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The purpose of this post is to tell you why and how to use the Russian video site The last post I talked about Russian girls photos and gave you a website which is perhaps the best to see pictures of normal Russian ladies. That is photos that are not from some  dating site with over photoshoped pictures.

In this post I will recommend another website that site is, it will is where Russian women upload videos. Normal videos uploaded of normal Russian girls.  Not videos with the intention of dating or trying to sell anything.  Rather free short films and movies for the fun of it.

Why would you want to watch Russian women videos? I think for fun. If you are a single guy and want to know what real Russian women think, act and look like, than is your site.  Here you will not find images that you might see on a Russian dating site, that have been produced with almost professional quality with the intention of selling you, but real short .flv files with home cameras.

The problem with non professional Russian girls videos

If you simply go to YouTube, many of these videos are uploaded by students or younger people. I think many of them are not very intellectually stimulating. I think the best videos, even if you are looking at females for fun, need to have some intelligence to them. The Russian site I will recommend will have this.

The best short movie clips are something like, a simple Russian girl telling about her life and what it is like where she lives, for example in Moscow or Siberia or St. Petersburg or some small village in Russia or on of the reblublics.

For me, this simple conversational format, by ordinary people is interesting.  That is, not a professional film, but not a silly teenage video rather something that is subtle, raw and appeal to the intellect. However,  if it is a video about some partying girls or being silly or trying to act too sensual, then it is over done and very boring.

An example of a poorly done, but very popular video series but together by a Russian girl on youtube is this. .  Alternatively you can watch her on her website

Watch this hotforwords YouTube channel.  You will find a pretty Russian female ( I think she is what I would call a Soviet girl, that is no ideals), talking about an interesting subject, that is langauges. Her name is Marina Orlova However, it is a  poorly done series of short clips, because she tries to be sensual. Watch this hotforwords channel and you will see these and you will see how boring it is.  She is a pretty lady but too over done and does not know how to be subtle.

However, she is a hit and many people like her. She has used her brain to target a market, so hats off to her, but she is not for me.

These types of videos in my mind are too much cream and not enough milk.

What you want in a video that gives you just small drops of succulents sweet milk. The best ones are the ones that give so little, of what you are hungry and you can almost taste what you want, but you are still hungry for more. They will not give them these drops of white milk in an obvious way, but in a way that they have to work for.

For example a normal Russian or Ukrainian women modestly dressed and talking about something interesting like science or history. Next you notice her and say, gee wiz without that big sweater. In other words, this smart, humble girl,  I think she could have a shapely body, but I am not sure. She is someone I could be friends with or date. Not some women who has tempting clothes or too overtly suggestive (or in my opinion she should not be suggestive at all). One a good Russian girl video she should exurb sensually behind the mask of ordinary. girl here is not the type of video you are looking for.

The secrete of why Russian women get men

It is not because they are hot models, but because they are modest, humble, highly educated nice girls with long legs. This combination of educated humility who does not hassle you makes them irresistible. is the best Russian video website

The video site you want to check out is It is one of the largest sites in Russia.  If you go to the site you will it is in the Russian language.  No problem.  to the right on the side bar is a Russian word Категории.  This means categories in Russian.

You have two options at this point.  You can either run the site through an online translate tool or you can simply try to navigate the site in Russian.

Here is a translation of the list above for example.

I prefer to stumble around the site in Russian because it is more fun to figure out. Once you know a few Russian words it is not hard, even with a different alphabet.   If you see video icons of girls then you know this category is about girls, if you see  images of exotic places you know it is about travel.

However, if you do not want to do this try an online translation tool.

I use ‘netvideohunter’. This is a Firefox addon downloader if I want to download the clips to my desktop.

The advantage of

Think if it this way, because it is in the Russian language, you will be viewing videos that people in the English speaking world do not view.  These are real Russian girls uploading normal videos.

Let me know what you think of my post about Russian women videos  on  I want to be a resource and give you something that you can use.  If you have any other Russian videos site you think might be of value let me know.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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