The real secret to hook a hot Romanian girl and keep her

Scientific studies confirm that Romanian woman are ranked in the top three hottest women on the earth. Romanian girls are magical in their allure and the affect on others is happiness.

You could live in the most basic block of flats with little money, and if you have a Romanian woman as your wife, you will live a fairy-tale.

Romanian women will work magic in your life if they let you in.

How to choose a Romanian girl for a LTR

Read my lips, do not date a secular liberate woman from Romania. Just because her gym honed body, icy cold blue eyes, pale skin and dark hair (this look is common in Romania), have cast a spell on you, does not mean she is a good choice for dating. This is my biggest caveat.

For your own mental well being, if you are looking for a long term relationship, you need to find a girl that is dedicated to Orthodoxy or is a Christian in some form. I do not mean going to church on holidays, I mean someone that is walking the walk.  If not your princess will lack humility and start to be tempted by the jingle in your pocket or worse someone else’s jingle.

Even followers of Zamolxianism (neo-pagans in Romania that have roots in Dacian and Thracian beliefs) are better choices for mates as they have some level of awareness beyond the material. All guys know pagan girls are generally hot.

I have met guys from the USA and the UK that have dated and then married Eastern European women who are luke warm in their convictions and break up years latter. It all seems good on paper, but it does not work. Why not just find someone you despise and give them your house and half their income for ten years, instead of marrying the wrong woman and wasting time? Divorce rates are low in Romania, just choose one that has a low flight risk. Try to understand how girl thinks and her world view.

V shaped body or virtue shaped choices

Remember, women not shaped by the virtues of meekness and temperance will be unhappy and lead you to the same. Virtue (which means strength) is what governs human fulfilment.

Dating sites if you want to explore Romanian natural resources

I recommend home-grown dating sites rather then Western sites that try to tap into Romanian natural resources when looking for that diamond in the rough.

  • – Native Romanian dating site
  • – Same as above
  • -The portal for messaging females – Look under întâlnire category
  • – Western Style dating with good English/Romanian language interface
  • -The female modern mind in Romanian, but you will need Google translate. In my opinion a lot of the stuff here is typical Western debauchery corrupting the minds of good people.
  • Mobile number and Facebook – You can always find one on FB and convince her to give you her mobile number, then articulate your play though texting.

The psychology women Romanian females

If you understand how Romanian women think will have the edge.  România will surprise you unless you understand where they are coming from. The key take away is there are women in Romania that are humble and non-materialistic and educated and there are those who see a foreign male as an opportunity.

Luckily the proportions are significantly less then in the USA for example.  In the West,  I have personal friends that are females that say they would not marry any man less than a VP status in a company.

Most information online about how to pick up Romanian women or relationships and dating in general are lame. As are dating site, unless I review them here. for quality.  My advice is jettison the pop psychology of the Huffington post truism on  relationships, and marry a Christian girl from humble origins and make her your Eastern European Cinderella.

That is all you need to know about psychology and dating.  Think Carl Jung over Freud. Think fairy-tales and  the power of myth over analysis.  Better is to pick up the book Roumanian Fairy Tales and Legends – E.B. Mawr, and be able to speak a few love phrases in Romanian. Learn about their culture and language and make them feel proud about who they are. Do not approach women with a pedantic Western superiority complex. Instead learn a little Romanian.

Most Romanian girls at the University do not have a car, but maybe that is why they are in such good shape. There are advantages of not being rich and opulent, that is you have a nice body and learn moderation.

I lived in Eastern Europe a good part of my life.  I am a dual EU American citizen that lives in Eastern Europe. I know a lot about Eastern Europeans as my family was and is Eastern European, even though I was raised in the USA. I have a reasonable perspective on Eastern European girls and feel I can convey useful information on what your normal Romanian girl is looking for in a relationship.

Romanian girl

Myths versus reality about Romanian females

Here is my list:

  • Romanian girls are easy –  The reality is, they are normal girls who want to get married.
  • Romanian girls are looking for a sugar daddy – Just because a country is poor do not assume. I would say you have more chance of being taken to the cleaners by a western girls who files for divorce. You can read a little more about the economics of Romania below.
  • Romanian women are not intellectual – I think most girls I met have a University education, largely because of the legacy of communism providing education. This is in contrast to the UK and the USA which has about 11% of our students going to University. I have noticed Romanians tend to gravitate towards creative fields slightly more than the adjacent countries.
  • Roma and Romanian are synonymous – I can not tell you how many times people in Europe think Romanian are gypsies and this really irritates me. Not that there is anything wrong with Gypsies, but people need to learn some history. Nor Are Romanians Slavic, they are something else.
  • Romanian is a dark, grey post communist country – Some of the best rock climbing and beaches in Europe are in Romania and there is a lot more to it then the Dracula legends. Amazing countryside with natural food grown and down to earth friendly people.
Romanian women chatting away on their cell phones. In Romania only people in the villages really use land line, everyone uses mobile phones. So get your right thumb in condition for texting SMS.

The key to understanding Romanian women

Romanians have three themes in their culture which has influenced the individuals living there.
1. Spiritual depth – The youth might rebel or talk about some country priest who says unenlightened things during the service, but at their center they are Orthodox. In their wallets they have Icons of the Blessed Mother. This means something. Treat these girls like angels as they might be one for real someday.
2. Greatness in their historical past – Romania was a regional superpower for hundreds of years with a rich culture. Read their history, it is not all about Dracula. Read about Herta Müller or Elie Wiesel or Eugene Ionesco and be able to talk intelligently in conversation about the culture of Romania.  If the female does not know these people, mind you, drop her like a bad habit. Only date sophisticated women with a humble nature, no matter how that tight black dress looks on them.
3. Economic hardship – What can I say, on one hand they are EU but on the other hand wages paid are not up to par with what the talent is worth in any major city in Eastern Europe. My message is try to be an entrepreneur with intellectual capital, but that is another subject.

If you want to skip this you can go directly to this section How to win a Romanian women

Spiritual side of Romanian women

Most Romanians do not use their faith to ‘show up’. They believe because they believe and feel that in this life, there is more than just material goods and hyper consumption. Their ideal prince is not only their champion in the traditional sense but has a real spiritual connection, their other half.

Someone they can have a church wedding with. Someone who will raise their children in the faith. Someone who when times are hard will unite in prayer with the. They are not looking for good times and stupid egotistical western guys. Romanian women are looking for real.

Greatness of the past and Romanian ladies

Romanians are the last remnants of the Great Roman empire. Even closer genetically then modern-day Italians. The Romanians are the last of the Ancient Romans. Further, Romania is a full EU country.

As an American and EU citizen I can vouch that the EU is a great place to live. Almost every EU citizen can work and live anywhere in Europe from Bucharest, Rumania to the UK. The country had a lot of interesting history and it has beautiful landscapes with some of the best rock climbing and beaches in Europe.

So if you think you are so cool and flash your cash at a Romanian girl and she will marry you, think again. Romanian girls are not shallow Western girls.

Economics of Romanian dating

The past communist dictator of the country destroyed the economy of Romania. It was a poor country but is now raising from nothing. Romanian economy is quite good now, with textiles and IT leading the charge. I personally look to Romania to do business as the people there are bright and educated.


I will not deny that some Romanian girls have sold their bodies for money. These types of working girls is an  issue in Romania like it is in Dubai, or Istanbul or China or NYC or London.

It is not a Romanian women’s problem but a human issue. Americans women do this also, in fact think of the ridiculous the number of congressman and ‘VIPs” in the US that are caught in this. I am not saying this type of work  is right or wrong, just saying it is a reality. Since people look to examples instead of the rule, some foreigner will see a couple of Romanians at a club in Dubai and make the assumption this is the way it is in Romania. Wrong, it is not this way. Try taking a trip to Bucharest or any village you will not see this. I have seen girls from every country behave this way.

It is certainly wrong if you are married or the women are young, it is a sin. But some 24-year-old Romanian students, for example, might go to Istanbul, Turkey or Dubai UAE to because women lack the self-confidence that they can support themselves in other ways for their education, it is not something that is too wise but I understand it.

Romanian girls that are young are often naive and tempted into selling themselves into prostitution  because of their economic situation. My take on this is if somewhere their ideals were lost, but with all people they can be restored. There is not much we can do about the past. But we can have redemption.

  • I should not even write about this but I did because I want to dispel the idea that this is Romanian culture as a whole. It is not more than the culture is in the USA or anywhere else. Get it out of your brain.

Economics of Romania

Most professional people in Romania make less than 1,000 Euro a month, the average is much lower maybe 300 Euro a month.  However, this has to be balanced with the fact things are very cheap. People will complain how pricey flats are etc, but compared to Boston or London, the whole country is a great place to live price wise. If you make 1,000 Euro a month you are doing great and can afford to fix up a flat that grandpa gave you and have a car and you might be 30 years old. In contrast in the USA we have huge, like 100,000 dollars connected with our educations. Even though we are paid more, we have different costs.

Further, if you are Romanian you can go to the UK work as an EU citizen and come back to the countryside and build a house, taking advantage of the purchasing power different. People build their homes with cash in Romania. If you are American you can not go work somewhere richer and pay cash for a house. Further, Westerners have many implicit economic needs, they have expectations about wealth and money. Whereas five Romania guys can go on a cheap flight to London, live in a small flat save money for five years and come back rich. I can not see a western doing that. It is called the Romanian advantage.

Even I have this a little, I can live in the USA without a TV nor car and stash my money away. Most Americans are not so frugal and prefer credit. Look how Brits came to Romania bid up the prices of housing and now it is too high. This is the west.

So I did not mean to go on a tangent but I wanted to explain some basic things about how Romanian girls must exist, good and bad economically.

Beautiful Romanian women – in Gothic style

How to win the heart of a Romanian woman

Based on the above about the faith, history and economics of Romania I can help you chat and meet a Romanian woman. Based on the pics above you, especially the ones at the top of this post you can see what female looks like from Eastern Europe and compare then to the ones you see on your street.

The paradox if EE women is as follows. To win the heart of a woman from the Balkans for love and for you to be your bride you have to be not rich, but wise. Not egotistical, but humble is more. Speak very calmly and softly about thing of their culture and language and history and literature. Talk about what you really believe life to be.

Keep it real and make your words match your ideas and courage, that is if you have any. Do not flash money or impress them with your Resume or nice car or other crude things, this will work with ‘new wave’ girls, but these are not the one you want. You want a beautiful dark, mysterious, humble Romanian women from the countryside with dreams and ideals.

Dream of having a Central European princesses

Then together you can make the moon appear in the sky and the stars shine at night. Rich or poor, beautiful or ugly she will love you for who you are and you will live happily ever after. I have travelled the world and seen and experienced many things, good and bad and I know what I am talking about.

As a result of this purgatory I gained some insights for what it is worth. I am very happily married by the way and living a fairy-tale with my princess.

Capture that girl, meet her at the alter in holy matrimony and make her take maternity leave from work.

Want more of a historical context of women in Romania, go here:

Romanian women

More photos of Romanian women and dating advice here:

Published by Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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  1. I have grown in Romania in the north-east part of the country. You have to take in consideration also the region from which the girl is from. If you talk with a girl from south there are some few chances you might come across a gypsy or half gypsy. It is not always the case, but be car full, gypsies are very evil and perverse creatures.

    In Romania there are two tips of women. The materialistic superficial ones, the good spiritual ones and those in between. You can spot them from a mile. You know them by the way they dress, act and talk.

    Many Romanian women are educated and know english. They are bright and intelligent, sometimes even artistic. Feminism did not hit that hard on Romania as it did in Western countries, so chances are you might come across a women who want to marry and have kids. In my class, while I was in high school most girls were boy obsessed and wanted to have a bf. Most were looking for stable relationships and true love. YES, true love is a common concept among Romanian girls. Romanian girls are dreamy creatures.

    I am an Eastern Women living in Western Europe with a Western man and everything seems perfect. I think if you really search, chances are you will find an amazing girl who has nothing to do with feminist Western girls.( not saying all Western girls are like that, but many are)

    But REALLY, be careful, the gold is not on the surface, you need to dig deep. So there are nasty superficial pig Romanian creatures. I met MANY in Romania. It all comes down to personality and environment. But you can spot them, it does not make a rocket scientist, you see them by how they dress, act, talk,their tastes, if they are educated or not. Then you can see if they are trash or not.

    I really encourage Western men to look for Romanian women, but that is to be very carefull as the new generations tent to be different from the previous. I think in every country you find the gold only after digging. And be careful not to marry a gypsy, it’s like signing to you are own death.

    And yes, most Romanians believe in God, but that does not stop them from wanting a car or a better job. I think everyone wants to live good. However, they are not hollow inside, as they trust in a superior being and have values.

    In the end it’s up to you.

    1. You said you can spot the type of girl on is from a mile, could you be more specific?

    2. People are people, some good and some bad, like someone said before.
      Interesting article and nice description. As a conclusion, no nation is perfect. Romanian women therefore have their flaws, but not through the nation, as personality, education and what each wants from life.

      Concepts are born from frustration and disappointment. Please do not direct our lives by them.
      When someone looking only for intimate partner without being honest can hurt a person which is looking for more than that, think as you help increase the number of women who went cheating hurt or lie.

      I’m Romanian and in my love life I looked for a partner with whom to build a life. With support, respect, love, patience, understanding and sometimes sacrifices. I am currently married to a Romanian. Many years ago I met an Italian boy and even fell in love with me and wanted to get married I refused because there was no chemistry. I have not given any chance to feel that way. Although he was sad he appreciated my sincerity.

    3. I am a simple Romanian woman trying to do the best from her life trying to gather from each people I meet something new, something that makes me better.

      I see a lot of comments from Romanian girls, full of pros and cons. Really girls, shouldn’t we be more united, more proud of us as humans (not women, or Romanians, or other criteria), more bold, more tolerant, more hard working and smart? Wouldn’t this bring each of us the admiration from other Romanian women or foreign men, whatever?

      Let’s stop posting stuffs on blogs and go to our jobs, families and friends, prove that we are honest, respectable, smart and full of initiative women, that God hasn’t gave us life for nothing.

      Really, let’s be first humans than women, in a globalized world, and drop these small useless controversies.

  2. I enjoy reading your blog. I”m and American who is currently living and working in Jakarta, Indonesia. It’s been a wonderful experience discovering the culture here and it’s helped me understand that women are the same all over the world, they all want the same things. Here’s a few things that women have told me they want in a man, I have heard these over and over again in Asia and America. It’s no wonder that they want Western me.! Do you think the same is true about Romanian women?

    A man with a job. Yes, it’s nice when your partner is working and there are few money problems.

    A man who spend his money wisely. Of course is your man is spending all his money at the cock fights, your relationship and your life is going to be not good.

    A man who does not hit her. Life is not optimal when you never know what will trigger his temper and give you a black eye or worse.

    A man who doesn’t “have many ladies.” Who wants a partner that cheats on them?

    A man who isn’t arrogant and will work with you as a team in life. Some men, especially in Islamic countries rule the roost and it’s not so fun.

    A man who doesn’t drink too much. Usually this zaps the bank account and can also lead to violence.

    So my point is, many women in many countries do not want the men of their own country because the men have too many of the above traits! Don’t get me wrong, men are mostly the same all over the world.I said mostly. Plus I am an arrogant American man, we are great.

    I will like to visit Romania.

  3. I went to Satu Mare for a relationship (I found out later she was the daughter of the former Communist Party Secretary).

    I left her and 5 months later rejected her again. She became vindictive and I had to leave for my own personal safety.

    Romanian women are bunny boilers when rejacted on a scale that would make Glenn Close’s character look like Mother Theresa.

    Satu Mare is a small city with a population of about 120,000. You upset one woman, you upset every woman in the city and it even spread into Baia Mare in the neighbouring county.

    After communism, 20,000 men migrated out (or ran away from the women as fast as they could)

    Avoid Romanian women at all costs.

    1. I have no idea what you are talking about? What does her father being in the party have to do with you and her daughter? Why did you reject her? You are just rambling, I need more facts to discern why you are so bitter.

      1. First her mother was the party secretary. My ex had a very priveledged childhood while evryone else was under Ceausescu and was the biggest prima donna on the planet
        Her mother still had contacts including me being attacked and ending up with my face badly bruised apparently by ex Securitate.

        All I did was end the relationship because she was like a control freak!

        I went home for my own personal safety

        1. David, do you have an email adress?

          1. Raluca,
            Why do you want my email address?

          2. For socialising, David. I simply liked your approach on the subject.

    2. First, of all, nice blog read throughout the pages but not all, nice anyway.

      Second, a singular case, like some nasty experience a loser might have had with a lunatic Romanian, does not apply as a rule; you should be really dumb to say. Romanian Women are to be avoided or Romanians blame the Roma (Gypsies) but they are actually same as them in most things or lack of hygiene in most places in Romania or Romanian People’s poor limited sick mentality. These are misconceptions from a well-slow witted stereotype-loving jerk who apparently enjoys a good insult.

      Third of all: I am a Romanian girl, I do not have some sort of inferiority complex for living in the Eastern part of Europe, I actually consider myself much more well-mannered and educated than others like the guy with the long comment, Mark.

      Fourth of all: yes, I do not deny the presence of low-IQ-ed entities on the territory of my country, but every country has its edges and that would be a fact. so if some people try to make this about how stupid Romanians are in their opinion, I would like to remind them, that this is a post about nice Romanian girls who perhaps never did anything wrong in their life’s and are quite offended to see how many stupid close minded Neanderthals are there in the world

      Again, nice post :*

      1. Becks thanks for the comments, I agree. Romanian is a country which has a rich heritage and is reawakening from the ashes of communism like from the ashes rises the Phoenix. The seeds of greatness in Romanian were always there waiting to be awaken again. With more freedom and an improving economy more and more people will discover the beauty of your country. You have a cool Gravatar by the way.

      2. Second, a singular case, like some nasty experience a loser might have had with a lunatic Romanian,

        I’m no loser. What I quoted happened and I have blocked 17 Satu Mare women on Facebook so far as a result. Had my ex been in England or America, she would now be serving a prison sentance for stalking.

        These are misconceptions from a well-slow witted stereotype-loving jerk who apparently enjoys a good insult.

        I grew up in a multi cultural area that is 25% immigrant based and I have learned that racism is ignorance. So I’m the last person to stereotype.

        A sector of Satu Mare women between 35 and 50 are frustrated at their 10 to 1 female to male ratio and can’t find partners. Their attitudes are not doing themselves any favours because western men have plenty of other places to look elsewhere.

    3. First, I’m not Romanian but my husband is and we living in Romania. He has a 22 year old daughter and she is a beautiful young lady, very polite, sweet and I’ve never heard her say anything bad about anyone. Every Romanian woman I have met here has been very nice and smart. Most speak 2 or more languages. Even my husband’s ex wife is nice. People are people, some good and some bad.

    4. Dear panic stricken sir, I am a pure-blood Romanian (don’t worry, I am not Dracula’s granddaughter) and I must confess your post made me laugh. What on Earth did you do to that poor woman to hate you so much? Personally, I am not interested in your spicy details, but I am sure you must have deserved this reaction! So stop complaining about monstrous RO women and instead learn some manners and how to treat ladies.

  4. It is unbelievable what I am reading here. Totally biased; so untrue! It reflects the general opinion of the people and it cannot be taken as facts. I am a Canadian-Romanian but raised and educated in Romania. Romanian women are the best and I am not saying this becuase I am a woman, but becuase I know how they are. In any country, there are weeds, but it is not hard to discern, flowers from weeds. Anyway, the Romanian women are very spiritual, very faithful to their men-would die for them.
    I don’t have time to write more about it, but inform yourselves before you post any garbage out here. This is unmasticable garbage!And, if you consume such garbage (the biased inforamtion posted here), it tells me something about it.


    1. I agree with you Pseudonym Minorda, Romanian women are in my experience deep, kind, thoughtful people. If someone encounters one that is not, maybe they should quesion what type of people they are attracting in life in general.

  5. I am a British person living in Romania. For the last year or so I moved out to Romania for bussiness and trust me I can tell you that Romanian women are unfaithful and definately they go after money. This is the truth and based on facts and experience. They are bunny boilers and would do all what it takes to keep a man, they would even pretend to be pregnant so you can stay with them. And if you have money then you are a lucky man and can pick up any girl you want, even if shes married with kids.

    1. I did not want to even approve your comment, not for the content but there were so many grammar mistakes I thought it was written by someone who can not form an English sentence. I corrected them. Please write in English sentences with punctuation and capitalization next time.
      Tell me more details. From time to time I get a comment like this from men, who visit every country from the UK or the USA or Romania. Basically I think guys who write this go for the wrong guys, meet women in pubs or clubs not in Church. I think guys who write this usually do not follow my advice and go for moral girls but find the lowest common denominator of women in any society or country and then extrapolate out.

      What you write is not true. Give me the facts of were you met the girl and under what circumstance you met her in Romania.

    2. “JJ” and “Victim”

      Hear, hear.

    3. Actually I am Moldavian and Romanian girl, but it has been almost 10 years (since my 18’s) that I live and work in Western Europe.

      I am not totally surprised to see such a division of opinions.

      It is true: that there are girls who can take advantage of anyone who can have an appearance of a certain financial well-being etc. But same goes for women in all the countries.

      However, it is not true that we are all like this.

      Same goes for the vindictive characters and all the negative adjectives that can be found.

      Sometimes it is a struggle to prove yourself in a western country just because people have already a negative idea of us (and I am not talking about the Roma, but the “other” Romanians, like me).

      We are just like anyone else. We can be hard-working colleagues, great party buddies, loyal friends with no regard to one’s wallet, loyal spouses and so on.

      Just because there are a few spoiling the general impression, it does not mean that we are all the same. We might have the same nationality, but we are definitely not in the same boat.

      Most of the article is true. The religious criterion must certainly be taken into consideration. Nice analysis of the situration with girls of Romania.

      1. Oh, yes, Susan, you have loads of arguments. I am Romanian, I study in Scotland (I can bet you are from the UK), and all I hear from British/Scottish people is: Romania is crap. Oh, have you ever been to Romania? By the way, what’s the capital?

        Unfortunately for you, it’s not that we’re good, but we’re better. Should I remind you about the criminality rates/alcohol consumption in the UK? Or about obesity rates?

        1. That’s only down to the police who are as corrupt as all the other government institutions.
          And yes I do know what the capital of Romania is.. Bucuresti.
          I also know Romania well enough to know that some form of penicious indoctrination leads to the majority defaulting to auto-defence mode in response to any criticism of Romania. This is despite the reality of daily life in Romania which for the vast majority of its citizens it intolerable.
          And before you say it, I know that “it is someelse’s fault” – be that the Russians, Turks, Hungarians, Roma or A.N.Other.
          Suffice to say that in these circumstances I have found it is best to agree that “Romania is the best country in the world / EU / wherever. You guys are perfect and are the victims of malicious external forces. Great mother Romania will rise again.”
          IMO though you should concentrate on providing citizens with simple things like roads, running water, sanitation, a working postal service, jobs etc before claiming to be “better”.

  6. I don’t know about other Romanian girls but my girlfriend is Romanian and I can tell that she is really a nice person, though moody. She is a woman who values relationship and love. I will be marrying her in a few months and move to my home country (India) along with her.

    1. I’m from The Netherlands and have had a Romanian gf from Iasi and I have never had any problem with her. what the guy above me is saying is true though:P They can be moody.but overall, Romanian women are nice. But what I hear all the time from Romanian girls I know (friends) is that the Romanian men abuse their girlfriends’s allot, and cheat a lot. So many Romanian women don’t trust men overall. But im glad to say, she was the best girlfriend I ever had, and the Romanian female friends I have are super nice too. (sorry if I have made some spelling errors, nobody’s perfect.)

  7. Is there a dating site for expats in Romania who want to meet Romanian girls? I have a coleague expat and he asked me this question.

  8. I am living in Switzerland. Have been travelling for business a lot in eastern countries in the last 10 years. Russia, Ukrain, Poland, Belarus etc.
    I had a relationship with a Russian lady who was living in Switzerland after my fiance died on Cancer 6 years ago. I broke up with the russian Girl after I felt that for her relationship is more a deal than a love relathionship.
    Back in Single life I met a Romanian Girl in Switzerland. She was her to visit some Girlfriends.
    After half a year visiting each other she moved in with me in Switzerland, we wanted to get married, Unfortunately I found out lately what all was about. Her 2 Girlfriends are working in Zürich as Prostitutes and to my big surprice I had to find out: My girlfriend was working as Prostitute before in Spain as well. the reason we broke up was that I found out she is having from her previous career as prostiute a suggar dady who was from time to time sending money to her.(of cours for some week end services)
    When I found out I was for a while digging and found so many bad things – another boyfriend in Romania – the money I have given her for her mam to go to hospital in Romania was used for pleasure etc.
    To make the storry short. I got some figuers of Zürich Red light destrict (Financial District) which is showing that close to 40 % of all Prostitutes are coming from Romania – manly from the Galati Region.
    Looking at this figure It seems the poor standard of living in some regions and the very materialistic vision is supporting to enter into Prostitution. Just some figures: average income in Galati Region is about 300-500 Euro a Month for a Worker. Average income in Zürich as a Prostitute is 20000 Euro Net. This figures are talking its own language. Most of the Girls are supporting families with all means. Even I was cheated a lot and I have spoken about with a lot of Romanian women eversince I like Romanian women. But some Romanian women even told me: Dont ever consider, to take as a Western Man, a Romanian Women – The young generation of girls is materialistic oriented and this is not to combine with love to much.
    I have my doughts but for sure some are.

  9. Well let me tell you this guys I am from USA in I am going out with this beautiful woman from Romania in she is the best thing ever happened to me we been together for 3 months now in I love her so much we be together very soon I am happy.

  10. Romanian women are quite nationalistic and support other Romanians.
    They criticize the Western guys for being reckless spenders, arrogant etc. ,Western girls to be flashy ,feminist etc. Nevertheless they want to live and spend the rest of their life with a Western guy. Some of the articles (perhaps from genuine people) seems like a promotion of sponorship of Romanian ladies. I do have Romanians friends (girls included), and I see the same traits in them as well. Why is that?

    1. I’ve read most posts at the beginning but I’ve got bored after a while.
      It irritates me how all my compatriots became so patriotic when it comes to Romania and its inhabitants, although most of them posting here chose not to live there.
      How biased it’s that, have you reflected on it for a second?

      I am also a Romanian woman, living abroad for more than 2 decades and I can tell you lots and lots of things about Romanian women, as I am one.

      Here’s the thing:

      Romanian women are like all women in general – not better nor worse.
      They are not the exquisite beauties presented in these pictures here – most of them are plumpy, others are too skinny, lots of them are just average. Unfortunately most of them have bad teeth because they don’t brush twice a day as they should! That is not so much their fault but their parent’s fault – most Romanian kids grow up in a household without one toothbrush in it.

      They have 2 main characteristics apart from that – they are all racist when it comes to Gypsies because they do not know any better.
      The second characteristic is that they are ‘profoundly religious’ up to the point of, racism or xenophobia. Their ‘Christianity’ stops there. None of them ever read the Bible themselves, they just ‘heard’ of it from some very poorly educated priest, so they don’t know that all God’s creatures are born equal, they prefer to discriminate.

      Not all Romanian women are highly educated because a University Degree doesn’t make you smarter, it just qualifies you for a trade/job/profession.
      Education is something else – it implies lots and lots of reading, travelling and personal growth. That is not what a Degree confers you automatically.

      Romanian women are materialistic. They love money and position in society – from that point of view they are rather snobbish in general.
      They would ‘kiss ass’ all over the place based on that criteria. If someone is related to a politician, doctor, university professor or CEO, they would bow to that person, seek their company, and if they have a chance to get any attention from that person, they would name -drop him or her endlessly until the cows come home…
      They would marry and old guy if he’s rich enough, they would marry any Mafia guy if he can afford to lavish them with presents, they are not choosy when it comes to money.
      I’ve met a lot of Vietnamese and Indian and American or Chinese girls who think just the same – so there, Romanian girls are like any other girls.
      Except they don’t have lots and lots of self respect to be a bit feminist, because they were educated by old fashioned and very simple mothers who have taught them the husband and the priest are some kind of Gods.
      After marriage thy change though, becoming all of a sudden ‘independent’ and argumentative.
      Romanian women talk A LOT. They chirp and chirp and love to gossip a lot.
      They smack their children as well because they don’t know any better – this is how they were raised themselves. To them fear is a tool in ‘education’ and rearing of kiddies.

      So in general they are like most other women except that they are less progressive socially and their fashion sense is highly questionable. They tend to reveal too much leg, too much cleavage, they adorn themselves with too much jewellery.

      Otherwise they seem to be more intelligent than many other women from other countries – but what is the use when that intelligence cannot lead them to enough tolerance to accept gays, Gypsies, Blacks and Jews?
      It’s in my opinion a waste of a good thing with no realistic application to life.

      The only positive in this is that with patience and love one can educate a Romanian woman but only abroad.
      Inside Romania on the other hand, she would succumb to peers and she’ll stay the same – no matter what.
      And be aware of the in-laws – the parents of a Romanian woman will always think that the marriage of their daughter is their personal business and they should have a lot of say about that.

      1. Why do you see so much negativity? Who are you to be the town crier of negativity? Are you Romanian and you do not like your own people? Just because you are Romanian does not mean you are an expert on the whole country nor am I, but I do know many devout good people from Romania that are trying the best they can in live to live good human and Christian lives with humble day to day living.

        So many new Romanians think themselves better when they move abroad, but this is only arrogance. I prefer simple humble faithful people than Romanians diaspora who have a better than thou attitude.

      2. I enjoyed reading your comments. I have seen much of this myself while in Romania. A friend of mine is married to Romanian man and she spends much of her time explaining to him what is acceptable in the US. They love each other very much, but some of the old ways die hard.

        The money comments seem true. My gf seemed always very free with my money when we were out with her family or friends. After the first trip to meet the family, I paid for everything all the time. I was a free ATM machine.

        So good information. thanks for writing this.

      3. To Mrs Old
        You can educate Romanian women abroad.
        Some of the things you said are true, but not for the reason you said they are. You see in fact there are people who read the Bible and they guide their life from there.

        Whoever respect themselves reads at least once the Bible. It’s true most of Romanian girls are into marriage but not because their parents want it but because that’s what they learn from the Bible which you say they don’t read. That a life should be build inside of a marriage. Maybe some of them are racist because they got sick of keep getting compared with gypsies who beg for their money while they work their butts having two jobs so they can afford to pay collage and sand money home to their family. It’s true they are into love and marriage but better then to be into one night stands they do talk a lot because they are insecure no matter how beautiful they are or how confident they seem to be (it’s because for a long time women haven’t had a say anywhere, politics, society, education).

        Romanian woman are strong, they don’t show what they really feel so they won’t get hurt. They don’t show fear even if they feel it. They get slapped and still keep a smile on their faces and carry on. (some of the Romanian guys are really violent) but they stick to their family for the sick of their kids happiness.They are not ‘freak controls’ but they like order. And specially inside of a family they are the once that keep the family together not the men.
        Materialistic are a few girls who were not blessed with ‘the brains’ but with ‘the body’. Therefore they use their bodies to get what they want while others use their brains.

        If you call yourself a Romanian and that’s all you think about them its sad, it could only mean you were either raised by a TV and mass-media or you just hate them so much you never gave yourself a chance to see how they really are.

    2. It’s interesting because I always ran away from wwm-s (white western male). So, dear sir, do not generalize as you might be wrong. Marry a Western European guy? Hmmm, no thanks. I am not into atheism, alcohol, weed and abandoning grandparents in “maisons de repos” (asylums). And I am one of the educated RO ladies who would not fall for the Western way of living (anecdote: when I went to study in Belgium I discovered there are hotlines for suicidal persons – this is unheard of in my sunny, beautiful and ethical country).

  11. I used to live for six years in Romania since my company has spread in almost every city of every eastern European country.
    I have lived in Bucuresti, Iasi, Brasov, Timisoara, Cluj-Napoca, Sibiu and Targu Mures.
    Thank God I now left that awful country that is still very behind and I am currently located in – Prague – Czech Republic – which is
    200 years forward than Romania.

    Things that disguisted me in Romania :

    Romanian People’s poor limited sick mentality

    For example, in Romania it doesn’t matter if you have a university diploma, you speak 5 foreign languages and your IQ is above 120
    because since you find a wallet in the street and you hand it to the police you are considered “STUPID” by Romanians.

    In Romania it doesn’t matter if your IQ is below 85 you don’t even know how to spell your name, you ignore essential things etc. because since you find a wallet in the street and you keep it for yourself you are considered intelligent by Romanians.

    Negative energy anytime anywhere in Romania

    Romania really surprised me with its mean, sad and permanently angry people who HATE anyone that looks happy.

    Lack of Hygiene in most places in Romania

    Romanians don’t care about being clean and tidy. You might go to a restaurant and see dead insects into your
    Ciorba de burta (Romanian Soup), or dirty plates and glasses or a waiter that has filthy hands.
    You might go to a 4 star hotel and see dirty sheets (not well washed) with marks on them, rough towels with a bad smell and
    cockroaches making a parade in the bathroom. If That’s how a Romanian 4 star hotel is I don’t want to imagine
    how an 1 or a 2 star Romanian hotel might be.

    Almost all Romanians have halitosis

    Romanians have always a bad breath that Stinks from distance. I think this is because they don’t have money to fix their bad teeth and they let them get rotten. They also let their stomach empty without eating anything at all for many hours and that combination makes their mouth terribly
    stinky. The thing that made me furious is that they don’t realize how nasty their breath is and when they talk to you they come very close.
    There were many times that i had to tell them :
    “Stai mai departe de mine te rog nu vii asa de aproape”
    “Please keep a distance don’t come so close to me”
    During my first year in Romania, Cluj-Napoca i didn’t have a car so I had to move always with a taxi.
    All the taxi drivers in Cluj Napoca had that halitosis so I always used to sit in the back seat and open wide the window.

    Inferiority complexes in Eastern Europe

    When you speak to a Romanian you realize within minutes that he/she’s full of inferiority complexes.
    Of course they know how bad their country and culture is and they are always acting weird and funny sometimes.
    I have seen adults over 35 years old acting like teens 12-13 years old. They obviously haven’t worked on their personality development.

    Romanians blame the Roma(Gypsies) but they are actually same as them in most things

    In Romania you will often see people blaming the Gypsies but the funny thing is that these people dress the same as Gypsies, act exactly like Gypsies (yell in public places, spit down on the floor, beat each other, try to steal your money even in the stores or receptions etc), Smell the same as Gypsies smell (you don’t want to get close to any Romanian when sweaty believe me), Listen to the same music that the Gypsies listen – manele – is a gypsies Romanian type of music that they play in every social event (weddings, birthday parties etc) !

    Romanian Girls/Women are extremely insecure

    All the men I used to know in Romania had the same problem. They had to answer every five minutes to their wives’ phone calls which they were always asking the same things.
    “Unde Esti ? Ce Faci Acum ? Cu Cine Esti ?”
    “Where Are You ? What Are You Doing Right Now ? Who With ?”
    Romanian Females have all the complexes of the world.
    I have seen girls in Romania hiding their mouths with their hands when smiling or laughing just to hide their teeth.
    Romanian Females want your attention Anywhere, anytime. When I was walking in Romanian Streets (full of holes), in Romanian
    Malls (very poor compared to the German ones), in the Super Markets, in squares, in parks etc. I used to see Romanian Girls Looking at Me all the time. They were expecting from me to look back at them
    So desperately and they were really angry if I haven’t given them a glance. Some used to hurry and try to walk in front of me or the ones who were with a friend (another girl) were trying to force a fake (nervous) laugh come out just to get some of my attention. But I knew about their insecurities and complexes and made them suffer more than they used to. I was totally ignoring them. It is that simple.

    Targu Mures was the best place in Romania

    If there was a place in Romania that I could say it was less bad than the rest of this garbage 3rd world undeveloped Gypsy country
    that was Targu Mures. And this is because 50% of the population over there is Hungarian and they had a level closer to the
    Western European Standards. Hungarian Girls/Women apart from being way taller and sexier than Romanian girls/Women, they also had a way better mentality, personality and Hygiene. Hungarian females didn’t smell. I keep the good memories from Targu Mures Thanks to Hungarian Women
    and to Hungarian people in general.

    I never liked Hungary or Hungarians in general to be honest but compared to Romanians (Gypsies) after 6 years Hungarians seemed to
    me really wonderful. But not anymore. Right Now I am Lucky To Be In Prague – CZ – which is 1.000 times better than Gypsy-Romania and 100 times better
    than Hungary.

    1. I disagree. What you write is not true and hurtful to people because it is not true. Where are you from? You judge people so hard, for being negative for example, yet you are negative and cynical yourself and come into a place with a bit of arrogance like everything should look like jolly old London (ironic). Where are you from?

      First explain to me how Romanians are behind Czech republic for example? Is your yardstick money? Is money and material wealth your god?

      The Czech republic sits on top of Germany, a Germany that did not pay for the war and a west that left countries like Romania and Poland to the Soviets. Further, even if Prague is more advanced than parts of Romania, what is your measure? GDP pumped by credit and now we have a West build on fake money?

      What about morality? What about divorce and family? I think Prague is a divorce capital and the massage trade is everywhere there.

      Romanian women I would trust more in marriage, that is just me, because I think they are more devout and loyal. Czech is a feminised place. If you want to marry a feminist girl, do it, please. You will regret it. I mean are you married? If not why?

      I do appreciate your contribution in terms of experience but I disagree and would like to hear more on your measures of goodness and virtue.

      1. Sorry to have to agree with some of the more negative comments on some Romanian women but its true. Or near enough. reading the comments about the ” bunny boilers” made me laugh.

        My experience as a Brit who had a Romanian girlfriend for a year or so is as follows:

        1. from early on in the relationship there was a strange and very quick or even instant change from very loving to very wicked and nasty.

        2. phoney and false, and very easy to spot her interest in money and material things.

        3. she got on better with boys than she did girls, (her own words) , and wanted to be the centre of attention ( also her own words), she found that she got on better with her friends husbands and boyfriends more than her actual friends, ( no wonder she didn’t have many real friends, no girl likes a friend who is flirting with her man!)

        4. she was very insecure, constant asking the ” where, when and with whom”.

        5. she would lie through her teeth for hours until finally admitting those lies as if it was second nature and there was no harm done.

        6. she didn’t like giving her body in ways I like ( her own words again) , but loved and expected to receive it.

        7. all in all, very unstable and very jealous, and very vindictive ( bunny boiler had entered my own mind before having read it on
        this forum), lots of highs and then lows,
        moody, huffy, immature manipulative, bossy ( not attractive in any female, don’t care how hot they are), drama queen 100%, which ties in with her always trying to be the centre of attention , apart from all of this, hell of a nice girl. Not.

        This is only my experience with the girl I was with, you cant generalize in life and I am sure somewhere out there there will be really nice, normal Romanian girls. Whats more all these negative, personality traits are easy spotted so in the end its up to each man whether they want to tolerate this or not. For me life is way to short to be putting up with this kind of behavior.

    2. I don’t even know how I stumbled on his site, but the subject is interesting.
      I’ve been living in Romania for 15 years and I can assure anyone that all you’ve written is true. About 80-90% of the population/places are as you mentioned, however if you are lucky enough you can find that 10% which is the total opposite.
      I can’t even imagine what the people reading the articles here imagine. Romania is a paradise in which you’ll find girls looking like models everywhere, girls who are faithful and so on (almost the perfect girl definition)? Don’t make me laugh, you won’t find anywhere in the world a country like that.

    3. Hey, I have the slight feeling that you are German, in which case I would like to kindly wish you a (use your imagination and fill in German language adjective). However, since I am not sure, I will continue in English: You obviously experienced some kind of major trauma in Romania, maybe a beautiful girl mistakenly had followed you to your hotel room and your boat could not float, or you are simply the most complexed and sad creature I’ve ever seen – though only virtually.

      All the nonsense in your post is a disgusting and untrue offense, therefore, I do not even seek to argument against. I do, however, want to say that Romania is a better country now that you are gone.

      I am a Romanian girl who has been raised in Germany, but I’ve spent a couple of years in Bucharest. Romanian women are very beautiful and tend to be much thinner than other nationalities. The quintessential thing in winning a Romanian woman is being well-mannered. Eastern European women in general tend to value old school manners more, partly because feminismisn not a wide-spread movement here. In communism, everyone had to work, we consider feminism as in Germany for instance to be a spoilt society’s phenomenon. Romanian women tend to dress in a more feminine manner than Western girls. Of course you have both the materialistic and the humble, nice species, but that is everywhere the case. I tend to believe that Romanian women are more liberal in their behavior than Western girls, whom I find to be very stiff and anal, but once they have a relationship, most will become very jealous and possessive, a thing I dislike about my co-nationals.

      Nevertheless, Romanian women are an adventure, and will, in most cases, be very beautiful, sharp and wild creatures.

      As for Mark, again, who was the reason I wrote this comment in the first place, I feel very sorry for you, you are probably a little, little loser in a greyzone company (why moving around this often in 6 years? Very interesting indeed) who got most frustrated from not being able to adapt in any way. And since I have the feeling that you are German (like me, so I have the moral authority to say this), I can tell you for sure that I have never seen a nation with more deep-rooted inferiority complexes than the Germans.

    4. I agree with the halitosis because a girl from Romania I was spending time with had it bad.saying that she was the most beautiful, kind and honest person I have ever met.
      Very intelligent too.
      I agree she was very insecure and always wanted attention ! Didn’t like this too much as I consider it flirting and im not a big fan of that. She didnt feel it was flirting though. Many people did always say how sweet and sincere she was.
      I’m 29 from London and feel that I’d agree with 50% of the above comment

      Thanks for reading

      Any comments on my on my reply are appreciated.

      1. I would not base your idea about Romania on one person or even ten. I mean when I use to ride the NYC subway from work, that was a problem, but Romania, the people are clean. If you had a case someone with halitosis that might have been an exception.
        The country is a beautiful place.

    5. I agree with your comments, very accurate,thank you for posting my thoughts.
      Thanks god I live in this country since 1985.

      Cu ,sinceritate, Mihai Alex.

      1. Mihai,

        Ce pot sa zic de comentariul postat de catre tine? Imi este jena sa zic ca esti roman. Si eu locuiesc de Foarte multi ani in America de Nord, dar sunt o patrioata convinsa.

    6. I was born Romanian and as my pseudonym says, I’m in my late Fifties.
      I was born in Satu-Mare and I also lived in Banat, Moldova (the Romanian slice)Bucharest and Baia-Mare and I have to admit that a lot of things you guys said are exactly as you said they are.
      Yes, Romanian women are vindictive, needy, dependable, materialistic and lack self confidence and pride.
      Yes, Romanians are old fashioned, underdeveloped spiritually and the only spirituality they know is religion – which they misinterpret and completely misunderstand. They think they can be as dishonest as they want as long as they pray to God to be forgiven, they can get away with whatever.
      I also agree with what Mark said about Hungarians – yes, they are cleaner, more open-minded, more polite, they smell good, but they are as racist and as xenophobic as the Romanians nonetheless.

      The facts you guys enlisted above made me leave the country and I have to admit that when I left I was a homophobic, a misogynistic-pessimistic person myself. I am honest in admitting that and I have to tell you that those are not incurable defects….:) they are cultural aberrations one can work on and change…I’m not ashamed to admit it because I worked hard and I changed all that.
      I take pride on being tolerant, sympathetic and friendly, I smile, I understand other people and love to share my experiences with them.
      I also love the truth above all.
      I have a deep compassion for the Romanian Gypsies because I know how us, the Romanians, treated them for centuries and set the worst possible example to them.

      There’s no hope for Romania as long as the Romanians don’t accept the harshest criticism, don’t admit to the truth, don’t open their eyes to see themselves as they are and don’t push for the change buttons in force!
      Thank you for your honesty guys. What you posted did not insult me at all because I don’t find myself in what you said, but I know you were right from the start, as I visited the country last year and saw all that with my own eyes right there. I also saw a lot of changes – because you can imagine – 20 years ago was even worse.
      To be better the Romanians have to accept that Romania was never a superpower locally, except in their minds.
      It’s OK to love your country as it is, the way you love your mother even if she’s ugly, or stupid or uneducated – but you do not have to embellish her, just love her for the real person she is.
      You cannot choose your relatives the same way you cannot choose the country you were born in, but you can try to better them both

    7. Mike, I am a Romanian girl and you are a jerk, this is the perfect word to describe you, honestly. You are a complete ignorant and you have no idea how Romania really is. You say we are dirty? really? you lived with the gypsies I supposed and I think that you are the one how smells , because I cannot smell anyone, apart from the gypsies and foreigners like you. You are so disgusting and you are a bad and ugly person.
      You cannot judge the hole country and the girls living there because of your working girl encounters. I am ashamed of seeing what you have posted here. Mark only because you came from I do not know what country and probably you think you are the most beautiful and cleanest person in the world, you are an arrogant.
      You have my full disagreement and people should´t even read what you have posted here because it is clear that your journey there was not as you expected, probably you are not a happy person and you are frustrated of our own life. If you disliked my country why you got there fist and why did you stay there for so long?
      So I would have so many things to say you, but you do not deserve my attention or anyone else attention.
      I want to let you a clear message in Romanian as I can see you probably know some of these words as I am sure people in Romania that hated you told you: what kind of person you are.

      1. Hi everyone,

        I agree with everyone’s comments with regards to the message posted by Mike.

        Mike, you are an awful human being. Human garbage who regurgitated garbage in his message. Where are you from? Why did you stay in Romania for so long? Because you were an unfit garbage in your own country?
        How do you dear to talk like that about the Romanian people? I am Romanian and very infuriated with the message you posted. I am glad to read though that you left the country: thanks God- because you left, Romania is a better and cleaner place! I am sure you pollute the air wherever you are.
        I am a Romanian who traveled to different parts of the world, in industrial vs. non-industrial nations. I can never lay any judgments of the people I met. I am sure if we would meet you, you wouldn’t be more than what you said about the Romanian people; you were a minuscule piece of nothing in a beautiful country that didn’t need you. Guess who are the dirtiest who go there? People like you. You can recognize a westerner, or, I shall say some westerners like you by his appearance and attire. It stinks.
        Get some piece of mind. You have some really deep-rooted issues! And, please go back to your country wherever you are.

    8. My dear sir, is there anything positive in your poor deprived life? Sorry to say this, but you seem an awfully pessimistic person who does nothing but criticize others. Gee! Halitosis, insecurity, thieves, I think you have watched too many Dracula/wild wild West movies and, also, got rejected by some of my fellow countrywomen. This is funny, go in front of you to make you look at them! Was that in an orphanage, if I may ask? Or probably you went to a pet shelter and I misunderstood you. You are exactly the arrogant Westerner guy that we hate here. Follow my advice: stay away from this country, you will be doing us a huge favor.

    9. 97 % of what you said is not true and we have one of the newest malls in the world. Culture and traditions, music, hospitality, traditional costumes you will never find in other country. In Romania men are mes and women are women in west your women are cheating you in your own bedroom when you are at home. A real Romanian woman is a goddess and you wish to have a Romanian women but not all dreams come through. About Czech women they are attractive girls but not family oriented girls. I have been to Czech republic and I never seen so ‘open’ women and drinking friendly.
      Thank goodness you left Romania now it’s a better country without you.

  12. well written blog, I have lived in europe myself, for many years, and my wife is Romanian, when she red this she laughed.. however 99% is accurate.. yes. Romania is a rich culture, and you really have to understand this, and grab a history book, much of Romania is untouched, and very historic. Money is not everything, and if you can grasp this idea.. you will do well. We live in a village 6 months out of the year not far from brasov, anyway. We do not have internet, we have a land line, we go to the butcher, the baker and the candle stick maker. We grow a lot of our own veggies, we eat a lot of soup, we make butter, and even have a few laying hens, our house is 700 sq ft, we drive a 20-year-old daci, but the bicycle is more reliable, but we are happy. We live on less than 500 euro per month, and bank the rest of my retirement, for the most part, if you want a handmade wool sweater, and you buy it in Ireland. It will be well over 200 bucks.. get the same or better quality in the village for about 20, and is really hand-made, and you can probably meet the sheep if you want. means a lot this basic way of living.


  13. Christopher, what you’ve described sounds close to heaven to me.

  14. To counter some of the negative comments above, I think I can speak with authority. I have now been to Romania on five occasions since 1989 and all I can say is that the Romanian people are some of the most friendly people I have ever met and Romanian women are among some of the most beautiful I have ever seen in europe. I return to Romania in 2 weeks and cannot wait.

  15. ‘ Romania was a regional superpower for hundreds of years’

    And when was that?

    Romania did not exist till 19th Century.

    Principalities of Walachia and Moldavia were minor players in the local game and never superpowers like for example Serbia.
    The highest point of Romanian military might was under Vlad Tepes the Impeller, one of the nastiest characters of history.

    Still no doubt Romania has a rich culture like anywhere else but it is not right to over-glorify.

    I have no doubt there are lovely and faithful Romanian women but as it is said where there is fire there is smoke.

    Robert Kaplan in his book Balkan Ghosts writes that ‘working girls have such a deep-rooted tradition Romania that there is a charming naturalness and innocence about it’

    Yes women of all nationalities engage in this profession but certain nationalities are represented out of proportion to their population, Romania and Ukraine are two such countries.

    1. I do not even know how to reply to such an ignorant comment. Robert Kaplan was a fanatic that advocated the USA attack Iraq. He was on the inside the defense department in terms of influence. That was one of the biggest mistakes in history. Iraq did not have weapons of mass distraction and the war destroyed millions of lives he was one of the biggest supporters and influencers.

      He failed at several newspapers to be a writer but got on the inside and published a book. Big deal, many journalist make names by making crazy statements. The guy was an Iraq war fanatic at least initially. Not a wise guy in my book. He is a journalist. And to make a statement like that is equally in poor taste as most of what he writes.

      I see his poor book on the one dollar table at street side book sales. I feel sorry for people who read Robert Kaplan. Kaplan Iraqi war advocate I would not trust.

      He has no degrees in Economics and no quality research published. I do. He has no sensitivity, he is just a silly journalist that people buy his books now and will not be remembered. Consider the economics of the countries and not make some statement based on personal bias. Try to see the good in all people.

      What about the ideal of the enlightenment? What about the idea that all men are created equal and given a chance are innately good. To say it is a deep-rooted tradition is not true. It is the same as every other culture. You could say Israel has this as a deep-rooted tradition or Germany or the French. I resent you implying that Ukraine or Romania has a deep-rooted tradition. If it does exist it does because of the collapse of communism and the economic upheaval because the UK and the USA sold out Eastern Europe to Stalin at the Yalta conference.

      Romania has almost no divorce while in the UK and the USA single mothers households are the norm now and women divorce on a dime. One could say the UK has a deep-rooted tradition of divorce as King started the English reformation because he wanted multi wives. You could say anything. Just try to be more positive.

      My family is from Ukraine and many of my friends and I have lived in Eastern Europe longer than Robert Kaplan or you and a citizen there and I can tell you the girl are moral, and religious and good.

      If you want to debate me on this point let’s do it. The reason Western guys go there is not that their country has a disproportional amount of working girls relative to their economic situation, but rather, the women are so beautiful relative to their own and because of the economic collapse after communism they are less expensive to take on a date and other things.

      I do not know where you are from but say you take a Ukrainian or Romanian girl to dinner, it cost ten dollars maybe twenty, in the USA it could cost 100 dollars or 200 dollars as the prices for a date are higher and the expectations are too. So swarms of single guys naturally go to a country that has beautiful moral women and try to win their hearts.

      Please do not critizes cultures based on some lib journalists who are a little off.

      However, I will give you the point Romania was a regional player for many years but not a global imperialist power like Germany or England.

      But also Western Europeans look at history from a 19th and 20th century perspective and this is short-sighted. I think the Middle Ages and renaissance has a larger timeframe and this is when Romania, even if it was called something else had a large influence in the area.

      1. Well let us forget Kaplan as I can see you hate him and I have no love for him either.
        I would however disagree with your patronizing words like you feel sorry for people who do certain things for such words show a bias, the same bias people who made plans to attack Iraq or any other atrocity use, they would say; ‘Oh Chomsky is talking about how bad it is to attack Iraq but he is a communist and we feel sorry about the people who read his books’

        I have not taken a girl out on a dinner in Romania but I have in Ukraine and it certainly is not cheep so your argument there is flawed.

        I don’t think you are that naïve not to know why hordes of ‘johns’ who are tourists head for certain countries, yes the reason is availability of what they want which is young women and lower prices, what the meals cost is not part of the equation.

        Yes finding young and attractive women to marry is also a motivation for many but do you really think a 55 year old American, fat and bald finds a 20 year old girl to marry is just love?

        I have already accepted that there are nice, moral and faithful girls everywhere including Romania, Ukraine and well the USA.

        As I wrote before the only time Romania, or the Romanian principalities of Walachia and Moldavia had any regional influence was a very short period in the 15th century under Vlad Tepes and Stephen the great respectively.
        Unfortunately Vlad is not a national hero to be proud of.

        PS: I am from the UK

        1. You are right about Romania not being as big as something like Poland or Germany, but I like Romania and the size of the country is not always an indicator of culture. I want to say good things about a country like Romania as I understand how hard the history has been and how hard the people have had to endure. I do think you can point to writes and thinkers from Romania who are amazing. I loved reading them at University.

          Dating in Eastern Europe
          I only go to cheap restaurants in Eastern Europe as the cooking is homemade by old ladies and the prices are good. If a girl in Ukraine wants an expensive restaurant, she is Americanized and do not waste your time.

          I spend maybe ten dollars on a meal. Even pizza in Krakow where I lived was maybe 5 bucks at a good place. I can send you a link to the prices. I can not see spending money on chicks in Eastern Europe as they will quickly make the connection between money and dating. You do not want that.

          Money and girls is a dangerous mix.

          You want to make them think you are poor and they will love you for who you are.

          Do not spend money on girls in Eastern Europe. If you go to Ukraine take them to a student cafeteria. I love those places. Nice Pierogi and Borscht for cheap prices. Yummy.

          Eastern European girls go for nice guys

          100% of my friends in Eastern Europe or married Eastern European women are not fat, bald and old. They are smart, entrepreneurs and more fit than their domestic counterparts. I only know good-looking guys marrying Eastern European girls. I am good-looking, my friend Erik is an author published on CNN in time magazine and could be a model and my friend Patrick is a poet. They live in Eastern Europe.

          My friend Trevor runs a large UK company and he is married in Eastern Europe and younger than his wife and his wife has more money.

          Look up Mark Brooks. He runs and I do not think he is fat and old and bald and his girlfriend or wife is from Eastern Europe. I can imagine there are exceptions just like anywhere. But in contrast I think the best and the brightest find nice moral wives in Eastern Europe.

          My friend at work Scott is in management for a large company and his wife is from Eastern Europe and he is a fitness guy, I could go on.

          In contrast, I see a lot of sugar daddy in the USA I do not know if they are in the UK as well. My brother is a UK citizen by the way, it is a nice place, by the way.

          Money and women in Eastern Europe for working girls
          Johns go to Eastern Europe for Economics. They go to poor countries and they take advantage of the poverty, it is an old story. Rich imperialist countries taking advantage of the poorer based on economics.

          I am a capitalist by the way, but Adam Smith believed in enlighten self interest. The enlightenment was about morals and rationality not using money to use people.

          But to say it is part of their culture. No. It happened when Roosevelt and Churchill gave Eastern Europe to Stalin. Now Johns form the west use women as a modern form of slavery.

          Sorry I went off on that journalist, I guess it is he is a sore spot as I am a Libertarian and do not believe in overseas wars of prevention like Iraq. It bankrupted the USA partly. The guy is not a good writer. Norman Davies writes about Poland but is a much better writer of Eastern Europe than that joker.

          1. Hello Admin (sorry I don’t know your name)

            Yes you are right there is a mix of people of every type.
            After my marriage to an English woman failed I looked at Eastern Europe and dated a few Ukrainian and Russian women.
            I was in a relationship with a Ukrainian girl for a while and I got quite a bit into Ukrainian culture and history but perhaps as the relationship went sour I am not as positive about Eastern European women as you are, or would have been if I had a Eastern European woman by my side.
            Anyway during the time I was travelling those roads I met several men directly or on discussion boards who were on the same quest and the number of men who had married women 10, 15 even 20 years younger was disproportionately high as compared to what I see around me in the UK, maybe US is different so I don’t know.

            I know many men who started to look for a woman in Russia or Ukraine who were 50 and at the start said they would never marry anyone more than 10 years younger yet ended up marrying 20 or 25-year-old girls. When asked what happened they would just shrug their shoulders and say they don’t know, love is blind blah blah

            Yes one can find cheap places to eat in Poland or Eastern Europe but also in the UK, what I meant to say was that considering the expense it involves to date a woman in Eastern Europe as compared to where one lives it will be more and not less expensive.

            I agree economics is the reason and to blame the culture for such unfortunate situations is not fair, yet at the same time economics or not there is relative ease (or so it seemsI know many men who started to look for a woman in Russia or Ukraine who were 50 and at the start said they would never marry anyone more than 10 years younger yet ended up marrying 20 or 25-year-old girls. When asked what happened they would just shrug their shoulders and say they don’t know, love is blind blah blah

            Yes one can find cheap places to eat in Poland or Eastern Europe but also in the UK, what I meant to say was that considering the expense it involves to date a woman in Eastern Europe as compared to where one lives it will be more and not less expensive.

            I agree economics is the reason and to blame the culture for such unfortunate situations is not fair, yet at the same time economics or not there is relative ease (or so it seems) for the Western men to be able to marry women from Eastern Europe or the buy physical relations there. This is a fact, you can say it is wrong and sad but it cannot be denied.

            You mentioned low divorce rates, but is it a statistic that always means something good for the society?
            It is always possible for women in a society to be so dependent on men that they are unable to survive independently and so decide to remain in a marriage regardless of what the men put them through.
            Olivia Manning in The Balkan Trilogy says about Bucharest (and this is before it was given to Stalin by the Allies);

            ‘Morality here is based not on not doing, but on recognising what is being done’

            This may or may not be true about Romania, but it is true about many nations and cultures that have low divorce rates.

          2. The issue with women and age is what we learned by living in the UK and the USA. We think women should be the same age as men. They could be but the reality is, men mature much slower than women and look better longer. Women have a short time to reproduce.

            Nothing wrong with dating a younger woman. What is wrong is using women. What is wrong is wasting women’s time. What is wrong is when women divorce men or men hurt women physically. But dating a younger woman, I think it is all over history, the Bible and male fantasies.

            There are many thing on this earth you can not do, and that is basically hurting people. But dating a hot young girl and making her your bride, only a feminist program encoded in a male brain would have an issue with this.

            Feminists have dropped many programs into male brains of guys in the USA and the UK, and I think men need to be deprogrammed. If you are 37 date a girl who is 25, what is wrong with that?

            Further if you marry a woman too close in age many of my friends say they will try to compete with you. Women like older men like men like younger women. Look at any movie star. I believe age does not matter as no one knows exactly how long they live. People say girls live longer but not much any more and God calls us from this earth on his time not our.

            It is that we will never be here again, that makes so sweet.

            So do not believe the UK and American myth that you date girls around your age. Never in evolution was it like that. In history and evolution I think about ten years is a good difference, but maybe more.

            Basically like Brad Pitt or any movie star out there you want to find a nice hot young girl who you will enjoy physically.

            If you read my website I am all about true love but I also believe in evolution and nature and men and women have reproductive motivations that steer love. There is nothing wrong with it. What is so wrong with enjoying your life? Marrying someone who you love no matter what the age. What I do not understand is why people in the west care about age so much? Everything is about age and de-aging and beauty. What about live for today as this is all we have. I am not talking about a 50 year age difference but some of the happiest if not the happiest marriages I know that have lasted 30 + years are great age differences. My life long friends have 12 years age difference, I have 14 years, my Uncle had 15 years my other friends had 20 years and everything was fine and happy and is.

            If you take anti-oxidants and have a caloric restrictive diet you will out live most people.

            Age is not a factor. I think 15 years is good, maybe 10 but when you have women the same age it does not fit for reproduction as well. Plus children born of older fathers live longer you know.

            Guys that date women the same age often waste their time as they are not mentally ready to have kids until it is too late for the girl, that is why women like older men. Men that know what they want. One of my friend is 60 and accidently just had a kid with an American girl. But the girl is wonderful and a blessing.

            People live longer. Life is different now.

            What is a factor is the person you meet sees the world the same way. That is important. That is a soulmate.

            Also looks are important.

            About spending on women. Do not do it. I never did. Spend money on your wife but not your dates. That you will smoke out their real motives.

          3. You make me smile. Just like the wrong belief (as you claim) that men and women should be closer in age the arguments for a man to marry a much younger girl are based on fantasies, male fantasies.
            15 years is good, so a man who wants to marry at say 28 would be OK with a 13 year old?
            Men mature slowly? Well perhaps some do and some never mature mentally so it is for a man-child aged 60 to look for a 20 year old who will be closed to his mental age?
            In the oriental societies like the Arabs they have cultural beliefs that a man cannot be satisfied with one woman and besides women have menstrual periods so what shall a man do then?
            And they agree with you that a woman’s beauty declines fast as compared to a man’s, so they have polygamy with men marrying women as they go along in life.
            Who told you women no longer outlive men? Looking at Eastern Europe women outlive men by 8-12 years and in Western Europe by 5-8 years, so with large age gaps a woman faces years of living alone after the much older man who has physically enjoyed her youth passes one.
            Do you really believe the world of actors and models is a real world to be used a role model? I thought you believed in stable long lasting relationships while actors seldom have marriages that last more then few years.
            Children of older fathers live longer? Where did you get this from?
            Even if it is true what is the point of fathering a child and dieing soon afterwards so that the child lives most of his/her long life without a father?

          4. Wow you should marry a girl older than you.

            Why are you so negative about Eastern Europe and judgemental about people and the way they choose to live their lives?

   There are many things besides this that indicated that children of older fathers live longer.
            Life expectancy is at birth. But if a man makes it to 40 he will live longer statistically as men take risks and are in wars and drink and do crazy things in their youth, so it brings their life expectancy down and the male female ratio changes.

            Also if you do yoga and take vitamins and live in a positive way like go to church every week, this extends your life.

            You have to read behind statistics. I worked for an insurance company and life expectancy I would love to talk about. It is all see in actuary tables.

            Genetics plays a role as does lifestyle and luck. But no one knows how long they will live, except God the father in heaven. But if you want to engineer your life based on actuary tables go ahead. I think life is an art not a science and love is blind and wonderful and you have it you would not talk in such a silly judgemental way.

            I never said 13 you are just being rude. You take a possibility and take extreme examples with your logic.
            But I recommend you marry someone your age or older and write me when she is 50 and you are 44. I think you will do the Ashton Kutcher Demi Moore thing. Just do it and be gone.

            All you see is negative. You are very negative and cynical.

            I live in Florida on an island and life expectancy for men who are my age is almost 90. My Uncle was 98 and still had a girlfriend and won second place in a dance contest and just bought a new pickup truck. If I live to 90 lets say my wife and I would be together over 50 years. 50 years of happiness and family.
            I work at home so we are together 24/7 and not really apart. Everyday is joy.

            You will limit yourself on a number. Marry an older woman if you want. What do I care. I think there are examples of relationships like that. You want to marry someone who looks like someone from the golden girls, go ahead. What do I care.

            And cynics and people who only find fault are no fun to be arround.

            Prove to me you are correct and do it. The UK has such a low divorce rate and low rate of single mothers and you seem to be toeing the party line so go for it and prove to me you have the courage of your convictions and your words are not just talk and marry someone your age or older.

            The film ‘Harold and Maude’ is a good example and I really have no problem with that.

            If it is love why not. Because you believe in true love right? I am sure someone would marry you and be happy.

            Love is only love when it is not conditional.

          5. ‘But I recommend you marry someone your age or older and write me when she is 50 and you are 44’

            Can’t do it, I am already 50.:)

            So you see I have seen a lot more and done a lot more than you.

            As for comparing notes, glad to as in a few years as you say I may be married to an old woman, and it is also quite possible that you will be divorced from your young one.
            Happens all the time to those who consider anyone who offers a different opinion, even if they are totally wrong (like Romania once being a regional super power) as negative and cynical.

            Yes sure I will do as you say and be gone.

          6. We are the same age (about) and I have lived around the world so I doubt your experience is more varied. About divorce it is not possible, against our religion. I think you have no religion and would not understand and I do know it is hard to be alone, try to lighten up. Man we are all friends here and this is an open conversation about peace and love. Maybe I am wrong but each person can live their life in their own way.

            Remember life expectancy is calculated at birth, if you make it to 50 the table all change. If you marry a younger girl it statistically adds years to your life. But who cares about all that. The main thing is to find your destiny, no matter what race, age or culture they are from. I mean people get married to people of the same gender in the States, what is the big deal of finding someone for you with some age difference.

            Like I said if you want to marry a woman in her 50s and 60s I have no problem with that. It is whatever is meaningful and fun for you.

    2. Not so accurate in the original post but can be explained. Romania was a super-power for hundred of years in the region in terms of military buffer between the west and the invaders. Now imagine yourself not having a full year in your hole life without having to fight and survive, protect your family and your belongings just because a horde of weird looking dudes (the mongols for example)thought your country was the shortest route to West Civ. supermarket.

      And in spite of that act normal and do cultural thinks. Can you ? Well Romanians did. Don’t know if you read some history (nothing wrong with that if you don’t) but the over exposed and exported image of Dracula for example was Bram Stoker’s creation. Has nothing to do with men itself and his personality. If you search more you will learn that his cousin Pavel Chinezul was a real psycho in modern terms. But people back them use to clive each other with pretty sharp objects and life was cheap. And the Romanians never really attacked any other nations just for the sake of it.

      In spite of that they had to produce military leaders that can put up an army out of peasants and artisans in no time and stand against real warriors. To make the final point on that, the Romanian territory had never been really conquered by anyone. The very heart of the Romanians (even if they tend to forget sometimes) is a genetic suborned to stand against any of mother nature’s or mother f…r’s malice head on and never give up. My comment may be too long but there is no simple explanation when you trace cultural behaviour from A.D up to the moment. And another anthropological fact that must be considered: the Romanian traditional basic wear is white (that has much to do with using water for crying out loud) so hygiene is not an issue and never has been.

      I’m not saying that Romanians are the greatest but with the long line of culture, sports and science personalities that Romania provided to the world Romanians have no reason to be ashamed against other Europeans. And Romanians were always one lap behind in the history run.

  16. I’m going to travel to Romania Sibiu in September 2012 (in about 3 months) as I have been invited to a Romanian wedding. I’ve read some really aweful stuff about Romania and Romanian people here and to be honest, now I’m having second thoughts before going there. Is Romania really that bad? You people mostly express your feelings about Romania, not the facts. All of you are either against Romania or For it. Haven’t seen anyone here who would logically explain both advantages and disadvantages that Romania and Romanian people have.

    It would be nice if someone could explain some stuff about Romania to me. Should I still go there ?

    1. Romania is a beautiful place, and do not listen to negative people, they are often miserable for their own reasons and spout off in a semi cynical tone most of the day on topics not connected to Eastern Europe.
      Romania is a beautiful country as are the people.

      1. Most of the people are afraid of new things. They will only travel to a Paradise like travel agency commercial kind of place without putting a million weird questions. Romania is not a perfect place. Just like any other country. There is black and white and million nuances in between. Overall the rate of violent crimes is way beyond any concern for safety. Is just like your country but a bit different in cultural terms. Any time one should visit a foreign country must leave prejudice at the border. Usually in countries there are people living. We are the same species so we can’t really be that different.

    2. I suggest you to rescue: some genuine curiosity, a little adventure spirit, your own common sense (instead of any ‘expert opinion). And return with your impresions to this quite strange blog, Belive me: you will survive.

    3. You should go to the Romanian wedding but be ready for a long day and night. It will be fun but get some rest between events) I am an American who has been to Romania a few times and have dated Romanian women. There are good and bad just like in any country though there do seem to be more bad than before. Maybe it has to do with the way the economy is going. You can tell the good from the bad very quickly so just keep your eyes open. The idea of them being the most beautiful is unproven at best. I have traveled to many countries and they are all the same. Many beautiful women everywhere but judging a book by the cover is what will get you in trouble. If there is no inner beauty the outer beauty fades quickly. If you start hearing her talk about a sick relative (usually her mother) run the other direction.

      1. I think you misunderstood me. Girlfriends’ I meant girl as a female & friend as acquaintances. I’m not a philandering gigalo, where did I mention ‘dating’?

        I have to question destiny & where god fits into all of this. We are all responsible for our own Destiny’s in the choices we make. If I choose to’ it will happen. My belief is that nothing is foretold,

        Language construct : potential wife candidate – if you read my excerpt: Beauty, intelligence, true love, flair intelligence that is what most men would want to find in a woman:
        Finding the right woman who would become a girlfriend them become a partner who would then become a wife would be in my words a ‘potential wife candidate at this stage

        I’m sorry for your misunderstandings

    4. I’m from Poland and it is the second time in Romania. Today I’ m in Sibiu actually. It’ s a very nice place, fully European city with a lot restaurant and caffe . Girls on the street are extremly beautifully and I think that they know it and are very proud of it.
      Romania is now a safe country. I recommend to visit a few places and change stereotyp of this nation (I’m not talking about gypsies but Romanian peoples).

  17. First I want to ask you to forgive me for any grammar mistake I might do. I am a Romanian 19 years old girl. I got to read this by mistake looking after a picture with a Romanian girl. First of all I’d like to say some word, Roma people, gypsies, are not as stupid and dumb as you believe, the problem is that because we act with them as we do they don’t have any other choice but to steal, rub and so on.

    My desk mate is a gypsy, she is a really smart girl who finished high school first in the class with really good grades in one of the best school in my town. I’m proud to call myself her friend and I must say I invited her over to my house and she acted very nice, full of respect and love for me and my parents, she is an educated girl and I try my best to act the same with her.

    Regarding Romanian girls I must say they are one of the best, my mother is Romanian, my sister is Romanian, and majority of my friends are Romanian. My mother works in Italy for about 8 going on 9 years now, and all the people there have only nice words to say about her, and most of my mother’s friends are really amazing women with big, kind hearts. Just because some of you met some bad girls, going after money is because you searched in the bad place. If I’d had to say something about me is that I would never marry a rich guy, I have this fear of being betrayed by him, and not with an other women, but with his money, and I really hope you understand what I mean. Coming for a simple Romanian girl: “I am normal!”

    1. Gypsies are smart, like all people. I have known some smart and talented and honest Gypsies. I think all prejudices are based on people wanting to feel better about themselves so they categories people with labels. Better is to stress the positive and see good in all. And if a person give you bad energy or feelings, avoid them and not get involved in the base activity of thinking about them, but hold nothing bad in your heart.

      I think Romanians are super people and thanks for your comment. I can not believe the misconceptions people have about Eastern Europe.

    2. I appreciated your comments. I wish you the very best in this life. Your English is great and your comments on target. So God bless you as you go through your life.

  18. I have stumbled upon this thread and just wanted to comment on it, I am not a great writer or very good at expressing myself but I will try. To start with I am a British guy who has been with a Romanian Girl for 7 years living together for 5 of them.Why I am I with a Romanian girl?

    And this is just my personal experience its her moral/values and beliefs in all aspects of her life and ours. If you are looking for a wife, a mother for your children and to build a secure family you can’t go far wrong than a Romanian women, because family and family life is number one to them it’s the most important thing. Once you have a Romanian girls love you will know you really have love and found someone who loves you. I can’t really express this in words as it’s a feeling and a knowing you just have. I love the fact she believes in US she wants the best for US is totally unselfish and completely devoted to our relationship. Romanian women believe in true love and a partner for life I cant say the same for English girls. My girlfriend is like the way she is because its the way her mother and father has raised her with good family beliefs. When I visit Romania you can see family is the most important thing when you live within a Romanian family, it’s not wealth or materialistic things because of the financial situation and i think this is a good thing.

    I laugh when i hear Romanian women are looking for a rich guy maybe some from a certain part of the country. If you want a Romanian girlfriend Avoid the north known as Moldovans from areas like Bacau etc this is where the golddiggers, prostitutes and strippers mainly come from not all the women are like this but the majority. The women here are more cold more money obsessed more like slavic women. Stay south of Brasov and you will be fine where the women are more true to their latin roots more warm and friendly etc.Most Romanian women are looking for a loving ,trustworthy and honest man who they can visualise a family with not a walking wallet.

    A quick comment to guys who say Romanian women are insecure/jealous / possessive etc remember they are a latin race so if you do not want a passionate women who loves you with all her heart don’t date a Romanian women it’s that simple.

    And a final comment to Jacob go to Romania you will have an amazing time you will see a beautiful country with a contrast of communist blocks , stunning old and new villas and breathtaking countryside. The Romanian people you meet will treat you very good especially the older generations as most have not travelled outside their countries border so meeting someone from another country is rare for them and novel. They will want to converse with you and make you feel at home. You will be fed and given drink everywhere you go so be prepared to put on a lot of weight learn to say Pofta buna at the start of a meal and to the cook and only if it’s a women say sarut mana pentru masa at the end of the meal, enjoy Romania.

    1. You write in your posting that women from the northern part of Romania -obviously your geography is off.- you say Molodova, Moldova is not in the Northern part of Romania. You also list Because,and say some nasty things about the women that are from there. I am from Bacau and I can certainly affirm that your comments are not true. It is unbelievable what you write about women from different parts of Romania. Obviously, you don’t know what you are talking about. And, others who have never been there, they may believe you! I knew that women from “south of Brasov” are more Slavic and true evils. Money obsessed, working girls, cold-hearted and so on. Not only that you don’t know your cardinal points, but you also don’t know any Romanian history. If I would be you, I would delete 98 percent of your posting. Your Romanian woman was not the only one raised with good family beliefs, in fact, it is part of their culture, regardless of their geographical position (read some anthropological studies on it.), How can a looser like you comment on this blog? You are nocive. Very negative and very superficial.

      1. I Love Romania the people are great very friendly and i recommend anyone to visit the country especially Constanta in the Summer. However any Romanian will tell you the North East (Moldovans) are the worst part of the country in terms of economics.

        1. This is just a comment for guys who are not Romanian, who are looking for a Romanian women to date/marry. Its just my opinion but look for a girl from the south/central part of Romania like Pitesti/ Ramnicu Valcea all the way down to Constanta, they are more real, less superficial, genuine and very friendly.

          Avoid places like Birlad/Bacau and generally many of the North East the girls, not all, but many here are money obsessed. They are superficial and materialistic, most things are fake about them from dying their hair black and always wearing fake tan. They try to look like the Latin girls from the south but cannot hide their Slavic look as well as their cold personalities.

          I recommend anyone to visit Romania most of its a beautiful country and most of the people are very friendly its a great country.

          Andrea I would never personally insult you like you did me so please “taci din gura te rog “.

          1. Tocmai asta ai facut prin a-ti varsa patosul pe acest site. Nu ai nici un drept de a ma jicni. Okay? Habar nu ai cine sunt-si opusul este adevarat, ce-i drept. Prefer doar sa nu imi mai raspunzi la nici o postare. Faptul ca raspunzi si insulti iti denota caracterul.

          2. Basically everyone try to make this about Romania not about things personal or negative, you know like the Fonz use to say ‘Be cool’. Also know all people and cultures are only human and no one is better or worse than the others.

            That being said, I do admire the Romanians as after living in Eastern Europe for almost a decade I can tell you Romanian is a beautiful country, the people are spiritual and sophisticated and the negative stereotypes are by people who dwell in the negative and feed off negative energy in the universe.

          3. And I mean all of them . I come from Basarabia , the lost piece of the Romanian Kingdom and i can post some ideas about how i saw the country and it’s people i moved back in 90’s to Bucharest. It was a humble city, recovering from the communist era, which was much worse in these parts because Ceucescu was an idealist and worshiping science and progress, and less of an humanitarian. Romanians were loving their pretzels because they were cheap and to be honest the poverty and the recession kept everybody down to earth.And the pretzels are back in trend now, bigger, more tasty, new recession amongst with it. It took me time to adapt, specially that coming from a small town, Bucharest was to me a harsh environment with so much diversity and not representative at all for the country.

            I know for a fact province citizens dislike the capital for many fair reasons. So please do not judge by just visiting the capital and meeting it’s people. And do not judge by few individuals you have interacted with while visiting. Unlucky some , but do not generalize. Every place has its good and bad , just admit it. The first shocking thing was to see the amount of gypsies absolutely everywhere, from the ghettos to the very heart of the downtown doing their thing with no shame. I have been robbed not just once or had other bad experiences me and my family. I cannot call them real gypsies for many reasons.You can call it a new mixed race in Romania. Gypsies live in republic of Moldova as well, but they are far more different, have more dignity and pride and choose not to interfere with the locals.I consider them to be normal people outside Romanian borders, you do not bother them, so they will not upset you.

            But again living in UK now i was stunned to meet Romanian “Roma community” even here, up north in Scotland doing dishonorable things, even wearing clothes and pretending they are Muslims begging for money. And the Manele songs which i still hate and do not understand why they play such a big part in people’s lives, when Romanian popular music and “old school” music i so much more valuable.My point is that Romanians have an amazing history to be proud of ,and values to explore and keep for the next generations.So much is being lost though westernization and absorbing ”false culture ” from abroad. What is wish for Romania is to be visited by genuine people with honorable cause and broad minded and more experienced in intersecting with people because many stories i have read about here are very subjective and sad occasions. Some just prefer to highlight the very worse , negative and sad reality . No nation is perfect. I have been to USA and Russia and will visit soon Asia and i like to take the very best of it to keep.

            My people have a lot to learn, such as freedom of faith, speech and to avoid racism and get over materialism, the communist traumatizing symptom,the complex of having more just because that will make you look you have jumped the edge, the ‘common’ that does not make you special, and definitely not more intelligent . Gaining wealth through unfair business and lack of honor will never be accepted and blessed by God; and when I say accepted i mean for the safety and honor of your children .

            I always say it loud and proud i am Romanian from Basarabia, it’s a normal thing to be a patriot and love your country. And i do not like to meet Romanians, sadly they are too many, saying they hate their country, and the famous favorite ” Romania would be a better place if it was not populated.”(see Mircea Badea TV show). Hence i do not understand where from this hatred towards your peers, does that not include your family, relatives, friends? I heard some comments about Romanian province Moldova, with all honesty, too many lies and superficial comments. The fact that it is less economical development, does that make them to look down upon ? Based on what morals then are you criticizing these people?

            About the British guy that has a Romanian Wife, if she was to be the only Romanian woman you have ever met and she is from down south, then where from such convinced opinions about ‘north-eastern’ girls. How many have you had interacted with prior to your marriage to have known them this close? Are you not being just ridiculous and exposing yourself, and just because you have learned phrases such as ‘shut up please’, does that not make you look like a very superficial individual ? There is too much to talk about and it is a huge effort to make a fair comment on this subject. Please be fair in your judgements. As for the Romanian girls subject, I find the topic itself way too over-exposed, dishonorable I would say. When I read the comments i overlook it as being a general one , and i fear for my grandparents, parents generation that are people to cherish and follow. A woman coming from a God fearing family, educated and confident is an ideal. Those who ignore the good parent’s advice and look outside and take bad examples should not be representative for a nation. Stop the lack of respect and think twice before you throw some words. A bad deed can be forgotten, yet some bad words will scar for life.

          4. A quick reply to a Proud Moldovan my views are formed with around 14 years of dating Romanian women, a majority of my adult life. Previously to being with my current relationship i was 3 years with a girl from Suceava and 3/4 years with a girl from lasi, i think that qualifies me to have an opinion on Romania and Romanian women does it not? In that 14 years I have visited Romania maybe 6 weeks a year for about 10 years many of that time spent amongst Moldovans. I can see a big difference between Moldovan and oltenian women where my fiancee is from in terms of character etc. I am not here to argue with anyone but to give an opinion especially to guys who have not visited Romania or dated a Romanian Women. My opinion is not bias as i am not Romanian for example it is natural for a Moldovan to say that the north east is a great part of Romania , you are proud of where your from but that also makes your opinion bias. In terms of as you say i have learnt a “few words or sayings” I cant write Romanian so will not attempt to here, but i speak and understand enough to get by especially as i am socializing a lot of my time with Romanians

          5. I did not comment on the economics of the North East of Romania (Moldova) in my original comment. I do not judge or criticize people on there wealth. The administrator took it upon himself to change my comment as to not cause offense to Moldovan but inherently by doing this he has made me look materialistic and superficial but I don’t think he meant too cheers Admin.

  19. It’s been interesting reading everyone’s comments. I think most topics have been discussed. In honesty you can’t brand a race & rate all of the population the same, all people/individuals are different.

    Anyway the reason why I’m here is to ask for some advice. I’m a 40 yr old single British Asian (Indian origin) Born & raised in the UK
    Having travelled the world & seen many people’s/places I have somewhat become intrigued with Romania.
    Having met many Romanian people on my travels I would say that beauty is definitely a title that they retain.
    I have had girlfriends of various origins – Chinese, Japanese, Russian, British etc, however I have never found true love, honesty, compassion, understanding. I’m a good-looking solvent guy, generous & hard working with a high standard of living. I have been told by a few people who you have not lived until you have been loved by a Romanian. Life’s getting on for me now & I’m not getting any younger & have decided to settle down. I’m planning on visiting Romania very soon & would welcome anyone’s advice on travel, where to go? Where to meet a potential wife candidate? how I would be perceived or looked upon? Being brown in skin colour – would I be prejudiced against ?
    I suppose in a way I want the candidate to have beauty with intelligence (true love) passion flair & honesty.
    Can she be found in Romania? I’ve heard the beaches are good – where the best place to go?
    Any help would be appreciated
    Thanks Neo

    1. I would just travel there and not worry about what you look like or where to go.

      However, I question the way you express yourself, such as you have had girlfriends from different nationalities before and now you think it is time to get married. What about simply believing in destiniy and living your life and hope God will lead you to your other half? You are not shopping for a wife, but rather if you have a sincere interest in the world and lets say Romania and you have good morals and are an interesting person, that is all that is required.

      Maybe it is your language construct but ‘potential wife candidates sounds like you are shopping for a wife, rather than believe in true love.
      Telling us that you have dated other people is not important, and not relavant.

      Life is an art not a science.

      1. Wise suggestions, Admin. Yes, just live in the moment. No worries about getting married, go there and just breathe, don’t think about anything.

    2. Neo,

      I don’t know if you would be prejudiced if you would go there…it is all a matter of personal preference.

      Beaches? Go to Constanta- a city located in Southern Romania, close to the Black Sea. Disregard the negative comments posted here. Romania is a beautiful country with nice, hospitable people. Go for an educated woman raised in the countryside. As I said they are very faithful, religious, spiritual, of good moral character, healthy, etc. completely ignore Brian’s comments- very untrue. Most of the girls raised in the countryside-regardless of the geographical position-are of good moral character. You need someone of substance (intellectually) to appreciate who you are. Girls raised in the countryside are very spiritual.

      1. Thank you for your suggestions. You do know what you are talking about. Since my last comment I have through chance rented 2 rooms out in my cottage one to a ex Romanian police woman and the other to a Romanian teacher. Both articulate & educated. They have been reading comments on this site & have applauded your views & opinions above any others including the admin.
        Constanta & countryside here I come.

  20. I can’t believe what I’m reading here. I’m astonished. I’m a Romanian woman married to an American. we were both poor and still love each other no matter how bad our financial situation is. My husband would do anything for me and I would do the same for him. Stop generalizing the subject in this matter. Not all women in Romania are the same. there are weeds indeed, like in any other country. but comparing them to American woman, they are more beautiful overall, way better educated, and better wives, and trust me I’ve seen plenty of both, because I live in America. We know where we’re coming from, we don’t forget and we respect our culture and what out grandparents taught us. and don’t think I’m 60, I’m in my 20s, so the new generation is not all bad. Sorry for the grammar mistakes, I’m still learning.

    1. I liked your comments. I thought I had found a good woman, but it looks like I was just getting used. I really like Romania. I loved her family. I thought all was well, but she really milked me for a great deal of money. I am very happy that your husband and you have found true love. I was and am looking for the same.

  21. I really enjoyed that article and it hits so close to home. I am happily married to a Romanian woman for more than 8 years now and although we joke around about how it’s too late to change my mind now, I would never change my mind.

    It was the best decision I ever made. I have a wonderful wife, wonderful in-laws, a wonderful Orthodox church, and wonderful Romanian friends. The hardest part for me is moving to a different town and leaving our friends, but I’m sure we will find new friends and be accepted in the Romanian community here. I heard that life in Romania is tough and I’m not sure if I could make it over there.

    It’s not that I couldn’t handle doing with less, I’ve lived with less, but the stress of such a fast paced life with so many unwritten rules might be too much for me. I’m too outspoken and don’t know if I could put up with the stuff Romanians have to put up with (the corruption, etc.) I really admire the self control and wisdom that my wife and other Romanians I know have.

    One thing that I’ve noticed about Romanians is that, although they are very friendly, they are also very self conscious and guarded. This can be a good thing in a place where life is so tough and competitive. I’m glad my wife is teaching my kids to be careful, while I teach them to throw caution to the wind. It’s a good counter balance.

    Too many Americans should learn some wisdom and tact from the Romanians, on the other hand, many Romanians need to learn to loosen up and enjoy life a little. The ones I know here in America are happier once they get in the swing of things and start to adopt American culture and relax a little bit (not too much). I don’t know any Romanians with financial problems in America. I’m sure they exist, but I haven’t met any. If you meet a good Romanian girl she will probably shape and mold you, and teach you to be more frugal with money. She’ll also teach you to be more tactful and careful in your dealings with people (especially bosses).

    All good lessons for an American boy to learn, who grew up with all the freedom and carelessness of the American lifestyle. I’ve definitely benefited from this experience, my income has more than doubled since I met my wife (even through the economic crisis), and she’s helped us get out of debt and even save up a little nest egg. Nothing wrong with meeting Romanian girls online, that’s how I met mine. Just follow the advice given in the article, keep it real, superficial guys need not apply.

    My wife hates superficiality, and incidentally superficiality carries a different meaning to a Romanian. It extends past the meaning it has in America, specifically ‘shallow.’ Superficial to a Romanian means not only shallow, but also careless and sloppy. If you are careless and sloppy in relationships because you don’t care about people, then you will be shallow too. You won’t get any good Romanian girl to like you if you are that way, and believe me she will find out how you are. If you are like me and just a little shallow and sloppy around the edges, your Romanian girlfriend or wife will straighten you out if you let her, and it will benefit your career and your life.

    One last thing, Este cel mai important sa inveti la limba Romaneasca. Daca esti o.k. cu limbe, sa fii usor ca Romaneste este simplu, ca este o limba ‘romance.’ Nu este necesar sa inveti sa vorbesti cu fetelor. Probabil ele stie, ele sint din generatie nou. Asa este pentru parintiilor, Daca ei sint batrin si sau din regiun rural, ei nu stii limba sau, si este cel mai important relatie cu parintiilor. Nu este necesar sa vorbesti cu forma perfect gramatic. Probabil am facut multe gresalele dar ma doare de basca, si nu este necesar sa intelegi toate de idioma, ca nu este posibil. Si sa uiti glumele. Relaxez si invati toate natural. Asculti musica romaneasca cand tu poti, Eu recommendez Voltaj. Un lucru final, daca esti Crestin, tu ai una advantaj foarte mare. Daca tu esti amabil sa fi Ortodox, cel mai bun. Noroc..

  22. I am a Romanian woman and I won’t stand up the abuse. You also said that you wrote your thesis on this subject? No offense, but you need to do more research on the topic. And those who bash the Romanian girls are just miserable dudes in search for some adventures. One thing they should know is that the Romanian women are faithful, have a good moral character, and most of them have a univ degree.

    1. I write only good things about Romanian women. I think they are of good moral character and class. The whole Internet is filled with comments that are negative. I try to delete the very negative ones and reply to the others in a positive way. I think Romanian women are educated moral women and I write that many times.
      If there is one in particular that is offensive to you write me and I can tone it down. I am not into censorship but I do not want to offend anyone either, I have a comment policy and try to delete anything I see that is offensive. But basically most people know the Internet has good and bad and people take things with a grain of salt. Contact me directly if you like and I can work with you to improve this. You are also invite to write an article or some comments for me in a positive way about Romanian women.

    2. I like how you defend yourself. I was engaged to a Romanian woman, but she just kept asking for more and more money. I loved her family and had spent a great deal of time in your country. I love Romania. I feel at home there. I felt that I had met that right woman, but when it got down to the details of the K1 visa, she would never provide two key pieces of data. As the marriage date approached, I got concerned. Finally, she just cut off contact, after I had paid for the wedding.

      I know that she is apparently the exception. She was smart and capable. Her family seemed like great people. I wonder if she was living a double life in London, where met and another for her mother in Romania.

      Any how, I hope one day to meet a woman like yourself or some of the other Romanian woman who have written on this site. It gives me a positive hope for my future. As I said, I love Romania and feel like it is home.

      I wish you the best!

  23. I found the women in the South east more amiable than the north west.
    Satu/Baia Mare has a large group of Women from 35-50 who are total mysandrists (women who hate men) which is why I advise to aviod the area, because there are far easier places. Younger girls are more amiable but they are out of my age bracket.

    I had a relatioship with one and have blocked around 20 of her friends on Facebook due to their vindictive behaviour. All I say is if you end a relationship with a woman from there, expect a lot of trouble after it.

    I even saw on Facebook, text showing one of those ‘friends’ planning an attack on me if ever I went back there (I had already been attacked when I was there) and broadcasting how she could lie about me and cause as much trouble as she wished.

    Some of you have had good experiences, but this is my experience and I don’t want anyone else to suffer the same as me.


    1. In England we have laws against stalking and harassment. So does America!

  24. I think my approach to life and things in general is similar to yours. We seem open to other opinions and cultures and believe the best in people. I like Eastern Europe a lot but I have never visited there. My cousin is married to a Romanian girl and he absolutely adores her and she him. I would love to visit Romania and also travel Eastern Europe.

    I just went through the comments on this page and noticed one thing. Most if not all negative comments are from western people. There is a very strong western mentality to there thinking. They believe that every thing and every place must match up to their standards. This is really sad because then they cannot enjoy the differences and varieties in this beautiful world. The funny thing you can see articles and comments about any girl from any country and you will always have people talking like this. Even you make the mistake of generalizing western girls. I know American girls are considered snobbish and arrogant but I have 2 cousins who married Americans and I know many others who have married Western women and those women are very very nice.

    I think the point I am trying to make is that when we travel or meet people or do anything, we must not have preset expectations. We must believe the good in everybody but yet be very very careful. I really really want to visit Romania some day and will do it soon. I know I will really enjoy the experience.

  25. I agree with some of the good and bad said here. I’ve had friends and girlfriends from Bucharest and Iasi, and the bottom line is that I really like Romanian women. But you have to know what you’re dealing with.

    Romanians are smart. Very smart. University educated or not, these women have a mixture of old-school conservative pragmatism as well as a second to none modern cleverness about them. They see through people quickly and aren’t easily tricked, but can be somewhat tricky themselves. Keep in mind that Romanian women are very sweet and easy to talk to, and even the real pretty ones are mostly down-to-earth. Finally, remember that this is a patriarchal society and the nonsense of Western feminism barely exists.

    What does that all mean? If you’re a real man, who knows how to firmly but softly keep his woman in line, and focuses on building respect before love- you will have no problem. Your girl will be fiercely loyal, protect your name, fight for your family/relationship and will cut the throat of anyone who crosses you (literally).

    If you’re one of the typical man-boy American/British types who come to Romania thinking your money and good looks are going to keep your woman behaving- think again. She won’t respect you, will play you for a little while, control you by the d*ck, and send your weak ass out the door. Complain what you want- I’m proud of them for that.

    Whatever your character may be, know that Romanians are generally quite emotionally high maintenance. They do need a lot of attention, and will usually want to know what you’re up to. If you’re a straight shooter and patient, you’ll have no problems, but if you think you can sneak around, these girls will quickly smell when something’s up and catch you or make your life hell trying to.

    I disagree with the article and some of the comments that the old fashioned village/Church girls are better than the city girls. I think the village girls can be more rigid and have a poor understanding of a complex relationship, and will not raise children as you want them. In the cities it’s hard to find girls that don’t have conservative values on some level anyway, and nearly any woman can be a great catch if you know how to handle her. Some have been ruined by bad boyfriends in the past, this is true but it’s like women anywhere and if you learn her character (especially from meeting her parents – very important) then you can save yourself problems in the future.

    Also, one comment I read here was true. Avoid the Gipsy and half-Gipsy girls. This is a big problem in Romania. They are clever and completely, and have motives you can not see, and the other person was right- it’s like signing your death certificate. Always find out first who you’re dealing with, ask them and ask someone else. And don’t believe anything they say at first if you think she might be Gipsy.

    1. I really liked your comments. I felt they were very balanced. I am not perfect, but I am in many ways an old fashion gentleman, somewhat out of time. open doors, stand when a woman enters a room or a table.

      I agree with what you said. I have written a post that I would like your opinion on. I tend to be too giving and trusting.

      I treat women with respect, but that seems to be interpretted by some as weakness. I really fell in love with this woman, but there were just too many wierd things in the end.

      Good comments.

  26. I usually do not respond to these blogs but I find this so amazing. It seems to all come down to personal opinion, which is why I am responding I am USA born 52 year old male. I have been married twice and was single for 12 years, three years ago I met a Romanian woman and I can tell you although there were some insecurity issues the good far outweighs the bad especially when compared to American women. She has never been about money only true love and after studying the culture and a few trips to Temesvar all I can say is she has been a God Send to me. As far as the comment “if she has A sick mother run” I feel sorry for you and I hope you never have to experience that.
    We have been married now for 2 years and her mother has been Ill for much of that time but I assure you her priorities have always been us first and it does not matter what the circumstance. My wife has been A US citizen for 14 years now and at 48 is still attending college doing everything she can to assure our future.
    Based on the trips I have made to Romania there is good and bad no matter where you go it’s more important to know the difference and if it offends you in anyway avoid it. It’s really that simple.

    1. I have to totally agree with Jack’s comment a Romanian women will stand by you no matter what the circumstances, and her priority will always be her family which i am very glad to be part of. I also think my fiancee is a God send and i thank him everyday. My Romanian experience and adventure has been good and bad but the positives really do far outweigh the negatives.

    2. I wish my experiences had been the same. I really like Romania and have had good experiences with many there, even with the family of the woman that I believe was just a gold digger. I have experience kindness and many good things. I wish I had met a woman like the one you had met.

    3. You give me hope. I like Romanian culture. I think I was just unfortunate to meet the wrong person. I am glad you took the time to write.

  27. I will use Portuguese, please use your translator
    Como ex director internacional vivendo na Holanda conheço muito do mundo e dos lugares aqui citados.
    Actualmente aposentado sou voluntario numa ONG que apoia pessoas em dificuldades. Conheço ciganos, moldavos, africanos, ucranianos, romenos e muitos mais. Conheço bem alguns romenos, ambos homens, mulheres e crianças, sei quem são, em minha casa desde há muito tenho uma empregada romena, ao longo dos anos tenho tido várias.
    São limpas, cuidadas, honestas e inteligentes. A maioria dos intervenientes comentou principalmente a mais antiga profissão do mundo, mas uma prostituta pode ser excelente mãe e ter a sua dignidade. Há prostitutas a todos os niveis, desde secretárias a professoras ou apenas empregadas da limpeza. É um fenómeno enraizado mesmo mas sociedades de mais poder económico. Vejam a Holanda, um país rico da Europa, vejam á quantos anos têm uma tão elevada pro. Há um factor que joga negativamente contra as romenas, a sua cultura de subserviencia à potência ocupante forçou a uma atitude defensiva da familia e do seu bem estar minimo que as fez aceitar o relacionamento sexual quase indiscriminado, mas a isso eu não chamo prostituição, chamo antes selvejaria sob a forma de escravidão e psicologica.
    Mas não tenho duvidas de que as raparigas romenas podem ser excelentes esposas, não para homens que as querem apenas como instrumento de prazer mas para serem as mães dos seus filhos.
    Há muito racismo e chauvinismo à mistura com complexos de superioridade nos comentários. São pessoas que foram educadas na ganancia e na opulencia sem terem o minimo de humildade e compreensão das razões objectivas de alguns desvios comportamentais.
    I would like to get the reactions to my text. Many thanks to all readers.

  28. Jack, I do agree with you that there is a lot of chauvinism and racism in the comments posted by the members of the more affluent societies. However, I don’t understand why people who only have negative comments post them here?! De ce va varsati focul pe acest site? Numai in speranta ca cineva va vor asculta aberatiile? Sincer, cand vorbiti va pot mirosi halitosa de care vorbiti…si e jalnic ca veniti din capitalism, si, mirositi a halitoza de la o posta.
    Ce sa mai zic? Oare nu va ganditi ca comentariile pe care le postati, de cele mai multe ori negative, va dau in vileag caracterul? (Are you not thinking that the comments you are posting, more often negative, reflect your character?) Yes, they do reflect your character: you don’t see the world as it looks, you only see it through your lenses (which may be narrow and foggy). How silly is it to generalize? If I met a Canadian, an American or a British citizen (be it male or female) with a bad case of halitosis (which I did meet), would it be fair to generalize that all of them are alike?

    After reading each one of your comments. I realized that each one of your comments reflect your OWN experience which will NEVER be replicated by a second person! An experience that reflects the color of your mood and perceptions which influence the color of your thoughts and actions. In other words, a dark perception reflects a depressed mood which will have a negative outcome; by contrary, a pink one leads to positive thoughts, mood, and actions.

    Your negative comments do not reflect reality, and, I mean they don’t; they reflect you and all you are about. So, please, if you cannot view the world differently, don’t post; keep your comments to yourself- do something good for humanity. Thanks.

    On the other hand, I looked everywhere online to see if I can read about other women or men of other nations (rich and poor), to see if there is such a high degree of generalization and rude, uneducated comments. I haven’t come across any websites directly. I wanted to see how the Canadian and American guys are, how do they think. I didn’t come across any such websites. I did come across this website which seems to have different topics about different women of different countries.

    Please do me and other Romanian women a favor, keep everything that is negative to yourself! Wrap yourself in a blanket made out of it and sleep well under your tree. Good night and sleep well.

    For those of you who are positive, viva la vita. And, all the best.

    Yours Sincerely,

    A., an unbiased Romanian

  29. She’s from Pitesti and moved to Canada for a better life for her daughter and herself. Now, I’ve dated girl’s from France, Italy, Ukraine and, of course, Canada. Quite simply, my beautiful girl from Pitesti is amazing in every way.

    Never have I been involved with someone so nice, so caring, and so easy to be with. Yes, like I’ve heard about Romanian women, she is stunningly beautiful and works hard to take care of herself. I think she’s aware that she’s so beautiful, but she doesn’t act like it. She is just herself. She’s also fiercely independent. Not at all a gold digger. Heck, it’s an argument to pay for coffee.

    I’ve also met several of her Romanian friends, most of whom are also quite pretty. Yet, they all seem very nice and to a girl are also very independent.

    There’s good people and bad people everywhere.

    I guess the best way to sum it up, is that my experience with a Romanian has been fantastic. And if I’m lucky enough to have say yes, I’ll marry her.

    1. I wish I had met one of your girlfriends’ friends.Read my experience. I did enjoy the company and the friends. But I always paid for everything after the initial week of time together. I think you have a good one there and I wish the utmost happiness.

  30. I met three sisters in London. We were at a restaurant/club. I was just stopping in for a quick meal and back to the states. I sat near them and began a conversation. We had a nice time chatting and then I left. A week later I get an sms from one of them. We chat back and forth for a couple of months. I mention I have friends married to Romanian women and they have asked me to visit. So the woman asked me to visit as well. So I decide to spend a few days after New Years three years ago.

    I meet the family, I visit the village where they grew up, the father’s grave. We have a lot of fun, no physical relations. But we ended up after a week deciding that we will date. A month later she calls me to tell me that she needs to borrow 7,000 GBP. Work has been slow and she is behind. She will repay me in two to four weeks. Well I go back to London about a month later and she pays me back only 3,000 GBP, but says she will get the rest in a month. I am back to London two months later on business. She does not have the money. I then am invited to go back to Romania for an extended visit in the summer. I spend sixteen days in Romania in June/July of 2011.

    The women are building a summer home in their village on family property. We work on the house, we live with relatives in the village, but we are never alone. I am asked to provide another 5,000 GBP for house things. But I do not get even decent kiss or what I consider real affection. But I know she is taking me around showing me off to all her relatives. I watch them talking about me like I am the prize cow at the village fair. I have a good time with everyone, but we are never alone, even to take a walk.

    So we are more serious. She says she has to get her family’s approval of me. I really like her mother and all the relatives and her close friend.

    Later that summer she asks me again for 7,000 GBP for rent. We meet in September of 2011 in London. We decided we wanted to get married. Again, I have never been alone with her or visited her home in London.

    I am supposedly the Godfather of one of her nieces, but I could not go to the celebration, but it cost me another 8,000GBP. This was in the fall of 2011.

    We meet in Bucharest for the holidays. I ask several family members for permission to marry her. I get it and we are engaged. We set a wedding date for August 2012. I provide her money for the wedding, significant amount in January of 2012. I tell her what I need to complete the K1 Visa for the US, the date of her divorce and the name of her ex-husband.

    In the fall of 2011 after the agreement to get married buy her a car to use temporarily, which will be sold prior to the wedding.

    In Feb 2011, she asks for more rent money and then every month I am sending significant cash for living in London. She has stopped working to plan the wedding and such.

    In late July with one month to go before the wedding. She has yet to sell the car, I have virtually no information on the wedding for my friends and family to make their plans, and she is still asking for more cash for the flight home and gifts. I also do not have the date of her divorce or her ex-husband’s for the K1 Visa paper work. Which means we would be married for at least five months before she could come to the US. I get fed up with the mess and send her an email about all of this and say she is either completely irresponsible and unrealistic with money or she is a gold digger.

    Well after justifying herself, she cuts off all communication. I apologize for the tone of my email, but she is not satisfied.

    One note, I am never allowed to visit their flat in London. I went one time to surprise her and called the sister. The sister went nuts and told me to leave or else her sister would not speak to me again.

    I got To London to meet with her, but she refuses. Her sister says she is angry with my and plans to repay me all the money, but will not have contact with me till then.

    I feel very betrayed. I visited their home in Romania three times. I never felt something funny was going on, except for the constant money requests.

    It all is too weird. It has been three months. the sister and I still communicate, but the woman in question has cut off all communication. Was I wrong? I do not think so, but I did and still do care for her. I just feel very, very used.

    Comments welcome.

    1. I am sorry you had to go through this. It is not that she is all bad or you could not marry her but, it would be trouble, a lifetime of trouble I think. Is she scamming you, I think you know the answer. But let me tell you my perspective or rather my wife’s perspective. My wife has said many times, that no self respecting girl from Eastern Europe would ever ask for money. My wife has a Master’s degree and went to Medical school for training and was making 300 dollars a month in a lab while we were dating.
      Money did not come into the equation – She did not ask for money. It is better to be poor and humble and not confuse love. Money mixing with girls makes them ‘working girls’ even if not formally. I know that is hard but it is to make a point. Love is love, money is the root of many bad things unless your heart is aligned with God and you use this energy or power called money in the right way. Giving it to Eastern European girls is not the right way. It is the wrong way. They all have sob stories, better to give it to a poor orphan in Africa don’t you think, for an education and a good foster home? But to some EU girl who wants to live in fancy London, no way. Seven Thousand GBP is a years salary or more.
      If money was tight I would beg on the streets, begging is a time honored profession. Really I would do this. But asking a potential suitor for money is not love, it is selling yourself.

      Open girls – You need a girl 100% open and honest. A girl who is not open and honest during the courtship process is a bad girl. There may be exceptions like ego defense mechanism that prevents full revaluation of the facts initially, but if a girl is not open, than I would say Bye-bye. And when she grows up someday she will understand.
      Drop her like a bad habit and find a real girl who will love you and does not care about money.
      A girl who asks for money in the courtship process is equal to a hotel working girl at a more VIP level.
      Is it not better you see this now then after a marriage? Really what are you thinking man? Money and women never ever mix. Love and women do.

      1. I appreciate the quick response. My life the past five years reads like Robert Ludlum meets John Grisham with a little Joseph from the Bible thrown in. I do believe in God and can tell you that I am alive as a direct result of His protection. I have survived some crazy things over the past little while.

        My Achilles’s heel is my desire to have a good woman in my life.

        From what you have written, you obviously lean to the gold digger view. I have good instincts, so I feel like there is some good there. The family really convinced me. I think this woman leads a double life. I know she worked as a butcher in Romania. I know she loves her family. So I see some good things in her.

        But as you, and another friend of mine who is married to a Romanian has stated, if she is this bad with money my life would be miserable. I spent 60,000GBP for the wedding, cash sent to her.

        I am not some schmuck. But after fifteen months of dating she never once expressed interest in being alone with me or gave me a passionate kiss. Her mother showed me more passion than she did. hahaha. I told her this in my email and she got really pissed about it

        I am a good guy, just looking to find that right woman. I used to travel extensively. I am a business professional, so I am some idiot, except I trust too much, to your first point. I should never have given her that first loan. I have seen her cheat her cousins out of money that they were owed for work done on the house. BUT her other cousins are really decent people. The “lead” male in the family and I have or had a good relationship.

        I have seen her drunk a couple of times and she is very complimentary and tell me how amazing I am. When people are drunk, they tend to be honest.

        So I have a number of conflicting data points. I just think she likes a lifestyle, but is not interested in a real relationship. It has been really tough.

        I like people and enjoy meeting them. I have traveled extensively around the world and have many friends. You have a good perspective on things. I wish I could talk through all of this with you over a coffee or expresso.

        I will find that good woman one day. I know I will and it will be fantastic. Unfortunately, I have taken the road that has taken me through the coal mines to find the diamond. I know she is out there. I appreciate the opportunity to share this with someone who understands.

        1. A few suggestions. Please do not take the wrong way. But train your mind to be aware that not everyone operates on the same moral principles as you do, especially when you mix money and women.

          In the little information I have I would have a few warning signs. I would not date butcher. I know it is a trivial point, and I am not a vegetarian, but a butcher has to have some callousness towards life. Call me crazy but this is the way I see it.
          I eat meat and it is hypocritical but I could not be a butcher. I mean is there anything less romantic than this, maybe a flower girl would have been better.

          Second I tend to lose respect for girls if they are get drunk, I mean why. Unless maybe we had a glass of wine or something but to get drunk is adolescent primitive behavior I question if I would I want the mother of my children to manifest. Reading poetry maybe, or learning a musical instrument, but being a butcher and getting drunk, I would have dist her. That is just me.

          I tell every guy, nothing comes from nothing. No little sign is insignificant. I would rather marry a ‘working girl taking cash for tricks with guys in hotels’ who is honest and aspires for lofty idealistic romantic visions, a lose soul who needs to be rescued, than a ‘nice girl’ who has a racket going on in the back of her brain about how to scam a guy with falseness.

          Here is another example that might illustrate the point better, the word ‘racket’ comes from the prohibition times when these little old ladies had a store front and they were very nice and respectable but in the back they were brewing something in their bath tube. So nice people often have a double life. Nice means nothing.

          You have to be like Sherlock and see behind the smoke screen of niceness.

          What does mean something is when I see a person, man or woman full of regret and asking God forgiveness for their life. I see girls in Eastern Europe sublimely strike their chest in the back of some church corner while they are on their knees even in tears. There is a girl who is sincere. She has a picture of the Blessed mother in her wallet with a Rosary or Bible by her bed which she knows by heart and is worn. That is a nice girl.

          The problem is these girls are the hardest to find and when you are talking to them most guys do not have eyes that can penetrate the depths of a girls soul. You have to really look deep into a girl, her wrinkles and the tone of her voice and the details to see her humanity.

          Find a girl who despises this world and money and lives in quite humility developing her mind and intellectual artistic life or guided by the principles of the commitment to the Absolute.

          We are all different but like I was once told by the head of HR, all employers are looking for the same candidate regardless of their background. We are looking for character. I married a skinny leggy super hot young chick who has dreams and ideals manifest through actions like I would see her in church every week and have long philosophical discussion on walks and reading fairy-tales. I can only recommend the same model type for other guys as I know you will have happiness if you are cut from the same cloth.

          1. Again, I appreciate your comments. I understand. I know that her family went through a great deal and as a consequence.

            Her mother is deeply religous. We have been to church. The lady in question is religious. She has given me bracelettes to wear. But she has been drunk three times while we were together. I rarely drink. She smokes, I do not. She likes flashy, I like to look good, but know how to make the most of my money. I know how to get a deal.

            I liked your comments. I wish I could have the fortune you have had. I am a good guy. I am good at what I do. I have traveled extensively around the world. I have been married before, but no children. Professionally I am respected and effective. I just do not have what I really value out of life… a good woman to share my life and love with. I do not mean to pour out my soul here, but I have friends who are happily married to Romanian women. So I have examples of fanatastic Romanian woman. Maybe I am a little naive, but given my religious background, Romanian women tend to relate more to that bent than many others that I have dated.

            I hope that does not sound bad, but believing in God is important to me.

            So God willing, there is a great person out there looking just like I am.

          2. Again I am on your side so do not think I am not. I am telling you the way I see dating. The stakes in dating the wrong person are high.
            Gandhi said ‘you are your religion’. I can not imagine Jesus smoking, getting drunk getting into flashy things.
            I would not ever date a smoker, it is low and disgusting weak habit. Flashy in my mind is equated to a fish that is attracted to a shiny lure.
            ‘All that glitters is not gold’ – JRR Tolkien
            Religion means nothing, when you compare it to actions, that is smoking being a butcher, flashy dress, asking for money. Girls will scam guys with pretense. Remember in the Bible the hypocrite that prayed on the street corner and Jesus said he already claims his reward by getting attention from others.
            I tell people remember the story of the rich man how organized a wonderful banquet and yet none of his honor guests attended. So the man rounded up the rejected and disdained and invited them to his table of honor.
            This is who you choose a wife.
            Find someone the world would not this is shiny or special and rescue her.

            Just move on and date a non smoking, non tattooed, girl who is engrossed in literature or philosophy or something, who wears jeans and a t-shirt with glasses and no make up, for example. And rather than altering the color of her hair or doing her nails she reads books and is not sms or text 50 times a day. There are a zillion girls like that.

            If you marry a little flashy Romanian girl and take her back home you will wake up one morning laying next to just another farm girl from Kansas with red shoes. You want to marry a princess, nothing less. Set your standard high and play to win.

          3. We are cut from the same piece of material. I wear a ring that is made of titanium and ceramic. It represents the mergering of the best of two very different materials that work….very much like a woman and a man in a marriage.

          4. Despite the tens of thousands of women online, it’s pretty hard to find one that matches even a short list of requirements that you draw up. I found a woman who probably did carry a picture of the Blessed mother in her wallet, she had her room full of icons and I’m still wondering if I should have taken her, but she was so shy and she couldn’t seem to carry on much of an interesting conversation. (BTW, she had her hair dyed, and a nose piercing, so you can’t easily make generalisations). There was another woman who was so beautiful you could cry, and wrote you letters that make you melt, but ultimately was a liar and betrayed me. Unfortunately, the more interesting the woman, the more suspicious they are. Really interesting women and scammer women are quite similar – they both try to appeal to men! Therein lies the difficulty. The Romanian girl I’m talking to now, I could have sworn the first time we talked that she was a scammer, because she has a personality that tries to please, just like scammers are overly eager to please, and I didn’t take her seriously at all. After talking some more, I changed my mind. Needless to say, it would be nice to have a woman who is eager to please. Probably the men who get the best girls have to be prepared to fly close to the sun in terms of not being too quick to judge, and yet being very careful to read the signs. I only hope I’m smart enough to walk the tightrope this time round.

      2. Again. I think you have given me the clarity I needed. Thank you for taking the time to put the final nail in the coffin of this “relationship”.

        I appreciate it. Good fortune to your wife and you in the future and only the best blessings of God on your lives together.

    2. As I said before I have a good professional relationship with roman citizens and some experience with roman girls.
      I red your coment and was surprized, usualy they don’t ask money directely, they talk about dificulties and money shortage then wait our generosity.
      About the “mistery” behind kiss or physical contacts or whatsoever more intimy I hope you have already the answer. More than a big liar some are very false, they don’t tell the real history, many times they don’t tell a story at all, just tell isolated words or short senteces so if later on you inquiry about they say “I tell you” and refresh your memory with the same she said one year before. In your comment we guess another guy which appens very often. They play with two boyfriends as two different worlds taken from each one the best part, peraphs the other was for the bed and you for the money. It’s the life my dear beleave you are not alone.

  31. I’m looking for a Russian wife/girlfriend, and I seem to have acquired a Romanian one instead, so I’ve been reading a little about Romania and stumbled on this article.

    It’s a mistake to generalise too much about nationalities, since at the core I think all women are the same. But I guess some generalisations can be made. Most of what is written above, (except the parts about the EU of course) could apply to Russians and Ukrainians.

    Probably I suspect, Romanians often speak better English. My new Romanian girlfriend speaks better English than any Russian I came across, even ones who studied it at University level. It’s English that even has slang in it, almost like she is a native speaker, albeit it isn’t perfect.

    I suspect the average Romanian is more religious than the average Russian. Perhaps because the Romanian church wasn’t persecuted as much under communism.

    I read articles that Romanians are some of the smartest people in Europe. Certainly my girlfriend holds a better conversation than any of the Russians I met so far.

    I saw an article that Romanians are the thinnest people in Europe. Not sure if that is EU-Europe or all Europe. Russians tend to be pretty thin also, but since my girl is 48kg, I can’t argue with them being the thinnest. If you like thin women.

    One of the comments said that Romanians are “guarded”. My girl is the most open woman I ever came across ever (which is why I am finding her fascinating). Even when the answer she gives me isn’t the one I want, I feel glad because it feels like the truth.

    It’s interesting about the age thing, it always brings out a lot of prejudices both pro and con. In my experience, it’s pretty hard to find many women who will go for an age difference of more than 20 years. As you get beyond 15, to 17, 18 year difference, towards 20, you start to reach a limit of finding any women who would be takers. Which is probably a good thing, because 20 years seems like a good outer limit to me. No doubt many people think even this is ridiculous. I don’t see anything wrong with it. For some reason men like it, and many women like it too. Why fight it?

    Russia is an enigma wrapped in a mystery, and I can see that Romania is too.

    Anyway, it’s early days, I didn’t marry her yet. It may yet blow up in my face, but I’m smitten with her, we’ll see what happens.

    1. I wish you well. I thought I had met the right one, but everyone that I have spoken to about the situation has warned me that I was forturnate not to marry the woman. I have met some good Romanians. They are more religious than most. I really like Romania. I will probably go back for a vacation.

      Be careful and watch your wallet.

  32. I am an Armenian Cypriot Man who has traveled to Romania several times.

    In reading all the comments written, I agree and disagree. During my travels to Romania I have met many kinds of girls and had two Romanian GFs before i finally met my soul mate.

    Romania is a really beautiful country with great countryside and nice beaches. Now regarding Romanian girls that I have met both Girls who were interested in me only because of money and those really nice and sincere ones.

    I’m engaged to my soul mate Monica who is from Bucharest and I am very happy with her. she is moving to Cyprus next year and we will Marry. Bottom Line you have to be careful and if you are lucky the right one will come along. Cheers.

  33. Dear fans of Romanian women. I found myself a wonderful Romanian lady some 5 months back. I’m quite enamoured with her actually. But the situation has turned bad. A couple of weeks ago, she said she couldn’t talk because she felt sick. A day later, her friend (supposedly) came into her Skype account and said she was sick with Pneumonia in hospital, but she should be out in a couple of days. Well, it’s 2 weeks later, and nothing. I’m very worried. No emails, and she doesn’t answer her mobile.

    In the meantime, I’ve been researching this lady online, and I’ve found a number of references to her. They all check out perfectly. She is exactly who and what she claims to be. She is a student (living with 3 other students). Still, from 10,000 miles away, every little oddity gets magnified ten fold, and one can’t help but worry. I’m here in Australia. I’m supposed to be visiting her at Christmas, but we didn’t quite get the details finalized. I didn’t get the feeling she was planning to break it off. Everything seemed fine. It would be a very strange way to break it off. I’m starting to worry the worst that she is dead or something, because why else wouldn’t she be able to get a message through? Maybe she got cold feet, but its a damned odd way to back out.

    Anyway, Romanian folks, I wonder if there is anyone here listening in Bucharest, who wants to do me a massive favor, and go knock on her door, find out if she is there and/or find out from her flatmates where she is? Whether she is indeed (or was) in hospital? Or maybe she went back to her mother in Galati? Anyone want to do me this massive favor? She lives on the western end of Str Mihai Eminiscu, Bucharest which is about 1-2 km north of city centre. Obviously I don’t want to post the address here and have 100 people arrive on her door.

  34. I’ve been reading this article and it’s comments all morning and sometimes had the feeling I was getting really angry about some comments and others gave me a warm feeling. I’m glad I could go trough all the comments and not burst and write an inadequate comment because now I’m gladly to understand it all.

    We’re equal in front of God and sooner or later we’ll all answer to him. We’ve been blessed with life and given the chance to manage it as well as we can and based on that we’ll always get what we deserve. What we have is the product of who we are. Some of us take wrong course on life but never forget that it’s never late to get it right. Change is nature and sometimes change is what we need (we just have to feel when is the right time to do that change).
    A bad experience in life shouldn’t hold us down, but make us stronger, more wise and aware at everything around us and everything we do and choose.

    I understand the frustration of each and everyone. My parents educated me to be open minded and God gave me the soul to feel each experience of those that express it. And it feels frustrating, it feels the anger and the pain. But in 26 years on this world I’ve come along a saying that makes me optimistic in life. Without the bad, there couldn’t be good or, if there wouldn’t be the bad experience (or people) we couldn’t shape the good ones out there waiting for us to encounter.

    We all have out good and bad moments; we all have that evil or blessing thoughts. Even if we’re raised to be the best that is, we all shape after what we experience day by day. Some know how to use this and be aware not to transform it into a life style, and some take’s it as normal, as life should really be.

    I like to believe that we all have our half somewhere out there and sooner or later we’ll find him/her. i don’t think it is necessary to look for it because between soul mates there will always be that connection that will make two become one. Is just a matter of time.

    Women are interesting and difficult in the same time, but so are men. Based on how you are, you should relate on the same type of men or woman. If you like to party all night long, you choose someone in that aria, if you are a religious person, you look for someone that defines your needs, if you’d like to have someone to be a friend, partner, wife and mother/father to your children, you look in that aria. Most important is to understand yourself first and then to look for someone.

    Regarding the article that started all this comments I’ll say that you’ve managed to reach most of the good parts of a Romanian girl/woman. It is nice to read such a pleasant article among so many others wrote with anger or a negative perspective. Is refreshing and wonderful to read. I understand what the point was to bring to light the best in what we, the Romanian woman can offer and are and I totally respect you for that. You showed patience and it feels that in your life you’ve meet kind and warm Romanian souls. You’ve done an amazing job in my opinion.

    Saying that we are a mix of good and bad (more or less in every case), I understand every part of the stories posted as comments at this article and you’ve pointed so good as if you’ve lived in Romania all your life (I’m glad that you can look thinks from all perspectives and not relate everything just trough your personal experience. I respect that). It takes patience to write like you did here.

    Being a Romanian girl I should probably get angry on some of the comments but I can’t. I’m not going to point finger towards other countries or cultures because I have to think that doing that there are other 4 fingers pointing at me, so it’s best to keep my thoughts here, home, at our Romanian girls and women, and those that have come here and shared their experience with us told us their unfortunate experience. I only wish them to “hang in there” because there’s always hope for everyone. If you really want to meet a Romanian woman/girl with whom to raise a strong relationship (that could go to marriage) means that you shouldn’t lose hope and keep on looking because there are some wonderful ladies out there just waiting to find their prince, their man.

    It is true that you can find Romanian women that are interested just with money. I pity them and it hurts me a lot because this kind of people will never find or feel happiness, love, sweet words whispered in the ear. But a wise man could always turn around a woman’s live. It takes will, strength and love to do so. And of course, you know when you should reconsider everything and listen to those around you too.

    I will not continue because there is so much to say and I don’t want to bore anyone. All I want to remind everyone that love is all around us.

    God bless you all and take care each of your actions.
    Thank you for a refreshing time spent here with you all.


  35. Any advice on the best way to meet a Romanian woman? I have studied their culture, tried a bit to learn the language, and I find them to be the most interesting women on Earth. Nothing would please me more than to show the right one how they deserve to be treated. I would even move there for them. I’m 37 and retiring soon with no ties here in the US.

    1. I would move there or teach English in Romania if you want the optimal way to meet girls from there. Just move there and teach English as a native speaker and you will not regret it. More to choose from. But what the deuce are you doing retiring at 37 did you work for some government department or something?

  36. Hi. First of all, I’m a 22 y.o. Romanian. I read the article and some of the comments. All I can say is that wherever you go, you will always meet both good and bad people. It’s the same with Romanian women. All my friends have Bachelor’s degree and Masters, they all speak English, French and even Spanish and German and we all pay our bills with our own hard earned salaries. We ask support from nobody, except from friends or family, just like anybody else on the planet does.

    Most foreigners living in Romania have a way better financial situation than Romanians. You think Romanian women are cheaters and use you? Let me tell you how it is for me. I cannot go to a club without a Brit or American or some other foreigner approach me and offer me a drink and inviting me over to his place. Most foreigners who come here on vacation or move here treat the country as a brothel. Just because we earn less money, that does not mean we are whores and we’d sell ourselves for 2 cocktails and just to brag that we met you. I find this behavior very upsetting and offending. And with this behavior and attitude, not surprisingly, foreigners have the impression that Romanian women are just after their money. Well of course they are. If you treat women like that and all you offer is your money, in various forms, this is the type of women you will attract. And this goes in all countries, not just in Romania.

    I had the chance to meet some Spaniards who moved here(the companies they work for opened offices in here, too, because it’s cheaper than in Spain). They are very rich people in comparison to myself, but we are really good friends. But this is because from the very beginning I made myself clear that I have no interest whatsoever in their money and I demanded respect. They are very polite and educated men and sometimes insist to pay for my share too, but this happens rarely and I always pay for my stuff. We usually go out to places where everybody can afford and all the girls in the group are respected and looked up on. This wouldn’t have happened if they hanged out with the Barbie plastic looking girls in expensive exclusive clubs or with girls who are only interested in finding a sponsor. But they chose this lifestyle, so, you see, it’s all a matter of choice and less of luck.

    1. I am also a Romanian girl living in London for two years now to do my master degree. I can not believe what I read on this site. I could only hope this is not the general opinion about Romanians.
      You see life would be so much easier if we could fit everyone in a specific box with a tag attached to it. I have to admit I felt sad about some of the things written in here, no inferiority complex though.
      Alexandra I totally agree with you, I could not have said it better.
      I don’t know about the rest of you, but when I visit a foreign country I like to focus om its best features, because you can have bad experiences everywhere, bit that is my choice I guess.
      Hope all of you will visit Romania one day soon and maybe after that form an opinion. Or if you went to Romania and had a disappointing experience I am sure it wasn’t all bad.

      Another thing guys, you can’t travel to a country to choose/pick up a wife, and I find it embarrassing to explain that my country is not a market for the European/us men to shop for beautiful women.

      I don’t even know how recent is these topic but it seemed to raise some questions.
      Romania is beautiful like any other country and the women are beautiful as any other and I hope you will visit my country with an open mind.

    2. As you said if some one try to “buy” a women he will attract the ones ready to be purchased. That is not exclusive from Romanian.
      However I would like to ad a sentence, the women attitude change from where they come from: city or counter side.

  37. Although my professional activity in countries not so far from Romania I was not aware of his culture and history. However after 1989 Portugal was like other European countries the new home for thousand of Romanian families. As a member of a support group for a newcomer people I’m very close to Romanian citizens. Also at home we had workers from Romania and Moldavia, so I’ve already some experience dealing with them. Fortunately we have a good experience and we miss when some one back to home country.
    Talking about girls I would say they are not prepared to have money on pocket, worst they don’t think about the future.
    As far as our experience she work very hard without a concrete objective and show a natural inhibition to integration.
    About relationship the Romanian girl it’s too much open to have relations from the first day and to reveal his preferences as to relations concern which goes against the habits of the traditional family resulting on some conflicts and to a generalized bad idea about they. The Romanian girls are educated, clean and dedicated but makes no any effort to adapt himself to our mentality.
    With time they will learn with the mistakes meanwhile loss opportunity. Of course the situation change according to the area they come from so it’s more evident as the majority come from the country side. I would say that I have the best social and professional relations with Romanian people in such a way I’m learning language and culture from his country.

  38. It’s my first time in Romania, having just started a new position here. My girlfriend at home has been very worried about the change of circumstances for us.

    Well, so far, I have travelled pretty much all over Romania in the last three weeks, visiting clients. It’s winter so hard to get a good idea of the countryside, from what I’ve seen I would say it is very bleak, baron and dirty. The dogs are a concern. If you see a pack of wild dogs, and they are everywhere, keep away from them. They can be very dangerous.
    The roads are constantly covered in mud and dirt. Potholes everywhere and a lack of lighting.
    In saying that, this in itself holds a certain charm. I get the feeling the country is going through a change. There is building work everywhere and the signs are promising. Although the new erections are not as classic and have lost a bit of the Romanian allurement.

    There is wealth and there is no wealth. You can drive through Ploiesti and see a horse and cart, then behind it a 150k dollar car. The divide in wealth between the rich and poor is huge. Unfortunately greed comes to every culture. I spent years in Libya and there is reminiscence of the developing culture here. I hope for all concerned the country stays strong.

    As for the people in general. I’m blown away by the Romanian’s. they are so nice. I haven’t met anyone with a halitosis quandary.
    The manner’s way exceed most western countries and the service I have received has been fantastic.
    As for the women. The ones I have met have been lovely. Although, there seems to be a huge culture for lap dancing, escort and prostitution. I took some colleagues to a strip club (first and only time) a few days ago. It was like heaven. I had a girl sit and chat to me all night. She was lovely. She passed on her phone number and I am sorely tempted. She actually had solid values (no extra’s on offer) and probably one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen in my life. She never once asked about how much money I earned or tried to prise anything from me other than genuine, intelligent conversation. And, they are everywhere. The Romanian girls even surpass the Norwegians in beauty, and I can tell you they are stunning.
    I don’t think that they are much different than western girls. You’re going find good and bad everywhere.

    But, should my girlfriend be worried. I am afraid so. The girls here look after themselves. The jeans are sprayed on, the heels are high, they know how to put on make-up and do their hair, not that they need to, they have a natural beauty and hold themselves very well.

    I’d appreciate not receiving any moral religious comments. I am a good person who lives by his own acceptable standards.

    1. I am a deeply religious person, yet I think if there is no ring on your finger, all is fair in love and war. I am sorry to say that, but this is the way I see it. I have met countless people who had boyfriends and girlfriends when they met their now spouse. It is an old story.

      So the question really is not about anything other than your current relationship and is she the one for you. If she is, and there are no questions than nothing to worry about. I have zero interest in other women besides my wife.

      Yet if I were dating another girl, in another reality, besides my wife I would have a wandering eye. I would not cheat on her but if I found my soul mate beyond the realm of my current relationship, I would have no problem leaving. I would have a wondering in my soul and hence a wandering.

      See one of women’s most powerful tools is guilt. I refuse to feel guilty. Certainly not all dating advice I give is in good taste, but being good is about helping staving people in Africa not being with a girl you 100% in your heart are not committed to.

      Now again, if I travel on business I have zero chance of considering other women as I am married. I simply read books and play computer games and wait until I am reunited with her. So what can I say I am not, in your shoes and do not know how you feel.

      Romania generally will have temptation if you have a pulse. It is according to what you want.

      Like in the moved ‘Officer and a Gentlemen’, Ricard Gere asks his friend “do you love her’. He rambles on about how wonderful she is and how they are dating etc, the question again is: ‘do you love her’?

      People say ‘love’ but love is from the heart so deep that you can not be apart.

  39. I am disappointed to read so many nasty prejudiced comments about Romania and Romanians, and, most shocking is reading some really prejudiced comments by women who claim to be Romanian.

    Truth be said, I suppose I am not 100% Romanian, I’m only about 46%, to be exact, if you are talking genetic levels, but since I was born and raised in Romania,and lived all my 23 years in here(the Western regions of the country), and Romanian was my mother tongue, I have always considered myself to be “Romanian”, and since I know of a lot of very high quality people who are also Romanian(some ‘pure-bred’, some ‘mixed’) I really do not think we are below any other nation in Europe, or the world, for that matter, at least not in terms of human potential, the economy is a different issue, however.

    I do not claim to be some well-read master or very cultural individual, although I am a college graduate, but I can tell by what random “Europeans” are writing on internet forums that they are obviously very ignorant about Romania and the people living here. I wonder how many people know that the first city in Europe to get electric street lighting was in Romania?

    And I wonder if any Western Europeans ever stopped to think about what Europe would look like today had it not been for some Medieval Romanian rulers who stopped all the hoards of invaders from getting into the continent? While the French were discovering art and building churches, we were struggling to fight off the Ottoman Empire, being seriously outnumbered, and much less prepared/organized, I might add, OK, granted, the past is the past, and I do not believe basking in the light of former glory will solve the state of the economy, or the Health Care System, or infrastructure, or anything..but, on the other hand, when I hear some Western Europeans say things like “Romanians are thieves, gypsies, whores” etc, or, like my father once told me of some French engineers who came to Romania in the 1990s, say things like “Oh, you have Churches, like us?” Seriously? Do they think we live in mud huts?

    I have a bit of advice for any “citizen of the world”:if you want to know about a country, read some history books, don’t watch the news. The media exists with the sole purpose of brainwashing the masses and keeping sheep in the pen, hoarding them gently into the direction that the worlds’ leaders want them to go.

    I’m not saying that the things on the news are false. But we’re not worse than any other human race or nationality.
    And, for the record, Romanians are Latin. I’m tired of hearing this “gypsies” misinformation, or “Slavic” notion. In fact, I once saw a very smart documentary that even suggested the Dacian, the people who lived on the territory of modern-day Romania, were actually the ‘fathers’ of the Romans, and that the whole Latin line were descended from them.

    Enough of all this, though. Here are some things I have to say about Romanians that might help foreigners understand them better.
    One is that Romania is divided into regions, like probably any other country, and there are considerable differences in temper/culture/attitudes which stem from slightly different influences and historical backgrounds. The South and East are really the poorer regions, and they are a bit more..primitive, they might hate me for saying this, but it’s the truth. In the South, you’ll still hear a lot about superstitions, and witches and spirits and customs and what not..The Western side was under the Austro-Hungarian Empire at some point, which shows, it ‘looks’ more civilized, the people are different, calmer, more civilized, if you will, Transylvania, again, a lot of Hungarian influences, and any region that has a bit of a mixed breed I think is better, more human, and civilized, despite the presence of initial conflict.
    Why? Have no idea. Probably genetics. It’s that theory about how people are attracted to those who are from different genetic background, because they will produce stronger, healthier(saner?) offspring? It must apply to social circumstances.

    Another thing I gotta say is, do not look at politicians. They do not represent the ‘people’. They get there through ambition and ruthlessness. The only way Western politicians are better is by being more refined, adept lairs.
    Why don’t the people rebel? They’ve long lost their sense of direction. I truly believe the typical Romanians are naturally peaceful, so they are naive, because, unlike most other nations, they haven’t had to struggle to survive as much, look at the English, stranded on the bad little island, worst weather, just green grass and Stonehenge, of course they went off to conquer others! Who could’ve lived there? But here? We always had everything we needed. The Earth is fertile, the mountains are strong enough to protect us, the weather is warm for half a year, and in the winter we lived off preserved made in summer and autumn.

    We have rivers, forests, sea side, and that beautiful Delta. No poisonous reptiles(well, except vipers, but only in remote mountain areas) or arachnids or any strange animals to hunt us down and kill us. Basically, we never had to strive for anything much..if you look at human history, most of the great evolutionary leaps, like great discoveries in science, were discovered during times of war and hardships, out of necessity.
    That’s why human civilization exists. Because there wasn’t enough fertile land to go around for we needed to find alternatives, to survive.
    I secretly smile when I hear foreigners say something like “of, Romania? Agriculture, what else can they do?” Unfortunately, the sad thing is we aren’t working this land of even one tenth of its potential. If we did that, we would have massive powers. Because it all boils down to food, really. The Germans have been growing tomato in cotton pads soaked with chemicals for decades, already..we still have loads of unworked land that can produce sweet organic vegetables and fruits, heck, I didn’t even know tomatoes had a taste until I ate one from my own organic garden, when I was 12.

    And last but not least,you cannot hoard all women into one category, based on nationality. I think the problem with men is that they are very selfish. Most men just expect an obedient wife who asks very little for herself, but is ready to give her life to breeding his babies. Which is ridiculous, as long as men walk through life with that kind of an attitude, they will always feel ‘cheated’. Bottom-line is women want to feel appreciated and respected, regardless of the background they come from, probably even more so if they come from poor families led by abusive fathers and husbands, like so many Romanian and other Eastern European women do.
    Again, speaking for myself, I come from a family that has produced raging feminists for over 4 generations, so this whole image of the ‘submissive, daintily dimple Romanian bride” has me snickering.

    Women expect care and respect, and if they don’t get it, they eventually tire of trying to find Prince Charming and learn to get what they need, however and wherever they can get it, it goes for any woman on the planet, not just Romanians.

    Men who come to Eastern European countries to find themselves a nice ‘lap dog’ of a wife are downright offensive, and have it coming. It never occurs to them that women in poorer countries are “less feminist” because they have been systematically abused and robbed of their self-esteem since early infancy, mostly by patriarchal figures who cannot stand to see a woman get something for herself, heaven forbid they should be aware of their power, and regain their full independence. “We might lose control”, that’s what all ‘man”-kind secretly thinks.’
    And as for the girls who become girls on call walking the street or gold-diggers, more often than not, men made them like that, they were raised to ‘value’ themselves only by their looks, so that’s what they do, mistakenly believing they have no other choice in life, oh well, I could go on, and on, but have already written a novel. So, there it is. My humble opinion on the matter.

    1. I am pretty complementary of Romania and Romanians and I think if I were Romanian I would be pretty proud to be a Romanian. I am not into nationalism as I think it is a 20th century idea that has run its course. But still Romania as a culture is beautiful.

      There is a lot of misinformation about Romania, like with all countries. I mean many people confuse Poland with Holland. Do not worry about the misinformation to much as ingnorance is something hard to correct, but it slowly fades as more correct researched information appears.

      However, my main point I do not understand and disagree with you on is why do you think submission in marriage is bad?

      I mean I as a Christian and a human submit my full will to God and my family. My wife does the same and there is a harmony that can not be achieved when egos are involved. feminism is basically and ego driven movement that tries to differentiate on gender.

      I wish more men find humble, submissive wives. I wish more women find Prince charming who will do anything for his beloved, including surrendering his will. Is this not what we all want?

      I recommend reading Thomas Kempis.

      1. Eric,

        I am not saying women should be blinded by ego, but I think most men want women who shut up and make them look good, instead of women with strong, genuine personalities, who go after what they want.
        Submission, in that sense, is very wrong, because when a woman is not allowed to be herself, to pursue her interests, to assert herself, she becomes stressed out, frustrated, unhappy, and, as a consequence, cannot be of any good to any potential partner or kids.
        Love is great and all that, but I really feel like each person’s main responsibility in life is to strive for self-improvement, not to strive to be the perfect submissive wife, who lives to take care of family.
        Again, don’t get me wrong, I’m sure some women really want that, but a lot of them want more out of life.

        1. “Love is great and all that, but I really feel like each person’s main responsibility in life is to strive for self-improvement, not to strive to be the perfect submissive wife, who lives to take care of family.”


          You are painting a picture of two possibilities, one of a woman, under the thumb of her husband, at his whim every moment enslaved to his wishes and the family. On the other hand, a woman who does what she wants, when she wants, all in the name of her will and her ultimate goals of “self-improvement”, or whatever they may be.

          While the former could well lead to a relationship blowing apart if the woman feels she is not getting what she wants out of life, the latter can also do the same. I was married to a woman who I let do what she wanted, when she wanted. So she would spend all day with friends, not come home to look after her children, go where she wanted, when she wanted with no care for her responsibilities to her children and to her family. This is not good either right?

          I think the point is Sandra, it is better for a husband and for the children if a woman is a bit closer to the submissive side than to the willful side, and is happy to be there. Of course an unwise husband will push this too far. But a wise husband will choose a submissive wife, and then let her have the freedom she wants, which if she is submissive, won’t be too much.

  40. I first want to say to the author of the article, thank you for your time and research into the subject, it is well done.

    It was over 2 years ago I met a Romanian women over the internet. At the time, my intentions where to just have some internet fun, as was hers also. She was very smart, sweet, kind, honest, and very beautiful, way out of my league, a girl of her beauty in the USA would not even look my way. But this girl didn’t treat me like she was better then me, in fact she said she looked forward to seeing me, and even missed not hearing from me, I wasn’t used to that, being in the USA, the girls are material and fake, love is a feeling or just a word.

    Well it didn’t take long at all for me to find myself falling in love with her. After that I began to see her in a different way (with respect and care) I began asking her to marry me, just as a joke at first, to see what her reaction would be. I didn’t think I had a snowball’s chance in hell that she would say yes, well to make a long story short, we will be getting married this time next year, and we are so very much in love, it’s like a dream.

    No she’s not marring me because I’m a US. citizen, and she’s looking for a free ticket there, she doesn’t want to live there. She wants to stay in Romania with her family and friends, she is very close to her mom and sister, that was the agreement she wanted. I have a small family and my friends will visit us here (vacation).

    I have some advice about Romanian Women… they are beautiful inside and out, they really don’t care how much money you have or what you drive, they don’t even care where you live or if you have a house, what they do care about, is (you), they want unconditional love, honesty, and they will give you much respect in return, the rest of it “life just happens”. So if you really want a Romanian women… give her all your love, be honest, but most of all give her time, time to get to know you, so she can see and know that the love you are showing her is the real thing. If you can do that, you will have the most beautiful (inside and out) wife or “mate” you will ever find, for life.

    1. Dear Eric I sincerely hope all will be right in your relationship.
      I believe Romanians are no motivated by money but you must be aware of other motivations. They are unstable and have no conscientious, they tell us the true but that true it is a small part of the story. So one day if any thing is wrong he just say “I tell you the true” you do remember? The Romanian women are naturally false mainly about other guys around for them it’s quite normal to have two boyfriends inside different worlds and will decide later witch the right one without care about your feelings.
      They are so.

  41. This post was a silly for me, it was amusing at the beginning but cant stand cows that call Romanian’s woman as been gypsy.
    They could read some books and find out that Gypsy come from India and more if in UK gypsy are called travelers, they still gypsy.
    First documents that certify the Gypsy on the Romanian land are dated 3 October 1385. And they entered into Romania as slaves for Vladislav Manastirii Vodita.
    So, maybe some of you need a little lecture because you look funny.

  42. Romanian girls are the most beautiful womens. Chubs, what are you, you do not have a clue about women in general and you have the nerve to digest a subject so difficult about women in Romania.
    Not in 20 years from now you will not be able to unravel your mystery about them.
    I am married to a Romanian gypsy woman and I can say it is the best woman on earth, is good in bed, super food is good, not what you will eat fast food with you, and as a wife she is amazing but she is a real mother for my daughter aged 5 years.

  43. As a 33 year old American guy who likes to travel I thought it might be interesting to see what Romania had to offer besides the cliché Bran Castle that Vlad Tepes allegedly spent one evening in. While a prior Army guy, and on vacation from a combat zone I was not girl shopping as many tend to do while they are traveling. I’m actually more attracted to blonde/red haired women for which Romania is not exactly known.

    However on this trip I met a beautiful 34 year old woman from Timosora who was educated and had class. In fact she was very much like the description given in the article. She is grounded, very intelligent (Runs circles around me and I’m a pretty educated guy), family orientated, humble, and not a quitter. We also connect politically as I don’t have to explain to her why some of the things taking place in my country make me so angry. As her family were not members of the communist party they were on the losing end of the social ladder and knows first hand what a horrible system it was.

    Compared to American or even western European women, this girl is AMAZING and I’ve been blessed to find her. If your looking for a one night stand then stick to the western women, but if you want someone worth keeping and introducing to your family then Romanian women are the way to go. Just my two cents….

    1. I am also a US Army Vet working on a contract in Afghanistan. I went on a holiday to Romania after meeting three lovely girls in Dubai, which were working in marketing and finance. I am 29 and I had 3 different girlfriends there.

      The first one was 25, she was ready to settle down and get married, had a professional career, but she was very much a material girl, yet she wasn’t. Nonetheless, she would make a great wife, but I was not interested in her in that manner. It ended up that we broke up, but mostly because she appeared to be extremely obsessed and extremely bigoted and paranoid of others, especially gypsies.

      My second girlfriend was a gypsy (she looked closer to Indian) and she was very young (18 years old) but very sexy. Likewise, she cooked well, I think she would make a fine wife and mother, but I identified that she may have been trying to use me for money. I liked her, but I decided I am done spending a surmountable bit of money on women that I barely know. Again, I don’t hold a grudge or bigot against her because she is gypsy.

      My third girlfriend is also very young (20 years old), but I think I have found my mate. This girl is very intelligent, soft spoken, behaves and dresses like a lady, and also a great cook. The great thing is when we go shopping, she doesn’t ask me for anything. She works hard and buys her own clothing, perfume, and jewelry.

      My ex-wife was Korean and I have tried to date American women since her, but there is something missing that my latest Romanian girlfriend fulfills. I am not trying to rush into anything, but I am not even worried about moving back to the states. The problem is I think I need to be an entrepreneur in Romania if I am going to be her prospective husband.

  44. I read this article for information to learn, I realize that this is an opinion with personal experience and I respect the writers efforts to inform. I am an American who has traveled a lot and can honestly say ‘no matter where you go people are different’. That is what makes life so great. I have never been to Romania but I would love to go to meet the people, the history and the culture. As for the women, from what I see they are educated, beautiful, hardworking and want the same dream that – I believe deep down everyone wants. To be loved, have a family, educated, successful but most of all to be loved unconditionally. It does not matter where you go, you may get hurt, abused, taken for granted etc. that is life. My personal opinion, women are Gods gift to the world and should be treated as such.

    1. Not just women are goodies but men are the same of course, depending of their experience of life women and man’s and mostly how they interpret from their temperament or character the accumulated knowledge and application to each other of this their experience of knowledge. From this part begins the complexes and many times trouble. Most important for humans it’s with feelings not with brain because love connection have strong duration just and just with feelings and with out feelings is just instinct of conservation nothing more and that part is come in material way what do not have any connection with affection or more, true love. I want mean, in all countries human is the same in character and little changed with temperament because of meridian on this planet. Man and woman are like a flower, very sensible with out Love but very strong with it.

  45. “Romania was a regional superpower for hundreds of years” – This was not the Romanian history or the population’s view on Romania’s past. We’d been under the domination of some foreign power (be that the Ottoman, Tsarist, Hapsburg or Soviet Empire) for most of our history, we never had full independence before 1878, or full territorial union before 1918. If anything, apart from a few individuals with an unhealthy patriotism that warp their view of the world, we are actually pretty grim and cynical about our past and especially present, with a pessimistic outlook still on the future.

  46. Opened this site to view some opinions and experiences about Westerners living in Romania. Currently in the capitol.
    Me: traveled via work and pleasure all over the world for decades, from the West Coast of the US, business in UK (10 years), Prague in 90’s (mostly), Far East prior for half a decade, been around a bit. Mid 50’s.
    My experience in Romania – both currently and for a few visits in the 90’s / 00’s(about six months cumulatively), really nice people; both in the country and in the cities. Polite, well mannered, educated, not very shallow on-the-whole, a generalization. Comparatively, a very nice place albeit on the upswing re overall development. I would prefer to spend time here versus the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, most parts of the Ukraine and Russia. They drive like loons.
    Gypsies: have a very good friend in Prague married to a Romanian Gyp. for about twenty years now; two kids, stable business, she is a pleasure to spend time with and possibly the hardest working person that I have ever met; both physically (time, labor)and in her pursuit to educate herself and their children, over the last twenty years consistently. Maybe the exception, maybe the norm if more were given, or developed,the chance. Driving across the Southern part of this nice country last week, ended-up spending sometime (an evening) with a group of Gyp. … big fun! Would not let me even pay for a single beer or glass of wine. Did not attempt to pimp their daughters or wives and really not a lot of complaining about their lot in life.
    People here are generally pretty much like people everywhere else; just trying to make it though and to realize their dreams. A small segment of the population work in the sex trade — a higher proportion then in the west, lower then in the Slavic east — which is consistent with all of the Central/Eastern European developing countries. The women here are truly beautiful. Personally I know about a dozen people (overwhelmingly men) that have stable and healthy relationships with women from Romania for ten years or more…a considerably higher percentage then relationships with women from the Czech Rep., Ukraine or Russia.
    It sounds like some of the people on this site have gleaned their experience with foreign women via absurd dating sites. Heads-Up: get off the couch, buy a plane ticket and move your lumpy-butt to a foreign country to experience the people first hand. Nothing in life is free and nothing of value is easy.
    The English guy that spent thousands, built a house, sisters in London; do you have a hole in your head? Typical with some Brits, as they project and accept their own lack of ethics in their expectations from others. Ever wonder why all cartoons (Dreamworks, Disney, Image…) always have the bad guy with an English accent. I own a few properties in England and have worked there as a property developer (planning, design, import materials and build) quite a bit over the last decade plus. In my experience, England is one of the few places on the planet that it is OK to: steal, lie, deceive… Even getting ‘caught out’ is socially acceptable, where as the only thing that is bad in England is to be a ‘mug’ (the person deceived). It always makes me smile when I hear a English person touting ethics, assumed morality/indignation or anything resembeling a value structure with even a hint of principals. One good thing about the UK: they are so busy theiving and deceiving each other, it is a really easy place to make money if you play-it-straight.
    Dogs. They are dogs, not four-hundred kilo lions in Kenya. Buck-up you are a biped. Try and tap into that genetic coding that allowed us to become the dominant species on the planet, arguably.
    This is getting a bit long. By the way, I contribute to a number of publications but I can not spell; please excuse the spelling and grammatical errors as I could not find God’s gift (whichever God you may petition) of spell-check on this site. Just for the record: I am financially well-off, don’t subscribe to street working girls and have always pretty-much got-back pretty-much what I put-out, show people some respect and you get the same back, work on your development as an individual and you will often meet others that are not bingo-brains, keep an open mind with a touch of tolerance…
    Romania: whole lot more good then bad. Nice people with an interesting and full history. Beautiful women – I mean truly stunning women – that are overwhelmingly interesting, friendly, open, hard working, healthy/pragmatic sense regarding relationships and for the most part quite honest. Statistically the men here have above average (Eastern Europe) rates of alcoholism and abuse. Like the rest of the emerging countries in this part of the planet high divorce rates, although not as high as the Ukraine, Czech Rep and Russia. Although, tonight I am going to see Joe Satriani perform live – as a guest of some Romanian friends – in the capitol, so, safe to say, not all of the men here are lug-head drunks and wife beaters. In fact, in my experience, not so many at all.
    Conclusion: come to Romania. Great business opportunities, nice people, good climate, diverse terr. and environment, rich culture, high level of education, English is wildly spoken, generally moral place, stunning women and also their are a lot of nice men here as well for the gals (don’t think they are too hip to gays though, give them some time on that one). They can use the money. They can also benefit from some aspects of Western culture, so, if you do visit; please show some respect and consideration to the locals … if not for you (if you are a complete dink), then for the rest of us.

    1. A reply to ” I am here ” I very much doubt you have spent any time in the U.k let alone 10 years. The English civilized the world and brought democracy, ethics and law to the majority of the planet which is a massive achievement for a small ‘Island’. A nation worth speaking of in history has had a empire and we as the English have had the biggest. Our empire was far greater than the Greeks, Romans the ottomans etc etc I could go on, probably hence why you can speak English. We have very little corruption in the U.k something my Romanian fiancee has noticed she has also noticed that the ‘drinking culture’ in the U.k has been massively exaggerated in Europe. You have what most of the world has a jealousy of the English. Now why is a Romanian with me I treat her with respect not beat her like eastern European men

  47. I like the way you talked about Romania Traveling man. I can get on much easily with American people than English people. I live in England and the culture is very different. American people are much more easy going.

  48. No, You are not right, Romanian women are not evil, They are much worse. I was born in this poor-country and lived so many years thinking that there is nothing better. I even struggled to gain respect (which destroyed me even more) in this poor-society. If you are foreigner, at least you can return to your country.

    I am beautiful person, I was always the most beautiful of my class. I admit it, I also had many problems. I was a shy person (but not some kind of looser) but I was intelligent. Actually nobody ever noticed that I was shy, expect a few people. I don’t think I deserved to be treated well by women because I had many problems, many although I was always a good person. But nor did I deserve to be treated so horribly only because I was shy and different from others, and very different from Romanian values.

    At a period I was a nationalist. I was proud of my country. I also studied history which I still like very much.

    What I can tell you. I have never been helped in this poor-society by nobody. School and high-school meant nothing. All the help, the knowledge I receive came from the Americans. My only few friends were two Americans. It’ really amazing that there was a time I didn’t like Americans (in my country there is some kind of aversion against Americans although there is also a heavy Americanism).

    I didn’t realize that my life was a a burden I didn’t know other type of life. And if Romanian society is poor it’s also very demanding! Even religious people care more about social positions!

    I admit it, I lived in the worst region of Romania- Oltenia. The worst women of Romania are in this region. Many Romanian hate the people of my region! and especially the women are considered bad.

    I almost lost my mind because of this women. They made me feel very, very miserable. And the love I had for a gypsy like Romanian destroyed me psychologically.

    Romania is a very very rude society. I noticed that Americans are somehow superficial. But I prefer any people of the world to these people.

    And I was a nationalist. Even now I defend my country on French forums. I don’t know why but I still feel bound to this country.

    And what is worse , many people here pose as moral persons. They seem like good and nice people to foreigner. But it’s a budren to live among them, believe me. And most of them think that they deserve to live in a better country.

    The only regions of Romania where you will find decent women are the region of Bucharest. The center of Romania(cities like Brasov) and the south-east region, Dobrogea. Avoid other regions.

    I am 21 now, and I want to move in Bucharest. (when I was in high-school the only teacher I liked was from Bucharest. She was an English teacher.

    If you want to live with an bad lady in a subconscious attempt to turn her into something better and you are not afraid of the dirty part of life then get a Romanian woman. And yes, some of them may be angels inside. For example, the gypsy like Romanian girl I loved. Unfortunately although she is Romanian she liked gypsies too much since a very young age. (something I learned later). And she also liked to loose her goodness (or how you say in English) with one of them. But she seemed such an intelligent and spiritual girl. I never could imagine what she was really like. However, at least she wasn’t so cold and arrogant like other girls.

    By the way, don’t believe them if they seem to be trust worthy, intelligent and moral because that is only an external face.

    Today, I would not give a hoot for a Romanian woman. But perhaps there are other people who still may like them.

  49. We Romanians and other people from Eastern Countries are thieves and do small crimes but Western people are do large scale financial crimes more violence (according to statistics) and were slaves owners and in some cases still are. I live in West about 10 years an I have seen a lot of bad things you have good life standards but you are dirty because water is to expensive. I am proud to be Romanian I am 100 % Romanian, Western people are mixed people 50 % .You have every thing you need and you never knew dictatorship, fear and invasions but still you are dirty with stinking breath. My wife she is a 100% Romanian she is a goddess she cooks perfect she clean the house, has a job and take care of our kids. I help her when i have time. And you pay for all these. For you a Romanian women is a dream.

    1. John are you serious ? tu esti prost john? You really are stupid I am English 100% where do you get this 50% and I am with a Romanian fiancée, are you 50% tsigani? how can we be dirty when we all have running water in England? most Romanians have to go to a well for water apart from the ones who live in the cities. I suggest you think before you speak my friend, and a Romanian girl is a dream? I have been living with one for 7 years so its not a dream for me. I eat salata beouff , ciorba and tocinista probably just like you john , so all I can say to you john is
      dur tem pulla mea aicha I apologise for my spelling rrom

      1. Good comments.
        John probably hasn’t travelled beyond his village so, he only speaks from a far distant memory and recollections of Western movies with dirty old cowboys! Lol. See how one person like John perpetuates stereotypes just like that Mike posted his garbage above.

  50. It’s ironic that so many Romanian women want to come to Western Europe just as it’s imploding under debt, political tensions, health crises, American-style celebrity crap commercial culture and as millions in Western Europe are realizing they won’t be able to afford to retire there and live out their increasing life expectancy. In 10 years time, large numbers of western baby boomers and yuppies will be retiring to Romania, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Ukraine (the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, will be too expensive for them).

    1. I’ve already planned to retire to Romania.
      The British state pension is the same as a Romanian middle management salary, and bank interest rates are higher for investment on any savings.
      In Romania the banking system is also regulated so no problems there and interest is tax free.

      and Hungary is just as cheap as Romania to live in.

      If I go to Satu Mare, I’ll find an ethnic Ukrainian woman.

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