Romanian and Russian girls in Istanbul

The following are areas in the city that you will find Russian, Belarussian, Romanian and women

  • Laleli – Basically like little Russia, with bulk buyers selling goods in the market on the street and commoditization something else. Use your imagination.
  • Taskim square
  • Askaray area
  • Sisli area
There are a lot of Romanian students on vacation in Istanbul because of the proximity. They are all painted up and on their mobile phones.

Start clubhopping, looking for females in these areas you will succeed.

The following are clubs and hotels you will find devs in Istanbul from the motherland. These clubs and hotels have been tested and based on experience of me, your humble author, or my friends and acquaintances. That is word of mouth reviews. Do what you will with the information is up to you:

  • Night clubs in Istanbul
  • Balance Bar
  • Bacardi club

Hotels that Russian women have been spotted at at the bar or club or coming out of:

  • The Byzantium Hotel
  • Meretto Hotel Istanbul
  • Hilton, Taksim
  • A911
  • Hotel Eyfel
  • Doubletree by Hilton Istanbul
  • Renaissance Polat Istanbul Hotel
  • Cappadocia
  • Dedeman and Hilton Istanbul
  • Talimhane in the hotel district
Any area warmer than Eastern Europe is game for flocks of students from Mother Russia to get some vitamin D and have some fun. Can you help them?

I would consider the above to book rooms at because you will see a high concentration of Slavic beauties strutting the lounges.

Where to go if you are engaged or have a long-term girlfriend and the Hotels seem cool with it

  • Nippon
  • Bristol
  • Point
  • Taslık
  • Aygun in Sisli
  • Eresin topkapı

5 star are girl friendly but you have to pay a lot for the room:

  • Swiss
  • Ritz
  • Conrad
  • Hyatt
  • Radisson in Ortakoy
  • Cıragan

Dating in the new Constantinople – some considerations
Taxi scams – are everywhere in the city. I rarely take a cab, I take buses or walk. Walking is good experiences and you see things in the heart of the city you would never see if you were in a cab being scammed for Turkish Lira.

Ramadan in Istanbul – There are fewer Eastern Europeans during Ramadan. Basically they know the party atmosphere of the city is less during the time of prayer and fasting. So my recommendation is do not go to the ancient city during the Muslim time of abstinence. There are even MP police that will temper behavior more during this time.

Websites in Istanbul – Many websites are blocked in the city that relate to behavior with women that are not deemed appropriate. I can respect that.

Why are there so many Eastern Europeans in Turkey anyway?
There is a myth that Russian and Ukrainian girls to Turkey to ‘work’, well, I am from this area of the world and most come to Turkey for vacation, it is like Florida for them. Everyone up north wants to escape the ice and snow. If there are some ladies that ‘work’ in Istanbul then, there are, maybe students for example, but the vast majority are on vacation. Maybe sell bulk leather goods in the market and make a modest living as traders. They take a trip through the Black Sea from Odessa for example with a ferry. They can bring goods up from Turkey and sell them back home and bring goods from back home to sell them in Turkey and other Mediterranean countries. It used to be on the Silk road trade route.

The proximity of the Commonwealth of Independent states. Further because of the disparity of currency between the Ruble and the Turkish lira, the value for people from Russia is quite good.

If you know Russian history from the time of the Czars to the Soviets the one thing they were always looking for was a warm water port. St. Petersburg and in the Arctic circle always froze.

That being said I do think Russians have a more libertine attitude towards relations. So the mythology of the blond girls from the north spread like gossip in a high school football team’s locker room.

Other females in the city
First it was Sarayburnu then Byzantium or Constantinople, either way even with the predominant Turkic people it has a mix of Greek and ancients people. You will find exotic princesses. You do not have to look just for ladies from Moscow or St. Petersburg, you can look for Armenians, Greeks expats in Istanbul from Germany and Britain as well as Uzbekistan or Arabs. It is one of the largest cities in the world you will find a mix of people in this capital of culture.

If you have further questions about the city on the Bosphorus between the Sea of Marmara and the Black Sea, then just ask or the beauties from the Republics of the Commonwealth of Independent States that go on vacation there.

Russian girls in Istanbul are located in Laleli. This is a section of the city where Russian, Ukrainian, Romanian and many European  girls go.  Most go there for vacation and some for working either legally or unfortunately illegally.  There are many Russian and Ukrainian traders that take ferries from Odessa and Crimea to Istanbul, Turkey because its a cheap way for them to bring Russian and Ukrainian goods to Turkey then fill their bags with cheap Turkish clothes and sell them in markets back in Russia.

Bad Russian girls in the Laleli part of Istanbul

If you go to Laleli you can not help running into Russian girls.  They are everywhere. The store signs are often in Russian.  Most are staying in no star or one star hotels as they are usually Russian students looking for a cheap deal.  There are many other Russians in Turkey staying in more expensive hotels but they usually do not go to Istanbul, but rather Turkish seaside resorts.  If you are looking for true love or a woman to marry in Istanbul be careful not to fall for bad Russian girls in Istanbul.

Advice where to meet Russian women in Turkey

  • Go to the markets where they work. They are selling things like leather goods and start to talk to them in broad day light. Get their cell phone numbers and invite them out after work.
  • There are many girls here from the former Republics of the Soviet Union like Krygyz girls, they all might speak Russian and hang out with Russians but have a different look, more exotic or Asian.
  • The Aksaray, Mamaushka and Lalei scene centers on discos in the evening and cafes in the afternoon. You can spot girls who are there to meet guys a mile a away as they will make eye contact with you when you walk in. No girl makes direct eye contact with a foreigner unless she is looking to meet him. Look near in club Bacardi (Mustafa Kemal Paşa Cad. 337) and nearby clubs. The girls will try to cheat you and scam you if you do not watch out and the clubs will jack up the price for drinks. Also the Marmaris club or Club Arena Baia Mare.
  • Place Taksim you can meet girls on the street if you look nice and know how to chat them up. There tend to be more upscale tourists than the above mentioned places.
  • If you are anywhere near the coast or a resort you will meet much nicer Russian girls on vacation and relaxing that would be open for a relationship. While in the city’s girls go there to work.

My conclusion is there are too many girls of questionable reputation in Istanbul who are Russian. It is better to meet online and fly to Istanbul with her.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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I would like to get to know Russian girl in Istanbul as I’m there right now. I would like to meet some for respectable dating, friendship and maybe love. Where can I find them?

Laila Istanbul district is where you can meet beautiful Russian girls. Avoid the swanky nightclubs and meet them in the market where many have shops selling leather goods and belts. Often Russians will buy cheap leather goods and clothes in Turkey and take a boat through the Black Sea and sell products in Ukraine and Russia. Therefore there are scores of Russians and Ukrainians in Istanbul involved in this trade and the signs are even in Russian. Walk around there in the afternoon and chat them up. However, many speak only Russian so some knowledge of Russian is good. There are many torusits there also and they tend to stay in the cheaper hostels. Russian university students relaxing in some exotic place.

Hello, I’m Russian, and has just returned from Istanbul. Our girls can be found in any sights. Also in cafe, or on the main street Taksim. But not in nightclubs, because usually there working bad women.

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