Russian girls in the USA

Are you are tired of dating chubby tomboys who are tattooed and swear like a sailor? Are opinionated women not your style? Maybe you want to consider dating Russian girls in America.

Come on, lets stop dancing around the issues, we all know the difference between Western women and Russians are not just the language, its the culture. The first twenty years of your life and the culture, society and family values you were raised largely determine the way you manifest and actualize your core values. I am not a cultural determinist, but you can not tell me that Russian women behave the same way as Western women when it comes to love, marriage and dating?

I am not going to sell you on anything. Keep on dating assertive Hillary Clinton loving women if you want. Count me out, I recommend go East young man, or South or anywhere that does not limit your options to the girl next door.

Russians come to warm California and sunny Florida because it contrasts with their cold, dark skies.

After spending my bachelorhood dating homegrown American girls, I took a trip to Eastern Europe. Initially for historical reasons as my grandparents came from in the lands East of the Elbe river.

However, from the moment I stepped off the plane I could see that people relate to each other differently. If you have grandparents or great grandparents from Europe or South America or Africa or Asia I highly recommend you pursue your family history connections.

The good news even if you are an all American Heinz 57 American and do not have a passport, like most of us, you can still date Russian women and you do not even have to leave the good old US of A. You do not need money or a passport. What you do need is a road map to the places to find them.

I am talking about single educated professionals who want nothing more than to meet their dream husband and make him happy.

Russian princesses are everywhere in America. Even in my small town of St. Augustine, Florida where I live I hear the Russian language everywhere, from Walmart to when I fill my car up with gas or in day to day business environment.

Oh one more thing, Russian girls love American guys.

Geographic location of Russian girls
There are about 1 million foreign born Russians in the USA today. and really 4 million if you expand the definition of who is Russian. Although official statistics will name obscure towns as the highest concentrations like Pikesville, MD and Beachwood, Ohio for people with Russian ancestry and. Peaceful Valley, WA and West Buechel, KY for CIS immigrants practically that does not do you much good because they are too remote or spread out to have a critical level of a pool of women to fish from.

Towns that are ¼ to ⅓ Russians:

  1. Chicken, Alaska
  2. Lochgelly, West Virginia
  3. Fish Camp, California
  4. Twin Bridges, California
  5. Pocono Manor, Pennsylvania
  6. Bairdford, Pennsylvania

There are large communities in cold Midwestern farming communities. in the Dakotas and Wisconsin. I think a percentage of the population seeks what they had back home in terms of climate.

However, here are a list of recommend cities and areas to focus on with a larger population density.

Boston – Brighton and Brookline areas and Newton, MA. Take the Green Line on the T. Sophisticated gals immigrate to Boston. The place in the north east to look as they are the most sophisticated. They are into Yoga and study at Harvard.

West Hartford, CT – I grew up in this area and the city besides being the rich suburb in Central Connecticut is the home of many Russians. However, I never thought it was a pick up center. Mostly conservative people and older Jewish descent Russians, buying bagels, imagine the Seinfelds. Sure they are Russian but from what century. Further any hot ones have real competition with all the successful people in the area.

In West Hartford there is All Saints Orthodox Church which is really a universal spiritual church were people of all denominations go. I would also recommend New Britain, CT which although is more Polish it does have a large Ukrainian community from Western Ukraine. I use to go to a Ukrainian Catholic church there.

West Granby, CT has about 17% Russian population. I used to live there too. It is a rural commuter town north west of Hartford.

New York – Brighton Beach, take the N or the R train to the end of the line. These girls are not my first pick, as who in this day and age would go to Brooklyn as a choice of all of America. However, NYC is a big town and the Russians that immigrate, the professionals, young and single are spread all two the city for example the 11th street area in Manhattan. By the way there are a lot of Russian models in NYC and do not assume they are out of your reach. However, I would say the number one profession of Russian girls in NYC is something even more flashy, accounting. I have worn many hats in my career and most of the professional Russian girls I know where accountants. It is practical and has a steady income, something that immigrants look for.

I would throw in Livingston and East Brunswick, NJ into the above.

Russian girls in Philadelphia – Northeast Philly in the Bustleton and Somerton along the Roosevelt Boulevard area. This is where my family lived. News Papers and signs are in Ukrainian and Russian. Also try Jenkinyown a suburb you have an outward migration and there are some markets there. I found these areas pleasant and low crime.

Washington, D.C. – Here you have all of America coming to work for the bureaucracy or feed off of it. Bethsda, MD maybe, I would check but I personally would just skip this MidAtlantic nightmare all together. The reason being D.C. area has a disproportionate number of pretentious, self important snobs that are stuck in traffic commuting their their government consulting jobs. Just to much navigational hassle, of driving around this governmental metropolis. Owings Mills, MD is another concentration.

Russian girls in Florida – I live in Florida now and the two biggest concentrations are in Palm Beach county/Miami and Palm coast in Flagler county. There are a lot of Russians in both areas from all geographical areas of life. Delray beach, Florida. Florida is the place on the east coat or any coast to find these women.

  • Florida is a center. The reason is all over Russia knows about Florida. No one in Moscow or St. Petersburg is talking too much about GA or KS in Russia. However, many people dream of going to the Sunshine state from the cold dark CIS just for the oranges and the vitamin D.
  • Miami is a financial hub and have literally countless young Russian women. In contrast, Palm Beach, Boca Raton and Sarasota (Long Boat Key), have more older snowbirds from the North, which I have no interest to and you’re probably do not either. In Miami the Russians are in North Miami beach. This is a hub for the young and beautiful. You want to pick up Russians girls in the USA I would go here.

The South – There are fifty thousand Russians in Atlanta, GA with the highest concentrations being in Cobb, Fulton and Gwinnett people say. I think Alpharetta with a nice Orthodox church there and local store is a place to go. It is a suburb North West of Atlanta and pretty affluent. The reality the city is to spread out and mixed to say definitively there is a Russian section in Atlanta. I been there and have never met a Russian. I know they are there but they are so integrated with professional jobs they go unnoticed. There is junk written all over the web about the Atlanta community but for me it is not a center. Raleigh, NC also has a sizable population.

West coast Slavic princesses – I love talking about Russians on the West coast from Alaska to California. Historically the colonies went down as far as Fort Ross which is North of San Francisco. Alaska was American Russia for a long while until it was sold to the US after the Civil War.
California has practically the highest concentration of Russians that are accessible on the West Coast.

Russians in Los Angeles, CA

  • Russians in LA are found in the West Hollywood area,the North and West part of the city. Burbank, Van Nuys next to Woodman and Sherman Way. Go specifically to Plummer Park which is also called Russian Park. In the Zip codes of 90067,90046,90048 Crestwood Hills park.

Russians in San Francisco

  • Geary in the area of 14th and 26th Avenues it is called the Richmond District or Little Russia, and anywhere in the Silicon Valley.
  • Russians in Encino, CA also have honorable mention with about 10% of the city.
  • Chicago is a Slavic city, this includes Northbrook and Skokie, Illinois also West Bloomfield, MI.

How to get beautiful women in the USA

You can find Russian women at US universities as they are on student visas, in legal jobs or sometimes illegal jobs, usually cleaning houses, students wanting to make money.  But if you want to meet Russian girls in America, go to a Russian community and visit the shops.

There are always beautiful Russian women working in the shops in their community.  And if you can not flirt with those girls working there directly look at the bulletin boards in the shops, all Russian shops have them and take some Russians lessons.  If you want to learn Russian a little there will be countless hot Russian girls looking to make money teaching Russian.  They advertised in little flyers near the exit. Or put up your own saying you want to learn Russian because you are interested in Russian culture.   Just tell them you want to try a lesson.  Its about 15 dollars.  Try like five different girls for one lesson, and continue with the one you like the best. In my opinion, these are the best girls in America, do not even think about normal American girls. If you have any question about Russian girls write.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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I am interested in meeting a Russian women in America.

Russian in America, there are many Russian girls on my site, both commenting and on sites I recommend. Have you looked at these?

Actually, in my experience the vast majority of Russians in the USA are Christians.

Most Russians are Christians. In the 1980s many where Jewish and not the immigration is changing to Christian. To me it does not matter as I believe that both Jewish and Christian Russians have a common culture and worship the same God. the God.

The basic presmise here is Russian women let women be women and men be men. In America the natural order is distorted.

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