Ukrainian girls of European Ukraine for love

Ukrainian girls who live in European Ukraine are better for love

What is European Ukraine? Technically all of Ukraine is in Europe, however, Western Ukraine from Ternopil to Lviv has a different character (regarding live and love) than Kiev and Dnipropetrovsk or Odessa.

These Eastern and Southern regions of Ukraine often have girls that I would call Soviet girls.  Certainly not all the girls, maybe not even most of the girls are Soviet girls, but many have a mentality that religion does not matter and that materialism does.

In Western Ukraine the girls have the attitude that money does not matter as much as spiritual values and love. Why? Soviet influence was resisted by Ukrainians more in the west.  The west had close ties with Europe, while the east had ties with Russia.

Which Ukrainian girls are better brides

Amazing women are found all through out Ukraine.   Decartes said ‘ever generalization is a distortion of the truth’. I agree. I would marry a girl from any region.

However, me personally, I am partial.  My grandparents came from Ternopil Oblast and I live in Krakow, however, I am an American. I have travelled all though Ukraine many times.  There are amazing ladies everywhere.

However, if I were to look for a bride (I am married so I am not looking) I would look in Western Ukraine if spiritual values and true love matters.  If material values matter more to you than real love than I would look in Eastern Ukraine and in particular Kiev, but watch out for the clever girl who sees you as a meal ticket.

How to test a girl from Ukraine

Be smart, ask question early about values and observe behavior.  Ask indirect questions or make indirect comments about how they feel about life and money, love and values.

I married a girl who wanted to stay in Poland, rather than wanted to moved to the USA.  I saw her family were devout humble people as she was.

I saw in the early dating phase my girl was going to church, even without me.  She told me straight out that she would rather be poor and with her destiny than marry a little for money and a little for love, like many  European girls or women in the world today.

Think of  ‘Slum dog” the film, you want a girl who can be with you in rich and poor times, if you are healthy or sick, not a fair weather fan (if you marry for money its the hardest way to earn it).

Ask them these questions if you are serious about love. Better yet observe how they respond to different hypothetical questions. Do not let the sickness of the western Europe and America toward love and marriage infect your soul.  Love and marriage transcend everything make sure your love feels the same.

Bride tours

Get a flight on your own and book an apartment or just the flight and a Babcia (a Ukrainian old lady) will find you at the train station and airport and invite you to their home to stay for 5 dollars a night a  real home cooked meal. You will meet better girls for love than on these very commercial marriage tours to Ukraine. I would not take a bride tour, as its pricey and commercial.

How to meet girls from Western Ukraine

Explore my site.  It is for free. I give you very good websites that are about how to meet Ukraine girls online, concrete websites.   I give you many websites I recommend for free Ukrainian dating for love, that Western European and American guys do not know about.

I personally know many girls from Western Ukraine but often the best ones are the hardest to get and find.  Consider a trip to Ukraine and you will meet girls in Lviv and Ternopil other guys will not ever meet as they are too lazy to travel.  You could learn Ukrainian a little.

You can take a flight to Lviv or Krakow.  If you fly to Krakow there is a bus and a train that leave to Lviv.  The bus to Ukraine leaves every night at the train station, but I think its easier to fly directly to Ukraine.  I have even walked over the Ukrainian boarder and hitch hiked.  Usually the low cost methods you will meet better girls, often student girls.

If you have any questions about Ukrainian girls for love and love Ukraine or Europe please write.  However, use proper grammar and punctuation, not in chat style.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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I am currently on a dating site and looking for a Ukrainian woman. It’s a little difficult for as I am all the way down in Australia.
But already, within a week, I have found someone who I have clicked with. She is from eastern Ukraine, but in the small town of Lysychansk. Do you know anything about this area?

It’s still early days yet but she certainly seems to have her life priorities straight. She wants a family, a life long husband and is not bothered about how much I earn or where we will live. She values love over money and seems so happy in life. The only barrier right now is language, she uses a translator for my emails and I am yet to talk with her on the phone… But I am happy to learn Ukrainian and she wants to improve her English, it will just take time I guess.

It just seems to good to be true so quickly.

The language barrier means nothing. You meet a girl and things get communicated with ease, even if no one speaks the same language. You will see in months there will be little communication problem.

I guess my first question is does she speak Ukrainian or Russian? It does not matter, but for learning purposes it does. Both are beautiful and useful langugaes contrary to popular belief. For example, I live in Florida and learned Polish, and use it outside my home more than a few times a month. I meet people from Eastern Europe everywhere.

Regarding your girl. She seems nice, but continue to screen based on moral behavior. In my mind after many years of marriage that is one of the only things that really counts. If she is humble and does not care about money that is posiive. But you will have to take a trip there I think and meet her and observe everthing.

Lysychansk is a small town almost in Russia, so there is most likely a strong Russian influence with language and religion. Which is not bad, just different from Western Ukraine. I think simply ask yourself what is important in marriage. If you are religious and believe in happily ever after make sure your mate, who ever it be has a strong commitment that translates to staying with the marriage until the end. But that is just me.

I think when marriages break it hurts people for many years and you do not want to go through that. So take your time and choose the right gal. I recommend take a trip to Ukraine. I know it is far but it is worth it.

Let me know if you have more questions.

Thanks for your quick reply! =)

I had my first conversation with her today, it was fun! We couldn’t really understand much of each other but managed to get out points across, and like you said, in time it will get easier. Btw, she speaks Russian, but can also speak Ukrainian.

I will spend a lot more time just chatting via email and phone, but she still seems to be genuine so far.

I am not religious at all, so it doesn’t bother me if she is, but of course I do want a marriage to last and she has already expressed that and loves the fact that her parents are still together.

I was actually thinking of a first meeting somewhere in between our countries. Just on neutral ground with no distractions. And of course if we really do hit it off then I would visit her home country. I would like to do that regularly in the future anyways. Does that sound like a good idea to you?

Thanks again.

I knew the first contact would not be too scary and person to person there will be little to no communication issues. About the neutral territory, well of course she has no money compared to you, so I would personally just fly to Ukraine and see her and not worry about neutral ground. It’s a very exotic place. For her to fly somewhere it could be 6 months or a years salary. So just fly to Ukraine and meet her, or meet her in Crimea the semi-tropical paradise in Ukraine that is a long trip for her like 29 hours but cheap and it actually is an semiautonomous region so it is like neutral territory. Or Kiev you can do there. Many options but I love Ukraine and it is a wild a beautiful country worth seeing.

Just make sure she is of good morals in the sense she will not leave you or become materialistic. Many guys take Dorothy out of Kansas to OZ (USA) and they wake up after a few years of exposure to American culture and realize they have just another farm girls from Kansas with red shoes.

If she is Orthodox it might not be that important to her as the Soviets did a job on religion out there. However, if she is, try to really with your heart understand her perspective or it will be a long run issue.

Let me know how things work and if you have any comments or questions about girls in Ukraine or logistics.

How can me as a swedish guy make a woman from Ukraine like me and want me?

General question, tell me more about yourself, the more details and robust description about your life. Therefore, I will have a better idea where you are coming from. Being from Sweden means nothing, your world view means everything.
Also please grammar and spell check everything in your comment or it will not be approved, use paragraphs and sentences with specifics.
If you do this I can guide you on how to make a Ukrainian girl like you.

Is not only Ukraine women that I like, but the last girl i meet was from Ukraine and I really loved her almost, but she did not found me attractive so much like i did with her. Wonder what I’m doing wrong because I’m on clubs and i have chat online and meet them there and also I have try day game on the street and that’s how I meet this nice Ukraine woman in Sweden. Was falling for her in that moment I saw her. So the background is very imported? Well I’m a single guy living alone for over 10 years, don’t have so great job and I’m trying to study up things I missed in school. That Ukraine girl I was meeting on the street is living in an other country, and she say she only wanna be my friend. But seem many of the women there are looking for a man with a good job, and that is all that matters? My life can be little down and feels like I don’t really like myself sometimes to. What is imported for the women? What do they want? What do they looking and is it hard to find a girl from European that look for the personality to? I’m always getting to nervous when I’m meeting nice woman and cant often handle them. My Ukraine woman that I meet I still try to have little hope on her.

May I ask what type of site is this? Dating our just forum site?
I would love to know more dating sites that is not a scammer sites maybe you know some sites please send to me? And wonder if this Russian bride sites is good to meet women on?

I have corresponded with a girl from Dnipro for the past year, almost every day for the last nine months. We have become very close. Still, I am trying to understand the culture and her life in general. Her family is poor, even by Ukrainian standards. They are not religious, but she is a philosophy student and it has definitely changed her thought patterns. Her family is half Russian/half Ukrainian, but she has always been in Dnipro. Apparently, her parents are very strict. I know that family definitely comes first.

Can you give me some insight as to what this life is like? How do I break through to become part of her important circle? What does this strict family focus mean for an American interloper? We mesh very well together, but I need to figure out how to take it to the next level.

If you have established a rapport with the girl, to break through to the the family is secondary to some extent. What I mean is if they see you present yourself well and polite and well mannered, that is all that is required. It is very hard to develop a friendship with parents unless you spend time there and can speak the language. Perhaps on thing you can do is learn Russian or Ukrainian even a few words depending on the language they speak at home.
Set your goal for something like 1000 words. I know it seems like a lot but if you use mnemonics, like I did, you can do this is a couple of weeks believe it or not. Do not worry about the grammar it is too complex and the alphabet is just 33 letters and you do not need to learn it now. Rather get an audio file with basic words you can loop. I want to create one in the future. If you can stay basic things in their language and you dress nice and are polite, why would they not like you. Find an interest of theirs and even mention it. Lucky my father in law likes farming and I do too, or cooking with the Mother.

My question to you, are you religious? If you are how important is it to you? Me personally, I am Catholic and my faith means everything to me. It is not a deal breaker, because the people were religious at one time before communism destroyed faith and many people will naturally start to go to church with a little encouragement or conversation, even exposure to an author like Louise Hays is a stepping stone.

Their economic situation means nothing. I live in Florida now and am a college professor and a large number of my students like in broken flooded tailer. My family is also from Ukraine and they are from the countryside and it is basic living. I lived in a 200 square foot apartment when I lived in Poland initially, I do not care about rich or poor. Its all fun. What I care about is does the person have loyalty to their ideals to stay with a person in hard and good times for a whole life. For me personally someone who take religion seriously or an ideal to refer back to when times are hard are people who stay together.

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