Good girls wear tight jeans – women need to put on skinny jeans

You can call me a pig, what can I say, but I like women in tight jeans. I think every girl should have a few pair in her closet and wear them often without regret. If a girl wants to be attractive, skip the tattoo parlors (that is so trashy), you do not need make-up or spend money on tipsy (guys do not care about that)  go to Walmart and or the outlet mall and get a pair pants that are a size or two too small.

Think about it, it is a way to show off the beauty of your body without revealing too much. It makes everyone happy when women put on slim fit pants. Men are happier, women are happier, these well designed pairs of denim really increases the happiness of the people.

For under 50 dollars, you can sport: jeans, t-shirt and cheap sunglasses and this would put you at the top of your game fashion wise if you are a female. If you have long hair to boot you are at least an 8 in terms of looks. If you wear no make up or do not color your hair but put on some lip stick you could have your pick of men. All you have to do is work on your brain and you can marry who you want. It is really that simple.

In case you are confused, women you want to look good, so do not buy into political correctness, looking attractive is what you are designed for.  Even if your body is less than perfect, know one will know it if the blue jeans are on tight enough.

A sense of fashion covers a multitude of sins. They even cover cellulite.

  • My thesis here is good girls wear tight jeans. They really do.

Are slim fit jeans sleazy?

I am married now so I am not checking out girls, but I like it even when my wife wears jeans that complement her shape my walk has a extra bounce in it. When women have a fashion sense it increases the happiness of people who look at them. However, are they moral? Yes. Muslim countries are notorious for these having women on the streets with their heads covered, but wearing blue jeans. I have traveled through the Middle East and I saw a lot of women in this fashion.

I think people see a dichotomy between people who are religious and moral yet have a good sense of style. Snug fitting jeans are a good fashion. They make you look attractive but do not show skin. It is not base and aggressive like tattoos and piercings.  It does not show too much like something Anne Hathaway would wear.

Just because you are moral does not mean you can not make yourself attractive. I mean Amish or plain style is no necessary to be a good person. Being a good person has to do with what is in your heart not what the style of your clothes.

Tight jeans, skinny names a rose by any other name

The trend in tight jeans are here to stay. They go by many names such as skinny jeans, but they all lead to the same idea.  That is skin-tight fit on legs and buttock. Girls do this for one reason, to attract guys. Further, women who wear skinny jeans convey a message for guys who are looking for marriage, read on.

Guys if you want to see beauty go to Eastern Europe

I do not know what it is with Russian girls and tight jeans. But Women from the old Soviet republics love tight jeans.  In the West like  in the USA  girls where baggy jeans or larger pants maybe because they have weight  problems (understatement).  But in Russia girls paint their jeans on.

The beauty of Russian girls wearing tight jeans

They are almost as hot as body paint.  This is true in Ukraine and  Poland also and all of Eastern Europe.  These girls wear skin tight jeans like I have never seen.  If you  are a connoisseur of beautiful women and the beauty of a woman’s body, go to  candy land, um I mean Russia and you will see what I mean, tall skinny Russian  girls with tight jeans. It does not hurt that they have long legs either in Eastern Europe.

Even a cheap 12 dollar pair of skinny jeans from Walmart can make a girls shape look good, if she is active and into things like riding bikes.

Maybe the above photos are not good representation but you get the point

Tight jeans, body image and your future marriage

I think Russian girls do not have a problem with wearing jeans so tight because they want to find a mate. Yes that is right they are not ashamed to say right out they want to find a guy who they can make happy. This is because with this style of trousers they were while trying to attract a mate. In contrast, American girls do not feel to make the same effort, and this is a telling sign that during the relationship and marriage they will not make the same effort to please their husband.

  • Therefore, a lot can be deducted by the type of jeans a girl wears,  that the girls want to please, while baggy or whatever clothes put it out to the world that you do not want to compete and do not care to make their husband happy.
Russian girls love to wear skin-tight jeans

They want to find someone who will think they are a women.  In the west, being a slim girl is not a priority.

Therefore, although some people might disagree with me on moral ground saying it is too provocative, but I have known many a pure good girls who wear tight trousers. I think guys can screen potential mates by looking if girls are wearing old fashion dungarees, normal blue jeans or tight skinny jeans, you know the type you have to suck in your gut and jump into to put them on.

Published by Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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  1. I just think Russian girls are about the most beautiful, and gracious creatures on the face of the earth.
    I love them!

  2. Russian women are most beautiful and beautiful in this universe.

  3. Oh, I’m wondered by the comments above! You said “tall and slim”?? Nothing’s true! In fact there are fat and small tall girls, believe me, I’m russian…

    1. Not the Russian girls I know. They are tall thin and wear tight jeans. In fact every Russian girl I know wears very tight jeans for some reason. Maybe it is to show off what they have or it feels good.

  4. Nothing’s true! I say you once again tall and thin girls are exceptions!

    1. Sorry to say this, according to your photo on you are a thin and beautiful Russian girl. I think any guy would agree that you are very pretty.

  5. Thank you of course, but I don’t why but no one guy hasn’t paid attention at me=)))

    1. Because you are young and have not been around the world. A Russian girl like you in any city in the USA would have guys knocking at your door to try to win your heart. Beautiful guys.

  6. I want to believe in it, but I can’t.

  7. I never, thought too much about it, too much 🙂 I do wear skin tight jeans as this is the style. I think there is nothing wrong it with. I guess I want to feel like a girl.

  8. Hi,
    Not only Russian girls wear tight jeans all over the world girls want to wear tight jeans even Indian girls also wear tight jeans

  9. Basically Russian girls feel like “There is nothing to hide”. The reason they wear tight jeans is because they want to feel sexy. That is the reason. Further they have all the goodies.

  10. Tight jeans on a girl is awesome!.Here in the U.S. around the 70s and 80s women use to wear tight jeans,then in the 90s it all just stopped for some reason.I truly do miss those day’s.

    1. How I love the 1980s. That is how I met my wife who sadly stopped wearing skintight, pocket-less jeans a few years after we met. She has kept her figure, but low-cut jeans don’t really flatter her. I convinced her to buy some Colombian “butt lift” style jeans recently and she looks amazing in them. She won’t wear them out without a long jacket, but I get to check her out at home.

  11. I am against tight jeans that expose female body parts. My preference is for loose-fitting dresses. But I am a very traditional, old-world man.. Basically, I am about 100 years behind.. In my culture the women would have their hair covered in public and try to hide their precious body parts with well designed and loose fitting dresses. Personally, I don’t want my wife to wear tight S_xy clothes so other men can look at her and drool at her body parts.

    In olden days of Russia, women also did dress in this attire, but I think the tight jeans and s_xy clothing is a way to fit in and be accepted with the Western culture. Basically, women wear these clothings to make a statement that “I am worthy”. S_x appeal seems to be the main lure, rather than the appeal of modesty and virtue.

    I know some will detest my preferences and my reasoning, but I do stand behind them. To each their own.

    1. Well, now that I am married I tend to agree, that I do not like it when girls wear too provakative clothes. But I guess I do not know if tight jeans qualify, maybe they do, maybe I have a double standard and have to think about this issue. I guess in the ideal world, I would tend to agree with you that modesty suits women the best when it comes to style, but I have to think about that.
      I would have loved to be born a couple hundred years ago for various reasons. If you know about a time machine let me know.

  12. I don’t think it’s limited to Russia. I was once married to a woman from the Czech Republic and she always wore skin tight jeans where her contours would be present all the time. Even her shorts were extremely tight. I would take her out shopping just to get her into pants and shorts that actually fit her. It IS all about exposing the body for appeal to lure in men. If a real Eastern European woman is truly in love with you and truly respects herself and you, she would wear less revealing clothing while married to you.

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