’.
You have to test her and check her with questions about morality in hypothetical situations but be cool about it so she does not think it is a test. Observe her reactions carefully. I know this seems bad, but all these are are hypothetical philosophy questions and this is about your whole life. You must know the truth. The truth is nothing to be afraid of.
Most Russian and Ukrainian girls in my experience are very moral and nice. However, I live in Eastern Europe so I meet them through friends etc. Part of my family lives in Ukraine and my friend works at a seminary in Ukraine. Very good sincere people. But in Ukraine, just like in any country, there are people who are not sincere.
Time and discussions about morality are important. Further, she must really believe what she says, this is why do not ask her directly, rather tell stories and see her reaction.
Also take your time. There are plenty of fish in the sea.

Also, it is assumed you will live in the USA. Tell her you would prefer to live in Ukraine and see her reaction. Also does this girl live in Kiev?, where is she from and what does she do for work. Is she a Ukrainian girl, Russian girl or Soviet girl in terms of mentality? Big difference in culture and know and understand this.


There isn’t a big difference between culture of Ukraine and Russia. Both are East Slavs.
And there is no such thing as “Soviet” anymore unless you refer to something before 1991.

Now as for this girl. I suggest you meet her family. If they are good, most likely she is good. If she looks like she only wants meal ticket, based on if her reactions are aggressive, then kick her away.

Western Ukrainians are catholic, speak Ukrainian and think Putin and the Russians are imperialist and oligarchs and want to join the EU and NATO. Eastern Ukrainians are Ukrainians but speak Russian and somewhere between Russian monarchist mentality and Kievians. They are orthodox but not as moral. Soviet girls are girls from the this new Russian thinking incubated during the Union. The ideas that infused the new Russians, where materialism is OK and making money not perfectly honestly, even if you have to compromises their morals is fine. They are Christians in name only.

I know a little about these areas as my family is from Ukraine, I have traveled to Ukraine and Russia many times. I am an American who has lived in Poland many years and studied Slavic languages and culture.
However, I am not an expert. But I do think you should understand what her thinking is about the world. Do not get married unless you know where she is coming from.

Most Ukrainians DO NOT want to join NATO or the EU.

Most Ukrainians are Eastern Orthodox Christians. Catholics are only 10 percent in Ukraine.

I never said most are catholic, I said some are, the point that most are Orthodox as the large population centers are in the East is just a demographic fact. Lviv and Ternopil are the western centers which are catholic. But nonetheless regarding a girl for marriage her attitude towards life and morality is one of the most important things in the world. Having a girlfriend is one thing, but marriage is a very serious.
I would say more Ukrainians than not want western integration, the Russians are funding anti-NATO propaganda, for some strange reason.

Most Ukrainains don’t want to be part of NATO you idiot. The concept of NATO is useless. There is no more Soviet Union.

Most Ukranians do not even support the war in Iraq or Afghanistan, so they do not want to die for an American women.

Ukrainians want sovereignty. That is all. No one else interfering in their affairs whether Russian, U.S. or other European countries.

Oh my God, guys, how do you expect to marry a girl from Russia,or Ukraine,or any other Eastern block and be happy in marriage if all you do is calculate and analyse?Don’t you know that like attracts alike?I can’t believe what a gentleman says ” I love the girl but should I marry?” and the admin’s reply to that is “don’t rush…there’s plenty fish in the sea” WOW that’s really insightful. Would you rather listen to some Joseph or trust your own heart and feelings?This is the first thing that kills all the romanticism for us women (eastern or western or asian).If a girl marries you believing the bull… that you love her and she’s the one for you and then as you are together she feels that she’s been tricked in any way, and you give all your stupid insecurities about her using you, her finding someone else…bla bla bla rather than just loving her and earning her love everyday-you’ll lose her eventually for when a woman is not happy she looks for exit-ANY WOMAN, ANY NATIONALITY. Yes, Eastern European women maybe a bit nicer, warmer and kinder initially before they are spoilt by your own western mentality. Trust me if you want your marriage to last-you’ll have to change yourself maybe, and be nicer yourself and it is quite obligatory to plunge into the culture and learn the language. Only this way you can grow closer and make the marriage last.
Do not think that the advice is coming from a little knowing person, I am a Russian lady who has got experience in serious relationship with a western mentality. Btw wanted to add that the Admin’s subclassification of Ukranian girls into western and eastern is a little wrong. I’ve known people and not only girls from Western Ukraine that were really horrible with thief-like mentality and in lots of respects very difficult to live with (I was sharing accomodation with them). Had I not met one girl from the same area that was totally opposite and very nice, I would probebly be pretty prejudiced against them for a very long time. Even though it was per 10 Western Ukraine people I met-1 was different, I will still try to have an open attitude towards all people and nationalities until they prove me wrong. So please, my advice is do not be superficial yourselves, if you’re looking for love-HAVE LOVE INSIDE YOUR HEART to give as well otherwise it becomes a lonely street and gets tiresome and exhausting to give and love. Learn to love EMOTIONALLY yourself not RATIONALLY. CALCULATION kills the LOVE.

Oksana, I do not think I disagree at all with what you said. You can not plan and calculate love. What you have within after a while will become manifest outwardly. If you are insincere with your intentions and just look at it like what can I get out of this relationship, girls will see this with time.
However, most American guys I know, what to sincerely be in love and be married, at least the ones considering girls from Ukraine or Russia. The issue is American girls are culturally anti-husband, they see love as a part of their life not the whole. So if there is any calculation it is simply not to marry an American women, unless she other worldly. Besides that, no calculation at all. I traveled the world and was not looking to get married, I was just lovin my life, having fun, it just happened, when I least expected it. This is the best. Let destiny unfold, however, guys are the ones that must chase the girls, not the other way around.

Girls can afford to lay back and have it happen to them more than guys, because it is the guys responsibility to catch the girl. Its the girls nature to run away, until the man catches her, she fights to get away, until resistance is futile, and next she is cooking borscht barefoot in the kitchen happy and in love. She is humbly serving her prince and her prince is honoring and devoting himself to his princess and is her hero.


You sound like some fat obese American cow. If an Eastern European is “spoilt” and acts American it means two things 1) the man she is with is gay or 2) the woman is a weak minded.

Most EE women don’t act American cause they know they will face a fist. Second, your attitude indicates you are dumb and fat. You clearly are no real Russian or Ukrainian because you don’t act in a sophisticated European manner. You sound like a fat pig.

“until resistance is futile”

I liked that one. HAHAHA Admin, since when are you a Star Trek character ?

I’ve experienced that kind of thief-like mentality mentioned by Oksana, from a girl I dated, she was also strongly influenced by the circles of: father, friends, community, that I got to know later. Since we where not living together at the first year of our relationship and met once a week (she was living and working in another city in my country) she appeared to be very cheerful, vivid loving and enjoying good things of life: sunshine, walking, nature etc. (in a kind of Spartan way, eg. no drinks at all, even at any occasion like Birthday) but as she moved to me for some time – she became controlling so things got to be uncomfortable with her. (She was also controversial: Eg. hated usa and associated western mentality with it as the opposite side of the world, though she have not been there. 🙂 I think this is childish, and on the other hand liked to watch Hollywood movies in Russian.) I gave lots of attention and so on, this calculating mentality made our relation to be creepy, so I exited, but even my stuff left at her place was hard to get back. In my experience the thief mentality to put it simply: get what you can get, give nothing on the other hand (even attention, respect, faith and so on), gives you creepy feeling. Good luck, and take care. Ask proper questions fast from girls at the beginning!:)


Just because someone likes a certain a American thing like movies or music, it does not mean they have to like all other things America. That is not contradictory at all.

Dear Spatula,

I agree with you, this is true, it was my misconception.

And my case is a unique one, though there are lot of girls out there with that kind of harsh (thief-like materialistic approach. Our societies are more developed and equal (egalitarian) so there is no need for east slav girls to think and behave like in the oligarchy there.

Though we know in all societies women are more rational, eg. from film “the ugly truth”: that women think with their head and men are influenced by something else. 🙂

Best, Andreas

Hi Admin,

Firstly can i say i am from the UK, not from America, and secondly congratulations on being with a Polish girl admin, i dated a girl from Wroclaw a couple of years ago i met who was working in Glasgow.

But more to my point, i have dated many girls mainly from England or Scotland in my time, and have always been left dissapointed as british girls are all nice and happy during the honeymoon period of a relationship, but after a year or two, decide a serious relationship is not what they wan’t and like the soviet girls admin talks about are looking for what they can get out of a relationship.

Oksana i am not insecure in the slightest, and have no problem attracting women in my own country, i am dissapointed with british girls and have decided to try my luck with this girl living in Kiev, originally from northern Russia.

The opinion of many people in the UK though is that women from eastern europe or asia, is that the women from these countries are only after a passport out of there country for a better life, this is usually obvious though because you see a stunning girl of 21 with a 60 year old who would have no chance of a girl this age in the UK.

So im not insecure, and while i sympathise with girls who would like to leave ukraine, who feel trapped in their own country with a lack of opportunity to earn good money and travel, i wan’t to make sure the girl i am seeing really loves me and isn’t using me as a meal ticket, in the UK women sometimes earn more money than men but in our culture everything is equal while i get the feeling ukranian/russian women expect the man to be the sole provider, and while i am happy to look after the right woman i wan’t to marry the correct one.

I am a time in my life where i would like to settle down with the right lady, i would rather date a girl for a few years before committing to marriage but i know this girl can only stay with me legally if we marry, but i think the true test is to obtain a fiance visa because i think six months of living together will show if it is true love or a lie, because it will be different than spending a few days together in KIev.

Thankyou for your advice admin, it is much appreciated, Oksana if you have any useful advice it would also be appreciated, but bear in mind i am a very nice guy Oksana and do have love in my heart, i just don’t wan’t to be taken advantage of by a girl with a different agenda to me.

If i decide this girl is right for me, what is the best way to marry her?, in the Ukraine or in the UK after obtaining a fiancee visa?


I am married in Poland and my wife and I after many years are still on the honeymoon phase. I am not just saying that. I know many other guys like this also. UK girls on one level can be interesting, but you are right the honeymoon wears off fast as they are almost conditioned by the society they grow up in to compete with their man rather than see their man as their hero.

Hi Admin,

Forgot to say she is a student and only does some part time work as she is busy with her study, she relies on help from her mother and grandmother, i have also left her some money each time i have visited to help her out a little bit.

Her mother ang grandmother live in Alexandria in Ukraine, maybe we will get the train to visit them but they cannot speak any english, i have tried to learn a bit of russian but im finding it very difficult.


Ukrainian or Russian is not that hard to learn. I have learned Polish and working on Russian and Ukrainian. It seems hard as Brits and Americans (I am the latter) have unrealistic expectations on how to learn a language. If you want to learn Ukrainian try learning a few thousand words without any grammar. Learn them phonetically and with flashcards and if you can not remember the words use menumonics which you create for yourself. Better to send 20 minute creating your own link word for your target Ukrainian or Russian word you are trying to learn than just to try to remember it. I am making Russian and Ukrainian flashcards but they are not ready yet.

Hi everyone
My name is Jamie I am 27 years old and I am
from Honolulu Hawaii
I have tried out a few sites to find a women from Ukraine
I came across A girl who I am interested in
we have sent each other letters through e-mail
she is from Zaporozhye I think that is located in southeastern part of Ukraine
I just wanted to know if you guys have any advice for me
on how to know if she would be the right girl for me any question I should ask her?

Thank you

What are the things important to you in your life? Ask her in a subtle way about things connected to morals and values, such as, if you do not believe in divorce ask her if there is any way two people would ever split once married? Ask her how she feels about money, what if you wanted to live in Ukraine and teach English and raise a family there, instead of the paridise of Hawaii ( I am an American that lives in Eastern Europe)? I guess my point is marriage is a serious step, try to understand where she is comming from in life, what are the most important things she values in her life. You do not want to build your house on sand, so it gets washed away in the first storm. Therefore, in my mind with girls for marriage try to get to know if she someone you can trust for the next fifty years, that is your princess.

Hi admin

thanks for the help I’ll try and ask her some of these question
once again thank you for your advice!!


Spatula, I think it’s time for you to have yet another go at relieving your frustrations. Try your … What female would ever want to be with a little toad like you ?

To admin,

I have gone through and read everything in this page and it does not change the way i feel and what i am looking for!! You are obviously in a much better positon and knowledge than i am, so please help?
I have fallen in love with the accent, the looks, the fact that maybe i could offer more and most importantly the way of life, as you speak of some girls froms some parts are spirtual and others just want money (meal ticket). I personally feel that to get a chance from any middle eastern girl would be a blessing to me!
I would very much appreciate it if you could contact me directly so i can talk more in depth about what i am on about, is there any chance you could mail me on , i am not sure that if i put my address in here you would not get it but i am confident that you can work out what my mail is from what is in brackets??

I am very much awaiting your reply on here or my mail so please do as i have some ery important questions to ask before i continue my love of my life, and make a happy love of life!!

Thankyou very much admin, awaiting your reply……

Hi Admin,

I decided a couple of months ago to end my relationship with my girl from kiev.

I always left a little money at end of my visits( usually 100 pounds),but she started to ask me to send money every month (150 pounds/200-250 dollars), i explained money was tight as we are in recession and i needed to save money for my visits/her visa and she was often aggresive and told me i have a stony heart and will die unloved but be buried in a golden coffin.

Does she sound like a soviet/meal ticket girl?,

I contacted her this week and apologised and said i missed her and would pay for her visa but she said she no longer wants me and ive taught her she can only rely on herself.

Were my original instincts correct or was i wrong to end it?, was i a fool to contact her again?

I don’t know whether to see if she changes her mind, find a western ukranian girl, a british girl, or resign myself to being single and lonely, where did i go wrong?, i would appreciate advice from admin or anybody else who can help.

I am 32 and wan’t to find my princess.


The world is full of opportunity. I think it is better to find a girl who does not care about money. I do not know any Ukrainian girl that would ever bring money into the equation. I have meet some that would in Kiev, but I could not take them seriously. I think find someone that is worthy of your goodness. I think in Poland or Western Ukraine you will find this. You are a sincere guy. You are also very young and have time. Believe me money and love do not mix. Find someone where money does not come into the equation.
This is Eastern Europe not Africa. People are not starving and do not have to worry about armed conflict. It is a peaceful European country with free education etc. In Kiev people that work can get paid very well. And the workers get paid enough to live. You should not feel guilty about it.
If someone loves you, they love you, not your money.
I did not reveal to my wife I had any money. I was living in 190 square foot apartment when I met her. I was living on potatoes. She loved me anyway. She worked very hard when I met her. Sometime 24 hour shifts. She worked in a lab. She won my respect.
Now that we are married, we are both hard working and do not stress or worry about money. Whatever God will give us God will give us. We have love and this is all that matter.
God gives and takes away money and health and fame, but only love in the end matters.
Find a girl that loves you not what you can do for her.

Of course I am not in your shoes so emotions are always hard, but man if a girl is talking money before marriage she will during marriage and cover your assets during the divorce. Or you can find a girl that will love you for who you are. In Ukraine and Poland this is the rule. Money in post communist countries are a little bit seen as a dirty thing. People are not as materialistic as the west, but if you find someone who is, it is not a good sign, maybe I am wrong, but that is my experience.

I wanted to help her with money when i could afford it as i knew things were hard for her and felt sorry for her, but she also expected me to pay for a UK education/marriage and did’nt want to work.

Deep down i feel i was being used as i always had to pay for her friends too, am i selfish for thinking the way i did?, i just felt like i was being taken advantage of but i have feelings for the girl.


I would have to agree with admin on this one, I am from Moscow and Kiev is similar to Moscow. It is a large city and for anyone who wants to work can get a job in a marketing company or as a finance manager, secretary (yes we call women secretaries still, no problem) etc.
There are many jobs for those who are will to work, just like in the USA.
I as a Russian would never ever ask or expect a guy to give me money. I would feel disrespected if some guy offered me money. I would be like why?
He would say, because you are my girlfriend, and I thought it might help you.
I would say I do not want that kind of love.

I was thinking about what you wrote, I guess I do not want to hurt your feels but how are you like that? Are you really naive? You can find a normal girl? I am a Eastern European girl and after hearing that story it really is something else, it is horrible. Please there are many girls.

Katya I think you are right and I am naive, which are the best websites for finding a more genuine ukrainian girl?, i am currently on livedatesearch.

Whats the best way to get to Ternopil?, despite the fact i cannot speak russian or ukrainian it was very interesting for me to visit Ukraine and i would like to visit again in a couple of months.


Reg, I would travel there. If you are from the UK take a flight Kiev or Lviv and go by train. If you find a cheaper flight to Warsaw or Krakow on easyjet or something than take a train again.
I think you should yes consider websites as a lot of girls I know meet guys there, but not websites for western guys to meet Ukrainian or Russian girls but real dating sites for Russian girls to meet Russian guys. You can find these on any of the Russian mail servers like
About the language, learn a little. It is not that hard once you get over the alphabet. In Russian and Ukraine we learn both alphabets in school when we are young so it is not a big deal.
Most Ukrainian and Russian girls want to practice their English. Start with Lviv, as this is a bigger city than Ternopil. Lviv has over a million people and many university girls there.

Thanks for the advice katya, is icq good for meeting girls too?, I cannot find Lviv, only Lvov on websites, is this the same place?

Once again thanks for your help


Reg, Lviv is the Ukrainian spelling or transliteration, and Lvov is the Polish spelling. The city comes from the word Lew (pronounced Lev) which means the lion. It is actually a Slavic grammatical case. Anyway they are the same city. Look on the map it is right on the Polish border.

I do not know about ICQ, I mean I know it and know there are girls that chat there but do not use it myself. If I were to meet someone I would meet in person.
Like I said there are many normal Ukrainian girls on mail servers with profiles. But better is going there or try Facebook.

Hi Katya,

My home is 4 miles from glasgow prestwick airport and i can fly to warsaw from there with wizz air for a good price.

Is the train station far from the airport, where are the best places in lviv to find girls interested in english guys like me?

Will i be okay travelling alone?, sorry to keep pestering you, your help is much appreciated.


Reg, I can answer that one as I live in Poland and I think Katya is in Moscow which is far away. If you land in Warsaw or Krakow (where I live) there are three ways to get to Lviv. 1) Take a Polish night train. It is the easiest but will cost more. But the most comfortable. It costs like 50 GBP maybe less. like 30.
2) Take a night bus. This is very cheap. It is like 15 GBP. It takes you directly there and you take a van to the center.
3) Take a Polish day train to the border and walk over. Then a van to Lviv. This will cost you about 10 GBP.
You can meet girls on the way. In Lviv go to student dinners, walk around. Take a tours of the city, hang out in the park.
You can stay in Hotel Lviv right in the center behind the Opera house for about 15 GBP a night. The tourist hotels are too expensive but nicer. There are other places cheaper also.
Main thing is walk around and talk to girls on the street or park and have no fear. Talk to girls in shops, there is a large gallaria (mall) who wok there or walk around. If you really want to meet girls rent a flat there for 3 months, teach English. You will find someone 100%, the longer you stay the more you will find someone to your liking.
If you are in Poland consider this as the girls are very nice. Krakow even better than Warsaw as it is two different cultures. There are many cheap youth hostels to stay in, you can learn some of the language.
From Lviv for about 1 GBP you can take a Ukrainian train to Trenopil.
From Lviv you can take a train to Crimea for 15 GBP (not Odessa, different type of city) and go to a sub tropical beach area full of Ukrainian and Russian girls.

In Western Ukraine they do not speak Russian they speak Ukrainian or English.

Hi Admin,

Can you please tell me the best/cheapest ways to get to krasnodon in east ukraine and debalcevo please?
How is the best way to know if the girl is genuine or a scammer when meeting on internet?

Many Thanks


Reg, I think those are way out in the boon dock of Eastern Ukrainian industrial region. I do not know how to get there. Maybe a flight to Kiev than a local Ukrainian connecting flight you buy in Kiev or train if you do not mind that.
But I guess I have a question, what about a simple trip to Lviv in Eastern Ukraine. You can even get a flight directly there, if you do not want to take a train from Warsaw. I am telling your Poland and Western Ukraine has really beautiful women and they are not going to scam you at all.
On the Internet there is no way to tell at first. However, I would say if they are from a Russian dating service that is respected there is less chance. I would ask the right questions or simply observe their behavior. For me I am a religious guy. If we are together on a Sunday I would see if she is going to church. If not I would wonder why.
If you are not religious, maybe see what her attitude is towards money. Ask her directly about questions about money and life. Or tell her you are unemployed or poor. Or just poor (I was both when I meet my wife, she did not care). Or that you are thinking for moving to Ukraine to teach English as the economy in the west sticks. Whatever you need to do to smoke them out if you are suspicious.
Me I really like to meet them in person, observe their relationship to their friends and people around them and moral belief. All girls tell you they believe in honesty and openness etc. But question them, what do they base this belief on. They do not have to be religious, but more you talk about philosophy, you can tell the depth from which they thought this out. I always talked philosophy with girls. Question them and see their depth. Aks them what if question.
Aks them is they want love and a guy with mone or just love.
If you do not want to go that route, give it time. But I like direct questions and try to smoke them out, see if there are any contridictions in their answers or behaviors or friends behaviors. Smoke them out.
But I really trust the girls from Poland and Western Ukraine a lot more than girls from Eastern Ukraine because the culture is different, largely for economic and historical reasons.
Really if you need help with a trip there, ask questions I have no problem answering them as I live here. I am not in the travel business or anything, just have made the trip a lot myself as my world is east of the Oder river.

Hi Admin,

I also prefer to meet in person but im unsure of visiting these places alone and would feel out of my comfort zone, i would’nt like it if i was alone there and met nobody.

If i go to krakow or lviv alone where is the best place to meet a genuine girl?, will i be able to find these places just speaking english?

I would like to find a nice girl from krakow or lviv as i can fly to krakow 60 euros return ticket, kiev is 300, lugansk near krasnodon was 2000, i was thinking of asking the girl to meet me in kiev to see how serious she was, she seemed to have good values in her emails.


Krakow, I could even meet you in the market square and say hi and show you some places and what to do, time permitting. I do not drink and do not go out at night but during the day, no problem. Basically it depends on your level of confidence. I would talk to 50 girls in the park or on the street especially in the autumn when the students come back. I would talk to girls in shops. They all would love to practice English. Every where you get a chance. If you are shy, I understand. Go to a book store. If you are shy I do not mind coaching you on a few phrases or something in Polish, but man. If you come to Krakow. Then a trip to Lviv you can not go wrong. You might not meet a girl for a date but you can collect 100 mobile phone numbers of Polish and Ukrainian girls and email them when you get back. If you are looking for a moral girl you will find her.
Krakow is a cheap flight as Lviv is a cheap trip. You can come back often, if you have a e-mail rapport.
You can speak English and just start connecting with girls in every coffee shop. Start to learn a little Polish and practice it with girls on the street.
I always traveled alone. You go with a bunch of guys it is not cool as it looks like a college frat party. Alone you are an adventurer of old.
You can sit in a cafe all day and read a book or go site seeing and read history. The worst thing that will happen is you will have great history and language lessons.
Do not be afraid as many girls here would love to meet a normal guy.

Hi; I read your story and am most interested. I was serveral times in Poland but many women there are only interested in you for money. You mentioned you have a site with links to inetersting sites. Maybe you can give me this information also. Look forward to your reaction. Regards Ros

I really have not meet too many Poles or Ukrainians interested in guys for money. I live here and there is no way, a girl raised in the faith would simply marry for money. Maybe that is what you are putting out? Read my post on women and money. Try and read my post on Russian girls there is a good website recommendation there.

Thanks for a good article. Im like you in many ways. Love to travel solo and meet interesting people all over the world. Have done so many times.

The thing is im not very good at talking with women at all, and ive basically given up. Used to be kind of depressed because of that, but I have learned to live with it and focus on other things in life. I concider myself to be a fairly harmonic person.

Ive been to ukraine before because I love the country, the history and the culture. Never did try and pick up women though – so far I don’t think I have ever tried to pick up any girl ever, anywhere.

So, my question is, if I wan’t to learn how to talk to women, and be as active as the male gender role requires, how would I go about doing that? And what would the success rate be like? Would they just reject me and walk away? And might it possible lead to a ONS or something like that?

Im thinking about going to Lviv for acouple of days (mainly because its close to Krakow) Any good advice? What course of action would you recommend if I just want to gain some experience with women in general? And is the chance of success smaller in Lviv than for example in Kiev?


Lviv is better because the girls have more a small town attitude, Kiev is like NYC and the girls there may be very nice but more nice ones in Lviv is you want to start with less intimidating. Kiev has just raw numbers and is for more advanced flirts. You can also need to be aware of women that are players in Kiev. Not really that much in Lviv.
Ok The most important thing if you get over your fear of talking to woman. You have to.
I am painfully shy. I was like a shadow on the wall. I could not talk to any girl. I went to an all boys school and never really talked to girls. Then I studied Economics and I can count on my left hand the number of girls in my classes. Girls always studied marketing and literature.
I learned so can you. I am so shy I really could never even look a girl in the eyes. I would sweat just saying hi and then say stupid things because I was so nervous.
Flash forward a few years and I could talk to any girls anywhere with no courage. In fact even though I am still painfully shy and introverted, I now have the gift of gab and would have no problem talking to anyone. How did I change? I changed my attitude.
All I can say is change your attitude.
I do not know how you are going to do that, but I recommend practice. If you need to set a goal of talking to 100 girls a day, do it. You need to practice. When I at last met the girl of my dreams, I just started talking (besides the fact I almost walked away initially because I thought oh she would never talk to me, then I doubled back).
You have to find a phrase to bring courage to you, like ‘he who hesitates is lost’ or ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’ and then talk.
What to talk about, light things like the weather or where are you from etc. then talk about how what they study or do. Find it interesting and tell personal stories about your friends or whatever, just talk.

Sorry about my late reply.
That is solid advice you are giving me. I have read a lot about those things crash and burn, I believe its called, set the goal of talking to 100 women in a couple of days, just to get over the anxiety of talking to women, or making me approach. I heard that almost going in for making a fool of yourself is the best way not to think about the outcome.

However “crash and burn” can’t be practiced in Sweden though. Lviv would be a great place to do it! If girls in Malmö started to know me as a desperate loser who hits on every girls he sees, I would have blown it here, back home. In Lviv no one knows me, and it doesn´t matter if I make a fool out of myself.

How about the odds. Ok, im a foreigner, and I look really swedish, the girls in Ukraine might think of me as exotic. Would my chances be bigger in Ukraine than back home?

Btw, when I was in Crimea this summer, a girl asked me and my travelling mate wether she could show us around sevastopol. Might this have been a display of interest?

First, you do not have to talk to a hundred girls, it is just really about, breaking down your boundaries, so when the girl you really want, comes a long, you will not be gripped with fear. Look for girls you want to flirt with that is all.

You might not want to ask them out or anything, just flirt and smile and chat. If you are well versed in this, you will eventually find a girl. I am lucky that when I met my wife I was smooth enough on the outside (which is really all about being sincere) that she gave me the time of day.

Why would you be a desperate loser? Girls want to meet guys as much as guys want girls. See you have been conditioned to think this way, if you were in Italy you might be seen as normal as Italians love this romance flirt game.

Most girls I know in the USA, as battle worn feminists that many are, really deep down dream of going to Tuscany or Provence to have some flirtatious lover boy smile and make a big deal about it all. I even personally know an American card carrying feminists in Europe who would talk such none sense, but one day she has told me she dreamed of letting go of all this conditioning. She now has a normal European guy and she is ironically is a stay at home wife (almost). She wanted to be found and conquered.

This is what girls dreams of. Why do you think they spend so much on fashion, shoes, hair, makeup etc? They want to be flirted with. Women are way more advanced then men when in comes to this.

And yes, if a girl asks you if you want to see the town, she is interested.

Frederick, you’re a Swede? Please read my post about Swedish women/men on the Swedish forum.

Listen, Mark the Admin has given you great solid advice. As for me, I am a bit more shrewd and a bit blunt about these things. Please apologize if I end up hurting your feelings with this post.


Be a man! You are not in Sweden anymore! Yes, you are actually expected to be a man. There is nothing more incongruous in the eyes of a traditional girl than a man who acts inferior, afraid and weak. You must be strong! I know in Sweden, I hear the men are shy and have been raised in a very female-dominated and feminist society.

You need to stop being afraid of women. You need to stop thinking of them like goddesses from heaven. They are just women! You don’t even know them yet. Don’t be at awe of any woman until you have seen her heart and know what she is truly about. Until then they are just women, nothing amazing. They are human like you, don’t reverence them with any type of deity like status.

Frederick you seem like a nice guy. Take some advice from me, don’t worry about them rejecting you. I have been called every bad name in the book by women, as well as been praised by women. The insults and compliments both had very little meaning to me. Of course insults hurt, but I know people who dispense them are lowly and pathetic people. I don’t worry about them, because doing so makes me weak. And women hate men who are weak! Unless you live in Sweden, LOL..

You need to change your attitude my friend. The problem is you are worried too much about what women think of you. You need to be courageous and strong. This is what a traditional girl wants. As Mark has said, a woman is looking for a prince or a king. You must fulfill this role. You should not even fear a dragon, why fear a woman?

Be polite, courteous, respectful and as Mark said, do what you can do to start a conversation about any topic you can think of at the moment. Remember these women are humans too and eat, breathe, cry, laugh and have same mind as you do.

Frederick, what is most important is that you be CONFIDENT. Be prepared for anything. As Mark said, don’t be a loser. Stop worrying about what others think about you. Do your best to be polite and respectful. If a woman runs, don’t worry about it. That is part of the game. Confidence is the key. Be confident, not arrogant. There are some men who suffer in the opposite direction too.

Remember, you are a man! Be proud of that. Remove all the man-hating feminist programming you received living in Sweden.

Mark, your last post is golden.. I know what you are talking about with the American feminist mentality. They put up their defensive wall according to the feminist programming they received their whole life. There are some women in USA who are trying to leave their she-man masculinity behind and return to their female roots. Sadly, however, this is a small minority.

Sorry, again, for my late reply.

Yea, you are right about really trying and gaining the experience. I will try this in Lviv
next week. Hopefully I will actually do it.

Well, my point was that if other women see me being rejected in an embarrassing way,
they will not think of me as attractive.I think few things is a bigger turnoff for women
than a man that looks desperate. I wouldn’t want to ruin my chances here in my home city. But I
see the point in trying to talk to as many women as possible, just to get over approach anxiety
and to gain some experience.

I agree with you on that women want men to be in a certain masculine way, and all this leave room for and show women respect
bullshit has taken its toll on Swedish men. Men get kind of confused I guess, and yet the demand on the man to
the strong one making everything happen, still exists.

So, as it looks right now Ill probably be in Lviv next week. Any concrete tips on where to go to meet girls?
Are nightclubs a good idea? Malls? Cafés? Maybe I could chat with some girls even before I go?
All advice is appreciated!

I think you are right about acting like a man and all that stuff. Being confident is very important and women can spot
a confident and masculine man right away. I have read a lot literature about pick up and PUV. I know most things,
in theory that is. I believe it is possible to change, but somehow, I feel I have lost motivation to do so. Hence
my comment here earlier. So I figured going to Ukraine for a couple of days, where my chances are at least slightly better
could help. I am not holding my hopes to high though. We will see what happens.

I think you most definitely have a point when it comes to Sweden. Swedish men are emasculated, and in Sweden today I feel men can be quite
oppressed in a lot of different ways. However, that’s a political question, not really really all that much connected to
dating in general. But when it comes to one thing you are completely wrong. Women still expect the men to take all initiatives, and rarely take any
risks themselves. So a guy who is not ready to take charge can expect to be just as lonely as likewise men in other countries. ( although women are being taught they
have the right to take the initiative, and of course some actually do, they are of course not taught that its their responsibility to do so)

I would not worry what other girls are thinking. I would just be easy going and have fun. You will be rejected by a high percentage but if you dress well and talk well and are sincere you will get some girls interested for sure. Even if not one is interested than you have to identify the reasons why or why not.
Sweden is an interesting country. I have always been interested in the culture and history but society today there is a little bit of an experiment and I do not know where it will lead.

You are right. They probably will, and when they do, i can count another girl in on my list of women that have rejected me. Its all about practice, I will learn not care, crash and burn, and meanwhile Ill hopefully get good at it!

Do you know any nice nightclubs or maybe student bars that are packed with people even on a wednesday and saturday night? And howabout Krakow, are there any places good for picking up girls even on a weekday?

Sweden is a feminist experiment alright, all neatly wrapped up in that pretentious old swedish political correctness, that is such a fundamental part of the swedish national psyche.

For meeting girls for dating is different then picking them up for a night. I do not recommend the latter. But for the former, in Krakow, try Prozacs. Its right in the center and many Polish girls go there and some foreign guys, it is not a rip off. Any place in Kazimierz has many nice girls, you can not miss it, there are about 20 cafes in one square and fewer if any foreigners. But there a million places. In Lviv, there are many places, but I always thing the student cafeterias during the day are nice.

Hey admin,

Some good advice here you’ve provided, so first thanks for that.

I’m from the UK, not necessarily looking for love/marriage in Ukraine but do want to go over there and teach English at the end of next year – so I want to take a trip there in the next couple of months and have a look around. I’m also thinking of first going to Odessa – simply because I’ve heard it has more oppotunities for teaching English and I scubadive, so I wanted to check out a couple of places there.

You mentioned about getting a cheap(ish) flight there – already looked at that, and a train (done some research on that). My main question is: would you look to book an apartment/hotel room over the web or decide on one when you get there? (I don’t want to be scammed etc).

Unlike some of the others, I have a lot of confidence and love talking to different people (and especially good looking girls) – so I think some of those ladies are in for a delightful chat 😉

Just wondered if you had any advice on the above?

I think depending on where you go in Ukraine the cheapest way to get there might be a cheap ticket to Warsaw Poland. Then a train or bus to the boarder then take a Ukrainian train. If I wanted to save money I would do this and have done this. I live in Poland by the way.
For living conditions I would stay in a youth hostel and wait until I get their is you are talking about a long term stay. I lived in Boston for 3 months in a youth hostel when I was looking for a flat. It was worth the temporary inconvenience.
If you are only staying for 1 or 2 weeks or something you can rent something on the Internet. I have done that. But long term, I would recommend looking at the flat carefully when you get there.
Remember Odessa is not totally Ukraine, but more a mix of Russia and Ukraine. What about going to Crimea? The weather is nicer. Or Kiev or Lviv. You can teach English anywhere. But Odessa is not bad either.
Do you know this website: Just for ideas of prices etc.

I have fallen in love with the way of the European girl for some time and would like a way of getting to know one that would be of interest to me…. I am 29 years old living in the UK and i really love the accent, the manner and the looks including most personality’s. Please if possible could you reply to me and just see!! Thankyou. x

How have your tried thus far? I do not understand you want to meet more European girls or a specific one or woe one you have meet. I need more information.

Mark, what is the warmest parts of Eastern Europe/Ukraine that still have the pretty girls with the sweet nature that we talk about here? I am really not fond of cold weather.

Crimea, it is the best. It is a sub tropical part of Ukraine. I would even live there. But if you also want warm, Romania and Bulgaria and Croatia.

Thank you Mark!! And the Soviet influence is not as prevalent in Crimea? I am referring to what you wrote about Western vs Eastern Ukraine

It depends in Crimea. In some parts yes, it is very Russian and I even saw a status of Lenin there or maybe it was Stalin. On the other hand, many people are simple Ukrainian farmers and are very nice. In Crimea the entire CIS comes for vacation in from early May to late September. So if you play your cards right you can meet the girl of your dreams and enjoy the weather. That is there are many people just on vacation from all over and you can meet a girl there who is really nice.

Hi Mark,

I am glad I stumbled on this site. I am actually planning a long overdue trip starting in Italy and working my way up to Poland. At this point, I was either going to work up to Estonia and then Finland or head to the Ukraine. I was somewhat concerned about security travelling by myself in Kiev if I am going out by myself at night if I end up doing this. I am a 35 year old athletic guy but I just to make sure I am aware of my surroundings since I am travelling by myself.

I am really looking forward to seeing Poland as I have heard it is beautiful – and I would like to see Ukraine and perhaps even work back to Poland and then up to Finland. I have been saving for this trip for two and a half years – am really trying to see as much as possible in four day stops and I have this funny feeling I am going to meet someone special on the trip – although my goal is just to experience all the places and people as much as possible.

I wonder – there must be places where they teach some basic language which I could check out in Kiev when I landed.

Thanks for any insight and for your generousity with the time you spend sharing information.


Ukraine is safe. Poland has the second lowest murder rate in Europe. People are peaceful and non violent. I had one problem in a park in the all the years I have been here, and it was with a drunk guy, but I also had a problem living in NYC. I think people are much more aggressive in the west. Eastern Europe is much safer than the US or UK as they do not have as many weapons and the people are pretty conservative. I know many girls that are in their 20s that take night trains and hitch hike around Ukraine. I am not recommending it, I am saying the world outside the USA and UK is safe. If you are a foreigner it is even safer.

I love Ukraine. You can go to Ukraine and take some language classes and your tutor will most likely be rocking hot. I did this as I am not a bar or pub guy. I took language classes. More girls at language schools than pubs sometimes.

I would recommend, Italy, Krakow, Lviv, Kiev. You can do this with a series of trains. When you are in Kiev, the world is yours. I would go to discos and pubs as your time is limited. I would talk to every girl you can in the market square. Do not hold back. Be charming and nice.

When I first saw my wife I walked away as I thought she would never talk to me. I walked away from my dream girl. Can you believe that? Then I said I would try and she actually talked to me. Of course she would not date me for almost a year but at least she was polite enough to reply when I said hello.

Do not lose courage. He who hesitates is lost. Try. When you are 90 years old and looking back on your life you do not want to say I played it safe. You want to say I took too many chances. When it comes to girls, take chances.

If you have specific questions please ask. I would save money and be cheap and ride buses or trains. Stay in youth hostels and do not spend money on chicks. Rather your focus should be to be a gentlemen and woe their hearts. If you do this, I guarantee you either on this trip or a future one you will meet the woman of your dreams. She will give you eons more happiness than being a player could ever give you.
I mean I have my beautiful princess everyday with me and I have no less pleasure seeing her beauty and being with her than did seven years ago when I met her. No serial dating or playing could ever give me the happiness that true love gives.
Do not be afraid to live your life. I would focus on Poland and Ukraine personally.

Hi, admin!
I have joined many dating sites to find a woman for me, but i catch many mistakes from them as i make two different profiles with a completely different information about me!
So i receive many letters from many women most of them from Ukraine!
I love Ukraine women I find them very attractive and beautiful but most important they are family orient and good wife’s for mans they like to cook to keep the house clean and to have children in the future been a good mom for them.
Any way i found many same letters in my both profiles from the same woman saying exactly the same things, that scares me i must say because if they say that same things to a different mans that is a bit strange, (don’t you think) so after this a have been rethought about the internet dating sites and i think that if i want to find a woman from this block of Europe the best is to go there and see her with my eyes and listen her with my ears!
And also is the money that asking you the dating sites for opening the letters that you receive from them!
Bye credits to open a letter, That is the most sick way to make money in my opinion.
Any way they are so many amazing beautiful sexy attractive women in there that some times when i see them asking for a man trough the internet i feel that they want to play than to find the man of there dreams. I can’t believe that they are single this women, its very hard to believe that.

Manolis from Greece

The women are single. They are this beautiful and even more. Believe me I live in Eastern Europe. Not everyone, but if you ride the tram or bus most of the women are attractive and single and really would love to meet a guy. My friends could not believe it. It was like the matrix. No one can tell you what the matrix is, it is something you have to experience for yourself in the words of Morpheus to Neo. And so it is with Girls from Eastern Europe.
However, the best way to find your one and only is to go there. Travel, spend time there and learn some of the language. This will allow you to catch the one you want. Writing via e-mail and Internet dating does work but the time and energy is ironically longer. However, I know people who have met on the Internet with dating sites.
But my advice is go there. See with your own eyes. Go to towns in Western Ukraine or places where typical tour agencies do not take you.
About Greece, I love it, it is a beautiful country and every girl from these dark northern countries wants to live there I think. However, some do not trust Greek guys as some are players.

You mention a site where one can explore dating or meeting girls from western Ukraine but you do not give details. what is the site?

I am a Moscow girl and althought this is not Ukraine, nor western Ukraine like Ternopil as mentioned here, in fact it is different world, many of the CIS girls use sites like Facebook is taking over more and more in Eastern Europe. Both and have Also something called Quit Internet pager or

You can also look on for searches, even in English and it will bring up localized Ukrainian searches. This is maybe the best way.

Hi Admin
I m a Iranian,I am in my way to Kiev to find my Ukrainian soul mate.
but I have some questions,please help me:

  • Are the marriage agencies honest & real? the girls photos are real or not?
  • I am muslim, is it matter for Ukrainian girlS?
  • Will the girls accept to live with me in my country?

Ukrainian girls generally do not prefer Middle Eastern guys. However, that is a huge generalization. Why?
It has been a closed society because of communism and parents from the last generation do not want to see their daughters getting hurt emotionally by someone who looks at them with other than sincere heart. I personally think muslims take dating and marriage pretty serious.

Also It is simple unknown. I mean a culture from another side of the world is a question mark. So I think you will have more of an uphill battle than a guy from Western Europe lets say. But on the other hand it could be an advantage as you have features which are exotic.

Further, I have known many Eastern European girls personally, educated beautiful girls that are happily married to Muslim guys. I know score in fact. I also know a few cases where it does not work as the culture is too different. I think there is a big physical attraction to people from other races as genes and DNA want to mix. It is a way genes can differentiate and proliferate. Genes and DNA that desire cooperation with other cultures are stronger than genes that do not want to mix because, this is the way nature can continue the human race. If not we will all destroy ourselves. So my point is there wll be Ukrainian girls totally into you, not matter what the general trend is.

Kiev is a good as it is an international city. You will have no problem there. People will not stare at you on the street or anything.

In Crimea there has been a peaceful mix society of Muslims and Ukrainians for centuries. Also Russian culture is a mix society of Asian and Middle Eastern people. So there is a melting pot in Eastern Europe. Many great Russians are really a mix of people from the Asian and Middle Eastern Republic.
Further, there are always people for all society that are into exotic cultures. Even me, I married someone from the other side of the world. I do not think being from Iran has anything to do with anything. Iran is technically a Indo-European country with ties to Ukraine and Russia. However, the one and only thing that might be a bit of an issue is your religion. I mean, you have to find a girl that is open-minded towards world religions.
I am catholic but I do not care too much about other people’s religion or non religion as believe we are all children from the same God.

Regarding the photos, the good news is they are real. The bad news is most are professional photos, which means photocopied.

I think you should take a trip and be open-minded and not try to find a bride, but just take a trip and get to know the city a but and if something good happens, good if not, then you have experienced Ukraine, a different culture and you are no less better off for it.

I have met a girl on the internet from Dnepropetrovsk. I am a well-traveled person and lived a few years in USA and Germany.

I am originally from South Africa, and have no problems finding girls from South Africa. But for some reason I just think Ukrainian girls are the most beautiful in the world.

I live in a small town, with few things to do. We have no fancy cafe’s, theaters or discos. I have to travel 350 kilometres to find this. I keep myself busy with scuba diving, boating and whatever other things there is to do outdoors. I hate cities.

I recently told her to come visit me in S.A first before I go visit her in Ukraine. I want her to see what my life is like and possibly her future home. I have a few businesses here and she will be well provided for. She recently asked me for 350 USD, which I gave her for a visa (she is a student). She seems true to her word.

My question is: Do you think a girl from such a vibrant city will be able to adapt to a similar approach in life, and find comfort in peaceful natural surroundings?

I think it has more to do with her world view and conception of love and life. I could live equally well in the city or the country as long as I am with the one I love. The Internet has changed the need to be in the city as all multimedia entertainment is online, unless you like to go to old fashion theater type shows a lot. Communication and travel is not an issue as from the town you can go to an airport with an hour or two travel.

I think the question that is relevant here is do you have the same moral and religious values and see the world the same way. My home is when I am with my family, the family I have created not born into. The success of this family has little to with being from Ukraine or Africa but a lot to do with how each person is striving to achieve self-actualization. For this I would refer you to Maslow’s self-actualization and humanistic hierarchy of needs and see where you two see the areas of this pyramid.

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