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If you are looking for Russian girls photos, you came to the right place.  The purpose of this post is to give you the best free website that has photos of Russian girls. The website I will give you is different than you might find simply just searching for them. Why? Because this site of pictures of women is from Russia. It is not an English site that just hangs beautiful pictures of women from St. Petersburg or Moscow.  It is images all over Russia by Russians.

This means that the only photos you will find there are real single Eastern European girls photos. Not some Western or English site that put up photoshopped air brushed images of aging beauties to try to get you to join their dating or brides site. Rather these are women’s images that are put there by the women themselves to strut their stuff or show off their beauty and sensuality.

Russian girls have photos online to show what they have to men

Why do Russian ladies put their Photos online? They do this for two reasons. First to show off their long legs and bodies. Really, this surprised me. But Russian culture has no inhibitions like Western culture. If a women looks good she wants to show it off. I basically thought growing up in the USA that women tolerate men at most. However, in the land of Russia, women love men and try to show off their bodies for men’s pleasure. This is a shock, it is a different culture.

One of my friends in Kraków is a sweet Russian girl. However, I found many sensual images on one of these sites, it surprises me.

I am tempted to put up a link to her photos but she would be upset if I did. This is because I think guys all over the world would fall in love with her. She is one of those Russian Blonde girls, who is good, but has a bad girl look. The bottom line is these Russian women put photos online, because they know they are beautiful and want men to give them attention.

Here is a part of one of her photos.

Russian women in these photos want to date you

The second reason is the want to date. In the USA American girls will give you the evil eye if you show interest in them, however, in Russia and Eastern Europe, women really want to meet guys and really want to date and get married. Therefore, they have not problem to put their photos online, on a website that has a contact option, just in case their prince has found them. It is funny that Russian and Ukrainian girls in photo galleries that look like models, will actually thank you for showing them attention and thinking them hot. This is the opposite of American girls.

There is a site that comes up high for “Russian girls photos” but I think you should avoid if you want real pictures of Russian girls. That site is englishrussia. This site as tasteless and sometimes brutal images and most I think are staged. It put me in a bad mood when I saw those images.

In this post what I can offer you something of value. I try in everyone of my posts to give you value, that is a post that you can not get anywhere else. In this post I will tell you about a website that only Russians go to. Therefore you will not have the competition of thousands of English speaking guys from The USA or India or the Middle East trying to find them. Many times you will be their first contact with non-Russian guys. This is an advantage as they will see you as exotic. You can have them all to yourself if you treat them with respect and honesty.

Further the site below is good because it is not a commercial dating site. It is actually a free photo site. Therefore, these Russian girls photos are up there just for fun. There is no financial motive behind them.

I know about Russia women picture site as I know some Russian and live in Eastern Europe.

Below is a website that have Eastern European women pictures from Russia, Ukraine, from Moscow to Kiev, I can recommend that will put you in a good mood, if you are looking for Photos of Russian girls.

Best site for Russian girls photos

  • – Try this site. I know its in the Russian language but it has a translate bottom or use an online translate too. There are many beautiful Russian girl photos.
  • – These are photos of Russian girls that want to date and put their photos online with the purpose of you writing them.
  •девушка/ – this is the same site again but with the tag of Russian girls photos.

Note the photo above is from the site.  If you want to contact any of the girls you see there simply hit the image which I circled in red.

If you want to explore more Russian photos tags go to the red letters below when they appear on your screen.  This literally means more tags.

From here just explore and bookmark the tags you like for reference.  Do not be intimidated by the Russian alphabet, its only an alphabet and behind most of those doors you will find exotic Russian females pictures in artistic and natural images.

I like nature photos with Russians more than artistic pictures.  Artistic images I find mildly annoying.  I guess I like real, untouched raw photos of  Russian Asian girls in Siberia than Moscow ladies  trying to be existential.

However, I do like retro Soviet girls pictures if they are made like a beauty Russian princess in contrast to a rustic USSR photo. It makes you feel like in the old times,that there was nothing in life but a gray depressing Soviet reality, with the exception of beautiful women.  However, because of women life was simple and good. I think women make life beautiful in any time or place you live.

More photos of Russian girls

Explore my site, this site is a combination of love and marriage site but I always manage to put some nice photos of ladies from around the world. Please leave a comment if you want to know about Russian dating or women who are looking for brides. However, if you do please leave an intelligent and spell checked comment I will answer you Russian girls photos question.

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  1. Do Russian girls like you because of your looks?
    Russians and European girls are hot but I heard they are really lovely people I don’t really like the American girls or British girls they are pretty boring.

  2. Some American women are fat, others are dam hot, from what I’ve seen. Now Italian women, don’t get me started. I saw this Italian women and man…..she was fine. Most beautiful thing ever.

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