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Why another blog post about Saudi girls?  Because most websites about Arab women are extreme and usually are disrespectful in one way or another.

What can this post do for you? At the end of this post I give you exact places to meet Saudi girls.

The purpose of this post is to explain what these ladies are like and tell you where you can meet them or at least chat with them for love.

How to understand Saudi Arabian women and culture

First, understand the the country of Saudi Arabia is the center of Arab culture and religion. It is not a typical country. It is like Italy or the Vatican for Catholics, or the Ganges river to the Hindu Indians or Tibet for the Buddhists. Therefore, understand that of course the people who live in this country are going to have fairly passionate views about maintaining the orthodoxy.

The world is a war of competing ideas. Every system of ideas will try to influence another system, whether political or religious or scientific. Each system will have their center, either geographic like the Arabian peninsula in this case, or a paradigm to maintain. The people in the center will be responsible for maintaining respect for their codex at their core. While on the fringe there will be liberalization.

Therefore, there is no freedom of thought in the Kingdom. This is nothing else this place in the world. If you are from any other belief system you have to practice this in secrete or you will be arrested and I do not know what after that. You can not even have a Bible.

The people, I have worked with from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are peaceful normal people. However, the customs regarding women for me are very different than my culture. First, I like women that are humble. However, this humility must not come our of fear, but because they want to be this way. If they choose to be humble and strong, not because they fear that they will be punished by their society, then I can respect them. If a women freely chooses to live in a pious way then I can respect that not matter what her culture is. In fact, some people think the greatest good in life or the Summa is loyalty to your beliefs. However, if she lives this way out of fear, than I can not respect that or the people who rule her by fear.

What are Saudi girls like?

  • Saudi girls are generally chaste
  • Saudi girls are mostly respectful to men, however, they are hot blooded.
  • Arab girls live in the shadows of their husbands, but want more in life than to live in the shadows. Therefore on one hand they want to marry someone in their culture, but on the other hand if you are a foreigner and get them in the right environment then they are very flirtatious. However, flirting does not mean everything, it just means they are open to talking to you if they are single and will smile at you an you might even get her number.
  • Saudi Arabian girls are dark and exotic and have tempting smiles. Some people consider them the most desirable women in the world for marriage and love. They love to dance and their music is very rhythmic. I think in men’s minds the image of a sensual Arabic girl dancing provocatively behind veils is common in our collective unconscious.  An example of a traditional dance (not club or disco) is Mizmar.

How to meet Saudi girls

Of course you can find an Arabian woman anywhere in the world. Many live in France, the UK and the USA. However, if you want to find one in the Middle East and going to KSA the read on.

If you a foreigner in Saudi Arabia read my lips, meet Saudi girls online before you get to KSA. Once you are there, if you are Indian or Pakistani or working there as a guest worker, you will have to know someone to really be able to connect with girls in Saudi Arabia. You need to meet a Saudi girl online.

If you have not connected before you get there try to talk to expat guys. The British and Americans there are in the know about things like drinking and women for some reason. They might be able to tell you the real story. But again if you are not chatting with one before hand you will have to be introduced.

Types of girls in Saudi Arabia

There are Indian girls working in Saudi Arabia in the IT field and Filipino nurses ladies from all over the world. There are about ten million single Arab girls there. I think maybe another two million foreign girls who work there of which about a half million are single and seeking men for love. Filipino girls in Saudi Arabia might be your best choice as it is very possible to meet and chat with these females.  It is recommend if you are looking for something your more accustom to in terms of dating, love and romance.

Chat with Arab and Saudi girls

Try these websites.  They are the ones I recommend as perhaps the most popular with women in the Arabia.

  • – Muslim girls matrimony site
  • Facebook – A top site in KSA as all over the world, screen for geographical location.
  • – I think the best social net working site for Saudi girls.
  • – This is a Saudi chat site. It is free, but you will need to use a translate tool to figure out how to chat on this site.

Riyadh and Jeddah are the largest cities but do not think you will go there cruising for women, the police are everywhere. Mecca and Medina can not be entered by non believers. Even if your intentions are for love and to find a bride, you are in trouble. If you are really in need of meeting a girl fast you are better off meeting a Russian girl in Dubai.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

67 replies on “Saudi girls”

Dear Yona..
Please don’t think all girls want the tall and rich guy. I am sure there are a lot who do but there are also a lot of women who would love to meet and be with someone who can speak his mind as charming as you do. Girls who told you they don’t being around you since your not 6 feet and for that they can’t wear heels, these girls are not worthy of your time !
Look ..I know you know what I am saying is true but I am here only reminding you since I know you are smart enough to know everything I am saying here.

(since I like you really ..I am going to say this so please don’t be offended:) ) …I want to say that maybe you need to rethink about the kinds of women you typically find yourself attracted to. I mean girls who say I don’t want to look funny in front of my friends because my boyfriend is shorter than me is an empty headed person really ..
may this new coming year a testing grounds for those women who don’t usually catch your eye…I am not saying go for the least attractive..but maybe if you find yourself typcially attracted to overachieving women…go for those “normal” ones..:) (in arabic this sentence sounds better 🙂 here in english I am making the over achieving ones as psychos 🙂 ) ..also if you go for the tall ones or short ones ..change..if you typically find yourself going for a certain race or culture..explore the rest…I know you like it up in the NW…but take vacations elsehwere ..michigan…chicago…california ..the list is long ..I am not going to say saudi arabia though you are more than welcome to my house 🙂 but the saudi life is a bit strict more than humanly bearable 🙂
go ONLINE…listen Yona…if I wasing romaticlaly involved now 🙂 I would be tempted to meet you…despite my intial hesitation about pouring my guts here (which I still find it too much …but hey that’s ok hmm 🙂 ) you are so charming with your words ..the way by which you present yourself …and so on…I am sure many would LOVE to get to know you…and FYI arab girls are ALWAYS online 🙂
I wish you the best my friend. …my dad just arrived and I am coming back for a visit to saudi (oh dear…I hope I can survive my family 🙂 )

Shalom/Salaam SaudiGal,

Thanks for your response. I also appreciate your advice and what you have said. And, of course, thank you for your compliments about me.

However, you really don’t understand all that much about me. Those girls I mentioned I was speaking about were not women I was attracted to. Rather, I was giving an example of the mindset and degradation of the morals and superficial, self-righteous characters of women in the society that I live. Yes, I have in past talked with women and asked them if they would be interested in me. Of course, when most girls are so tall around you, it’s hard to find ones who are shorter. Once again, vanity.. I care not about this; trust me!

All these external characteristics mean absolutely nothing to me. And, I rarely ever try to woo a woman to me based on her size, curvature or dimensions. A woman’s character has always been the most essential factor in the type of woman I would love. I am a soul searcher, not a fleshmonger. Many of these rejections occurred mostly online. I do not use dating sites anymore or chat. People there generally care more about numbers (height, weight, degree, income, etc etc) and cannot experience the soul of the person.

As for me, the kind of women I am attracted to don’t even exist around here. I have been celibate for most of my life. I have not dated or attempted to do so for many years. My life more parallels that of a monk or a priest. The women I am attracted to would be traditional, modest, humble, family-oriented and can accept a more religious and spiritually structured way of life. Also, in our religion, we do believe women should be veiled (head covering, not face) and not wear revealing clothing. With respect to this, I would struggle with an American/Americanized woman who wants her hair to flow freely in public and loves her tight jeans. Really, I am looked at by most American women like I am from another century.

As far as traveling around the USA, I think I will save my money and travel somewhere else. I have lived all over the West Coast. I have lived in California, Oregon and Washington. I grew up in Los Angeles. Whether you are in Chicago, New York, LA or Seattle, the culture of the USA is quite repetitious, with only slight variances. Saudi Arabia would be interesting, but I think it may be better I avoid there for now. However, I thank you for the invitation to stay at your house. That is most kind of you :D.

Although, I would love to experience romance, passion and love with a woman, I just have a rather dismal view that it doesn’t really exist in the Western World. With a skyrocketing divorce rate, the masculinization of women and the general moral degradation of society, I feel romance and love are for the movies rather than for real life. Perhaps, I shun the culture and how relationships have more or less decayed into perpetuated feuds and dysfunctional bonds that deteriorate abruptly or linger rancorously.

Now, on a better note, I feel perhaps one day when I have money and some more freedom I can travel the world and I may be able to find a wife or at least be more accepted for who I am in the society. This may not happen until I am past the marriage age. I understand that in these times hardships will arise.

SaudiGal, don’t worry about pouring your guts out here. I have poured my guts out here and humiliated myself beyond belief. So, really it is I who has the shame. You have only presented yourself as a noble, kind and respectful woman. You have certainly won my respect. That is saying quite a bit, as I am not the easiest man to gain respect from!

Well, I understand you are in a relationship now. If things do not work out, well I would be so happy to meet you. SaudiGal, I am every bit as excited to get know you as I hope you are to know me. I would be so honored to have you as my date, even though dating may be against both our cultures. It would be my great fancy to share my soul with a woman which I feel spiritually congruent. If you come I know great place for tea/coffee. Very traditional, not Starbucks junk. I love good conversation over tea. Being Saudi, perhaps you prefer the strong Arabian coffee? 😀

Well, I am sure some other American prince will find you before me.. This is all wishful thinking. But, what do I have lose anyway? 🙂

Have a nice and safe trip back home to Saudi Arabia. I am sure you will survive the family. It is nice to have family who cares about you. Perhaps, you can appreciate the pros and cons of both places you have been now.

Shalom Aleichem/Salaam Aleykum

Oh my dear are a very kind person…thank you:)
please don’t be this nice to me 🙂 because I may get addicted to coming here:) …khalas ya Yona (in arabic this means enough Yona …but this is in saudi arabic 🙂 ) your offer is VERY tempting (how in God’s name did you know I love strong coffee:) ) but this would not be fair to the person I am with right now. This man as I said has truly been so good to me and I respect him and care for him a lot.. I want to see how this goes with him.

but yona…dear..I am so honored that you think of me highly and I admire your courage since standing up for one’s principles despite the society that surrounding you is not easy
You are a man of a strong well ! family. I love my mom…but she still thinks of me as her own baby girl. culture is very family oriented and this is good and bad if you know what I mean:)

Yona..take care of yourself.
Have a great night.

Dear SaudiGal.. I am very sorry that I was being so nice to you :D. I will try not to be in the future, although it may be hard. 🙂 Also, please do not be addicted to coming here, although I do enjoy your presence :D.

Anyway, if you are in a relationship and have found a man you love, please don’t let me stop you. I am very happy you have found somebody and I really do hope it works out. Certainly, you must give him a chance and see how things work out. Love is precious, as well as sacred; please always remember that, through the hard times and the times of joy.

I do think highly of you SaudiGal. We need more women like you here in USA. Most of the women here are like the walking dead. They think they are alive, but in reality they are dead souls who suck the life out of good men. You are an inspiration to the good men in this country to keep living and have hope, because now we know there is still loving and kind women out there on this Earth. Although, few and far between.

As far as my life, well this is what God has chosen for me. I must live for my God, not for women, and not to please the selfish hearts of mankind. Sometimes I wish I could have had a different life, but this is what I am. Most likely I will walk this Earth as a monk the rest of my days. I don’t really see myself in the 21st century living the normal family life. I wonder how I can even raise children in this society. Many times I wish the N_zis didn’t exterminate our village in Belarus/Russia. I think I would have liked to live there. I do desire the traditional life, having a farm and the family at home. I am a villager at heart, despite being stuck in the city for so much of my life.

Have a blessed trip. OF course, every father and mother thinks their child is still their “child” :D. If I had a daughter, I would probably be very protective of her. If you want to know the truth, I’d be terrified if my daughter went alone to USA if I did not live there. As I said, I have a traditional mindset. So, I know how she feels. It is great that you are family oriented in your culture. I hardly ever see most of my family. In America, most families separate and don’t really spend much time together. There is advantages, but also disadvantages.

Shalom v’Ahavah (Peace and Love)

Saudi Girl I know that the saudi way is very weird when it comes to romance but also I dont like the American way its too much open but u seems u like it. From wht I understood tht u r living in the US so maybe u have get used about it. for me a bit romance with some limit is the best way. A lebanese way is acceptable to me :).

I actually agree with Hassan.. Americans are too open with their romantic pursuits. This is a s_x crazed and culture that indulges in superficial love fantasies. Modesty, virtue, culture and religion are traits that are antiquated.

One reason I remain single is it is against my culture to date or mix with women. Oh well, at 32 I am thinking of bending the rules, but mostly likely I won’t. I will either never marry or go to a country where relationships are more traditional.

Hassan.. I never said I liked the more opened approach to romance. Actually if anything…I remember I mentioned that I was more at the shy side…
between the far left and far right….there are endless shades in between…I guess there I may belong.
I am not sure what the labanese way in romance…I would love to know though if you could kindly explain that to me/us. I used to have two labanese friends (girls of course)..they taught me how to speak labanese arabic and because I am , in the arabic culture, considered white..sometimes I am mistaken for a labanese woman. well…so let me know how to behave like one 🙂

Saudi Girl when I mentioned the lebanese way I meant something in the middle. Well I dont know if u are aware about lebanese culture its somewhere between the western and the eastern culture, In my country u have a lot of freedom but with some limit to explain it more I ll give u an example. You ll find a lot of girls dressing in the western ways, mini skirts pikinis and other sexy stuff but none of these girls will accept a relation before marriage, and the reason lebanese guys are agreeing to such beliefs cause we respect our girls and we understand that they want stability in their life not quick fun relations like americans, and in the same time we will not judge a girl by wht she is wearing like ur dear saudi guys who think tht every pikini girl is a bitch u dont need to act as a lebanse girl its just u have to be smart strong personality and choose ur prince in a carefull way, for guys who want to have fun: before trying to approach any girl just remember that u have sisters if u accept that they ll be used as pleasure machines then go ahead and act like a player but I doubt that any guy will accept tht.

P.S. Saudi girl I appreciate if u mention ur name ( coz I feel am talking to a machine)

Thank you for your explanation. I think you have every right to think that this approach is better. saudi arabia guys do judge by looks which is a shame really. there are many girls who dress traditionally but are far from traditional modest ways if you know what I mean…and certainly there are those who like to express themselves via cloths and they are the sweetest girls..
No you are not talking to a machine. It is a real woman…wallahi ..a real saudi woman. Sarah is my real name (nothing special about it..I know it is too comoon everywhere !)…but in the US I write it Sara 🙂
dont come asking for my measurements next time…cus that you won’t get very easily (kidding 🙂 )
I will sign off on this page.
Love to all
special message to Yona..You are so special !
PLZ dont give in…be yourself and I think the woman who ends up being with you is really lucky.
Salam to all.

Shalom/Salaam Sarah.. That is a very special and holy name to our people. It is a Hebrew name (שָׂרָה = Princess), so I am amazed that a person from Saudi Arabia has it as well. Perhaps, because she is the mother of Yishma’el.

Our culture is quite strict with the dress, but the non-religious people of my culture dress as wild and western as any other European or American. However, wearing bikinis or revealing clothing is highly frowned upon. Yes, there are sweet girls dressed in clothing that may be viewed as lascivious; whereas, there may be some cold-hearted or loose-moral women disguised in conservative attire. However, we believe that clothing that promotes s_xually stimulating thoughts indeed tends to mask the true and more beautiful inner being of the girl which is clouded by the more provocative clothing.

You are special to Sarah. Kol Ha Kavod.. Please know my prayers and best wishes are for you and your boyfriend or potential husband-to-be. I hope you have a loving and fulfilling marriage.

A truly loving, loyal and humble woman is a rare gem in our American society. I am sure places like Lebanon and others, the women are raised in more traditional and strict culture than America. Hassan is right, things are very loose here. I have talked with some Lebanese girls who may look a bit liberal in dress, yet I was shocked at how more conservative their attitudes where than even some of the so-called good church girls I met here in USA.

L’Tov uL’Chaim uL’Shalom

The conversation about relationships with Arabian women are interesting.
I must say that am lost between the very conservative traditional eastern way of getting married and the superficial, hyper-physical-driving western way in relationships.
As an Arab girl I not not like either extreme, My conclusion is I guess I am going to stay single forever.

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