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Smart girls

Smart girls don’t get married?

Those girls who think themselves smart do not get married, or not for long. However, those girls who are actually intelligent do get married.

Educated girls pumped with ego who say I am too intelligent to get a guy to stay with me are making excuses. There is a big difference between smart and  being educated or egotistical.

Mark Twain said never confuse school with your education.

Spinsters of the future – smart girls

These future old maids blame everybody but themselves for not being married. I have herd countless times, she’s too smart and most guys don’t appreciate or like intelligent women.

Nothing could be further from the truth.  It’s pure biology and genetics, men want to meet and reproduce with intelligent women. Don’t you?  However there’s a difference between being intelligent and being pumped with ego.

Let me tell you a story, this “intelligent girl” I met is 34 and she’s a doctor at it at university, and she claims the reason she is not married is men are intimidated by her intellect. First she is not too bright in my opinion. Maybe she has a lot of book knowledge, but I would not say she is a clever girl.

However, more important was after about maybe fifteen minutes with this girl and her inflated ego, I had to leave and go take a shower. It was all about her.  I think many guys feel this way around girls from the west who put a lot of stock in being a career woman.

Yeah at 34 that girl has a good chance of finding a guy to fall in love and get married and have kids in one year.  I feel bad for her yes.  But there are many other people in this world that deserve more attention than some egotistical American girl. My point is women – don’t get smart too late.  Humble your pride and ego.

I know this is hard to believe and swallow, but this is how many people are in this world. They are pumped with ego they cannot see their own faults.  Myself included of course.  But that’s not the point.

If you are a girl and not married there are two reason. First you do not want to surrender your ego. Surrendering ego I man say ‘we’ is more important than ‘I’.  Second, you do not make yourself attractive for men. Men need to be inspired like the woman below who is an intelligent girl but still has the ideals and beauty of a woman.

Men are simple, if there is a damsel worth rescuing they will.  However, if this girl is not worth it, usually not making an effort to be cordial and humble, then guys will go back to playing computer games and going out with the guys.
Men are programmed to mate and reproduce the same as women, and want to have a normal life with a wife and family.  It is instinct. If they do not want to it is because the women are not making themselves women.  They are making themselves men. Further for a man to stay with you he needs to be inspired by your ideals.

Many American women cut their hair and focus on job, rather than ideals, and become pumped with ego and turn men off.

Love and marriage for  many girls is a supplement to their lives

They feel that love is an addition to their life.  Love is not a supplement to your life, love is your life.  Many women say I can balance career and money intelligence with my marriage.  I believe that they see love as a shameful supplement to their life like they see their fitness or career.  Love is not a supplement to your life.  Love it is all or nothing.

Smart girls who are not married

Therefore for all the girls 35- 40 years old who are not married and keep saying they are too intelligent.  This is the furthest from the truth.  It’s because they’re too stuffed with book knowledge and lacked a real wisdom and intelligence to understand the realities of this life.  That is life is short and you get along time.  Further you will not get another chance.  Humble yourself before it is too late.  Commit yourself to humility or you will be cruising for guys in the evening while your working on your beloved career in the day.

Real intelligent women

When I met my wife I thought she only went to high school.  I did not care.  She never ever mentioned that she had a master’s degree from a top school.  However I noticed she was able to solve complicated brain puzzles in a flash, do Rubik’s cube sitting on the sofa! She picked up languages without ever studying, I ask wondering what was going on.  Latter it came out she had a masters when to some medical school but she did not like to talk about such things as what does it matter. I was inspired by her ideals first.

Societies measure of intelligence does it matter we all add up to 100%, it is more are attitude towards people that counts.

Smart American women

In contrast many American girls I met had PhD.s and were doctors and yet couldn’t figure their way out all box.  Further, they all talked about was a career and how great they are and how smart they are and always looking for a way to prove this into one up the next person.

I met this one girl in Boston who was a doctor and said with all seriousness that is one day she could not be a doctor she would end her life. What a freak.

Needless to say those girls are not married to this day, however if they are I feel sorry for the guy.

Solution for smart girls

The next time you ever hear a girl say the reason her friend is not married is too smart.  Tell her to she is not humble and should get a life before, her life is over.  The worst thing is I do not think people can change so my advice is simply avoid women that think themselves smart and go for girls that are smart. Remember smart girls do get married.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

5 replies on “Smart girls”

Most smart women in America tend to be the corpulent ones.

Very few American ladies are attractive/smart, but the attractive/smart ones in America usually are the ones with bad attitudes without much of a personality and are just as bad as the attractive/dumb ones.

I’m a male, Latin American, and I found this terribly chauvinist! Let people be, if a woman has a big ego it’s her right, her personality trait. And including a picture of a scantly dressed girl only made it worse. What now, women have to be beautiful and a geniuses and make money? Is that the kind of pressure you’ll want on girls? This is appalling.

Pedro if you want marry some egotistical girl, go ahead, knock yourself out. I prefer to marry a smart girl. For me personally, I do not care if a women has money, great career or title or comes from an important family or is respected in society or has university degrees, this does nothing for me. I do not care if a women wears fancy clothes or her hair is all done up and people are saying how beautiful she is.

Maybe I am jousting windmills, however, this is that I think.

What is important in life is if a person, any person, man or woman is humble. For me if a lady has humility then she is a wise girl. She is a lady in the true sense of the word.

This smart girl will also have more power than any egotistical materialistic girls who sold her birthright for children and a family to work in her ‘career’.

I quit my career and work from home on a pittance so I could be with my family. Get your values straight.

Of course smart girls do get married, because they woo the guy into marriage by utilizing all mainstream tactics to make herself desirable to him. They know fully well that it doesn’t take too much effort from their side to get a usual guy to get addicted to them. They also know that with marriage, they have nothing to lose and everything to gain. These are the really smart girls. Marilyn Monroe is a quintessential example. Check her quotes and the way she lived, you’ll get your answer. Guys, if you still can’t understand, reply and i’ll issue one quote from her which will make it crystal clear. Mark, the one whose example you gave at the start is a dumb fuck high on her own supply. Also there are a few grammatical errors, you didn’t really have them before.

You have no clue, Jose. And i’ll tell you what your favorite genre of porn is – cuckold.

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