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What an idea, to find a girl in Russia who is a serious Catholic. I searched high and low in the USA, a land of many registered Catholics and did not have much luck finding a match.

I mean imagine, mixing the rituals and abstraction of the Latin rite version of Catholicism, with the gray dreary rustic beautiful landscapes of Russia. It is certainly a romantic notion, and something few people will understand. It appeals to a small minority of people that feel remoteness and hopelessness, there is a spirituality. Those that understand with ritual and repetition comes liberation.

The idea of finding one of these girls is certainly intriguing to a devout American male. Think about it, combining the Slavic features of the Russian female, high check bones slightly Asiatic and long legs, with sincere spiritual authenticity. I entertained the idea myself but happily met my wife in Poland, a nexus of Catholicism. There is no reason a guy can not find a combination of beauty and virtue, in fact if you find this your life stress/blood pressure will be less.

Now I consider the Russian Orthodox religion as the same as Catholic actually, it really is basically the same and there are even some allowances for shared communion. I also consider Protestantism the same faith, but a different approach. But the focus of this post is if you are looking for a Catholic girl from Russia.

The Russians see Catholics as a foreign sect
Maybe this is a little extreme but my point is it is not someone that is mainstream. It is something foreign and Western and a symbol of Western influence. When Poland conquered Moscow in the 1600s, there was concern Russia would convert. There were some false czars that were trying to pull Russia this way and so it was not about the creed but about Russia vs. the West. During Soviet times it was further seen as something non-Russian.

All that stuff does not matter anymore. It is now about the individual.

Russia is an Orthodox nation and it is connected somewhat with nationalism. Yet there are reasonable pockets of Catholicism in Russia where you have girls to date if this is who you are looking for.

Numbers there are 750,000 Russian Roman Catholics which is about .5% of the population.

Germans, Ukrainians, Polish Belarus Lithuanians and even French decent. There are also Armenians that are catholic. Basically I do not see a big difference between.

I personally see a lot of Polish names in Russia. Unlike Poland, Russia less homogeneous, yet more more Xenophobic.

Specific places to look in Russia for a Catholic bride

  • Catholic Match – is a respectable site that I personally would try. I have heard nothing negative about Catholic Match and people recommended it to me personally.
  • VK social networking – – VK can be good, it is like Facebook, but there are also a lot of scam or spam profiles. But not a bad foothold into an otherwise closed world.
These are some screenshots from VK you might be interest in when screening profiles.

I went to a Catholic church in St. Petersburg and it was standing room only. When you do find Catholics in Eastern Slavic lands they tend to be much more devout than in the west. I mean the church down the street where I live, there are a lot of impatient old people leaving right after communion and really more about racing out to the parking lot to avoid the crowds. Whilst in the masses I attended in Eastern Europe I would see nothing like this, rather people kneeling on hard cold stone floors. Not that that is synonymous with holiness but I would see the time was spend in a different spirit.

A pool of pale women with a rustic beauty and good morals.

Some notable Russian Catholics are:

  • Vladimir Sergeyevich Solovyov – Advocated a Tsar of the Church for leadership, like the Pope.
  • Nicholas Tolstoy Russian priest
  • Anna Abrikosova eastern right
  • Regina Derieva poet
  • Catherine Doherty social justice
  • Leonid Feodorov Gulag and John Paul II beatified
  • Ivan Gagarin _ Jesuit
  • Vyacheslav Ivanovich Ivanov Playwright
  • Vladimir Pecherin – Political writer
  • Sophie Swetchine – Mystic

Basically Catholicism

Russian female with Slavic features.

is a live and well in the CIS and even expanding. If you want to find a Russian catholic bride it is possible.

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