Russian girls in Boston

Where are Russian girls in Boston

I am a Bostonian and an Eastern European.  In this post I want to tell you where to meet Russian girls in Boston.

The best place to find CIS women in Beantown are three places.

  1. In Brookline off the green line at the two main Russian stores.
  2. On a Russian message board in Boston or Craigslist
  3. Other places

Russian girls in Boston

There is a reasonable community of Russians in Boston.  The Russians that came over in the 1980s and before are Russians of Jewish descent.  The Russians that came over in the 1990s and after were Orthodox.  However, it does not matter the culture is very similar and they are all Russian girls.  The only difference is if you want to get married it might be a consideration because of cultural differences.

You will find many ladies from Ukraine and the Russian countryside and St. Petersburg but I did not meet a lot of Moscow girls in Boston maybe because Moscow is such a big city that there is no reason to come to a smaller regional city like Boston.

Russians are very educated and bright people and the ones in Boston in particular as it is a very intellectual city. Boston is not a working class city it is more an elitist city.

Russian girls in Boston meeting place 1

There is no way you are going to go into one of these traditional delis in Brookline and pick up Russian girls.  However, I used to go there about once a week and get all kinds of Ukrainian and Russian and general Eastern European food.  I saw a lot of the same people there, both working ans customers.  If you are really cool about it and real subtle like, you have a very good chance of chatting one up.  However, remember women need to slowly gain your trust though consistency of behavior and familiarity.
Imagine trying to feed ducks by running at them with bread, you will scare them away.  But if you are cool they will be eating out of your hands.

Not there is a very large message board in both of the main stores in Brookline.  Many Russian girls are advertising to be tutors in the Russian language or cleaning ladies.  I imagine some are simply illegal but trying to establish themselves in the USA doing basic jobs at first until they can get their visas straight and learn English.  I understand this, as many Americans do this teaching English all over the world.

If you are interested in Russian culture, take a few lessons from a few teachers and see if anything flies.  Lets say you meet them before you lessons and screen out the ones that are no go.  Then you can take lessons from your top tree choices until you hit it off with one.  Wost case you will learn Russian.

You can also do this with Russian cleaning ladies in Boston. Worst case is you will have a clean apartment.  I am not talking hankie pankye I am just taking meeting girls.

Or if you see on in the store just ask her out.   If she says no ask if she has a friend.  I have done this. I am not proud.  Many times the answer is yes.  Make up some excuses that you are going to Russia and want to have coffee with someone to talk about this with.  Whatever your tact is.  All is fair in love and war perhaps.

Again this is not about being a player but rather simply dating a Russian girl.

I would not recommend asking out the employees because if she scorns you, its going to be awkward every time you go there.

Locations of Russian stores in Boston

  • Russian Village Deli Store at 1659 Beacon St is one to start with and you will see another one in the same area and a book store.
  • Bazaar – 1432 Beacon Street or 424 Cambridge st, Allston
    You can also meet Russian girls on the street there.
  • 157 Sutherland Rd Brighton a Russian health food store.

Russian girl meeting place 2

  • – just koin the Boston group.
  • – Choose Massachusetts girls as your default
  • A major site for the Russian community in Boston.  Use an online translate tool and you can navigate and find what you are looking for.
  • – Simply a Russian dating site many Boston Russian girls use.
  • – This is clear – people talk about everything and some pretty risque topics.  Therefore if you are a member you can hit it up with some Russian girls in Massachusetts.
  • Chat up women from the former Soviet Union regions.

Russian girls in Boston meeting place 3 – best keep secret for meeting Russian women

Eastern European women are everywhere from playing chess in Harvard square at Au Bon Pain to yoga classes at porter square. Perhaps the best place to meet intellectual CIS women is the Boston public library at 700 Boylston Street has a good selection of Russian books on the second floor.  Hang out in the Russian book section on a Saturday and chat it up with one looking for a book in her language.

Again the objective here is not tell you to pick up ladies, but rather find someone for love and marriage.  People meet in all kinds of places.  I think dark night clubs is not always the best for everyone.  I think meeting a female in a library, Boston commons or deli is very innocent.  I think most Boston girls meet guys on  Not my style, I am more the say hello in person and introduce myself with a smile and see if they like you or not.  If they do chat and not say thank you and politely leave.

Russian girls are great.  They are thin, beautiful and are eons more normal than most American girls with with huge egos, materialistic values and large waist lines.

Let me know about your thoughts about finding Russian girls in Boston, Massachusetts or America in general.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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You seem very cool, I’ve lived in Boston my whole life. I agree, Russian girls are hot. I’m in my upper 40’s, working class guy. I studied Russian at UMass Amherst eons ago. I want to find a beautiful smart young lady I can help take Harvard extension classes by paying half for 2 undergrad courses per semester about 1000 buck each I’d like to find a Russian girl from Boston. I have a long term relationship with. I went to a couple of the sites you listed but they were in Russian. I’m going to try to find some time to explore further and see if i can find some success do you have any tips for me?

If you want to meet a Russian girl in Boston, try some of the other websites I recommend on my site like Use a translate tool to help you to an automatic translation. I think the best ones will be on Russian language sites, rather than English sites. I would recommend traveling to Russia and trying to meet someone. Eventually if the relationship is good, she would most likely move to Boston if you wanted to stay. I think generally you should have no problem getting a lady interested in you, it is just a matter how far you want to step out of your boundaries. I do not think you are too old for marriage of course. Not at all.
Every Russian dating or social networking site I recommend can be translated with online and screened for geography like for cities like Boston.
It might be more work in the initial search process, but Russian girls are incredibly hot so worth the added effort.

I found your page very interesting and very informative. I live in Boston and I spend a great deal of time in and around Brookline Village. I shop at Bazaar on Beacon Street. I’m an American who’s in his late 40’s. I have a long-term relationship with a young girl who’s in her late 20’s and who’s from Moscow, but who now lives in Boston. It’s relatively easy for an American man to go anywhere in Russia or Ukraine and find Slavic girls who are interested in coming to the United States. The process of getting a girl here, isn’t so easy and it’s pretty expensive. Anyway, as an American guy who once used to date American girls, I can emphatically say that once you go Russian, you’ll never go back.

Robert, Thanks for the comment and as you know once you date I Russian girl your view of the world will change. Bazaar is a fun place to go. I like the Kvas there. Always lots of people and action in that small shop.
Why is it expensive to get a girl into the USA? I do not think it is at all.

In terms of the entire process – in order to satisfy various United States State Department requirements – it’s financially expensive from the perspective of an American guy’s total cash outlay, from beginning to end of process. In other words, from the beginning to the eventual end of the whole process – which includes the selection of a girl from hundreds if not thousands of potential girls – it is very costly for an American guy to get a Russian or Ukrainian girl to the United States. Based on extensive experience with this sort of thing, I can adamantly say that if a guy is serious about having a Slavic girl as his partner, he should have a substantial bank-roll set aside before he begins the process of getting one here. In addition, he needs a clean financial/legal record.

Are you talking marriage or just a friend. If you want a green card for your wife you have to show income of 125% above the poverty level or assets divided by 5 for the difference. So if you are married an making over lets say 20k a year you are all set. The whole process is about 1000 dollars. However, if you are talking just a girlfriend in the USA, I can not imagine what kind of visa they would let her in on, other than a fiance visa which requires you to marry in six months.
I moved from Boston to live in Eastern Europe and did the other thing. I got a visa in the EU and then citizenship. This was based on my family roots not my now wife. But this is also an option.

If there is a way to get a girlfriend to come with you I would be interested as it might be of value to other guys. Are you talking about a business visa?

And that’s an excellent option for any American guy who’s willing to relocate to another country. However, in terms of Russia, the two countries don’t have bi-lateral agreement with each other and therefore, dual-citizenship isn’t possible for an American guy who’s considering going that route with a Russian girl. On the other hand, an American guy can keep his American citizenship and still live and work in Russia while there on certain visa.

In terms of my personal quest, I wasn’t searching for merely friendship. I was in search of a partner, which is something long-term and committal. Thus the reason why it cost so much, from a financial perspective. I spent several years searching and during those years, I made numerous trips to Eastern Europe and Russia. It certainly wasn’t an inexpensive endeavor.

I am with you 100% on that. I fell in love and got married. I never want to be a player. I am also lucky that my grandparents came from Poland and Ukraine and I am Slavic and have family in Eastern Europe and a connection with the culture.
I traveled a lot. In Ukraine or Poland you can minimize the cost by taking local trains and staying in youth hostels and renting flats. In Russia it gets more complicated as Moscow is very pricey and your visa is always an issues. In theory they want to know where you are at all times.
But the good news is there is plenty of work for a foreigner as you speak English as a native speaker. Although teaching is not Boston – Beacon Hill salaries, you do well. And if you have other skills you can parley this into a reasonable lifestyle and an adventure.

You provide a great service with this website. An open forum such as this – whereas you also interact directly with the contributors – is an excellent resource for anyone who’s considering either a trip to Eurasia, or dating a Slavic person. I’m very impressed with the responses you give and the wealth of information you possess. Men who peruse this site would be well-advised to heed your advice and the advice of others who contributed. If anything I’ve mentioned or contributed helps anyone to find and/or to achieve the love-of-their-life, then that’s great. I truly wish everyone the best in their search, whatever it is that they are searching for. During the interim, I’ll keep reading the posts because they are very, very interesting. Thanks again.

I really like this blog, or website, or whatever you call it. I don’t even speak Russian, yet I was able to understand everything you said. That’s really weird. I like it. Someday, I’m going to learn Russian, or maybe Chinese. Like I said, I really like what you’ve done here. I especially liked the picture of the girl with the rings through her lips, but she wasn’t at the supermarket when I went there, but I think I may have seen her great-grandmother, who looked like she may have been hot at one time. I really liked what you said about ducks and girls. They are like ducks, I guess, but I’ve never been able to feed ducks by hand, either. There is always some drake around that seems to rush in and do it with ’em before the girls realize I even have a whole loaf of bread rolled into little balls in my pocket. At that point I give up. I’m not Russian you know — at least not entirely, but I think I must be part Russian because my first girlfriend told me I had Roman hands and Russian fingers. She broke up with me. Thanks again for your great tips. This is very useful. Ciao.

Thanks for stopping buy, and do not give up on those Russian girls, if you are in Boston, they might be your best bet for happily ever after, believe me from a fellow Bostonian.

I dated a woman from Romania. I can say that it was the best experience of my dating life. I will never go back to bitchy American women after her. Also love the Russian stores in Brookline, but too small and crazy to even think of approaching anyone there. Going to give Holostyak a try if I can figure out how to upload a photo. Thanks for the interesting advice about women from Eastern Europe.

Boston is crawling with girls from Eastern Europe. If those store are too small try some of the Russian dating sites I recommend like or some of the Polish ones. Boston women are fine but once you start dating Eastern European women you will wonder why you spend so much time putting up with the feminist attitude of Boston girls.

Ask any specific question about Boston or Eastern Europe, I live in both places a good part of my life.

The Russain Lounge in Brighton, MA
The have events there once a month

This is a good club to go to to meet Russian women in Boston, MA. years ago, there was another club I can not remember its name, I am sure it was called Pravda or something, but it turned out to be just themed as a European house club downtown. However therussianlounge looks like the real deal, have you or anyone ever gone there?

Of course just because there are Russian females dancing there does not mean they will talk to you. I think you have to have your act together, that is be charming and know how to dress or at least talk to them, in the Russian language or English with a smile.

First, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for putting together all these and the comments above are incredibly helpful. I moved to Boston couple years ago, and I am also glad to know there are few other fellas out there right here in Boston obsessed with eastern European beauty like me and comparing with superficial, high maintenance, bitchy most American girls( if they are even somewhat attractive). Anyway, I’m neither Easter European, nor American but I grew this obsession about Eastern European woman over the time without quite knowing exactly how. Their culture, expression, feelings, and some traditions have some similarities with my background. I had couple of female friends in the past from Ukraine and Russia but not luck enough yet to have a pretty Russian thank as my girlfriend yet. I was even thinking about living in the EU region for a while like you trust me, but I am on my green card now , will go as soon as I get my citizenship. I live in the north shore area so checking out those store frequently wouldn’t be possible, but I am definitely going to check out that Russian night club next weekend and will create profile on those sites as well.

I am 31, had many relations in the past including cross cultural and those are the one I enjoyed most,its tons of fun when it works out. It occurred to me few times earlier that may be I should settle down with one of these, but I something in my mind told me always this is not what I want. If Boston have many intellectual, educated, classy Russian women that’s like a great news you giving me, because at this moment I only want to settle down with those kinds of Eastern European women if I find one.

Thanks again, and any further advice/help would be appreciated.

I am a college student-athlete in Boston. I’m pretty busy so I don’t have a lot of time to necessarily explore lots of these Russian stores in hopes of meeting women. I used to know the language much better when i was younger and I still try to practice. I really want to find a Russian girlfriend not only to help me learn the language more, but to learn more about my heritage and Russian culture, (cooking meals, Russian films, books, etc.) I would check out the nightclub but I don’t want the women just thinking I am out to try and sleep with them. I genuinely just want a hot Russian girlfriend.

I lived in Boston and Eastern Europe a good part of my life as I am a Duel citizen, but born and raised in the USA. I can tell you with good authority you can meet a Eastern European girl there. It is not some story or fairy-tale. However, if you can ever scrap the money together go to Eastern Europe. You will have girls that look like models filling your cell phone speed dial. And these women are domestic and proud to me, even if they have something like a PhD in astrophysics. In contrast a Boston American girl will often have an attitude if she has just a college degree and will not cook and clean for you.
If you have any connection to Russia you can thank your ancestors a thousand times over and pray for their souls. I mean this with respect.
I am Polish and Ukrainian. When I was a kid it was not the best thing to be in a WASPy New England. I can tell you that I am one of the happiness guys I know in marriage and life, because my grandparents came from Poland and Ukraine. I met my wife in Poland and she has made everyday of my life a fairy-tale.
American guys can have their careers and big cars and houses but what good is it if you are not master of your castle and have a beautiful princess who is waiting there for you. I am of course talking about a Slavic bride.
So please if you have a connection to Eastern Europe keep studying the language and culture and connect with this culture. A happy relationship is one of the determinate criteria for life happiness, on par with health and wealth is not even a real factor.

I would like more info on the Polish girls in Salem, hot spots, where to meet ’em, etc. Is there anything in the future for that?

I need to do more research and get back to you on Polish girls in MA. I am doing a little work on my website and other projects so I have not had the ability to do as robust reply. But eventually I will get back to writing where to meet girls.

That’s English because I hang out in America. If an American guy can’t get an American hot girl, he goes Euro trash. All world travelers know that. Praying on woman from impoverished nations is the life of a desperate man. Russian woman have a world wide reputation for being money hungry, desperate vindictive cold blooded creatures. I found this on my boyfriends computer, and like you he is a weak minded man so he goes all Euro trash to play the hero. Did you think they wanted you, no just a walking green card. This article is stereo typical of a loser American men going overseas because they can’t cut it here. I’m a size two, TV, model, excellent manners and several degrees. I guess the real question is what you and my now X are trying to compensate for by dating non-English speaking struggling desperate trash. Enjoy, don’t come crying to me when your back accounts empty, heart broken and infected like he is. Keep it in the USA. Note: some comments are US slang and may not be understood by greedy foreign women. Not all things can be found in books.

I know you are hurt because you lost out in love, but it was not the right guy. I am sorry you feel so bitter, but I understand. Trust me you will heal and if you are how you describe yourself you should be able to find someone right.

I do not care if a girl is a size two and has multi-degrees and a model or a movie star. Who cares about that? What about a humble girl who is walking the walk of Christianity. Why do you contrast rich and poor in the same breath you mention love? Money or national boundaries do not come into play for the romantic and open minded.

I am a romantic and believe that abstract definitions like money and political boarders and university degrees mean nothing. It is all about finding your pearl of great price. Someone you would give everything up for so you can have true love.

In my limited experience traveling to Eastern Europe and Russia a few times I believe women from that part of the world are the best for me. I am now in the Boston area and hope to meet a woman here who was born and raised in Russia or Eastern Europe. Tough act because I’m 61; but I know it can happen and I’m willing to do the legwork.

I’ve only recently discovered the Beacon St, Brookline area as a possible meeting spot; so I’ve been going there regularly visiting cafes, shopping, etc, trying to be cool about it – as you mentioned. So true. Of course at my age you basically have to be cool. Most of the women I see are too young for me – I’m looking for someone close to my age – but I know there’s a beauty in her 50’s just waiting for a guy like me to come along; and I’ll be there.

Not Anna’s nasty diatribe is proof positive of why American men find happiness in Slavic women. ‘Anna’ has unwittingly made the case. There is no need to add to what she has written. With such anger and inflated ego, if she (and many other American women) are not happy, how can they ever hope to provide happiness to the men in their lives?
I gave up on dating American women who are only attractive on the outside. I could not be happier with the very attractive Slavic beauty I have found in Zaporozhye. She has both outer and inner beauty. She never played the games American women are known for either. It made starting and maintaining a relationship so nice. It is important to note that, as Mark has eluded to, in some areas you are more likely to be scammed. Zaporozhye has their share of such women, but there are always exceptions. I found one in my case. I walked away from any woman I got the slightest inkling of a potential problem. I used a good dating site that deleted scammers whenever I notified them. Other than the site, I planned and traveled there on my own. Be sure to Skype with the women. They all have computers now and you can get a good idea of who you will meet when going there. Just remember, don’t pay for anything, don’t send them anything. They should be interested in just you. If they start asking about a visa, delete them. Keep in mind though, that the culture is different. It would be smart to read as much as you can. For example, when you go to meet her, you are expected to pay for everything. Not shopping sprees, but her travel expense (if she takes a train to meet you for example), and of course dinners, events, etc. This is because the man is expected to provide and protect her. It starts with dating. Don’t be cheap, but not excessive either. If she asks you to buy her anything, dump her. Be gallant, not gullible. Just as she has her responsibilities in a relationship, you will be expected to do yours. She will handle all the household issues of cleaning, cooking and taking care of the family (no careers or dropping the kids off at daycare, this is a real wife and partner). You will be expected to work hard to provide for her and your family. To find her, it will be a lot of work and you expect to go through a lot of women to find the right one. You will learn from each experience. In the end, it is all worth it.

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