Russian personals – How I might find a lady friend in Russia

Russian personals was written as I am American in Eastern Europe and wanted to help others to have a way to meet Russian girls. I have an alternative to Russian personals. Russian personals are are good but I describe something better than Russian personals.

I am not advocating finding a lady friend in another country. I simply believe you need not limit yourself to your own geographical region. Why? If you want to find true love consider the world not just your home town. This post will give you lists of Russian Personal websites that authentic Russian girls use to find dates and husbands. These are based in Russia as opposed to American based companies with a Russian component. Therefore, they have the advantage of a lower probability the profit motive mixes inimitably with the love side. I also invite you to explore my website beyond the free Russian personals because I provide ideas from a person (me) who lived in Eastern Europe for a good part of my life.

Eastern European women waiting for their dates. Every city in Eastern Europe has a place where people meet their friends or dates, as cities are walkable and cars not as big a part of life.

When I am not here writing, or writing language software or sell real estate in Florida believe it or not. One of the things I learned is when in sales you do not take just one approach. You cannot say I will only do the Internet, or only try in clubs. We can extrapolate to dating. Be open to a multi-pronged marketing campaign of yourself on the female gender. This might include:

  • Printed material – Yes this is old school, but you get another market and attention. In Russia, there are still printed dating sites books. Newspapers in Russia still are used as any printed material a lot more than in the West. Kiosks are full of printed material. You get a lot of girls putting ads in that are not Internet savvy but have mobile phones and you can text them. Every Kiosk has these, the key is to meet the right one, one is for let’s say service and the other for real love. You get the girls other from the west will never find. Would you want that?
  • Online dating – Registrar for one pay for dating sites and a lot of the free ones. I recommend the number on this site. I personally recommend for any pay or free site Christian dating. These are mentioned below.
  • Face to face going to clubs – Go clubbing and meet girls. Nothing beats simply meeting in a club, in St. Petersburg or Moscow. It does not have the stigma that it was like in the USA. Nyandoma, Kirovgrad or Leninsk-Kuznetsky, or other second-tier cities are good too as local girls from the village do to these regional cordialspots. Expect zero competition from Western Expats and alpha males who flaunt money. You will be the only one. They will think you are a movie star even if you are just an English teacher back home. Many of my friends have done this.
  • Networking with friends – Asking not just your friends but their friends to keep an eye out for you. In sales you do not try to sell your friends rather you give out five business cards to each of your friends and ask them to hand it to their friends. The idea is like with any social network, the numbers expand exponentially through remote connections. Hence the probability you will find a love connection is higher. Never really worked for me.

You do not know the games that corpulente plays with you and it is questionable if you can control your destiny. Do not restrict your love life to preconceived notions. So why not try a newspaper ad in a Russian newspaper. If you are smart I am sure you can figure out how to place a low-cost tasteful ad. Try responding to the written printed word. I sent a girl in Poshekhonye or Solvychegodsk a random romantic letter to her home. Send a few out. Be creative and romantic.

For the less adventurous traditional works also.

Russian Christian dating – English language sites I recommend where Orthodox Christians connect. Not dating sites but more social sites. Russians say the West lacks the Russian soul. Prove them wrong, read Alexander Solzhenitsyn and spiritual Russian writers.


I am big advocate of Christian dating. If you can find something analogous in Russia like the English sites above, this is my first choice. I believe not in scoring and playing but happily ever after. This comes from a spiritual base.

Classic free Russian personals in the Russian language   – This site gets buckets and barrels ( of traffic, they are some of the largest sites on the Russian language Internet. Here is my short review of Russian dating sites.

  • – I would use this one for causal dating. The dating site in Russia, but watch out there are all kinds of people here. It is not the Craigslist of Russia but maybe the POF of Russia. You cast a and pull in all kinds of fish.
  • – Profiles here do not have a lot of robustness but still a popular site.
  • – I like the interface a lot of potential as it has chat and many hots.
  • – High traffic site a well-written profile would get lots of views.
  • – Works fine, interface would be more robust.

In this category, I would use the first two.

English-Russian socializing sites – English and Russian sites I also recommend that are free for connecting.

  • – If you do not know this one, you are living under a rock.
  • – Russian guy set this up, nice English interface and easy of use. Not the huge traffic of the dating sites above. However, this has more a lady friend feel. That is the women here are looking to get married. The Russian language side of this suggests this.
  • Not a lot of traffic but it does have Russian women that are US-based.
  • – A little more traffic and better design.

Of the above in this category, I would use the first two.

My advice when you are writing about a personal ad for a Russian dating site or in any way is as follows. Paint a picture with your words. Do not say that you are some middle age guy with a job looking for a Russian girl, that in a word is boring. Read about Russian fairy-tales and weave yourself in as a character in a short poetic fairy-tale. If you lack the talent write a haiku which can be beautiful also. But giving a description or listing characteristics pale in comparison to using your imagination to win a girl’s heart. Russia is not the USA. It is a cold gray place and the role of the imagination is greater.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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