Russian girls have long legs

Why do Russian girls have long legs

Russian girls have very long legs.  To speak like this is a generalization, as every abstraction is a distortion of the truth.  However, the reason Russian girls have long legs is this, Russia is a very northern country.  The gravity in the northern regions of the world is much lower than near the equator or the center of the world.  Therefore, women in the northern regions have evolved to be more linear. While, on the other hand, women from Mexico  or the Middle East, for example, have shorter legs with a more powerful build. Further, girls in the north have less of a tendency to put on weight for this reason.  This is why there are countless long-legged Russian girls.

Hormones and long legs

There is a reason men like girls with long legs, this is because long legs for some reasons gives men signs that the girls are very fertile, as estrogen also creates long legs in girls. In contrast testosterone creates a wide frame and longer back in men.

In the photo about, note her natural beauty, which I prefer more than any runway model made leggy by extreme diets and high heels. The girl above shine because she is normal, and a great body shape and face of course.

Therefore, long legs are a plus in girls, it is a sign of fertility. Russian girls are not necessarily more fertile rather its a relative signal based on a group.  That means within the group of Russian girls some have longer legs than others, and hormones can explain part of this.

Long legged magazine models

Magazines distort body proportions on I would say most of their models. If you see a beautiful photo of a model with long legs, do not believe it. This was done in Photoshop. They modify girl’s legs in photos to get men’s attention.  However, if you just walk down the street in Moscow this will be proof that Russian girls not only are the longest legged European girls but girls in general.

Way women make their legs and and thighs appear longer than they are

  • High heels – I have never like this as it makes me think their backs hurt and I feel sorry for girls teetering at dizzying heights.
  • Vertically pin stripped pants – I have always like this style.
  • Lose weight –  girls who are think look more linear and taller including their lower half of their body.
  • Detract attention from their legs – Stars like Madonna have short legs but she detracts from this fact by accentuating other parts of her body.
  • Wear dresses – this can confuse the issue as hips are unseen
  • Wear jeans and pants high on the waist as it gives the illusion they are have greater length than reality as you can not determine the hip-wasit line as it is clocked by material, denim for example.

Meeting girls

On this site I give you many ideas how to meet girls for love for free. Please look around my website, I have scores of photos of beautiful girls both from the one who comment here and the images I have posted. Further, and more important there are countless ideas for finding long-legged skinny girls all over the website. Not just from Russia but from all over the world.

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  1. Oh again! Long legs… XDD No one of my friends have long legs and I don’t have it, too.

    1. Maybe your too hard on yourself, I think you and your friends might. It is all about proportion. If you are Russian you most likely do in proportion to your total height. Besides, no matter what you think, most Russian girls are beautiful but do not think themselves so great. I bet a woman like you if you were living in the States would have guys that looked like Brad Pitt knocking at your door.

  2. Why are the Russian girls often having the proportions between torso and leg-length which is near the ideal of long-leggedness? Gravitation-jokes apart, and if we want to have an evolutionary explanation, there is a selective advantage in extremely cold regions relying much on human control over large horses to have long legs

  3. Are you kidding me? Do you actually think gravity is different in the North?

    1. There are reasonable gravitational differences on the earth. In particular near the equator where there is a centrifugal force from the earth’s rotation. I do not know if that is the real reason that Russian girls have long legs, but they sure are leggy and it does make a little sense.

  4. I am not a russian but i am tall. 1.80 cm (5.11) and Im from the Balkans (Bosnia&Hercegovina) and have you ever thought about that the tall girls maby have tall parents?

    1. Tall girls can of course have a gene for this. You know what is amazing, as an American I see cultures that are not known for height like Arabian or Indian, then when they come to the USA and after one generation they are eating American beef, they are tall. I think it is an interaction between, genes, diet and geography. If your that tall, hats off to you, I am sure you will not ever have a problem finding a suitor as I think guys like girls with long legs.
      But is a woman is reading this and does not have long legs, I would say do not fret, nature tends to balance it out by giving you other qualities, really.

  5. As much as I love long legs on women, women with long legs don’t love me. Being a short Jew, about 176 cm (5,9) with obvious Russian/Ukrainian Jewish villager blood, I am perhaps one of the shortest people where I live in this nordic dominated part of USA. I think where I live has the tallest people on the planet. I always feel short in comparison to others. Girls average 6 feet here (182-183) and most men are in the 6,3-6,7 range. I see plenty of 7 foot guys walking around here. I believe the American diet in combination with the giant nordic genes has resulted in perhaps the tallest people in the world. A lot of people of German, Sweden , Danish and NOrweigan descent live here in Pacific Northwest USA. Its strange because when I was in Uganda, I was like one of the tallest guys around, here in Oregon, I am like the shortest.

    Sadly, most girls here are very superficial and refuse to date a man shorter than them :(. Seeing that most girls have 3 inches on me, I tend to be the bulky midget in their eyes. I have nice muscular build, but they somehow think the skinny guy who towers over them is more manly 🙁

    Please don’t feel sorry for me, I am happy how I am. God gave me a challenge in life, being short. I have seen people in life with worst challenges than me.

    Oh well, I do have a love for taller women. I have no problem with a woman who towers over me as a wife. Most women on this earth are not as strong as me, so I can still be the protector.. LOL I don’t care what people at the dance club think of how I look with her while she is wearing heels.

    I realy don’t care what people think. If I could have a 6 foot tall blonde blue eyed wife who loved me, I would feel happy.

    One thing I realize about long legs of girls here in Oregon USA is it doesn’t help increase their morals or sense of dignity , honor or respect. Why is the fact I am not 6 foot mean anything?

    People have become so shallow and superficial. The inflated egos of people here is disturbing. Everyone here strives to be so vogue, either mainsream vogue or hipster freako vogue. They all look like a bunch of pathetic fakers. All the fancy clothes, funky clothes, giant heels, tattooes, piercings, flashy purses and glitz really looks fake to me. I’m not missing much, I don’t need to be some bimbo’s boytoy.

  6. Hello! most of the girls at my horse-riding say i have really long legs in proprtion to my body, i am also quite thin, but i dont originate from russia, and my mum is quite short, any help?

  7. Yonatan.

    You are as superficial as the girls you are berating. You say you want a tall, blonde, blue eyed, long legged girl by your side. So therefore you do not want short dark girls. How can anyone feel sorry for you when you are showing just as much bias as the girls you are complaining about?

  8. Yonathan, why would those girls be shallow and superficial? You wouldn’t like a shortish, stocky and dark girl, right? So why should they like a shortish, stocky and dark guy? Perhaps most people are attracted by their like. I’m also dark haired and I have noticed that generally blond women aren’t attracted by me.

  9. I’m just over 5’9 and I’m Irish. Most men like long legged girls. For my own part I’m totally besotted by them, especially when they are slim lovely nordic types with blonde hair and blue eyes.

    I wouldn’t care if they used me badly, spent all my money and beat me with a stick just for their own pleasure.

    Short fat ugle dark women do that anyway so I wouldn’t expect anything different a tall beautiful woman.

    1. Being 5’9″ means nothing. I have seen guys of all height get smoking hot chicks. Umm Mel Gibson.
      I do not know how much you are joking here but no girl should treat you bad. If they do, you have to start looking for a different kind of girl.

  10. WOW, been a while since I read these posts.. Hey, those who responded to me.. Well, you probably are not around anymore. I think you misunderstood me.. I would be happy with a girl who has a good heart and is loving and I don’t care what she looks like. That was my point. I’d be happy with a tall blonde girl by my side or a short dark girl. It really doesn’t matter. I fell in love with a girl who was probably no taller than 5,1″ and had light brown skin (Ethiopian looking). Her family would not let me marry her and that is why I didn’t marry her.

    My whole point is that American women are superficial and care only about the outside. American men, like myself, do not care about how a woman looks. Women tend to care a lot about what people think about them and how they will look in front of other. Men, on the other hand, care about these things less and think more about if she will be a loyal wife, good mother and care for the home and family.

    So, for all you people who say I want a tall blonde your wrong. IN my opinion, taller girls are more stuck up and have a very low self-image. I’d rather have a girl who is shorter, but it has nothing to do with physical requirements. Most taller girls won’t feel comfortable and will have trouble wearing their heels they worship so much in my presence.

    Ok, just to let you know, this whole height thing is silly. I mean people base their requirement of love on a long list of superficial and fake traits. At the end of the day, having a long-legged woman or a tall-dark-handsome man means not so much, but it is whether or not the person loves you and has a good personality. The reason why so many Americans divorce is that they put most of their emphasis on external features and only start to really get to know the inside of a person towards the end of their marriage. When that happens they usually get a divorce, because once the fantasy ends, reality begins. Once the person’s beauty appeal wears off, people see how futile their desires really are.

    Jasper.. I feel your pain. I am 5,9″ as well. Basically, when people say all the girls are tall and long-legged that worries me. Obviously, because these tall girls don’t look twice at you if you are even a bit shorter than they are. It doesn’t bother me. The whole height thing is spawned by the desire for people to fulfill their Hollywood/Romance-novel fantasies. Everyone is out trying to fulfill a fantasy in USA. Marriage is not a lifelong or spiritual commitment anymore. It is just chasing one fantasy person after the next.

    However, Japser, your attitude has the problem. You say girls boss you around and use your money. Many women can sense a man who lacks inner strength and self-confidence. The only type of women you will attract are the gold-diggers and bloodsuckers if you feel that a woman has to dominate you. It sounds like you also attract the wrong kind of women. Find a woman who will submit to you, who will honor you and accept you as her king. Remember, she should be just as grateful you are her husband. Don’t ever let a woman think you are weak. Good women like guys who are strong and in control.

    Mark, Mel Gibson is a movie star. Yes, he was handsome in his day. There are some shorter guys who can attract taller women. Of course, self-confidence, good personality, good-looks can help. There are plenty of tall skinny guys who have a harder time finding a girl then well built shorter guys. In a world that lusts for beauty to such extremes, so few will find love.

  11. I find this thread a bit odd. Its part of their racial features for the women to have long legs and a slim build. In Ukraine, this feature seems to be more pronounced, and you’ll see lots of tall women there. I noticed it is not unusual for women to be taller than the men with them. I don’t think its a big deal for a women to have a shorter boyfriend in that part of the world.

    Note that there are some exceptions. There are many Tartar and other non-Slavic peoples in places like Ukraine. I hooked up with a pretty girl who had a Ukrainian mother and a Tartar father. She had the blackest hair, deep blue eyes with an upward slant, and a very curvaceous build. That is to say, she appeared more busty than most of the local girls and her legs were on the shorter side. She was absolutely exotic, but she turned out to be dumb as a post. Her older sister was taller, brown haired, with longer legs, and she was taller than her husband. You could see which parent each of these sisters took to.

    1. I have a few theories why Eastern European girls have unusually long legs. It could be the weather, location so high north or better childhood nutrition. I do not know a genetic reason, as I think subtle genetic changes are reactions to the environment, like blond hair for example.

  12. “Magazines distort body proportions on I would say most of their models. If you see a beautiful photo of a model with long legs, do not believe it. This was done in Photoshop”

    Most models in high fashion have to be 5’10 or taller so they naturally have long legs. There are no short models who they photoshop to look taller. Once again youre incorrect.

  13. Its also genetic to have long legs. My mother is tall with long legs and so my sister has the same. Not rocket science.Its just genetics, not weather.

    1. What is genetics but an interaction with the environment. For example, all Europeans came from about 80 people who crossed the red sea out of Africa. Experts do say childhood nutrients do play a role. As an American I see some very tall Indians that do not exist in India for example in the same proportion.

  14. I am a Russian girl and I have I have long legs. However, my parents are not tall people.

    1. They grew up in a different time when childhood nutritian was not as good. Maybe they did not have the full ability to actualizes their genes. The girls I know today from Russia are rather tall and leggy.

  15. Heinz, you’re wrong about models. Though it may be true they have to be tall but it doesn’t mean they have to have super long legs. Photoshop has become king: everyone uses Photoshop even models so magazines can sell. Everything has become superficial.

    1. From my observation Russian girls, the new generation not only are taller, but they do have long legs. All you have to do is take a trip Crimea (Krym) in the summer and you would amazed what these Russian and Ukrainian girls look like in a postive way.

  16. Chechen, Dagestani, Circassian and Tatar girls have long legs.
    Ethnic Russians don`t.

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