Hotels to meet Russian girls in Egypt

Egypt – date girls from Russia, Poland and Ukraine

A great place to meet Russian girls on vacation is Egypt. Mother of the world, the land of civilization has an appeal to most travelers. The question is do you want to meet a girl on vacation at the beach or just watch romantic comedies the rest of your life.  Here is my guide.

The purpose of this post is to give my list of hotels and clubs you will meet Russian girls in Egypt, and also other women from the CIS as well as Polish women for true love and marriage, and not just romantic adventure. I personally have known more than one couple to that meet on a North African vacation. I also include a discussion about travel there and dating tips when going to Egypt on  vacation.

They tended to congregate in the hotel lobby where they stayed. I will give you a list of those hotels below for example. The also where of course on the beach and did shopping tours in the old market. I did not see proportionally as many at the archeological sites for some reason. Here is my ranking of places to meet generally and bellow in the post I give you specific hotels.

  1. The best place is in the hotel during the dining hours. Simply as some girls if you do not mind if you sit with them, then chat away. You can talk to them in line or at the adjective table.
  2. Second place is on the computer in the business center, when they are writing e-mails or simply sitting in the lobby on their mobile phones.
  3. Beach at the hotel resort while sun bathing, approach one who is reading a book for the more intellectual ones.
  4. On tour or excursion more moving and historical the better.
  5. Old markets or in a shop, offer to help them to negotiate.
  6. Clubs and Discos are for novice pick up artists.
The beach is the third most recommended place to meet Russian girls in the land of the land of the Pharaohs.

Go for working class and middle class Slavic ladies and students
If you can find a University Studentka, go for it, they do not have as many fears imprinted on their brains.

My theory is the more affluent Russians tended to go to Cyprus and Greece or Western Europe like Italy while the working class when to the Black Sea and the working to middle class when go to beach vacation resorts of:

European princess washing salt off from coral reef diving in the red sea.

The place to look in Egypt for Russian girls and other females from Eastern Europe
This is my recommend list as I have been to Egypt and speak the languages and know where the women are.

Russian and Polish girls stay at these hotels in Egypt in ascending order of accommodation price:

Sharm el Sheikh

  • Rehana Sharm Resort, four star
  • Domina Coral Bay Aquamarine, five star
  • Amwaj Oyoun Resort, four star
  • Rehana Royal Beach Resort & Spa, five star
  • Rehana Sharm Resort, four star
  • AA Grand Oasis Sharks Bay, four star
  • Sultan Gardens Resort, five star
  • Amwaj Oyoun Resort, four star
  • Domina Coral Bay Aquamarine, four star
  • Rehana Royal Beach Resort & Spa, five star
  • Grand Plaza Resort, five star
  • Jaz Mirabel Beach Resort, five star
  • Aqua Blue, four star
  • Kahramana Hotel
  • Concorde El Salam Hotel


  • Sultan Beach, four star
  • Aqua Blue Resort, four star
  • Beach Albatros Garden, four star
  • Harmony Makadi Bay, five star
  • Sunny Days Palma De Mirette, four star
  • Al Nabila Grand Bay, five star
  • Sunny Days El Palacio, four star
  • Harmony Makadi Bay, five star
  • Titanic Palace Resort, five star
  • Al Nabila Grand Bay, five star
  • Titanic Resort & Aqua Park, four star
  • Jungle Aqua Park Resort, four star
  • Aqua Blue Resort, four star
  • Beach Albatros Garden, four star
  • Titanic Beach Spa & Aqua Park, five star
  • Sunrise Select Garden Beach Resort & Spa, five star
  • Sentido Mamlouk Palace Resort & Spa, five star
  • Sunrise Select Garden Beach Resort & Spa, five star
  • Sentido Mamlouk Palace Resort & Spa, five star


  • Aquamarine Sun Flower Resort, four star
  • Sol Y Mar Sea Star, four star
  • Swiss Inn Dream Resort, four star
  • Mövenpick Resort Taba, five star
  • Marriott Taba Heights, five star
  • Intercontinental Taba Heights, five star
  • Aquamarine Sun Flower Resort, four star
  • Sol Y Mar Sea Star, four star
  • Swiss Inn Dream Resort, four star
  • Mövenpick Resort Taba, five star
  • Marriott Taba Heights, five star
  • Intercontinental Taba Heights, five star

Marsa el Alam

  • Best Western Solitaire Resort, four star
  • Oriental Bay Marsa Alam, four star
  • Royal Brayka Beach Resort, five star
  • Abu Dabbab Swiss Inn, five star
  • Resta Grand Resort, five star Egipt
  • Best Western Solitaire Resort, four star
  • Three Corners Fayrouz Plaza Beach, five star
  • Abu Dabbab Swiss Inn, five star
  • Iberotel Lamaya Resort, five star
  • Resta Grand Resort, five star Egipt
  • Royal Brayka Beach Resort, five star
  • Three Corners Fayrouz Plaza Beach, five star

These are the hotels you will meet them in or around. If you are booking a vacation I recommend these over the Sheraton or Hilton type Western hotels, I mean if you go there you might as well stay in London or Manchester as you will see the same husky women from back home. Instead, better is to go to the lower quality star hotels, the lower your tolerance the better as you get cheaper tourists. What do I care about how the receptionists are smiling at you if you are collecting numbers mobile numbers.

The list I recommend are four or five stars, but these are Egyptian stars not European. I would say they are three and two stars respectively. I personally would stay at the ones on the list that are four star Egyptian.  You will get the best girls the types from the villages or secretaries and graphic artists type working in Moscow or St. Petersburg, Kiev Warsaw or Krakow who do not make a lot but want to party with their rubles, so they are certainly not going to spend it on a king size bed. They will cram as many friends as they can into a room.

I recommend if you are staying there in the hotel lobby they have a business center or Internet cafe. You can sit next to a hot one and strike up a conversation, you can do the same in the evening at the club or at the beach.

Do not worry about the language barrier I have never known that to be a major issue when establishing a rapport with women, if you know a few words in Russian or Polish great, but if not that is OK too. You can even use a translator if you have your mobile phone, it could be fun.

Dokki Area of Cairo, it has the foreign embassies and a lot of Expats from Russian and Europe living there. It is the west area of the city and the Nile.
Cairo is chaotic but safe, the last time I was there.
In North Africa I usually stay in the Sheraton, but no women, besides the ones working at the hotel, just Great Gatsby type and businessmen. Better is to go to a 3 star or below hotel,  Russian girls get these tour packages to cheap resort hotel from a package.
If you are more economically frugal I recommend ‘The Pharaoh’s Hotel’ or the ‘Concorde Hotel’ for example in Cairo.
Phone Flirting in Egypt
When you go to an entertainment spot you will notice an inordinate number of guys on their mobile phones rather than paying attention to the entertainment. My recommendation is turn on your Bluetooth. You will start to see female screen nicks like “Your Cleopatra” or “Blue Nile Egyptian girl”.  The dating culture, and I am talking about the respectable side,  not the dark side, is all underground.
Signals like holding your red Nokia phone to your chest after swamping a JPG is a sign of interest and for the woman to make visual contact with you.
I do not understand all the intricacies of Egyptian dating with a mobile phone but that is a hint.
Dating culture in Islamic Egypt
The Islamic religion makes social interaction between men and women more conservative on the surface.  The working and middle class girls for the most part are good girls in actions but are flirtatious. The more affluent class like the ones that go to American University in Cairo are open to dating and more.
Men has no problem doing what they want with foreign women as they know they are not on the par with Muslim women in terms of dating taboos. Further, they know if they fall in love they can get married and move to the EU or at least Europe and have a better life. I know it sounds cold but this is a poor country and some people think this way, but not all of course.  I know a lot of Europeans who move there from Europe because even with a little money, life in beautiful as food is fresh and cheap and it is in a word exciting. Mostly chicks do this and work as local tour agents for tour groups in the area as they speak Polish or Russian. It is lucrative.

Other travel tips when going to the land of the Om El Donya.

  • The high tourist season is Mid October to Mid May as the Summer is pretty hot and the Northern countries have their summer.

Other tips when in Egypt – if you are in Sharm go to the Holy land it is worth the excursion. If you see a Polish tour group try to ask if you can go with them even if you are English, as they will get you a good price, even if you understand little spoke most people speak English.

Water to food is 100% negotiable, when you go into a shop they throw a ridiculous price at you and you just need to ask the people around the hotel what is the going rate and stick to that. They love to negotiate.

If you go with a female, know she will be ogled at. Try not to get too offended it is Egypt. I would think that is tourism is 11% or more of their who economy with 14 million visitors, you would think they would take better care of the way Egyptian men behave in social situations with tourist. It is a 14 Billion dollar industry.

As far as security not a big issue, as the place is under lock-down and things have changed since there has been a change of since the 2011 Egyptian revolution. I would say for men the security is better for women a little worse. However, relative prices have gone down correspondingly.

  • Giza – 26th Century old monuments.
  • Saqqara – have not seen this but is near the Ancient capital of Memphis.
  • Luxor – South of Cairo by 500 miles, an all day bus trip, but worth it, it has the Valley of the Kings and Valley of the Queens.
  • Alexandria – the resort for Summer travelers as it is on the Mediterranean and slightly cooler.

You need a visa if you are a foreigner from a non-Arab country and can get it at the airport. Best is to change your money before you go but I think I changed some via a cash machine. Also they take all European and American currencies, it is not a problem.

Why so many فتيات روسيات في مصر

Egypt for thousands of years has been a crossroads for Europeans, Africans and Asians. Everyone wants to go to Egypt at least once in their life to see the historical Pyramids and the Nile. However, Russians like to go often. I knew one guy from Moscow who was there 21 times and he was married, I suspect he was a player. It is like the Florida for the CIS. It is part of the Sahara desert and hence sunny and prices are cheap for students and working professionals with only about eight hundred dollars to spend for an all-inclusive vacation.
When I was in Egypt there were Russian girls and Polish girls and a few Europeans from the UK (I did not take any note of the women). The Eastern Europeans were everywhere and I mean everywhere. If you turned your head for a moment, to look at one, you miss the next one. In fact you get a sore neck looking at these princesses strut around. Have no illusions most of these ladies come to let loose and meet a guy. I saw it with my own eyes and nearly every single European girl I talked to said this was their purpose. I was a little surprised in fact, when one said Egypt is good for short-term relationships and not long-term relationships, Oh my goodness what honesty.

The Egyptians who work in the tourist industry not only speak English but go to speak schools and study Russian and Polish day and night. Some say Arabic people have knack for languages (Did you see the movie the 13th warrior, it is kind of true). However, my other theory is they know that if they can converse in a Slavic language this increases their chances of chatting up a girl from Russian or Poland. I personally know scores of Polish girls that have married Egyptians. They are struck by the exotic nature and the attention they show them. In contrast to colder Europeans men whose emotions are more subtle or subdued in no short reason because of the weather.

Ask me any questions about where to meet Russian girls in land of the Pharaohs or any other European princesses.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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I am searching for a cute Russian girl, for marriage, a wife. Russian girls for me are beautiful and worthy of love.

I want to have friendship and want to marry a Russian or Ukrainian girl in Egypt.

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hello I am searching for a cute Russian girl, for marriage, a wife. Russian girls for me are beautiful and worthy of love.

There are scores of cute Russians in Egypt and most Egyptians I know are good with languages including Russian so go through my post and you will find lots of information on how to meet Russian girls in Egypt.

Well I am surprised to learn this article so where are mainly located to Russian girls vacationers Cairo Hurghada sharm el sheik? I need this information thank you.

Hi my name is Martin, I am going on holiday to Egypt this Monday on the 24th May and staying at the Jasmine Beach Village for 11 nights. I am single very muscular and good looking. I guess I am looking to have a great holiday and hopefully meet a soulmate and enjoy my holiday with that special Russian lady. I do not speak Russian and I am English. Let me know if you would like to meet up.

My name is Taty, I’m a Ukrainian girls, searching good friends from Egypt. If you are an Egyptian and would like to communitcate, chat or SMS leave a message here.

Just one remark:
the most of girl seekers here just wants to get a European passport.
It’s not recommended to do this.
Europe is not simple, an expensive life and hard skill demands to work, a good education and proved skills mostly asked,and this is also a completely different kind of living.
Most guys have problems in short time, due to the very traditional thinking especially of Egyptians.
And the social security will not give you the needed income to have a real good life, only with a good job you will succeed.
Frustration will be guaranteed for the most of yours, guys…
The european girls have much more self confidence than you expect.

Gilles, Russia and Ukraine are poor countries, to get a Russian passport will NOT give you access to the EU. Egyptians know that, but they want Russian ladies because they are beautiful and much more sexually active than their Egyptian counterparts.

I know Egyptians living in Russia, they are not making good money but they are happy, living like Russians (means drinking, having sex a lot, enjoying, other than conservative Egypt and economy is a little bit better, not much)In Russia you have to live like a Russian, if not you will not be accepted and they will give you big trouble.

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