Russian women style

Style of Russian women

I am an American living in EE (Eastern Europe), and I have been able to contrast styles of Western and Eastern Women, specifically Russian women style. When I talk about Eastern I am really talking about Russian women, as it is debatable if Polish people are Western or Eastern, however, I could for sure say they are Western in Style. When I was living in Boston I could spot a girl from Russia a mile a away. Just like people can see I am a foreigner here. My blood is 100% Slavic, I think I do not act different, but still people can spot that I am a foreigner. I think it might be my style. So is the case with Russian women and style.

I would have to say that Russian women style is much more natural and simpler than Western women, than lets say American women. American women have a lots to spend on their looks, even the women who want the natural look, spend money to create the natural look. I am not saying this is bad, its just a different style. Russian women have less color in their hair, less color in their clothes, preferring nature colors, greys, blues and greens for example, but darker not bright. Russian women also have less designer name clothes and bags and shoes.  They do not wear expensive clothes but more often jeans and a top and often sneakers.  They wear more natural material like leather, even fir, wool.  Western women have more combination of cotton and synthetic materials that are brighter and baggy, very lose and baggy or layer.  Russian style tends to me more tight fitting and provocative and sometimes has a primitive look.  So with less money they do more, Russian women wear very tight clothes that show off their assets. For Russians that have a little more money, I see a lot more Gothic, rustic, primitive/sensual looks than styles in the west. The irony here is, over all I would say that the average Russian woman is not looking to have anything more than a romantic boyfriend and to get married and raise children. I do not know if western women have the same dreams and to the same extent. So I would say that Russian women style is not to attract men, but her man.  If you want such a woman, a romantic Russian woman it would not be a bad idea to check out my post on free Russian dating and learn Russian. I am curious about your observations on this post, so please comment, on Russian women style. I think its interesting to contrast cultures.

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  1. Yes, the Russian women definitely have a much simpler and sexier style than their western sisters. In addition to the fact that most have less money to spend on their attire, consider the fact that a full 25% of American women (and I am sure this stat will hold true for the UK and at least several other western countries) are considered obese. Of course this still does not stop some of these women from trying to show all!

    Western women do not have the same dreams. Our women, unfortunately, have been brainwashed by the ideas of feminism. Many women think that in order to compete with men in the workforce they need to become more aggressive and almost become like men. This in turn severely reduces their femininity and is a real turn off to American men. In fact, many American women dream more about succeeding in their chosen career and then, ‘maybe later,’ about having a husband and family.

    1. I really like Russian women’s styles, but I really just had to comment in order to comment on something Joseph R. said. I am an American woman and I am not, nor have I ever been obese, I have always dressed tastefully and when I finished college the first thing I did was marry my long-time boyfriend. I live for my husband and children, so don’t generalize, OK? ‘Cause really, I could say that I married a Chinese man because most Western men are culturally deprived party hardy cheating “social drinkers.” (But I wouldn’t dream of of saying that.

  2. I actually feel that these Russian women have alot more style to be honest! Coz they were held back by a political system that stifled imagination and creativity. Now that they are largly free of this overwhelming nasty communist system, they’re making up for lost time and enjoying it. I think US/UK women could actually learn a great deal from them. US/UK women have sadly lost their way in this world and have certainly been brainwashed by deluded feminist doctrine!!!

    US/UK women have totally lost their identity, they’d much rather dress for their friends than for a man or partner. Something tells me these US/UK women would rather have a relationship with another woman than a guy! They certainly do not show they really want a guy do they? The main problem facing US/UK women today is: Insecrity, selfishness and delusion that us men like what they’ve become. But this one for sure does not and wants to put as much distance between them and I as possible. They today are a really big embarracment and liability to any decent man, whether it is outside or inside a realtionship.

    The reason Russian women have better dress sence and style is a simple one. They have been reared in a more sophisticated and classy way, they have been reared with higher morals and values that their western counterparts and they take alot more pride in themselves and their appearance because they actually love men and want to respect men, get a man, date a man and actually keep a man on her arms! US/UK woman would be expediant to head what Russian women are up to and drop their clapped out old stuck up, unapproachable, outdated feminist rubbish and start looking and acting alot more classy and feminine. After all they are supposed to actually be female! Sometimes I do wonder.

    This is my take. Take it or leave it.


  3. I have been married to a Russian woman for 10 years and have been in Russia and the Ukraine many times. Russian woman dress much better than American woman because they don’t spend money on cars or house payments, so they do spend money on clothing. Russian woman are very domesticated unlike American woman who are more materialistic. I have dated many American woman and couldn’t find what i was looking for. I don’t think I could ever date another American again.

    1. Russian women spend more on clothes and less on food and that as a dual effect of making them thin beautiful and frugal. American women have a different priority when it comes to their expenditures. Thanks for the comment (just not caps) and I have another part of this website you might be interested in. it talks about this issue.

  4. Over the past 5 years I’ve made some great friends with some Russian women since we have a large community here. A difference is definitely style and manners, which has fascinated me so now I can spot a Ukraine or Slavic woman right away. I’ve taken note of this classic, feminine style and adopted it for my three beautiful daughters and I’m in the process of educating them in how to dress and conduct their manners (as well as myself). There are some American women who already are like this but are few. Most I see wear mannish, baggy, bright and gimmicky clothing. And they talk so loud. I’m not putting my country down, there are some great women here, but MOST Russian women I see have it put together, and I appreciate what they have to offer us.

  5. I have to disagree with the statement “Russian women have less color in their hair, less color in their clothes, preferring nature colors, greys, blues and greens for example, but darker not bright.” I think this makes us sound boring and that isn’t true. I am from Moscow and my friends and I don’t necessarily prefer natural colours to bright ones. We love to dress up, and dye our hair, and use colour! I think that we just do it in a more sophisticated way than American girls. Russian girls are known for their natural beauty, not for wearing natural clothes.

    Also it is quite opposite sometimes for “not wearing expensive clothes”. We do not spend money on expensive/fancy apartments or cars, so we have more to spend to buy nice clothes because it is important to dress this way. I also love brand names, especially for purses and other accessories.

    “Russian woman is not looking to have anything more than a romantic boyfriend and to get married and raise children.” This on the other hand, very true 🙂 There are more women then men in Russia, so we present ourselves as well as we can so we can get married and have a family!

    1. I completely agree with you, Maria! I’ve been living in Ukraine for 2 years (in a city very, very close to the Russian border) and fashion here is very colorful. Obnoxiously flourescent colors were very popular this summer and even though it’s fall, most women still dress with splashes of red or other standout colors. Sure, some women wear natural colors but it’s not a majority of the population. Many women in Ukraine also dye/highlight their hair… and older women sometimes choose bluish or purplish shades (not sure why?). And you’re right on about spending money on fashion too! It’s very important to look nice.

  6. I am an American woman of Russian and Irish heritage, raised in the U.S. Midwest. My Russian-American mother had elegant taste and great style. She taught me from an early age, to look feminine and wear the best clothing I could. I moved to Los Angeles after I married, to an area highly populated with Russian immigrants. I was shocked and dismayed at the style of the Russian women living there. They dyed their own hair in awful shades of brassy blonde or burgundy reds. They wore far too much makeup, and cheap ill-fitting clothing in gaudy colors. I was embarrassed to be thought of as Russian, as everyone seemed to think they were tacky tramps. Most Americans have not traveled abroad and judge other cultures by the immigrant populations they are exposed to, hence the stereotypes. This is a great shame because it keeps American stuck in their superior attitude, and discourages cultural exchange.

    1. Do not worry about these Russian girls with a Jersey Shore style. Most of America thinks Russian girls are sophisticated classy and elegant. I have been to Russia and the girls really do not dress like that. If you have any questions let me know, and I do recommend a trip to Russia.

  7. From what I’ve seen, Russian women wear too much makeup and often wear kind of trashy, cheap-looking clothes and accessories, even ladies who have money. Also, it always seems like the fashions Russian women wear are about 15 years behind on the Western styles. Like what people with poor taste wore fifteen years ago. This sounds very harsh, but I mean really, Russians women are known for looking «feminine», perhaps, but cheap also and the makeup they wear often ages them and makes them look rough. I wouldn’t say looking like a working lady is «making more with less».

    1. It is all relative. I like somewhat provocative style in comparison to American style of baggy and unisex. Russian women often have hair to the small of their back and are slender and want to show up a little, as they know that summer’s lease is all too short.

  8. Russian woman are very domesticated unlike American woman who are more materialistic. I have dated many American woman and couldn’t find what i was looking for. I don’t think I can ever date another American again.

  9. The women definitely dress up all the time. Always. But not in a nice way. Mini skirt and heels screams ‘night wooker’, not a good look. I think they can maintain it because of the lasting gender stereotypes. They can settle for being a piece of decoration. Western women don’t. They work, do things for themselves, stay busy. Often far more busy than Russian women. If you’re just going to walk from a car to a restaurant, heels are fine. If you actually want to do things (go hiking, walk around the city, or just spend an entire day on your feet) Russian style is impractical. To me there’s nothing more sexy than a women who’s at ease. Who doesn’t need to dress like a worker of the night, doesn’t settle for being a piece of decoration and is OK with not getting loads of sexualiized stares from man all around. Being comfortable and true to yourself is a way to go. Russian women style is a leftover of oppression and patriarchy. Of a time when the only way to have a good life was to ‘catch a man’ and your only worth was your ‘feminine assets’.

  10. Yes please. Could anyone tell me where Russian women like to get their clothes? Maybe there are brands we don’t have in America? I don’t like the way American women dress.

    1. Zara is a Spanish company, it is European. I would check this store out or order things on the Internet. With Imagination you can outfit any woman in the USA to look like a Russian female. Look at, which is a Polish ebay type site that is trustworthy and you will see all the Eastern European style clothes you want there.

      I agree, Eastern Europeans have a better sense of style. It is like American women combined the 90s grudge with Walmart clothes, and put their money in their cell phones, rather than style. Of course this is a generalization.

      If an American woman wants to look good she could do it with target clothes and a Wholefoods diet in the USA.

  11. Well, what I have observed is that they are , in general, more feminine. And put together, they spend time on their looks and much like the French women, don’t go out in sweat pants and flip flops. There is always effort there, and attention paid to looking like a woman, not a man. I think they have it right. The styles may look a bit behind the times on occasion but I always appreciate the effort that is made. I think American women should pay attention to this, a little effort goes a long way.

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