Russian girls in Dubai

Russian girls in UAE

If you’re trying to meet a girl for love I would not recommend Russian girls in Dubai. Why? Russian girls in Dubai are either nouveau rich Russians which are not great mates or Russian girls that are there to work, and I do not mean as a waitress.   Of course I could be wrong about this, we meet a lot of Russian girls in Egypt who are really there for vacation rather than ‘working’, but I feel the Russian girls in Dubai are there for a different reason.  They are not normal girls.

Find Russian girls in other places for love

Rather than looking in Dubai look on however it would help if you learn Russian a bit.  But there are real normal Russian girls on looking for love and marriage.  It is a Russian site for Russians.  Also consider free online dating sites as they are in English.

If you are an Indian or Pakistan guy looking for a girl from Russia in Dubai

If you can not find a beautiful lady to call on her mobile in the United Arab Emirates you are basically not too much into girls.

If you are an Indian guy looking for girls in Dubai, remember the world is not fair. I am fair but the world, I am peace and love. But the world will judge not by your passport but your ethnicity. Outside ‘officialdom’ where you are from matters to girls. Russian girls are looking for:

  1. Fun
  2. Money
  3. Safety

This translates to an American or Western European. Indian guys do marry Russian girls by the score, but your approach has to be distinctly western. That is you must have Western style clothes so you look like an Italian. You need to learn to play the game of flirtatious love like a Frenchmen and need to talk a big game with the confidence of an American. I know it is distasteful and unfair, but in my personal experience this brash approach does the best with vacationing Russian girls.

Mark’s list of places to meet Russian women in Dubai:

  • Karama this is located opposite the Bur Juman Center – do not look for escorts in Dubai, just nice Ukrainian and Slavic girls.
  • TGIT in Astoria Hotel Bur Duba
  • Broadway Hotel Deria – girls from the CIS seem to stay here the most
  • Jockey’s pub in Panorama Hotel Bur Dubai
  • The Junction
  • Planetarium
  • Kubu at Radisson Blu
  • Red Square at Mosco
  • Rock Bottems – more of a disco
  • Cyclone – Dance club
  • Rock Bottom – Dance
  • Barsati  – Techno

If anyone has questions or reports of where they have seen Eastern European women in clubs in Dubai or luck with finding mobile numbers, I can add this. By the way a good thing to do is get a prepaid with a local number so you can start playing the field in search for love. Even me, when I was looking for my wife I had to collect a few numbers and kiss a number of proverbial frogs before I found my Polish princess.

Behavior considerations in the Emirates

Try to avoid, loud, arrogant, intoxicated, stupid arguments outside a hotel at 2 am with some girl who looks will go from an 8 to a 4 once sunlight hits her makeup caked face.

If you are married or have a long-term girlfriend and are cruising for a Devushka, remember God sees all; but also in the modern world of mobile phones photos if your wife thinks you are up to no good; it is easy to hire someone to snap a photo of you these days. It has happened to one player I know.

Also be careful of Russian call girls who engage in ‘adverse behavior’ as it is called in the Kingdom. Dubai is an open place, but singles who are too open about trying to buy love can get in trouble.  I am a man who is loyal and honest and do not recommend such thins, but if you want to take your chance remember, what happens behind close doors is between you and someone else, but open violation of the rules of the Kingdom in open public areas can get you up the creek without a paddle.

Published by Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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  1. Hi there all lovely girls! Please contact me if you are in Dubai at present.

  2. russian girls are the most beautifull girls in the world. russian girls can contact me here in dubai.

  3. good Russian girls in Dubai please mail me. I think Russian girls are the best.

  4. Hi my name Moody. i am 26 . I love you when i see your pic . You are a very pretty girl. i want make friends with you and maybe fall in love.

  5. A nice girl in Dubai would be wonderful to meet.

  6. hi i hope to meet Russian girl in Dubai please contact with me and give me your mobile

  7. i like russian girls so much and i wanna make friendship with any one girl who belong to russia or philippinies

  8. i like Russian girls so much and i wanna make friendship with any one girl who belong to Russia or Philippinies only in Dubai at present.

  9. My love i waiting for a long time a girl for love.

  10. I’m looking for young pretty tall slim and smart Russian girl to spend time with me in Dubai.

  11. That’s really worst idea about girls in Dubai. Let me reminds you about “all fingers” are not the same. People are not changing them by self,but place to be. So,if you are used visiting club’s and disco’s then I may ask, that you went to the places where you feel get coupled?
    I dought.
    I am a Russian woman. Living in Dubai almost 15 years.I have a good foreigner husband and kid.We are happiest family with mutual understanding.
    Wish you searching a right people in a right place.

    1. Hi Elana, Thanks for the comment. I really think generally Russian women are very good partners as wives, really as well as being cultured etc. Where do you think is the best place to meet a Russian girl for example?

  12. I’m looking for young pretty tall slim and smart Russian girl to spend time with me in Dubai.

  13. Hello, I like Russian girls so much and I like to have a nice Russian girl friend in Dubai, I am 35 alone, divorced before 1 year.

    I am waiting for you.

  14. I am Saudi business man living in Dubai and I and looking for beautiful Russian girl for love or long term relation leading for marriage.

  15. I want meet a Russian girl for fun or traveling together or maybe true love. I travel a lot every month alone, and would love a Russian girl to be my partner in my life travels.

  16. I like Russian girls. because Russian girls have beauty and charm. Please if you are from Russia and in Dubai and available please write me a love note from UAE or Russia.



  17. I’ m a 31 years old guy, I live in London and I’m looking for a normal (but bit attractive body figure) girl for a long term relationship. but obviously it depends .
    I wont mind any nationality or race. but i prefer blonde or bit dark. Email me.

    pls note that this email is not for chatting,is only to find me on face book, as i don’t use this email address any more.

  18. Hi,
    I am coming to Dubai. I want to meet some Russian and Indian girls. Can anyone give me phone numbe or email ID?

  19. Hi every body
    I want to say sorry for Russian girls about the bad image I saw here
    All guys looking for sensual love with Russian just because they are beautiful
    I deal with a lot of them in my country and here in UAE as visitor and worker really they are nice country people and able to be good wife and mother
    And they are like every country girls have some bad and a lot good

  20. Boys,
    Sorry but you all are very stupid and naughty, and you use a wrong perception about Russian girls.
    Good luck.

    1. Maria, I am very open tell me what Russian girls are like? I do not think they are bad, on the contrary I think they are highly educated and cultured, others are simply from the countryside. But I do not see anything wrong with Russian girls at all. Please elaborate.

  21. Russian girls are very naughty, they are the same in their city but more naughty in other countries.

  22. Sorry guys. But I agree with you Maria. I had a Russian girlfriend for 4 years. Now she went to home country 1 year back for some personal reasons but we still talk every week. I understand how Russian girls are, basically she can respect you if you respect her.

    However, I see all guys use cheap words even who talk about girlfriend or wife like he talk about something in supermarket. Not all Russian girls like what you see or hear about them in discos or clubs.

    1. Russian girls are talked about all over the web because of their beauty. However, they do not care about their beauty as much as they want someone to love them. There are many lonely Russian models who just want love. To me respect is being sincere with your intentions with a women.

  23. It’s totally wrong about Russian girls. Like in the above comment’s not all fingers are the same. I even like Russians, and I too have a friend in Russia. I respect her. In every country there are good and bad girls not only in Russia.

  24. That Elana bitch is an another Russian, whor….they ruin the reputation of all Slavic countries! disgusting Islamized …hores. I would never touch any muslim even if I would live in Dubai. It”s too disgusting to even think about it.

    1. Croatian Slavic girl, most Slavic women I know are really sweet, intelligent beautiful girls and just want to marry the guy next door or from Europe. However, if there is some Russian girl in Dubai that marries someone out of their culture, I do not think it makes Eastern European girls look bad. If the cultures are too far apart it will not work. I believe the most optimal relationships are those that are close. I have many people writing me from the Middle East looking for a Russian wife. However, there is no dishonor in that, just people should be aware that the cultures are very different.

  25. Hello gentleman,
    I want to say sorry for Russian girls about the bad image I saw here
    All guys looking for sensual love with Russian just because they are beautiful. Therefore it is no dishonor to be admired by men. It simply means Russian girls are women in every sense of the word. This is positive not negative.

  26. Dear All,
    There is nothing wrong about russian girls. As there is nothing wrong about other girls. In all nations you can find good or bad people. But there is demand for russians in the market ))). Cause we are intellegent, kind, beautiful and decent.
    Plus a lot of girls, especially who come to “work” here form CIS contries (eg. Uzbekistan, Ukrain etc) call themself “Russians” and spoil our reputation. I have a lot of Russian friends here in Dubai and all of them are decent and educated girls. And defenetely you’ll always find what you’re looking for. If you go to cheap night clubs and picking up girls there – don’t expect to meet a good girl in such places. So I think – it’s not about girls – it’s all about guys!

    1. Ksenia I agree there are a lot of nice Russian girls there but most of the nice ones I know are Ukrainian. So I do not think you can generalize. I think basically Slavic women are super educated, maybe because education is free in post communist countries. Most CIS girls I know have a masters and all but one Ukrainian girl I know is either a doctor or getting a PhD.
      I highly recommend girls from the CIS for long term relationships love and marriage.

  27. Ksenia,

    You wrong, there is only a slight difference between a Ukrainian and a Russia. Uzbek and Russian is another story, since they are not Slavic.

  28. Spatula, I have a right to have my own opinion and it differs from yours, it’s not a reason to insult ppl and call them idiots. Anyway, all the best to you.

    I made an example of Ukranians and Uzbeks just because there was a post in the beginning about “working” russian girls and most of “working” russian girls are originally from CIS countries and not from russia itself. And of course I can generalize and say all the girls are beautiful and sweet but cis countries are not as rich as russia and kazakhstan for eg. Therefore you will not find originally russian or kazakhi girl here “working”.
    Please don’t misunderstand me, I know lots of Ukranians, Belorussians and etc very decent.

    1. I think you look down on Ukrainians as not as rich as you Russians, but maybe there are some good people anyway.

      Lets look at the facts, Russians have followed a very imperialistic policy, while the countries you mentioned were more exploited by Moscow and even Russified. Russian oligarchs continue to exploit even Russians under Czar Putin (guys like Gary Kasparov try to oppose this). Russians that accept this arrogant Russian attitude are idiots. Russia has take so much wealth from so many countries, including Poland where I now live. Russians should have the attitude of humility and asking forgiveness what stupid comments like yours.
      I do not know any Ukrainian ‘working girls’, rather on my trips to the east many Russians that would open to anything. I think Ukrainians are not as materialistic as Russians. Its a different culture. I know you meant no harm in your comment but it is such a crazy comment you do not even see your own fault.
      Remember the movie, Sixth sense? well this is my reply. ‘I see stupid people everywhere. Some of them do not even know they are stupid’. Think about Russian history before you make such arrogant comments.

  29. Admin, I didn’t mean to say anything bad about Ukrainians girls, I just gave an example of CIS girls and guess my example was wrong as you took it personally as you have Ukrainian wife.
    Believe me, I also don’t know any “working” Ukrainian girls though I know some Ukrainians and all of them are decent and well-educated. I just got offended by first post and tried to give an explanation (since this topic is about Russian girls).
    Believe me,here in Dubai, when i go to bars or night clubs I used to see many drunk Europeans girls who look high class in the beginning and after get drunk and you can see them behaving really crazy (eg. s_x on the beach last year). So what i was trying to say that all the girls are the same and there are no European “working” girls only because their salaries are double from the one Russians and CIS girls get and even we the do “work” they do it cause of lack of money and not cause they are bitchy. And at least they don’t do it with any guy they pick up in the bar.
    Second, I think a man from the country which started war in Vietnam, intruded Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, bombed Japan with atom bombs and trying to f_ _ k Iran will preach Russians how to live.
    P.S. Sorry for a messy comment

    1. Ksenia, I am American but have a Polish wife and live in Poland. But my grandparents came from Ukraine. I have a deep affection for Ukraine, as I was close to my grandparents. Ukraine is a new country and struggling to develop. However,the people there that I know, including my family are very spiritual and good people.
      However, I also have a passion for Russian history, so nothing against the Russians. I even have a website dedicated just to Russia.
      However, what I would love to see is Ukrainians and Russians interact like say Poles and Slovaks, a very peaceful coexistence with free movement of labor and capital. It starts with people’s attitudes towards each other. I do not understand it. Slavic countries could be so rich and will be. But it has to start with not saying we are different than you. But we are the same.
      On youtube watch:
      Dr Suess Sneetches and tell me what you think?

    2. You mean the USA that saved Europe from the fascists? Or Asia from Imperial domination, or the fact that the world is now safer from terror? Or stopped the cold war and prevented a WWIII. However, the Russians did give the most in WWII. And the USA is a bit imperialistic. Your comments are typical broad sweeping pokes. Lets forget politics here.
      Peace and love. Really I am very happy you are commenting and you have a nice name by the way.
      What are you doing in Dubai are you studying? How do you like it?
      I would be more interested in your views on how Russian girls see guys. Really.

  30. “Believe me,here in Dubai, when i go to bars or night clubs I used to see many drunk Europeans girls who look high class in the beginning and after get drunk and you can see them behaving really crazy”

    The woman that did s_x on the beach was a BRITISH. British are NOT REAL Europeans. Most British women are over the edge and runk anywhere in the world.

    And if a high class THIN girl get’s a little drunk, it’s ok cause hot girl is meant for x. Are you sure this is the type of girl you want to date?

  31. I would like to apologise, Ksenia) I think you are not roght, Whydo you talk about Uzbekistan, ukraina? There are so many working exactly from russia… Rostov, st petersburg. Much more than from CIS countries… still most of ladies from uzbekistan prefer to have a after marriage… but look at your real Russian ladies from Moscow, they come to Dubai especially to work, and please note – for money, our countries are poor? may be…but how could you say that our wonderful Russian ladies are working here? I know a lot of them, most of them have a normal jobs, cabin crew, waitresses, sales ladies, please think before saying something.

  32. Previt, I really like when girls are struggling and trading talks among them. Russian girls in Dubai may be conveying a bad picture of all Russian girls. But If I do not know them before I came to Dubai I will say that most of them bad. My beloved is Russian, who never came to Dubai. What is important here is that when i tried to communicate with Russian girls here, they begin ask me , r u rich? if u r local, ok I will go on with u? what we can call these kind of girls. of course, we can call them a high level bithes. This is the difference between Russian girls and other girls in Dubai.

    Now, if my beloved will come here, I will warn her to go with any Russian girl here. this is not my wish, but hers also.
    I would like to comment on that girl who said that will not make any relationship with any Muslim.. I say Muslim will never be near to those girls, of whom you are one of them, I think, because they are purified people…


  33. Hi all,

    I do not know why you guys are talking on this topic or who picked up this topic.. In my short span of life.. I had been to many countries and of course UAE is one of them.. Right now I am in Abu Dhabi. Its quiet obvious there are girls who like to go to earn easy money if education level is not too high but those who are educated enough follow a good career. My one boss (lady) is from Russia and controls a part of worlds business. Like her there are many examples of Russian girls working here and have responsible position. Also if you go to clubs you can find ‘workers’ from Russia mostly who does not have the level of education or were married and got divorced lately but with kids was hard to survive.

    Guys it’s everywhere not question of Russia or Ukraine or Uzbekistan or Phillipines or American.

    Let me ask you guys a simple question.. I am not backing up Russian girls but… are not there any ‘workers’ in the USA who are Americans?

    I was surprised to see the last comment “Muslim will never be near to those girls”.. hehe.. can you please wait at the Saudi-Bahrain border during the weekends and count how many Arabs are crossing into Bahrain to drink and have ‘relations’? dude.. come back to reality.. want pics proof? OK let me give u another example is as follows, most conservative country from Muslim’s point of view… is Saudi Arabia is capital Riyadh and where I have seen on one of the main road at 3:00 p.m. one local Arab was trying to do anything to get a girls phone no:d

    Get a better topic to discuss on.. something constructive.

  34. I like Russian girls. because Russian girls have beauty and charm. Please if you are from Russia and in Dubai and available please write me a love note from UAE or Russia.



  35. In Russia they say, Real man is one who can make the money and real women is the one who can attract such man. The rest all female are pretty in their own way and trouble as well, but one thing for sure they are all harmless and peaceful in fact they share same emotions all over. Respect them for what they are.

    1. Who is ‘they’? Maybe these Russian guys with shaved heads and leather jackets and Russian women in short skirts and pumps. However, the reality is I know very few, actually none of those Russians. Zero. I know Russians that are educated, humble, not too flashy. However, thanks for your comment on Russian girls in Dubai.

  36. I am from India living in Dubai and I and looking for beautiful Russian girl for love or long term relation leading for marriage.

  37. Hi! In my openion all girls from any country are only two types. 1- Beautiful 2-very beautiful. Actually beauty lies in the eyes of beholder. What is is beautiful; for me might not not be same for another person. Well, my ex-girlfriend was russian and she was nice so again I am looking for Russian beauty again.

    1. Agreed, I think all women have beauty. There are only two types of women from any country, beautiful and very beautiful.

  38. Hi every one! Women are respected either from Russia or any other part of the world. They are made for love and removing the exhausted, radical feelings from men and bring peace and harmony to a man’s life. And more over they are made to make this world colorful, peaceful and beautiful. Every where in every culture you find different kinds and habits man and women, as above some one said ‘all fingers are not the same”. I do not have the experience of dating any Russian girls in Dubai,as I also live in UAE from long time but i think they are nice.

  39. Hey, Why do you people think Russian girls are soooo easy? I am a Moskowa student and I am not.

    I am looking for a partner.

    I do not believe in love happens so fast. I think love is something that happens when you win me. I need someone to turn my world upside down, but in a way that is a romantic way, not a fast or showy way.

    This is why I think it is hard to mean someone online. Everyone wants pictures and photos sent so fast and mobile numbers. They want to chat and text you. I do not know if all Russian girls are like me as many are addicted to their cell phones especially the younger ones.

    I like old classic films, Russian classical music like Tchaikovsky and other ballet music, and writers like Chekhov and tragic love like Romeo and Juliet and philosophy.

    I want someone to climb my castle walls and rescue me. Guys with money do not do that, they expect everything so fast and do not use their brains to win a girl. Those guys are disgusting.

    I study languages (English) in Moskowa. I am not in Dubai and do not try to arrange a meeting with me or call me. I just want to meet a normal guy. I will be a translator and will make money of my own. I do not want any rich guy. I want a real guy.

  40. Hi
    I do not think that Russian girls are so easy to take or we can have them quickly but I want to know one of them and to be with her as my girl friend because I like their style and they are like toys.
    They are very pretty beside being blond with colored eyes is my style and my type. I wish to know a lady from Russia or Ukrainian in Dubai because I m living in there.

  41. Hi Katya if u want a real and normal guy then please contact me now i m 21 years old from Dubai…I don’t know what is you age…please reply to me about yourself.

  42. I live in Moscow not Dubai. I am open to a relationship, but have you read anything I wrote? I do not like this quick – hey send me and SMS send me and e-mail things. This is no way to win a girls heart. So I do not think it would be remotely possible. Sorry.

  43. I like your attitude Russian girl Katya. Girls should be like this if they wish to get a good relationship. Basically all the guys are fast, because they are not looking for a good relation like what you think. the only aim is………..
    Now a days the youth are addicted to cell phones and other gadgets. Of course I too like this kind of gadgets but not like this brainless youth. I m also a youth of 28 years old.

  44. Hi Katya

    I came by this site (which is actually quite amusing) completely by accident, but your post somehow stuck with me. I agree with most of your points, and found it interesting how your values and interests correspond with my own. I am a Norwegian studying international relations and philosophy in Scotland, and have a particular passion for literature and foreign languages… I am currently trying to reach a decent level of Italian, which is my 5th language, but my great goal is to learn Russian, and to be able to read the works of Dostoyevsky, Tolstoy, Pushkin, Lermontov, Tyutchev and others in the language they were originally written. I am very fascinated by Russian culture in general, whether it is expressed through literature, film, painting or music, and would love to get access to the views and insights of a native Russian when it comes to all these things. Despite your misgivings towards making new acquaintances online, I would therefore invite you to get in touch via e-mail: my address is vozvrashcheniye2003 AT


  45. Hello guys why you are discussing this topic.
    I have read many of your blogs and listen many of you boys are living in UAE and as you all know that these countries are not normal, any country in world is not like these. This is because all countries allow you to keep your families and they can support you. But in the gulf region don’t like any one to keep their families and that’s why they have provided all these girls material which mainly you boys are talking about.
    The specific girls you are seeing here in Dubai from Russia, Philipines, China, Egypt, India, Syria, Morocco & Tanzania are typically play purpose.

    You can be a friend of them or cash customer.
    But it does not mean that all women of these countries are like them.

    Hope this will make sense to you guys.
    and please stop fighting now.

  46. Katya,

    I like to be your friend. I am educated and working as accountant General in Dubai . i m also looking my life partner.


    1. I think a lot of guys would like to be Katya’s friend. 🙂 There are many girls like Katya in Moscow.

  47. Hey I heard that 🙂 I do not know if guys like a girl like me and I do not know if there are are Russian girls like me, but thank you… I think. 😉

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