Russian girls like Indian guys – Indians men dating Russians women

The Russian girls Indian guys question which I see so often. It  puzzles me to no end. I mean this is like one of the most frequent questions I hear. I get, ” hey  Mark, do Russian girls date Indian guys, and if so how can I meet them?”  What a crazy question.

The other strange question I get is “do you think White girls should date Indian men”. What the deuce kind of question is that?

Let me put it out there. I have two Russian girl friends who married Indian guys and so what. Who cares? As long as they are happy why not?

  • This post will give you concrete ways a guy from Indian can optimizes his looks and where to look for a Russian girl.

Russian girls in perspective

  • Russian guys like Russian girls
  • American guys like Russian females
  • Indian guys like Russian women
  • Latino guys like Russian ladies

Basically everyone wants to date a Russian girl, no surprises there, so when I hear questions about Indian guys and Russian girls dating it makes not sense to be because it is obviously OK and normal.

India will be the world

I think basically India and Indians will be the future of the world if you look at demographics. Basically you can add up all of North and South America and Europe and it does not equal the country of Indian in terms of population and demographic growth. Russian population in contrast is in a nose dive.

More on the Russian population

It is a mix of Asian and European. This is part of their history. I mean the Russian national poet Pushkin was part African. Mix marriages and dating are only a big a deal as you make them in your mind. The ideal is we are all citizens of the world and there are no boundaries or borders. I married someone from the other side of the world and it is nothing less than magical. So Russians dating Indians is no big deal for me.

When Russian girls dislike Indian guys

The reason I see Indian guys fail in dating women from Moscow or Kiev (I know this is Ukraine) is when the Indian guy is rigid about their culture. They can not transcend style or custom and be more European. Sorry but its true. Russian girls have high standards on culturally determined things like fashion and style.

I know it is unfair but attraction is largely culturally determined. I have seen Indian guys wear Italian and French style clothes and hairstyle and they look like a European male model. Indians and Europeans are basically related genetically so why would they not.

Look at the male Bollywood stars they know how to jazz up their style.

Therefore, if  you are a guy from Bombay or Kerala and want to date a girl from St. Petersburg, friendship up your style.

How Indian guys can increase their style and attractiveness for European girls

  • Get a cool haircut where it is spike up a little – You guys have great dark hair, a lot of blond women go for this, so get a good haircut. Style it right, be natural not too much gel or cream.
  •  Misconception about scent and attraction – On that note, no cologne or aftershave or perfumes or any scents that are artificial, maybe odorless deodorant. I can not tell you how many Indian guys I am friends with turn girls off with cologne. I mean many guys do this not just men from India. It is a common mistake. Women go for pheromones produced by you, not cheap knock off cologne scents. Trust me on this one.
  • You can be a vegetarian but beef up your shape – If you can, beef it up a little. It is not too important but if you can work out a little it does not hurt.
  • Golden voice  – practice your voice and how to charm a girl. Indian English is a little different from European English. I use to teach English to foreigners and I think it is really hard to change your way of speaking English but if you can smooth it out a little it would help. Again these are all culturally determined things and do not feel self-conscious, I am trying to help you out. Download something like a Audacity voice program and practice your voice and dialogue to sound more like a Bollywood start. With a good voice and rap you can charm many women.
  • Clothes like Salman Khan or Hrithik Roshan – I do not know the brand name clothes in India like I know J. Crew in the USA for example, but you do not have to spend a lot of money to have  a few good styles from brand name Indian stores that make you look good. If you wear whatever clothes you will not get a Russian gal. You need to look like a male model. I can recommend some clothes and styles if you need me to just ask. But remember to look good you do not have to spend money, and yes you already look good. Do not doubt yourself.
  • Fly solo –  learn to meet Eastern European girls alone not with a group of other Indian guys. Too intimidating.  Now I like this about Indian culture that guys and girls travel in groups, but it is better to be alone and one-on-one with an Eastern Slavic girl. This is my personal experience after living in Eastern Europe for like a decade.
  •  Turn the fact that you are from India into your greatest asset – Believe in yourself – A lesson from former bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger – take the thing that is your self perceived weak point (his was his arms) and make it your forte. He was known for that. I do not mean lift weights, although it does not hurt, I mean if you are self-conscious because you are an Indian guy and you think know Russian girl will go for you because you are from India, learn to override that thinking. Make being from India a positive exotic point when trying to chat up Russian women. Probe them, if they are in to Yoga play that up, if they are into vegetarian food play that u, if they are into chess play that up. A Lot of Northern European ladys dream of warm exotic places, bring it up that India is loaded with places like this and it is cheap. Make the fact you are an Indian male, your selling point to a Russian studentka.

 Where to meet Russian girls:

I outline this in detail on my website.I mention websites like, and Browse my website and I am sure you can find scores of recommendations tested, checked and reviewed by me. If you have questions how to sign up let me know.

I would like to suggest one additional website and that is I write the guys who runs this and in my opinion it seems like a clean operation.

Let me know if you have any questions about Indian guys and Russian girls. I lived in Eastern Europe a good part of my life and I think I can give some specific advice, so do not be shy just ask.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

7 replies on “Russian girls like Indian guys – Indians men dating Russians women”

I feel good, about marrying a girl from different culture, life is short. After breaking up with an Indian girl (I did a lot for her) now a days I am bitter towards Indian girls based on my dating experience. They just see money, feel like they just want to marry a money printing machines, I saw partners preference on many matrimonial site they just mention income. How much their potential husband has to earn 50 people can live in that money.

This is the reason why I have disdain for Indian girls, they are gold diggers. I have a girlfriend from Philippines, she is pretty and very hardworking, determined and have enough self-confidence to stand on her feet and is very ambitious she never even asked me a single penny, we deeply love each other unconditionally. Hope you get some good girl not and Indian single girl who is pursing money as an end in itself. What you mentioned about matrimonial is absolutely true in relation to the pursuit of wealth and marriage.

Indians and Europeans are not related. I see no big deal with dating Russian or Ukrainian as long as the two can compromise and not try to change each other culturally. Indian has a right to keep their religion and so does Ukrainian and Russian. I heard Europe has the highest divorces compared to India. Marriage is something I would never jump into right away. By the way this guy named guru is full of it. Indian women do not marry for money. Indian women and Indian men have the most monogamous relationships with the least divorce rates so they are not seeking alimony to take you to court.

Indians and Europeans do not have anything genetically common, I’ve had a few Russian women in my life and they, once you get to know them, they are loving and faithful.

And Indian women still marry for love or traditional family arranged marriages, but you can not blame them for wanting a financially secure partner.

The divorce rate in Europe is high of course as there is no preaching of monogamy or traditionalism left here (I am a London based half Indian half Portuguese man, who is been pretty much brought up with Indian values.

People here would rather be making money than a happy family and are just happy to have ‘physical relationships’.

“Love actually” in literal sense is just a movie title around this part of the world. Therefore, if you are seriously looking for a good Caucasian woman, cities are not the places you should be looking because of the decay of values.

Of course Indians and Europeans are related. Rather closely when you see gene maps. Our gene clusters are very close when you compare it to East Asians and even closer compared to Africans. Surprise, even Dravidians from south India are related to other Caucasoid groups like Europeans, Arabs, it’s just that they are darker skinned and have more of an ASI (ancestral south indian) admixture. Upper caste Indians especially have many gene markers related to Eastern Europeans. When I visited the US, I have many times heard the “but you look just like us, except you’re darker” comment.

I am Russian. Russian girls are afraid of Indians and others non-European guys. Russian girls similar to Europeans in their mentality. If you are Amrican, Candidan or European you have more chances with a Russian girl. Also Russians more like money than Europeans culturally and hence marriage more common. Russia is big country and most poor people in Russia are from the former Soviet Republics, I am referring to workers from Tadjikistan, Kirgizia, Uzbekistan. When USSR failed many people from those countries arrived to work in Russia.

They are uneducated, and do not have the same standards of cleanliness based on their customs as Europeans. This is why Indians are perceived similar by Russian women. Indians must have good clothing and money, be ready to pay always for a Russian girl. Be ready to pay for their car, apartment, coat, dressing. Well, if you have a salary 2000-3000 Euro a month minimum, you will just barely be able to afford her the lifestyle she is seeking, but also you have to be good looking and have charater.

If not, you your chances with connecting with a Russian female are less. It depends from your face, body, your beauty. I know some guys from Nepal and one guy from India who dates Russian girls.

Also if you understand that Russia is big country with many people. You may find your wife not in Moscow, but in Siberia, Burjatia republic or Bashkortastan (Tatarstan – if you are a Muslim). In my opinion, it is easier for Indians to be in Moscow or East Russia(Saha Republic, Buryatia), because local Russian people from other regions are xenophobic to say the least.

You might experience a lot of aggression in the small towns and villages and I would say that primarily Moscow is safe for you, especially with the current backlash against people who are not European.

You need to take into consideration, that not only Indian but also 99% of Russian girls consider men like money machines.
If you want to be only an object to get money do not seek a wife in Russia, but rather in Europe.

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