Russian girls in Sharm el-Sheikh

To meet Russian girls in Sharm el-Sheik  it is very easy.  I do not know why ( شرم الشيخ ), maybe it is the vacation like atmosphere there that make women from Russia want to just relax and cut lose from any restrictions before they return to their land from the north.

Russian girls in Sharm el Sheikh want to relax

Where to meet Ladies from Russia in Sharm Egypt

In hotels.  The hotel I stayed at was I would say 90% Russians.  Most of the young women are not traveling with a guy. They speak some English or you can learn Russian phrases before you go.

Hotels to meet a Russian girl in Sharm al-Sheik

I recommend 1 or 2 or 3 start hotels, maybe 4 star hotels. Three star hotels are the best place to meet girls, why? Because the women that go to five and four star hotels have dudes or are looking for a guy with cash. While the women from Russia that stay in cheap Egyptian hotels are more students tourists.  Girls can take a trip for a week for about 500 dollars.  Try looking in these hotels: Amar Sina, Creative Badawia, Falcon Al Diar Resort, Fantazia Hotel,  Gafy Land Tourist Village, Ghazala Gardens Hotel, Logaina Sharm Resort, Oonas Dive Club.  However, if you are not staying there they will not let you in.

Russian girls Sharm are everywhere

Clubs to meet Russian girls in Egypt

To chat with Sharm girls consider there discos and clubs, Pacha for cheap clubbing and disco for girls, MDM Nightclub lots of girls here as they get in free, Mojos for a more relaxed night club atmosphere.

Meet Russian girls online

Why I prefer the Internet to chat with girls in Sharm

The Internet is by far the most effective way to connect with girls in Sharm. Why? It is easy most young women are standoffish, they do not want to seem like they want to be picked up even on vacation.  Men are attracted to girls on sight, women are attracted to men by their ear and their hearts.  To win a girl you need to win her heart with words.  A lot of Arab guys and Egyptian guys are good smooth talkers and know this, and so if you want to find a Russian girl for love, perfect your skills of chat and e-mail rather than simply going somewhere and hope you will pick up a girl at a disco.

Where to meet Russian women on the Internet

I would highly recommend trying

Social networking sites in Russia

Dating sites in Russia

These are sites for Russians, therefore they are not fished out like sites like ICQ or Facebook.  Only Russians go to the sites above, so you get real Russian girls looking for love.

However, if your Russian language skills are not up to par try a free dating sites about Russia or Ukraine in English.  If you sign up be sincere with the girls. Also search my site as I give you other ideas on where to meet girls online.

Sharm Russian girls

If you really want to win their hearts after a while of chatting and writing for say a few months, offer to pay for their vacation to Sharm el-Shaykh, Egypt and meet them at the airport.  If you are sincere they will love you for that, its not sponsoring them its about finding your true love.  You will go to Sharm with a Russian girl and not have to look any further.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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I will be in Sharm between 12 and 20 October and I would like to meet some women from Moscow or Russia while I am there.

Every night club in Sham el Sheikh is filled with European girls, it will not be hard, or look on my website for other ideas.

Hi there I’m traveling to sharm el sheikh next month with my friends (we’re Irish) we’re planning on staying there for 7 days. We’re singles and was wondering about the girls there. Any tip would be helpful 🙂

Be fearless with women. Learn some basic Russian phases if you can but they should speak English. But the main think is remember ‘he who hesitates is lost’.
Look up some motivational mantras like that so when you have to get the nerve up to talk to some girls you do not chicken out. Really, girls want to meet nice guys. In fact Russian girls will be annoyed and puzzled if you do try.
Pull all stops and be fearless with girls. No better advice than this. If I was single I would walk up to girls on the street in internet cafes in the hotel on the beach everywhere. What the Egyptian guys, you do not want to be that forward but the reality is I meet many Egyptian guys married to beautiful Eastern European girls so although they are really a bit too much, the take away is try.

I come from Kiev, Ukraine and I am going to Sharm el Sheik. I am registered in many matrimonial agencies, does it’s possible to register in your agency ?

Hi Lyudmyla! Kiev is a beautiful city. I do not have a matrimonial agency at this time. However, if you are interested in Egyptian guys there are many in Sharm el Sheik. However, if you are interested in American guys for example I could point you in the right direction as I am American. It depends what you are thinking.

Hey Lyudmyla I will be in Sharm after two days & I am interested to know their contact me if you have a nice week.

Dear girls,
Last summer I spent my holidays with 2 friends to Sharm el Sheikh and and it was the best place I’ve ever been, but we were alone (without girls).
So we decided for summer 2010 to be there again.
We’d like to spent our our holidays with Russian girls and we can pay for their stay to.
Thank you for response.

Do these girls actually want to meet American men or are they just there with their girlfriends and end up pushing you away like most American women do when traveling in groups.

Russian girls are not American girls. Are you joking? Russian women want to meet men. Russian women dream of it. Most American women have played so many games with American men that our guys do not know what to think when they meet a nice girl from Eastern Europe. I have had Russian women tell me that they dream of having a man to cook for and they really want to serve them well. And they do. My friends married to Russian girls say they are like princesses from fairy-tales. There are few Princesses in American, unless they come from Russia.

“Most American women have played so many games with American men that our guys do not know what to think when they meet a nice girl from Eastern Europe”

That is good analysis Admin. I will give you that. I had some American friends that went to Moldavia and Ukraine and it was hard for them to realize girls that looked like models could be nice because they were so used to the horrific attitude by American women. Strange thing is the girls they met there were better looking than any girl that they met in the U.S.

Is there a certain time of year when these women go on vacation in Sharm el-Sheikh?

All year around. Really there place is stacked with Russian girls. The thing is do not go stay in a British hotel, find the hotels the Russians stay in and you will have 99% CIS women, most single.

Ohh guys you make it sound like one needs a strategy to pick up a russian girl in Sharm! they’re everywhere and their behaviour speaks for itself. (i know it very well because i’m russian and the way these girls behave makes me ashamed of my nationality lol)

i’ve got a more tricky problem here 🙂 i’m staying at a nice 5 star hotel with no single european or american guys in it! (i’m not very much into egyptian guys). and going out alone in sharm is absolutely out of question for me 🙁 locals can get very nasty, especially at Naama bay
would you be so kind and recommend me something?

If you are a Russian girl going to Sharm, I would suggest you go on vacation with someone, as American guys and UK guys in Sharm do not go out of their way to talk to Russian girls, at least to be a respectable girlfriend. You could try to post something on craigslist or gumtree before you go, or even a lot of guys here respond for normal girls looking for a meaningful relationship.

Hey, how are you doing everyone!
My name is Joe and I’ll be heading to Sharm el Sheikh from 16th till 19th of April 2010 with 9 Guys!
We are all coming from Lebanon!
Any idea if there is enough Russian girls for us? Lol 🙂
I would like to know if there is a group of Russian girls heading there at the same time, if we can meet or… Who knows?

I like this topic , and you are right Russian girls is nice and its easy to pick a girl if you really wanna do that,
just you can invite her for a drink or disco for free she will never say no.
She will say I will think about then she will txt you ( at what time we can go ?)
Wish you more luck guys
I live in Sharm el Sheikh you can contact with me

olly, you said you don’t like Egyptian guys.. do u know them all to say that? I think no.
and if you like to meet American guy so you must go to USA to meet them, not to Sharm lol.
and every country have bad people and nice people, so please don’t say all Egyptian guys you can say a lot of them 🙁
wish you a very nice time olly.

Mr. Waleed, I think Olly has all rights to say that, as most of the Egyptian at Sharm are coming from poor areas, and they think all women are prostitutes.
And she can’t meet except these guys as they are working everywhere, as she said specially Neama.
I’m living at sharm from 4 years ago, and i wonder why police men are silent regarding to workers harrassment for tourists?

Hey everybody…
Im a young dude from Denmark and will be heading to Sharm el Sheikh in late july with 5 friends (all guys) 😀

1.Any good advice for the nightlife? clubbing, bars, where to meet young girls and so on?

2.anyone going to sharm el shiekh in late july?


I want to go there with my Russian girlfriend whom I have been dating for the long-term as a vacation, I am an Arabian guy. However, I was told me that it’s not allowed to be with your girlfriend in one room there, can anyone advice me what to do and if we book a separate room as I do not want any problems.

If she really is your long-term serious girlfriend, then look for a hotel that does not check marriage certificates. I actually do not have a big problem with Islamic tradition of only allowing married couples to stay in hotel rooms together, but I know if you are going out with someone for a long time and you want to take a vacation then it could be an issue, I guess. But then again I am married so it is a non-issue.

I am a Scottish guy arriving in Sharm 21st of may and wondered if there will be any nice girls to meet there at this time of the year? Also what are the best places places to go to for meeting single girls?


They will be everywhere. In the city of Sharm there is a nightlife, discos etc but I never went there as it seems not my style. If you want to meet nice girls stay in a hotel with Russians in it. They will be all over the place. These are cheap vacations for people from Moscow and Eastern Europe as it is directly south for them and the travel agents can get low prices. Girls often go in groups to the hotels.
You can just walk along the beach and start talking to them. If you can not meet a good girl in Sharm el Seikh than you might as well just read Agatha Christie books for your next vacation.

I have been searching for 5 hours and i just entered the right topic, I have been single since two months and I’m going to Sharm el-Sheikh on the 11th of June i read all the tips to meet a girl there, I will stay in Sonesta club hotel is it usually full of single girls 🙂 I want to meet one from any place but i wish i find a girl to talk from now until we meet there 🙂 can you give me more tips please 🙂

Learn some Russian, bring a few good books to read. I think you will meet a few on the beach if you just have a book and try to strike up a conversation. Girls that are in Sharm just do not go to the disco, in fact many will never even step in one. A nice girls is more likely to be reading a book on the beach.
Also know who you are an who you are looking for. If you take the, get as many e-mails as I can approach this is OK. Then you can sort them out latter. But better is just have in your mind who you would like to attract and leave it open. Maybe you will meet no one.
If by single for two months means you were married. It might be to early to be cruising chicks in my opinion, as you might still be healing emotionally and off-balance, to find love, but I do not know. However, if you just broke up with a girlfriend than OK. But who am I to say. I think you should focus on just enjoying Sharm el Sheikh and learn some Russian and you will be surprised what will happen.

thanks for replying, that means i must learn Russian, they don’t speak english ? anyway i have two weeks to learn something 🙂 thanks alot admin

Two beautiful girls from Eastern Europe preparing to travel to rest a couple of weeks. Maybe there are guys who want to meet us?

I am here but I dont know how to get in touch with you girls from Eastern Europe I am living in Sharm and working here, I am not Egyptian can you help me get in touch with Russian or European girls in Sharm el Sheikh?

If you are there in Egypt, you should see women everywhere you look. Sharm is not a large town. There are ladies everywhere you look. Are you going to the tourist places? the Beaches?

yes I do but I do not like to talk to girls I dont know, can you tell me the public places where girls are there ready for talking to strangers???????

I am planning to go in Egypt in september. Where is better regarding girls, in Sharm or Hurghada?

I think Sharm el Sheikh is the newer and hotter place.

ok thanks a lot…is september good time for visiting sharm for this purpose, or october might be better…? excuse me for lot of questions… thanks

Ask as many questions as you like. I prefer to go later. I think it is cheaper and better as the weather is still warm, while back home it is cool.

Thanks. I like Russian girls too. Leaving aside the fact that someone might consider them as easy girls, I consider them as very intelligent, smart, creative girls. You can learn from them many interesting things about everything. Thus I support you attitude that Russian girls are much more than just basic girls. European girls are boring, too much concerned about career.

Are november and december better than september?when is the best time for meeting girls there in your opinion? april?

The last weeks in October and the first weeks in November are the last times the water is warm enough to really enjoy, so if you do not go by then, I think a lot of Russian girls will not either. In the mid winter a lot of Russian girls go to Dubai.
April is nice too.

Hi, I’m a 21 year old dude from America visiting Sharm for the first time…I want to know about where can we find Russian and other girls there, and weather they like Americans or not…And also i would appreciate it if u can give me tips on visiting there.

Yes, Russian girls in Sharm el-sheikh like Americans if you can charm them. You need to be cool about it. You need to learn a little Russian and basically be nice. If you do this you will have no problem. However, they will not find you. You must find them. You need to be assertive and introduce yourself with a smile.

thx for the tips…Im going to Sharm in a week or so…Which hotels do u consider staying at and the places to hangout, drink, and meet girls… Sorry for all the questions…thats about it

and one more important question: are you allowed to enter to a hotel you are not staying at if a girl, who is resident there, invites you in and presents as your friend? or can you invite someone to your hotel as your guest or friend?

I do not have that information. I know that the security is very tight so they check passports carefully.

Thanks. Admin, what’s your name? do you have a profile on vkontakte or fb?

Check around the root of this site claritaslux and you will see contact info.

I have question about the spending budget it is going to be my first time to visit…we booked our flight and a hotel for 5 days 4 nights (all inclusive foods and drinks) so we dont have to worry about eating and drinking…We want to go a different beach tour each day, and clubbing at night but i wont be drinking a lot at the club since we have all inclusive at the hotel but i would have a drink or 2…how much US dollars do u think we need to enjoy our stay and thank you.

It is such an open question. Basically there are no price on anything in the shops, not even water. Everything you haggle for. It depends on how good you are at negotiation. But if you have everything at the hotel paid, then you do not need a lot of money. Maybe like 100 USD at the most. I did not spend more than a few dollars more, other then the day trips. But I would say 100 USD as you might like to paint the town red. But I do not know as I was with my wife. I would say, Egypt is a very poor country and things are cheap. I went with Polish people and told people I was Russian or Polish (not American) so they were easier on me with the prices.

I have lived in Sharm for some time. For those Americans who are coming to visit, it really is a good place. I live in a villa outside of Naama Bay and before Nabq Bay on the beach. I only have to sit outside by the pool and they approach me as they walk along the beach.

If you are partying in Naama Bay, a lot of Americans hang out at Monty’s Bar and then head over to Pacha, Hard Rock, or Little Buddha. You tend to find more westerners at these places however since they are a little bit more expensive.

A few good places are some of the hotels which let you into the clubs they have on site. The problem will be getting back to the rooms. If you are going to come to sharm with the intention of picking up girls, you will most likely be stuck partying at your own hotel, since they can get back to the rooms there, or, you can find a place such as an aprtment for short term.

Delta Sharm has some nice apartments they rent out like a hotel and there is no problem bringing guests back there.

Admin was right when he said that they tend to be very tight on security, however, $20 to the guy and you will be on your way. Sad but true. Money will get you anything you want over here.

Hi guys we’re 2 guys from Italy
going to sharm oct. 24.
We have to choose from 2 different hotels
Kahramana or Royal Rojana.
Which is the best choice for finding russian girls?
I’m quite worried ’cause at the end of october average age of girls could be higher than ours (25).
What do you think?
Thanx a lot for replying
Rocco & Marco

I do not know which one would be a better hotel to meet Russian girls in Sharm but I would check the Russian Internet with Yandex, the Russian language search and try to determine if either one has specials, but I think the Royal Rojana is a bit nicer but I have never stayed there. But if you want students sometimes the less expensive places are better. Find the ones where the tour from Moscow and St. Petersburg go to.
You are right the Russian girls at that time will be older as the younger ones are in school. If I were looking for a girl for marriage or a serious relationship I think someone younger not the same age.
But again if you choose the right hotel it does not matter you will get 90% Russians and many single girls just wanting to meet a guy. If you can not meet a Russian girl in Sharm, then you are better off playing video games at home, because Sharm is crawling with single women.

Thank you so much…just another final question…could you please recommend us a “suitable” hotel..(maybe with a disco)….we have to admit it will be our first time in Sharm and we have great hopes to find russian girls for a (longlasting?!) relationship.

Greetings from Italy

Rocco& Marco

If you guys are not shy you will have no problem. The direct approach with a few Russian phrases like hello and how are you in Russian will do. One of the issues is you will be competing with the Egyptian guys who are relentless in terms of trying to meet Russian women. Your approach has to be more polite, maybe some words in Russian and let them know right up front that you are Italian and from Italy and really play this up. Russian girls love Italians. This should put you above and beyond the competition.
Here are a few of my pages I wrote:
Come on a couple of Italian guys, you guys are like masters of the universe when it comes to girls, at least some girls think so.
For hotels with Eastern European girls check this site:
It is a Polish site, but Polish and Russians stay at the same place mostly. I would check last minute as these are the cheaper places and students would more likely to to. You can use a translate tool to navigate. I am not saying use this site to order a vacation, but rather check the names of hotels that Russian and Polish girls stay in. None of these places have a great disco to speak of. The discos are in town in Sharm, the hotel is a short walk to ride to the discos. Many have a little bit of a sleezy look.
In my opinion the best places to meet women are in your hotel that you stay. At the breakfest table or in line for a meal or in the lobby where they check Internet. Tell the girls you guys are Italian and would like to go on a tour or walk though town.
Sorry I can not give you exactly the best hotel as Egyptian hotels are so hit and miss. That means some people have very bad experiences. A 4 star is like a 2 star in Europe. But who care, the weather is nice.
Walk along the beach during the day. You can cross like 20 hotel beaches in little time and see the best from each hotel. Do not be shy.
Sorry I do not have an exact place.
Use this site: and a translate tool and you will see Russian girls looking to go to Egypt and general girls looking. You can get ideas here too.

I have been to Sharm El-Sheikh and i have been successful in meeting Russian women, but i have found that, while I live in the US, it is better for me to travel to the Caribbean where I have met some of the most beautiful Russian and Ukrainian women at charlisangels adult vacations resort. It keeps better and better every time I visit.

I was recently in Sharm el Sheikh with my Russian girlfriend and we both had a great time. I fell in love with Egypt, the place and my girl 🙂 There are Russian ladies all over the place and if I was single I would have been in like a shot. They are very friendly and approachable. Lads, get your plane tickets and hotels booked and off you go. Promise that you will have a wonderful time.

We will be in Sharm El Sheikh in a few weeks.
I have checked the other posts, so I will not ask the same questions again – you answered them all before.
Just one question:
I hear stories about a “rivalry” between German and Russians in vacation spots.
As I am German – should I bother trying to meet Russian girls at all or is it pointless?
Do you know anything about this?

Do not worry about anything. Russian girls like Europe and many like the idea of dating foreign guys. With all women there is competition among men. Each nationality has their own advantages and some women go for different things. I was blond growing up in the USA and many girls prefered the dark Italian look. On the other hand I always meet girls who would only date blonds. The same is being German, many many Russian girls will not consider you just based on this, but that is their problem. But on the other hand you will meet some Russian girls that will either not care or be crazy about it.
I live in Poland. Many Polish girls want to date only Polish guys, but others do not care, while others study German and are crazy about the German world.
So if you are going to Sharm in May, I think you have a very good chance of dating Russian girls there.
It depends on your approach and your game and your ability to chat up girls generally.
I am married very happily so I am off the market, however, no matter what country I go to I am very confident that I could chat up women no problem. Not that I am Brad Pitt or anything but rather, I am light and breezy and know how to talk without being too akward.
This takes pratice, but why not practice there in Egypt. I am curious about your trip so if you can remember, write back.

I am dating a Ukrainian girl and she is asking to buy her things right at the first day I met her. This kind of behavior is a little awkward and unusual in U.S. I was wondering is there any scam going on in Russian/Ukrainian community?

I would not buy any girl anything. It is not because I am cheap, but because human interaction and trust as in a partner is not based on money. If they care about you, money does not come into the equation.
I personally would not get involved with a girl who has that sort of behavior at all.

It became kind of joke in England saying about Russian girls: what do you want to buy for me? Such statement became very popular in Britian against Russian girls. My question is how is people’s experience in Sham el-Sheikh of Russian girls. Do they have the same kind of experiences like Brits? or people in Sharm el-Sheikh view them differently? I am sure many people have different stories to say, but we can get a feel of dominant culture.

So we were in Egypt. But instead of Sharm El Sheik we stayed in Dahab.
If you want to meet any girls – don’t go to Dahab.
There weren’t only very few tourists and even fewer girls.
The handful we’ve seen were in egyptian hands so Dahab is a nogo zone if you want to meet any girls may they be Russian or any other nationality.
A disaster – but great snorkeling and diving grounds.

This is a good report on Dahab, thank you and a lesson learned. Russian girls and tourist girls are everywhere in Sharm El Sheik. I agree that Eygpt has good snorkeling, but if I was a single guy, I would not be going to Eygpt for that.

I plan to take my annual vacation in Sharm el Sheik but I want to join with Russian tourist girl to spend a good time , and able to charge her expenses during this period , Can you guide me how can I meet her and how I contact to deal with before she come .

This is not that type of website, that is I try to promote love and LTR not girls looking for a sponsor. However, I would say that if you are looking for a girl for love try some of the Russian dating sites I have outlined on my website. They are free and you find literally millions of Russian girls looking for a relationship.

I’m planning to have a short holiday in Sharm Elshikh next month (May 2012), most probably i will stay in Novotel Beach hotel. I’m a solo traveler looking for a nice Russian girl to spend the holiday with. We can enjoy the water games & boat trips, night life etc.

I’m traveling to Sharm in 2 weeks time for a fortnight, staying in a 5* hotel in nabq bay. I’m going with a friend, both single English guys aged 27. Where would the best spots to go to & try and meet some single ladies?
Thanks in advance

If I was single I would learn a few Russian phrases and meet them on the beach. You can offer to take them to town or meet them later for drinks. They will be crawling in every pub and disco in town and you can not miss them. They are everywhere. But I would learn a fwe phrases of Russian to get their attention. They want to meet you and have fun.

Made a recent trip to S.E stayed at the four seasons Sharm El Sheikh.
Let me say this! There are lots of beautiful Russian women. They are intelligent ,funny and can teach you many things. But do not get on their bad sides.

They will turn on you faster than sour milk ,that was left out on a table for days.
They are emotionally draining. But well worth it! Once you into any kind of relationship with a Russian woman. You will never want to leave them no matter how bad they treat you.

They are the most sexiest creatures! Your 1st taste of one of these divine beauty will leave you hypnotize. It will feel like they’ve cast a spell on you. There’s something about their eyes. When you look into their eyes they will suck you soul.

They take care of their men. Can be bossy and they love to dress their man up. Whatever they want you to wear you have to wear. Most of my life I’ve been with American women you can not compare them to Russian women .
If you go to Russia you will see them looking like models and they will not snub you . They are friendly and very approachable.

Before you start any relationship with a Russian woman. Be advise to go through the appropriate courting route. If you don’t know how to court them. You wouldn’t get lucky!

They will never tell you what they want.Or what their thinking You have to read their minds. And everything you do for them or say to them have to be sincere. Every date you have with them you always take them flowers,or a box of chocolate. And don’t expect them to pay for anything or take care of dinner tab.

When you buy them gifts . Do not show it to another woman before you give it to your Russian wives or girlfriends . They will throw it at you or directly in the trash. Doesn’t matter how expensive the gift is.
You win a Russian woman heart by being sincere. With out reading their minds or letting them know their the center of your attention. And only ones in your lives. They will bark at you.

They have tempers like I said their emotionally to deal with and their delicate you have to treat them with kiddy gloves. They are very sensitive. And they have a weird obsession of testing their men. They will ask you a lot of trick questions . Be prepared to have their answers ready.

Younger Russian women I’ve been with. Seem to can’t cook. But older ones know what their doing even the ones that didn’t know how to cook. They will try hard to cook and,try to learn. They are so sexy I will let them get away with anything. I had to put up with my Russian wife for years.

She did drain me in the end . But some how I still find myself dating Russian women . They are like fairy tales. And there’s no happy ending with them. They eventually will break your heart. I’ve had mine broken about six times but I keep finding myself going after them.

One word you should tell a Russian woman is “CAPRICE” Mentioned that to them and watch their reaction.
A great place to check out while visiting S.E Egypt is Fairuz restaurant.

Good luck to all.

Hi Kareem,

Thanks for your comments. What does caprice mean exactly? Also where abouts is this fairuz restaurant?

Hi admin,
When you mention out in town, do you mean nabq bay? Or is the nightlife further away from here?


Hi Tim,

“CAPRICE” is a word most Russian Women will use . Meaning that they can say or do whatever they want . And men need not object.

Caprice in English dictionary And translation ,translates to something completely different .
Than how it’s translates to Russians.

Since my ex commonly used that word to me. I will quickly turn the word back on her.
I’m not saying all Russian women use this word. But for the most part many I’ve met use it.
So I can’t generalize them.

But they are very complex women! I can’t explain it. To know what I’m talking about. Try to court one and you will see what I mean.

Their complex in an unusual and ,unique way . It’s a hit or miss when your in a relationship with them. Its either you understand them. Or you don’t .

For the most part we don’t . The biggest thought to keep in the back of your head. Before getting into any relationship with any Russian girls.

Is to never treat them like an object! You go into the relationship thinking they are an object. And they will hold that against you. Even if they choose to stay with you.

The majority of Russian women know that we mostly view them as “objects”. And they will only play along to teach you a lesson.

I’ve learnt over time that, their more into romantic ,fairy tales relationships . They expect you to read their minds. Which is not realistic. But they have very high expectations!

To stay with them long term. You always have to keep giving them your attention. And I mean give it to them. Call them several times a day . On your way home pick up some flowers. And you’d have to tell them about 40 times a day.

That their the only women in your lives. If you don’t do or say little things like that. They will leave you fast. And tell you to your face their bored with you.

The Ones with kids are even more complex! Than the ones who aren’t mothers.

Wish I can explain it all but it’s not realistic for me to type everything.

Any man can court a Russian girl . The hard part is understanding them once you start a committed relationship.
They have short tempers. Happy in 1hour. And with in 1mintue their moods will flip on and off . From happy to yelling ,breaking dishes and throwing things at you.

My last relationship with mine. She loved to bite and argue .
It takes a lot of energy to deal with them.

I will say this once you’ve met a Russian girl that loves you. And tells you that she loves you she means it. And they will wear the word love on their sleeves.

It’s rare that they will used the word love because,they seem cold when their with you. But once they say those 3 letter words. Be prepared to feel like the luckiest son of a alive .

They will live up to the word love. The word love to them is a sacred word. They will treat you nice. It’s just trying to understand them and deal with their complexities . And their up and down moods will catch you off guard.

Don’t waste your time with the dating agencies. Your best bet to meet Russian girls with out having to go globe throttling.

Is to find a Christian Orthodox church in your local area. They are lots of single ones there. And if you don’t see ones you like. You tell the elders Russians at the church you are seeking to marry a Russian girl . And they will give you names ,numbers and contacts.

One word. Russia Matushkah!

Fairuz is in Naama Bay. In the Naama center. Nice view when eating out at night. And lots of food they will make sure your full and well taken care of before you leave.

To the posters concern about staying with women in the same rooms . You can arrange that by slipping a solid $100 USD to …….. And they will let you go on about your day.

The local securities there are very aware of Men seeking out the Russian girls there. And they are not stupid to what goes on. So just slip a good $100 max $50 minimum. And you’d be good to go.

My name is Luna, a Russian girl who works in Italy. I want to go on holiday, with you, to Sharm el-Sheikh. If any guy is open for a travel partner for a cordial trip together, we could correspond and see where this leads us and if we would be suitable match for this adventure to Egypt.

I have read nearly all the comments, I find them very interesting but it’s all about young people.I am a widower in my early 60s. Are there any Russian women over 50 and single in Sharm? I am planing to visit Sharm for the first time in Mid January.I will fly from England. Any one out there with a bit of advice ,of how to meet senior Eastern European women.Or are the a bit younger women interested in mature gentlemen.Hope to get some useful advice. Thanks all.

I do not think you are that old, I live in Florida and people are dating 30 years older than you. There are scores of Russian girls of all age everywhere. Russia has a high divorce rate and many single girls of all ages but you could also go for younger ones.

I am from Russia and I do not like any other nation to meet our women. But in reverse, you can give your women to us. So if you like your life, do not take Russian girls from their guys. Christianity made Russians peaceful. But this will not last for long anymore.

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