Russia girls

Russian girls along with Polish and Ukrainian make the best brides among European girls.  I am an American living in Europe and married.  There is no way I would ever marry an American or UK woman. I would not even consider it.  Russia girls should be your first step if you are looking for a wife.


What girls from Russia want

Generally these ladies are looking to get married and be a wife.  I do not care if they are doctors or models or both, they want to be a bride for their true love.

This includes cooking for you taking care of the kids and being very domestic, while at the same time, not complaining about it.  This is something that I do not know any girl in America would ever do.  If American wives were cooking and cleaning for you all the time, you would hear about it from time to time, if not often.  In contrast a Russia girl would not complain but rather take pride in the fact they are doing this for you.

Your job on the other hand would be to earn a living for the family.

Russia girls with an innocent look

Innocent and beautiful Russian girls

The best thing about a Russia woman is she is beautiful.  Every single one of them in the Rossiyskaya Federatsiya.  In their own way they have a beauty all to their self. Why would you not want to fall in love with a beautiful girl.

Russia girls dating

Dating from Moscow to St. Petersburg

From the Russian countryside to Moscow to St. Petersburg a very popular way of dating is online dating. Россия or Российская Федерация girls are into Internet online dating.  Much more than the west.  The have no false pride and clearly state they are looking to get married and find their love.

Best Internet sites for free Russian dating

All over my site I give you website ideas for free dating of Eastern European ladies, there is not need to rehash them here, just check out my site a little. However, here are two sites to start with and

They both have millions of Russiagirls looking for their love and its 100% free.  Further few western guys know about these sites so they are not fished out so to speak.  They are for people in Russia.

Russia girls Asian

Asian Russian girls

Interesting to note that Women from the former Soviet republics are not just ethically Slavic but there is a huge mix of Asian Russia.  This in my opinion is very exotic.  Many of these beautiful females look like fairy-tales princesses, pale skin and dark hair.


Disco Russia

Lastly do not take this lightly, but many people I know simply go to a disco in Moscow or Russia and in half a year they are married.   Disco is a European word for club.

The women are just too hot to be able to resist. In fact one of my theories why women are such better dancers and women love to dance is simply, to attract men.  Almost for certain if you were to be in the Russian Federation and go to discos you would find the bride of your dreams in a few months.

Review my site recommendations and ways on my site to find a Russia girl and let me know what you think. I hope this information is useful for you to find true love.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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I wonder how foreigners are naive! The most stupid topic in this articke is “What girls from Russia want”… do you think Russian girl will your slave??!! Yeah, she’ll bring up children, cook, clean and she’ll be silent and also she’ll make a career. After that she’ll be just a machine. Don’t think Russin woman will stay at home brining up yours children! She will make a career like you=)

Russian girls want to be rescued from themselves like all girls. If the man is a prince she will be a princess. She will not be able to help it. I believe all Russian girls have this ideal of a fairy-tale princess deep inside them and they are waiting for their prince to come.

I agree with this comment, I have met a lot of girls from this region, more from Ukraine, you only have to look at the websites to be honest, whilst it may be argued these girls advertise themselves with an ideal synopsis, they don’t boast. I could never date an English girl again, I am happy with my German one but if I were single I would pursue a Russian girl.

Wake up and grow up!! Stop to believe in fairytales!! =P

I am in Dubai and would like to communicate with Russian Girls for serious relations

My brothers Russian girls generally shows GFE so you cannot feel if you cheated or no. For sure you can find nice girls ( 99 percent is nice and %1 percent is very very nice 🙂 You have to select the right one, most of the girls can do some tricks for a glass of drink and Red bull ,when they take it they can run away
So you must be clever than the girls and be a smart guy and take the ropes in your hands its so easy to buy bread from the supermarket ….
and because of the face-check maybe you cannot enter the night clubs.

Disco is a European word for club. So when written that guys go to Moscow or Russia to a disco to find their wife, it is very common in Europe. Meeting at a dance is nothing new. People like to dance. In the USA it is frowned upon and people do more online dating.

I find your adventure and all your travels very amazing.
I am a 22 years old french student and will soon get a job in IT consulting (like Accenture maybe). Since few years now I’ve changed my opinions (or beliefs) on my professional and personal future. I used to consider money and materialism as one important purpose of my life and the USA were my dream (big salaries, big houses…).

However, i’ve now become more mature and thought about what I really want. I love to meet new cultures. I’ve had 6 months of Russian clases and I really love Eastern Europe. I understood you are also a consultant and I wanted to know if this job allows you to have enough time to meet people and start a long-term relationship. I don’t know yet if I will have a lot of projects in a foreign country but I know I will stay maybe only 2 weeks in a country before coming back for debrief and co at the company HQ.
I’m also planning to leave to Scandinavia which has for me the best living conditions (socially, politically…) or Eastern Europe with the princess of my life. I just need to find her first 🙂


You can meet the girl of your dreams in Eastern Europe in a matter of week, I know many people who have. If you have any questions just ask. But if your a consultant (the new sailor of the 21st century) there is no way you will not meet a girl or two. The girl of your dreams might take longer as you have to meet the right one, not just any one.

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