Russian girls in the UK and London

Diasporic Russian women in her Majesty’s Kingdom

In the city where millionaires are being replaced by billionaires many who are Russian there are many more honest hard working Eastern Europeans. There are 41,500 Russian born residents in the UK and 420,000 of Eastern Slavic descent (Ukrainian and Belorussian included here). You can almost round that off to a half a million and that translates into a lot of CIS girls in the UK, hanging out. This post will tell you how to find them. It is a discussion about the cultural and immigration phenomena, and where to find these devotchkas for dating and marriage. I also answer the question are they better than local British women for long term relationships.

Russian girl wandering the streets of London hoping to find her prince.

Dating in the UK from Romantic to decadent

England is known for the subtle romantic creatives from from Jane Austen to painters like John Waterhouse (Lady of Shalott ), Blake (art and poems), Keats and Shelley. When a country represses something, it manifest itself artistically. Victorian England suppressed overt social interactions between men and women. The romantics rebelled in restrained beautiful admiration of the sensual ideal.

  • Enter a time machine and fast forward to the 21st century, the present.

The UK has seemed to slide like Hieronomous Bosch’s fantasy representation of a fallen people in the “The Garden of Earthly Delights” painting; and in doing so its women have lost something, I do not mean a woman’s personal innocence but the society as a whole has lost it.

In modern-day England, Scotland and Ireland what was repressed is out in the open. To swap boyfriends or live with men before marriage is not even scandalous, but the social norm and are even tweeted about. Women have achieved their equality in work and life but lost some of their femininity.

English guys like all men, want the girls to be feminine, slim, romantic and stylish, yet adventurous, for them. Such ideals are found in something like the artwork of a fantasy graphic artist like a woman from a Maxfield Parrish’s illustrations for you old-timers out there, or like Lubov, the St. Petersburg female artist to paints in pre-Raphael imaginative feminine beauty with a story.

The good news is there is a way to match these romantic fantasy women with reality of our modern time. I am referring to Slavic women in the UK.

If you want more romantic, humble marriage material I recommend Polish or Western Ukrainian girls, if you want to throw caution to the wind and get what is most tempting I recommend a lady from Moscow, Yekaterinburg or Samara who is working or studying in London, Manchester or Edinburgh for example.

British commonwealth ladies or commonwealth of Independent states gals whom I would date?

I am Slavic so I would prefer Londongrad to London. I know that marrying a girl from Eastern Europe has a lesser probability of divorce, I know that certainly there is a greater chance I will get a home cooked meal when I come home from work, and the average weight of a Russian lady friend vs a British lady friend is statistically less by six dress sizes. Each person is different but our cultures do shape us figuratively and literally. Each person has to make their own choices in life. I married an Eastern European princess and everyday is a romantic picnic on the beach.

Russian girls in London

  • On the street – In London to meet girls from Russia visit the area known as Little Russia in London is in the Tottenham area. This is near Edmonton Durban, Pretoria and Lorenco Roads. This is to the west of the tracks around White Hart Lane and Silver Street. There are shops and people on the street you can meet.
  • In school – Pushkin House at 5A Bloomsbury Square – for a cultural understanding and where to learn the Russian language in London.
  • In church – Russian Orthodox Cathedrals if you are a Churchy guy, these are at,67 Ennismore Gardens and 57 Harvard Road.

Where to meet Russian women in the UK on the Internet

Follow my recommended steps:

  1. – Be creative just to not look for “women seeking men” look for language lessons and house cleaning. You find a lot of Russian women willing to clean houses and you never know where this will lead. I mean this happened to Piasecka Johnson from Poland. I would focus on Russian artists and linguists for lessons if you have a sincere interest in learning. I mean I would.
  2. Sign up for all the free Russian dating sites, just have a profile presence and forward all the emails to on e-mail account.
  3. Try one quality paid for Russian lady friends or dating site that focuses on the UK.
  4. I go into more detail here Russian girls online in the UK –  for the two above points.

Why are they migrating?

The immigration from the former USSR has been accentuated ironically by the the Russian oil boom. Capitalism is the great equalizer and when there is a free flow of labor and capital professionals and educated middle class workers from the former Soviet Union with language skills logically immigrate to areas which pay a higher local salary all that is needed is to hurdle the visa barrier.

So you have many professional Russians in London working in all fields from IT to Investments, with the main incentive being money or the potential to earn it as markets open up. Will all Russians move to the UK? Not a chance as standard of living increases in Moscow and St. Petersburg for example, you will have Westerners moving there. My friends that were Russians in the USA, many moved back to the motherland for greater economic opportunities.

  • If you have questions about meeting Russian singles in England, Wales, Northern Ireland or Scotland just ask.
Russian girl UK

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By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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I am hoping to find a very attractive Russian lady,49-55 years of age for long term relationship,marriage.

There are many Russian women searching for a guy who are in that age range, have you looked at You have to be very proactive, no Russian women is going to come knock on your door. Put up profiles on a few Russian dating sites I recommend.

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