Russian girls scams

How to tell if a Russian girl scams or you?

If any Russian girl, or any girl ask you for money, for visa or airline tickets or for any reason she is a scammer. Drop her like a bad habit. Do you understand? Do not think too hard,it is true.  Further,  I recommend that you walk away and do not contact her again.  I know this will hurt your feelings to hear this but you have to be strong and yield to the logic of the situation.

Why so many girl scammers in the world

Why?  Much of the world is poor and 1000 dollars is a lot of money for someone, even 100 dollars is a good amount of money, so if they can get a few hundred dollars from a few guys, this is better than working in a shop all day, this is the mentality of a scammer.

Good Eastern European girls

However, I live in Eastern Europe, trust me. No self respecting girl in Europe or Asia would ask for money. Even if the world is poor they will not ask for money unless they are a scammer. A normal good girl you want to spend time with will not ask for money. In fact she will be ashamed if you try to offer her money.

Guys wake up.  I live here.  No normal girl would do this.  I know scores of girls from Russia, Ukraine, Poland, China etc, however, not one normal girl would ever ask your for money, even if it was about a visa or a chance to see you.  Trust me on this one. It is not in the culture of a respectable women.  Maybe an American or UK women would do this, but not a Polish girl for example, at least not one I would ever date.

In fact, when my wife was my girlfriend and I offered to pay for anything like a trip, she did not like that at all, even if we had been dating for several years, and she would for sure not take money from me.  Even now that we are married she still does not like it.  Love is never about money.

My wife for example has no desire to live in the USA, unless I really wanted to, unless I dragged her there.  I was a high flier in corporate America (at least I thought so), but she would prefer to live with me in Eastern Europe with me as a humble teacher than leave Eastern Europe for some desperate housewives/bay watch land.

Russian girls love Russia

Russian girls love Russia and want to stay if they can.  I know many that had full visas in the US and moved back to their beloved Russia or had chances to go and did not.  These are normal Russian girls.

The good girls I know would prefer to picnic in a local forest and not have a guy pay for some fancy vacation or sponsor her for a trip somewhere rather than to ask for money.

If a lady you have been corresponding with and asks for money for any reason, it is a scam.
If she does not scam you now, she will scam you when she is in the US and has a passport and can take half your money and your house.  Do you understand? Money is not about love.

No normal girl wants you to sponsor her, get a green card or passport or visa, or ask for money or help in anyway.

Is this girl trying to scam you?

Take these steps to prevent yourself from being defrauded:

  • Ask to talk on the phone and see how it feels, use your intuition.
  • Research her on the Internet, look everything you know about her on search engines.
  • Look up her ip address check – where you can cross reference her ip found in the header of the e-mail under advanced options of your e-mail service or simply finding the show full header link.

You can see if her IP is that of a spammer.  Scamming is a form of Spam.

  • Ask for a specific photo of her wearing something in a specific place.  This way you know she is not sending the same photos to every other guy.

My best advice about Russian women

If you really want to smoke girls out, go and visit her.  In fact you should do this anyway.  I have have taken trips all over the world.  Get a discount flight and book a cheap apartment and go there.

Tell you if you ever got married you want to live in Russia and see her reaction.  Hey I live in Eastern Europe its great.   If she loves you she will not care you are a teacher in Eastern Europe and she will not get a USA green card.   Smoke her out.   But use your intuition.  No need to be overly cautious, just be aware and connect the dots.

The good news is most Russian girls are honest and normal. Further if you use the site I recommend on my website about girls chances are less.  Most of the sites I recommend are not only free but more for people who live in Russia, therefore, these girls are not looking for foreigners.

What if you visit her and feel she is a fraud? No loss you can meet real good Russian girls everywhere on the same trip and you will forget about her in a heart beat.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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Hi.. This is Mayank from India.
Once I had been in contact (through Emails) with a russian girl (Anna Paksheeva). she sent me her photos of real life, her family and friends. Also she wanted to meet me in person like she offer me to visit russia.
But for me that time its not possible. I sure that she is very honest to me and for my love also. but I truely told her that I am married and It chances to meet her in real life. I think that she really loved me and Now she is got away from me and my emails. I am sure that the girl I met she is not fraud anyway.

I have had emails drop into my hotmail from several russian girls and Czech women. One russian girl asked specifically for money for the airline ticket! Ha! Another czech girl asked me for my bank account details so she could “Get her grandfather in Australia to transfer some money to her”. Yeah right – Identity fraud. Guys, be wary of these girls, they are mostly just scammers. Do not trust.

Where are you meeting these girls? Are they just random emails into your hotmail? That is so obviously a scam, just like any other random drops on any other subject.

How she could scam with just your bank account details?. Matter of fact, I have a girl who’s asking me for my singapore bank account details to transfer some money from her friend. I told her I’ll share details of another account of mine which has got zero balance, but she’s okay with it. I no longer live in Singapore now.

How can she scam with a bank account which’s got zero balance?

Yes, I got few emails like that too. I just ignore it.. At least she didn’t make you fall in love with her and than drop you down taking your money. Ha-ha.

I have been in touch with a girl from who says she’s from Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia. She has sent me photos of her and photos of her with her family. She seems to be putting a lot of effort to see me. She went to an agency to plan her travels to my country (USA. She says she paid most of the fees, but is still short and has asked me to help with the rest of the cost. I have declined to send her money, but she still emails me and wants to visit me. Do I ignore her? Tell her that if she wants to visit she needs to figure it out? Amy suggestion would be helpful.

Could you take trip to Russia? What is wrong with that? If it does not work out here are a million other beautiful girls there you can meet so the trip would be worth it not matter if she is real or not. I do not have enough information. I am not sure what she is about. I think you can ask her about life and ask her questions, not as an interview about her favorite authors and writers, why she likes them etc. This will give you clues about her life view. This is what I would do.

I have been reading your posts and wanted to respond. I am not from Russia but close to it I mean I know very well their lives. A lady would never ever ask anybody, especially a stanger for money. And if you were chatting and flirting with each other and if she trully liked you and wanted to meet you in person, she would just invited you to the russia. Regardless nationality a true lady wants to be romanced and not bought.

Was her name Elena Strelnikova, if so, she tried to get me too.

Jason, it sounds like a clear scammer case to me. I would cut off contact with him/her immediately. That’s right I did say him because in many cases these scammers are not even women at all but men here in the US that fabricate pre-made emails to make it look like a personalized email to you. The golden rule for talking to any girl from another country that you have never met is to NEVER send money for any reason. These guys/girls are professionals at scamming and be very elaborate with the methods they use in asking for money. Move on from this one dude, trust me on this.

Admin & Guyver:

Thank you both for your advice. I’ve read so much on line regarding scams and I don’t intend on sending a penny. I would like to meet an Eastern European woman. Where is the best place for an American to go and hopefully meet someone in a “realistic” setting. I am definitely willing to travel. Do I go with one of those “mail-bride travel agencies”? Your help is greatly appreciated.

On my list is Krakow, Poland or anywhere in Poland, Western Ukraine like Lviv. Romania is nice and as well as Macedonia, Italy Greece. Russian girls are great, but you have to go there and meet them and really find the one you want.
I always just booked a flight and stayed in the cheapest place I could find from a youth hostel to a communist style hotel. Then spend my time chatting up girls and flirting while at the same time practicing languages, taking photos and learning about the culture. I really did not go to clubs or anything, rather talked to girls in normal places.
This is what I recommend. If you want a Russian girl go to St. Petersburg for example. Go and talk to normal girls and university students.

Hey I need some help. Ive been talking to a Russian girl for a while now. And she spoke about comming here. I met her on a dating site, emailed her, she told me to email to another account because she didn’t use that one much. That got me a bit suspicious, but I have 2 accounts to separate dating sites and normal stuff, so I’m not sure. She told me that she lives in a small apartment has no PC or phone and has to use an Internet cafe to email. She gave me an address to send her hand written letters, but I couldn’t even find the street on Google. She took photos of her passport, her holding the passport and a picture of her holding a paper saying “Carl I am real”. She said that she put in the papers to get the visa to come to Australia but sue has 7-10 days to pay and needs 240 USD. Much cheaper than taking a trip from Australia to Russia. I was almost convinced she was a scammer, but with the photos of passport and her with the paper, plus the fact I contacted her first I don’t know. Any suggestions on how I can handle this?

I think this is a total scam. Everyplace in Russia has a phone come on, I live in Eastern Europe, maybe some in a very remote village but I can not image that, even my relatives in the village with no running water have a phone.
I think it is a scam.
Even if the letters were heart felt it still seems like she is for you because you are from the west rather than for who you are.
Find a girl that does not ask for money. Or go and see her.
How could this girl have the money for an air ticket but not the visa?
But I would just forget her. I live in Eastern Europe and she sounds out of control scam player.
If I am wrong. You can keep in letter contact with her until you get more information if you really want.
Does she live in the city or a small town?
What does she do for work? Does she have a work address?
What school did she go to?
If you really want, call someone in the town where she lives as ask about her. I know it is rude but call a neighbor really check her out, but I think she is a scam.
Also to get a visa she needs an invitation from you and you could talk to the Australian embassy about if she is applying etc.
You want to meet Russian girls try some of the websites I have mentioned, then go to Russia.

I got to know a girl from someland.. I started chating with her about 2 years ago.. and I started loving her about after six months of knowing each other, that is, we made sure that we were in harmoney with each other, so that we decided to get married.. But her family refused completely our being together (maybe for our different background)..However to make our dreams come true, we had to sacrifice: she must sacrifice her family to live with me, and of course I had to sacrifice with most of my savings only to be together.. I made sure of all her family’s behavour towards her.

They told me to stay away from her.. and I was about to do this.. but her love forced me to fight for her..

For some circumstances, I could not travel to her, and her family formed one of such reasons behind that. So, I suggested her to come to me.. she was confused and afraid at the same time. BUt I insisted on her to do so. To do so, she had to leave her family, and she did so without they knew.. We met.. we enjoyed ourselves.. we spent the most beautiful days in our life together..

She never asked me anything.. and when I sent her something she got angry.. I paid for all her expenditures..

But after she returned, she had to face the anger of family and their refusing her return to the family.. They fed up her with warning about my cultural background.. They told her I bought her by money.. that was the main reason for her to break up with me.. She was too young to decide the save way… Then she chose the most worse way of hurting me so to made me hate her.. Actauly, she succeeded in doing so.. but she never thought how to stop her love for me. And surely, I was left with a broken heart..

Then my turn came to listen to some advices rather than to seek for the truth.. It was irreasonable to end everything easily.. We could have a chance to save our love if we listened to our hearts, but we listened to others who might not know how we felt towards each other.. I knew everything vanished, and the intruders have a bloody hand in the bleeding of our hearts..What I want to say is that it is not necessary that if you do not succeed in your love, your partner is a fraud.. This does not make sense.

In short, my advice here could be contrary to what has been posted above.. When you fell in love at the first sight, you can be afraid and cautious.. But the kind of love that comes after a period of time in chatting without any intentions or expections of being together from the begining.., I think it is a true love..

If you love a girl and you made sure of her love for you, you must sacrifice.. you must do everything to make your siginficant other happy, no matter how much you will spend on that.. lOVE does not value with all wealth.. When you make sure of the feelings of your partner.. do everything for her.. Do not suggest money or gifts for her.. however do it surprisingly because if you ask her what if needs money or anything else, it means that you are humiliating her..but try to find our her needs, and try to meet such needs without any ever-hint..Yes of course, your true parnter will not ask you for money or anything else.. But this does not mean that you live in luxuory, and she is there having a burning desire to be close to you..and she might be wasting her time in waiting for you..This is unfair.. Love is to share.. do not care if you lose money without reaching your aims.. It is rediculous to live with your partner without any sense of sharing..Even after marriage.. whta is wrong if your wife asks for money or anything else. Doing so makes the family relationships more strong.. and that supports the family bonds.. because the man is the main source for his parnter..

Fight for your love..

I signed up with a certain dating agency some time ago, I cancelled the account after they ask me for money as I didn’t want to pay them any money to find me a woman. Sometime later, about a week ago, I was contacted by a young lady who tells me she also used an agency and this is how she contacted me. Obviously interested, I replied. Her emails have seemed somewhat genuine, telling me about her family, what she does for work, what she does in spare time and also her thoughts on on love and how she wants to find her soul mate,to go for walks, talk and make love together. It all sounds pretty swell but i’m trying to read between the lines to tell whether it’s a fraud. I’ve asked her if she has cell phone so we can speak,waiting reply back as I type this. She has mentioned that she is coming to the uk next month for holiday, so i’m thinking if she come here and doesn’t ask me for money before then it’s all good, vise versa then they can hit the road. I did ask her what she thought about me coming to see her there, but she didn’t answer that question in her reply…Could it be that it was to early days to say I would do this, maybe this is to eager, or maybe its some scum bag trying to get my hard earnt cash. Any views would be welcome.

One other thing people. She told me she lives in Sosnovka, i’m pretty sure this is in El Mari, from what I hear this is the scam hub right??
But why would a scamer tell me they are from here?
Are they that stupid? Or could it be a true russian girl looking for love, but who happens to live in scammerville?

I’ve taken your advice given to another user, to ggle a part of the letter and it came up with some other guys letter that was exactly the same. The dirty scamming scumbags.
How can I find where they live.. I’d like to take a trip to Russia to see the scammers with my friends and see how they like my dark side, maybe I’ll find a genuine girl at the same time.
2 birds 1 stone!

You have to go to Russia. Best on your own and travel. I went to Poland and Ukraine and Russia and traveled. I did this on my own. I learned a little of the languages and sure enough I meet my princess.

If you come off the plane in cargo shorts and an American t-shirt not speaking a word of Russian you might be seen as a meal ticket.

Try it my way. Travel to off the beaten path to strange places, take language classes, mingle with people. You will find a princess. The real princesses that bring you happiness all the days of your life are a little harder to find.

My it Mark’s way (me). I can advise you if you need it on how and where to go and how to go about it. How old are you? Do you have a career job or can you take time off?

I think i will go there for a trip, i’d like to see Russia and meet some real Russian people that are not spending there time scr_wing other people over.
I can easily take time out to go there. I am a young man, so I’m sure I’d do alright.

I would recommend that after you have a visa, you travel to St. Petersburg. It has a different feel than Moscow.
I also recommend Ukraine and forget Russia and the visa and high priced hotels. In Ukraine you do not need a visa and travel is unrestricted. You can go to Crimea and all the small resort towns from May to September and meet all the Russian girls on vacation you would ever dream of. Girls from small country towns to Moscow. Crimea is an amazing place if you like nature and history. You can camp out, teach English in the city of Simferopol etc.
Crimea is not Odessa. Crimea is not Yalta, it is all the towns on the east side from Yalta to Feodosia. Focus on that. If you have any questions or have your heart set on Russia let me know.

Thanks for the info. Very useful and much appreciated. I am still getiing emails from my fake russian girl…Thinking of what to do!

I have a passport picture of a girl from Donestka. we have been talking from awhile she has never asked me for money. but i need to find out if she is real? Need some help? If you want to know if your Russian girl is a scam check the mail full header and compare the original IP address with this anti-spam site indicate here.
Now just because her IP shows on the project honeypot does not mean it is a scam. My ip shows there because I live in Eastern Europe and share that IP with and internet cafe. This is very common in Eastern Europe to safe money.
However, if does raise a red flag.

Guys I need help deciding if this is a go or a no go situation. I meet this girl from Bucharest Romania a few months ago , she had started working on a cam site and we started talking, I got to know more of her, we exchange emails, Skype ids and we started talking.

We have done a lot of web cam chat, she no longer works at the cam site, since I told her not to. The thing is , she just needed money for rent and food, I told her I could care for her and if she wanted she could come to live with me, no strings attached, she told me she was currently studying and needed to finish the semester, so in the mean time we could get to know each other better.

I help her with 300 dollars for rent and food, she show me her id card and bank account info on webcam and send me in email I do have front and back of her card, she even gave me password to her email account.

At least one of them I just found out she has another one, anyhow, all was ok till she had a big stomach and back pain issue and she went to doctor and it was kidney stones, she took treatment and ask for help.

I did to a certain point and well its all back to normal, now she tells me she checked passport and she can have everything ready to come to my place in January (its end of November now) but she need to finish this semester and get papers ready for transfer.

That is one of the thing her mother had wanted ( she pass away recently , also she doesnt really likes talking about it) anyway, she is now requesting more money to do this, and I told her I could help her if i could go see her, and she got upset, telling me if I could not trust her, that how could a new relationship start without trust.

She told me I could go on Jan instead of Dec, but thing is she needs the money before Dec. 20th. In conclusion, I don’t know if its good to continue helping or just let it be. She does look legal, but that thing of not wanting me to go on Dec trip me off, any advice?

Girls and money are a dangerous combination in Eastern Europe. Let me tell you a story and my view on this. I meet this girl in Poland, she was one of my students and she worked for phone chat line, and you can imagine what kind. However, the ironic thing is she never had a boyfriend and was innocent as snow-white. Eastern Europe is a place where people need money more than in the West as it was poor for so long. I know I lived there. However, I personally do not know any girls that would take money from a stranger without meeting them. I am not saying she is scamming you at all, but most girls I know in Eastern Europe would say no, no matter how poor they are. They would not feel right.

Some girls would take it, but I personally would not want to go out with those girls, but everyone has to make their own choices. It is not the money because if you have a good job 300 dollars is not a lot of money. It is the idea of taking money from a foreign man who you are not engaged to or in a serious one on one relationship with. Ask yourself if you were in that situation would you do it? Maybe I am wrong here but when you start to enter situational ethics and conditional maybe I would, this is an indicator if someone would pursue that type of thinking in more important relationship issues, such as divorce.

If you find a girl who would never take money even if in need, but still wants to be with you, this is a girl who would be loyal and true. There are too many girls out there, there are plenty of fish in the sea. I know I sound hard. I am not. I do not think she is scamming you, I just question a girl who would take cash from a foreigner without service or work in exchange. I mean respectable work. If you offered her basic work like, writing or webs design or selling things online for you in exchange for money. This would be different.

Also the type of job a girl has done tells you a lot about them. I know a guy who married a pole dancer of the less respectable kind and it was a horrible marriage. If a girl does a questionable job in my mind she has crossed the line and it could be an indication of character.

Further, Romanians, or Polish girls or Russian girls that tell you they are poor do not believe it. I lived in Poland for about ten years. Yes it is poorer than the West but this is the EU or Europe. Free medical care, free education, right to work and travel in a market that is bigger than the USA. My wife when she was in school was working at a diagnostic laboratory and made about 300 dollars a month, and this was in a time of 20% unemployment. She survived fine, because people in Eastern Europe know how to survive on little money. So I do not believe any sob stories coming from Eastern Europe because I lived there, I am a citizen of Poland, I think many people who play victim are better off than I.

When a girl says a relationship is based on trust, she loses my trust. Trust is like faith, it is not something that is talked about openly too much but is just lived. When you start using it as a word of behavior modification in a relationship that is not matured and real life, it is Machiavellian.

Again I am not saying she is a scammer at all. I am not saying she is a bad girl and I might be wrong, but I personally see the world different.

Why do you not just go to Romania and visit her unexpected. You could do it on a general trip to meet girls, and stop by her place also. I am telling your there are a zillion nice good girls in Eastern Europe, I would be careful before I lasso my wagon to her star or any girl for a long-term relationship until I trust her from my heart and the word is not mentioned.

In my experience in life if I am unsure about a person, my intuitive doubt is usually right. If you are not sure you trust a girl, then you do not trust them, and for a reason.

I am from Russia and personally would not take any money from a man, unless I was married, we were husband and wife. A man sponsoring a girl on a trip to Egypt or Greece or helping with studies does happen in Russia, but I would not do it. It clearly changes the nature of the relationship from the start. At some level it is a toxic relationship.

It does not sound like you are doing that, but even to introduce money into the relationship early clouds the truth. Love is love,energy from the Divine. Money is something else, it is a man-made tool which represents a store of our productive activities, that we use to achieve our dreams.

When a university studentka takes money from a man, there is an exchange of energy. All the universe is energy and when you accept money from someone it is an exchange of energy.

Imagine that we are just Divine beings made of a colorful energy pattern. Auras if you will. Now imagine one energy glob takes energy from another energy glob.Is this coming from the heart center or another center?

A Russian Studentka – this is the word for in Eastern Europe for a University student that is a girl, (note the an ending indicating it is female) – accepts money, accepts an offer from a man for money, even if there is nothing going on in the bedroom, this is called sponsoring.

If you look at classified ads in Eastern Europe you will see many Russian student girls looking for sponsors. Well, I nor any of my friends would accept such a thing. We would be offended and walk away with a little fear in us.

When Admin, writes girls and money are a dangerous game, I do not think he is writing that to be sexist, but rather that it messes up the energy exchange and dynamic between men and woman early on in a relationship.

If a studentka accepts money from a man, deep down she knows as a female, the relationship will never be the same. It does not matter if she is a scammer or not. I would say no, she is not a scammer. However, she did take money from you and it spoiled the energy exchange.

Look up the work sponsoring on any classified ad, ‘student looking for sponsor’, if you do not speak Russian or Romanian you can can look using a translate tool. When you scan through those classified ‘announcements’ then I think your eyes will be open and you will have your answer.

Look for girls that are not about money at all. That would rather drop out of school than accept money from a foreigner.

II ask quite simply, being a dedicated full-time farmer, can someone please let me know or point me in the right direction to find a girlfriend and where on the internet can I find a genuine woman (above 21 years old, and not scams, as a trusting sort I have been asked for and have sent money to help with travel and their family) to spend the rest of my life with. Kindest regards.

There are so many girls that would love to meet you, you can not imagine. I think there is no easy answer. I wish I could say, go to this website and this is where your wife is. It is a bit more complicated than that. You need to be willing to travel to these countries, try different websites, explore my website as I have given a lot of advice about how to find a wife, including an article by that title. If you are looking for a good girl why not consider Poland. I think this is one of the sweet spots in the universe for good girls that are sincere. If you are a farmer I would consider a girl from the countryside like Eastern Poland over the cities as the charater of the people are different.

Please let me know more about what you have tried or what you are thinking and I can guide you better. I would explore myself site as I have listed a number of websites to try.

HI, Thank you for helping, since I have worked with a few Polish men who came over here. I learnt how to speak some Polish. However I have looked your ‘How to find a wife’ and cannot see any websites. can you please suggest a site?
Kindest regards

If you know Polish I am impressed, even a few words becaue it is difficult to pronounce. I would recommend the following websites to meet Polish girls. If you need to use a translate tool it is worth it. I would say most Polish girls know English because they studied it in school. – not a dating site but like a Polish Facebook

You could try these to start and let me know how you do.

If you want other countries in Eastern Europe let me know this too. There are many nice Russian and Ukrainian girls but Polish girls are sweet,the country is a normal EU and the chance of a scam is like zero to none, in fact the economy is pretty hot there with no crisis, even though wages are lower. The girls generally are religious if that is important to you and many have connections to the countryside and farming. Western Ukraine is another great place.

Hi I would like to know what your opinion is on this girl I met online. Not sure how old this site is so I hope it’s still active :O

I registered on a dating site a few months back. About 2 months ago I contacted this beautiful, blonde Swedish girl and we started talking via the on-site messaging service. It went really well and after about 20 replies between us our messages had grown from 1 line to small essays. She never brought up any alternative chat programs or email addresses as I hear scammers often do. I eventually brought up Facebook as I thought this would give me a glimpse into her life and help the over-cautious man inside me relax a bit. She friended me on Facebook without avoiding it at all and I couldn’t find anything out of the ordinary.

She had the idea that we should talk on Skype, which we did (with video) so it was immediately clear to me that this was the same person. We have done this plenty times over the last month and are also talking every day on a messaging program on our phones.

Up till now she has not even hinted at wanting money from me and I have also made sure that she knows that I am a poor student. We have become closer and affectionate towards each other and we are discussing me going to visit her. She has even mentioned paying half the plane ticket because it’s something we both want and of course I would be staying with her for free since she has her own place.

So there is really no reason, that I’m aware of, to not trust her. Could this still be a scam in some way or should my overly cautious inner persona take a break and accept that this could be one of those love stories that actually ends happily?


She is innocent unless she gives you real concrete reason that she is guilty. Most scammers start to play some sob story to set things up before you ever meet them. A Russian woman scammer is unlikely to give you her address and invite you to stay with her. Maybe, but they prefer to ht you up for money before you ever meet them. They are working hundreds of scams as the same time and it is not effcient to operated in any other way then remote via the Internet.

So I would say she is most likely not a Russian scammer girl but a normal girl. However, that being said, with any girl or relationship I try to see if the person has values in accordance with my world view. If she cares about ideals and marriage for alway. Or does she believe in a higher power or attends church, what is the source of her morality and where does it lead her in life.

Maybe I am old fashion but this means something. Someone who takes their ideals or faith seriously and authentically is less likely to betray their own internal moral compass when times get hard.

Well, I have been talking to this girl since 3 years and now planning to meet her. I have skyped her, called her numerous times and truly like her. What’s your view? Are there other risks too? Do you think she could have any bad intention? I don’t feel anything like it at all, but just asking.

Girls that want to scam you do it in a few months but three years of communication, and ask for money and do not want to meet, I would think. I do not have all the information about how your rapport when with her but I do not think Rusian girl scams operate like that, that is skyping a guy for three years and then wanting to meet.

@TLD 3 years? Wow, you sure know how to keep them waiting. I met my Russian girlfriend after 6 months. We met in Thailand and she never asked for money and paid her own way. Don’t make your girl wait any longer.

@Frank – total scam. Young people almost never get kidney stones and medical treatment is free in most countries (the US is one of the few countries where you need money for health treatment). Education / University is also free – she probably lives with her mum (who is still alive) and doesn’t even pay rent. If she’s willing to do cam work then she has low morals and is lazy (quick money for no effort). Even if she really is a girl (and not a Nigerian scammer), she is a gold-digger and you will be funding her lifestyle forever.

I have been e-mailing with a Russian girl for 3 months she know said she loves me and wants to fly to england to be with me but she has asked me to pay for her ticket to fly here it will cost me 960$ she says she can not live with out me I she syas. Is this genuine but I am not s ure of this am I being scamed please help as I have feeling for her it’s doing my head in, is she a scammer please e-mail your reply has I need some advice thank you.

I think all girls are liars.
They do not seem to know what harm and hurt cheating can do. How can I find a girl to love that wont cheat on me I think it’s all about relationships and how much money you have known, love has been forgotten.

Finding a hot laska (girl) who is not after money is easy. Tell them you are poor from the start. If you have doubts about this girl visit her in Russia and if your doubts are confirmed go chase other girls so your trip is not wasted.

I know what you are feeling as I have been there. Girls treat you like a bank cash machine. My advice is there is a negative correlation between money spend on a girl and her quality. Do not ever spend money on chicks. Do not buy them gifts do not treat them to drinks or dinner. Do not spend money on them. Pick flowers in the field, make a card homemade, read poetry from a book from the library and sing to them a love song at their window, but do not open your wallet.

My wife is loyal beautiful and does not care about money. I recommend you start taking trips to Eastern Europe. You will spend more money on chicks in the UK than you ever could in dinning at student cafeterias in Moscow and St. Petersburg or Krakow and Warsaw (cheap tickets and no visas needed). If you want real love, focus your efforts on Slavic girls and focus on the ones that think your poor and have a good value system in place. I do not if you are a religous man, but if there was any time, now is the time. Ask God to guide you. I was guided and I am living the dream, happily ever after.

@Tony Do not send any money. There is a slim chance she is genuine, but I doubt it. Tell her you will visit her in Russia instead – she may suddenly disappear when she realises she won’t get any money out of you.

I have met my Russian girl in Thailand after communicating with her for 6 months. She paid for her own flights & hotel and never asked me for money. I am planning to see her again in Russia.

Avoid contact girls from Moscow or St Petersburg, the ones from smaller towns are less likely to be money hungry. An honourable girl won’t ask you for money and instead would try to save up for it herself.

Also $960 sounds way too high – you can get return flights (London-Moscow) for around 160-300 pounds = $250-450

It sounds like you have some personal trust issues to work through. Only bad women will lie and cheat – there are far more good women out there. The vast majority of the women are looking for love – you just need to watch out for the bad ones.

I have been communicating with a girl from Almaty for about 28 months, went to see her twice, first time I spent 3 days at her place then I took her to Malaysia for 9 days returning to her home for the finally few days of my vacation. The second time I went to visit her , I spent a week with her at her home, she rented a cheap apartment. I have met her family and we Skype almost daily. She has never asked for money but I know she is having difficulty with day-to-day bills.

I do send her flowers on special occasions, have bought her a iPhone for our 2nd anniversary ( to improve communication) a laptop after her old dinosaur quite working properly, I send her money now and then as she is applying for a Visa to visit me here in Canada and we feel it is not worth taking a job for only a month or two and will have to quit for her trip anyway.

I feel. at times,she does have difficulty with being 100% honest with me, but perhaps it is just easier than going into detail with explanations. She went fishing supposedly north of Almaty last month and emailed me while she was gone. I reverse traced the email and it showed an IP address in South Africa. Is it possible that she can be in South Kazakhstan and her email show an IP address from a server in South Africa?

When confronting her she said (I wish) She tell her Ex still loves her but she does not love him because of his extreme jealousy issues. I also think she went to India with him from the pictures they each have on ach of their sites and the time the pictures were taken, this in February. I have trust issues as I was extremely hurt by my ex and hope I am not over reacting. At times, she says I don’t trust her.

I truly love this girl and don’t want to lose her over my issues. She is of Russian descent but born and raised in Kazakhstan has 3 children and is a grand mother of 2. When she goes fishing, it is at times, impossible to contact her, is service this poor in southern Kazakhstan? She holds a Mumba account but gets few hits per month (2-20)when others get hundreds or even thousands, she says it is one in the same as her account and used to connect with family and old friends.I have paid for her Visa application and given deposited money into an account to help with its success.. We should know about her visa in a week or two. I want to confront her in person and not online about my concerns, is this best as the visa is near complete? What advice do you have for me? We get along great and have so much in common, and I love her dearly.

I think you need to get to know here more. That is just me. I think people from the old republics of the Soviet Union have a tendency to round the truth a bit because under communism everything was wrong and it was the way the world worked. That is rounding the truth made things easier. Many people cheat in school, or most everyone, while in the USA I did not. I lived in Eastern Europe and I could not believe it. It is not that people are dishonest it is that they cut corners with the truth when it is needed because again communism from the past told them this is the only way things work, with a wink and a nod.

So if she might be not truthful in small things it is no big deal, she might be afraid to lose you. On the other hand I believe in 100% honesty and people are honest there of course. You need to find out more information. That is what I think. The truth will set you free.

I know you have strong feelings as romantic love comes quick if you have been hurt. I do not want to see you hurt again. So really ask her questions or get to know her friends on Facebook or what is her family like? I mean do as much research as you can.

I am a deeply religious person. I do not know if you are, but if you are you need to explore this area of her thinking? Ask her questions about her practice. If you are not take another tack by asking her about her philosophical humanistic ideals. She needs to believe in something greater than day-to-day life, I think.

Bills are hard to pay everywhere. I want to make sure you are not being played, that is she sees you as a chance for a better life. Would you ever spend a couple of weeks in her hometown, not vacation?

There are plenty of fish in the sea and I would get to know her on a philosophical or ideal level. What are the books she reads or what are her beliefs and how does this have concrete meaning in her life. I know it sounds old fashion but unless she can articulate in-depth about such things with passion, I would proceed with caution.

I am very interested in a girl’s faith. That was the issue that beached my last relationship after 2 years of trying to get around it. I know a lot of people in Russia and Eastern Europe ar orthodox. I am pretty much evangelical but not back-woodsy fundamentalist. What do girls believe in over there?

For me God is the center. It is the issue that is most important in choosing a wife. If you are like me you have to marry a girl who believes in God with all her heart and lives this life or else you are not doing yourself justice.

The Russians destroyed religion in Russia during communist times. The people without religion live hollow lives in my opinion, empty, mildly depressed and cynical.

The ones that have the love of God in their hearts have a different view of life.

In the East the religion is Orthodox and in the West it is catholic. However, in the East there are many protestant churches filling the void of the Orthodox church which became drained during communism.

You want to find a girl who does not talk about religion but rather reads or believes in the Bible with actions, maybe goes to church every week and has a cross in her hosue also and talks to you about these issues. Prays and looks for transformation.

I highly advise you not to waste any time with quasi religious, or religious in name only. It would be a waste of time and lead you to conflict.

Lots of pretty girls say they are religous but are not. They want to marry a western guy. You would be better off with an American girl from the south, trust me. It would lead you to ruin.

You have to find a girl who is your soulmate and believes in your heart as you do.

The good news is the hot ones, are the religious ones. The non-religious cake on make up and look used after a certain age and get the marks of a cyncial face in mid life, as hope has been dained.
Ask me questions and this issue means a lot to me.

Wow. You hit the nail right on the head. That is the critical matter. Do they believe and practice the Bible, seek to know Christ deeper, struggle with the challenges of faith and the desire to know God better every day. I have kept a journal for 20 years that chronicles my walk of faith through my morning devotionals. There is no substitute for that, not that I can’t be the spiritual leader if she is younger in her faith and as a result deeper her faith by my leadership but she has to have a heart that has been transformed by Christ.

Since I was researching Prague, I googled a few evangelical churches and reached out to a Baptist church as a way of having a contact on the other side. I would have to build out a network to land on in whatever city I go to so the spiritual support structure would be there when I got there. I don’t think I could do like you did and go cold turkey and figure it out when you got there.

I was at a party tonight with Christian singles and the thought went through my mind as I looked at some of the girls there “But what if I had a beautiful wife that loved me with her whole heart and was completed devoted to me and our relationship.” That is hard to pass up.

I am 51 even though everyone is shocked that I am not 41 and I still have the mind and heart of a 31 year old. I have heard from many people that age is not as critical in the culture over there. I know, especially if I just know a girl by interacting on the dating sites that they say age doesn’t matter but a lot of that is just about getting to America.

I have found a wonderful girl in Kiev that is 28 and is as pure as gold. She wants at least one child and I’m not wild about starting a family at age 55 but I understand how her culture views girls having children. It is very important to them, and we have discussed it at length. If I ever were to meet her I would fall in love with her immediately even though she can’t speak a word of English at this point. But what then if our faith doesn’t allow us to go forward? She said that I would be a great teacher for her and she wants me to be her teacher, in all ways. Hard to turn that down…

I will continue the dialog. It is a big decision and I am seeking God’s leading. I was considering this fall as the time to make the change but my mom is in very poor health and my finances are a little upside down. I also don’t know if Prague is where I would want to go. I heard years ago that Poland is the most religious country over there. Polish girls look pretty hot from what I see, and have read that their language is much harder to pick up. I am still more inclined to go to one of the Baltic states or somewhere in Ukraine besides Kiev or to Russia for that matter.

Actually my desire about going over there is not 100% about finding a wife. A bigger desire for me is to absorb the culture and experience a new life in a way. Plus I love teaching. It would be too much pressure to say “I’ve got to find a wife” and if I don’t the trip is a failure. If I did find my soulmate I would consider living over there as you are. What part of the US did you live in? I am in North Carolina…squarely in the middle of the Bible belt.

Thanks for being my sounding board. I am so glad that you are a believer. It is hard to explain the faith thing to someone that is not.

Plus another thing about me is that I am 6’8” and tall women rate very highly on my list of what I am looking for. No need for further explanation on that point. Obviously the girls over there fit that bill.


You’re in your 50s you can still have a family. But the question is why do you want to meet a girl? Why are Americans so uptight about admitting they want to fall in love and get married? If you want a girl for physical relations that means get married and have a family with love and all. If you want a girl as a Platonic friend just join a book club in your local town.

If you’re looking only for the cultural experience you can go with older retired people. But I think at some level you want a woman. What is so wrong with that? Why you do have such hesitance about this.

If the girl you are talking to is not a believer in a formal sense try to understand who world view and her capicities for introspection and how it translates to morality in life.

I am glad my wife is of the same faith I am, but on the other hand if someone were really open-minded they could date an non-believer as non-believers have the light of God in them even if they do not see it in themselves.

Do not take this the wrong way, it is just the way I see it, I do not believe dating different girls and having relations with them for fun. That is not a moral way. That is a hedonistic way accepted as cool by our society. Dating and switching partners is not what I am about. I do not know why even religious people act this out in their lives, that is they do the whole walk in faith thing but are serial monogenous including physical relations. I think we have this evolutionary drive for reproduction but as soulful people of God we bless this in the union of marriage and a family. It is simple and clear.

I am not a fundamentalist and actually very liberal in my ideas about the world. I of course believe in evolution and science and respect all faiths of the world. But I do not think the one and only reason to date is to get married and have a family that is based on love.

So if you are saying it is a cultural difference between Ukraine and the USA I think I will side with Ukrainians. I think they want to have kids, because it is nature, it is evolution, it is moral and good and is part of love.

If the girl wants have kids, I understand. Marriage without kids, unless there are reproductive issues is not marriage. Dating without the goal of marriage is a waste of time. If you are 55 and feel you do not want a family just get a lady friend who is 55 also, no need for kids. I understand that older people need companionship. But you are not that old.

I met a lot of guys that are in their 50s and girls in their 30s thinking about marriage or maybe someday having a family. What the deuce, either you are asexual or Platonic or you seek a mate and get married.

I am very open-minded and believe different races and cultures and religions can date. But I draw the line with serial monogamy that leads to nothing. Great for the guy but it robs the girl of her chance for life and love and being a mother. That is wrong in my book.

Thanks for your thoughts. I have always wanted a family. My view of life was to have a wife and two kids by age 35 and take life forward from there. For whatever reasons, some of which I’d be glad to discuss, some I will ask God about when I see Him, it hasn’t worked out that way.

You make a good point that marriage is about being with your soulmate and about raising a family. I differ with you to a degree because a couple that does not have children is still called to love each other faithfully, walk together in faith and serve God in the way he has gifted them. I think the key is that both marriage partners must be of the same mind about family and about faith. And that is my sensitivity in this case. I know that Elena wants a family and that is why it is an issue we have discussed (or written about) since early in the relationship. I have always wanted to have kids, but am at an age where I am looking forward and practically asking myself if I have the energy to be the dad I would want to be when I am 70 with a 15 year-old at least.

Having children is a big commitment. I want to make sure I am committing myself to a beautiful girl in such a way that she can live her dreams for life and I can walk that path with her. And I was a little confused about your statements about it being okay for a believer to date and marry a non-believer with an open mind. That sounded different than what you had said before.

Oh and I definitely agree about relations with one person versus several. My last girlfriend and I – and she is a very beautiful and sexy girl – had restraint in the physical area. That was not easy but I have learned that relations out of place can quickly ruin a good relationship. She, by the way, decided in her late 20s that she did not want to have children. We would have still had a very full life filled with love and spiritual service if we were of the same faith. We were in synch on the family issue.

Thanks again for your continued dialog.

No one knows how long they live on this earth. If you want to have kids have kids. You can not say you will live to 70 or 107. Nor anyone.

Many kids do not have parents or single parents. You at least can bring kids in the world.

But I can respect your position, I just would not waste any girls time that wants to have kids. Being a man is different from a woman. A woman wants to be a mother. Guy sells the girl on love and stuff but is really not into kids. I personally think it is a sin to date or marry a girl without the intention of the possibility of children. But I am Catholic and one of the ideas of marriage in my understanding of a Christian life includes this, is to have the possibility of children and not restrict your mate in their heart if they want. As in the Bible it talks about this.

Or you can be a monk and dedicate your life to God. But every second we have here is on loan to us from God to add to God’s greater glory by either raising a family or helping humanity. It is just a world view but you do not have to agree and I do not mean to offend. But I believe everything in life is All for the greater glory of God.

Look it is this silly American culture we live in. Everything is delays until too late.

My message is guys if you want to have a family, quit your job today and get a girl from a country that does not have feminism and issues and seeing a psychologist and get married. No big deal. You get home cooked meals everyday, someone to talk about God and philosophy with, a life of love and physical contact. I think being single is a hard calling in life. I personally do not understand it. It is for those God calls to serve humanity in a humanistic asexual way. I respect it but can not personally do it.

Guys and girls in the USA are about money and jobs. If not they would quit their job today get on a plane find and mate and not worry about the future. Like in the Bible it says the birds do not worry about their next meal.

I think the Bible is very clear about why God put woman on earth, to keep each other company and be fruitful and multiply.

I guess I get back to the meaning of life question. It is not something that has to be answered but rather lived. I am a Christian and I believe that we are here to help each other grow in love and faith. This is manifest in having a family or being an altruist. I personally have not lived a very straight and narrow life, as most people. I had a woman in every port so to speak but regret every moment. I wanted only love but betrayed my true wish, to find my other half.

American society will mess you up if you let it. You have to deprogram and go back to your calling in life.

Wow. That was great. Thanks for sharing your insights.

I do not know if I have the answers but I think someone who lived 2,000 years ago did. I think the interpretations of this are wide and varied.

However, from a psychological standpoint, I think a lot of people delay kids out of fear, subconscious fear, but then they date people who are biologically the most fertile as their biology is being checked by their fears.

If guys do not want to have kids they should only divorced single moms and women their own age who have no interest in children. I see it from a girl’s perspective, too many of my girl acquaintances who are friends had their time wasted and now they have their cats to keep them company, while their counterparts have the joy of a family.

Mark, (I believe)

I have a comment about your blog. It’s very interesting and has some useful information.
I recently joined Ukraine Brides Agency .com out of New Zealand. I requested information about the site and girls from the owner, Mr. Keith Gordon on several occasions and always recieved a prompt responses.

I have already signed IMBRA form and contacted a lady attorney from Nikolaev, UK. We hit off and understood each other immediately (sense of humor, play on words, etc.) and wrote each other using our personal email accounts. Anyway, after a few emails I would log onto the page, but not onto the website so I could respond to any messages. She was logged onto the site for hours & I finally told her I do not understand why she was always on-line. Anyway, I told her that’s not why I contacted directly. She was going to visit me in Orlando, Florida at the end of December.

I finally broke it off, because of the constant doubts in my mind. I was able to obtain her personal email & cell phone information & even knew what law firm she works for in Nikolaev, which of course I researched. I am a lawyer as well and have been looking for similar professionals, as well as MDs, dentists, accountants, designers & teachers to name a few.

Recently, after 4 weeks of emailing someone from same site, I requested her personal information and she declined stating that I will receive it once I meet her personally. I requested it because I am now traveling more (between Orlando & Tallahassee) and would find it much easier to be connected. Hence , I have written her & told her not to worry, i will contact her for her birthday!!! I do not have the time to play these games. Two situations & two very different scenarios, but alas the same result. I am curious to know your thoughts.

Is my way of thinking flawed? I beleive that if someone is excited about building a future together, she would be eager at the chance to meet someone who already wants to share everything with them. I know everyone is different, but would your hunch be, that if she is a hardworking professional with a job, apartment, auto (BMW) and family in Ukraine, her expectations are going to be that much higher here in the USA?

I am intrigued by your comments about Eastern Ukraine vs. Western Ukraine. I was a Russian studies major & am curious to know whether most of your concerns about Eastern Ukraine have most to do with their history with the former Soviet Union .

I have made a mental note about Poland as I had a great Polish girlfriend here & of course now wish she was back in my life. When I travel to EE I will fly into Poland anyway. I will possibly take a train from Krakow, Poland to Kiev & then to final destination. It’s quite likely & possible though that I may never leave Poland !

Thanks for all of your insights,


I have been chatting with a Russian girl for the last few months. I got introduced in a chatting site. I liked her and she liked me too. And later on, we fell in love with each other and wanted to move on to the next step. And when we spoke about wedding, she said that she cannot leave Russia and she would like stay in Russia.
And she wants me to be with her in her house, if am getting relocated to her city. She has already given her address, telephone, mobile and I also see her in a video chat in Skype everyday.
So far she never asked for money and never shown interest towards any fancy items that would attract a girl. She likes music and mostly listens to Russian chanson. She is from Yaroslavl. She had sent me her pictures and shown me the pictures of her family. She sent me the pictures of victory day celebrations recently. I trust her. She is very understanding and very practical. I have heard about the scams after marriage. It will be great if you can give me thoughts about this. I feel that she really loves me and want to be with me. What do you think about this? Is it normal or Scam?

You know I think Slavic women are great, as I lived in Eastern Europe and traveled all over. I think you should meet her in person. I think you need to spend sometime in person, one on one.

Eventually alone and along with long romantic walks through the beautiful Russian landscapes, you need to have deep conversations about ideals and probe her as to why she has those beliefs.

It is easy for me to say I am good. But to say I have read Platonic philosophy and like this particular Socratic argument or quote the Bible shows more depth of thought that would support the propensity for proper moral action. Maybe I am wrong but a moral foundation is key for a stable trustworthy personality.

She sounds like a nice girl from the wilds of Russia and I am sure she is very beautiful.

Just take the time to understand her world view and why she holds the ideals that she does, that is specifically. Actions good and bad are usually premeditated and come from a world view. Virtues and vices become habits of actions driven by thought processes.

I mention all this because remember the Communists were very effective in eradicating faith in Russia and what it was replaced with was a secular humanism that was not idealistic secular humanism, like the West, but often skeptical colder distrustful type. So the questions is where are her internal ideals finding their source of strength?

Let me know if this make sense to you. You do not have to turn this into a deep serious conversation all the time, but it is a legitimate conversation about what makes a person tick.

I met a girl online went to visit her in Russia Samara and got married right after that she started asking me for money talking thousands is it normal?

I am preparing her immigration papers but now I am stalled to understand. What do you think?

It is not normal in anyway, shape or form. Where did you get married in Russia or America? My wife has never asked me for anything, ever and I would and do give her everything and she is from Eastern Europe.
Maybe you got one that was looking for money not love.
Can you get it annulled?

Hi, I have been Skyping with a girl from Kazakhstan for nearly 3 years. A few months ago she told me she was going fishing at a lake some 50 miles from her home. During her fishing trip she emailed me from her phone to say hello. For the fun of it I searched the IP address of her email. To my surprise it came up with a location on the coast of South Africa . We had spoke of going there one day as we both loved the idea of seeing the country.
Is it possible that an IP address could be some 3-4 thousand miles out of wack. Or is she taking trips with someone else behind my back. She is adamant she was never in South Africa . What’s your opinion? Am I being lied to?

You need to be like Sherlock Holmes with girls at time. Instinctively many girls are trying to optimizes and maximizes their mating and reproductive chances and role the dice and play a game based on the best probability of finding a mate. This includes multi-partners. That keep their options open until one commits, and then even after.

I personally think she was in South Africa. You can do more research on the IP address using to see more about it.

Ask her directly, why were you in South Africa. Or you can do the following.

However, I think she would not go fishing 50 miles away. I can not imagine that. That sounds fishy. I am really into fishing and rarely go that far, but maybe. But when you say you guys talked about going to South Africa I think this is a red flag did she bring it up first?
Think of a clever way to smoke her out. Ask her to send a cell phone photo of the place she was, with her in the photo. If you really want to know call her neighbor.

Does this girl go to church on a weekly basis? Why can she be trusted?
Or maybe the next time she is ‘fishing’ ask her to send a photo, then try to locate the place based on evidence in the photo like trees and foliage if it is consistent with the area she claims to be.

Ask her what the weather was like and be specific, then cross check that with data in that city where she claims she was fishing.

Ask her what type of fish, or reel she uses. Tell her your a big fisherman and you would love a photo of her gear. Ask her about the bait she uses and the hook. I am really into fishing and in a second without hesitation could tell you the bait and hook and type of fishing I do and my face would light up. If she is hesitant or non reactive giving information I would note that and be cool.

Let me know what you come up with. The main thing is be cool when you are trying to smoke her out and do not let her know you are onto her. Try to gather indirect evidence. I have done this to many girls and I always can get them to slip up in their stories by providing light evidence or evasive answers.

Thank you for your reply, the wedding was in a church in Russia no official documents (which caused me trouble with the immigration services here), her family organized all. I paid for that then sent some money after. She wanted thousands in constant flow till her visa is ready. I talked to the immigration services I can stop the procedure since it is not over a month yet. She sends me love messages, she is missing me lot. I don’t know what is true what is false anymore. I can send that money but to me it is a lot there, receiving an American salary while living with her parents in small city in Russia seemed little fishy to me. What puzzled me more is the fact that her family and friends attended the wedding. Was this all a theatrical ceremony or she does both love me and need the money to support her family? Or is it just cultural issue that I can not understand. I do not want to take decision against her, if she has true feelings but I am worried she take my money, come here, take my house and ruin my life. Can you tell me honestly if I am wrong? You know the culture much better than me I spent only one week there and I know her for little less than six months.

You are not married. In Russia you need a civil official wedding. You need a rospis v zagse. If you do not have this you are not married. The Church has a treaty with the government that says the church wedding is valid only if you get a civil wedding. Did you have a regular Orthodox priest? Did you go through preparation classes?

My family and friends are from Eastern Europe. Not even the worst of the people I know would do this, that is ask for money. I can not imagine it. I lived and traveled in Eastern Europe a good part of my life. If she is asking for money it is a scam.

What town did you get married in? You had to go to the department of civil services at ZAGS to get make this official. If not you are not married.

I would rather tell you like it is. I can not imagine any girls I know from Eastern Europe ever asking for money.

Why did you fly there to get married, because you did not know the girl. You might have some romantic feelings and hopes, but you added more of your imagination into this. I think it was a theatrical production maybe, unless you went and got the official state government stamps and documents and were in the government office.

Maybe she would be a good wife and everything, but you have to ask yourself Why?

I know she Is extremely into fishing. She has sent me many photos of her fishing and we went wishing on many occasions here in Canada this summer while she visited me. I just need to know if IP address locations are 95%accurate. Not really any other way to prove she is not truthful to me. Other than that. I will try to smoke her out.

She sounds cool if she is into fishing. Did she send photos of her recent trip when she emailed you from her South African IP? This way you can compare the terrain and weather.

Unless you use a VPN tunnel, a virtual private network or an IP hide tool or proxy, I can not understand why the IP would be different. I was looking to change my IP in Eastern Europe so I could watch Netflix etc but these are the only ways I know. You have to consciously do it. I may be wrong, and you can research it yourself, but I am kind of techy.

I have a friend who has fallen in love with a Russian after knowing her for four months. He has recently been over to Kazakhstan to meet her and her teenage daughter. She is a widow, earns only $300 US a month, my friend is already supporting her and is going to pay for visas and tickets for her and daughter to come to Australia. He is religious and she has agreed to go to church. According to my friend she is a good housewife, neat and tidy, and kindhearted. When he became sick during his visit and was staying in a hotel this woman made him leave the hotel to go and stay with her and her daughter.
Apparently she is very attractive and she has already said she feels the same about him. My friend has said that she evokes passion in him and there is chemistry I am giving it the benefit of the doubt.
What I want to know is 1) would a genuine Russian woman invite a foreign man she has only just met in person into her home where there is a teenage girl living there?

I need to write a post about this idea. But the idea is in the west women are a bit extreme in trying to establish they do not need a guy, or if they do they have a list of rules and criteria and career. In Russia and Eastern Europe to be an Old maid is a shame and the girls tease each other about it if they are not married. Russian women desperately want to get married. They throw caution to the wind. In most cases it is not a scam. In many cases it is not about improving ones economic life, but in some cases it is.
What is the most important thing is determining is, the woman’s world view. I am a spiritual person. I believe it is only the spiritual connection in people, including authenticity that makes a relationship last, even if this is expressed in humanistic terms. So although the lady’s methods are unconventional by western standards it does not mean anything. It is a different culture.

Is this your opinion or the view of people in Europe about women in the west?
Sure I do not need a guy but does not mean that I am no different to my counterpart in Russia in wanting to find a guy. I have thrown caution to the wind and it did not have a happy outcomes Some would call it taking a risk. Is it worth it? Yes and no depending on the outcome. Would I take a risk allowing a foreign man into my home I have just met and especially if I had a teenage daughter….NO! It would be a risk I would not take. We are hearing of increasing scams involving men grooming single/widowed mothers to get near their children and I would assume it would be no different in Russia. I need to say of course most men are genuinely ok but again I would not take the risk just to be desperate to get married.
As for a list of rules am I guessing from this rules meaning that western women are fussy in what we are looking for… yes I think so but why not? We are making sure we are trying to do the best we can in finding a partner who will treat us well and respect us. As for Russian women sadly how many of them live miserable lives because they may have chosen the wrong man because they were scared of being an old maid?
As for career I have known plenty of women who have given up career to care for their children or putting their career second to their partners. As for me if I found the right man I would sacrifice for love if I needed to.
I am 44 years old, single and would be considered an old maid if I was to live in country like Russia but unlike women there I do not care what people think and certainly would not be teased for it.
As for my friend I guess it must be ok to support her financially after a short time knowing her, having to pay for visas and tickets for her to come over to Australia, her telling him how much she feels the same way as him just so she does not have he stigma of staying an old maid. Well he did meet her so she must be ok

Thoughtful reply. I can not speak of this lady or man because there are too many variables. When dating my criteria was ideals and looks.
There is someone for everyone. My general advice is find someone who lives in the clouds in terms of ideals and when you find that person, be ready to give up everything. I did and I am living happily ever after. I left my career moved to another country under Spartan conditions and returned 10 years latter with a family, not getting pulled down by the crisis or housing and my career is better than ever. I risked it all for love. I do not care about money or status or if I live in a trailer. Really, I would love in a trailer with in central Florida with my sweetheart mowing the lawn in her bikini, while I go hunting for possum, than be alone and have a career. Only in love do I play to win. To many Western people try to find someone special but not someone idealistic that believes in love and is obsessively in love with you.

I agree with the money comments and there are probably a few golden rules:

1. Do not send any money if you have never met or video chatted before;
2. Go and visit her in her home country first so you have an idea of her situation and can get to know her first;
3. Travelling to the UK and US for a girl will be very expensive for her so I can understand her wanting you to help with the fare, but you can buy online for her with a credit card anyway, and only do this after you have travelled there.

My wife was born in Kiev, now lives in London with me for the past 5 years and her and her friends and family are great, never asked for anything and are super sweet. I travelled to Kiev and to Lvov many times so and I normally stayed at her apartment so I knew pretty much everything about her before we applied for her visa to move to London. Brought some Twinings tea for parents, some bones for her dog, chocolates from Thorntons for her sisters, all pretty normal stuff. I bought her a htc phone for her birthday and christmas (nearly the same date), she didn’t want the top one…knew this girl was quite nice.

She is not really very religious which is fine as neither am I, but her and her sisters are all well educated (free university) and lived at home before with their parents so they only really needed money for food and their parents worked and my wife was studying at university and working casually at PR events and exhibitions.

She is living in London now, we have a joint bank account and I check it on internet banking more so we know what we spend and she usually goes to Primark or H&M for stuff, a nice genuine girl which is great, very pretty and loving and very smart too.


I am a 22 year old male from the Uk i have met a nice Ukrainian girl also 22 from a site i managed to get her to add me on Skype, Facebook and for the past week we have been going on cam almost everyday for 3 hours chatting and getting to know each other. Over these past few days i have become fond of her and she also says that i am very nice and attractive and wants to know me more and has an affection for me. She does not hide anything from me, shows me pictures of her on holiday, when she graduated from uni and with some of her family she tells me about her family and never hesitates with any question i ask. She also works at the moment in law but of course does not get a lot of money and said she is on this site as a friend of her found someone on this site and are now together and also she gets a bit of money from it but not a lot.

While we were talking one question lead to another and with some reluctance she asked me if i could buy her some canvas’s as she loves to paint and draw and she has showed me some of the drawings she has done and is doing at present. She said she could look for one on eBay I buy it and send it to her by the post.

I was wondering is this situation is just as bad as if she asked money from me? I believe not but after seeing all these scams and details on the internet I need some advice as i am unsure what to think. My instinct tells me she is a true and honest girl and nothing as of yet has alerted me in any way.

As for meeting she asked if I would go to visit her in a couple of months due to work I could not do that so soon but i asked if maybe she could visit me, she said no as getting a visa of course is so hard and she does not have the money I offered to pay but she still declined which I believe to be a good sign. So far my plan is to met her sometime early 2015 in Ukraine.

Please could I have some advice on what you guys think of this situation or is it to early to tell yet?

She is not asking for money. Yet I do not like when girls ask for anything. Russia is not a poor country like African countries, it is a modern European nation. You can buy cheap paper in Russia and draw and paint all day long. I know I lived in Eastern Europe and the best artist I know used little or know resources. And the starving artists that did have expenses did some work to earn their supplies.

I am a religious man. I do not like when people mix love and material things. Even in a slight way. If you are not religious and do not care, then that is your choice but love and material things are opposites almost.

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