Travel girls is it a scam? review

Which girl does not like to travel? Which guy does not like girls? Does it not make sense to bring these two parties together on a website? Someone did. A Lithuanian guy named Linas Sablovskis from Vilnius. He has a website called Hats off to Linas for a job, done. I give credit for his creativity. However, that is where I stop.

  • The purpose of this post is to review the website on

Reality check about females who want to travel around Europe

Living in Eastern Europe a good part of my life I noticed there are scores of women looking for trips around Europe and the world. This arises because many a poor girl can not afford to see anything beyond the boarders of their province, but they still dream. They have had a classical education, therefore, they are aware of the world and culture, more than most American girls. Therefore, they have a desire to experience it.  They just want to see Paris, and I do not blame them. Sounds like they would do anything to get there?  Think again.

Now days these ladies do it. To travel they buy a bus ticket or cheap air to London, Paris or Amsterdam and work as a waitress. Eastern European girls are not looking for a sponsor. Come on guys this is the EU. I do not know any Polish or Romanian girls personally looking for a sponsor on a trip abroad. The Ukrainian girls I know would be offended at this.

  • Sure these girls exist but the website in question is gear to attract western guys.  I did not see a Russian language side to it, so the question is where did they get all these girls?

Therefore, I question if a large percentage of girls on the site are not scammers or purchased profiles. Traveling with a guy for a trip to an exotic place use to be called a honeymoon and most ladies would not do this.

Further,  real Eastern European girls who want to travel do not demand five-star hotels, but rather traveling on a shoe string or off the beaten path or even a three star Egyptian hotel. Maybe some are greedy but most do not have such high expectations and go to Dubai, but this is the exception and not the rule.

They swap apartments with other travellers, and go with groups of friends and stay in youth hostels. It is very 1989 to think that these girls would do it as a call girl. You need a time machine to see these types of girls. So men do not be so naive. The real professional girls would not join such a web site, but have other avenues to milk money from a sugar daddy.

Where real girls who want to barter travel go

For example if you would find a girl looking for a sponsor it is mostly in online classified ads. Sponsoring is not a call girl but rather a girl who can travel and go places with a guy like a boyfriend, but with benefits. They have a normal relationship with the exception the conditions are implied, but not always. I have seen a few of these types of ads on Gumtree, but more commonly on websites that have a dual language like English and Russian side.

What is the purpose of and my recommendation?

The proposed purpose of this website is to offer guys a chance to meet such girls. That is women interested in travel. A kind of social networking for people who like to travel. I think it is more about an income stream for the owner.

It is not a web site I personally can recommend. I signed up to review the site and looked at with my Eastern European eyes. Although it has incredible traffic, in my opinion and I could be wrong the profiles look fake. If there are real profiles where is the profile appoval process to screen scammers? It is only in English, this is a huge red flag.

Why the images on Travel girls look fake
They are too professional looking for me to believe that these are normal girls. Remember, I lived in Eastern Europe and even worked at a dating site. The type of photos girls post in Eastern Europe are often with small dark apartments and in whatever clothes, like jeans and a t-shirt. The sofa’s in their apartments look like from the 1980s. The photos are from cell phones. They are mobile phone images of girls take in a rustic setting. However on this site the traveling women are in some international city with very photoshopped images. Who photoshops images of their vacation. Even the less professional images look staged. I even saw a few with watermarks of studios where they were created.

Why the profiles look fake on Travelgirls
All the profiles have no depth I would expect of women from Eastern Europe. No mention of classical literature or specific things like Harry Potter. Rather they are all general and the women claim to speak all the major languages like English and German (this websites target market,  that is money rich countries).

In contrast, real Eastern European women study English yes but obscure languages like Finnish etc.

The girls all say they are looking for ‘adventure’. Yeah right, adventure is a sublte term for a roll in the hay. How many normal girls want that. I think every girl I have ever met somewhere in the back of her mind was thinking love, not ‘adventure’.  I do not believe it.

How to spot a fake dating site profile:

  • Light on details
  • Amazing photos

Admittedly, I use the plugin ‘tineye’ to do a reverse image search on a number of the profiles to determine if the profile were used before that is are recycled pictures that have fallen in the public domain once one a dating site (read the contracts closely before you sign up for a dating site as this sometimes happens).  I have tried to look for website profiles that are duplicates and I did not find any from this website. So the profiles seems to be unique and not bought en masse.  However, he could have bought them from studios in Eastern Europe and set them up manually. Try the tineye plugin on your browser and you will see what I mean.

Why I know about dating website?
Most dating sites are legitimate and honest website. However, I use to work in the business of dating sites. I use to work for one of the largest dating sites in Europe and I know some players in the market buy dating site profiles and increase their numbers. People are enticed by beautiful girls. Well the reality is most websites are fine and I talk about some on my website, however, a few are not. I do not know it for a fact, but I personally would not join.

Chat system on Travel girls
As soon as you log in women will start sending you chat and email messages that can only be replied to if you are a paying member.  I can not believe with no picture or personal information some girl would text me in seconds. I think it was set up this way so guys would sign up for their premium service.

How much money is made from travel girls?
The service is like 1 to 2 Euros a day depending on the plan you choose. With an Alexa or 12,000 I can imagine he has 5,000 paying members. So the owner is making 7,000 Euros a day gross revenue, which is not a bad income. The incentive to cheat a little with profiles is too big to be ignored. I personally would not make a website like this or use this as I do not feel it is 100% honest about the profiles represented. Just my subjective point of view, I may be wrong.

Nabaka LLC is the company the owner formed and sits on a German server, Hetzner online. It is not a bad idea for a website to make money, but I again would have ethical problems with it. Maybe my conclusions are wrong and it is 100% good website.

Update  on Travel girls

  • Try creating a girls profile and you can contract people for free and make a determination yourself if it is real or not.

Anything good about

Yes, browsing profiles if you are single might be fun as there are many beautiful women on this site just to motivate you to travel to Eastern Europe. They look like models and you will be blow away by their allure. Once you get tired of looking at the photos there come back to my website for real advice on how to meet such girls.

In conclusion, sign up if you want, but I recommend you explore the advice on my free website about dating and try some of the websites I recommend. I feel people try to take advantage of people looking for love. Maybe travel girls is a website like that?

Published by Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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  1. The article is absolutely wrong, and written by someone viewing it from the outside.

    I’m young and beautiful European girl. I have been on TG for a half-year now and my profile is real and my pictures are real and only I use my account, all my girlfriends who I introduced to this website got hooked up on it – all have accounts.

    Personally my self I speak 4 languages fluently, thru many different programs in student exchange I saw many countries and learned a lot , everyone in eastern europe speaks at least 2-3 languages. young generation has been traveling in search of work around the world for last 20 years, especially booming 10-5 years ago. We are good-natured smart good-looking with great education and that’s why we know what we want and when we want it.

    My own pictures were made by a professional photographer and yes did that just for a dating sites, not only TG , as I know how much it will increase interest in my account

    I understand that a guy ho wrote this article , has no social life and don’t know whats going on in the world especially with a youth of Eastern Europe.

    1. I am glad you wrote this about travel girls. The reason I am glad is in all fairness, I only question if it is a scam, but not from the owner of the website, I think he is honest (except I question maybe initially there were fake profile but most dating sites do this, even match and yahoo dating I think did).

      And certainly not a scam in that they take your money (I think their payment system is honest, they would not get so big if they were not). But a scam in the sense that many people there are not looking for marriage and true love. I am not a player or looking for a sponsor or a girl looking for a sponsor. I only want to tell people true love is the only thing that will leave you filled in life.

      I have spent a goo amount of time on travelgirls to explore it for informational purposes. I think many girls there are looking you to sponsor their trips to Dubai or America. Some might even entertain the ideas of marriage for citizenship eventually, which I do not agree with. But many come write and say they are not looking for anything serious but more about what you can do for me.

      If you are looking for love and fun or love and travel, to me that is fake. Love is not love + friends with benefits. Love is love and it might have benefits or might not. Love or travel is not real, it is a scam. If you understand my meaning of this.

      I am impressed by your linguistic skills and you are right there are many girls in Eastern Europe that are beautiful and speak many languages like Russian, Polish, French, Italian and English for example. Girls in Eastern Europe love languages.

      In fairness again, the site itself on second examination is well design and well run with good navigation and honest payment systems. I seriously doubt they will rip you off. But what is a rip off? What is a scam. In my understanding of the word it is something that does not represent the full truth. And the full truth is only love will give you happiness.

      So in a limited way I can even recommend if you want to look at photos of pretty girls, even if they mostly seem like professional photos. And you want to toy with the idea of some exciting fantasy travel life.

      I personally do not recommend this as the imagination is where the divine resides and it can lead to misdirected or inordinate use of fantasy and imagination.

      But if you are looking for love and marriage, come on there are better websites that. Really, and I am still not convinced that all the girls on there are real. Minutes after, I logged on girls were sending me e-mails I could only unlock if I paid. I did not even have a photo or really a profile to speak of. So I think it goes both ways. Yes there might be some girls there that are into fun and adventure and want to meet guys, but whatever. That is something you can get any night of the week in a disco. Your better off going to a Catholic dating site for example.

      On the other hand, the man who created it is a smart guy. I will not take that from him. I will say he is clever and has used his intellect to create something that other people like, even if I do not agree with it. It is not my style, but as a libertarian I think peace and love to each his own.

  2. Are you familiar with the date site it is a russian dating site and can be described similarly to travelgirls if you have not looked at it try that one out.

  3. As an outsider (with no investments in any dating sites etc), I am sorry the site looks to have a lot of fake members to me.
    For example, try doing a search for ‘recently registered’ Then look at ‘reply rate’. How can a newly registered member have such a high ‘reply rate’?

    1. Travel girls website is one big scam. I discovered that several of the profiles were fake. I am glad you wrote this review on the website stay well away from it.

  4. I’m 21 I’m from South America I’m TG member from 1 year and gain 2 wonderful trips abroad, that is men paid for my trips. The first was to Panama and later Punta Cana, with differents guys both amazing guys and respectful. I didn’t offer relations just my company and to have fun. Both two trips were differents, the first was more an adventure and the other luxury. I am real and I am not a scrammer. I just want to travel and know new people around the world. Travelling with men is as exciting for the girls as it is for the men.
    Travelling alone gets your blood going you do not need physical relations to get you excited. It is the thrill and adventure of meeting someone new and knowing anything could happen and enjoy your life experiences.

    1. Travel girls as a social networking site for travellers seeks to work. I believe your story and am sure it is real. In this context travel girls could be a fun, useful site if it is innocent as you say. If it is not, well I tend to be more libertarian and to each his own. I am not opposed to it politically. Further, that people do between the sheets or behind closed doors is their business as long as it does not hurt anyone.

      Yet morally I question a girl’s individual actions if it is the optimal for the long term. Why not seek a real dating relationship fall with love? The man who loves you and you love back will make your world spin more than any sponsored trips.

      It is not about if travel girls is a good social networking site for travelers but if the individuals (girls) are making the right choices in their lives. Girls I think want to get married and have a family, not use their time up with men who do not want this am I right?

      No girl wants to be a stepping stone, and as time goes by her opportunites to find the right want passes.

      If you have too many experiences with men, even if they are not money for relationships, it might create a wall between you and your future husband because your other half might be waiting for you and not have these experiences and there will be a degree of seperation.

      If my wife had been travelling around the world with men (she was not), I would still love her because she is my other half but it might make me feel bad.

      I also believe you that the men did not pay for relations and you are a decent girl of virtue if that is what you say. I do not have a problem with poor girls seeking travel. I mean men working in consulting travel on business around the world.

      So travel girls might not be all that bad generally. In fact it might be fine as a travel exchange website or a travel social networking website. Although there are a disprotional number of hot girls on travel girls that Mr. Spock would raise an eyebrow to.

      Just with each choice in life consider the whole and the long term impact that is all.

      1. I am a real girl on ‘Travelgirls’ and my profile hasn’t had problems. Well, one has to look at it from the different perspectives of the members of Travelgirls. A lot of us real girls, like me, are from developing countries; where the chances to travel to great sites the world-over are slim. So such a site provides a good opportunity for girls without many opportunities to live out their dreams.

        1. I can recommend the other site –, it’s better made and free for all the members.
          BTW, the owner of the site answers to all the questions even in Facebook.

  5. Scam or not, I just joined because of curiosity, I am a member of other true communities for travelers and got curious about this one.
    As soon as I joined I got 3 messages from 3 different “travel girls” wow. I must be very lucky considering I didn’t even have any information on my profile nor a profile pic.

    in addition to, in the next 30 min I got 3 more messages.

    Of course I cant read them because I have to pay a membership, which to me sounds a rip off, 180 euros per 6 months sound a little bit over the top to me. Lets face it, not even on real swinger sites charge that much to contact real people.

    This site is a rip off, and those who are willing to pay that amount of money to see if they meet a “hot girl”, well they are a bunch of losers.

  6. Sure if you have any situation where women are chasing men and trying to chat with you or get you in some way, you need to question some other motive.

    Girls generally are designed to be chased not sending random guys a sms or chat or photos.

    Without even venturing to the website I think travelgirls might be a scam or at least not worth it.

  7. I have met 4 girls in real life from travelgirls, and do not regret any meeting. It is all about expectations. The first one I met in Moscow when I was there for business. One afternoon she took me around the city and showed me the sites. She got to practice her English, and I got to see the city. Win win. (I purchased one cup of tea for her). The second I met in Vilnius when I was there celebrating New Years with my good friend who lives there. The girl was real, the photos were real, but there was no point meeting again. (I purchased one drink for her when we went out dancing). The third girl I made a special trip to see on my way back from Vilnius in her home city as we had been talking on Skype everyday for over a month. I now consider her one of my best friends and will see her again on another trip. (I paid for a couple meals over 4 days). The fourth I met in the US as she is from Moscow studying at a university near where I travel for work often. We met a second time in NYC as she was going with her friends and we still continue to talk regularly. (We shared the costs both times).

    I also talk to a few others via Skype, the website, or email regularly.

    Of course there are escorts, scammers and gold diggers. The escorts are honest about what they do, take it or leave it. If you can’t spot a scammer I feel sorry for you. As for gold diggers, you should be able to tell what they are after and again it is take it or leave it.

    1. I have been on TG for years now, and I echo David’s comment. Yes, there are escorts and scammers, but also a lot od sincere girls who want an adventure. Further, TG sorts out a lot of the escorts and scammers (about 1/3 of the girls who contact me are ‘suspended’ within hours of creating their profile – I reported a girl that got through TG’s filters and she was suspended in short order).

      I had a TG girl in Budapest who spent two days showing me her city. No sex, just a great time. Of course, I bought dinner and drinks, nothing else. However, after a month of talking and Skypeing, she joined me Malaysia. Much later, she came to Australia. I paid for the trip, again I paid for expenses, but she got no money from me, and would have been insulted I had offered it.

      I’ve had trips with a Romanian psychology student (Budapest, Rome, Kuala Lumpur, Cancun); with an Indonesian restaurant owner (Jakarta, KL, Miri); A Denver student; a Finnish real estate agent who showed me Helsinki; a British (Oxford University student) who joined me in Wales, London, and Scotland – three different trips. I met two Chinese girls, one stayed with me in Hong Kong.

      I cannot count the number of Filipina girls I’ve met. I travelled with several. One of the Filipina girls I met for a 30 minute lunch and we have been travelling together now for 17 months – she is in training to be a commercial pilot. I see her every few weeks, last trip was to Bali 18 days ago.

      The point is: the REAL girls are not hard to find on TG. NOT one has got any money from me as payment for their ‘services’. I pick up the bills yes. I do that for my daughter, and my wife, in the days when I was married. It is just part of my definition of a gentleman that I take care of a woman who has placed her trust in me.

      I am over 60, an engineer travelling the world for oil companies. TravelGirls has put in contact with nice women who want to travel and want the excitement and intimacy that goes with it.

      I’m likely to marry that pilot, if we make to the 2 year mark.

  8. Try creating a female profile on travel girls and you can contact people for free and see if they really are a scam or not.

    1. Even if you create a female profile on , you still have to prove that you are not fake. So you are required to submit a photo of you with a paper in your hands and ”” written on it. When you do this, you are then allowed to send messages for free

      1. You can do it with some girl(friend) of yours or a photoshopped image if you are good with that. There is one other way, I forget right now.

  9. It’s a massive scam, 99.9% of them wont give out their mobile number stay away. It is just revenue to the owner who I’m sure has made hundreds if not thousands of fake profiles or has given a small amount of cash to someone to make these fake profiles.

    99% of the time once you start talking to people from these type of sites. After less then 20 emails, actually more like less then 10 emails, you will here the following:
    They will tell you that “you are their dream man”
    Then they will tell you that they are “in lov with you”
    then they will ask if they can meet you however they never plan on meeting you. They just want the money.
    Alert is: Never and I mean never send money to a womans Western Union account or any account, even if you have been speaking with them for months. If they are genuine people and they seriously want to meet you, tell them that you will pay for 50% or even 100% only once they arrive to your airport.
    Once again, never send money to there accounts. If you do then you deserve to be scammed.

    1. What do yuo think about my idea os signing up as a woman to see if the girls are real?

      1. What about this, if I can create a profile and am real , why wouldn’t the opposite site be real?

        I know who I am, I know what I want and I know that my feelings and intentions are honest so why would I be suspicious about all the girls who join the site like me and have the same feelings I have.

        On the other hand, of course there will be fake profiles or girls who aim to screw money out of male members but isn’t it the same in real life ?

        So I do not think that anything is wrong with becoming a member and trying your chance to find a like-minded girl and travel with her.

  10. 1000000% scam.
    Run by Russian,Lithuanian scammers, a handful of techies reply to travel offers and ask for money upfront. If you do meet up with one, watch your wallet, most or likely working girls are want to be working girls.

    I would avoid that site like the plague. Let them bitches pay for their own travel.

    1. I would not say the people who run travel girls are scammers per say, but I have received eons more negative reviews than positive reviews from people who used the website.

      I have written the owner several times as I would like to review or interview him and got no reply which is strange as most people would reply if they were to be reviewed to give them a chance to defend themselves. I wrote him on Facebook and e-mailed and he replied with one line but did not want to communicate. I find that as not a positive sign.

      If the owner ever wants to reply and rebut any claims people are making I would be more than willing to help him out as I am getting many e-mails/comments from people who convey something along the lines that you convey, that is “Travelgirls is a scam”.

      I would like to stay objective as possible and hear both sides.

  11. Hey, I’m a girl and I’m in travelgirls, maybe for, 1 year. Yeah, I heard from men that there are a lot of girls looking to trade sponsorship for physical relations. I’ve never found them, because I don’t communicate with girls, but it’s great site for poor girls and for men searching for nice beautiful company. I’ve never traveled with men from travelgirls, because I’m a little bit scared, but I’ve met several times in my country. Oh, right, last summer I worked in UK and the boss I met in that site. So, don’t be so negative about it, You can find a lot of real girls there.

  12. I think that the article is unfair. So far, I subscribed only few weeks ago, my experience has been positive. Most of the ladies are genuine, I chatted with them many times on Skype. There are goldigers, escorts,etc but there are everywhere.
    What the journalist forgets to say it s that many ladies are live already in Western Europe, I would say 35% / 40% of the total female members.

    1. Maybe you are right. I am married and not meeting girls on that website and so I would base judgement what I see on the site, but not what I have experienced in a dating process, that I depend on people like you to give me a report. I still tend to think there are better ways to meet girls online, but perhaps there is still some merit in travel girls as you report.

  13. Travelgirls is a site has very good functionality, design etc. But I’m very upset to pay 60 euro for a month of an only opportunity to find a new friend, especially whenever girls pay nothing, but I’m sure that many of them are willing get money etc. for free. In another way paying for a girl – it’s very normal for me, but not for paying for get acquainted. And as for Russians, their little brain principally can’t hold more language excepting “матерщина” and I wish their gas, oil and Putin were ended.

    I for example read English, Polish (worse), a little German and never had any problem with it. As for a brain with small memory and slow processor – “рунет” exists to help them.

    Russia is an insolent country populated with constantly drunk bears holding nuclear clubs. Other countries wish to be respected, but only Russia wishes that all other countries were afraid of it.

  14. If I’m wrong, tell me please what neighbour countries do respect Russia?

    P.S. Russians, you haven’t created Internet. If it were so, you might have a right to criticize the absence of your language in some site. Your brain not even able to learn Ukrainian and Byelorussian, however they maybe very different from Russian.

    прошу прощения за посты не в тему, просто первое что я увидел – мужчине не нравится что нет русского. как в известной песне – “нам, русским, за границей иностранцы ни к чему”

    1. I think few people who border Russia have a fondness of Russian Internal or foreign policy because they are not like friendly Canadians, but an Imperial power ruled by a few. Now the people of Russia, I like, it is the government that violates human rights and tries to create and economic empire for the few, rather than a true democracy. They influence and look down on their neighbors. The good Russians are often repressed.

  15. After chasing the IP address of the girls I received messages from the first hour I signed on, it all came from one source under different names and the emails are not random.

    There is someone dedicated to respond to you profile and once you pay to become premium, they stop sending you messages.

    It is amazing how their English has all same level and it is me so dumb that I didn’t check before paying and wasting time.

    Afterall, what a website is that if they sent me an email saying that they have scammers girls who writes to new members to attract them.(they stop after you sign up, so that’s a lie)

    It does not seem like a legitimate site.

  16. All photos are too good to be true
    You never see a pic from a girl in her own city, only nice hot spots abroad.
    English is always fluent even better than mine after 5 years living in an English speaking country
    Yes the owners are scamers. They are responsible. ( this is not an escort site. Yeah right.)
    18/19 year old girls, travel the world with a complete stranger ? Would you let your daughter go ?
    And yes, if I had to pay for your trip, visa etc. I call that a hooker even when there is no sex involved.
    People can’t even travel without a letter of invitation. But all girls have (Schengen) visa ? It’s a mission to get a visa as I deal with lots of eastern European customers.

    And girls who respond here that it is all real. Why don’t you put your TG name here so we can check your profile as well? Cos I think this is written by that bunch of scammers as well.

    Yes you can make a girls profile. Just search any I.D. and search for a matching profile pic. I did it twice.

  17. The site is a total scam. If you guys want to waste your money – just go there.

    Site is full of girls working for money in ways you can imagine and administration do nothing with it. They delete normal girls out of there to provide a platform for girls looking for more than trip sponsors. They state that this is not the you know what website – but there are plenty of them.

    Admin Justina do not approve the normal profiles. They just reject them. So guys – be careful.
    I think may be the administrator Justina is one of that girls? So that’s why it’s girls working.

    I do not recommend this site. Do you know some other sites for travelers?

    1. I recommend and country specific sites like, where do you want to meet girls? That is what country?

  18. I’ve used the premium membership of travel girls for more than a year and it is not scam. I’ve met a lot of beautiful girls from this site. They are every bit real. I don’t deny the fact that some are fake. Such profiles are generally removed immediately by the admin. The key is understand that a percentage of the profiles are fake. If you understand this then you can scan and try a number of girls until you find genuine ones. The real ones will go places with you. You can even live with some. So to find a girlfriend there it is just work and research to screen out the bogus or fabricated profiles.

  19. Hello
    I have a profile on travel girls.

    I tried to add on my profile ” if I travel I need my own room and I am not offering intimacy just friendship”
    But it gets removed by the site.

    They have also changed my profile completely, 3 times with what looked like an female advertisement in Russian and English.
    I believe they were using my profile to attract new members.
    I did not contact about it because I think they will ignore my message.

    As a girl on travel girls, there is no option to report an issue with the site or about other members.

    I get over 500 messages a week from men some as old as 70 I am 23 years old.
    The guys who contact me demand that if I travel with them I have to share a room with them for ” fun”.
    I have declined but I did meet one guy in my hometown, he was horrible he flew from Monte Carlo but he thought after he bought me dinner he would get sex. He was disgusting, I said I was just looking for travel friends but a lot of guys on the site think girls are joking when they say they are Looking for new friends or they thing it means friends for relationship.
    He was very cheap, boring and old much older than his photo or his profile, 20 years actually.

    I think a lot of guys there are vultures and trying to use young vulnerable girls.
    Its not nice that the site does very little to protect these girls.

    There are very few normal guys on that most are 35 to 70 and very rich
    Girls are from 18 to 35 with working class wages

    I don’t maybe they don’t approve profiles of fat girls or old women
    But why they want to travel too))

  20. Hello! I can confirm that triptogether is a scam. I had same problem of many of you here. But, I change all my data and I upload a white picture with the word ‘Scam’, I change my name by ‘Scam’, etc. And I received many messages with: Hi Scam! I would like to travel with you! 🙂

    I created 3 accounts and I receive more messages “Hi Scam! I would like to travel with you!” in the account without credit.

    1. Excellent report on yet another website that have low quality user experience. I think a lot of sites just hire a few people to pull the strings until there is a critical interest level and has real user interaction. Better is just fly to a country and find a girl on the street.

    2. I suppose some sites are scamming people but not all of them. Have you tried misstravel for example? In my experience, I have met a nice genuine guy there and I think at least 50 per cent of the girls on there are real…like me

  21. It’s really hard to find honest to goodness sites these days. I’m just glad I found out about where I learned Ukrainian over Skype. Want to meet smart people? Look for multilinguals/bilinguals! And this site is DEFINITELY NOT a scam. I was very satisfied with how they handled the sessions I enrolled myself in.

  22. Travelgirls it’s not a scam, I have met dozens of girls in Ukraine and East Europe and all the profiles are real, but I prefer to use it has more profiles and girls are more there. The idea of traveling with a stranger has a certain appeal but I do not know if it will lead you to true love.

  23. The travelgirls site uses the girls to earn money from men. This site does not reserve any rights of the girls. Site use them how to cows.

    1. Girls can not block the aggressive men, mentally ill people, men why openly offering relations for monetary exchange.

    2. If the girl removes her profile she is punished. They will tell her it is suspended and you can never try again. But people still see your profile after it is deleted. At first it seems the site can continues to use her profile. Just cut off the girl from her profile. Secondly after re-registration of the girl loses function to remove her photo, private information and so. Now when you create a profile of girls deprived of the right to delete photos. Maybe it’s because I already deleted his profile in the past. Or maybe it is a new rule. Or maybe a bug of the site. I do not know.

    3. A man can see the profile of women differently than the girl. For example another photo can be main. I do not know why.

    4.The site invites users. The girls spend time online. Girls give their photos and information about themselves. Men tell they pay 60 Euros per month for use this site. And what are their rights? None.
    a) A girl can be removed without explanation of reasons and site continue to use her profile. I was in a disagreement for two days with moderator to try to convince him to delete my profile.

    The site blocked me after a man promised me a gift. He proposed it himself, I wasn’t ask and it is his right. (Man looks good, positive, pleasant). I said I did not choose a gift and let him decide. He said that, he was rich and I can choose anything because He liked me. I said that we can solve it together and proposed several options from cheap to more expensive. After that, the moderators cut me from my application without explanation of reasons, but continued to use my profile with my pictures. How do you think why? Can the moderator get the gift?

    I enclose a photo of communicating with the moderator of this site. Messages come from the bottom up so read from the bottom up.

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