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Sharm el Sheikh

Sharm el Sheikh vacation

The purpose of this post is to give honest feedback about Sharm el Sheikh and my experiences in Sharm el Sheikh. I just got back from vacation, actually my honeymoon in Sharm el Sheikh. Sharm el Sheikh is an Egyptian tourist resort on the Red Sea. I choose Sharm el Sheikh because I got one of those cheap last minute deals as we had no time to plan for anything but our wedding. Our honeymoon was great because we are a happy easy going couple, but our time in Sharm el was very unexpected.

Sharm el Sheikh hotels

In theory Sharm el Sheikh is a nice place to go for vacation. We booked a four star hotel vacation package in Sharm el Sheikh from Kraków, Poland. When we arrived we were redirected to another 4 star hotel than we paid for because of ‘overbooking’. The hotel like all four star hotels in Sharm el Sheikh is really what I should call a 3 star or even a 2 star. The standard is not American or European but rather an arbitrary 4 star. So beware of this.

Sharm el Sheikh tourist trap

Sharm el Sheikh is nothing but a pure tourist spot. There is nothing there except tourist hotels, hundreds of them. Mostly peaceful Russians coming there to sit on the beach. I spoke Polish while I was there for obvious reason, English outside your 5 star hotel lobby gets a lot of attention. Sharm el Sheikh or really Egypt is trying to get all of Europe there, but it is being built so tacky, and boring it’s not for my taste. I like the beach but to sit on a beach, I would prefer Greece or a place that has something interesting around it not dusty dirty littered desert. When I am on vacation I want something stimulating not a matrix of tourist shops built with the sole propose to get money from me.

Sharm el Sheikh hotel construction

Sharm el Sheikh the hotels are being build by almost slave labor, hard working Arab/Egytian boys, young men and children. I image that their ancestors built the pyramids. All around is dust and construction. I do not know why the children are not in school. It hurts my heart they they are being denied on their youth. The workers in the hotels more often than not make no salary and just make tips. Some are very nice and you are thankful for meeting one that is not aggressively trying to get money from you or making rude comments to your girlfriend. When I complained to the hotel they said aha you do not know Egyptian men, this is they way they behave. I was surprised as I thought it was a respectful society and one of my friends are part Egyptian in the States and he was a nice guy, but in Sharm el Sheikh is was out of control and you have to be prepared to be very aggressive back to get any respect. But like I said a couple men in Sharm el Sheikh
were nice.

Sharm el Sheikh men

In Sharm el Sheikh like most of Egypt then men are very aggressive towards women. They will approach them even if they are with a boyfriend or husband, which was my case, and they will flirt with them and touch them. I got in a few minor fights with men who tried to put their hands on my wife on our honeymoon. If you do not get the direct passes you will get many stares from men.

No women in Sharm el Sheikh

I think part of the problem is there are no visible women in Sharm el Sheikh as it is 100% a tourist spot where only boys and men come to work from all over Egypt and leave their women at home. The men live in desert work camps outside the hotel groups that most tourists do not see and when they see western girls at the hotel or walking down the street or on the beach, they behave inappropriate.

Sharm el Sheikh shopping

Sharm el Sheikh shops have no prices. Even if you want to buy water you must negotiate hard. If you are the type of person that likes to do that then Sharm el Sheikh
Is the place for you. But if I want water or bread or anything, I like to see a price and not have to argue over every little thing.

Sharm el Sheikh money

Sharm el Sheikh and cash, no problem they take US dollars, but if you use Egyptian Pounds you will get a better price and can negotiate in smaller denominations. I used the bank machines with no problem.

Sharm el Sheikh beaches

Sharm el Sheikh swimming was great. The water was warm, but there are no sandy beaches, only coral and stone so you can not ride the surf if you like body surfing. But the fishes are fun to look at.

Sharm el Sheikh day trips

The best thing about Sharm el Sheikh is leaving for the day to go to see the Pyramids. Which are some one commercial in themselves but nice, however, it’s a nine hour bus ride from Sharm el Sheikh.

Sharm el Sheikh and Israel

Yes this made everything worth it. We went on a day trip to Israel with the most amazing tour guide, Mirosłow. He was passionate about giving us a tour of the holy land, and I can only image it was kind of a calling for him. Going to the holy land was something I can recommend, even if you are religious or not. That alone saved our honeymoon and more.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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@Raymond, Why would I say something that is not true, if anything the information is toned down as not to offend anyone. Be specific about what you think is not true about Sharm el Sheik. The reality is if you are a women in Egypt from the west, or worst a blond, you will get men putting your hands all over your body on as you walk down the street, lay on the beach and even in the hotel you are staying at, this was our groups exprience and when we got back to Europe other people confirmed this. Polish women all say this universally. If you are older than you may not have experienced this. Sharm el Sheikh is a desert. There is nothing to do. Its 9 hours on a bus to Cairo. Sharm el Sheikh is being built up by UK developers trying to speculate on the hotel business and the government of Egypt. But, its very boring. Maybe a few lame bellydance shows at night that are tourst traps but there is nothing to do. And the its very stressful living day to day as everyone will try to get money from you. The Westerns that I know that live in Sharm el Shiek do not leave their houses after 5 pm and have a bodyguard. I wonder why this is?

That its not right I am English woman I went to Sharm El sheik with my husband and we went there many times and we found Egyptian people very respectable and nice, there were Egyptian women as well working became a friend of us. I don’t know where did you get that information that only Egyptian men work there and leave there wives at home house. You are not the only one said that about Egyptian I have heard others Polish people saying that ? They’ve must have a problem in Poland with the Egyptian.

Its a terrible place with desperate people, the men are a disgrace and make life feel so cheap because they are so aggressive and have one thing on their mind. I visited with my family, hotel was 5 star my bum, 2 star if your lucky. I was so looking forward to get back to Scotland, at least you can walk down the street in a relaxed fashion. Egyptians are good, yet their strange idea of hospitality makes it not worth it. My advice is stay clear.

I think you meant to talk about Polish women. Because we have not seen that in Egypt not in Sharm or Cairo

@Ahmed Your right. In fact I have thought about revising my post about Sharm el Sheikh. See the think is if you take a trip to an average tourist hotel I think you are not treated with respect, especially if you are a women. However, the people in Egypt are very sweet if you get to know them. This was my experience in Morocco also. However, if you are coming over as a tourist and you are a women with blond hair or just from Europe you will have guys all over you, touching you, even if you are with your husband. This is what I did not like about it. Also the quality of the tour guides were very poor, they were the worst, however, these were not Egyptian tour guides but foreign guides living in Egypt. And were so bad because they have bus loads of tourists everyday, so no one is an individual, they just try to rip you off like everyone else there. Also the hotels were not super, at least the one I stayed in and what my friends stayed also. But again this could vary from hotel to hotel. So to be fair Sharm el Sheikh has the potential to be very good, if you know Egyptians. Because some of the Egyptians I talked to were really kind and interesting people.

I am blonde and green eyed, and will be visiting Sharm for the third time this year in October, I have travelled there twice alone and although I probably would not walk down the street alone late at night, I find the Egyptians so kind and respectful. Yes they tell you, your beautiful and they love your eyes but it is just banter. I was never touched in appropriately or pestered by anybody. I have made great friends and keep in touch with them from home. There is a running joke about which one i will marry, but it is all in good humour. I do lots of adventurous things quite happily alone, but I go mainly for the sea and the amazing fish. If I could move there I would:-)

Sharm El Sheikh is not that much BAD PLACE as u mentioned above…
the only thing i will tell u… that… TRY TO GO TO SHARM WITH SOME FRINDS FROM EGYPT… we will let u see the real of sharm el sheikh … forget about the putting over bodies of women.,.. in every place in this world.. u will find bad and good ppl… not all bad.. not all good… i am egyptian.. and never ever try to annoy in tourist in sharm whe i went there.. or even put my hand on her body !!!!!…. maybe some ppl do so.. but not all…!!!!!

Try to go again THE DESERT u mentiones above.. but really try to search about safaris… going to Saint Catherine Mountian….Get a short trip to RAS MOHAMED and the Valley of TIRAN…. and at sun rise.. going to Safaris by jeeps or Beach Buggies… Dont say sharm is bad unless u get the real sharm 😉

Instead of going to Sharm el Sheikh I recommend Crimea. Crimea is sub tropical, lots of history, as people have lived there over 10,000 years including an amazing Greek civilization, there is hiking, warm water with healthy benefits and the main thing is the people leave you alone and are respectful. Plus it is about 1/4 the price and not touristy yet.

Hi 🙂

I was really shocked with what you wrote about sharm. in fact I’m writing now from sharm and it’s really a nice place. every place has its good and bad points and depends on the things you experiance.

My experiance and my foreign friends’ ones are really great from enjoying the sun, the sea, the diving, snorkling, activities, the cafes, the paintball, the clubs, the safaris.. total change and as stated priviously, you can take short trips to other places if you get bored.

As for the bad point about tour guides or egyptians hitting o u..well it’s everywhere and also others have part in guilt 🙂 as they tend to hang out with them.. not just saying firmly No.. so encourage them more .

I’ve been to ober 35+ countries even to french riviera and I assure you.. Sharm is one of the most fascinating places..

Come next time and let me know in advance 🙂


@Ramsis, If I go again I will call on you. 🙂 And I am very sorry to offend you regarding this. It was just my experience. This was my point of view and everyone is different. For me on a holiday it is really important to relax and not have to worry about negotiating over a simple bottle of water in a shop every time I want to drink water. Or hearing ‘hey sweety’ – ‘hey baby come here’ – in every direction. Even after a firm no and I complained to the hotel. The hotel man said, aha I guess you have never been to Egypt before. This was every time I walk down the street or through the hotel (4 star hotel) with my wife. Or every time I was laying on the beach guys would come up to you and hover over you. Are you saying this is not the true? I just want to relax as I work very hard for my vacation. I might go on a vacation once a year and do not want to be stressed out. I am not worried about the attacks, that only happens once every couple years in Sharm el Sheikh and they have found most of the mines in the desert. I am talking about the way people bother you all the time. I talk to other people they said it was the same about Sharm el Sheikh. Sharm el Sheikh. Sharm el Sheikh has sun but somewhat stressful. I think there are much better places to relax, than Sharm, where the people leave you alone and respect you.I recommend Crimea for exotic and very cheap and Spain maybe for normal. However, like I said the Egyptian people I know in the USA are very nice. So this is not a reflection on Egyptian people. I just can not recommend Sharm el Sheikh for a holiday.

@Christine, I have traveled all over the world and this is my experience. I am a seasoned traveler, Africa, Asia, South America etc. I love all people and respect all people as Ghandi said you are your religion. And it pains me to even write this about Sharm el Sheikh, as I do not want to write anything negative about anyone.

But in Sharm if you are over 40 and a women then you have nothing to worry about, but every girl without exception I know was bother very strongly there. I am talking everyone out of dozens. Men are very aggressive and you have to fight them off if you are a guy. Its funny you never see the women there, they are at home, while there married men bother foreign women, while their wives are at home. Also there are no prices in the shops and they will milk you for every dollar. I recommend many other places besides Egypt, which is the biggest tourist trap in the world. Take time to get to know the people? The people who attack you? I have know idea what you are saying.
Plus there are bombs that go off all the time in Sharm, almost every year. You can not walk in the desert as there are mines still 100,000s uncovered, per our guide. This is Sharm el Sheikh.

I went to Crimea and it was beautiful, no one bothers you its exotic cheap, ruins from ancient Greece, you can hike in the moutains, then got to the beach etc. Its sub tropical.

Egypt is just being built up by English investors and Egyptians and they have no respect what so ever for any tourist. If you go to Sharm, you are meat. You are a nothing but meat for birds of prey in Sharm. Really they will be all over ever girl under 40. If you think this is not true let me know. But I can not recommend Sharm el Sheikh.

I have heard similar things but not to the extreme that I read here. Also with respect to the comment you made about women over 40 – where did that ‘fact’ come from? I have heard that it’s quite the opposite with many young Egyptian men either having a fling with or marrying women over 40 (for all the wrong reasons) that have gone there. That’s a pretty blanket statement to make about women over 40. I am over 40 and Egyptian men are very attracted to me many times men in general mistake me for about a decade younger and I have been told by Egyptian men who have worked in Sharma in the past or visited there from Cairo for vacation that I would not have any problems getting men over there that they would be all over me. I can sew that you were irritated by your experience there and it comes through in what you wrote. I am not sure what women over 40 you have come across but that statement was offensive andwell rude.

I feel so sorry for those that see Sharm as a bad place with guys that give you grief. you have not experienced or learned about the people, the culture or their life. I am going back a third time. I have met the honest and lovely people there. The Egyptians work incredibly hard and even though there are some who will ‘try it on’, it is no worse than any where else in Europe. If taxi drivers push their luck when trying to get you to use the taxi,just laugh it off, they will go away. I have even been out on my own as a female. I now know how some can be, but it not serious, so I tell them not to\push it, they laugh and go on their way. Those of you who cannot learn about locals in any country should not travel abroad. It is not Britain, it is a new experience. Get to know those who work so hard in Sharm, treat them with respect and you will have an experience you will want to repeat. You will will make lasting friendships. The majority are some of the best people you will ever know. It is you\in their country, culture and religion that have to adapt.

You can read up on their culture all you like. I do not go on holiday to be harassed by men of any race. I have just come back from Sharm and I found it horrendous, like about 50 other people on my flight home! What gives the staff the right to touch me or degrade me in any way. Our friends had their 10-year-old daughter touched while she was in the shower in the swimming pool. Wrong. I am appalled that you think their way of life makes it acceptable to behave in this manner. You wouldn’t put up with it in your own, country would you. Anyone reading these reviews, do not choose Sharm as your holiday destination, unless you relish the idea of having your wife or daughter molested, or being driven into the desert and robbed. God awful place, and this is my experience and I did read up on their culture and everything else before I went, but nothing could prepare me for how bad it really is.

I can see where you are coming from with your point to men learing at women, but as not mentioned before you have to understand how western women are portrayed to other countries…. films showing westeren women in next to nothing jumping into bed with men….. then when women like myself from western countries go to these places they have to understand that this is how they will be perceived…. then when they go around with next to nothing on this only hightens what people think….
I’m noy saying this is fair or right but in Egypt the women they respect conduct themselves with a different kind of dignaty to some western women…. the english I’m afraid to say it are the worst, I am allowed to say this as I myself am English… alot (not all) english women will drink and become quite rude and disrespectfull or even lead these men on… again for alot of egyptian men this only confirms how the media portray us!
I was lucky enough to meet some true egptian gentlemen whilt in Sharm they showed us around the “real” sharm and were never pushy and were only too happy to help…. Another thing that i found is that there seemed to be two kinds of Egyptian men those who were used to tourists and treated them with respect and did not try to harrass us then those who did not appear to know how to treat tourists these were the people who came out with “Hi cheeky girls” “nice lady, you wanna marry” etc etc….. It is theese people who i actually feel sorry for because if they turned round and treated you like the other respectfull egyptian men then sharm would not be receiving bad reviws like this…..
If you actually go to the old town and get out of Naama bay area then there is so much to see and do. I found the Egyptian sense of humour brilliant and eating at a local egyptian restaurant in the old towm was great…. Yes naama is touristy, but that is what it is being built for so the people there can make a living….
We went as 5 females together and attracted attention from men but if you joke back with them they will often leave you alone… I understand your situation might of been worse as you were together in a couple…. But i can honestly say that I beleive Sharm is not a bad place… in fact I met an egytian family whilst out there and have just booked flight for Oct this year, I am going out there on my own and the family have offer to put me up in there home….. I am going for longer this time as I want to go to Cairo and see more of Egypt…. I think it is a magical place esp if you get to meet the right sort of people…. I feel sorry for you that you did not have a completly enjoyable honeymoon….

@Helen Rene Descarte said every generalization is a distortion of the truth. So you are right, its not fair to generalizes and I do not want to about anyone. But I am conveying my experiences. That is as a women they were harassed none stop and as a man to buy even water you have to stand there and negotiate and many other stressful things. Not to mention its not the safest place because of the bombings. Further, Polish people and Polish girls are very modest and humble and go there with their boyfriends and husbands usually. So I can not speak about UK girls but I would say that Polish girls behave very well and polite and modest and do nothing to encourage any disrespect. Universally from travelers I have herd Sharm el Sheikh is a tourist trap. However, other places like Montenegro, Croatia, Lithuania etc is cheap, and people treat you with respect. I went to Sharm el Sheikh with an open mind as I love the history and respect all people and cultures. But you can find more history of Egypt, unfortunately in the British or other museums around the world, rather than in Sharm el Sheikh. And for vacation, in Sharm el Sheikh you feel like a trapped tourist being used and taken advantage of.

hello to every body here
i would like to stop and say something
first off all i am Egyptian man and i live and work in sharm and i agree with any one saying this but people not same even your finger is not same i work in fixed price shop and my busness very low because people scordial in prices and a lot off hassling but egyption people so smart and you should to be smart too
but sharm its wonderful country i am here and my busness but be hope the life be better because iam suffering like any one else and its not only me a lot off people suffer to and every body should to know government punish this and any body felling mad he should to open his mind
may the lord make people understanding

Hi, I went to Sharm in 2007 with my fiance and our 10 month old son and it is by far the best place i’ve been. I found the people extremely nice and they couldn’t do enough for us, especially my young son. The shops were closed when we arrived there late at night but a guy opened his shop and gave us 4 big bottles of water for free as my son needed it. I did get a few stares and comments from the egyptian men, especially being blonde but it was far worse in Turkey a few years ago so I didn’t find it a problem. We thought the beaches were great and the scenery was fantastic. We didnt travel out of our resort having our son although upon our return in August 2009 we will be visiting some of the local cordialspots. This is not because our hotel was in any way boring but because we like to experience new cultures and see the everyday working life in the countries we visit. Like someone said earlier, you dont expect the same things abroad as you do in your own country or else why would you bother even going? We dont go abroad to eat english food- we can stay at home and do that!
I just dont get why people moan about being hassled or having to barter when you want to buy things in the shops. Its only same in England. you get hassled in the street to switch your gas suppliers or whatever and people go into shops they moan about the prices- at least they are letting you try an get the best price you can! they have to make a living as much as anyone and they earn considerably less than me and you. Our hotel cleaner earnt £75 per month for all the hours they put in- some of us earn that in a day so obviously a tip to them is a bonus. If you dont want anything like this – Dont go abroad.

Anna, Thanks for your comment on sharm-el-sheikh, but I disagree. About your do not go abroad comment -> first I live abroad, I am an American and live in Poland. I travel all over the world. But I am still use to civil behavior. Only in the tourist trap called Sharm are you treated like this. 2) You are British. British women are rarely considered attractive, I am sorry to say. Not being rude but its true, sorry. They are usually not thin. Even if they think they are, they are not. But to be fair I would have to see a picture of you to make an objective determination, but I think thephotoof you would explain it. Polish girls are beautiful almost universally as are Ukrainian and Russian so they get a different type of attention than say a British girl. 3) You had a child so they might have left you alone for this reason. However,all the women I know that were attractive, even with boyfriend had guys grabbing them. 4) English food is horrible. I am use to good Ukrainian food or Russian food so maybe compared to UK food and prices Egypt was good, but compared to Eastern Europe the food was just ok. 5) Also what class of hotel did you stay? 4 or 5 stars?
Remember I live abroad and travel the world from South America to Asia and only touristy places like sharm-el-sheikh in places like Egypt, Morocco and Turkey(once in a while) for example I have had this problem. I would recommend for adventure and people treat you nice somewhere like Ukraine, Crimea.

You want good food, good wines, beautiful beaches, great hospitality, and history? Go to Portugal. The beach/bay in Setubal was listed in the top ten moat beautiful in the world. Also the Algarve is well known for it’s beaches but it’s a little too touristy. Mind you Sagres and Tavira is a must see. Oh and the women from Portugal are known for their beauty. Mind you I grew up in Canada and can say that like any other culture I have seen both beautiful and ugly Polish, Ukrainian and Russian women and I have seen thin, overly thin, healthy looking and corpulent of all of the above. Personally, I don’t think Polish, Russian, and Ukranian cuisine is anything to write home about but I will say that I do like Borscht and the sausages and some perogies. Otherwise meh.

Hi markbiernat, i have been reading your reviews on your honeymoon to Sharm el Sheikh, i will be travelling there for a holiday on the first week of February for 2 weeks. However since reading on your experiences i am now feeling quite troubled and concerned on the points you raised especially about the way the egyptian men were treating your wife and yourself.

I have been to Cairo a few years back and i also experienced alot of hassle from every single guy i passed, even though i was always fully covered as i respect the egyptians predominant muslim religion. I had comments such as “Cleopatra” ” Queen Neffratiti”, “Beautiful lady” even “Shakira”, men always commenting that i was beautiful and that my husband was very lucky to have me and that i had been blessed, i also recieved alot of freebies just because they thought i was so beautiful for example free souvenirs, perfumes etc. To be honest the attention and hassle was expected as i have travelled all around the world and i always get this amount of attention anyway.

For example i have been to morroco, tunisia, turkey, jordan, syria, dubai, israel, cyprus, brazil, argentina, uruaguay, india, china, italy, switzerland, America, france, spain, tenerife etc etc the list could go on. As i am olive skinned, where ever i usually go i always fit in, the locals always seemed to think i am the same as them in countrys such as greece, italy or spain. So i am usually always respected. And as for the standard of hotels in Sharm el sheikh, well i am sure if you have been to morocco, or turkey as you mentioned above then you would know that its always best to book a 5 star as the quality in hotels in these countrys is always lower, so it would have been best if you had booked a 5 star just to be on the safe side.

I live in england and have been born here and to be honest i get this amount of attention in my local supermarket. So its no big deal. But you have worried me since you are saying that men were grabbing your wife and touching her, im not sure what you mean by this. This is exactly what has worried me as i consider myself a traveller rather than a tourist and i tend to live on the dangerous side.

And as for your comments on english women, well to be honest i live in england and when you generalise the english women by generally saying they are all corpulent this not true, as i am not english my self, but i have been born and brought up here and to be honest everywhere i have travelled around the world some women are thin and some women are corpulent. Some very attractive and beautiful and some not. I have also have alot of friends who have moved over from poland, and some are corpulent and some are thin, some beautiful and some not so beautiful.

I have lived and worked in the USA, mainly in houston, Texas and New orleans, lousiana (before hurricane katrina) and i will tell you the honest truth i have never seen so much obesity in my life. I am a size 6 (english size) and i am a naturally slim girl so this was really shocking when i was living over there, people thought i was anorexic.

Do you have any pictures on your trip to Sharm el Sheikh, or are there any nice trips or excursions i could go on?? Do you know how far luxor is from Sharm el sheikh? Do you know if Luxor is a better destination to travel to rather than sharm el sheikh. i am looking for a really relaxing place to go to, but preferably in egypt. Do you know what the temperature is in sharm el sheikh around february time?

Kiran, Thanks for the comments. I did not mean to sound hard in my comments about Sharm el Sheikh or or English girls. I just do not want to sugar coat things, but would rather convey objectively what I observe. Many English girls are beautiful and thin. But I was trying to understand why that other woman was not grabbed or harassed in Sharm el Sheikh. I think every woman I meet was in Sharm el Sheikh. Except these three English girls, but they were over weight and no prize. I am very sorry if I offended anyone. I was wrong in my comments for example about English girls. I was trying to make a point. My wife maybe 20 times to 30 times a day even in the hotel would have guys approach her and even offer to buy her. I complained to the hotel that guy just said oh these are just Arab guys, its our culture. I had to threaten one and they stopped. But 20 to 30 times a day calls and advances was very exhausting. But she is good looking. Not good looking like American girls, but really tall and thin (maybe a size 3 but with long muscles) and blue eyes with shape and very light skin. Then the other people in our tour all said the same thing men were on them trying to grab them. It has nothing to do with their religion. I have no problem with Arabs or Islam. I have a problem with the culture of the men. They treat women like property. I could tell you many stories, but I have seen with my own eyes women in cages. Yes women in cages in the 21st century. I saw this because I was in areas I was not suppose to be in. I wanted to take pictures but had to escape. I would rather not go into it.

Ok about Sharm el Sheikh, if you can handle the guys, and I think you can, you need to go on trips or you will get bored. Best trips are this. 1) Israel and Palestine. Amazing. You can also go on Mount Sinai. But the Holy land was great. The dead Sea, Palestine very different then the news portrays. 2) I love Egyptian history, so if you want to focus on this, I would do this also. 3) Diving gets boring if you have been on boats before, which I have, but none nautical people like the experience. 4) There are still landmines in the desert so you have to take a trip with a guide but I would consider this maybe. 5) A non guided tour of Cairo. Guides will try to sell you, but I like wandering around places alone and discover the most interesting places this way. I think you sound like a very interesting person and might like this type of adventure also. Me I love adventure travel, and although have found myself in difficult situations, I am still alive. Sharm el sheikh on the other hand is a nice place to go to get some sun and middle eastern food, if you can handle the guys and its a touristy place. I think I would like to check out Siberia next. And again big sorry if I have offended anyone. Egyptian, Arab, Women, English etc. I am a bit of a difficult person.

To be honest i have been travelling so much in the past 2 years i am really tired now, and the way in which you have described Sharm El Sheikh seems just the place for me to relax and unwind. Im in one of those moods to go and unwind at a beach resort type of holiday (because recently i have been travelling to alot of cities and places in which it has been difficult to find any tourists which is what i prefer usually) but i will be moving to Canada permanently so i just need a break before i go.

” I have a problem with the culture of the men. They treat women like property. I could tell you many stories, but I have seen with my own eyes women in cages. Yes women in cages in the 21st century. I saw this because I was in areas I was not suppose to be in.”

I understand what you mean by this and i have also seen this too, i have alot of arab friends and i know exactly what goes on in their households. I do not really want to make comments about this as i am not wanting to offend. But i suggest if you have not already to read these books, you will definitely find them interesting as they are biographys about mostly arab women who are caged and have no freedom of choice : Sold By Zana muhsen, Princess by Jean sasson, Burned Alive By Souad, Forbidden Love by Norma Khouri, and Fatawi By Jackie Trevane.

Iv already been to Cairo and i loved it, can be very rough though, i went at the time of the African nations cup, and coincidently Egypt won on the same day i was travelling through the city and we were stuck in traffic for around 4 hours because men were throwing fireworks at our car! We never had guides, just booked drivers and one day we were trying to get to khan el khalil market in a very run down Taxi ( as this is the only taxi we could find in the space of an hour) and the car had broke down in the middle of some kind of remote village, and some farmers with masks and guns approached us, because the door of the taxi was broken we couldnt shut it! So we kinda got really scared, then we saw the taxi driver running to the car from a distance with petrol. He literally put the petrol in the car with a straw and his mouth. And then he couldnt breathe and was at the point of fainting. So we told him to rest while we would find another taxi. Anyway when we did find another Taxi we wanted to go to Khan el Khalil and when we got there the taxi driver insisted we leave my handbag there in the taxi while we go shopping! i got very angry because he kept saying he would wait for us and i told him i would pay him for the journey to the market so he could leave us alone, but he just wanted my bag. so i got angry and shouted at him because i hate anyone telling me what to do!! and he got very angry (because i was travelling with a male) that i shouted at him infront of my male friend. So the taxi driver started kicking the taxi, i thought he was going to attack us. But im sure he would of if we werent tourists. Arab men definitely do not see women as their equal. Especially in Egypt as women are always covered in the hijab, when they see a woman not covered, even her hands or face get them all excited.

They will do it to almost any woman even if she is un-attractive. Its funny really. And it doesnt matter if your travelling with a male, even if you tell them hes your husband, it goes through one ear and out the other. But iv got used to this now. I asked an arab friend i have why they do this to western women and he replied that arab men see american movies and find that western women compared to arab women have no respect and are “easy” because of the revealing clothes they wear, and the bikinis they wear at the beach, that they are basically “asking for the hassle”, whereas arab women are conservative, are fully covered and would not be seen in night clibs, drinking and smoking etc. Its kind of sad that the arab men see women like this. I went to a school and lived in an area with the predominant religion being muslim, my best friend is muslim and i understand the culture and religion alot. Its really sad the things that go on behind closed doors. Honour crimes etc. So i agree with your views about the culture. But most people say that muslim women have to be covered but knowhere is it stated in the quran that women have to be covered from head to toe as long as they are conservative.

Moving on from this can you recommend any hotels, as i have booked my flights for next week, but can not decide on a hotel, i was thinking on booking a hilton or radisson but i have read very negative reviews, saying that the hilton/radisson does not live up to his name in sharm el sheikh. Can you recommend any nice hotels? Because the reviews seem very mixed on trip advisor.

I notice you say your very difficult, What star sign are you? and what star sign is your wife? I am interested as i study Astrology and compatibilities. You are not a Leo, Aquarius or Aries by any chance are you?

It’s not that bad as some people complained, I can understand why those men trying to touch those woman who are almost half naked in a country where the culture is so different from Europe, and of course they living in a society where you can not have friendship until you get married, so can you imagine being in a state needing for a woman and seeing all these beautiful European woman walking around you but you never travel outside the Egypt to know how to approach a woman so THAT’S WHY and we should understand these issue. overall they are a lovely people

This post just made me furious…al you have said doesnt relate to reality by any mean, without going in details if you didnt like sharm that much please don`t come again…we been getting the lowest rank of tourists anyway recently who thinks they are doing us a favor by coming over while they are paying pennies compared to what they would have paid if they spent the same time any where else in the world, the workers there are not that dessperate to flirt with your wife while you are walking with her..i have seen much better girls alone and no body came close to them…did i forget to mention the heavily secured city which no body would dare to come close to anybody else not to mention if you were a tourist..i really think you are just posting for the sake of it..if you liked israel please dont come again and you can stuck there with some bomb exploding up your face or somethin maybe you would appreciate the good things in life but being a whiner…last thing we are the only one to be blamed because we allowed to go that low and take any kind of tourists coming from the high and low spots around the world stay for whole week all included for 500 bux…

This is an account of somebody’s experience. I had 2 pretty harrowing ordeals whilst in Hurgada a few years ago. And they were nothing compared to what my friends went through one year in Sharm. Egypt and the UK/Poland etc have such severe culture clashes that you are naturally going to be made to feel ill at ease. And there are many accounts – I have heard of all sorts of things that have people seriously worried and feeling under threat.

Why do you think that Egypt and Morocco have such low prices for such fabulous all inc hotels. (My Radisson in Hurgada was glorious btw, staff fantastic, everything great). And why do you think there’s so much all inc everywhere – people are given lessons in how to act by reps before they venture off to see a strip. And even then, we were actually told best not to venture out there if you’re not entirely confident handling a very different set up. There are good reasons for things that happen but you’re not going to learn how everything works in a week or 2. Cultures this different take years to understand.

I live in Sharm El Sheikh and have for about 6 months. The people here are very aggressive. I don’t recommend coming if you are a timid person. I am a well built man and I have nearly got in to fights with store owners trying to leave their store. There is no such thing as a gift or a fixed price store. The place is very trashy and smells like raw sewage. I have not yet seen any local trying to touch a woman but I can see it happening. The men try to take you for all you are worth they will tell you one price and change their mind later. Taxis are horrible about this! Domina bay resort is one of the best around. I also recommend Casino Royale other than that there is nothing here that would interest anyone. The beaches are nothing special and usually cost about 20US to get in. I would personally never come back to the place but my job requires me to stay for about 6 more months. Cairo is even worse! I have never been to Luxor but I hear it is a nicer place. I would recommend Israel everyone that I have spoke to had nothing but good things to say about Israel and it is far nicer and not as dirty or smelly!

I have been to both Egypt and Israel. I hope someday to go back to Israel. Egypt they are just too aggressive, maybe this will change, but you would think for tourism they would get clued in. I came back from the Greek Islands and it was beautiful. Sharm el Sheikh was, of all the places I have been in the world was where people were the rudest.

ok thanks every one for his speach umm im not that good in english but i will try say my point about my country .well i live in upper egypt and im student study engineering . i think u were in wrong place for had such situation with ur wife . and i think no one dare for bother any tourists and about boys are working and its cut ur heart to see this and ask why they dnt go to school.its not true most of us work in vacation . i was work in gift shop and when tourist enter no one from us run for touch her or bother her. just go if she need help. and maybe life would be hard for whom live in sharm from egyptian not tourists .expensive life.i have many friends from russia .ukrain .belrus. america. canada. australia. and no one say such things all of them love egypt and i have friends whom want live in egypt and missing go back to hurghada or sharm .and whom visit egypt for 3 times.and about woman which she thought taxi driver wanted to beat her . u told him something hurt his feeling what u waiting from him to do..i guess he is gental man … u ofcourse misunderstood him but i dnt think he wanted ur bag cuz if he is thieve . he is idiot for do that cuz he sure 100% police wil get him. u just watching american movies 🙂 and dudu ofcourse u would say something like that about egypt if u like israel .. but i want tell u something i watched at tv . russian man taking about isreal people treat them like palestine people till if they are jewish and they tell u if u are not jewish why u come here .they are the most agressive people and news say thats better than me . u just need be in life and know whats going round u . and they call us son of joke cuz we are people whom like laugh and joke with other and when u think about come back please ask some one show u whats mean egypt . and come and live among egyptian u would never see woman live in caged ,u know woman in egypt get work faster then men .i dnt know whats wrong with hijab ,and if u walked in street u will find girls wear it and other not …all u want it see her face … maybe u used to mini skirt 🙂 before u say something about egypt open ur mind for other culture and live like one of them and u will understand our life

It is owful place , i was with my wife on our honey moon and the waiter touch my wife and the mangement told us yes but this kind of thing happen.
i dont care about money or if they charge me extra but no one on the earth will touch my wif
By the way the waiter learn very good lesson after that and the manager of the Hotel

Hi Markbiernat,
I have been to many places but never to sharm. I have friends who could help me when I am there although I am an Arab and ¼ Egyptian, so I can take care of that.
The question is, I am looking for a Russian women for marriage. Should I try sharm with the support I have, Including the availabilities of Russian as far someone said 1000’s or shall I try Crimea rather than going to Russia itself which I could face trouble with the language.
I know all what yall mean about Egyptian people although I don’t like myself but I rather look at it as their way of life or culture thing and yet, I don’t want to looking at any that will damage my goal or waste my time.
So, I will handle it, I know it’s also expensive on average but is it worthd, to find a Russian women? If so, what time’s of the year?
I don’t want to have fun as of the beach or whatever. I just need to find what I will go to.
Many thanks


Thanks for this post.
I was considering going to Sharm El Sheikh for one month but I am not sure. In fact I was thinking of going with my sister who is a tall very beautiful blonde and I am having second doubts. She wouldn’t put up with the stuff from many of the arrogant bastards (she has a serious attitude problem) and would probably scare them off, but I myself couldn’t bear it. I have a short temper for those kind of things and would probably end up in jail after punching a few jerks out.
Anyway I totally understand where you are coming from. I have dated middle eastern and north african girls and it’s always the same. This is how the men are there and it is not just with foreign women. They are irrespectful sleezy and s_xually obessed losers who yearn for my fist.

If I do go alone, however, I was intending on crossing the sinai from Sharm el Sheikh to St-Katharines monastery on foot alone in a single day but are there really that many land mines? I can cross 100km in a desert but I can go through a mine explosion unharmed…

By the way Kiran, I am currently in Canada, so if you want to come by there let me know and I will be glad to show a pretty lady (as you claim to be) around. I am currently in Vancouver but live in Montreal.

And by the way, I am sure Anna was either too old or unatractive if she did not get harassed. Sorry to say but that’s probably what it is.
I also can’t stand haggling for useless things as I get annoyed easily and like to mind my business.

Well I think I probably won’t be going there. Maybe Turkey instead…

Well if you got to Egypt you will be harrassed. Most Polish and Russian girls just ignore it but afterthe first day they are very tired of it and do not want to walk through the lobby of the hotel. However, the guys here are harmless, they are men who have families somewhere and going to the tourist areas to work and meet foreign girls on the side.
To go to the monestary you take a bus, then you can walk it. I was walking only a little off the beaten path and yes there are mines so why chance it. I would not recommend doing this.
If you are religious or interested in history you can get a bus to Isreal also from Sharm. This is worth it.
I guess my question is what do you want to go to the Eastern Mediterranean for? If it is for sun and relaxation, the Greek Islands are the best, and from Rhodes you can take day trips to Turkey. No one in Greece will bother you, they are very family orriented and nice people. If you want exotic, Crimea, beautiful place, great for hiking and even has some Middle Eastern culture there. If you want Middle Eastern culture, Turkey is not as bad as Eygpt for example in terms of guys, but it depends where.
Do not let this spoil your plans, do what you are interested in, in your heart. What you really would love to see.

Ps Montreal is one of my favorite cities, I use to take Yoga classes there.

I see here a lot of pepole trying to show egyptian men who lives and works in Sharm el Shek as Drakola against European woman,but evrybody here had forgotten that a lot of European woman cams to Sharm el Shek because she is intrested to have a boy friend from egypt as they see egyptian man has real and deffrent kind of what does mean man,so a lot of European girls came to egypt to make this target,now i will talk about the European woman which come to Egypt only for holiday and she dont think about egyptian man,this woman knows which kind of culture is in Egypt,she knows well that in egypt woman dont wear a short clothes and dont show them body to the man,so when European woman came to such as country and she knows about its customes and insist to behave as she is in Europe,so sorry is kind of stuped if she get sad when some egyptian man trying to get near from here,from other side i want advise any woman wants to visit Egypt,she must read good about Egyptian customs as kind of respect to the country which she is going to visit,she must read about it,if she come to Egypt for 2 weeks for example then she must to be as Egyptian woman during this week,and belive me if she respect the egyptian woman clothes as way to dress during her visit in Egypt then nobody will touch her and nobody will try even to talk with her but they will respect her because she respect them customs but she insist to bring her European customs with her to Egypt so i think this for a lot of egyptian its mean that she dont respect the Egyptian customs then some of those Egyptian starts to doing some non respectable staff against this woman as reaction that she dont respect the country customs,in the end i dont say that all Egyptians thinking by this way,for example i am one of the pepole who thinking that everybody can say and wear as he or she want if she or he dont heart anybody else,but i am a one who thinking by this way but how many persons thinking as me in egypt 7 or 8 million or even 17 millions of 80 millions livies in Egypt,so there are a lot still thinking regarding to them culture which all of us must respect to get respected.

I am just back from Sharm i am an outgoing girl who thought the guys were ok but I meet a guy who gave me his life story and me being me fell for it i understand a bit about Muslum religion as i have had a Kurdish boyfriend before and he told me all his problems he had no food no accomadation so i gave him food paid for his rent and he told me he loved me me being a silly woman believed him I told him to go home to his family in Cairo as he had shop in hotel with no money coming in I came back to Scotland and for the first 2 weeks he was so nice texting every day telling me he loved me I was over the moon till one day he text me to phone him I did and he told me if he did n0t get money he would be put in jail i asked how much he wanted 700 pounds I told him I do not have that kind of money at the moment as I had paid for my friends holiday also
he was not happy and I have not heard from him since all I can say is be careful girls do not get ed in like me.

Unfortunately I here stories like this often. I think in poor countries people will do anything for money including trying to play with people’s feelings and love. Thanks for the comment on your Sharm el Sheikh adventure.


Late additon to the post I know, but I have just returned from Sharm-El-Sheikh and thought a fresh perspective couldn’t hurt. I should note that this wasn’t my choice of destination and beach/hotel pool holidays are not my type of thing, so judge my comments in that context.

To start with, I was in a mixed group of 20/30 year olds and would say that within the confines of the hotels, the overly tactile approach to women doesn’t seem all that bad.

However, the area itself is incredibly dull, absolutely nothing to offer the traveller looking for even the slightest hint of adventure. As many people have said, it is simply a tourist trap.

I didn’t have the opportunity to taking trips outside of the area, although I have been to Cairo and the upper Nile region before. Sharm has nothing to offer that compares to the history of Egypt proper. If you are interested in this, I would suggest avoiding Sharm altogether, there is more than enough to fill a holiday along the Nile. I can’t imagine a day trip to Luxor would do it justice. I haven’t been to Luxor since I was a teenager, over 15 years ago, but then it was really quite a pleasent place be.

At the moment, Sharm El Sheikh appears to me to be a ‘work in progress’ with little hope of it becoming anything special in the end. The area is littered with unfinished construction projects and everything that isn’t a complete or partially complete hotel, is a rubbish heap.

The local activities offered by the hotels/tour operators are generally poor and best described as ‘fake’. Take for example a trip into the desert with poorly stage managed interaction with ‘Bedouin Tribes People’. All very cringe worthy and tacky.

On a plus point, the diving was enjoyable, certainly a lot of sea creatures and corel to enjoy. However even this is done in an environment where you are surrounded by 15 other boats, each with 40 odd Tourist, all chasing the same turtle. You certainly won’t get that feeling of rarity or exclusivity that makes travelling to exotic places special (at least for me).

In short, if you are looking for a holiday to chill out next to a pool in a hotel, where the weather is good, this could be the place for you. However, you will need to leave your morals at the airport, that is if you have any problems with the ethics of child labour, womens rights and fair pay.

If you want a holiday that provides opportunities for site seeing, any kind of adventure or just something that gives even the slightest hint of that special feeling that ‘you are lucky and in a unique position being able to see this’, stay well clear of Sharm-El-Sheikh. It has nothing to offer you.

Hope this is helpful to anyone thinking travelling there.


Anon (Can’t afford to upset anyone I know)

I visited Sharm in June of this year, similarly to Anon above it was not my choice to go there.

I agree whole heartedly with the original posters’ comments.

Im 22 female, thin, pale skinned, light hair, blue eyes. I did the best I could to conform to the dress codes whilst there, so long skirts, trousers, full sleeved tops etc, however once out of the hotel that was it, I was badgered, shouted at, they’d get aggressive if I refused to go into their shops (I was with my boyfriend btw) they would grab my hands, arms, kiss me it was horrible and my boyfriend even got jealous and annoyed over, something of a rarety as he’s normally so laid back.We actually avoided the market area altogether after day one as the hassle was constant and they would argue with us in the street for not ‘signing their guestbook’ aka a ploy to get you in and corner you into buying something.

Haggling was nightmarish for me personally, I resented paying to go onto a tiny overcrowded beaches and generally felt the same, tourist trap, peice of meat, squeezing every penny from you and most definately bored unless on an excursion.

We both got food poisoning as well.

On a brighter note we did meet and get to know several egyptians who were lovely and the excursions definately made up for the rubbish touristy atmosphere. The snorkelling, quad biking etc was just amazing but I’ve done it now and have no intentions of ever going back.

I like countryside, long beaches, museums and cafes, I’m a Spain or Greece kind of girl. Someone mentioned Sharm being stressful, I would fully support such a view, I felt like crying on a number of occasions whilst there! Surprisingly I hear a lot of good about Sharm but it really depends on what you want from a holiday and I’m not a fan of pure touristy places anyways, although I love spain I prefer small coastal towns like Callella not places like Magaluf and Benidorm.

Sharm I think has potential but currently it needs a massive overhaul.

I do not understand it, Sharm could be such a beautiful place, if it was not for all the hassles you get on ever street corner. The first 3 minutes you get there it is charming maybe, but after that it is exhausting and you just want to run.
But if you can stay to yourself then the sun and food is nice, but there are much better more relaxing places to go like Spain or Greece.

I am just back from sharm el sheikh 4 days ago and i read up about it before i went and comments like those above were noted before i went.
However, once i got there i was pleasantly suprised that all the bad things i heard were nonsense!!
I stayed in Nabq bay which is a new tourist area about 25 min from sharm centre and 10 min from the airport.
The hotels were lovely – yes they may not be 5 star in europe or america and yes there are some building sites but you expect this from an area that is still developing after all, about 15 years ago it there was only a local diving village there and the rest was desert.
Your holiday will be what you make it – if someone says they had a bad time and it is tacky then that is their own fault; what is tacky about somewhere you can do desert safaris on either camels, quad bikes, beach buggies / you can snorkle or dive in one of the worlds best known diving sites with stunning corals and fish like nowhere else in the world ( we seen wild dolphins when we were on a snorkling trip – AMAZING!) – it is also a perfect base to explore the pyramids in ciaro, the ancient tombs in luxor, you can visit bethelehem and go to saudi arabia etc.
there is an old town where you can see the real egypt, a new town if you like to shop, eat, party the egyptian way. there are loads of other strips all over the area which have all the egyptian bazaars alongside TGI fridays / Hard rock cafe etc.
there is also a new area called Soho square that has pubs, clubs, shops, an ice rink a dancing fountain and an Ice bar where everything is made of ICE even the bar/glasses/chairs / statues- not bad considering your in a desert!!!
My hotel was only 4 star;
the pools were massive!! 2 pools – one was cold water with flumes and slides and a swim up bar absolutely huge!!
then there was a heated pool with a swim area and a fun area that was also quite big.
gym / suana / steam room / spa etc.
the buffet food had a different theme every night
there was also 2 a la carte resteraunts one chinese and one italian which was free to book if you wanted a waiter service.
the staff were amazing, the bar staff liked to talk to you, the rooms were cleaned every day, and the guys at the pool would put your towels out for you at your favourite spot if you wanted.
this is all done without tipping – it is your choice if you want to tip at the end of your holiday which i did but you dont have to.
once you go outside your hotel people do hassle you but if you tell them NO they walk away and say have a nice day!
I was there with my girlfriend as a young couple and never felt threatened once and we went out every night.
if you want you can swap your girlfriend for 4 or 5 camels!!! haha which i was offered a few times this is all just the usual banter you will get from any tourist destination.

ive had worse hassle off of english people trying to get you in bars in spain!!

i went in november and our hotel was fully booked and there was plenty of room in the pool – bars – resteraunts and the private beach, 31 degrees everyday not a cloud in sight!!

I stayed in the Tropicana Sea Beach – try it!!

dont listen to bad reviews – your holiday will be what you make it!

Well…..having read the whole post and different views, i can see everyone point.
I live in Sharm, I’m female….single and currently working here, iv lived in various countries across the middle east and have learnt that you must respect there customs and also accept there culture, like previous posters said the majority of these men only ever see western women in movies…and the movies portray a very negative image of western women, the major religion is Egypt is Islam…. so when i visit an Islamic country or a country where the dominant religion is Islam i dress very respectively and modest….of course you will still get attention but it tends to be a lot less aggressive than if i were to where my western clothes…….WHEN IN ROME DO AS THE ROMANS DO !!!

Very rude to assume the majority of English women are corpulent and unpretty looool, shops in England dont stock sizes big as the ones in the USA do….who are you to judge whether someone looks better or is more healthy being over weight than underweight, so i think that’s the pot calling the kettle black..don’t you think,

I agree Sharm is not a place for everyone, and i can see why it would be a stressful holiday for some people……. although i do live here i have no intention on being here for a long time, i will eventually move on and start a new journey, and yes it does get boring, but living and visiting is a different story as we have a good community of expats and socialize very often, also the locals are very used to use who live here so we dont get hassles, also may i add there are alot of fixed price shops to buy groceries…..souvenirs etc…..i.e Carrefour and metro are both fixed price.

The Egyptian people are very friendly once you get to know them, they are very impatient which i find hilarious lol as they will make u wait all day long for them, but they hate being kept waiting, but hey…..

The story above of the woman who met the Egyptian man who wanted her for money only…..yes unfortunately this happens all to often, as in a lot of countries, you just have to keep your wits about you and not be so gullible, some will tell you the most unbelievable stories lol, but on the other hand there are a lot of Egyptian men that are extremely proud and would never dream of doing this to any woman. Just remember not to put your trust in people so easily.

Hey girl are you still living in Sharm? because im planning on living there within a year and would love it if i knew an english-speaking female to communicate with every so often 🙂 Contact me.

I’m off to naama bay tomorrow. I’ve read quite a few of the comments above. I’m a 40 odd year old female so relieved I won’t be bothered by the men. A holiday is what you make it. I’d like to just wait and see. Watch this space. I’ll let you know how I get on.

I am very curious to see your impressions of Sharm el Sheikh. I hope you enjoy the sun and water, in any event your should come back relaxed.

I agree there are better places in the world for a holiday. Sharm is a specific type of destination. Not unlike Benadorm in Spain. Nothing outside the confines of the city and only then to other tourist destinations, where you are ripped off. Like any poor country, the locals are paid poorly and expect to have additional tips. What gets me is that all the places in Sharm charge 12% service charge and then the staff want a tip on top off that. This is a management issue which the tourist suffers from. A place like Sharm is great for UK or European residents who want to laze in the sun. As in Sharm there is little else to do without having to pay exorbitant sums of money, like snorkelling off a boat, diving, etc. Like any place for tourists it will only survive if it is value for money. Obviously after the revolution the place is empty which means there are other places with better value for money. So, in short Sharm will become a ghost town if it continues without providing value for money. Time will tell. As for the men, well it is an Arab country, with different cultures. No like then no go.


Perverted Egyptian men around your partner, disgusting


Your comments on English women, you’re American and your women are the corpulenttest on earth, fact. Beautiful American women, don’t make me laugh buddy.

I read a few of the comments posted on this blog and I feel the need to share my love of Sharm. I went with my best (girl)friend a few years ago and I am absolutely in LOVE with Sharm. We are two attractive young females and i must say I havent been touched or harrassed once. Ofcourse they try talking but for someone who’s well traveled, this is to be expected ANYWHERE in the world. I love everything about Sharm and am even contemplating buying an apartment in Delta Sharm and opening up a business. The people are friendly, talkative and respectful. If you know how to haggle this is the place to be. If you dont get something for the price you want, threaten to leave, they’ll lower the price, trust me. Basically everything during this vacation didnt go as planned, and yes the hotel i stayed in was crappy but this is what made the trip so worthwhile. All bad things that happen on vacations arent always bad, sometimes you need to just shake it off and laugh at the whole experience. And it helps if you have some Egyptian friends who can show you around and teach you about the ways and customs of Egypt. I must say that the friends i made during my first trip, are extremely loyal and good hearted people who i still communicate with on a daily basis. I absolutely LOVE sharm so much its almost like an addiction. I’ve been to Egypt twice now and still havent seen a single pyramid because im hooked on Sharm. Yes the shopkeepers all try to talk you into their shops, but hey, thats what they do… bankers bank and shopkeepers try to keep the shop, its as simple as that. They’re just trying to support their families so I respect that. The diving and snorkeling is great, the clubs are great and the vibe is awesome. You havent lived if u havent been to Sharm 🙂 Any advice from locals on living in Sharm is welcome… have a great day xxxx Alessandra

I see lots of people dis-trust Sharm vacations and they did not like their holiday in Sharm. I am an Egyptian tourleader working in Sharm el Sheikh and let me say that in each country there are good and bad people. Concerning hussling at shops, this happens everywhere like Turkey and Spain so something you can see everywhere and if you just say no thank you they willnot push or force you to buy something. Concerning men approaching women it can happen but not to the extent you said it. Egyptian men are very kind and helpful people and just when you come to Egypt try to dress good and I dont ask men to cover themselves no but do not walk wearing bikini in street just try to wear good cloth. I work with British and each week we have 35 flight so Sharm is a good destination for everyone. In Sharm you have avery nice beaches,you can go safari, you can go to Ras Mohammed national park, diving activities, Naama bay has avery nice night clubs like hard rock cafe and pacha,quads activites is recommened in Sharm el Sheikh and also saint cathrine monastry .and also you can go to Petra or Jerusalem and also the amazing soho square. Concerning tiping,tiping is everywhere in the world you pay tiping at any restaurant or cafe you go so if you have good service pay tipping if not dont pay so tiping isnot obligatory. Finally I see you have a personal experince so please do not force and generlaize ur experince on others, I invite everyone to come to Sharm el Sheikh to enjoy the weather and the activites and see the new Egypt.

Firstly let me say i have been to Sharm El Sheikh many times,im a very lucky girl and am married to a great Egyptian guy,can visit Sharm often
Sharm is ok if you know what you’re doing and can handle the men!
Most of the Russian women that visit there are out for a good time and smile at every good-looking guy they meet-thus giving all other girls a bad name!!U ust have to sit on the beach or round the pool and you can spot the slappers a mile off.
Majority of the men in Sharm will try it on,but there is no need for any guy to paw at a women-threaten then with the tourist police!!!!
Be careful and don’t let any guy touch you, don’t go out alone,go in groups!!
And finally,the guy that claims all british women are ugly and corpulent-2 words for you buddy.

Doug and I have just returned from sharm this week. It was our 4th time at the same hotel. We just love it there. The people are gredat and the staff look after you very well. They work very hard for a little amount of wages. There are not many places to visit in that area and we have seen most of them without too much travelling. OK the beacches are not great in some places. There is a shopping area called Soho which is quite expensive. You can also go to Naama Bay, but go in the evening it looks better. The hotel we were in had many Egyptions with their families and loved talking to us. The Russians were very loud and gready. Not many of the staff liked. There were just a few English people there and they were liked by everyone.

First of all I agree with the posts that say your holiday will be what you make it, as with most things in life.

Sharm might not be for everyone but I for one love it. I have always travelled to sharm as part of a group of 22-28 year old girls, yes you get guys that come up to you, chat up lines n longing looks but you get in most place though (my worst experience being in Spain at 15 because I looked older than I was) In my experience they will chat and make comment but never touch, I find most Egyptians to be very respectful people and it isn’t worth the hassle as they’d get arrested. Even public displays of affection in the street can get married people (Egyptian) a tap on the shoulder and if no marriage certificate they’re arrested.

Yes there are people on the streets thst try to get you into their shops, this is their livelihood and as other have mentioned, this to happens everywhere. English men trying to get you into clubs in ibiza or malia. Damn I even bought a clay jug from a street vendor in Spain when I was 15, because I didn’t have the heart not to. What was I ever going to do with that! lol

Vendors will try to sell you things for a higher rate if they can see your a tourist. Hell I stick out like a sore thumb, tall, white girl with blue eyes n blonde hair. Ppl have been travelling here for long enough and there are plenty of reviews which tell you this so be prepared to haggle. If like me you don’t like haggling, simply ask how much something is and if you don’t think it is worth that, walk out. There will be plenty more shops with the same thing and going to walk out often makes the vendor more likely to drop it to a reasonable price.

As for Sharm being boring again this is what YOU make it. I find it far from boring and I’d consider myself a very adventurous person. Whether it be snorkeling in the fabulous blue hole, driving sand buggies across the dessert at sunrise/sunset, visiting st Catherines, camel riding in Dahab (scary but got to be done), swimming with dolphins in Nabq,clubbing in pacha, hardrock, space or even trying a true Egyptian nightclub like ‘Arabian Nights ‘ I love it all and we always find plenty to do. To those who say once you’ve done it, it’s boring. Try changing it up abit, if you’ve been snorkeling off Tiran, try Ras Mohamed or the Blue hole instead. If you’ve been quad biking at sunrise, try sand buggies or at sunset??

I like to learn about the culture etc of the places I visit, getting to know locals means you get to see the real side of Egypt. You learn how locals live, what they eat, about family life etc I’d visited sharm 4 times before I learnt about Carrefore, metro,24/7 supermarkets, so if as some have said they don’t like haggling, head here they have fixed prices and staff are lovely. You can buy almost anything in these supermarkets, food, toiletries, snorkeling equipment. Getting to know the locals also meant I got to eat at true Egyptian restaurants and food like rice with milk, Aish, baba ganoush, mahshi (my fave) halawa (try the peanut one its amazing) kofta, which are often not served in the hotels. The old market is fabulous for seafood restaurants.

There are other places to visit, like soho square and Hollywood (quite newly built) these aren’t for me as I find them typically ‘English’, having pubs like the queen vic, for me they lack the culture of Egypt but each to their own.

Having visited Sharm 6 times as a tourist I always left feeling like I was leaving my home. So I made it my home in march 2013, after splitting with my bf of three years, renting out my house and leaving my job, I moved out here. Jan 2015 I love it just as much, I’m married and more in love than I have ever been. My job isn’t as good and nowhere near as well paid as I had but for me Sharm is beautiful, I feel more freedom here than I ever did in the UK, I walk the streets alone and at night and never feel unsafe. I’m also three months pregnant and have no fears about my baby being in Sharm. Alot of people see the Egyptians as too full on when it comes to touching children, they mean no harm, family means everything to them and I for one embrace this culture. For those that say women can’t walk alone or without body guards, I do at all times of day and night in public areas, I live about five minute walk from the start of naamas main area and walk to and from naama most days. I also walk a good distance to see friends who live not far from space nightclub, a good 20 minutes walk along the main road and in my opinion I’m in no harm when I walk this alone. There are always plenty of people and security/police around.

I’ve travelled many place and you get similar issues in them all, at the end of the day people have to make a living. A firm No and they will leave you alone. Sorry for the long post but I find the OP very one sided and scary and thats not many people’s experience. YOUR holiday will be what YOU make it, you might not be in the cleanest, most well run hotel but it’s only a Base, you’re with family, friends, loved ones enjoy time with them in a beautiful country, if not and you didn’t like it you’ll know to try somewhere else but make the most of what you’re faced with.

Tips if you do decide it’s for you:
1. Change money here you get a better rate
2. Egyptian people get slightly better rates than tourist so have friends change money
3. Don’t book excursions in the hotel, they are overpriced
4. Buy toiletries here rather than worry about luggage allowance, most brands can be found and just as cheap
5. If you do by toiletries get them from Carrefore, metro, 24/7. pharmacy and hotel prices will be more
6. Get hassle on the street just say ‘no thank you’ or ‘la shukrun’ don’t be rude it’ll only cause them to be rude back.
7. sometimes it’s worth speaking to the promo guys, especially if you like clubbing, they will get better deals than on the doors and again locals can get you good deals on entry prices
8. buy snorkeling equipment in the supermarket, I got stung my first time in Sharm, paying £25 for a mask with a street vendor and have seen them for sale in s/market at less than half this.
9. you can pay anything upwards of £5 to go on a private beach in naama, if your after the snorkelling the public beach is only £1 and just as good if not better in my opinion, some of the private beaches have great bars, good music but poor coral so depends what you want.
10. If your fair skinned like me and coming between march-sept bring your high factor or buy here, October onwards still cordial but I manage not to get burnt with low cream only when sunbathing, when out and about I don’t usually bother.

Happy Holidaying.

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