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Stop browsing online dating profiles. Stop it right now. What you want to do is take a trip to the collective unconsciousness and search for your fantasy girl, your princess there. Use the power of your imagination to find her across time and space.

Since I do not have a time-machine nor magic spells, I recommend you read my article on using the power of your imagination to find a girl. And my article on praying for love. The purpose here is to give you ideas about the archetype princess you might want to marry. Fantasy is the important aspect in relationship most guys searching ignore. Forget speed dating, slow down and take time to dream. Trust me it will work.

Next you have to be brave and go on a quest to find your missing piece.

Find your bride from a fairy-tale. Use my formula: imagine, prayer, actualize.
  • You can find the girl of your fantasy if you know where to look. Use the resources in my posts to guide you and it will be as easy as ordering a princess. Write a comment and ask I will reply.
  • In fairy-tales in Europe a common theme is discovering a girls who others do not see, need to be rescued and transformed by love.
  • Transcendence is what love is about. In an online relationship the element of fantasy or transcendence is the honey.
Place your order for your bride. First use the power of your imagination to find her. Then go on your quest.

So if you are looking for a Russian mail order bride or online dating, look for evidence and clues that the woman in the profile has the ability to reach for the highest components from Maslow’s hierarchy of needs pyramid.

Snow White – Tricked and used by others but redeemed by her prince. There are a lot of Snow Whites out there in the dating world. The key is to find them, they will usually be extreme in their hotness with a bitter attitude. However, look for paradoxical behavior like they are devout despite their hotness.

The princess who never smiled –  Like princess Euna, you meet a lot of Russian girls living in gray blocks of flats never smiling too much.

Vampire – If you liked the Night watch Trilogy by Sergei Lukyanenko or even Ann Rice you know in literature Vampires are sensual creatures who are lonely and longing for redemption. Find one of these and ironically your will not have trouble sleeping in the evening. These are not just Gothic girls, but rather women with a dark side searching for a deeper meaning. You can show this to them if you have qualities of pure intention. Usually portrayed as darker hair women.

Vasilisa the Beautiful – A Russian fairy-tale merchants daughter who performs tasks for Baba Yaga to save herself, with such skill she becomes and assistant then married the Czar. I am amazed how skilled and talented females are from Eastern Europe. I speculate that the women have good genetics latent, not actualized because of lack of economics, yet you give them a task and they will suppress any woman’s abilities you have ever met. Get your mind out of the gutter. I am talking at things like sowing or working at productive endeavors.

Cinderella – Find these gals in the countryside and I would personally recommend this archetype. They are humble, hard-working and hopeful and full of goodness.

Frog Princess – In the Russian variant the king orders his sons to shoot arrows in the direction out the castle window to find a princess to marry. The youngest son, Ivan Tsarevich, lands his arrow in a princesses mouth. Of course this is really a beautiful Russian princess who was transformed into a frog for three years and with the saving grace of love is transformed back.

Sleeping beauty – Waiting to be found and discovered. Latent talents and abilities and do not take this as only between the sheets. It is an obvious metaphor for purity but not just physical purity, again similar to Snow White someone who has not been corrupted by the lowest common denominator of society.

Elf – Slim beauties who listen to ethical music and are healing in their touch. Usually portrayed as blonds.

Wicked Queen – Who does not give the bad girls a second look. Not recommended as true darkness takes from you. But if you are talking about a girl who is bad in character only it just means her juices are flowing and there is no real deceit in her soul. In my experience a lot of women smile to get what they want. Just because they smile at you means nothing. Keep your guard up guys.

Snow Queen – Similar to the above yet more overtly cruel, not as crafty. Takes a lot of love to melt these girls hearts but I assure you all women have the capacity to love. You have to ask yourself is it they are protecting their hearts or are they really icy and cold.

Little Red Riding Hood – A story of a girl who is sparred from being consumed by the wolves of society because of a good Samaritan. Now you can find this lady in red for yourself.

Rapunzel/Goldie locks – Who does not like a chick with long hair. It is an anti-feminist fable at an unconscious level. Women should have hair flowing or locks. Hair is a secondary reproductive signal. When hair is healthy men want to exchange DNA.

Farmers Daughter – The legendary farmers daughter are raised on natural healthy food and have a good biological base. If they have not been raised on a natural diet you will not find cottage cheese on their smooth silky legs. Their brains tend to work well even if not culturally exposed and they really want to be shown the world. Why would you not go for the farmer’s daughter. You can throw in the Milk maid or little Bo Peep also.

Medieval women – If I had a time machine and I was single and looking, I have always thought I would simply go back in time. You will find a girl with better values and more in tune with her instincts. With this broad category there are several subcategories.

Little Mermaid – Any ocean bound girls could be said to be a mermaid. However, what you are looking for here is one that has the clarity of soul like the moon on the ocean. One that is separated from humanity because of a physical characteristic outside the norm of acceptance.

I love women. I love all their obsession with marriage. The hottest model in the world still wants to be a bride and have her day. The question is, does she want to have her day or true love forever with no limits? Go for the fairy-tale princess not just a girl who wants to be married. Know the difference between the two.

Where to find her? Forget fictional princesses from fairy-tales that make your fantasies go over the edge, in Eastern Europe and Russian you can find a fairy-tale princess as beautiful as Snow White.  It does not matter you use a mail-order catalogue, online dating or travel there. These girls are waiting for you to complete them.

A Russian Auntie or a young student girl can be transformed into a princess if you know what you are looking for.

My fantasy Russian mail order bride catalog would be made of women that archetypes from fairy-tales,  both modern and classic. The reason I write this post is because guys should be looking for the real life correspondence of these women. That is maybe they do not have actual photos of a Russian snow-white or they might but some fantasy element woven into their dating profile. Let me know if you have further question or are confused, I am here to help with advice.

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I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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  1. You are recommending using your imagination and dreams to find a bride. If you do not hear back from me, it means it has worked and I am some girls husband.

  2. You are absolutely right on the Cinderella archetype. Some of the most beautiful girls I knew were from the countryside, hard to find like them in posh residential areas in big cities. They are naturally beautiful, have hot bodies, are intelligent and some of them are well educated. Moreover, as you put it they are girls with better values and more in tune with their instincts.

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