Russian love

I am giving you my personal experience with Russian love and how to find it. How to meet your Russian princess.

The idea of Russian love is something that is written about in classic Russian literature and developed from a combination of Christian Gothic idealism and naturalism of Russia.

First, I will explain this idea, then I will tell you how to find it. But understanding this love is the more important point, because without an understanding of Russian love you will never find your princess. Rather, you will be lost in the endless hopeless labyrinth of Russian dating site and lady friend sites and feel empty.

Why are Eastern Europeans different

The whole area of the old Soviet Union and Eastern Europe has a conception of love, which is very different from Western Europe and the USA. The USA and the UK is a protestant utilitarian and now materialistic society. I am an American, but I have lived in Eastern Europe for many years, and my grandparents came from here, I am 100% Slavic in roots. I would never even think of dating an American women, and  I recommend you do not either.

I can tell you the biggest difference between Eastern Europe and the west is not the level of development or system of economics, but it is their ideals about  love.  European and Russian love is different.

Why Russians are is different with regard to love?

The Russian climate is cold and dark and removed from the western European world.  Russians have a fondness for deep forests and fairy-tales. On the surface people from Russia are Christians or agnostics, depending on the individual. However in their hearts they are is a combination of spiritual mystics, transcendentalists and naturalist, with a wild imagination.

What does that above statement mean? When I was young growing up in preppy New England, in the USA, far from my ancestral homeland of Eastern Europe,  I use to fall asleep every night creating a new fantasy or replaying an old one.

My fantasy was about me finding my princesses.  Some princesses who lived in some deep remote forest, who was lost or shackles by the bonds of her own demise and I was her hero.  I think my idealism and my faith combined with my love of nature and fueled by my imagination, crystallized in my vision of love.

My ideas of love did not match the reality around me.  American society is very anti-romantic and people in general will just destroy you ideals.  However, deep in my heart I still had this notion of Russian love.  It was not until I moved to Eastern Europe did I find my princess. A princess with the same vision as I did.

What is Russian love

The Russian conception of Love Phrases in Russian, from Moscow to St. Petersburg to Siberia and Europe is this: No matter what the girl tells you, no matter where and why you find her, love is 100%,  love is win her heart, take no prisoners it is all or nothing, it is destiny and forever.

It is totally about destroying every wall she has so you can rescue her and live with her in marriage in sincerity and prince and princess.  The prince who saves a Russian girl from her own self made purgatory, will have the honor of having his Russian lady friend .  In gratitude she will serve you, be submissive to you and submit her whole life to you like you have to her. Russian love is radical, not like western love which is a cautious partnership.

Where in Russia to find a match

On my website I give you great recommendations where to meet Russian girls online for free. These are not western dating sites, but Russian sites  for Russians to find love. Therefore, you will find girls that are not over exposed to western Europe and America. This site here for example will eventually get you to connect, but here is a learning curve.  But explore my site and you will find dozens of other ideas to find your lady friend in Russia.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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