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101 reason why Ukrainian citizenship is better than Russian citizenship

It is better to be a Ukrainian citizen than a Russian citizen. The Ukrainian model of government is a superior model to the Russian model of dictatorship.  Russians that do not see this are fools. Democracy and free markets is  superior  for a civilization because it is based on freedom and human dignity and this motivates people more than some quasi-dwarf like  political egomaniac like Putin.

Lets be honest here! Putin is a traitor to the good people of Russia by making Russia look like a Machiavellian aggressor in the international community and denied the average Russians true free market economics.  It is shameful.

Free Market always wins over Dictatorship. For example, free market and democratic powers has trumped dictatorship and controlled economics in every case in history. It sometimes takes a while, but think of the central powers in WWI or the Axis powers in WWII or the Soviet Union and its collapse.   The collective unconsciousness of the world is evolving and people do not like the nonsense of Czars and control over their personal lives.

Russia right now has the upper hand because it has military. But eventually the Russian economy will collapse and Putin will be gone. The Russian economy is very unstable because of the artificial non-market mechanisms in place.  Ukraine on the other hand, will move more towards the West, get Western aid and eventually be like Poland, and economic miracle.

  • Who would you rather be a Russian peasant ruled by Czar Putin, and I mean the average Russian, or a Ukrainian who will eventually be part of the EU who has the opportunity to work and study all over Europe?

What about Putin?

Putin is a dictator whose days are numbered.  He will lose power now. Two years ago I publicly predicted (on this blog) Russia will take over part of Ukraine, and people laughed. Now I predict Putin will lose power. The guy is no good. He keeps Russians down in their place with psychological manipulation based on nationalism but he is really about feeding the oligarchs.

You can say Karma or the universe but Putin is a goner. He has made Russia look like a lying, thieving country. His controlled economic model is inferior to the free market and true democracy. It is based on export of one commodity, oil, like the Arab economic model of Europe, Russians have and elite and everyone else.

This post tells why and gives specific examples, rather then generalities. If you are reading this, have no illusions Putin is evil.  Do you support Putin? Then you support evil, that makes Russia look like a bad country. Read on below as I make my case.

He has disgraced the good people of Russia by showing the world that the government of Russia is lying, murderous, thieving that goes back on its words, sell arms to terrorist, and violates human rights.

Good people of Russia, Putin steals from your work and honor while you live like District 12 . Remember the film/ book “Catching fire” by Suzanne Collins – Think about the parallels between, President Snow and Dictator Putin. He takes from your future economically and your soul as a Russian.

Not the Russian people mind you, but the Oligarchy of Vladimir who goes back on its promises and written words.

How is the Russian government not a liar?

Here are specific examples of how Putin discredit the good people of Russia by going back on its word.  Psychologists have said  say this former KGB agent’s forked tongue is evidence he is pathological.

  • Treaty between Russian and Ukrainian 1990 for acknowledging boarders and cooperation.
  • Verkhovna Rada adopted the Declaration of State Sovereignty of Ukraine 1990.
  • Belavezha Accords 1991 treaty on friendship, economics and boarders between the Russian Federation and Ukraine.
  • Another treaty in 1997 signed by The Russian Federation 1999.
  • The Trilateral Statement: Signed in the Russian Capital in 1994 which said it would respect Ukraine boarders by the presidents of the United States, Russia, and Ukraine: Bill Clinton, Boris Yeltsin, and Leonid Kravchuk.
  • Barack Obama and Dmitry Medvedev, confirmed the assurances of security to Ukraine and boarder in 2009
  • Most terrorist weapons in the world are from  Russia. Take the Kalasnikov  or the AK47 or the RPG7

Russian  Vladimir Zhirinovsky politician sent letters to Poland, Hungry and Romanian to partition Ukraine. This was prompted by Putin (rumor) to cause weakness in the West, but denied officially.

Apparently the International community let him get away with it.

101 reason the Russian government is dishonest to support Putin is shameful

  1. Putin makes Russia looks like a lying thieving country. Russian President signed three treaties in exchange for regulation of nuke would stay out of Ukraine and respect the boarders. And you know what the USA signed this too.
  2. Dostoevsky said “Why not lie cheat and steal if it is to your own advantage” the novel “Brothers of Karamazov”. Think of Napoleon or H__ler to any leader that does this, their power fails. His cold heart ed plays are sociopath. The world does not want a sociopath as a ruler and their power always ends.
  3. Karma – He steal from the Russian soul. If you know Russian history you know the concept of the Russian soul.
  4. Oil – Its about oil. Crimea has oil and Putin does not want his Oligarchs monopoly on importation of oil to Germany and the EU weaken by a free market.
  5. Even Obama called him weak. And Clinton called him like H_tler, this tells you something.
  6. Russia should break apart – Look at the demographics of Russia, the people of Rus are becoming the minority. There should be elections in the Russia and every people that want to break away should be able to. Only Moscow would be left. Most of Russia is Asian. It would be a head without a body if Putin’s hypocrisy was applied to his own country.
  7. Gary Kasparov one of the smartest people in the world clearly sees the nonsense.
  8. Police state – Puts people in jail that try to run against him or his friends.
  9. EU freedom or Russian puppet? – It is obvious Ukraine wants to be a free and a wealthy EU nation.
  10. The roads would be paved with gold in Russia – if it were not for Putin rich take all economics of exploitation rather than capitalism for the middle class. More stratified than before the Russian revolution.
  11. Putin, stage attacks in Moscow and Russia on Russian people to drum up support. This is unsubstantiated but reasonable theory and evidence.
  12. Moldavia is next.
  13. Belorussia is next.
  14. Ukraine as a whole is next.
  15. If he could Putin would take of Europe then the world.
  16. Oligarch’s greed will start looking for a better puppet.
  17. Russian economy on the brink of collapse wanted a ‘little war’ to manipulate primitive Russians to march to the drum of nationalism for his only glory.
  18. Terrorists he supports do not like him. He sells them arms but first chance they get they will turn on him. Like the Ancient Roman’s bribed the barbarians to stay away, but eventually they could not resist.
  19. Uses WWII type disharmony and manipulation.
  20. T3 treaty signed.
  21. Suppressed dissidence and free exchange of ideas.
  22. Birth rallies sign of falling birth rate of ethnic Russians.
  23. No free elections – lets be honest it is all a lie.
  24. No free speech
  25. Astrological predictions  say Putin days are numbered, no pun intended.
  26. Bible prophesies have called Putin the anti-Christ who will be defeated. He is bad as his actions have resulted in lose of life, but I do not think he is that evil, more a minor evil. God protect us.
  27. At 5 feet tall and 4 and 3/4 inches he has some serious health concerns over him. Although both his parents lived to like 90 he has other issues.
  28. Vladimirovich keeps Russians poor ideology – Free movement of labour and capital make countries rich, Think present and past examples, North Korea Vs South, think Mainland vs. Hong Kong, East Berlin vs West Berlin. Russia does not have free market it is an imperial oligarchy, think Darth Vadar.
  29. Dmitry Medvedev is no better and it tell you that Russia is not choosing good leaders.
  30. Putin keeps Russians poor reality. Average Russian finds it hard to buy a 50 meter (500 square foot) apartment in a Russia, and I am talking a concrete block. Any Russian can you tell me life is easy in Russia?
  31. Wants to keep Ukrainians and Russians living in Ukraine away from prosperity and freedom of the EU.
  32. False god. Puts himself out there as a father of Russia but manipulates
  33. Anti religious – When the Pope told mobsters eternal punishment awaits them he could have been referencing the Oligarchs and Putin also. He pretends he is religious but a true religious person would be a warrior of peace. He manipulates people by pretending he is religious.
  34. Blocks websites that he does not like
  35. Creates crisis’s – with flying in military that look like gangsters backed by prepared civilians to look like protests.
  36. Tries to provoke other countries into war.
  37. Alaska could be threaten as it is rumored.
  38.  Len Blavatnik, Eugene Shvidler, Konstantin Kagalovsky, Abram Reznikov,  Leonard Blavatnik are examples of Oligarchs that are connected to Putin, if their power is weakedned by Putins foolishness things will change.
  39. Did Russia down the plane of the Polish President? It does not sound too far fetched now. The crash was caused my a mysterious explosion.
  40. I always been a supporter of Russians but the government is a dictatorship that does not support the Russian people, only an elect few.
  41. Every election is a fraud, including the Crimean. Think about the days of the Soviet Union when over 90% of the election was for one party. Tartars and Ukrainians are almost 50% in Crimea.
  42. Ukrainian country as a whole would have to ratify the treaty of succession if Crimea wanted to, not just a rigged election.
  43. Swapped his wife out – what happened to true love? The guy is a traitor.
  44. Just likes to cause trouble for bravado.
  45. Blood on his hands. Few things you can do in their earth that will jeopardizes your immortal soul. Taking a life is one of them. Putin has done this with military intervention many times.
  46. Destroys the environment.
  47. Sell weapons to the world.
  48. Moscow created the Ukrainian holocaust in the 1950.
  49. Moscow destroyed the Tartars in Crimea.
  50. Russia supports corrupt unfair officials. If you have ever been exposed to injustice you know how it feels. Putin does this on a grand scale.
  51. Enlightenment never made it to Russia as ideals of Adam Smith (vs Mercantilism) and free speech and democracy are foreign to Russia, Putin prevents this. Perhaps he is afraid.
  52. Putin fits every incarnation of evil. is he President Snow from the Hunger games, or Darth Vader from Start Wars or Valdimor from Harry Potter or Gulleim from Lord of the rings.
  53. To invade another country and annex it today, is a primitive leader from another time when mankind almost destroyed itself.
  54. If Russia is the third Rome, Roman glory was under the republic and fell under the empire. Putin will destroy what is known as Russia.
  55. Putin has nukes and could destroy all humanity, he is unbalanced and our world would be left be gone.
  56. Putin is wooden looking, perhaps some physical deterioration that affects his judgment, not a make you want to have in power.
  57. Democracy is sustainable then a concentration of power.
  58. Bad people in control, It is concerning that, bad people amass power.Even if currently only in Russia, these bad people will control businesses and people in other countries including the USA. It is called influence. Imagine if strong men amassed great wealth and power. What would prevent them from doing anything they want eventually? Therefore, it is in the interest of the USA to stop it.
  59. Specific people who oppose Putin, the list is endless of intelligent people.
  60. Does not move Russia forward in any way. Compare something like the San Francisco bay area, of progressive open-minded creative people.  Compared to Putin’s cloak and dagger, rigid minded, Machiavellian power plays.
  61. If Russia was so good Sergio Brim would run Google in Russia rather than Sunny California. There is limited creative expression in Russia.
  62. Putin’s health issues: Manifestations of weakness are his rigid body postures and the way he moves. Shows evidence of weakness or deterioration of his. If you notice the way he walks and turns his body it is not like a teenager or agile functioning human but more like a robot or an old man.
    I have to give it to him; he keeps in shape and takes care of himself. I hope he lives over 10o as I wish nothing bad on anyone. That being said he has a few genetic red flags that could cause him problems.Putin is not a Christian. – Russia is or once was a Christian nation, but no more. Putin claims to have had a religious experience after a car accident. But the Bible says ‘A tree is known by its fruit’. He lies cheats and steal if it is to his advantage. He uses religion to manipulate good people.  When one uses religion to manipulate this is a special kind of darkness.
  63. Good always wins over evil, don’t you know that?
  64. Most Russians secretly would rather not have Putin in power. They are afraid to voice this. Why would they want someone supports the Oligarchs more than the Russian people. The Russian language is more universal than ethic Russians. Like the English language is not about the people of England.
  65. Delusional – He thinks is a patriot but he is not. He thinks is restoring the grandeur of Russia to the Czarist old style kings of yesteryear. In the 21st century people want freedom to live normal lives with their families not Czarist worships.
  66. Nationalism is a 19th and 20th century idea that caused wars in the 100s of millions of lives. Putin wants to replace Christian and Humanistic values with Nationalistic values and try to make the Russians people believe this is good. Maybe a few naive people would fall for this. But most find it troubling.He is not. He might be like Ivan the Terrible but not like Peter the Great.  Peter for his time was open to the West. Ivan was a paranoid expansionist. If Peter the Great were alive today, a true Russian patriot be thinking of the common Russian and enlightenment, not the Oligarchs and greed and power.
  67. History of Russia – From the beginning of Moscow to the revolution and Stalin control of the Russian people there was a believe that ‘knowledge was power’ and Moscow strategy was to to convey a truth that was distorted and limited. Now with the Internet people have access to more of the truth even if Putin bans websites, maybe even this one from .ru world. Still the truth gets out.
  68. Increasing awareness. Human consciousness and evolution is changing in ways that people do not realize. Genes of primitive hunter – be the king or top of the pyramid is being replaced by cooperative genes. This is really happening. The reason is because nature, a power much greater than us, is replacing primitive men like Putin with more global thinking leaders and people. I could write a book on this. But Bill Gates is eons wealthier than any Russian Oligarch. Nature will not allow Putin type people to continue or the human race would not survived.
  69. What if the whole world acted like Putin?  The world would be destroyed.
  70. Putin is a small minded bully, not a clever thinker like many people think.  I have never known a real bully to succeed in the long-term in life. Most wiseguys wind up in jail or checked out reality early in life, whereas Warren Buffet is still around.
  71. Putin is like a Middle Eastern Sheik. Putting his bet a one dimensional oil based economy.
  72. Putin Without Oil there would be an economic collapse and it would be a 19th century country. Whenever you develop an economy like that, it can not sustain itself for long. The would will find alternative forms of energy and sources and that well will dry up with nothing to show except a few rich Oligarchs.
  73. Demographics will continue to make Russia less Russian and there will be less glamor to a ‘Russian Czar’ as opposed to just a real leader representing the people.
  74. EU and USA economic sanctions will hurt Putin’s power base. He will not show this to the world but it will erode the ability to generate power.
  75. Global cooling – Not a fact but the trend seems to be flat for global warming over the last 17 years accounting to NOA satellite data and potential down if you believe that the Sun has something to do with the temperature of the earth (Solar Minmus). The net effect on the Russian economy will be severe. Dictators only retain power when things are good not when people can not grow crops and pay their bills.
  76. Matruska doll – Layers of hidden faces know one knows the real Putin.
  77. Putin was KGB and his father a devout atheist and communist. Is that the makings of a man you trust?
  78. Military is outdated. Not state of the art like the USA. Free market democracies have always progressed faster than dictatorships with military innovation. Look at WWI and WWII who one? Look at Ancient Rome, its glory days were in the time of the republic and the the Ceazer brought it down. A concentration of power makes a feeble country.
  79. Choose a metaphor – Power corrupts. Lord of the Rings or any story of power, it never ends well for the dark leader. These are not just fairy-tales they are reflections of a greater reality.
  80. He will exile Russia from the world community. Continuously irradiating peace loving nations and will result in alienation.
  81. The best people from Russia will continue to escape and the brain drain continues. Why would someone who is not connected want to stay in Russia while the West with all its freedom and opportunity awaits. There is exciting opportunity in terms of science and space exploration. Russia you will have limited creative expression.
  82. He has unleashed too many bright Ukrainians and people from the republics he opposes to topple his power in new creative ways. I am talking non-violent and peaceful but just as effective.
  83. Divorced his wife of thirty years Lyudmila, that is not loyal, he is a traitor.
  84. Alina Kabayeva
  85. Valery Nikitin
  86.  Monastery in the region of Pskov – Elizarova monastery – like Ivan the Terrible, and his wife’s exile.
  87. Putin is gay rumour is curious because his government is notoriously anti-gay. Often when people have this tendency they go in the closet by going and speak against it. Check out  The guy kissed a young boy in public. That is  Putin fact.
  88. Weak Russian Ruble will show Putin to have blundered in Ukraine.
  89. Ukrainians could hatch a clever scheme to undermine his power. Often to be at an apparent disadvantage is powerful. There are infinite number of things that could be done to stop Putin without military.
  90. I mean Putin could get Lyme disease or something with all his outdoor activities.
  91. GOP will win and a stronger American leader will cause him the son of Vladimir Spiridonovich Putin to back off and back down.
  92. If Ukraine ever had a guerrilla war again Putin it would be a disaster for Russia.
  93. George Soros said Putin is acting out of desperation now as he is unpopular in Russia and the world sees his evil in Syria and Ukraine. It isolated Moscow.
  94. Does not smile for a reason, fear.
  95. Even Sarah Palin predicted he was trouble.
  96. Loves animals and kisses babies as a form of manipulation, people start to see though this.
  97. Stole Robert Krafts Super Bowel ring, that is crazy.
  98. People see him as a saint, and he does not publicly deny this, this is crazy.
  99. Putin wins more votes than actual number of voters, another fact to prove he is a liar.
  100. Hot Russian girls like the punk group Pussy riot oppose him as well as Ukrainian group Femen. Hot chicks know an low life when they see him.
  101. Putin’s Labyrinth: Spies, Murder, and the Dark Heart of the New Russia – by Steve Levine goes into detail of how Putin is evil. Good always in the long run wins over evil.
  102. Words and ideas are always more powerful than military or political power. The world is a war of ideas. Putin’s idea of greed for a few at the expense of humanity will not be allowed by the collective unconsciousness of the people of the earth.
  103. He who lives by the sword shall die by the sword.
  104. Putin is mostly just a loser in life, as defined by who? God, humanity, classical understanding of good and bad most of the world, his ex-wife, most of the Russian people although they are afraid of him.

Why did Russia do this to Ukraine? Oil war

Putin is losing power at home as the economy falters, like a fading rock star he needed a publicity stunt.  H_ler started WWII because his power was waning a bit and needed to retain power.  A little war is good for dictators.

Putin like an aging Madonna taking off her clothes was doing a desperate move to get people talking again.

Russia wants Crimea to be part of Russia not Ukraine. Why? Oil. Oligarchs need oil the money and power consolidation. Crimea has shale oil and other resources off shore. It would undermine the Russian monopoly on energy.

Why is this crazy that Russia wants Crimea?

Because there are many Polish people that live in Chicago so that means this should be part of Poland? Or Florida should go to Cuba? Or Quebec should go to France? Hong Kong should go back to the English? If Putin, um I mean Russia was consistent in its logic then half of Russia would break apart.

Ukrainian not Russian Crimea

Crimea is and has been part of Ukraine not Russia. International boundaries were agreed on. It is contiguous part of Ukraine. Russia wants to take it over and I think because the USA is so focused on saving Iraqi oil, um I mean people, they turn their backs on the politics in Eastern Europe, except Moscow, um I mean Russia. They always have. Russian wants to occupy Crimea with warships etc,  like it holds all these countless other republics that are of economic or military interest to them. The Russian fleet is already in Crimea and the Ukrainian president wants it out. The major of Moscow Yuri Luzhkov (a Putin puppet), has public declare that Crimea belongs to Russia. Russia is an imperialistic Czardom.

I predicted that Russia would invade Ukraine, specifically Crimea, in two years ago. Everyone laughed at me.

Russian people

I love the Russian people. I love Russia. I love Russian culture. I am 100% Slavic in blood and live in Eastern Europe and travel to Russian, Moscow and Ukraine. But I am just telling it like I see it. Gary Kasparov one of the brightest minds in the world sees it this way too, that Russia is no democracy. And the Russian people are suffering because of this.  Muscovite’s who have power get rich, while the Russian citizens get marginally better lives, just enough so they do not complain to much, however, if Russia had true democracy and free movement of labor and capital and gave up its imperialism it could be an extremely dynamic place, not just Moscow.

Crimea is Ukrainian not Russian

Crimea is part of Ukraine and Russia should not try to take it over. Putin crossed the line. Kiev was the original Kievian city of the Ancient Eastern Slavic people, and Russia has violated this, and the wheels are in motion to reverse this. People are praying for Putin’s fall from power.

The Russian leader Putin is really not a strong leader.  He is all about power, absolute power and his money hungry oligarchs bow to him.  But a true leader would care about humanity, including putting young soldiers, Russian and Ukrainian at risk. A free movement of labor and capital as well as the democratic process.

Mark my word, Putin will be gone from power because of the forces at work in the universe already in motion.

I have to give the Ukrainians credit they were provoke but showed great restraint. The Russians wanted battle. But if you think about it, if you take one human life your soul is in jeopardy of going to hell and the Russian soldiers who tried to provoke this has their judgement waiting for them.

So in the end Russia seems like it is winning now but the truth always comes out and Ukrainians will enjoy a freer more economically stable future than Russians. Russians.  I would rather be a Westward leaning Ukrainian and the a Russian subservient to Moscow’s nonsense.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

5 replies on “101 reason why Ukrainian citizenship is better than Russian citizenship”

This has happened for centuries where a country takes land away from other countries. The US is no different when they had forced Mexico to give up more than half of their land and also overthrow the Queen of Hawaii to control the islands. Besides didn’t the majority of people in Crimea vote to want to be part of Russia? I assume its because most of the people don’t want to lose their culture and language rights as they are being suppressed for not speaking Ukrainian. Anyways, I think the Ukrainian government needs to work to make everyone happy in the country so that the Ukrainians and the Russians are happy or else everything will continue how it is now with demonstrations and rallies.

No that vote was a Putin lie. Think about it, if you were living in Crimea would you rather be a future EU member for you and your children or part of the Russian Empire. It was about oil and Putin fudged the votes. When I was renting a flat in Crimea people do not care about such nonsense as politics as much as economics and peace. Crimean would be better off part of Ukraine when Ukraine joins the EU.

Just because other countries including the USA were imperialistic, does not mean it is right. Dictators today tend to lose power as the world is operating differently today. It is more about personal economics than nationalism.

Our genes care more about the survival of the human race the our personal survival.

Sorry, do not know much English.
You know the bad element of Russian people promoted and lied about this. In Russia, many patriots of their country from the older generation do not understand freedom and revert to Soviet style tactics of government
Standard of living, life is not important to them only strong armed government which they grew up with. A normal educated productive person would rather go towards the West with free markets than a dictator.

The fact is that in 2016 only 131 Russian citizens changed their citizenship for Ukrainian and 100 000 Ukrainians changed their citizenship for Russian.
Russians don’t migrate to Ukraine in mass, but recently more than 2 500 000 Ukrainians have left for Russia.
This is official statistics.
From what kind of democracy they are running from Ukraine to Russia?

Its simple economics. If Russia would stay out of Ukrainian politics, Ukraine would be an EU entry candidate and leave Russia in the dust economically. The Russian economy does well because of natural resources. The people of Russia are talented and the people of Ukraine are talented.

I like both countries. And the people of both countries are great and I love the history. In fact I am crazy about Slavic writers and culture and history, Russian, Ukrainian and Polish.

But lets be honest the politics of Russia is a continuation of their 1,000 year tradition from when Moscow first broke the yoke of the Tartars. It is Autocratic and secretive. True democracy, something like the great Russian Gary Kasparov has been fighting for, and does not exist in Russia.

Russia has oil, kind of like the Middle Eastern Countries. A lot of Indians go to work in the Middle East but that does not mean the country they go to, is better politically or humanitarian wise, simply they have black gold, that is oil which brings prosperity.

If Ukraine could somehow become an EU member all this would change. Poland is a rich free country and there are few Poles that have a desire trade their passport for a Russian passport.

I still would rather live in Ukraine. Lviv is beautiful and close to the west. You can easily go to Poland and Europe and have a wonderful life in Ukraine. The climate is slightly better as they are in a different growing zone. You could have a nice homestead. In Moscow you get a small little flat in a block, but you can shop at more Western stores. Big deal.

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