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My friend Patrick moved from the nexus of the universe in terms of women in Eastern Europe (Krakow Poland) to greener pastures, Belgrade, Serbia. A few months later he reported back the grass is actually greener on the other side of the fence. That was the last I had heard back from him. I imagine two possible scenarios, either, some Serbian girl spun her web around him and now in domestic bliss, or he is sitting in some dimly lite, poorly ventilated basement disco (anytime of day or night) gawking at a Serbian woman dancing around a pole chatting with a new expat buddy (some equivalent of me in Belgrade).

His last words for me when he disappear to la-la land were:

Mark, this place is incredible, it is like the Westernization of Eastern Europe never happened, I can chat up Serbian women on the street with the cheesiest lines, it is the land that time forgot.

Next in only what I could describe as restrained jubilation my friend said ‘I’ve got to go’.

I mean, who thinks of going to Serbia to meet women?

I can tell you: ‘geniuses’, that’s who.

Going to the Balkans gor a wife or true love

  • Croatian coast like South Dalmatia, this is the place to go (Croatia but where Serbs go on holiday) and any small towns and see the tall spruce and Tara mountains (I recommend biking the countryside) – One of my first experiences with girly magazine is when I was a teen, which way predated the Internet. I found a stash of magazines in the woods with my friend George. It featured women of the Croatian coast, and to this day these shapes and signature darker features have stuck in my mind. I am sure the women are all like in their 50s now, but the contours are still in my mind of the wide-hipped Serbians in bikinis. The cities have greater number of girls but you will find more pure in spirit girls in the countryside.

The most successful bohemian way is travel to metro areas:

  1. Belgrade – 1.2m
  2. Novi Sad 231k – Market square
  3. Niš 183k
  4. Kragujevac 151k
  5. Or the countryside

Belgrade nightlife – My guide

Every single one of these has a Facebook page in English. They all have beautiful women and good music it is really just going there. The people on the ground will have no problem directing you there, even if the Cyrillic alphabet is everywhere (I do recommend learning this before you go as it will help I did it with flashcards in a day).

  • National Museum of Serbia – The place to take a date, forget VIP relax discos cab drivers who look like operators recommend, take the high road and take her to an art museum and you will win her heart.
  • Club Slavija – Svetog Save 1 in the Slavija hotel
  • Mr.Stephen Brown – Nemanjina Street near the train station
  • Club Magacin – Karađorđeva 2-4, Belgrade, Serbia
  • Bar Baltazar- Karadordeva 9
  • Scena Cafe Club – Strada Brăilei nr. 134 Galati more of a jazz club
  • Guli – Skadarska 13 a rustic resturant with traditional food and nice waitresses, I speculate picked on other attributes besides serving skills.
Dark hair and classic Slavic looks at a modern Serbian wedding in America.

Serbian dating sites – non existent – Serbians on the web

There are no Serbian dating sites worth mentioning. I have searched in the Serbian language and English and all over. They do not exist. Just go to Facebook and meet Serbs that way.

  • – Use this for communicating with sending Serbian ladies SMS messages for free. Collect some numbers of Serbian girls mobile numbers when on your trip and keep a rapport back home.
  • – News portal with an English interface, nothing but news and a few photos of pretty Serbian celebrities such as Ana Stanic, Emina Jahovic, Svetlana-Ceca Raznatovic or Dragana Mirkovic. They are worth the looking at by the way.
  • – Similar to the above but they actually have a category that talks only about lets just say ‘male-female relationships’.

The modern collective unconsciousness in Serbia with the twenty something generation

Many Serbians are a self conscious about the war twenty years ago. I mean Serbia is such a great country in terms of literature and artistic expression and Serbians feel this aggression was a blemish on their history. It is something they want to forget, the dark side of nationalism. Yes the Bosnians in the Balkans suffered and the greatest way they Serbs can heal this is with spirituality and openness of economics and cultural exchanges.

The Serbians can be proud of Otpor! The resistance movement that help bring change and the thousand years of Slavic history in the Balkans and the deep spirituality of Orthodoxy.

The older population and some Serbian guys in diaspora have a lot of ‘pride’ about being Serbian. They were part of the former Yugoslavia (Southern Slav) it was the only country to self-liberate the from the fascists in WWII. But that was like 70 years ago. Now people from Serbia are more about integrating into the EU and having a better economic future. Right now the economy has tanked all over the world, let’s be honest.

Facts about Serbia not connected with dating

  • Raspberries – The country is responsible for about 1/3 of the worlds raspberry exports (good for when you have a cold by the way or want to lose weight).
  • Cathedral of Saint Sava in Belgrade is one of the largest Orthodox cathedrals in the world
  • Kalemegdan park – connected with the ancient fortress is a place to saunter with a date.
  • Danube river – Largest giver
  • Starčevo and Vinča cultures – For thousands of years dominated the Balkans.
  • Usually close relations with Russia because of Orthodoxy and Pan-Slavic.

Let me know if you have additional information about Serbia you would like to contribute and join the conversation. I am Slavic and live in Eastern Europe but this is one country that is still off the beaten path for me. Which is a good thing if you are looking for non-westernized princesses. I need to develop this section into a more robust resource for dating and girls in Serbia.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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I think Serbian girls are great
and I’d like to establish a contact
with any of them who wish so
and who knows ?

Serbian girls are definitely the hottest. I’d really love to have one and learn more about Serbian culture.

I think Turkish women are beautiful that’s until they take off their make-up usually like most European women. Also I think Turkish society as a whole is not developed economically or in terms of social developement, that is why they should not be allowed into the Euro Zone.

Road master, this is page of Serbian girls. What is your obessesion with Turks? Sre you the foreign minister of EU? let me guess you are Greek.

I had a Serbian girl friend, when I was at Dubai. She was one of my best friends at the time.

I am Montenegrin girl. I can teach anyone who would like to know something about ex-Yugoslavian countries.

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