Beautiful Turkish girls

Turkish girls are beautiful. Turkish women are often educated and most of the times quite nice. In fact, I think they are perhaps some of the most loyal and best wives in Europe.  However, there is a problem with ladies from Turkey, if you are an American or British guy.

Take girls from Istanbul for example, they have a mix of exotic ancient people’s like from a fairy-tale or a primordial dream of what love is, yet often with a snowy complexion.

The fundamental reason why Western guys have a challenge to get mobile phone numbers of Turkish women and date them is, woman from Asia minor come from a radically different culture than you.  They are a Mediterranean culture which makes them usually warm and friendly, however, they are Muslim and this is a different religion than most Americans and English guys. I believe in the commonality of all people, however, culture plays a role in how people see the world.

Turkish Female Y DNA Haplogroups – This is science, so to say for sure a female from Asia minor has to look a certain way is very closed.

In theory, it should not make any difference, as ‘you are your religion’, however, for a long-term relationship this could be potentially a show stopper.

Meet a lady in a club or on the street and find out latter where she is from.

In my experience the relationships that work best are those that have two people who are most similar to each other.  I know people say opposites attract, but this only for the short-term.  I think people who are similar in beliefs attract and stay together longest.  It is just common sense. This has nothing at all to do with race or look, but rather world view. Birds of a feather flock together.  People who have different world views can become friends later in life if they stay together, but people who are similar,  fly.

Girl in a Turkish cafes, lounges or discos are there to relax with friend, not to get hit on by guys. If you want to meet a princess from a hikâye I recommend meet them during the day int he market and take them to the club later in the week. Or just go to a dance club they will be there with their girlfriends not an inner circle of mixed couples, which is not optimal for picking up a Güzel kız. By the way, Turkish for beautiful girl is Güzel kız.

There is a lot of debate about what a Turkish girl looks like.   Pour a Turkish girl into tight jeans and Western makeup and she could be the girl next door in Anytown, USA.
Below are some photos of “Turkish girls” lets say and can anyone tell me if they are real or just look like an exotic Eastern Mediterranean?

People say they can spot a Turkish girl in a crowd, bar, disco. They say a Turkish lady can be recognized in a photo on on a street corner. I disagree 100%. Although there is a general commonality of features from the Eastern Mediterranean because of adaptation of diet and climate, you would be surprised about the diversity in Turkey with female facial features. Come on Dr. Oz is Turkish, but dressed smart on his show he looks like another American.

Once you get a Turkish girl in Western clothes (or out of them, mind you) and her hairstyle and make up is like a European, it is hard to discern where in the world she is from.

For example if you see a Turkish girl in London with Parisian style you will not definitively be able to say where she is from. She is out of context.

The reason being The ancient people of Asia Minor are the Hittites, the Phrygians, the Cimmerians, Lydia, Caria and Lycia,  Anatolian and Thracian Turchia with the Seljuk Turks coming latter. Even if you have someone who is speaking the Turkish language they are only a percentage mixture of ancient peoples.

Turkish are 70% of the people that live in the borders of Turkey.  And mixed in that I would estimate the majority a mix.  Although 85% of Turkish people speak the people are a melting pot reflecting their history. Oğuz Turkic are famous but who are the others?

But even with the Turkish majority the question is, who are the Turks? Are they Seljuk Turks  or Aeolian and Ionian Greeks. Are they remnants of the Odrysian Kingdom or Levantines.

In addition to the Kurds there are a lot of Sephardic Jews, Armenians, and Greeks

The Turkish Constitution article 66 defines a Turkish person living in Turkey as a citizen.

Turkish girl looks

Turkish girls are actually from Asian origin, but over 1000 years there is big mix.  First, there are Ancient peoples, like the Hittites that are mixed in.  Then Byzantine for sure mixed in as well as others. So I have noted variation of looks between Turkish girls in the east and west of Turkey. Read some summaries of The Book of Dede Korkut to get an idea of this mix.

They basically have a very classic ancient world look.  They tend to have wide hips and thin waist.  Their faces are broad rather than long, like northern Europeans.  Turk girls are attractive and generally all around nice people. I really like their look, but on the other hand I think every woman in the world has her special allure, so do not ask me.

There are a number of reasons why women from Turkey are top for wives, they are a combination of sophisticated, sensual and have high morals. To date a girl with this combination of virtue in the west you basically have to be rich, a movie star or football player.

How to get a Girlfriend from Asia Minor

I will keep this short and sweet, go there, I did.

Here are some ideas:

  • Istiklal street or Cicek Pasaji maybe clubs next to each other to find a girlfriend.
  • I personally recommend 360 located in Istiklal Avenue in Taksim
  • Baykuş in Taksim.
  • Ask the hotel  concierge,  but make sure you specify nice girls or he will send you to Laleli after some Russian girl who are lets say ‘tourists’.
  • Go to clubs where you will find skinny young and hip girls there that listen to house music. I personally love DJ and house clubs.

Turkish girl risks – know them before you get their mobile number

The risk with Turkish girls is, however, small, that if you are looking for love, they could break your heart because they are looking for money not love. However, I think this is 100 times less than dating a cosmopolitan western girl.   Turkey was once called is the poor-man of Europe, I would not say that is true anymore. Maybe there are some women who would love to escape poverty, even if it means marrying a western guy. However, I do not see this as a real factor as Western Europeans and American girls have a high flight factor according to marriage statistics and this by far outweighs any chance a Turkish female would try to take advantage of you. Maybe this was more true years ago, but I have many Turkish friends and I can not see this.

Is this Cyprus, Greece or Turkey? – When your heart is moved by a girl from Istanbul you have to leap with your heard as much as your heart or down the road you will have relationship crossroads of choosing your culture or your love. Make sure you know what you are committed to. I married a girl from another culture, I choose love.

I mention this risk only because I know guys are concerned about this issue. But this issues is becoming more of a non issue, as the world is changing and I do not think it is a problem with ladies from Turkey, but some people in general. If you go to Istanbul or Ankara its like any city in the world, there are good and bad people everywhere. I personally love Istanbul and the Kapali Carsi or the Grand Bazaar, also go to the Sultanahmet Camii, try the food do it all. Do not go there to just pick up cell phone numbers of Turkish girls. Which is not bad mind you, just enjoy the city a bit and let destinies hand guide you, instead of going for the direct approach and playing the numbers game.

There are 37 million women in Türkiye, like 5 million in Istanbul alone and another 4 in Ankara. If you can not find a nice gal in Anatolia then you have to examine the way you pick up women.

Turkish girl’s names are easy to remember and most have a sweet shorten form and they are not written in Arabic script. This is all good for the linguistically challenged western guy like me (I actually have a language site, still).  They usually take names that mean something connected to natures. This is one of the first things you can talk to them about, that is what does their name mean. Some examples are  Melis, Berra, Ecem, Sibel, Tuana.

I spend a lot of time in Istanbul and the people there are very warm (I think it is the sun, similar to other Mediterranean cultures, watch the movie Mediterraneo and you will see what I mean).  The Istanbul girls are like western girls but a little warmers and more conservative. Which in my opinion is actually a good thing. For marriage or a you want a conservative bride, not some crazy women who will tell you how wrong you are all the time like many ladies in the USA.

I think this risk they will leave you in marriage is low if you look at marriage success rates compared to the USA.  I call this the flight factor, this is because many are still very traditional.  In fact, it is much lower than the flight factor of an American girl in general.

My conclusion is, Turkish girls are beautiful and educated but the difference in culture and economics could make a long-term relationship hard.  But with love all things are possible.

Published by Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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  1. “Turkey is the poor-man of Europe”? Turkey has the 15th largest economy in the world right now. poor girls who wants to marry rich americans or europeans? in your orientalist dreams may be.

    1. I did not mean to offend. Turkey is improving and now in Europe many things are made in Turkey. In fact I look for a clothes label that it is made in Turkey because I know it will be quality.

    2. I am a Swedish guy who works in Turkey. I married with a Turkish girl also. The economy of Istanbul alone is bigger than any of the European countries except UK, Germany and France. As far as I see, 80% of the population are college graduates which is in contrast from my country.

      1. I tend to agree with your understanding of Turkey as a rising power economically and the educated population, however, I think Istanbul, although a large city is not equal to most European countries. Even the country of Poland I live in or Norway with a small population has a much greater economy than most of Turkey if you look at GDP or GDP per capita. But this is just a number created by economists. Norway and now Poland have natural gas and a different place in the center of Europe as a market with access to the EU markets around them, so it is hard to compare.
        Turkey is a great nation and as markets continue to open up you will see it become the Asia tiger in Europe. My time in Turkey I was impressed by the intelligence work ethic and kindness of the Turkish people.

  2. I am an ex*patriot living in Istanbul for 3 years. I must agree with some of my kardeşlar on this one. Most Turkish girls are more conservative and appreciative of men. My girlfriend of 2 years is Turkish and other girls I know do like the Western lifestyle. Not all are quick to date foreigners as well so that myth about marrying for money is not true- and people anywhere can marry for advantage kotu yanı. Turkish people are very hard working and yes the PPP of living here is favorable to any foreigner. True some girls feel more famıly pressure about who to date or when to marry but that can happen anywhere as well. Put it this way_each person is entitled to be attracted to someone regardless of thier country – we all have our fetishes (like some of my boys only like latinas or Russians_ or dark and full of sugar)and as a joke my kanka told me some girls are chickens and others are (to the tune of sad but true) nıce but short* I am still trying to steer him towards the classy ladies_ like in pera or bebek.

  3. dear admin…
    we come from Siberia and Mongolia.please do not take seriously the people who assert that Turks are europeans…they are ashamed of their real origins,the Huns followed by the kok Turks all lived in Mongolia.they originated there too.our ancestors. This Westerniztion makes people think they should be Europeans.

  4. First of all i will introduce myself.

    I’m a Turkish women, an architect and a mother of a 3 years old girl. I have never dated with a non-Turks and i will never do that to cheat my husband.

    I just wanted to say that it’s ridiculous how some Turks from my country are trying to say ”we are not poor, we are not educated” bla bla things, there’s no need to explain yourselves. There are good and bad people in every country, a quarter wise man would understand that already. Generalization is the worst thing.

    I have been to almost half of European countries for business and my job, i have never seen European women do give a flyin flip about what others think about them. They are cool, they dont care what others think. If they find out men think bad about themselves, they choose same-sex for relationship or friendship. It’s that easy.

    It’s true we are mostly conservative and i see no problem with it. It’s a perspective and we must respect. It’s true that we arent like European women, we are much more strict, extremely jealous, sometimes bothering. I’m happy with that. We’re not that kind of women Europeans or Americans are looking for, that would be waste of time for them.

    P.S. If i was single, i would never date with a non-Muslim because my religion doesnt allow it before marriage and his convert.

    No, i am not in burqa or headscarf. I’m one of those who you could see in Taksim.

  5. I just came back from Istanbul and Bolu, Turkey. The girls/women are so beautiful …I wish I can get a turkish wife…if possible

  6. I don’t think all turkish are mongolian. History of turkey have told us that many great nation have been built in turkey … byzantium, roman, ottoman nad for a long time there are many races lives in turkey … arabs, mongolian, armenian, greeks, roman, jews an so many others …

  7. this is my photo.I am a Turkish girl:))))And Turkish girls are looking like this;)))correct photo please…

    1. Yes I sent you an e-mail and if you want to send me a photo via e-mail please do as I need better images on the Turkish girls post.

    2. I am Scottish and have lived and worked in many countries in my professional career. I had the good fortune to work in Turkey and the Turkish women i met were some of the warmest, friendliest and attractive i have met anywhere. There is no perfect woman or man, life is all about compromise. If you embrace Turkey she will embrace you and if you embrace a Turkish woman then you are in for a very pleasant and rewarding time.

  8. I have to say Turkish women have to be some of the best looking girls in the world… They have the values of wanting to be with a guy for ever and supporting him at all times. I’ve been seeing Turksih snice I was 18 and I don’t think I would be able to stop ever liking Turkish girls. They undertsand the role a women should play in life and keeping respect for the man.

  9. Turkey has a mixed culture with its history and geographical location. that’s why, it is a little bit more difficult to make generalization than the other European countries.
    so, i just want to tell about myself as a sample, there are plenty of different types of Turkish girls. I have university degree, working and living alone, away from family, Muslim but not religious, modern and open minded, respect all other religious and views. I had shared my flat with my ex Turkish bf, had a relationship with a sweet & lovely British guy. I can share the bill, but would be very happy if my man is generous and don’t expect that from me as a must, but i never let him to pay everything, not relaxed and comfortable with that.
    I am cool when compare to most of the Turkish girls, not jealous (but every Turkish girl has a little of it inside), most of my close friends are boys, i go out and drink alcohol, with or without my bf.. however i am cool and relaxed, i like to be cared and attention, don’t like rude & self centric and selfish guys. Turkish girls are caring and patient in common but mostly demanding.
    if you meet with beautiful, smart and cute Turkish girl, don’t look at her brown deep eyes or it can be too late for you to think clearly after all 😉

  10. “if you meet with beautiful, smart and cute Turkish girl, don’t look at her brown deep eyes or it can be too late for you to think clearly after all.”

    That’s what happened to a young Englishman who met a beautiful mujuk in Ankara! Once you go Turkish, you never go back!

  11. Turkey poor man of Europe? 😀
    I saw Greeks who are begging to work in Turkey 😀

    The economy of Turkey is largely developed. The country is among the world’s leading producers of agricultural products; textiles; motor vehicles, ships and other transportation equipment; construction materials; consumer electronics and home appliances

    Turkey has the world’s 15th largest GDP-PPP[2] and 17th largest Nominal GDP.The country is a founding member of the OECD (1961) and the G-20 major economies. The CIA classifies Turkey as a developed country

    1. Turkey has potential to be the next Asian tiger in someways. But we will see it still has a lot of internal problems. I think it has great potential but not up to EU standards today. But it soon might surpass many EU countries because the people are educated and hard working. I respect the Turkish economy, I do not think it is compatible with most of Europe, yet.

  12. I think you couldn’t find any photos to change this wrong image of turkish girls in this photo:(((It really makes me sad about this..So, I allow you to use my photo in this page to correct our girls’ wrong image if you want.I send you my photo as you can remember..Please, take on the photo as soon as you can, and correct this mistake..bye

  13. There are some turkish girls around where I live, they are all very friendly and cool in general. I feel they are more like persian girls than say arabian girls when it comes to dating outside of their ethnic group, they generally seem more open to it. But that’s just my experience. All in all I like turkish girls a lot 🙂

  14. I am not sure why somebody puts a lot of word to describe Turkish woman. We are all different. Turkish girls have various looks due to immigration from all the directions to the Asia Minor.. so you get blondes to dark looking arabic type girls. Or simply brunette with coloured eyes ones.. Although the girl on the photo is not representing the majority of the look of the Turkish girls in the country but you definitely could find a similar look in Turkey especially in the eastern areas.. So we are different and beautiful in our own way. I am a proud Turkish with Circassian origin and married an Indian man. So thats absolutely not true that Turkish woman get marry Westernes because of money or they like to lead a western life. In most of Turkish houses it is pure luxury even Europeans cannot dream of.. So please get the facts right.. many thanks for the article but it could have been better..

  15. Hey that woman on the picture doesnt look Turkish. She looks more Pakistani or Persian. I am a black haired Turkish woman and I am more whiter than her. She is very brown. She’s got Middleeastern background.
    If you like I can send you a picture of mine 😉


    from London

    1. That is very nice or if any other Turkish girl wants to send me their photo please do. I will write only nice things and be respectful. Just leave a comment and I will send you an e-mail.

  16. I fond your post is quite interesting, I would like to know your advice if you may, on how to meet a blond turkish girl, preferably an architect student or graduate, who’s interested to be married and have a family, is there a particular region where I should consider visiting while I am in Turkey, where to have more chances in encounter such individual.

    1. You have to go there. Most Turkish girls have dark hair. I think your best bet is to go to Istanbul as it is a real mix and a very international city.

      1. There is a big mix in the looks of Turkish Girls especially toward Istanbul, Like myself, I have blue/green eyes, dark hair and I am not very dark skinned. I’ve seen some turkish girls with natural blonde hair as children.

  17. I’m from portugal and people from my country looks like Mediterranean people also I’am not dark in the skin. But to have an appearance that looks like coming from the Mediterranean is not a positive in Turkey. Because when I was in Turkey to learn me Turkish where everyone thought that I was a Turkish. I could not get into clubs in Istanbul because of my looks. I would really like to get a Turkish girl. But it is considered to be very positive to have light skin and have blue eyes in turkey if you are a guy and living in Turkey.

  18. I’m from Canada and recently started dating a Turkish girl. Its true that no one person is the same, but the common traits, all positive of course, are staggeringly true in regards to the girl I am dating. She isn’t one or all the traits mentioned, but it was very interesting to read what the Turkish women had to say.

    Thank you people for the very informative read.

  19. First I’d like to tell that I appreciate this article.
    Actually, I’m half Turkish (from my mother) and half Arab, but I live in France, where I’ve grown up.

    Many people ask me if I’m half Asian, think mainly ’cause of my almond-shaped eyes and long hair. Ahah, but my future children may be totally Asian – as I’m studying Japanese I may end up with a Japanese guy. – BTW, there’s a Turkish community even in Japan !
    I’m not muslin neither, I know this sounds weird but my parents are open-minded enough to let me choose what I want to believe in.

    So I agree with Primrose ! There are various look in Turkey, for instance my aunts and some of my cousins have red or blond hair, freckles with light green eyes and they are so tall.
    But, I’m like my mother… I got medium brown hair with light brown eyes and I’m very small with a light skin but Mediterranean shapes.
    So it really depends I think, we are almost all different ! Turkey is a big country and has a huge historical past, a lot of mix throughout time.

  20. Thank you for your article.However,I found it a little orientalistic.It is hard to make a stereotype of a Turkish girl because there are very different people in Turkey.The new generation is less traditional and they are more open-minded.Most of them are well educated and good looking.

    1. Like all over the world, old ideas about people are falling and the new generation I hope is more peace and love and accepting all over the world.

  21. There are beautiful women all over the world and there nice and not so nice personalities.

    Just because a woman is Turkish does not mean she is perfect. To me many men on here want a doll not a real human being.

    Comment on Turkish girls (December 23rd, 2010 at 14:46)
    I have to say Turkish women have to be some of the best looking girls in the world… They have the values of wanting to be with a guy for ever and supporting him at all times. I’ve been seeing Turksih snice I was 18 and I don’t think I would be able to stop ever liking Turkish girls. They undertsand the role a women should play in life and keeping respect for the man.

    You sound like you are stuck in a different era and want a one way relationship, your way or nothing

  22. Hi,
    Just wanted to interfere, why do you guys try to flatter these Turkish girls who already have giant egos? When you approach a Turkish girl just as two equal human being, she immediately thinks and acts as if you want to attract her. Cause their fathers tell them that v_rginity is very important, men are very dangerous,etc. Patriarchal culture asserts that family is very important and dating is a trap. Girls are to be protected against evil men. A recent survey revealed that 80% of teenagers in Turkey think that dating is a “trap”. Do you think that healthy generations will come out of these kind of perception of life? Don’ t tell me that women are loyal and this and that. They are just afraid, and suppressed. Most of them have psychotic problems. They imagine that they are very beautiful and men are trying to convince them to be friends with them. They feel pleasure when a guy approaches and says hello, and later tells every people they know that that man came over and tried to flirt her and she denied. Do you know why? Cause most of them are sick, except for those living in wealthy families and freely expressed themselves. Go to a Turkish bank, and you will see women wearing low necked shirts such short that n_pples are seen. Why? Are they so comfortable with dating or having random relationships? No. It is because they can not live a healthy relationship with a man, and later exhibits themselves like p_rverts to allure the average Turkish boys who needs to be very rich, very handsome, or a foreigner to date with her. Otherwise you do not have a chance, yes they are so nice towards foreigners cause if they express themselves to Turkish guys, their brother them or calls them a pr_stitute. That’s all.

    Note: These are all true, and you can independently verify asking a Turkish man, not a foreigner.


    1. I am turkish and I would never treat anyone any different from myself. Boy, Girl, man , woman if anyone wanted to talk to me I would give them the respect. That doesn’t mean I would talk to boys in a relationship way. But I wouldn’t assume if a man spoke to me that he found me attractive – not at all.
      If I was to ever be with a man it would be for their personality not because of money, status etc.
      You cannot say all turkish woman are the same. Everyone is different, You get good and bad personalities in every country. For example a lot of british women think Turkish men are all scam men for a passport – as you know that is not true for all men. So it isn’t nice to say ALL girls are like that.
      You seem to have a lot of anger toward Turkish girls, maybe you are speaking to the wrong type, or looking in the wrong area.

    2. I totally agree with you bro. Sad but true, Turkish girls are attention stars. They think they are beauty queens while they are average looking at best compared to European women, North European women in particular. I believe that Turkish men are greatly underappreciated in Turkey and that God has punished us with Turkish women 🙂

      1. You’re so funny boy, have u ever worked in a circus? If no, you should try it sometime. it suits you perfectly.
        By the way, you cannot generalise whole Turkish women, You and the others like you don’t like the girl or women as you told above. But you’re really afraid the Turkish women like who are sophisticated, self-confident and humorist.. so, please you adolescent, please stop going in circles.

  23. Lara
    Comment on Turkish girls
    Thank you for your article.However,I found it a little orientalistic.It is hard to make a stereotype of a Turkish girl because there are very different people in Turkey.The new generation is less traditional and they are more open-minded.Most of them are well educated and good looking.

    So the older generation are narrow minded stupid and ugly then? is this what are trying to say

  24. The Turkish girls open mind? They cant even accept what their ancestors did to the Armenians and Greeks in their own homeland.

  25. First the Turkish people are not European, their origin is from Mongolia and Tartaria. Other fact is that they take by force our girls from Serbia, Armenia,Greece,Romania,Bulgaria etc. No Turkey in the European union.

    1. Peace and love. We all came from the same place to begin with ( remember the story of Babel) and in the end we all will be one again. Governments and kings and bad politicians did and do those things. People do not. People are often pawns of bad governments.
      Did you read the book ‘Bridge over the river Drina’ by Nobel prize winner Ivo Andrić? Same idea today. Build bridges and promote love and peace for the next generation. No Turkish girl I know cares about the things you write about. I am in Slavic land and I do not care about those things. Adam Smith and the enlightenment. Read enlightenment thinkers. Free movement of labor and capital makes us all partners.
      Make bridges not boundaries.

  26. Thank you very much,
    I loved your explanation about Turkish ladies, ya we are Mediterraneans but our roots came also from Asia and Caucasus. And I think this is the main matter of our difference from the other ladies.

    1. If you saw the Italian film made in 1991 that won best foreigner film called ‘Mediterraneo’ you will have a good idea that in the Mediterranean culture and people it is all similar no matter where your roots are. I loved that film as it highlighted this aspect of Turkey, Greece and Italy.

  27. Is there any people still think our roots come from central Asia? OMG I cant believe that. Yeah, history books writes that Turkishes came from Asia. But now, look at us, look at people on streets. How do they look like? Like a European or Asian? Turkey has the highest percentage of green eyes in the world. Can an Asian have green eyes? Yes real Turks were Asians and they came Anatolia, they mixed with Anatolians, Greeks, Balkan nations. How much can they crowded against others? They lost Asian genes. Look at our name now; Turkish! Its like greenish but not green. We are not Asian. We are a mix of Anatolians and Balkans. We are Turkish. We are people of Turkey. We are different from Asian Turks.

  28. I just want to say that Turkish girls are attractive and I’m not saying this because I am from Turkey. I have been to many countries in the world and I didn’t see any girls that are more beautiful than Turkish girls.

  29. Turkish girls? Of course there are nice Turkish girls but they are quite rare. Anyway if you go to some clubs you will not find so many Turkish girls. On the contrary you will find a lot of men thirsty of girls! And if you want to seduce a Turkish girl, you have the risk that somebody can obstacle you. A German guy was murdered in a very popular street in Istanbul while he was walking with his Turkish girl. If they have green eyes or not, it is not important. They are Muslims and do not accept that foreigners can walk with ‘their’ girls. On the contrary Turkish men can f. foreigner girls. In brief these people should be educated before coming to Europe and this means that they should be out of Europe at least for the next 50 years.

  30. Anatolio you sounds like you do not know enough Turkish girls or maybe its simply you hold bad views.

    Everyone should make their own mind up but I believe that Turkish girls are very educated and very open minded, some strikingly pretty too.

  31. In my opinion, most turkish girls are keen on showing off to each other if they have a chance. Most of them are interested in migrating to abroad by a marriage. Finally, few of them are really beautiful, incomparable to most western girls. the rest is not as great.

    1. I wish I had the chance to meet you I would show you not all us Turkish girls are the same. You have not met all the girls in Turkey so you can’t say we are all like that.

  32. I’m a Turkish girl and I don’t think the stereotype of labeling us women just of being poor and scamming and after ones money is fair. Perhaps there are some Turkish girls out there like that I don’t know but i know i am not that way nor is my family. We love for love and work to get what we want and we are loyal. Now times have changed and Turkey is becoming more western so we are cultural but also open to other faiths. My family has settled for a mixture of cultures in marriage so im blessed to be that way. However i agree there are families who still hold on to the old tradition and sadly its unfortunate for that to happen in todays society.

    1. Did I write that? If so let me change it. I think Turkish girls are pretty moral compared to most countries, however, being poor is just economics. I mean I live in a country that is not the richest, it has nothing to do with beauty or virtue. In fact some people could argue there is a reverse correlation.

  33. Turkish girls are unstable. This is because they are between two cultures(European and Middle Eastern),so they dunno what to do,how to act, ans what to wear? so there is no type of turkish girls. I can’t say they are known with their beauties. They are too demanding, and have you write something about sex before marriage? If so, I’ m sorry, I’ve missed it. Half of them pure and half of them have intimate contact before marriage in age between 15 20 or sth. If they re coming from a middle,upper middle class,or higher families,and if they’re living in big cities such as Istanbul, Izmir, Antalya, Ankara etc.they are the same of an american or european girl. Only difference is most of them, are way too much brunette than American or Bnglish girls.

    1. The world is changing and in twenty years the girls of the Turkey will be very different. I do not know in what way?
      On one hand western liberalism and amorality is creeping into religious cultures and more people are turning away from religion.
      Yet on the other hand non religous, non traditional people do not have kids.
      However, traditional people do, they have lots of them, so I do not know what will win, the cultural changes or the demographic changes?
      The is connected to women and having intimacy before marriage in Turkish society.

  34. I live in NY.
    I was in Antalya, Turkey last summer and I loved it.
    I think Turkish women are most beautiful women in the world. How can you argue with their exotic beauty and sweet nature?

  35. First of all the photo of the girls with a scarf on her head does not represent a Turkish girl! You are saying you’ve been to Istanbul, i wonder how many girls looking like that you’ve seen while you were there?On the eastern part there are some people looking like that but come on I’ve been living in Istanbul since i was born and i haven’t seen anyone that looks like her.Right now i am studying in a country in Europe and i hear these question all the time ‘will you cover yourself when you go back to turkey?’,’can you drink alcohol in turkey’,’do you have sex with your boyfriend’.I was wondering why people think that way but I made a research on ‘the Internet’ and found these kind of photos everywhere.The funny part is,the people who claim to have spent time in Istanbul put these kind of photos in their blogs about turkey.This is crazy. I have to say this we don’t have to cover our heads,we are not living in desert and we don’t ride camels, wow. Also we don’t want to be in European union because Europe stinks. Stop blaming the people for what governments did or didn’t do in the past.

    Also having sex without getting married is not about being a Muslim it is about being religious. Isn’t there any christian women who doesn’t have sex before getting married?

  36. I’ve read the comments on this page and personally I find ececece’s comment most true. I am a Turkish girl living in Istanbul. Till last year,I was living on the Asian side. My school was on the European side,so I had to go from Asia to Europe everyday. Now I live on the Europe continent,so don’t say we don’t belong to Europe. Our country is on Europe and well there’s nothing else to say. And if you want to seduce a girl,her brother of boyfriend might obstacle you @nicola and if they are around,I have never seen any guy trying fearlessly to seduce a girl with her boyfriend around without him interrupting. And if you haven’t seen girls in a Turkish club,that means either you are blind,or you haven’t been to one. and Islam is a religion,not an international gang. If you are comparing an Arabic terrorist group with Turks then think again. You should learn some history. and of course some religion. Islam accepts Christianity and Jesus,did you know that e.g.? Some snapped people does something and everybody blames the religion. yeah,that makes sense. And in my class,there are more atheists than Muslims. And like the last comment said we don’t live in a desert,contrary we have many water resources and are a peninsula. =) you know south Korea. well we are a lot like each other I think =)

  37. This article is good, that’s right what you write, but from the east to the west from the north to the south, there is really big diffrence, in the west:the girls look like European, in the east:the girls look like a mix of Turk-Arab, in the south:the girls look like Spain girls, in the north: the girls look dark, the people think there is much white girls but that isn’t true, the most of them look like Arabic-Turk, but ofcourse there is white girls too, becouse of the mix from Ottoman-empire.

  38. Hi. Before I’m Sorry I do not speak English. Therefore, using the google translation Turkish translation please write.

    Öncelikle Türkler Çölde yaşayan, deveye binen insanlar değildir. Türkler Modern, Çağın getirdiklerini uygulayan insanlardır.
    Tüm Ülkelerde Milliyetçi insanlar olabilir fakat ben aşırı milliyetçi değilim.
    biz Türkler Yabancılara karşı özellikle bi sempati duyarız. En ufak ihtiyacını karşılamaya çalışırız. Türkler Misafirleri severler.Bizde Tanrı misafiri diye bir deyim de vardır. Türk kızlarının tamamı o fotoğraftaki gibi kapalı değiller. Bazı kızlar dinleri gereği başlarını kapatmak isterler, buna saygı duymalıyız. Başlarının kapalı olması demek gerici oldukları anlamına gelmez. Bir arkadaşımız Türkiyede Turist öldürüldü demiş: O arkadaşımıza diyorum ki ” Avrupa’da Birçok Türk’ün evini yaktılar.”
    Arkadaşlar Ben Türkiye’nin Çorum ilinde oturuyorum. Hititlerden kalma Hattuşaş-Alacahöyük var. Gelin, görün, gezin. Çorum’a yolu düşen olursa mail adresimi vereym yardımcı oluruz. Gerekirse Evimizde ağırlarız onu.
    Türkiye Gelişmemiş değil arkadaşlar lütfen gelin gezin.
    Avrupadaki bazı ülkeler kadar da gelişmiş değiliz çünkü biz Terör ile mücadele ediyoruz. Teröre karşı oluşturduğumuz bütçe çok büyük.
    Ülkemi seviyorum.GÖRMEDEN YORUM YAPMAYIN. Sıcak kanlı insanlarız. Tüm Dünya Barış İçerisinde Yaşamalıdır bence. Sözde Ermeni soykırımı konusunda: Başbakanımız Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Tarihi belgelerimizi sundu. Fakat Ermeniler Kendi belgelerini sunmuyorlar. Çünkü Gerçeğin kendi dedikleri gibi olmadığından korkuyorlar. Herkesi Ülkeme Beklerim.
    Buğra Kaan Özbulut

  39. In Turkey, Turkish people are from the Oguz family of Turkish, therefore, they dont look like Asian Turks

  40. I prefer western girls forever, I have been to Turkey, Ankara, Alanya several times and saw every kind of Turkish girls. They respect marriage more than flirts which doesn’t fit my agenda.

    If you want to have short-period flirts, go to west.

  41. I do not understand the reaction of foreigner people to Turkish girls. Turkish girls are difficult to turkish men. they are very easy to foreigner men. All of them dream about a handsome British or an American or an Italian man. as a Turkish man offers a relationship they say directly ”no” but if a foreigner man asks they say ”may be”. havent you seen Turkish girls studying abroad? They are in the clubs with foreigner guys. if there is someone complaining about Turkish girls they have to be Turkish men.

  42. Its very easy to impress Turkish girls – maybe not only Turkish girls- if you wantimpress a girl treat her poorly, she will fall in love with you.
    If ever you make the mistake of treating her polite and nice, then you are nothing in her eyes.

    1. I would have to disagree without on this point. Treating a woman poorly is a game people play to increase their hand in a relationship, but not a game I play. I do not like it. Also you need to back it up with looks or money.

      I prefer to treat girls with respect and if they do not like me for it I do not want to be with them. That is the best game in town. I have treated people bad and to this day I regret it. It is not the way I want to live my life. I would rather be alone and a good man than try to control a woman with emotions. Better is to be calm and steady and girls will have ups and downs and when you are capitan of the ship and sail her to calm waters you will win her heart better.

  43. Well I may as well introduce myself first of all, I was born in Australia but my parents are turkish so im currently an Australian and a Turkish citizen. I just wanted to point out how I perceive Turkish girls. Since I was born and raised in Australia I unfortunately have a clash in my culture because I’ve been raised with a western view of the world which has influenced the way I think. However I do go to turkey on vacation and stay with family in Edremit or Istanbul.

    The good thing is that I know there is a difference of how Western girls perceive things to how Turkish girls do. In an attempt to not generalise I kind of want to focus on what I see in Turkish girls from Edremit which has a population of 52,000 roughly.

    Although the population is that of a small city from what I see and hear most of the people tend to know what you do or who you talk with or etc. So Turkish girls tend not to be disloyal in public because word tends to get around. But then again I have seen a huge difference in Turkish girls compared to australian/ different cultured girls in Australia (Australia is a multicultural country), they are a lot kinder, generous and loyal. Most of them tend to work as much as they can to help out their family and do not cheat on their bf or husband, definitely has something to do with their values and morals.

    Hopefully I have provided a decent viewpoint for others to read : D

    And I really liked what the admin said “I would rather be alone and a good man than try to control woman with emotions” <very nicely said I can tell you have a good heart 😀

  44. HAKAN wrote:

    Just wanted to interfere, why do you guys try to flatter these Turkish girls who already have giant egos? When you approach a Turkish girl just as two equal human being, she immediately thinks and acts as if you want to attract her.

    I’m a Turkish man (age 37, from Ankara) and I totally agree with HAKAN. Turkish girls have giant egos and self-centered. Also most of them are ignorant.

  45. Actually When I saw your article I amazed. I am Turkish and a university student and have been living in abroad actually Turkish girls are not beautiful much if we compare with European girls They always think that They are so beautiful but in fact of course They are not.There are some beautiful girls in Istanbul or İzmir.But anymore They are not so good to get married the previous generation is ok but new generation not. If you would like to get a Turkish girl or If you would like to get married with that you have to have a lot money, and a house , a car etc. These are so important for them but if you are in Europa you do not need to have all of them for example I have never preferred a TG to foreigner girls since I went abroad .
    In conclusion, They are not so nice and not very friendly at least for their own guys in Europa girls are more friendly and warm especially in Eastern Europa .
    Thank you for your article

  46. Being originally from the west coast of Turkey, and lived in many countries including UK, Russia, Australia, Singapore, US, Malaysia; I have experienced many girl friends and observed the family lives and relion’s vs culture’s impact on their lifestyles.

    I think that eastern (including Russian) women are more loyal and feminine. They do see the difference between men and women, try to behave like women and expect their men be men. Western women may think they have balls and the men are there to serve them.

    Muslim women have stronger beliefs which is in line with the old testament and Quran. Western Christian’s values have eroded and the difference in moral values can easily be seen if you look at Latin American Christians and Western Christians.

    When the topic comes to Turkish girls. First of all Turks are ethnically and culturally very mixed. You can find Turks having East European, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Central Asian lifestyles/values. Similarly, although majority are considered to be Muslims, only about 20% practices Islam, majority are spiritual (believe in some sort of supernatural power, but they will say they are Muslim when asked), and there are quite a lot of agnostics, and atheists.

    Loyalty? Especially on the countryside, women put family above everything. Virgin brides are almost 100% guaranteed. Big cities like Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara, Antalya? Still they are more loyal than Western women. Virginity is not a taboo anymore, but still 50% or higher chances the girls keep themselves for their husbands. Big city girls are more more educated than the Western girls. Compared to Western housewives army, (western) Turkish women are very active in work life, and many of them are professionals (engineers, doctors, lawyers etc). Being an engineer myself, in our Istanbul office we had about 40% female engineers, in the UK we had none (zero) female engineers. In Australia, you can only see Asian/East European females as engineers/doctors. Western women doing the clerical/administrative work.

    Are they attractive? In that mix of races, I believe an average Turkish girl is more attractive then Western women simply because of their feminine characters, smaller builds, smooth/freckle-less olive/fair skins, meaningful faces with big eyes, long eyelashes, eyebrows. Although about 30% have green eyes, in that mix, you can find blondes with blue eyes, or Central Asians with almond eyes as well. But you will not see any button noses like you see in far east.

    My input was not very organized, however I hope I touched a few different points than the other contributors.


  47. I do not know if you noticed that point, all of the worst comments about Turkish girls are coming from turkish guys.they think they are cursed with turkish girls but they don’t tend to understand us. they are all programmed to ruin your dreams and everything. when a turkish man starts dating with Turkish girl, he becomes a monster, he cheats, he censures you like ‘omg you’ve got five-finger in a hand, that’s disgusting!’, but if the same man starts dating with foreign girl he becomes a romantic prince, most faithful man in the world.

    Turkish men are always saying that turkish girls are ugly. I think they don’t have a mirror or having some vision troubles because most of them have one eyebrow like McDonald’s m 😀 upps I forgot the giant belly and giant ego as their belly 😀

  48. Almost all Turkish women, even the most modern looking ones, are emotionally damaged one way or another. When it comes to relationships, Turkish men live in a hell designed and built by them.

  49. If you are from Sweden looking for a girlfriend I recommend you read this first and consider a lady from Turkey. I am a Swedish guy and I met my Turkish girlfriend in Istanbul. I was living in Istanbul for 15 months. I fell for her sweet behaviour, her loyalest and the way she expresses her love for me.

    In contrast, a Swedish woman can be compared with the exotic energy that a beautiful Turkish woman has. Many people say that Sweden has the most beautiful women on earth but I can say that those people need to go to Turkey and see for themselves. Turkish women can be so extremely feminine and beautiful that it is staggering. My girl and friend is so sweet to me and she makes me feel like a man and not a dog. I saw many british and other Scandinavian men in Istanbul with turkish beautiful women. They are really exotic and very appealing to look at and so unbelievable sweet to talk with. In my opinion they are definitely the most handsome women on earth.

    I never had any problem with Turks when walking around with my girl in Istanbul. They did not stab me or attack me or anything. Istanbul’s (people in Istanbul) seem to mind their own business.

    I think every man with self-respect should try to find a Turkish woman.

    Turkish girls are way more beautiful than Swedish or American women.

    If you wanna know just book a flight to Istanbul and go to the bars or the hundreds of small concerts taking place every week and you will find Turkish women that are talkative and social. But of course some of them dont date with non-Muslims but many of them do.

    It is definitely worth it. My Turkish girl has brown semi-curly hair, black sparkling eyes, a very beautiful face and a nice jaw-line and very beautiful teeth. She is much more handsome than any Swedish woman I have been with. Guys with blue eyes are very popular in Istanbul. In average. Some guy above sad that Turkish women have broad faces (well not as long faces as the north European women) and I agree. I also notices this jaw-line thing with Turkish women. They have very nice lines in their faces.

    One more thing, they can cook very good food too. Once you go Turkish you will not consider going back to go Swedish women, what is the point to when one the mediterranean you have it all.

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