Russian girls in Dubai

Russian girls in UAE

If you’re trying to meet a girl for love I would not recommend Russian girls in Dubai. Why? Russian girls in Dubai are either nouveau rich Russians which are not great mates or Russian girls that are there to work, and I do not mean as a waitress.   Of course I could be wrong about this, we meet a lot of Russian girls in Egypt who are really there for vacation rather than ‘working’, but I feel the Russian girls in Dubai are there for a different reason.  They are not normal girls.

Find Russian girls in other places for love

Rather than looking in Dubai look on however it would help if you learn Russian a bit.  But there are real normal Russian girls on looking for love and marriage.  It is a Russian site for Russians.  Also consider free online dating sites as they are in English.

If you are an Indian or Pakistan guy looking for a girl from Russia in Dubai

If you can not find a beautiful lady to call on her mobile in the United Arab Emirates you are basically not too much into girls.

If you are an Indian guy looking for girls in Dubai, remember the world is not fair. I am fair but the world, I am peace and love. But the world will judge not by your passport but your ethnicity. Outside ‘officialdom’ where you are from matters to girls. Russian girls are looking for:

  1. Fun
  2. Money
  3. Safety

This translates to an American or Western European. Indian guys do marry Russian girls by the score, but your approach has to be distinctly western. That is you must have Western style clothes so you look like an Italian. You need to learn to play the game of flirtatious love like a Frenchmen and need to talk a big game with the confidence of an American. I know it is distasteful and unfair, but in my personal experience this brash approach does the best with vacationing Russian girls.

Mark’s list of places to meet Russian women in Dubai:

  • Karama this is located opposite the Bur Juman Center – do not look for escorts in Dubai, just nice Ukrainian and Slavic girls.
  • TGIT in Astoria Hotel Bur Duba
  • Broadway Hotel Deria – girls from the CIS seem to stay here the most
  • Jockey’s pub in Panorama Hotel Bur Dubai
  • The Junction
  • Planetarium
  • Kubu at Radisson Blu
  • Red Square at Mosco
  • Rock Bottems – more of a disco
  • Cyclone – Dance club
  • Rock Bottom – Dance
  • Barsati  – Techno

If anyone has questions or reports of where they have seen Eastern European women in clubs in Dubai or luck with finding mobile numbers, I can add this. By the way a good thing to do is get a prepaid with a local number so you can start playing the field in search for love. Even me, when I was looking for my wife I had to collect a few numbers and kiss a number of proverbial frogs before I found my Polish princess.

Behavior considerations in the Emirates

Try to avoid, loud, arrogant, intoxicated, stupid arguments outside a hotel at 2 am with some girl who looks will go from an 8 to a 4 once sunlight hits her makeup caked face.

If you are married or have a long-term girlfriend and are cruising for a Devushka, remember God sees all; but also in the modern world of mobile phones photos if your wife thinks you are up to no good; it is easy to hire someone to snap a photo of you these days. It has happened to one player I know.

Also be careful of Russian call girls who engage in ‘adverse behavior’ as it is called in the Kingdom. Dubai is an open place, but singles who are too open about trying to buy love can get in trouble.  I am a man who is loyal and honest and do not recommend such thins, but if you want to take your chance remember, what happens behind close doors is between you and someone else, but open violation of the rules of the Kingdom in open public areas can get you up the creek without a paddle.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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Katya ,
I think you need to chill out a little bit , I lived with a Russian woman for 4 years that kind of had the same problem , she never knew how to just let it go sometimes and chill out for a while-life can be very stressful sometimes , giving your cell # or email out does not mean that you are easy or cheap – it just means that you are reaching out for the world and hoping for the best , it means that you are not afraid to take chances and accept whatever life has to throw at you . Have a beautiful day .

Yes that is every woman’s dream, to live with a guy for 4 years and move on. I am sure she is writing on a forum that she lived with some guy for 4 years.
Why would you live with a girl if you were not married?

hi Katya, how are you? how is your life going on? I’m so sorry to advice you,as a unknown friend, concentrate
on your studies OK ,life is very short try to do something good. Be an honest girl who are they trust you. Life is like a knife, we have to handle in a correct way otherwise, it will hurt u,and it will damage you. Take care of your self be a good girl



Woooow nice …1 girl and everybody is fighting …hehhehe nice work guys…

Dear katya I respect and adore your words cause it also follows me I am a single male who is living in Dubai my point was also to find the girl for life which I couldn’t till now I would like to know more about u so plz contact me at my mail.

hi everyone!
What is going on in the minds of Russian women?
I do not understand why everybody is pointing the finger on Russian Girls? I am not Russian I am Moldovan but my family is originally from Russia I have lived in Dubai for 3 y. I kind of know the situation here. Every girl has a choice in the life no matter from where she is from, people here in Dubai they don’t know much about geography they still think we are in 1940 and all the countries are under Russia but is wrong we are totally different countries a lot of girls they say Russia but Russia is not small everybody is pointing fingers on us but remember another 3 fingers are still pointing on you.

No real love in Dubai
I can just say we are all in search of love but in Dubai this things don’t exist people just try to get a night from you and then send you far far away or using u for a few months or years and then bye-bye.

In Dubai there is a very small % to find true love, come on let’s be realistic everybody in this country come’s here for money apart locals of course everybody here is searching for them own interest that’s it. i work normal and thank god i am proud of my self-same like every decent girl but don’t generalize that we all are same and we all do money the same way no as somebody said before not all the fingers are same.

Pointing fingers at Russian girls
If somebody had a bad relation with one of the Russian countries then they say OK all Russian girls are the same no sorry we are not all same and then we humans are no body to judge. I was just reading the comments and i came shocked about what do people search actually they say OK I want a Russian girl because they a are beautiful and charm but does the beauty matters? why no body try to look inside of a girl? what is her knowledge what is in her heart and soul?

Of course not who gives a … about that? all we care a bout is just to have a good f..k and that’s it. I don’t say all the guys are same but most of them think this way.

Why guys get mistreated by Russian girls
You guys are just wondering why all the girls uses you? Well let me tell you from my experience. there are some as. hole. who were before you and who used us we remain with a broken heart and feel that there is no hope to get a serious long-term relation and we decide to use also the same way you used us less s.x and more money and bang here you come a nice guy who wants a serious long term relation based on love and how the hell can we trust you?

After so many bad experiences? And you feel used and broken-hearted and here you go all this comments that all the Russian or what ever nationality are bitches.

Mariana, very good comment, please come back and write more. I think your last comment about people getting their heart broken is good. I think if people use each other for s_x then expect that people will get feelings hurt and values and ideals broken. Hurting someone’s ideals and values is one of the worst things you can do.

Everyone, I am in total agreement with Katya.
If you are really looking for a nice Russian girl or any other girl, they are not easy and they had to be like this and if you find any girl who is easy then she is not a good girl,and she is on to your money or some kind of stuff that everyone not like it…and I am agreed on Katya on this also that boys now a days are so fast that send me a SMS or pass me your cell number and all that stuff, it stinks guys, its look like that you are not looking for a friend or girl friend, it looks like that you are looking for you know.

I am a Hungarian guy. I think Hungarian girls are beautiful, but my favourites are Russian girls. Why? They are slimmer, more feminine and submissive than their Hungarian counterparts. Both women have beautiful faces but Russian girls’ faces have softer features. The Hungarian girls’ faces are more exotic.
I also find Czech and Polish girls very attractive. (No accident a lot of Czech people emigrated to Hungary around 1900 when there was an economic boom here.) The least attractive for me are Romanian girls.

Guys & Girls, It’s not even easy to get Friends in Dubai due to the diversity of nationalities, people are careful when choosing their contacts, not that sociability we expect from a rich community such as UAE.
Personally I’m a Moroccan, I’m living in Dubai and Im enjoying the Arabic model of American dream.
Back home I had many experiences with girls but since i came to this happy land I could not get any except an Irani but she left UAE after 2 months of hanging out together, she left because it is Dubai and people are not considering living here for the eternity OR leaving because of financial difficulties.
Back to the subject : Personally I respect the beauty of the women, The Russian lady are one of the most beautiful women on the earth, I enjoy staring at them whenever I found one walking at a mall or a nightclub, walking proudly. I have many friends (Russian girls) and im proud of that, they are so sweet as long as you are sweet with them, Inshallah I am willing to get my wife from Russia, my dream is to have my own kids with Non Black OR Brown eyes :p.
Russians are easy ? I’m sure Moroccans & Egyptians & English & Chinesse are easy to meet but not all of them , among any community there is the good & the bad. If you are looking for love just be yourself but if looking for physical things just go downtown Dubai or Crown plaza by night then you can get any nationality you want on hourly basis :).
I think that respecting the lady is a most if you want build a healthy relationship, at least you will be clear from your side then let it be the way it is meant to :).

Sorry for my bad English, I did my best to make my ideas clear :p

Hello Everyone!
Let me try to change your picture of Russian girls in Dubai!

I am originally Russian-Ukranian-Armenian, was born in USSR (Uzbekistan to be clear, because my family moved there in 1970-s). I have Russian citizenship now.
Spend All my life in Muslim community in Uzbekistan and Dubai (6 years-working in sales and marketing only. I am Muslim now for 2 years, Elhamdullah, I am married now to an Arab and I have beautiful 4 months boy, half Palestinian half ME (Russian-Ukrinnian-Armenian).

I am Russian (born in USSR) and I am not a Wh_re.
I have not ever looked for money and s_x.

I can earn money for myself in order to help my husband in this crisis (he works in construction!).

I have so many Russian friend and they are just like me.
Thank you everyone!

P.S.:I feel sorry for you that you meet only “bad girls” I think you have to behave differently in order to “meet the only and only from Russia” And if you do change your behave and meet her, I will not wish you to “have a sweet life” with her, just because you will definitely have one.

I would say you are accurate and I am glad you wrote this. None, I repeat, not one, of the Russian girls I know would ever even consider selling themselves. Russia is known to be a land of high culture, in music, art, ballet and yes religion.
If some people think Russian girls for sale is common, it is not, only in the imagination of men who have no imagination.

There are desperate people all over the world. The Russian girls I meet here have a lot of class, are very friendly, beautiful and seem more feminine than the American girls I meet. And, of course, in USA, many women sell their bodies for a drink, a nice dinner, fancy gifts. But, since they are born and raised in USA, we, of course, cannot label this as pr_stitution. IMO, pr_stitution is rampant in the USA, its just that since it is an informal arrangement, we cannot give it the name.

American women often go for the guys with the big paycheck or status. Which even if they were gold diggers is not a good strategy, because if you marry for money it is the hardest way to earn it. I think Western women are more into cash than Russian women. In American society you really have a lot of economic comparisons going on. In Russia there are many people who live a basic life and it is not great dishonor. In America there is a huge stigma about being poor.
I did well economically in the USA, but would never put it out there as if I played it up I would attract the wrong women. For example, this one girl directly asked me my net worth. When I told her, she was not interested as she was looking for someone with more cash. I had many a girl call me a cheap bastard. I am not. I just to not play the game of throwing money at women to impress. When I came to Eastern Europe and really was poor. It made no difference to my now wife. I think relationships in Eastern Europe are not about money but love. In America the typical woman says she wants love and money. How crazy is this statement.

I am a Hungarian guy. I think Hungarian girls are beautiful, but my favourites are Russian girls. Why? They are slimmer, more feminine and submissive than their Hungarian counterparts. Both women have beautiful faces but Russian girls’ faces have softer features. The Hungarian girls’ faces are more exotic.
I also find Czech and Polish girls very attractive. (No accident a lot of Czech people emigrated to Hungary around 1900 when there was an economic boom here.) The least attractive for me are Romanian girls.

HI, Katya
I have read your article . just I am ready for those proposals that you want. mail me

Hey guys…there are good people and bad people everywhere. What are we debating for? There are Russian girls and girls from other parts of the world alike engaged in entertainment business in Dubai and elsewhere in the world. Don’t take it to heart Ms. Katya. Be a good girl and set an example for others. There is a famous quote, “Keep your face to the sunshine and you can not see the shadow”. Good luck! Ms. Katya.

Greetings to All!

I am really surprised to see how a girl named Katya holds the fort by herself..

To me, it is a matter of choice, if one decided to sell something, be it a thing, love or s_x that is his choice.
Africans, Russians, Americans, Koreans etc it does not matter!
Just see the world and understand what is in it for you.


What do you mean by a girl like Katya holding the fort herself? What are you implying? I disagree it is a matter of choice of the girl. No person is an island and free choice is can be limited if society as a whole will be affected. Freedom is not an unlimited good. Justice and wisdom are higher.
What are you saying Russian girls can make a living this way?

I have met a lot of terrible Russian girls here in the much that at times I felt ashamed to tell people that I’m Russian, but then again, I met a couple of truly amazing ones back when I used to live in Saudi Arabia. The Russian women there came to live there with their husbands and raise their children and I have nothing but good opinions about them. So I must tell those of you who disagree that it is easy to find a decent Russian girl – you just have to look in the right places (if you know what I mean).

4 years ago, I met an amazing, religious Palestinian man and he has since proposed to me. I am very thankful that he didn’t disregard me because of my nationality – he took time to know me as a human being. We are getting married, inshallah, next year and I am going to wear hijab because I am now Muslim.

Hello all,

Its not ones nationality, rather circumstances affect choices that we make! and when circumstances sustain for long, they shape your culture or social norms.

Think of marriage as a choice to keep relationship with respect to your partner. Although there are other alternatives……


hello everyone!
i justg want to express my opinion: There are different religions, traditions and customs. Each nation has a bad girl, and a good girl . it depends what a girl needs.Russian girls are amazing like other girls and have a very rich world inside. And Not everyone can understand this world.You can understand them if you read Leo Tolstoy, Pushkin or listen Chaykovskiy in short you should feel the same.
all the best!

I have known Russia having worked in the Russian far east for some time. Russian girls are among the most beautiful women in the world. After working there i have felt deep respect for them in that their capacity for managing their lives far exceeds women from other countries.
I found there some of the most capable, some of the most beautiful and some of the most compassionate women. Hats off to them.

We are always thinking that any one speak about it self is right but it is not the case all the time.
Love canot be preduced by words or any fake story
Love and Marrage is blessing of Allmighty its given to those who are loved by Him and it is for life time not for short span of time and day by day it increase not decrease. If you want love think about your self not think about others success will be yours


What Katya wants is not Russia specific. There are girls from all over the world who have similar aspirations about love life. Taking this as representation of Russia or Russian woman is meaningless.

Now back to question of Russian women in Dubai – I agree with all of those above who have said that there are all kinds, as it goes for women of any other nationalities including locals. Katya! There is no one kind and you are absolutely wrong in your assumption that no one russian woman will sell herself. Its all happening out there.

Hi all,
interesting discussion. I am living in Dubai and use to be ashamed to say,that I am Russian,because often right after that men would give me meaningful smile or dirty joke,women would go ,-“Ahh….”
yes,there are a lot of bad girls, of many nationalities,I quess, here russian outnumber them all ))Then again,demand created an offer.Why everyone is talking about girls selling themselves,isn’t it shameful to buy a woman?What kind of culture has the man,who does that?
I got over my shame,now I say proudly,that I am Russian I know who I am.
I am smart,educated and can earn my living honest way.
Now, about guys in Dubai.
They looove russian girls.Lot’s of guys here are living with them as a couple,but they don’t commit to a marriage.
Lets talk about used russian girls?

That is the key thing, a lot of girls can get a boyfriend, but to get a guy to commit to marriage is whole other ball of wax. The reason guys do not commit to marriage is either they are not inspired by the girl, or the girl gives them too many things too easy or simply it is not the right one. I think for a guy to marry a girl he has to be inspired by her ideals.

Timeless chase.Why girls are so obssesed on the idea of marriage?Why guys are so afraid of it?))))

Once upon a time there was a guy and a girl.
The guy asked the girl,-“Will you marry me?”
The girl said NO
The guy lived happily ever after.

I would say,They BOTH lived hapily ever after LOL

By the way,there are guys,who marry ex “working” girls and not just because she is beautiful and hot .Like in that movie “Pretty woman”)))
Sadly,many women,being misstreated and disrespected in the past can’t see “bigger picture” and fall into stupid mistakes,thinking that money would solve their problems and empower them.Often many of them spiritualy degrade more and more and unable to stop.
I don’t like to judge anyone,I try to understand

Money can be a drug to people, both men and women, and just as addicting to many. Money is necessary in life to survive but that should not be a “be all” and “end all”. Without true love money will still not make you happy, and thats what we all really want. But people seem to want instant gratification; tasty but unhealthful food sells big and they look for prostitutes to fill the need for s_x. Temporarily that works, but nothing will fill the hole in your heart but true love, and this is coming from a man who has gone through a painful divorce so I know.

I have traveled the world and do not judge individuals by what I have heard or read about their country. Each person in this world is like a snowflake, all just a little different. This difference is one of the things that makes living the special gift that it is. Enough of my lecture class. You can go home now. LOL

Interesting talk, food for thought.

Thought i’d add my two bits to an already heavily condimented conversation. I spent a great deal of time in Romania, and much of Eastern Rurope. My studies as a medical student and my passion as a traveller took me from the alps to the Stanovoy range in Russia. I came across many cultures and pseudo-cultures during my 8 year stint in Europe but the most vivid memories to date are those of Russia, specifically western Russia and the balkans.

All this talk about Eussian women and their flinging tendencies and what not got me thinking if I could recall something similar, erm… NO.

I have stayed in every means of lodging possible but I really cannot rejuvenate any memory of any experience similar to the ones talked about. In fact it just might be the reverse stereotype we have been blessed or cursed with, many a times I was thought of to be a s_x crazed Arab looking for a Russian girl. In fact one decent chap once quipped, ‘oye arabule’ (hey arab guy), why you come here, you can get all you want in Dubai!

Is it possible? all this social branding is actually going against the very people who have branded a nation as prostitutes? maybe, hope not though. I believe it is the nation’s own mindset in general and their social tendencies in particular that forge a concept in their greater rationale, but I do admit, the male cranium being a little more primitive and his cruise control always interrupted by testosterone that lead him to escapades that eventually end up costing the society and inevitably, the people. I mean why do Dubai and Russia “synchronize” ?, and more specifically, why is the synching always in dirhams and booty? (excuse me for being explicit)

My point here being, maybe its what we WANT Russian girls to be?, is what is shaping the cultural demographics of dubai’s very oddly cosmopolitan, utterly random populace. Maybe nobody wants a UAE or a Kuwaiti girl to be branded so? because they dont hang from a lamp post on Sheikh Zayed road and because they dont wait outside Irish Villiage to get picked and because they dont answer random calls in a friendly, inviting manner make them…whats the word…’decent’? (cough)

Studying alongside girls from the middle east, if anything has enlightened me to the dilemma that plagues our social fabric.. it’s like that famous line of Al Pacino’s – “look but dont touch, touch.. dont taste, ok taste, but DONT swallow”

I dont mean to offend anyone here and I really hope I haven’t, but it really does boil down to one very centric question, would you like to wish for what you want most, or make your wish fine tuned to whatever you can get? I mean if Russian girls wear see through abaya’s and what not to play that seductive role arab men want, while Arab girls invite rugged Romanian/Russian studs to their birthday parties – I wonder, if the solution presents itself? keep the frustration INSIDE khaima? so to speak…

I really respect khan’s comments,we should respect others,no matter which nationality….all fingers are not looks same,there are good & bad,any country we should not point our finger…on whole world

Dear All
I read some of your comments . The Russian girls different from others by her beauty so that it is like the flower and people like bees. To be honest I saw many of them in Dubai walking in Nasir sequare but it was befor 4 years , they are obliged to be like that because of poverty although it is not an enogh reason to be a hore , and they do not epresent all Russian women . Any country have different people and any one represent his personalty and not his country. I met a Russian gil before 6 years she told me that she was obliged to do that because she dicieved by another woman who told her that there is a work as a waiter and she said that when she return to her home she will preent any man rom touching her she told me that she dislik any man and she asked me to find her a job as a servant for 1000 dirham with accomidation and she will be happy ather than her job

I just came accross this site coz I was searching some information about Russia specially St. Petersburg which I am gonna visit soon.
I see quite funny gossips here 🙂
I enjoyed reading lots of guys msgs specially 🙂
KAtya you are nice but a bit over so plz u dont need to be, just relax 🙂
About Dubai if everyone from you all if from different countries then I can tell lots of things about the girls from your countries here in Dubai and what they are so plz keep it straight.
I am not from Russia I am from Pakistan but I know a girl from St. Petersburg and lemme tell you she is the best girl I ever met.
I am not into sex and stuff I love the way she feels everything and the way she exoresses herself.
So I wont let anyone of u to say anything about Russian girls coz I am sure I know her and if u think/say something bad about Russian girls in genral then you are including her also.
If you dont know how to talk then keep shut its better coz no one can judge what you are 🙂
I am sure there will be lots of girls and even guys from Russia who are really nice and its infact everywhere so I dont think its a topic to talk more about but still I will appreciate nice words if anyone has 🙂
and infact whatever we feel, assume so we can express that through words either in speaking or typing so our words exactly portray our minds, cultures and family background and blood.

Sameer Khan 🙂

I lived in Russia for 10 years/
I have also worked in the middle east.
I find the men of the Arab states to be disrespectful – men who use women, especially Russian girls for their own egos.
I have been in love three times – three amazing Russian women who enriched my life like no woman has since –
I despise the Arab nations that use European women.Russian girls are above and beyond these men.

Reading all these nonsence about Russian girls made me a little bit upset, on the other hand it can’t bother me too much as far as I do know what the reality is.

Majority of Russian girls are very well educated even in compare with other European girls, let alone Asians. Again, in compare with other Europeans, we are much more family oriented, in compare with middle eastern girls who mainly care how will their future husband finance them, we are not that mercantilistic and much more kind-hearted. We graduate from universities, we find decent jobs, we become wonderful mothers and wives, not to mention our outstanding beauty. Well I’m here not to praise us, if you’re really into the subject you do know the truth 🙂

The key point here is that if you meet with bitches on your way that means that’s what you deserve. It’s noway a problem of Russian girls.

Amount of bad girls from other countries are much higher, but as far as Russians are the most appealing, they are always on the top of any discussion. Most co-called ‘Russians’ girls in Dubai are not from Russia at all, above this most people in Russia believe Dubai isn’t a good place for decent girl, so it’s just ridiculous to judge about real Russians by co-called Russians in Dubai.

Thank you for the honest reply. I think Russian girls are great. Almost without exception any Russian girl I have meet are educated, smart make excellent wives etc. I think with some exceptions any guy that marries a Russian girl will be happy. In Dubai, I think many go there for honest work and education.

Maybe we should not consider all Russian girls are bad girls? Why? See here in Dubai you will find many bad girls from different nationalities so what does it mean that all ladies from those countries are bad girls. Suppose I am Pakistani male so you can find many bad girls from Pakistan here so what you will say all Pakistani girls are bad girls of course it is totally wrong thinking and please stop looking on these Russian or other nationality girls with your thirsty dog like eye.

Respect them as you respect your sisters and mothers after all there are also the sister of someone,what if someone will call your sister as sexy? For sure you will get angry and it will be a question on your respect but in case of other girls you forgot everything and just concentrate on your pleasures,.
Therefore, please come out from this sickness of minds and be a true man than women can attract you not because of your greedy bad eyes. But attract Russian or Pakstani or Chinese or any girls because of your clean and pure character. Call them on the phone and date them respectfully.
I know women never see how you look like and how much handsome you are if she looks it is only your character. This is true even if you have big tummy or small even you are tall or small even you are Arab or Western or African, so focus on your character.
Please take it positively trust me you will see change.

I adore women like you with high moral values. if you are still looking, come find me in San Diego (reply to this). I wanna see if you are really more than just a pretty Russian face.

hi all,
In all this discussions one thing i find very funny is everybody is busy discussing the women as cheap. What i would like to ask is are all the prostitutes and cheap women that we are talking about sleeping by themselves. They have s** with men. So men are going to them. So what do we call all these men. Sad reality. if a man sleeps with 100 girls he is called a stud and if a women is seen with 2 men she is called a wh_re. SO who should be called a whore.
If there are no men with needs there will be no ladies around I think that is simple to understand so all dear men have a good look at yourselves.

It is a double standard and I do not like it. In theory there should be no intimacy outside of the context of marriage.

I knew a Russian a Russian girl online, and we fell in love. The rest of the story could be told but peace, love and forgiveness.

I am very sorry you experienced this. I know it really hurts. Do not be upset with what I write.
I am going to have to disagree totally on that one. First you can not generalize, especially based on your experience. I am very sorry you had to go through this, but look.
Did you learn Russian?
I mean the language?
How many years did you spend in Russia?
Or did you expect to open your wallet and basically pick up your bride?
I would fly to Russia, live and spend time there and get to know her religion and family.
If she has had many boyfriends, hmm. Maybe you want to find a girl who has never had a boyfriend. You know there are girls like this.

Waav, that is one really sad story. I get my lesson here. Never, ever use money for the sake of getting someones attention. It never works in long run. After reading this mail, I will be much more careful in my ex-Soviet adventures. One of my friends here told me never fall completely for a women, even if you like her very much. Once you loose your feelings, you can loose a lot more…

I really do not regret my past as it was all a learning experience.

Admin note: {comments were deleted as there was no need for them any more in the spiritual sense. Therefore, if you see a discontinuity in the comment thread on Russian girls in Duibai, this is the reason.}

Believe me, what you did is not good. Basic rule: Never spend money on a women! (Unless you are really desperate for something) You might feel good such that you spend money in a good way. However, my personal experience suggests that once you start spending money on someone women start to think of you in a different way! Think about it from a woman’s perspective. A woman with a wife mentality will look for someone who can save for future. A good husband is the one who is financially safe and secure and spends accordingly.

I had many girlfriends in past I had a similar experience. I was thinking that I met the girl of my dreams but she ended up as being a cheater (with ex-boy friend. It happened while I was making marriage plans with her. Initially I was devastated, later on I decided that I can move on. It has been two years since our last physical contact, but I was still feeling not good. So, I decided to come to her country and explore here. I met many girls, had lots of fun. In fact I will go out to a club right now and I am sure I will meet a lot of beautiful women. Now, I realized she is not different than other girls in her country.

My advise is the same as the administrator. Move ahead and go for some adventure. I see many Russian single women in Turkey. I know that they do not make much money but they save a significant portion of their salary to have a holiday here. If they come to a totally foreign country alone as women, we should have the guts to visit their country as well 🙂

I am sure that there are still good Russian girls, and i hope that I can find one who can get me out of complication, and refresh my life again… I hope that will happen soon…

Sorry for all good Russian girls for what I said above…

Take a trip to Egypt or Turkey. You will not only get out of your complications, there is also a very high chance you will meet another Russian women.

Osman, there is an old saying, that an Ethiopian friend I had to told me: “Once the women drink the water here in the USA, they are never the same.” This was in regard to the Ethiopian women who came to USA to work, study and live. He and most other Ethiopian men I met were very disgruntled about how proud, arrogant and feminized (as in feminist) the women became once they lived here for a significant amount of time. I have known of many Ethiopian men who will return to their country and find a wife from the villages, because they are sick of the Ethiopian women who live in USA.

This story applies to more than just Ethiopian girls, of course. So, what I am trying to say is that once a woman, from any part of world, comes to live in USA, she slowly dies spiritual and loses her culture. All the beauty, culture and humility we admired of her in her own country will be lost here.

Basically, when women come to USA they lose their culture and become feminist, materialistic and domineering she-men, just like the rest.

It is sad Osman. And FYI, I have attended Arabic, Indian, African, Ethiopian and a variety of churches and taken part of community events of different cultures. I am yet to see the difference of any of these cultures here in USA. America is a melting pot, but the word “melt”, is the truth here, as all the cultures are melted and merge into one bland and sterile American culture.

I just don’t think I could ever marry any woman who has spent a lot of time in this country.

Noname56: I am a Russian women, living in NZ now. I am very deeply sad about how she hurt you. There s bad and good people in every race and this girl from Russia was just your first experience of that race.

There s people with different values everywhere, your aim is just find the one who has similar to your. You said she cannot be a good wife for long time and I agree with you. Many of my Russian friends are great wives and have children.

You still probably keep guessing what is her values in life and other things, but it comes from the family and the place she was raised. You mentioned her family was not very good to her and you said ‘dirty’ city she called her own place. That all is not very healthy about her and it could give an impact on her behavior-that s how I can explain.

But again, according to what you wrote, you seem like a great person who came from good values family, you know what you want, and the most important you re ready to give.

Try to meet other people and you can check them. You said ‘even if you meet a Russian girl, you ll think bad about them.’ It s ok, be suspicious and more careful next time and you will find your happiness. am sure 100%!

Thanks all, but regardless of the race and other differences, why should human beings lie to each other, particularly in feelings? If someone still have feelings to his or her ex-partner, why he or she starts a new relationship with someone who may sacrifice everything for them. They do not know that they would hurt them one day and break their hearts… Then, how it is cruel to live with someone who gives you all his life, and you are still thinking of your ex-partner, who might leave you without any mercy… it is not human behaviour… I still can not comprehend what happened to me… Only God will take my revenge…

I do not think God takes revenge, I think we alienate ourselves from God’s love.
I think if you are married there is no reason not to be loyal.

I need to add one comment here from my point of view. For most women from ex-soviet countries sex does not mean anything. It can happen with some random foreign guy within the blink of an eye. However, from a nice guy’s point of view intercourse means a very strong connection but for these women, it is normal (‘Normalniya’ in Russian). In fact they might use it to get complete control of your feelings. That is a hard lesson that good guys should always keep in mind.

Also, when I was a student, I used to date a lot of women many of whom were crazy for me. During these times, I did not have much money and in fact I was more interested in having fun. Now, having a good job, and getting close to 30, I go with a serious mission that I want to settle down and have a family, but I cannot meet my women. I think if I change back my mentality and return my games, it will be much easier for me to get into a serious relationship. This is how women’s mind works. If you go too strong, they just runaway…

Sir Admin, what happens to us is written by GOD,and what is written by God is caused by us. Human beings are reponsible for their sins, and they must be punished for their sins in their lives, or in the last day, except those who repent. This is what I mean, Sir.

I am a Russian girl and I live in Dubai. the real story of Russian woman here is, many my friends marry here, locals and non local man, we all have families and are rich and smart and live in UAE for legal decent, moral, work. We are not cheap street girls here in Emirates, but honest hard working girls from Russia.

Osman, perhaps the women where you are staying don’t like being serious; but there are women in the world who are into a serious relationship. Playing games and living fantasies is the plague of women in the West. Perhaps many girls in Eastern Europe have also adopted the live fast, die hard philosophy from the Western women. It is hard for me to say.

I know I have heard from others that Russian girls are cheap and just use you for money or s_x. However, I know a lot of the Russian girls these guys are meeting are girls who hang out in bars or are apart of the pr_stitution ring around the world.

I know theere is good and religious Russian and Ukrainian women, but these are probably not the hardcore, super-model, 10 master degree /pHd beautiful diva type of Russians who live in Moscow or Kiev. Rather, I think these would be the poorer, not so well dressed, a bit chubby (due to poor diet) type of village girls I am reading about.

As I said, my family came from Belarus/Ukraine/Russia. In those days, s_x before marriage was a crime. In those areas the people’s lives revolved around their going to church or synagogue, depending on if they were Jews or Christians. I am thinking when communism came around the morals were shattered quite a bit. However, I never heard loose S_x was common in the Soviet days. Even, I was told cheating outside marriage had consequences in the Communist regime.

My thoughts are the Modern Westernization of the ex-Eastern bloc is the main result of the loose and wild lifestyle. More and more the people are trying to become American-like and are trying to indulge in all the forbidden pleasures they began to envy during communism that was so prevalent in American society.

BTW Osman.. Sorry about what happened to you, having a woman cheat on you. Even to think it was your fiancee! It is so common in USA now. My heart goes out for you.

There would be big trouble for any woman who cheats on me. Probably for both of us.. So, I pray that this never happens.. God help me.

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