Russian girls love Americans

Why do Russian girls love Americans?

It does not matter is you are talking about Russian girls or Eastern European girls I think the idea is the same, they for the most part love American guys.

Eastern European girls just want a nice guy to hang out with, who has values and dreams and will be their prince.

Here are some reasons why:

  • Spices things up a bit – You like the idea of marrying an exotic foreign women, so they like the idea of marrying a foreign guy in the same way. It spices things up. Now most Russian women do not dream of marrying a foreigner, rather than guy next door, but if you present yourself well, it is equally exciting for them as they are for you.
  • Russian girls want your money, not – I put this in there to get your attention. No self-respecting Russian or Ukrainian girl would ask you for money, ever. Trust me, would you ask an Eastern European female to send you money? I hope not. Well they would not do the same to you unless they are trying to use you. Think about it. You are some guy in the UK or the States and can you imagine asking some Eastern European girl who you are dating to help you financially. I know it is not the same but it is. A normal person would not do this. Moscow is the most expensive city in the world for a reason, because people have money and you can get rich there or work as a professional for a large company just like the west.
  • Russian girls want their husband not a husband – Think about this, American girls often after years of feminist thinking get into a pattern of serial dating and are really looking for a husband. Russian girls just want their one and only. I have heard Russian girls say I want to find ‘my’ husband. This word my is important.  I think this is even more true for Polish and Western Ukrainian girls. I would not want to be a solution for some American girls inability to attract a mate. I want to me someone one and only love forever. Russian girls would take care of their husband by being submissive, cooking and taking care of the family before career. It just so happens Americans like this model of relationship. That is the man is the hero and the women is the princess.  Maybe it is all the American films we watched growing up, but I think Americans guys still believe in this model of a home and you know what, so do Eastern European girls.
  • American guys are fun –  Maybe it is the weather but many Eastern European guys are serious, and practical. Americans and to some extent UK guys are full of optimism and cheer.  Americans are easy-going and relaxed and its all about fun.
  • Americans have values – Yes we are a religious country and have values. Girls want this. They may rebel against it or not like to talk about it but women are the guardians of spiritual things in this world as they are the ones that transmits culture. So when they meet some American guy full of ideals and values, they like it. The key is not to push it on the women but rather just be the person your religion talks about in an easy-going way, and your girl will say, I want some of that.

Russian women and American men

What is the solution? American guys should give Russian girls what they want. That is find your princess bride. Like St. Paul says, ‘fight the good fight’ (for a just cause) and rescue your (not just any) Russian girl (Polish or Ukrainian) from her castle and marry her, because your wife is out there somewhere and has been dreaming of you like you have been dreaming of her.  This is why Russian girls love Americans, because they are little to play to win when it comes to finding their bride. I am not just writing this, I did this find my wife and no it was not easy but my family is my joy.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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I’m looking for my Princess to love and hold in my strong arms. I’m looking and I wish and hope to find the one. I live up in the Boston area and I love to have fun. I will love her and provide for her and our family. Tell me where I can find mine.

Have you looked at the websites I have mentioned on my website? Have you checked out the Boston spots I recommend for meeting Russian girls, if you think your one and only is Russian? What steps have you taken so far?

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