My trick to get a Russian girlfriend and my list of Russian dating sites

Use my list of Russian dating site to get a girlfriend

  • If you are going to Russia start using these list of dating and chat sites about two months before the trip.
  • If you are not going to Russia (you want to import a bride or find a local Russian girl), start using them today.
  • This is a quick guide of websites and has one secret to get women replying.

So you want to date a Russian girl? I do not blame you.

Why I dated and married a Slavic girl. – Contrast this with your other options. For example:

  • Go to your local WalMart and see the type of girls in your hometown.
  • Watch a Dove commercial where they try to sell us that fat is the new beauty.
  • Sit by the pool in any apartment complex and understand why the tattoo ink in your town never runs dry.
  • Think of western girls glued to their mobiles phones and other gadgets to provide escapism from the poverty of their emotional and intellectual life.
  • Review your own personal life experiences and tell me if you have been dating knockout beauties who are grateful to be with you, or attention seeking Facebook addicts with hundreds friends who have not read a book in the last twelve months because they are too busy posting every trivial cliché thought.

My secret to getting a Russia wife – spend virtual money on her

Buy a Russian girl with virtual gifts – Sounds trivial? Spend silly virtual coins and send a gift to significantly increase response rate – It works. Do not be cheap. If you are going to prospect the free dating sites I mention here, with effectiveness, be prepared to spend a little money. As much as dislike spending money on silly things, there are these things called ‘gifts’. This will work better than getting a magnetic texting pdf. It is the way to stand out for little money. Even if you spend one-hundred dollars on virtual VK and Mamba gifts, this is equal to one dinner with an American girl.

You can buy them with virtual coins that cost about twenty-five cents. They are on sites like VK and Mamba and make you stand out. By the time a girl is twenty-seven years old, she is not into these things, but if you are prospecting the 18-25 year olds who are not mature or bitter depending on your perspective, the novelty of getting these is still in play. Yet they work with all age ranges.

It shows you consider them different and special and will spend money on them, even if it is a virtual coin. You will increase your response rate to over 83% in my experience (tested). This is better than my normal 40 something percent of replies. The female brain works this way, they want something to set you apart.

However, when it comes to sending any girl real money do not do it. Its one thing to play in a virtual Sims like world and another to exchange real money. Request for even putting money on her phone card equals scam. With Skype these days there is not reason communication is not done for free. Any self-respecting Russian (these cold northern countries are tech savvy) uses Skype on a regular basis.

Skip the endless stream of chats and stand out. This is my trick a virtual gift.

Systematic approach to your game – The CIS female human brain can discern insincerity faster than you can text a three word message on your mobile, and that is pretty fast.  Yet, it would save time to have a few well crafted cut and paste response handy that you can modify to tailor to the girl you are trying to win.

The reason I recommend a game approach is to save time. Prospecting and qualifying girls to see if they make the cut, is time-consuming work. Having form letter prepared you can modify for the individual is not spam it is good marketing of yourself. It is a dating tool. Do not make them generic. Make them specific and real.

They could even be a few points you want to convey and they you add substance to the outline when you see the girl you want. You should have a first reply, second reply and third reply queued up. If they are generic you might as well go back to surfing the web and not try.

The reason you need a game approach is the percentage of replies will not be high. You are a foreigner and probably do not speak Russian or Ukrainian. You have two strikes against you unless you either play the numbers or really impress them.

Therefore follow my two steps, send virtual gifts and write long well though out replied.

My list of websites for finding a Russian girlfriend – This is my number one recommendation. It has an easy English language interface, and only Russian girls are on here. No photos. What American chick would ever register to this website. This is free for the first 30 contacts but you will have to upgrade if you want to hit this site with any real significance.

As mentioned above when on Mambia I highly recommend if you see a girl you like you send a flower, which is one virtual mambia coin. It is under the gift section. In my experience it brings up the reply rate up. Maybe you can do better, but this is like giving a gift to on a date, women like it (Eastern European, American girls might think you are a chump).

The reason is an above average woman gets countless gestures on a daily basis. I would say gifts are one way to stand out.

You can upgrade to a VIP option and if you are serious about casting a wide net this is advised, Mamba has a flirtation option also. – Yet another dating website – They have a ‘top 100’ tab to look at pretty people and a tab called ‘fun’. Fun is just like it sounds, you do the math. If you add a wink it because clear your intentions. – Discussed at length through my blog. Go to this site: it is a Russian girls dating site that is based on a free Russian email portal.  All you have to do is sign up and you are good to go.  You can rate girls and you and browse photos of European women.

If you do not speak Russian try an online dating service that has an English interface. However, its pretty easy to navigate the portal in Russian or English because like all Russian personals sites they have a heart income for those looking for love. It has standard features like chat and winks. I never go one woman from a wink. To little effort expended.

omen  –  .ru – The site is under remodeling mode for about six months and I can not vouch for what it will turn into when it reassurances. If could be a legitimate dating site or something that is too sleazy for my taste.

Prospecting a foreigner online is different on Social networking websites -A website with less spam profiles than The social networking site in the CIS. Better to delete you FB and Linkin profile if you are serious about marrying a girl from Moscow to St. Petersburg or Kiev.

If you go to the following site you are going to have a different experience than a dating site. The reason is the people have friend lists from people they went to school with and family. They do not want some pick up  artist foreigner trying to hound them. If on the other hand you are a sophisticated person with an approach that does not taste like spam or scam or reeks with desperation then there is a chance you can build a rapport. You need to think about the person you are writing to and put yourself in their shoes. When you do this you can think about what they want from you as a foreigner trying to date a Russian girl.

Chat with Russian girls for free

Travel with a Russian girl

Travelgirls – If you are looking for a girl to travel with try something like Most of these girls are CIS women that want a boyfriend.

One more note many Russian girls are looking for someone to travel with just a friend, and all sites like ramble have this. You can go under a section called “fellow travelers” and use the search for the purpose of their intended travel.  For me I would choose exotic vacations.  I do not know if these girls are looking for love or sponsor.  I think exotic countries for love and seaside, a few days or shopping vacations are for later.

Russian girls for travel

Western Society, that is trying to sell us something that is contrary to our human need for an attractive woman. Western society replaces gadgets with challenging the human mind with classical human endeavors like learning a language. They want to replace it with, I do not know what, a 30 or 40 something career woman, a husky tattooed, crass girl. Not me brother, I went for beauty. A slim, classically educated, long-hair slavic princess who believes in one and only true love. I recommend you do too.

Published by Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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  1. Hello, How are you all I want to chat with any girl from Russia please let me know the best way or write me if you are a girl.

  2. I look for a Russian Girl to be married.

  3. I am looking for Russian girls who know English for chatting. Please let me know if interested.

  4. Hi I am from Dubai I want chat with beautiful Russian girls.

  5. I saw your Russian girls photos, I really like them so send your latest or nice photos of Russian girls.

  6. I would like to meet a Christian lady from Russia. I have read your post on where to meet and chat with girls from Russia, do you have any other ideas.

    1. Abraham, my number one recommendation is look though the post on my site. There are many ideas to meet girls from Russia. I would not recommend traditional ICQ chat as this is a western chat, look at the sites I recommend to meet a Russian lady. You will find one.

  7. I am looking for Russian girls for marriage and a long-term relationship. I would be open to start by chatting.

  8. I love Russians you people are so cute, perhaps the most beautiful in the world, and of course I am thinking about the women.

  9. I am looking for Russian girls who know English, I do not speak the Russian language so Russian is important to chat.

  10. HEY! ICQ is the most popular chating programm in Russia!! Every Russian girl has an icq number like me!

    1. ICQ is good but many Western guys are on ICQ looking for Russian girls, this is why I recommend – you will chat with Russian girls there that other guys can not find.

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