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Why I am passionate about Ukraina girls

The reason I know about ladies from Ukraine is, I am an American living in Eastern Europe for many years.  How did I get here? My grandparents where from Ukraine, 80 years ago, and since then I have always had a passion for Eastern European culture.

In the USA the women are fine but really not in shape in aggregate. They also have serious relationship control issues. They devalue beauty of the human body and replace it with consumerism and materialism. I do not find this in the CIS except among the new rich of Kiev and Moscow.

Hot University student from Odessa on a whatever mobile phone.

Instead of getting their body in shape, our western culture’s beauty is more manifest in a desire for sleep new cell phone and shampoo bottles.

American women in contrast rarely are as toned as girls from Lviv or Kiev, but use shapely shampoo bottles and mobile phones. Our society has devalued physical beauty on the individual and replaced it with consumerism.

In contrast women from Ukraine focus on keeping their only bodies in shape and have lackluster phone.


Meet with Ukraina girls for true love

I eventually moved to Europe.   So I am not just some guy writing about Ukrayina girls.  I know what I am talking about as I have studied this culture, lived in this part of the world and my ancestry is from here.

What ladies are like, from Kiev, Lviv, Odessa, Crimea to Moscow

Basically a girl from Eastern Europe or the old Soviet bloc is going to be more educated, less materialistic, more sincere about marriage and family and cultural things than any non European girl.  A Slavic woman is really not interested in a citizenship of another country as Europeans they can work anywhere in Europe with a visa.  They are interested in true sincere love and that is it.  This is my word of advice.  They are not interested in easy relationships or women seeking men for anything but love. I know as I live here.  No matter what you think or read they are looking to be a bride for the one who is pure in heart and non-materialistic. Do not try to trick them or Karma will get you. They are waiting for love.

How to meet Ukraine girls

Below is a list of places to chat, see photos and pictures and most important meet a female who wants to meet you.

Ukrainian social networking sites

A girl in Ukraine with red lips

Free dating sites in Ukraina

Oh those Ukraine girls really knock me out

Forums and message boards where women post

Learn Ukrainian to chat with women of the Ukraine

Most of these websites are in the Ukrainian language and unless you want to learn Ukrainian you might want to try free dating sites that are on the web that have an English interface.  However, you could in theory use a translate tool to navigate the above web sites.  The reward is you will chat with and see photos of girls that are not on the English Internet or chat or video rooms. You will get ladies with less competition.

Also try:

  • travelgirls – but I can not vouch for the quality or motives of the females on this site.
  • FaceBook is too cliché to mention but there I did.
  • Look on Gumtree for females giving Ukrainian lessons.
  • Look on for five dollars website for Ukrainian girls giving language lessons.
  • Travel there, ask me how to go on a shoe string.

Anyway you can get their mobile numbers is good. Just try and you will get a more traditional wife than you generally find in the west. Remember I have lived in both Eastern Europe and the West so I can compare.

Published by Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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  1. I am manging director in my company and I want to marry a Ukraine girl. I am really looking for if any one serious only contact me.



  2. Hi
    Ukraine girls really attractive and bright i come to know through there comments in their profile. I am very serious to marry a girl. I do not waste my time or others if any one really serious please contact me I am a managing director in my own company and educationally well off.


  3. I love to know more about the Ukraine girls and I want to have a girl friend from them.

  4. Ukrainian girls are pretty, yes.

    But Ukrainian girls (and Russians as well), are the most boring girls one can ever date.

    And their boring lack of intellect is legendary.

    Take it from me, a Frenchman who has dated these girls for many years and I am sick of them.

    1. You date the wrong ones. I think the greatest chess players, ballet dancers and musicians are Russian and Ukrainian females. The ones I know are getting PhD in many different subjects. My grandmother was Ukrainian and she grew up in a different time so could not go to school but spoke five languages no problem and communicated in more. I think you should first play chess with a few Ukrainian girls and see who wins. If I was a betting man I would not say you.

      Maybe you can not attract the ones you like as like attracts like and you over-estimate your own intellect.

  5. I am American married with Ukrainian woman. On my own experience I can cofirm Ukrainian Women are beautiful inside and outsde, with strong family values and with great sense of humor.
    I met My Love on one local dating site –
    It is not big but works well.
    Look for your love in Ukraine and be happy

    1. I’ve met a lot of Ukrainian girls and they are sweet, family oriented but also unpredictable. I find the girls the farther you go east(closer to Russia- Donetsk) tend to become less and less honest. I swear half the time they don’t know what they want and let’s face it guys- they’re women so stop putting them all up on a pedestal. You are still thousands of miles away and you don’t know what they are doing half the time. I have met some of the best women ever here but let’s get things into perspective. The Ukraine can be a very scary place and there are some women that no matter how close you get to them, and the months go by, the wall goes up like the old Soviet Union.

      1. Exactly my observations. The further you go East and more in the Russian areas, the more trouble you will have. In contrast the further West you go the more positive experience you will have with Ukrainian girls.

  6. Hi,

    I am from UK and looking to meet a Ukrainian girl for marriage. Please recommend me some decent genuine sites as there are many scammers about on other sites. I am genuine and want to settle down.

    I would appreciate your help


    1. Here are some websites to find a Ukrainian wife. Now that I have given you this pot of gold of Ukrainian and Russian websites please come back and comment and let me know how you do with you do one way or another or if you have any questions about finding a nice Ukrainian wife or a wife in general.

  7. Mark you might have just saved my life. I’m 29 and didn’t really care about marriage but had several serious relationships. Up until my brother was sent to Afghanistan and he was involved in a horrible helicopter accident my world changed(3 months ago).

    I’m a songwriter, working on my first CD and was sponsored by Yamaha. Things were going well and I was focused on NOTHING but that goal. I’m so fortunate to do it for a living. I believe we live in a scary world these days and people never seem to be who they say they are and care even less about their fellow human beings at times. I consider loyalty, honesty and empathy the three most important qualities in a person.

    If you can’t understand the pain in others how could you possibly be a good human being? It is very important to me that we mutually support each other. A woman’s career or lack of is every much as important as mine. It’s her decision and I would support it either way.I also expect a woman to do what she loves, we have one life and that life should be spent following our dreams-I want to be with someone where we feel like a team. Well the accident affected me greatly which for some strange reason made me join this forum on Ukrainian girls and I’m still not sure why. It was there on the right side of the page, I hit it and I needed to talk to someone and for some reason I chose this.

    After going through profile after profile, girl after girl I met this girl Irina and we get along amazingly(she is from the east though Donetsk). We talk about everything and the time flies like no other girl I have ever met. The website put out all sorts of restrictions on exchange of emails, phone numbers, etc and it’s not cheap.

    I’m in the music biz and I know BS when I here it she is the real deal. I sent her flowers on her birthday through the agency and they had her picture with the flowers. She sends me photos constantly saying miss you Dave in them. If it’s anything it’s the agency that is restricting. I’m not sure what to do. We have one life,we must never forget that.

    But I do not want to get scammed by the agency and I don’t know a way around it. Sorry if this was long and Mark feel free to contact me about any questions or the name of the website. You really are an amazing human being to care enough to put up a website that helps so many people find love. Especially when I didn’t think I was.)



    1. I am sorry for your loss, really.

      About your girl, women can change you life. My wife did. I was alone and successful but without another person to be with, life is not as sweet. You can eat in the nicest restaurants and feel good about your successes but without love, it seems meaningless or at least not a fun. At least is how it felt for me. Then when you are married it is like you are a kid again. The world is adventure and new. Money and power are not important, you just want to be with the one you love.

      I think you need to take one or more trips to Ukraine to meet her and spend time with her. You can get a flight to Kiev round trip for just over 1,000 bucks and from there, take cheap Ukrainian trains and stay in youth hostels or with family.

      You have to meet her to tell for sure who she is and talk to her about morals and values. I asked my wife if she believe in marriage forever and she did, no exceptions. Observe her behavior. Do not send money.
      Can you somehow get her Skype ID. Once you get this than you can Skype everyday and really get to know her.

      You can also write me personally via e-mail if you have personal questions but I answer things here in comments faster.

      1. How can I write you personally Mark?

        1. I sent you an e-mail but also on my contact or about page I have my e-mail for anyone who wants to contact me about a personal matter. I reply faster on the forum as I am working a lot now.

      2. Hey Mark-
        I just wanted to go over a few things with you that i don’t think should be posted.

        Thanks again and thanks for your concern over my brother.


      3. I have to say you helped me a lot Mark. I have been dating a girl for 6 months on one of the websites and she has been amazing at times. We have gotten very very close. Which is amazing considering I never thought it could happen on the internet. She lives in Donetsk though and something doesn’t feel right. The website we belong to doesn’t allow exchange of personal information but after 6 months you would think this would have happened long ago. I have girls as friends there that gave me their information long ago. But she just changes the topic when we talk about exchanging information. I figure enough is enough. She makes me believe she is absolutely crazy about me, she lives with her parents and is 23 years old. It seems she’s hiding something. I’m 29 and her parents don’t like foreigners. I have this nagging feeling she is not telling me something but then the whole Ukrainian charm comes on, I’ve never gotten along with anyone better but there are some things I should tell you through email that wouldn’t be appropriate here due to privacy. I am one very confused guy. The last time I attempted to end it she got hysterical but the vagueness goes on, she just isn’t as open and upfront about things they way you would expect after 6 months. The website charmingdate is not cheap by any means either. I’m seriously in a situation I never expected. I leave know to record a CD and we will see how she acts when I’m away. I think I’ve had just about enough when I’ve met other girls that seem to be so much more forthright and caring. Their heart is on a plate for you. These are the Western Ukrainians girls. I’m not generalizing but even Ukrainians say the east can be tough. I have absolutely no idea what to do.

        Thanks again for your help.


        1. Look there is no way tell for sure and I do not want to be the one to tell you bad news. However, me, I am pretty sure it is a minor scam.

          The reason I think so is dating websites are hard to start. Believe me I have considered it. To do it honestly, the only way I would start a dating site it take a lot of work and capital. However, if they can hire a few pretty girls for photos and girls (lets hope) in the background writing well crafted letters, e-mails or chats they can make a lot of money without the initial barrier to entry of capital and start up.

          Historical genesis of Donetsk female behavior
          Donetsk is a center for scam women. Eastern Ukraine had the influence of the Soviets who eradicated traditional morality and replaced it with the ridiculous ideas of the Soviet Union. When this collapsed you had a lot of people who were not idealistic and desperate.

          I hold a citizenship from an Eastern European county and I know no female that would behave like that. I could get phone numbers in seconds. I recommend you go to the dating sites that are free, like Polish dating sites I recommend or Ukrainian or Russian. There are many free dating sites that you have a better chance.

          Remember the further East you go the more scam, the further West you go the more feminist. The nexus of the universe is Poland, Western Ukraine, Romania etc. for the perfect balance. Eastern Ukraine has wonderful women, but the risk is too high. Maybe if you to far East to Russian villages East of the Urals than you again get more authentic girls. This is because again they were removed from this toxic cloud of Soviet Moscow socialism.

          Contacting a girl without her number
          You can find someone to code contact information. Be imaginative. Set up an e-mail account that is just for this contact in a coded form so it does not trigger filters. Write the company and say you are a girl, send your photo and say you would like to be part of the service. I mean there are many ideas. But if there is a will there is a way. If you are really in love go there and find her. It will work. But I am skeptical if she really is real. Worst case you find another girl.

          Do you have a picture of her? You can check her photo on a duplicate photo checker.

          If you want you could tell her to go to the Donetsk – Lenin Square and wear something red and wave. There is a web cam there and if she is real she will do this. You can search for web cams in Donetsk and see people walking by. If she was real she can do this for you. She can do it at a specific time. There are like two main live Web Cams in Donetsk.

          You can find someone to code contact information. Be imaginative. Set up an e-mail account that is just for this contact in a coded form so it does not trigger filters. Write the company and say you are a girl, send your photo and say you would like to be part of the service. I mean there are many ideas. But if there is a will there is a way. If you are really in love go there and find her. It will work. But I am skeptical if she really is real. Worst case you find another girl.

          I would get her personal information going around the system by coded messages or drop her and move on.

          Let me know what you think and how it goes with your lady from Donetsk. I would be honest with her and tell her you have doubts and even if you are a doubting Thomas seeing is believing.

          1. I was sick recently and she sent me a pictures saying “get better my david”. I am in the middle of recording a CD and got tired of this secretive BS so I didn’t talk to her for a week and she went nuts. She got in touch with customer service and they said she is very upset. Whatever. I have no idea what to think. I will send you any photo of her that you want. The girls there say they don’t get paid a dime just free internet service but I’m sure they are encouraged to get us to pay since you are charged per email and chatting. My thoughts are like Mark and I said before. I get a feeling the further west the girls are more genuine. This girl could have made an effort to save me some money after 6 months but the website has a very strict no personal information exchanged policy. Guys the site is called and stay away from it. It will nickel and dime you to death. I still feel there are some really honest girls looking for love and a few I’m now in contact with off the site. But unfortunately this one girl I liked. I’m young, I’m playing music for a living and I really don’t care except for the wasted money. That infuriates me because they are expensive. I think no matter what they portray themselves as charmingdate is a scam site.

            As per the girl she wrote me the longest email saying she needs me in her life, she seemed distraught which was unusual(I think she’s just a good actress)because she doesn’t get upset easy. But I have that feeling that something isn’t quite right plus I can no longer afford to pay their absurd prices. I would have been able to fly to the Ukraine and stay for a week with the amount of money I have spent in 6 months. I think I just answered my own question.

            I really wanted to find a different girl from a different culture and I still do. I think I’m just going to take a break for now though and concentrate on my music. If you have any feedback mark I am all ears.


          2. David, “no personal exchange of information” should be the immediate disclaimer to never use a sight like this. There are enough sites out there similar to this but at least Do arrange a personal meeting if you want.
            Put another way, no exchange of personal info. Must be interpreted as: more money for the site, every time, get it.

            Going back there are enough websites and one in particular (EM) where the girls info is either one or 2 mouse clicks away- either the girl gives it freely or you ask her for it, as far as i am concerned EM is the best site for this reason alone. Sure AW has the girls all done up and Photoshopped, but again- the only and repeat only way I would ever try to interact with a lady on all of these websites is to tell (not ask) the website to arrange a personal meeting, end of story- as in if they do not agree now you know they are 100 % BS. one more thing: if you think these girls understand the word consequences then you have no idea of their culture, they don’t nor do many of the people who work in places you will interact with, you are just one in a long line of guy (assuming there is a ‘real’ girl). Most sites are just a translator working for someone who writes all the letters, plain and simple unless your girl actually does speak English very well she did not write a long letter. David, unless they agree to personal meeting next week for example, try to get a refund from this websites USA address, of just write it off as a learning experience. PS I have now lived in Ukraine for a total of about 1 year and about 2 marry my second girl from UA, so what do I know?

          3. Your money is gone and most likely you will never meet anyone on this site. It appears they ‘ripped’ AW interface and most likely ‘ripped’ many profiles from other sites as well.

            At least in the future pick a website with an office in the USA so you have ‘some’ recourse, not much but some.

            Do not again ever do the letter writing, as in ever, just tell the website you want to meet the girl you want and see what they say, best yet is if you have a Ukrainian SIM car with a UA phone number then they will know they cant BS you, his is what I did, oh and PS do not think that you will show up in Kiev on Monday and meet the girl that night or they next night. it just aint gonna happen, for me it was about 1 week each time and you will also need to have the company send you and IMBRA form to fill out, oh and then they will ask you to print it, so then you will need to save it to your flash drive and then find a place to print it, for me it is easier to print the forms (if in UA), take a photo of this doc and then send it via email, better yet is to do all this before you leave the USA. remember NO letter writing, you may as well give a computer program your credit card info and interact with this believing it is a real woman.

            I hope this helps- PS in my experience girls in Odessa are most compatible with life back here in the USA. See you next month at the Irish Pub on Deribasivskaya in Odessa? Sincerely, George

          4. It actually is based in the USA I found out. I wish I could get your email or a way of getting in touch. It accepts paypal so I thought it had to be somewhat legit. She’s real and we have chatted face to face. I know the girls get a lot of pressure from the agency though. I am willing to make up an email just so we can talk if you are willing. I’ll show you any info you want. This is different and I’m a lot smarter then just handing my money away but this site is good. It let’s you know you are talking to real girls.

            Thanks George.


  8. And Jean, pardon but give us all here a break, you say how bad they are (to paraphrase) and then claim to be an expert as you dated them for years, not very smart

    I on the other hand am actually writing a book now: so I am about to marry my second Ukrainian woman, as in a guide to understanding these women and successfully dating one to lead to love and marriage.

    Ukrainian women for me are the most beautiful, soft, sexy women in the world, walking down the streets in their sexy little outfits and super high platform heels, but they also are very strong women too.

    Guys do not ever forget: the biggest problem is the cultural differences not the language barrier. Also a good Russian/Ukrainian girl will never ask for money. It is strictly forbidden in their society.

    How do I know? I had the pleasure of being married to the nicest person in the world and to today we are best friends a girl from Ukraine. Why are we not together – nunya business. She also is an English teacher who worked for marriage agencies in Ukraine and has heard and saw it all.
    And now I am engaged to another wonderful woman and will soon be married, and guys, really, every day living with one of these precious ladies you will shake you head at something, but it is okay as she will be doing the same, but do not be judgemental as in look in the mirror and really see that each of us bring a bunch of bad things into her life…so be forgiving of her qualities…and do not forget that most likely she accepted you in her life despite a larger age difference than American girls do and she is probably a size 1 or 3 and looks like a model, she may also cook great meals for you trying to make you happy Da.
    Also and this is very important, learn some Russian
    and Yyou must live in Ukraine to understand her, she will also love if you speak Russian (or Ukrainian IF you are looking for girls who went to school after 1991 or so (but all people there speak Russian). You are only ‘allowed’ to stay in Ukraine without a Visa for 90 days in any 180 day period but Ukraine being Ukraine if you stay longer or want to return sooner you may find a $ 50 bill inside the last page or so in your passport will get you what is needed (you figure out what I am saying).
    and if you do marry your Ukrainian girl a few things, and I consider these musts. As in take care of her.
    1. when she enters the US with her Fiance or K 3 Visa remind her or call her or whatever you need to get her passport stamped upon entry with a “Work Authorized” stamp in her passport. Why? The next day you bring her to the Social Security office to get her a SS #, not so she can work but hey, life happens and what if you or her get hurt and can’t work, get it?
    Also, if you find yourself married to her for more than 2 years which I hope ALL of you do – go to the Ukrainian consulate webpages and apply for a long-term multiple entry Visa to Ukraine. So you cab travel there with no $ 50 bill issues I mentioned previously.
    If any of you are interested I will be in Odessa and Kiev(for a short time) if you want or need any help, in Odessa every English-speaking man goes to the Irish Pub on Deribasivskaya Street. The main street in City Center, probably the most interesting bar/restaurant on earth.
    in conclusion I wish you all luck on your search for happiness, but be realistic, don’t be 70 looking for a 20-year-old model, it aint happening, and these girls know how to assess you in the first 30 seconds, your work, how much money you have and if you drink too much? How? They immediately look at clothes, teeth, hands and what watch you may have on…think about it, it is brilliant.
    Be careful out there all, Ukraine is an absolute minefield for the heart and is not for the weak…but the reward at the end is worth it all. Poka

  9. I am a Wildlife Biologist, living in Panama and thinking of moving to Eastern Europe and am most interested in the Ukraine. Truthfully many years in the tropics and I miss seasons. I would like to know if it is possible to get a small place in the country to do a self sufficiency farming thing and of course am interested in finding a good woman. Here´s the catch I like living in the country so of course I would want a woman that would like the same. I have monthly income to live on so do not have to work in the city only farm for self sufficiency. But I heard Ukraine woman do not like to stay in the country or move to the country, is this true? Gracias Esteban Oh I am half Latino and half Gringo speak both languages.

    1. Girl will love you. If not Ukraine I recommend Poland. There are many good countryside girls that prefer to stay in the country and live in Europe. My wife is from the countryside, and although we live in Florida now we could live easy in her village with a small farm. Farming is not easy always but it is a fun job. You can do organic farming and raise a few chickens get EU money and live a great life. But after living in the tropics like you I wonder do I really want to go back to the cold.
      Yet if you want to you can for sure find a girl that will go with you anywhere or stay where she is. Love is not about location but about the relationship.

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