Russian women photos – pictures that remind you how attractive girls are

These are  real pictures of Russian women that were taken one afternoon.  Enjoy the pictures of these girls from Russia. At the end of this post I give you three pieces of advice regarding images and dating sites from Ukraine and Russia. It is more for fun but also for inspiration to show you what is possible. These were taken all on one day in about an hour. I have scores of others but it is to provide evidence to you guys living in the West that you do not have to settle for the plain Jane next door. The plain Lana or Natasha next door in Europe is often more tempting. Without going over the top in terms of fashion or spending all day at the mall, Slavic gals excel at combining style and form.

So get off your duff and start to take trips to the Common Wealth of Independent states and see what all the talk is about.

Photos of Moscow female

The above girl has a beautiful body and face, but in reality just a normal Russian girl. I took this photo the other day.

I ask myself why on earth if the average Russian girl looks like this and is educated and warm and wants to get married do American or UK guys go for western European girls rather than Eastern European women. Just be honest with yourself and ask yourself if you see these type of women in your home town. Let me know if you do, I will travel there.

Average Russian girl photo

Just a normal chicks, I did not even look for this lady there are millions that look like her or better this is not a great pic. Her girlfriend in purple to the right, stared me down when I snapped this picture so I had to crop her out of the image. The images you see on dating sites of improved with image software, but the reality is they are not too far from what you would see on the street.

Contrast this with the surprises you get on when you meet someone face to face.

Waiting for her prince

Most if not all photos of Russian women seen on dating sites are redone in photoshop.  This is why I do not trust them 100%.  I have seen women look great in an image but then in real life they are just ok.  This one of the scams of Russian dating sites.  The images do not match reality.  You have to really look at a picture with objective eyes to be able to make a determination if the Russian women’s pics are real or just photoshop.

Lady from Eastern Europe

This image is real, but I do not show her face for obvious reasons.

In Russia there are princesses everywhere, in the west only at Disney.

Three lessons from Russian women photos

Three ideas if you are looking at Russian women photos, in my opinion are:

  • The best Russian women on Russian dating sites do not have photos.  They do not have pictures because the hot ones have been hounded their whole life and are looking for real love.  Maybe some of them do, but my friends that have successfully meet girls online go for the ones without the photo.
  • Further, you will find much better girls just taking a trip to Russia and chatting them up on the street.
  • If you do go for Internet dating, try to use regular Russian mail servers like as they have in my opinion more normal real Russian girls, rather than photos of Russian girls that look like models.
Do not let your control freak girlfriend make you think this is the best you can do. It is not until you have gone to Moscow or St. Petersburg.

After all remember that love sees with the heart and not with the eyes. Look through the rest of my website as I have a pretty good gallery of women pictures. Ask me if you want to know more about dating outside the USA and how to connect in the easiest ways, even if you do not have the cash to travel yet. Again what do you have to lose, the cost of one dinner date in the USA is more than a dating site in Russia.

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I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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  1. hi girls whatever any body say but from my side i wood like to say you have god gift which is u all looking very beautiful and smart also and u all can do hard work and my wish to make any russian girl my friend in Dubai because i am living in Dubai if any one like to make me friend so wil be feel glad n lucky my name raj 26 male unmarried working in dubai/ i hope some one wil reply me i am just waiting u all take care by

  2. Ahaha!!And I’m laughing again=) You know(I do not want to offend someone) you have a strange view of beauty… Are you like dyed blonde hairs??? yeah… I think, you like very tall girls with long legs. But the girls like the girl in the second picture are exceptions! There are girls with small tall mainly in Russia. For example, I am, my friends, my mum, my teachers… To my mind the myth about unreal beauty of Russian women is just a delirium.

    p.s. sorry for bad English

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