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Skinny girls – guys should marry a svelte model

Reflections on the beauty of thin women and how you can lose weight

This is my experience with skinny girls.  I highly recommend you court and marry a skinny gal.  This post will tell you where they are from and how to meet them for love and why they are preferable to date and mate with, if you are looking for a wife. Yep, I am unrepentant advocate of marrying an abstemious bride.

If you see people around you that are lanky and underweight in a good way, this will start to influence the way you perceive normal.

Haters write me if you want, but if you are a guy,  your happiness will largely depend on the beauty of your wife. Factors into this equation is inner beauty and the whole including psychological health.

The name of the dating game is fit and thin not just the latter. Create a mental image of lanky meso-econometric beauty for yourself.

This post should not be misconstrued as a criticism of obese woman.  Au contraire mon cheri, it is a call to action. I give you some practical advice that worked for me to shed pounds the most important being: all manifestations of physical reality of this world is a reflection of your inner world.

What is on the inside of your anima animusis manifest on the outside

Learn this, meditate on it and that is all you need to understand if you want to look like good.

  • So lets get to men marry a girl that looks like a model or do not get married at all. I mean it.
Fit and in shapely girls are wife material; they have healthier mental attitude and tend to be more balanced than feminist with an attitude and no sense of style.

Do you want to be a successful man with a fat nagging wife or a guy who flies beneath the radar and has an easy going hot svelte wife?

I work in a hotel (I am a director of a 4 star luxury resort) and I often see businessmen come in; and they have some unattractive wife in toe. I can sense a feeling of disappointment on their faces. They have conquered the work yet married a fat or unattractive girl. In contrast coming through my hotel I see men of modest means with hot wives and a smile on their face. Trust me you want to marry a skinny girl who is also your soul mate.

Some slender gals on the beach showing off their figure in ascending order. And if you think chicks do not show off and take pride in their shape, think again.

I married a tall thin girl (not the one in the above photo).  My wife looks like a model.  I would never have got married if I did not follow these steps.

  • Admitting to myself that I think a thin girl is attractive and this is what I want despite what the feminist PC media tries to convey.
  • I stopped looking in the USA and for the girl next door.
  • I started being open minded about other cultures.
  • I used the Internet and traveled to Russia, Ukraine and Poland.

Why not marry a model?

Doing the above steps I met ladies that only Brad Pitt could talk, that is waif models with intelligence and humility to boot. Before you all jump on me, I am not talking about emaciated, skin and bones or people with eating disorders, my heart goes out to those girls as do I feel compassion for overweight people. These are extremes that are caused by body imagine distortions. I am talking about psychological healthy, active women that would look good in skinny jeans or a bathing suit. I mean come on, be honest with yourself, there is nothing wrong with wanting your princess to be charming and attractive.

My wife watering our organic vegetable garden. You are not going to get fat living off of organic veggies and fish we catch.

Ego creates weight gain

American and Western European girls have such big egos. They have been caught up in the our cultures excess emphasis on self esteem as the summum bonum self actualization and happiness. The problem is their egos get so inflated that reasonable critical feedback from the external world does not have an impact on their psyche and therefore there is no impetus to change. This is the paradox of excesses self esteem. To change you need to be motivated a little with honey and a little with vinegar.

Women with big egos are in your face, are not easy going nor flexible and can not be a good bride for anyone.  I mean women do you want some egotistical businessman as your husband? So be fair and honest ego obscurities allure.

My recommendation is this: Eastern European women have a body like a model like waif.  A typical woman from these countries look like an elf in terms of body type. Who would not want to date an elf like girl?

Why skinny girls are desirable

If I women is fat it means she is out of balance on some level, the same goes for a man.  She can not control herself in some way or another. She will not be able to keep your life in balance and harmony.  Many people who are not thin are good humans but they lack in terms of balance and harmony. Often times they have unresolved emotional problems that is the root cause of their unhealthy behavior or eating and diet.  If you are looking for a mate or bride, this is not a good foundation for a good marriage.  A skinny girl on the other hand is more humble and can restrict herself more than heavy one.

Serious questions to ask yourself in mate selection

How is this not true? Is not inordinate culinary desire manifest by distortions in body shape? Are not humans or animals who can not control their eating fat? Is this someone you want to hitch your wagon to a star? Would it not be better to meet an an epicurean with a lust for life? Rather than some culturally determined current day lady who embraces the fat acceptance movement?  I mean come on watch Dr. Oz, we all want to be thin and beautiful or at least put in the old college try, so do not date someone who just gives up does not want to compete.

A body in motion stays thin and in motion.

Nice skinny girls or rude BBW – who do you really want to date?

Skinny girls in my experience are nicer people.  This is my personal experience.  I have traveled and lived a lot and overweight girls tend not to have a personality that would be congruent mine.

They are massage therapists, yoga teachers, runners, artists, linguists, laboratory workers or altruistic charity workers, that is pursing some alternative non money and power career. They basically a girls who are not obsessed with money, power and consumption, but rather intellectual self actualization. To put it in cleaner terms, often they are the girls that would give their last piece of candy away. In my experience in the business world, girls in corporate America are not like this and they tend to be rude, point figures and overweight. Just my experience if yours is different let me know.

I want to impart on you the idea that you can control the fate of your looks.

A thin girl is usually more interesting for me personally and for me a lot more attractive. People say generally they are more sensual,  and being fit is just healthy. These are some of the reasons skinny girls are desirable and stop listening to western feminist influenced media. Go for what you really want in life. It is your choice, my choice was a skinny girl and I have not regretted this.

If you are a girl who wants to be thin, I can make some recommendations but that is another post. Basically the key to lose weight is to get your mind off food and develop another aspect of your personality that is latent and wants to come out.  Peace and love, I do not want to sound too hard in this post as it is written more for guys looking for a wife. I know what I am talking about when it comes to a skinny girl diet, but it is again not the focus on this post.

Use a combination of mental imagery and fitness activities,. Have fun playing outside and at home imagine yourself thin,.

If you want to lose weight and and attenuate your body here are my recommendations:

Being thin happens in the mind first. Girls that are into art and literature and learn to play musical internments or languages tend to have a distraction that takes their mind off food. They are obsessed with reading and book not eating. They transmute primitive libidinal drives to a higher purpose. That is why there is a negative correlation between weight and education level.

  1. Establish a caloric baseline – Eat three meals a day (at least), find your basic caloric baseline to maintain weight. Mine is low, I do not need a lot to live. I can live on 1,500 calories, I am a guy and athletic. My wife when I met her was living on a few potatoes as that is all she had money for. Do not go by ridiculous guidelines of 2,700 calories or 2,2o0 a day. I think most people are more like 1,800 or less. I am not a doctor so I am not giving this advice in a medial sense but really work be honest and find that baseline. Work with a nutritionist if you are unsure.
  2. Take handfuls of vitamins – I have been very sick and had real problems in my health and life. I have never really been helped by a doctor. I have has wonderful improvements with natural herbs and vitamins. But you can not watch Dr. Oz and start taking supplements and expect weight loss. I recommend anti-oxidants like resveratrol, pomegranate, blueberry smoothies as well as the best high dose whole food type multi-vitamins, such as from the earth at Vitamin Shoppe. I buy herbs in bulk and make teas (most economical and better than lame Walmart herbs), I am drinking some right now. I drink vegetable juice, I do not make it as I am too lazy.
  3. Circulate energy – I do reflexology, yoga or what ever why watching TV in the evenings, get massages frequently if you can afford it but who can? Better is to swap massages with a friend.
  4. Walk or exercise – I do not like the gym anymore as I get bored I like riding bikes with my wife or walking on the beach. Walk like 5 miles a day you will will not have a weight problem. My neighbor does not have  a car and she must walk to work and you know what she is a stick.
  5. Hire a fitness trainer – I believe in personal trainers. They look so fit for a reason. I know many and they get results. If all else fails just hire one it will be worth every penny as they motivate you, teach you about eating and establishing habits.
  6. Visualization for body shape – I believe in creating a 3D holographic imagine of the body you want.
  7. Cryolipolysis – Ah can you hear the choir sing – the magic bullet of weight loss -What if this does not work and you can not lose weight for example after pregnancy or you have built up a lifetime of fat cells that can only be shrunk?  CoolSculpting and freeze the fat off – You can look it up. It does not make you healthier but the fat will come off your love handles. I imagine you can even buy a do it at home machine, that is freeze fat off at home, but I do not recommend it.

Where to find thin women

The reality is certain cities are better than others for thin women. Any girl from the country side, is better than a city girl.

In addition, girls from St. Petersburg in Russia are better than Moscow. Krakow in Poland is better than Warsaw for slender ladies. Lviv in Ukraine is better than Kiev for elven goddesses.

Ukrainian, Polish and Russian skinny girls

I think major cities like Moscow for example become too modern and Western.  Secondary cities like St. Petersburg, Krakow, and Lviv have still the educated population, but not the western corruption of the bigger cities. This is where I would look in Ukraine, Poland and Russia.

I would not use a tour for bride

By the way I would not use any Russian tours or Ukrainian tours to find a bride for marriage.  I will tell you the best way to meet these thin tall girls.

American and UK girls are not that skinny or why thin girls are rare outside Eastern European women

I do not know, I think its they it is a combination of media and the western idea that you do not need to restrict yourself. I do not think its the food.  I am an American in Eastern Europe and we have fast food here. We have fat food and cakes and pies and sweets.

I think it is more that some women in the west think it is a bad idea to deny themselves.  I on the other hand think denial and ascetic practices are something that can be good if not taken to extremes. It is good to fast or to meditate.  It is good to take the money you might spend on food and give it to the poor for a day. I think the healthy pain of exercise or hiking in the wood for the weekends is a good thing.  Also it is painful to examine your emotional issues. I think most people swallow a lot of emotion. Do not be afraid to address this emotional pain and the root of your eating problems. If not you are forced to accept the fact that a size 8 is amazing and size 10  or 14 is normal, which it is not.

Where I am in Europe a size 4 or maybe size 6 is normal, with half the attitude.  So why not go for thin girls who will be nice to you. Rather than some American girl who will be demanding and nag you and play games and have moods and be fat.

Thin girls – how to meet them

To meet thin girls its very easy.  I recommend you do not spend all your time looking in America or Western Europe. I would say that Russian and Poland and Ukraine have the skinniest girls and they are tall girls too.  This is my personal observation, traveling and living in different counties.

If you want to meet these ladies from Russia simply  go there.  Do not take a tour or stay in a hotel, fly to St. Petersburg and rent a flat.  Stay for a couple of weeks.  You will meet more skinny girls in those two weeks than in your whole life, and most will be happy you are talking to them.

If you can not fly somewhere today, try the Internet. Chat them up online.  My site gives you exact places to meet girls online from Russia, Poland and Ukraine that only people in these counties know about, so they are not fished out or over crowded or have serial daters like

Explore my website. Explore my post on Russian girls for example or a few post. I give you exact sites to try. Let me know what you think of skinny girls for love.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

251 replies on “Skinny girls – guys should marry a svelte model”

Is too skinny also OK? I’m 5’7” and around 97-100, but I don’t look unhealthy (20 years old).

Analinne (nice name by the way), I was too skinny also. I did get people interested in my even though I was underweight. I totally understand being skinny and the issues around it. In retrospect I realized that I wanted to work with my body and I think being too thin has some health risks also. So I tried to gain weight by creating a plan and actually graphed it out. That being said I recommend personally to try to put on some weight even muscle with lifting weights or anything as guys like a little fat. I do not know the reason for your weight, it could be your genetics or something else. For me I think I matured later but now I look youthful and healthy, while my friends that were filled out when they were twenty are fat and bald. I am not. I do think it would be good for you to gain weight as perfection is more about harmony than one way or another, just a consideration.

I am a 24year old Asian lady. I really feel warm and protected from your article. Because I seldom encountered guy who wrote a article to support we skinny girls.

I am skinny in all my 24 years old. I am now 5″2 tall and mostly weigh only 43-45kg. some people say I am too skinny but some say I am slim and looks good. I feel unhappy in my childhood since too many people said I was too skinny and horrible. Maybe they were right at that time. In my 21, I worked out so hard to gain weight because I didn’t want to get insulted by others anymore. I have done thousands of push up and chin up in total to gain weight to 46kg, which is my favorite weight. but now, perhaps due to decrease of workouts and stress on career, my weight dropped to about 43kg gradually in 2 years. but I think I am okay and I do not think I am weak. I start to respect myself when I grow up, so I won’t force myself to gain weight to fulfill what others want me to be. I am happy now.

Actually I do not think I get healthier when I gain weight. my menstrual period was quite regular and normal when I m underweight and too skinny. but my menstrual period is not regular when I gain some weight which people consider more normal. I do not know why.

I have a naturally, very small bone frame: small ribs, small waist , small hips and extra small wrist and ankles but I have a relatively broad shoulder. I love my frame though not everyone agree with me.

Yes I am underweight and skinny, but I am not bony and I have fat mass percentage 23% which is normal. Being underweight may not be good but weight is not the only one criterion for us to decide whether we are healthy. And having a normal BMI doesn’t mean you wont have a chance to get illness and cancer. People should not focus too much on statistics and number

If you are thin, you will statistically be healthier and more energy. Men will be attracted to you more and a better mate selection. Top models are on the slender side, in contract obese people lose respect in people’s eyes. If people tell you that you are too thin, it is because they are jealous or do not have an understanding there are different body types. People will raise the objection that there is something called too thin, however, focus on things like lean body mass and hip to waist ratio rather than subjective comments of others. Thin women with awareness and intelligence have power to attract quality partners in life. Why not work with your body and nature than try to rebel against the natural order of things.

I think you have done a great job at speaking to your commenters, and giving them helpful information, but portions of your article are concerning.
I just want to let you know that some of your information may be misleading. You mentioned sizes, and indeed women fit different sizes from country to country because, well, it’s a different country. However, sizes vary within each country also. Women oftentimes don’t fit in the same sizes pants, as each company is different; men’s clothing isn’t as difficult to shop for.
You also don’t take into account women’s shapes in fashion: ie. banana, pear, apple, etc. Just because a women is greater in pant size, doesn’t mean she is “fat,” or “unhealthy”….the fault is with her bone structure, which is out of her control.
Not all feminists are rude and “in-your-face” either; that’s like saying that all construction workers are “cat-callers”. Feminists seek to achieve equality of the sexes, which isn’t a bad notion.
American women are not all short and fat, as your article claims, just as how not all American men are short and fat – everyone is different.
Women of all different sizes occupy the careers you mentioned, not just thin ones.
In conclusion, there is more to a person (women are included in this category) than what meets the eye. It is better to read the book before replacing it for its less than desired cover. There are plenty of selfish thin women as there are men, just as there are plenty of fat kind women as men.

Agreed that we can not generalize. Statistically Americans are overweight. However, this does not speak about the individual. I would say that people who are overweight in most cases lack self control to restrict themselves to a rational, balanced lifestyle. In the old days they called it gluttony, which is a weakness, but in the correct environment of today everything is accepted. Which I do accept, it is just me personally I would not marry a person who has this vice. I would prefer sloth over gluttony in a mate. We all have weaknesses and the question is what are you doing about it.

I was looking something entirely different from the internet. LOL. I thought this was funny. I suffered through most of my life, and now at 32 I’m finally somewhat pleased with my looks, and I rarely wear makeup anymore. I was teased through my school years because I am skinny. I was happy and I ate like a horse, but growing up to be tall, 176cm, it took a lot of energy so I didn’t gain weight no matter how I stuffed my face. And my bullies were BOYS, and grown MEN, and sometimes older relatives. Girls have never teased me because of my weight. It wasn’t all boys, mind you, but still it hurt and it still hurts today. I tried gaining weight for years as a teenager, but nothing worked. Most skinny girls have tiny breasts, like myself, and I hated myself for it. Because that was one of the reasons I got bullied. It has taken 15 years to accept them as they are, small and beautiful. I gained almost 20 kilos at some point. I managed to lose that weight and I am my own skinny self and have learned to love it.

My point is, writing these kind of articles can be destructive to both skinny and fat girls. People are very complex beings. Think about the couples you have seen: maybe the husband is an alcoholic. Do you have any idea how stressful that is, being with an alcoholic? What about someone with a drug addiction? I do. It’s one of the most stressful things I have experienced. For many people, gaining weight can be a way to build distance. Like I said, people are complex. You shouldn’t be too quick to judge.

Also, I think this applies to men as well. If I take care of myself, then I expect for the man to take care of himself as well. You’re writing as if it was up to the man to decide what sort of woman he will take, instead of it being a mutual partnership. Now let me explain; most couples I have seen who are in their 40s, the husband is fat as shit and the wife is at least of normal weight. So if a man demands her wife to be skinny, he should apply that rule to himself first. Because, most men who demand women to be skinny, are fat and ugly themselves and/or have some serious self esteem issues. Most accepting and loving men in my life have been good looking men of normal weight or skinny. They loved me no matter what my weight, and were just as happy. Happiness comes from self-acceptance. With that being said, you are on the right track, your execution needs improving, though. Skinny/normal weight people are more likely to be happy with themselves, because when they love themselves, they want to take care of themselves. I just wish that you would rather encourage men to take care of themselves, ie to be in good shape, so they can attract healthy women. And not, like no matter what kind of disgusting slob the man is, he deserves someone skinny, carefree and happy, someone who takes the man’s alcoholism and pervertions with a smile on her face. The latter is the impression you gave.

You make valid points and it not my role in life to judge anyone. I am certainly not worthy of judging anyone.

Further, I am sorry you have such a struggle with your body image. I did also and I am a man. I am a good looking guy, but I am human. And I do care. Everyone has to work through issues like how they see the world and how the world sees them.

However, that being said, I still content thin (to a point) is better than fat. Its very simple it is connected to health and the ability to balance and restrain oneself, for a greater purpose, that is finding a mate.

Someone who is in shape has a better chance to deal with internal and external challenges that life gives you. This is someone others see as more desirable for being a mate. Is that not right?

As a man I find fit women and I do not mean overweight fit I mean muscular and thinner women to be attractive.

And what does it take? Consuming local, organic food not in packages? That is it. Being moderate in your consumption patterns. Do not buy food in packages? Do not waste the world’s resources by buying soda and chips and all the packaging that comes a long with it? You eat one bag of chips it takes five minutes but the package will last 500 years.

So when I see someone who is aware and fit and conscious of the eating habits it impressed me compared to people who are not. In Poland rarely did you see an obese person. When I was a kid this was rare. Now in the US many people have trouble walking. That is just sad.

I grow my much of my own food with minimal waste. What is some wrong with that compared to people chowing down until they are popping meds and going to shrinks to work out their ‘issues’. Better is to take initiative and be moderate about consumption. Focus on higher level things like music and art and chess and reading and nature and saving the planet than consuming until we cut down the last tree on earth for one more cheeseburger. Do you not think so?

Mark, Your wife is beautiful. You are a lucky man. Nothing beats a thin woman.

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