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Girls of Sweden for dating

Where to find a  Swedish girl for marriage? In this post I tell you where, specifically. However, not just that, also additional useful information so when you fall in love you have your eyes open.

Sweden is a peaceful country and the people are quite nice, but Swedish girls are not my first choice if you are looking for love for happily ever after, you know the type of marriage you dream about since you were young. Why?

Well there are some cultural difference between Sweden and other countries that you might want to be aware of. Leap with your head as well as your heart. In this post I will outline some issues that might make your marriage to a Swedish girl challenging, but of course not impossible. In fact, I think very highly of Swedes and in this post will give you three Swedish online  dating sites you can try if you are looking for love online in Sverige.

My personal relationship and interest in Scandinavia started as an extension of my interest in European culture

I first was interested in Sweden as a kid because of the history. I loved European history and Sweden although a small country was a big player. It was a warring nation, until about 200 years ago it turned incredible peaceful. I use to study, Gustavus Adolphus campaigns like the Battle of Breitenfeld., I had maps of this all over my room.  I love classic Swedish literature including Lindgren and Lagerkvist and now Stieg Larsson. But my favorite were the tales of Selma Lagerlöf becaue of their enchanting characters. Almost all my furniture is from IKEA and I love Swedish food.  There are so many interesting  things about this country, I could go on and on.  Lets take a look at one more think Sweden is famous for.

How Swedish girls look

Swedish girls do look classic blond and tall, not all of them but most of them. They ten to be a little bit endowed and athletic, just like you might dream of. Tall, happy and blond.  They are also fairly nice in terms of personality. This is a huge sweep of the brush, what I have experiences living in Europe. There are many dark-haired Swedes and of course with hair color and with varying style of clothes, you can not really tell which country a girl is from anymore. If you want to see what Swedish style is go to the kappahl clothing website, my wife buys a lot of clothes from this store.

Not all but many Swedish girls are have blond hair. I see nothing wrong with this style and look, do you?

Why say no to a beautiful Swedish woman?

The reason I can not fully recommend (if you are a traditional guy) finding a Swedish bride are the following reasons:

  • Swedish wives have a high flight factor, that means there is a good chance they will leave you. I think all hot looking women do, and for a cold country Swedes are hot. I think divorce will destroy most people. I do not know what is going on in the Swedish dating process but the end result is they have a high level of marriages breaking up. Maybe it is the easy social system that makes it easy for Swedish mothers to be single. Being in such a cold, dark country makes people very interesting and introspective, but maybe it gives them too much time to think and find trouble where there need not be.
  • Swedish ladies are not too spiritual, maybe I am wrong on this point but it is not like Poland across the sea. Only 35% believe in God.  In Sweden I there is a very low church attendance and all the sociological consistencies of behavior and beliefs that go along with that. That might be good for some people who do not care about the meaning of life issue. However, for me it would be hard to be with a lady who does not share my same values. These are important values in my opinion.
  • Swedish girls are very liberal, great for smiles and looks and brains, but do you want a feminist Swedish girl who makes West Coast American girls seem conservative?  For a long-term serious partner, you want someone who believes strongly in a the marriage ideal. Not ‘lets get married and if it does not work or we fall out of love, we just get divorced’. I do not believe in living with people, as partners for a while. I believe in marriage that is the one and only. Look I have meet Swedish girls from Wisconsin to Europe and they are open towards fun and hot tubs and saunas just like you image. Really, I was in this situation more than once, but I am not a player and did not do anything. I believe in love. I think many Swedes to also, but I do not personally understand why many are not as committed to a life long relationship. If anyone knows please explain this to me.
  • Swedish women will not give you the ‘wow’ your from the USA, they live in Sweden (a trendy country) and Americans will more likely say, ‘wow you are from Sweden’. Therefore the playing field is not level. We think Swedish girls are great, they think American or UK guys are just OK.
  • Swedish marriage and family – You can read more from the official website.

Swedish girls for marriage

Good news about meeting a lady from Scandinavia, they are open for love and even marriage if you are the right one. For me the biggest problem is simply how to keep them from running away from you. Girls love to run away from guys. All of them run and you have to chase them and capture their hearts and rescue them. The only thing is in many countries if you catch them, they will marry you and love you and they will be barefoot and pregnant cooking soup and grateful. I can not see this with a girl from Gothenburg, see my points above. Oh course this post is written a little in fun, but these gals are not traditional.  Swedish websites for meeting and dating and marriage:

  • – Large dating site, I personally recommend and is one of the biggest Internet sites in Sweden. This is where I would start if you are looking for a wife.
  • – This is like the of Sweden, it would be my second stop. Compare the two love online sites and set up a profile and see what happens.
  • – If you do want to try to connect with Swedish girls by exploring this popular Swedish server.

It is one of the biggest sites in Sweden, from the warm sunny shores of Uppsala to rugged nordic Norrbotten girls you can try to connect and chat with them. Facebook of course is also popular.  I think half of my social networking account are people from the Baltic region.

You can learn the Swedish language or use translate tool.  The language is very similar to  (so my opinion easy) because it has a common root with our language. The Swedish language is of the same Indo-European branch as English and American films almost all Swedish girls speak English well. Also learn basic phrases in a language is you are looking to chat up the females or you will not get too far. Even if you choose to communicate in English, it will put you above and beyond the competition if you learn something about their culture and language.

Specifics about going to Stockholm

If you are going to take a trip, I would say just focus on Stockholm girls as this is the most populous city of Stockholm. There are about 200,000 single Stockholm girls between 18-35 who are open for dating relationships. You can get a cheap flight to Arlanda, their airport outside the city, and take a commuter rail in for about 33 dollars but will more than pay for itself if you consider the flight cost savings.  You buy the tickets in a kiosk and with your bank card. It is about a 30 minutes ride in. Once there, I would simple try to meet women of Stockholm on the street. I guess I have no social inhibitions anymore. I would just chat them up with a smile and see if they would like to get to know you better over a cup of coffee. If you have the gift of gab, you will be all set. Even though the girls are not religious they are into mythology and elves and fantasy online games and books. Not the old ones that are like 30 but the ones who are like 21 years old. So if you like these things, you can after you break the ice you can start to work your conversation towards this topic. I think northern dark countries like Sweden and Russia have a higher percentage of people into fantasy stuff than say Italy, because of the weather.

The other alternative is to try to meet them online before you get there as a high percentage of Swedish singles are into online dating. I prefer the former choice.

Stockholm is crazy expensive so stay in a youth hostel and pack sandwiches and bring a water filter instead of bottled water. Do not be proud or think it is beneath you. This is about money, and unless you are a millionaire your bank account will be in for a shock if you try to live like a normal tourist. Live like a backpacking student, even if you are not.

Swedish bride for visa or passport

There are a lot of guys from the Middle East immigrating to Sweden because of the countries openness and high standard of life. It is an EU country. They are looking to get a Swedish visa through marriage. I think marriage is for love, not for any visa. I do not recommend if you have that as your motive, think of another way, like a student or work visa not marriage for a Swedish citizenship.

Let me know what you think about Swedish girls and this article. Let me know if it was totally wrong and I should change it or you have any valuable information that you would like to pass on to the readers, your comments are appreciated.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

176 replies on “Swedish girls loving foreign men”

I am 19 and am from the USA I still live here never been out of here not even the east coast. But I have always found Swedish girls intriguing and very beautiful. I was happy to see when you wrote EU girls like Americans that are musicians. Because I play bass, but I think all counties have cold uncaring women and all counties have warm and caring women.

You just have to look. and I am part Swedish my great Grandfather on my mom’s side came here to the USA with his parents when he was 3 years old. so I want to go to Sweden to see how it is there. But I will go in a few years after I have money saved up and I can speak Swedish, and since Swedish girls write on here I would like to know what is their view on guys with long hair and beards? not saying they must love it cause the vikings had it I wanna know if any girls there like it. Haha and probably the most sweetest Swedish girl I know is Elize Ryd from the Swedish metal band Amaranthe I have talked to her on Twitter and some times Facebook she is from Gothenburg and is very sweet kind and has a very warm heart, and from seeing what Swedish guys have to say I find some of them still have their manhood. They are cool since I am kind of one also. and I also wanted to know what do Swedish women think of American men? so I shall be off for now peace out.

Doing it wrong man. Don’t chase them, make them chase you. Learn some basic attraction psychology, or more importantly just be an attractive guy. Easy

It depends on the woman’s culture. In Swedish or American or UK culture maybe an argument could be made that they should chase you. These cultures have feminism in them and sometimes role reversal is accepted. But I still think men like to be hunters and women like to be chased, and dragged back to your cave like an ice age primate. It is the way nature programmed us through the process of evolution. If you want to go against one million years of evolution than be my guest, but do you not think it is some much more romantic when the prince wins the heart of a princess, than the modern psychological role reversal politically correct version of this fairy-tale?

Swedish girls don’t understand what playing hard to get is, they are pretty approachable and won’t use this tactic. Because of this they will lose interest if you wait for them to come after you.

We don’t understand how to play hard to get. Please, we do, But if we are interested in a guy and over twenty years, we don’t have time to play childish games. That does not mean we jump into bed with the first best guy showing interest.

We are not from space, we also likes compliments but does not like when guys treat us girls like helpless little girls. Use a bit of humor, do not overdo it with compliments and be honest, You’ve come a long way. Do not take a lot of different girls’ phone numbers and be aware that in Sweden we are dating one person at a time from the beginning. Before that, you are only friends.

If a Swedish girl know that you ask out more than one girl to dinner in the same period, then you smoked! Meet one at a time even before it gets serious. In Sweden has singles both girl and guy friends, and you don’t go on dates.

First you become friends, and take som “fika” at a café ( fika is coffee and cookies ), then you start texting, maybe go and eat dinner, or to a party together.

You don’t sleep with your guy at the first date, but it can happen if you meet a girl at a night club. If you really want to see her again, be friendly and call her after two days or text her something nice.

Some friends starts sleeping with each other and become lovers and when they know each other they become boy-and girlfriend.

I’m from the USA and I’m just wondering. What about if your from the USA? Or any other country
I mean are there ways of a guy from the US any other country getting a Swed girl? And plus I know my country has taken a lot of hurtful hits about stuff but all countries have there downfalls right?

I am American and I love the USA and there are many fine American women to date. However, the culture has seem to trend towards taking marriage not a serious and people dating with multiple partners even if they are serial monogamous. If someone likes that fine. I prefer love the old fashion way, find you one and only and stay with them. I think this of course is possible in the USA but feminism has destroyed a lot of the sanctity of love and marriage so much people are not even aware of it.

Anyway, Swedish girls like American guys. If you can take a trip there. I mean it. I met my wife on vacation. It is the best way as you see people face to face and have real conversations. If it is not economically possible, save money and write me.

You can try the Internet. There are a lot of Swedish women online, however, Swedish culture today is feminist also. If you like that fine, but beware there is a general lack of spiritual values and tradition love and courtship and marriage patterns. I mean don’t you want a nice girl who is attractive who loves God and family and would do anything for you and stay with you you whole life no matter what, just like you would do for her?

We also want to get married and start a family. But we want to be able to work well, or let the man be home with the kids if he wants to 2-3 months. We may not believe in God but we are Christians.

We love marriage and believe in it and fidelity, but we also believe that as husband and wife decide together. The man can also wash or shop at the store and the woman can have a work and contribute to the family. The man is not mentally retarded and can do the same things at home that the woman can. Just as the woman can take care of home and work.

We dot have housewives in Sweden any more, because we like to earn our own money into the family. We love our husband and think that both the man and the woman must have “own time” outside the family.

Then we take the opportunity to go to the gym, play golf, sailing, shopping or meet friends. But we spend almost all our time with the family and at home. It should be the same rules for everyone, regardless of gender.

American men can sometimes have a problem with all this. We Swedish girls are happy in high heels but want to own our own cars. We receive no maintenance in a divorce because we do not need the man’s money.

But of course, we appreciate the love and tenderness and real men who want to take care of the family. As long as we are not forced to do one or the other. Be kind and faithful, and you have a partner for live.

And use that American charm you have. Be a gentleman, we are not used to that. That will make us get butterfly inside and yes, a lot of us wants to move to America and be a full-time mum, but just remember, when we want to go back for work, just let us and we be happy.

And yes we do love physical relations, with our husband. Not every one else.

We like American guys but we are often very shy in speaking English and it takes a while before we dare. It makes American guys to believe that we are not interested. Completely wrong we would like to date and chat them up just do not have the wealth of vocabulary to adequately express the subtle feelings between Swedish and English initially.

Pardon the grammar, not my best asset.

After some years of dating, living and having children with a Swedish girl, I wrestle between the Swedish feminist culture and a overwhelming introvert character.

Cultural or psychological effect?

Swedes generally, fail to believe in themselves, Jantelagen plays the biggest part in the average social situation, there are many books which try to highlight the “Swedish Code”, but whilst you can identify some of the circumstances presented, you will have your own experiences which you can only try to reconcile with your own life checks and balances.

You can’t speak and explain to a Swede and expect them to understand, they are to a greater part, completely oblivious to their own cultural differences.

Faithful? Yes I would say Swedish women are very faithful and honest.

Sensitive & Emotional? Swedish women have fought and continue to fight for their equality in life, so, NO, they maintain a safe distance and fulfill the basic requirements of a relationship.

Intelligent? Extremely intelligent and focused on continued professional self development.

A Swede’s behavior outside of Sweden – Immediately they can feel free of the Swedish culture and “I’m watching you”, Swedes come live, to a limit.

I under estimated the significance of the difference in culture. Scratch below the surface and there is a minefield.

I just finished a relationship with a Swedish girl. I moved there to be with her and put up with Swedish life for 3 years only once I went home to sort some things out she decided she didn’t want me back. Swedish girls will reel you in with vigor but once you’re with them, they throw you back immediately. Make your life easier don’t make the same mistake I did find a girl in your home country. They might get your Simpsons references. Swedish girls are brought up to be independent and dastardly feminists to an extreme. It might be a cool novelty for a while but ask yourself if you can handle that shit all your life.

I’m Swedish, hehe. I’m sorry four my spelling, But I can blame My iPhone cause I have this “auto correct” on.
What Swedish girls like about American guys hmm.

I think most of the Swedish girls like the language and most of all the cash flow. Many Swedish girls nice to la to get a carrier and get Married to a rich Guy. That’s it. It is not so many Swedes WHO can afford the American lifestyle so many Swedes stays in Sweden cause They love their own culture. The American culture is so different from our. Sweden are more shy and not as religious as you Americans.
Were very athletic, no junk food.

I think it’s just five percent fat people in Sweden. If you see a fat women in a grocery store, you stares for real. When i mean fat. I mean “American” fat. That’s not rare in Sweden if you know what I mean.

About the marriage and divorce stuff. I think many Swedes are not committed in a such long marriage because in us often as a Guy have to give 50 percent of your money and stuff while a divorce. You have to go to the coast and stuff, In Sweden it’s just your autograph on a paper really.

Were not so religious either that’s why Swedes maybe don’t take a marriage that serious.

My Appolonia, The American lifestyle is really like: go to college, get a job, get Married, get kids.
Were not so stricter. Were just leaving the rest to destiny hands I think.

Hope you liked my comment and learned a bit. Still, sorry for My bad English hope you stilled enjoyed it xx.

Your comments are spot on in terms of attitude, Swedish culture is open. You say not too strict but do you not want to share the rest of your life with your one and only true love? What about transcendence? Transcending the ordinary to live in a fairy-tale?

I find your thin insight in Swedish women almost funny and silly. You generalize about a country that has 4,5 million women and you do it really bad. Even though most of both women and men I Sweden don’t believe in god we certainly can be spiritual and believe in other ways. And you mean because we are beautiful we will leave you men without trying? How do you know that? Its a good thing to be strong, independent and have a good education. Maybe you get intimidated by strong women who stand on their own? To compare that to feminism – is not right.

Best Mia, Swedish and proud of that

Sure it is cultural generalization, I love Swedish people but disagree with the prevalent social mores regarding the permanency of marriage as manifest by the statistical data on marriage adn divorce.
A “strong woman” is a code term for a woman who will not humble the “I” to the “we” in a marital union. Similarly you do not want to marry a macho chauvinist do you? The ideal partner is humble and weak in love, when they find their other half. I would do anything for my wife and she for me. We surrender to each other and this is for all time.

What is wrong with that?

Why would anyone need to be ‘strong’ as if to create a barrier between their beloved. Love is about knocking down psychological defense mechanism of the ego and having trust that God has guided you together for a higher purpose.

Oh my gosh, am I am guessing you are right, you have no girlfriend and feel sorry for yourself all day long. This a waste of time-page and your opinions is truly conservative.

I am happily married. Been around the world and lived a lot of life. I am so liberal I am a libertarian actually, just do not confuse liberal with having no values or ideals to stand for. If you can not stand up for a basic thing like the family, lets talk about it. Why do you object to love and submission of your ego and will to another in a trusting union? That is a pretty progressive idea. For example, the ancient Romans and hedonists did not stand up for that. It is pretty radical to believe in an ideal and live it. What ideal do you believe in? What makes you so enlightened?


I read your article and most of the comments and well, I want to leave a comment and please Admin, this is not to start an argument with you or some of the readers, it’s just my opinion.
I live in the U.S./male/never been to Sweden but plan on going next month.
It seems to me that some of you are “mad” because Swedes have their own personality and are trying to change Sweden with your own philosophy of life. It’s very simple guys, if it doesn’t appeal to you because he/she does not believe in god, allah, ganesh, vishnu or whoever well then keep it moving, that’s who they are and not everyone in the world believes in god or shares your personal opinion on how society is suppose to function.
I don’t believe in god and every relationship I had was with women that were religious or believed in god in some sort of way and you know what? They accepted me and respected my way of thinking even if I didn’t share a belief in god. A lack of belief in god does not mean you have no morals, it does not mean you have no feelings, it doesn’t mean you have no love or anything emotional feeling towards anything, it doesn’t mean we’re out killing people, robbing banks, selling drugs, raping women, raping men whatever you may want to add to that, it just means we don’t believe in god, period!
Like in religion and culture we also have extremists, I read a comment that poked fun at people that didn’t believe in god but celebrated christmas, and I ask, what’s wrong with that? I celebrate christmas, to me christmas is a special time that you share with family which is most important.
Have some of you complaining about how Swedish women ever stopped to realize that maybe, just maybe the way they are reflects the way we as men have screwed women in every way for years and years and years? And I’m not trying to defend femenism here, but lets be real with each other, if someone kept back stabbing you and trying to control you at every chance they had, would you continue to trust or want to even be with someone like that? What we’re seeing with a lot of women and not just Swedish women, is a result of what our male dominated societies have been building for years indirectly.
Marriage does not equal happiness in a lot of cultures, and lets take Latin American culture for example, not all but some Latin Americans tend to be very religious, conservative, traditional. The men tend to always take the leading role in almost everything, yet you have higher rates of infidelity, inequality, unhappiness, and in some cases a very high level of femicide due to sexist motives. What do you think will happen in certain Latin American countries when women start waking up? And it’s already happening from my point of view.
No culture is perfect, and a culture with religious “morals or values” tend to accomate the men rather then be equal. I mean after all, if a religous person looks toward the bible for moral value then that tells everyone that is not a believer that if it were not for that bible, then the majority of believers would be out commiting all kinds of crime? Is that what it is? Because even with a bible or quaran for “moral” value the most heinous acts of crime are in fact commited by religious people, priests raping young boys, extremist muslims cutting the heads off a cartoonist because he drew a picture of allah, a muslim beheading a soldier in broad daylight in London, slavery condoned in the bible

“Exodus Chapter 21, verse 20:

If a man beats his male or female slave with a rod and the slave dies as a direct result, he must be punished, but he is not to be punished if the slave gets up after a day or two, since the slave is his property.”

I mean I can go on and on with what religion has condoned or turned a blind eye on, but to say that you NEED god or religion to be happy, well sir that is just utterly wrong.
Let the Swedes, Finnish or whoever be how they want to be, if you can’t find what you want in a man or a woman in Sweden, well there are about 190 other countries where you can keep searching.
I mean have you thought that maybe Sweddish people are “cold” because of that damn weather?

My advice as a swede is simply: NEVER marry a swedish woman unless she proves to be completely different from 95% of them in values (very unlikely to begin with). Your marriage will fail. They are generally spiritually empty radical feminists who will break up the marriage without much reason and take the kids (if they even want kids to begin with, increasing numbers don’t). Selfishness is a large problem.

I’m not kidding and I wish I were 🙁

But of course, if you are a feminist man and do want to live in an androgynous relationship where splitting up always is an option, go right ahead!

PS. And remember that even if she holds good values that only a small percentage does, if you keep living in Sweden, she will continue getting that bad influence from media, friends, work etc.. Odds are she will unconsciously conform more and more to those bad values as time goes on. Move to Eastern Europe or Asia with her. Quickly.

All Swedish girl are liberal with multiple or serial ‘relations’. Swedish girl for love, not for marriage. That Why Sweden have the highest divorce rate in the world.

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