Saint Petersburg girls – Break the cycle of loneliness

Why Saint Petersburg girls are different and I would go for them if I were not married?

Nothing is so necessary for a young man as the company of intelligent women. – Leo Tolstoy, War and Peace

To understand the subtle nuances of Saint Petersburg women you need to understand the history of the imperial capital of Russia and the climate that shaped their mind. These girls are not for everyone. I would say they would not appeal to your Joe average. They might only appeal to 1% of the single guys out there or less.  Their appeal to me is connected to the genesis of my psychology in my formative years, a life of pain, loneness and rejection.  Read on and see if they apply to you.

Women in Northern Russia around St. Petersburg have a more somber dreamy mentality.

Saint Petersburg was built on the back of conscripted peasants

It is said the hardship these indentured surfs  suffered to build the Petrine city, embedded sorrows in its corpulente. Saint Petersburg with all its beauty, is a city encased in a frozen veil of tears and suffering. However, hardship raises one’s awareness in life. When pain and lament overwhelm you, awareness and compassion elevate you,  like a city from the bog.  Which one of you reading has not felt this (in my correspondences with readers of this site, they are universally more sensitive and aware).

Life is pain, life is fear, and man is unhappy. One loves their life, because one loves pain and fear. – Dostoevsky

These are the people I pass on the street in Saint Petersburg. The residence are not like the people of who attend Carnival in Brazil or an Ibiza nightclub, live in pretentious London, or some opinionated, spoiled, base woman in the USA. The people and faces in Saint Petersburg, not only show a seriousness, but the belief that suffering is good for the soul, even a path to redemption.

If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is, Infinite. – Blake

Wow, what a mind trip to be around a princess model ballerina who really believes this. That is, a girl who really looks at life around them with eyes, where the lens of perception have been cleansed. Even if you do not know it, this is what you want in life? A muse to inspire you. A partner who you can experience beauty and transcendence with.  This is love. Is this not the theme of romantic literature and art?

The average girl on Nevsky Prospect does not look flashy, but if you look at her close she has a reserved rustic beauty.

Once her psychology has been formed in or around the Northern Part of Russia, it is hard to change this.

Will your girlfriend be corrupted if she leaves Russia?

Once a girl is over twenty something years old, even if she were to leave her snow princess landscape of her youth, and move to sunny Florida, her outlook on life will not change radically.  The impact of the culture has already been imprinted deep in her.  Yes, there are shallow scammy women in SPB, like in every city of the world, including the cornfields of Kansas; however, with proper screening you will not have a problem.

If you take women from Saint Petersburg and they immigrate to the US or UK they will not be corrupted.

You will take home a wildflower from the North, whose colors are not gaudy or intoxicated with overgrowth, like the broad leaf jungle of singles in the US. Rather a singular note or shade that is rare, existing in a lonely northern landscape.

I agree with Tolstoy quote above. And nothing is so unhigh as being with, laying next to, or spending time with an unintelligent female. Give me a mousy girl, plain Jane, normalite  from SPB with depth any-day over an American or UK girl.  In Saint Petersburg you do find primitive women, but it is all about the ratio or classic/primitive that  is relevant.

The city is far enough away, and where there is a barrier to entry for non CIS counties citizens, that is a visa. Therefore, it has not been over run by over-texted (meant to write another word) western guys swinging though.

People say Russia is corrupt and bankrupt.  No that would be the West, if you are talking morals.

When to chase girl in Saint Petersburg?

Meeting women in the summer is fine if you focus on parks, but I prefer the winter as psychologically people are look to be rescued from the darkness.

In Winter there is no dawn and no sunset. Around 10 o’clock you can see some light peaking though the grey sky cover. Snow muffles sound. It is a silent frozen world.

The last trip I took to St. Petersburg was in November. People thought I was crazy to travel in November, but I felt this captured the mood of the city the best.  I also feel people come together in a closeness and look for someone to hunker down with. No one wants to spend Christmas alone.

How to get girls in Eastern Europe?

I advise be a literary traveler.  That is really learn the literature of the country you are in. This way you will pull out words that will trigger whistles and bells from their subconsciousness. You will score big points on the cultural. Taping into this unconscious well, overrides any dominating Alpha man type theories you might harbour. If you speak their language on an unconscious level, the level of myths and fairly-tales, you will win their heart.

If you want to romance anyone, send any books or web posts, on flirting and picking up girls, you might have been reading straight to the recycling bin. There is only really one way to meet a woman and sweep her off her feet. Speak the language of her subconscious fantasies and dreams. If you are not successful with women this might be the reason. That is you are not speaking to their deepest dreams and the unspoken prayers of their heart.

If you want to change the world, you have to change the metaphor.  – Joseph Campbell

If you know Joseph Campbell’s The Power of Myth, than you know what I am talking about. If you do not know this book or what I am talking about read up on it. You need to be the hero of your own story, your own romance. This translates in concrete terms to this: Have the archetypal appeal of someone dressed cool, but understands fairy-tales that these girls live by,  and not just mention the stories or speak about them intelligently, rather live them on this elevated plane, and you will win a girls heart. Every girl wants a hero. The question is finding the fantasy world she lives in. Do not believe me?  Do you really think I would have any trouble going there any day of the week and meeting authentic women from Saint Pete? I am no different than you are.  I just wear Hollister clothes have a stylish hair cut and spend my free time listing to classical music, playing chess and reading the classics. If you are lonely only two reasons, your style is not cool enough or you do not understand the importance of transcendence in love.

Meet women on the street or Moskovsky train station, it does no matter just get their mobile number

Where do you start if you want a Rus girl?

If you can not read, watch movies like:
Doctor Zhivago
Sergei Eisenstein: Ivan The Terrible
Attack on Leningrad

  • Better is to read every Russian fairy-tale you can and try in your imagination to fantasies about you being in them and altering them.

These are three I personally recommend and catch a little of Russian culture

I can recommend:

  • Any books by Tolstoy, Chekhov, Solzhenitsyn, Dostoyevsky
  • You can also sit anonymously in the back of an Russian Orthodox church. You do not have to engage in conversation and if someone asks just say you are here to observe and experience.
  • Listening to Tchaikovsky or liturgical chants of the Russian Orthodox church, on Pandora for example.
  • The book 900 days by Harisson E Salisbury
  • Read everything you can on the history and culture of Russia and stay away from people making stereortypical females in Russia Youtube videos, they are the lowest common detonator.

Seems like a lot of work?  Like I said, these Saint Petersburg Princesses are only for the 1%.

If you go to a country without reading incessantly about their culture, it is like going to an exam and winging it. This is real life, not school so the stakes are even higher, you want to be prepared. Therefore, study up before you go.

Historical legacy of culture

SPB was the capital of the Czars and princesses. In historical capitals there is an emphasis on art,literature, music and a classical education, even if through osmosis. These things are in the air, and perminate the collective unconsciousness of the residence. To the average girl on the street even mentioning

For example, to be in the city of the Hermitage or Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood, or ballets, you can not help to transcend ordinary life, especially since economically Russia is not prospering under the current oligarchy. Growing up you around objects of art and beauty your mind starts to probe and elevate beyond the here and now.

Analogously if you grow up in a house where they played classical music you would be attuned to higher ideals.

If you grew up in a place you felt painfully alone in a harsh environment far removed from the mainstream, perhaps you can relate.

The city itself was expanded on an elevated marsh by Peter the Great. This in itself is a form of doing something great rather than practical.

For Russians it is a city of historical romanticisms in the 18th and 19th century understanding of the phrase.

How is my psychology analogous and maybe yours?

The cold and dark, I lived in and sufferings of my youth, differentiate me.  I grew up in on the side of a wintry mountain in New England, with a situation that was beautiful but also hard for various reasons psychologically. I used fantasy to escape my reality.  If this was your coping mechanism than Saint Petersburg is your place.

The Edgar Allen Poe picturesque landscape of my mind combined with religion, made me more romantic and dreamy. Similarly in Saint Petersburg the swings of dark and light combined with the extreme cold and cloudiness, bathed in the air of romantic idealism affects the brain of the girls living there. The are long legged cordial models but on the inside they are different than anyone single girl you would find in the West.

Think about it, I live in Florida now and for me to be happy I just step outside. In America, everything is there and at your figure tips ready to make you happy from strip malls to sunshine and the school system tell you everyday “we are all winners”.

In contrast when I lived in Eastern Europe under a veil of clouds and darkness, and poverty, the human brain would seek stimulation to make itself happy. Therefore, you have to create your own happiness not by going to the mall but ut though a fantasy or a book.

I would have to find it in intellectual pursuits like chess or reading or taking a trip in my imagination.  This is a similar effect on women in Saint Petersburg.

Where to meet the cordial girls of Saint Petersburg Russia

  • Nevsky Prospect, Passage Shopping Center is particularly good
    The train station ( I know it sounds sleazy) the the metro are all legitimate places to meet women, by just ‘meeting them by accident’ on the street. The station is beautiful it was design by Konstantin Thon in 1851. Many students go to and from Moscow from here and further to Crimea.
  • Any park including the Summer Gardens (czar’s), Michael gardens Alexander garden and Leningrad Zoo.  Summer and fall is best, when the weather is good or the university studenki are in town.
  • 5/2 Kuznechny Pereulok at the Doloyesky museum
  • The best dates you will find not in a club or a bar, but going here:  http://www.hermitage this is truely a retreat for the reflective. I saw the original Rembrandt Prodigal Son there.   Something we can all relate to. At the bottom of our moral depravity we have hope. It is worth going there just see paintings like that. The museum was protect during the war with around the clock fire brigades stationed on the roof.
  • Passage Shopping Center

The race is on
When you are going to Russia, Russians are open minded as the Soviet Union was a multi-ethic empire. Xenophobia is not ubiquitous, contrary to what people might portray Russia as. If you know about the Tartars and the Soviet Union you know, much of the history of the Eastern Slavic people was about Eurasian mixing. That being said, if you are of African, Indian or Middle Eastern origin for example, you might want to be aware that ethnic Russians might not be as open to dating you.  Like any social group acceptance is higher with people they have a history with, that would be Asiatic peoples, however, African (Alexander Pushkin their national poet was part African) or Pakistani are not as much in the context of their history.  Therefore, Saint Peterburgians might be friendly on the streets (or not), however, to take you home to Mama, I think you have a challenge. But is this different than any other culture?

Day to day interactions
Russians in Saint Petersburg do not invest time in pleasantries. They are matter-of-fact, I think it is to preserve energy as it is so cold and dark.  When you see a smiling person with cargo shorts, it is most likely and American.

A note on the siege of the city

To further, change the mentality of the residence, the  900 day siege during the Second World War that was the worst siege in history by any measure.  The only supply line to Leningrad was the Road of Life, from the shore of Lake Ladoga.

The Russians are specialists in ice so they were able to give limited supply to their citizens through a supply line over the frozen lake.

I will not detail the mass starvation, and hardship, you can read about this yourself. However, the cities population suffered untold pain before it was liberated buy the Soviets.

There is a saying that the effect was, the people of Saint Petersburg are remarkably compassionate and sweet as a result. Frequently people who undergo suffering develop a compassion for others. Even though the war was two generations ago, this awareness of of life is passed on. The people you talk to from there have a shy and gentle nature.

Art museums and cultural sites are magnets for classy females in Slavic countries Look how long this girls legs are. I noted a number of unusual positive physical attributes on women there I do not often see elsewhere. Perhaps it is the mixing with the Nyenskans.

Some extra points to know about Peterburgians and the city

  • Neva river the bridges go up at midnight and are not accessible until 4 am.  Many nights partiers sleep on the river bank in the summer waiting to get across.
  • The Metro in St. Petersburg deeper than anywhere in the world, coupled with Moscow as they were built as Nuclear fall out shelters during the cold war, and filled with Soviet style realistic art engravings Worth a trip and you will sit next to many pretty girls. I never take cabs in foreign cities, what a waste. The bus, metro and Uber if you have to are the best ways to meet women.
  • Drinking – Intoxication is a sin. However, if that is your thing, any Russian girl can out drink you no questions asked, do not even think about it.
  • There is a higher proportion of students in SPB per capita of population than anywhere in Russia
  • City are use to be known as the Leningrad Oblast.
  • The city is on the banks of the Neva, gulf of Finland and the Baltic.
  • Great finds of raw Amber can be found on the shores of the Baltic, even I have collected them.  There use to be a trade route to Egypt.
  • There is an over night train to Moscow if you want to do an excursion. I have been on this and it is safe.
  • If you want to do some soul searching in English there is the Catholic Church of St. Catherine on  Nevsky pr. 32-34. They sometimes even have American Priests.

Clubs to meet girls in Saint Petersburg

There are a number of general travel sites with clubs lists for St. Petersburg, ignore them they are just lists by people who have never been to the city.

If you must go to clubs here is the list I recommend:
Metro – this club is on Ligovskiy pr. 174, Ligovskiy Prospekt. It is a bit descant for me, but it is exciting to see so many beautiful girls in one panorama.

You do not turn because you do not want to miss the next one.

This is a three story club.

Fish Fabrique on Ligovskiy pr. 53 Retro style basement club with an artisitic spin.

Money Honey is John Wayne meets Saint Petersburg – plus a lot of live entertainment for an unusual nightlife in Saint Petersburg. Apraksin dvor, korpus 13, Nevskiy Prospekt metro

Places to eat are almost equivalent to discos in picking up ladys so choose your establishment right. These Russian equivalent to dinners, do not go to fancy ones, rather the ones the students go to.  For example, Na Zdorovye – На Здоровье on Bolshoy Prospekt, 13 3rd floor. Metro: Sportivnaya. Another one is the Green Room -Зелёная Комната on Ligovsky Prospekt 74 Metro: Metro: Ligovsky Pr.

I usually go to the store and buy yoghurt and herring for example if I am on a budget and hit on ladys in the market. You have to see every moment an opportunity to get the cell phone number of a Russian girl. Once you have that, you can snapchat her into submission.

Additional resources of the City of Peter the Great:

City of St. Petersburg official site

Phone numbers will look like this: Тел. +7(812)  Whatsapp is popular so if you want to get Russian girls whatsapp numbers, let me know.

Стоп – (that is stop in Cyrillic)  Do not just leave here,  like this post on Facebook, or ask a questions, any questions about females in St. Petersburg.

Have a question about finding a wife in St. Pete, ask and I will give my best reply.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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