Romanian girls

Romanian girls are beautiful. This is a guide to Romanian girls.  I am an American living in Eastern Europe and although I am not an expert on life, I feel I have a reasonable perspective on Romanian women are derived from my personal experiences with them over the last ten years.

If you are looking for true love, a mate for life, have you ever heard of the country of Romania?

What exactly is Lipscani neck?

The average woman  walking down the street in Bucharest has more natural rustic beautiful naturally than a brand name Hollywood actresses. I kid you not.  In fact, after a day in the old town, you will get  ‘Lipscani neck.’ That is what expats call a sore neck from turning their heads too much from gawking at Romanian university Studente.

The photos of Romanian girls I have posted on this website do not do justice to their charm. They are posted here to spark your interest. The rest is up to you.

In a nutsehll what are Romanian women like?

  • R – Romantic – They dress with style on par with Italian and French women but do so on less money. Some guys think their provocative styles equate with easy. This is not the case. Rather, their conception of the world is romantic, that is not fully rational and a little chaotic. This is almost the classical definition of classical romanticism. Rebellion against the rational with sensuality.
  • O – Odd – The people of Romania on one level, know in their heart’s their greatness of their culture, but many times lack the confidence and compare themselves to the west, especially economically.  Like many Eastern European countries, Romania is trying to come to terms with corruption or hard economic conditions, yet amazingly creative and intelligent population feel they do not have the opportunities to actualized their talents.
  • M – Meaningful – The meaning of life question, and how you live your life is important. I am from the west, I do not know if I could say if people think so deeply about faith, life and the seriousness of relationships. In the west people treat marriage like a relationship that can be broken. In Romania it is more a sacred covenant you swear on the altar to God.
  • A – Authentic – Life here has a rustic feel. It is real, not plastic, but at times spartan. Economics plays a big role in life here.
  • N – Net, Romanians in dating age demographics use the web. As a percentage compared to other countries they are an average European country,  but when you are talking about students, then Romanians are plugged in and this trend is not going away. Again I think it is a function of economics. I mean if you are living in a 50 meter flat in Iași or Cluj-Napoca what else are you going to do when the rest of your disposable income is paying off your highly inflated apartment. I think many young Romanians are borderline Internet addicts. I mean so am I, but this just tell you I guess you can meet Romanian girls online, I think FB has 3.5 million profiles for example.
  • I –  Imaginative – I do not know why but in Eastern Europe, I have found a disproportional number of hot chicks that are into science fiction and fantasy and creative arts. Much more so than in the West. I mean you have girls that look like Romanian models Alina Puscau or  Ana Ularu but wear glasses and read imaginative literature on a park bench or a tram. I think it has to do with the weather or the harder economic conditions that make people more escapist.
  • A- Attractive
The average girl walking down the street in Anytown, Romania looks like a model

How often people confuse beauty with virtue

I believe in the proverb ‘so as within, so is without’. That is, what you have going on in your inner life will eventually reflect your outer beauty.  The majority of Romanian girls are still pretty humble, loyal, devout, educated good girls. If you want to find a date and have had no luck at home because you feel your value system or your sense of ideals about love and romance are from another century, consider Romania. You do not need a time machine to date a princess, just a plane ticket.

Ok if I have at least got your initial interest and you maybe want to meet Romanian girls there are many ways. The best way is to go there. If you have any questions about that let me know. You can do it on a shoe string.I can advise you.

If you are a far away land or your can not practically do it, leave a comment I can recommend Romanian dating sites, Romanian chat and internet, ICQ. There are also traditional Romanian marriage services. Actually dating services are not bad, if I was living in the states I would consider trying one at least to get your interest in the country going.

Or learning the Romanian language, even the basics.  Romanian is not a hard language to learn. And if you learned a few words you would set yourself apart from the rest of the guys trying to win the heart of a Romanian princess for happily ever after.

I would say that if you are looking for Romanian girls for less than noble motives, do not, why waste their time and yours. But if you are looking for Romanian girls for love, below I tell you the best way to meet Romanian girls.

I also make more specific recommendation in on this page: Bucharest girls.

Origins of Romanian girls

Romanian girls are an odd lot. They are actually ancient people’s influence by Romans culture as manifest by their language. However, their ethnicity is a mix of peoples whose names are not household words to most Westerners. The Roman province of Dacia was cut off during the collapse of the empire and some of the descendants lived in Slavic Eastern Europe along with indigenous people.  In Romania there is also a large gypsy population (Indian origin) and even some Turkish, Hungarian and Tartar (all Asian). However, Slavic people are mixed of course.  This is why Romanian girls are so beautiful.  They are Latin, Slavic, Ancient Greek, Eastern and mixed with their Dacians and Illyrians base. They are a little bit something exotic, ancient and untamed.

Romanian girls looks

Romanian girls are dark, thin and rather shapely. They have long legs and thin waists. Their noses can sometimes be pronounced, but this is not a bad thing. If you like girls with the contast of dark and pale, you will like Romanian girls.

Their hair almost always dark, yet their skin is pale and their bodies are lithe many with blue eyes. Something out of a Gothic fairy-tale or almost elf like. Maybe I am exaggerating a bit but you get the point.

Values of Romanian girls

Romanian girls are Orthodox Christian. Most of the girls in Romania are traditional good morals girls, waiting for their prince.  This is every guys dream. To find a girl whose beauty is only exceeded by her virtue and grace. Why is it that so often men confuse beauty and goodness?

They project on women all these noble attributes on a female just because they look good? Well there is a place you do not have to worry too much about making this error.  It is called Romania.  Most are humble and really want just a normal boyfriend. How can a people who have been steeped so deeply in the ideas Orthodoxy for so many centuries not have a greater awareness and goodness in them? It is almost in their genes. So forget all the troubles and heartaches girls back home have cause you. Romania might just be the land of fairy-tale princesses.

Harder economic conditions in Romania are a double edge sword. On one hand the girls have been shielded from hyper consumptive western ideas. The vast majority are not gold diggers and are easy to please.   However, because of the poverty that still exists in Romania, there are some women that think they can have both love and money. For me women who think in this way are the most dangerous type of women.

Romanian girls with less than noble motives but most are of good moral fiber and spiritual. The photo above is a good girl/model not a bad Romanian girl.

  • A word of advice for guy dating girls. There is a slight inverse correlation between price and quality. Take that for what it is worth. Many times the most high maintenance and demanding girls today, are the worse quality and choses for mates. While the ones that would be content reading a book with you on a park bench, not going to a fancy restaurant are the ones you should marry.

Language of Romanian girls

Romanian can be understood my Italians and Italian by Romanians. This is because both languages are a derivative of Latin. English is spoken by any Romanian girl under 30. Russian is also known, but English is really the magic language that give you the key to communicate to Romanian girls in dating age.

How to meet Romanian girls

The most obvious way to meet Romanian girls is to fly there.  I would highly recommend it. I live in Eastern Europe. I flew here five years ago and I never went back to the USA.  If you visit Romania the girls you will meet will be 100 times better than the women you might meet in the USA, on the Internet or any other way. Leave a comment if you have a question about meeting Romanian girls. I would highly recommend a trip to Romania to meet

Romanian girls.

Published by Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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  1. Elliott

    Interested in money ? haha ….
    you even don’t deserve an answer….so I don’t bother anymore….
    Have fun in u’r virtual world….with u’r friends…

  2. I am a Pakistani guy working in Greece for several years. My problem is I am pretty shy. Therefore, I have not developed any friends. However, there is one Romanian girl that rides the bus with me every morning on my commute to work. Sometimes she smile and sometimes she ignores me. I have been too shy to talk to this girl. Does anyone who knows Romanian girls know how I should approach her?

    1. It has nothing to do with the fact she is from Romania. You just start a conversation about the weather or something and see how it goes. I can imagine you are that shy? She could just be friendly as she sees you everyday, but you will never know unless you talk to her.

  3. Thank you admin for correcting my message as I am not a native speaker in English and still learning. I will talk to her and then I will tell you and I hope you will help me in my conversation.

    1. When I first started to talk to girls I tried to impress them and have deep conversations at the start. I found that chatting with girls is more about charming small talk and getting them to trust you. Then appeal to their higher self, talk about travel around the world or literature or art.

  4. Elliot, you are a fascist pig. I am a Jew and I have done a lot to help other people. You are a sick remnant of the 1939-1945 era and you are useless and hateful human being. People who just make broad generalizations about a person’s race and religion are people who thrive on hate, intolerance and ignorance. You contribute nothing to this world but to spread hate and death. Go look in the mirror if you want to see a hateful and bigoted person.

    I am a Jew and I will not let neo-naz and radical Islamic fanatics treat me like a subhuman. Your father failed in his attempt to murder our babies, sorry but live with the fact that you and everything you stand for is stupid and your entire life is meaningless. Go do something productive like the Jewish people have done and stop wasting your life being a brainless, lazy, finger-pointing dim-witted fool.

    Shalom to all..

  5. I hope Admin doesn’t agree with you, because admin is an educated and open-minded intellectual. I think admin will agree that people like you are garbage who don’t have any real purpose on this earth except sucking and draining others, then blaming Jews for the fact that you are too stupid to contribute anything productive to society.

    1. Yonatan, what are you kidding me, you have read enough here to know that I do not care about people’s ethnic back ground or religious background. I live in Kraków Poland in the area of the old Jewish ghetto. There is no way I could not be aware of what extremism and intolerance does. I do not even like to write or mention the names of the political movement from the 1940s if you have noticed as I do not want to give that type of thinking any respect. As a Chritisan it is my belief that we are all children of God.

      My wife for example is from Poland. However, she is so naturally unsually dark and I wonder if she is part Jewish or Turkish or Gypsy or Romanian or Asian or something else. It would be cool to find out. It so does not matter.

      Peace and love to all is my philosphy, I respect a girl based on her character and morals.

      I know this is off the topic of Romanian girls and where to meet Romanian girls but it is relavant in general if you are going to marry someone who is not the girl next door.

  6. I have great respect for you Admin.. My post was in response to the racist person named Elliot who decided to take all his hostilities out here on this message board.

    One thing I know is there are actually many Jews all over Eastern Europe who do not even realize their ethnicity. Many over time, either through intermarriage, persecution or communism converted to Christianity or atheism. So, your girlfriend may very well be part Jewish. As for me, I am quite fair skin, however, my father and brothers look middle eastern, but my mother looks quite Russian or even Anglo-saxon. So, many Russians/Ukrainians actually think I am one of them, which I am, to a degree.

    Anyhow Admin, don’t worry, I was writing to the nazi poster (Elliot) above. I really enjoy your site and have enjoyed communicating with you on the message board. I think your website will be a great help to me when I start my wife-hunting venture.

  7. Back to topic of Romanian girls, I am considering attending a Romanian baptist church where I live. I thought it would be a nice way to meet some people from the country of a good moral standard. I am not sure what to expect, but I thought it would be interesting and I don’t have much to lose. There are a lot of Romanians living in this area. Also, we have a very large Russian community here.

  8. I met a Romanian girl on chat 5 years ago and now we r in love.we met in UAE and we spent amazing time Romania together. It’s a very beautiful country and specially girls from Romania. I belong to an Islamic culture from Pakistan but I didn’t find them much different from how we live. I loved Romanian discos specially unlike UAE that you only find girls that are working 😉

  9. It is very disgusting to read comments with insults and bad-mouthing other people. Is it necessary? Especially with women, that’s how you show your femininity.

    1. Thanks for the comment. That guy Spatula is kicked off here. I moderate this and delete more comments than I approve based on respect towards others. I do not mind when people have different opinions but I do not like rudeness or other type of behavior. Thanks.

  10. hahhaa oh my goodness… To begin with, I’m Romanian, studying in UK.. I should begin with the fact that the whole discussion about ‘Romanian girls’ turned out to be about religions lol.. It’s not about religion when you meet someone, it;s about the lifestyle and their culture.. It can pretty much be a Romanian girl who is very shy (very rare)/ very bitchy and so on.. talking in general, people r different, but if u stay and discuss the religions, u will end up all by urself cuz to be honest no one cares which religion u r as long as it exists respect between yourselves .. this is my opinion anyway.. good luck with finding Romanian girls..(and yes, they are good looking;) )

    1. It does not matter to you, that is all.

  11. +1 Admin..

    Religion is very important to me.. I realy would hope my wife would convert to my religion, Messianic Judaism. However, I respect if she will not. But , her religion and my relgion must coincide. Religion is very important because God comes first in my lives, people second and my worldly knowledge and possessions last.

    Talking about all the various interests in this world actually will prove futile in the end. In the end, it is just You and God. How well did I do? Thats what matters to me most on my final day.

    I, actually don’t care so much about impressing women as to impressing God. That is why I haven’t married. I am not here to impress and worship a woman which so many AMerican men do. These men fall short, because their goddess ends up screwing them over, cheating on them, divorcing them and taking all their money and children and leaving them feeling betrayed and alone.

    From Book of Jewish books of Ketuvim, Proverbs 31:30:
    Beauty is fleeting, charm is deceptive, but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised.

  12. There are many inaccuracies in this article. First, they are not good moraled girls waiting for their prince. Maybe in the countryside they are. In the big cities, if you see a hot woman, usually she’s had a fair amount of men. Secondly, while it is true Romanian is similar to Italian, they are not mutually understood. Romanian is also much harder to learn than Italian because of it’s complex grammar. And lastly, who told you Russian is spoken in Romania? Only people who grew up in the 40s and 50s may speak Russian, other than that Russian is spoken as much as say..hmmm arabic…Maybe you were referring to the Republic of Moldova, where 90% of the population speaks Russian…

    1. Most students in the city are from the countryside, or at least a lot. Also there are nice city girls and Romanian and Italian are not the same language but can be understood.

  13. To J: You’re in serious problem my friend. I mean, if you’re staying in Romania and you don’t know how to date a Romanian girl, you’re screwed. No mentor or advice will do the job, gotta find out by yourself, I guess.

  14. Romanian girls are beautiful, i was surprised, i was living in Spain two years ago where lives a huge Romanian community and i’m telling, they`re not as i expected, i thought they were sad and very cold people with very ugly women and instead of that i found very kind people, very open minded, very nice people and with very beautiful women (with some exceptions of course), and they don’t have a unique or a standard look, some of them are blonde very similar to Polish or russian girls, and some of them are tanned brunettes that you may think they’re Spanish, or Italian or Greek, that’s because the racial mixtures, the slavic were there as well as the turks or the tartars, anyway the think i learn about meeting Romanian girls is that you may nt stereotype people from countries you don’t know.

  15. Hi I found this blog a great read
    Romania sounds like a great place
    I’m in Birmingham uk and I like a Romanian girl in the local chip shop.
    I fancy her and love her accent altho her English is very good..
    Any tips on how to get her number as I’m a bit rusty..
    Sometimes she’s very chatty and others just business like as she has a job to do..
    Getting a number off a girl in a busy chip shop is this mission impossible..??
    I’ve got iPhone might go for a Romanian eng translator or something ..
    Any tips would be great

  16. Hey, I am half romanian half russian. Thanks for making girls feeling better :P.

  17. I have known a couple of Romanian ladies in my life and I am better for that. I’m middle aged (46) and would relish the opportunity to meet someone with a good heart and open to a (small) risk. I live on the Palm and enjoy dining, travel, the beach, movies and, most importantly, you!! I value integrity above everything and always back up my friends [even when they’re wrong] No harm in a simple meeting.

  18. Buna, well I have been chatting to a Bucharest girl for nearly 11 months now. I’m in Australia.I so want to rush over and marry her. But getting to know her has been great. We have had many ups and downs like a normal couple, and I think it is best to take your time. The most attractive thing of a Romanian woman to me is their eyes. The first time I saw her eyes she stole my heart 😀 true beauty. Oh and the sweet voice and accent. I really need to get my fanny to Bucharest and date her. Does anyone know of a good place to stay in Bucharest? I want to spoil her but don’t want to be too flashy, this is a girl I want to marry not just a one off. Cheers 😀 papa

    1. JC I recommend apartments. If you can rent a nice private flat you will get more for your money. You can get one with really western standard for a little more. Hotels can be not cheap as they are for tourists and if you are staying for more than a week or two can be pricey. This is why I think with some research you can find a nice apartment.

  19. to Katya

    almost every girl speaks like her, iam an expert in internet dating, i have met over 300 girls on the internet, they all speak the same

    what i came to know
    all the girls, talk more like faith,belief,culture,god and so on, but they all are very calculative inside, why should they be not

    here in india, as soon an avg girl upload her pic on social networking website or dating site, atleast 500 guys began to approach her, and the girl gets lot of choice, and then she clicks on the basis of looks and income

    why should she be not

    1. Very good experience. Many people speak like that but very quickly the reality is seen in their actions. I think actions speak louder than words and you can not hide your true colors very long.

  20. Cheers Admin…oh and btw I saw another jc here, that’s not me. Goodluck to everyone who finds a beautiful woman like I have. 😀

    1. Thank you for the kind regards and dittos on finding a beautiful woman, it is actually easier if you take a chance and try something unconventional, like not dating the girl next door.

  21. Gipsy minority is just 2.5% in Romania, same as in the other European countries.

    The Hungarians are 6% way more than the gipsies and they did not come from Asia, they have their own state Hungary, near West Romania, and the Germans about 2.2%. so Hungarians, Gipsies, Germans! then Serbs, Italians, Ukrainians, Slovakian, Turkish, Tatars, etc. Turkey is also in Europe, just the Tatars came from Asia!

    Romanian girls speaking Russian? Did you visit the Republic of Moldava instead of Romania? No normal Romanian girl speaks Russian, we do not like Russian.

    The Romanian girls speak English which became the 1st foreign language here, French and German. but the majority of them know Spanish or Italian because they watch telenovelas!

    Maybe the girls of 50-60 years old still know Russian in Romania, even we never been in USSR like you probably think. And our biggest minority are the Hungarians, the gipsies are only 2-2.5% like in other European countries.

    1. You are right. Gypsies are a small percentage, I would say about 3% of Romania (many are unaccounted for so I would bump it up a bit from official data). However, it is a population of about 600,000 right behind Spain in terms of the most Gypsies in Europe.
      There are some Gypsies that live down the street from me and they are louder than other residence but they do not bother anyone.
      I think with 1/2 million Gypsies in Romania there has been marriages or at least relationships with Romanians.
      Hungarians are for sure from Asia, that is a fact, but now they are Europeans. You have about 6% Hungarians. But basically Romania is mostly Romanian people. I would say 90% or more, except some American and British expats of course. 🙂
      Moldavia is largely Russian speaking, but Romanians are like Italians and you are right, the older population spoke Russian. I would say people 35 and up.
      I am very postive about Romania as I am about Eastern Europe in general as this is the area that has the most potential to develop economically. These are democracies and free market economies. A very good combination. However, Eastern Europe retains some traditional values and not overly corrupted by hyper consumption and feminist thinking.
      Romanian girls are very nice in my book.

  22. About Romania, in East Europe we are one of the most developed, comparing with the West one of the lasts.

    but the things are moving! many of the East European countries are not even in EU, but we are!

    Of course, if you came from the United States, even West Europe is clearly inferior to your country.

    1. Thank you for your comments. I delete comments mostly based on quality not content. Many people write in chat style or mobile phone text message style, that is caps or no caps and little punctuation and use ‘u’ instead of you. So I cleaned up your comment a little bit away from chat style and you are in.
      I think I would rather live in Romania than 90% of the other places in the world if you are talking economics.
      Romania economically is EU. This means as a Romanian citizen there is free movement of labor and capital. Further, things are changing in Romania. Change means opportunity. I think no one ever makes money greater than zero economic profits in a stable economy. You want action, change, this is Romania.
      Romania has great fresh air, moutains, sea coast. It is warm and the food and other things are cheap.
      However, it still has corruption problems.
      But away from that, if you set up a IT company for example, you will do very well. There are very talented people in Romania.

  23. I’m a Romanian girl and yes I have a wonderful American boyfriend who loves me very much and take it from him, he will tell you, he thinks that Romanian girls are really special 🙂 Now he wants to come in Romania for a while. haha! Well I told him that this will be very interesting 🙂

    Have a nice day.

    1. I think it will be interesting if he come to Romania, however, not in a bad way. Romania is such a beautiful country, its warm and nice mountains for hiking and deep forests. I can not see that it will be anything but a positive experience.

  24. You guys actually come here, in Romania just for our girls? That is absolutely awesome!

  25. By the way, Romania is indeed a very beautiful country. We have mountains up to 2544 meters high, we have Danube’s Delta (the only one in the whole Europe). We have gold sands near at the wonderful Black Sea, hills and many many other things… We have lots of monasteries and churches, museums and other cultural things. If you have an opportunity, don’t hezitate visiting Romania!

  26. Yeah, it’s true. Romanian girls are the most beautiful of the world. Its incredible, what do they feed girls there? Do the government says “hey ugly girls: you are deported” or what? I just can’t believe all Romanian girls are like models.

    1. I think Romania has a disproportional number of attractive girls because they are natural. Living a more rustic life and therefore a more rustic beauty. Do you like Rustic, clean style or overly ornate gaudy style? I like rustic like many Romanian girls are.

      I think no girl is ugly, in the world, you just have to be poet enough to see her beauty.

  27. …And of course I’ve heard is a beautiful country too. If I go to Romania, I won’t go looking for a girl. It is a plus.

    You Romanians are very lucky people. Hope to visit your country and see all that marvelous land and history.

  28. Hello there

    My friend and I are planning to visit Romania because he met a girl who was over in England (Bradford) and she sold him the idea of visiting the place.
    Like girls are all beautiful etc etc and thats where I fit into the equation. Now is the place dangerous, are the clubs and bars safe and will the pretty girl try and rip us off because we are foreign?

    1. I have never been ripped off. I do not go to clubs really. I think you must ask to see the price list in English if you are at a place. Use common sense. Romania is a safe place, safer than the west. If people try to rip you off in that way call the local authorities as it is highly wrong and there is a law against it. If you are clean cut guys, going to meet nice Romanian girls in nice places, not a problem at all.

  29. thanks for your help.
    Yes we are both professional clean cut guys. I’m sure there’s nothing out there that we cant get in England if we were that way inclined.
    We are just going to have a good time, hit the clubs, bars and make some friends hopefully girls and then go back again.
    I will let you know how we get on.

    1. For sure you will have a good time in Romania. The women are beautiful. I guess I could do a little research on clubs in the towns you are going to. If it was Krakow, I would know exactly which clubs are good and which are just OK and which ones are tourist traps. But the reality is all are good and even dives are pack with hot girls. I need to update my post to include the best nightlife stops in Bucharest.

  30. I really like your site and the things that you are teaching people about Romania. Thank you for that, the country is really as you say and everyday it is changing and becoming more dynamic. – A Romanian girl.

  31. Romanian girls are nothing more than bunch of curve.
    Romanian girls may like foreigners than Romanians. You may treat them with more respect and with more dignity. They may find happiness and sorrowless in your fams. Congratzfukkinlations. You see, us Romanian men. Whether is Eminescu or a simple Cab driver. We´re poets by birth. And that sadly, Romanian girls can´t understand it.

  32. I dream of living in the mountains.. I am truly a mountain man at heart.. I think maybe I could enjoy living in the mountains of Romania my whole life. Romania really has some beautiful country-side. I hear the women from the remote areas of Romania are still good, traditional and loyal. The city girls in Romania are pretty much spoiled and ruined like most women in Europe, although perhaps not as bad as less say Hungary, Czech or WEstern Europe.

    The only downside with finding a village/small town girl is they don’t have the high class beauty appeal and fancy clothes that the city girls wear. Many also tend to be overweight or have bad hygiene because of a poor diet. Well, I am willing to make concessions with beauty if her heart is more golden.

    It would be nice to find a beautiful woman in a land with such beautiful mountains such as Romania.

    1. There are many beautiful regions in Europe with mountains, from Ukraine to Romania to Poland and Slovakia. Many beautiful girls there too, rustic surroundings often adds accents the character of the girls in this region in a good way. My friend is dating a girl from the this region that moved to the city for school. For him I think she is a pearl of great price.

  33. Yonatan: the beautiful mountains of Romania?haha, they are really nice,go on dreaming… but choose the location very-very carefully. Some beautiful Romanian mountains were Hungarian mountains not so long before. So be really careful, maybe the mountains still have the scent of thoose Hungarian feminists, that you hate so much 🙂

  34. LOL… I think the Romanians may disagree with you there Kata… I am sure the Hungarian mountains are beautiful and, at one time, before Magyars lost their culture, were filled with beautiful people. Sadly, the only people left with culture in Hungary are gypsies. As far as gypsies go, I think its better to avoid them for various reasons.

  35. Buna buna, I just want to brag that I am still madly in love with my Bucharest Lady 😀


  36. That seems to be the problem with most all people today they are trying to fall in love. Love is not something you just get,you choose to love. Seems as if people are looking for a beautiful person,well what happens when you are 80 and all that outside beauty is gone. The only thing that should matter is the beauty that is with in a person. Choose to love some one because they are nice,respectful,etc. not for looks and you may find yourself in a life lasting relationship. Different people have different taste no matter where in the world they are. For me I don’t look. someday I will meet the one person I will choose to love and I will love them for who they are not for:beauty,s_x,money, are any material thing in the world.

  37. Admin…

    I don’t know what region of Romania you’ve visited but “natural” and “rustic” is definitely NOT how I would describe the girls in Bucharest… All the girls look similar in that they dye their hair black and sport fake tans and hot pink lips… They wear a whole lot more makeup than American girls… (Of course w/ the exception of the trashy girls and guidettes)… It’s a shame because a lot of these girls are beautiful and if they would tone down the conformity and sex appeal then they truly would be the most beautiful girls. “Classic beauty” isn’t a concept yet in Romania, hopefully we’ll see that in the next few years or so.

    1. Bucharest is a city. Just like New Jersey is a city. Well kind of. You will find the ‘New Jersey’ look in most cities of the world. I lived in Brooklyn, New York and the Bay Ridge, Bensonhurst girls had this look.
      But if you are not going to clubs and hanging out with people like that you do not see them, that much.
      For example, I live in Krakow. If I am up early walking on a Sunday morning, I see club girls like you described coming back from parties all night.
      However, I also see very humble normal rustic looking girls going to church or on a weekend going to the farmers market. It all depends on where you are, when you are and what you are doing and looking for.

  38. I am currently living in Canada, but I am from Venezuela, South America. I have travelled many countries and have found beautiful people everywhere. I was just recently in Romania, however, I found a lot of women to be very jealous and catty. I did however, befriend one Romanian woman, who said to me that Romanian women do not like “exotic” women coming in to their country. What is it with these women? If you are so beautiful, why such a bad attitude? Beauty does not come from the outside, but from within. Thanks to this woman who was kind enough to embrace my beauty and not compete with it, I can’t say this for all Romanian women. My question is: why? I’d like to understand from all perspectives, it could be cultural, economic, institutional, whatever it may be, whoever thinks they have an answer, help me to understand. My culture is very different, we love to embrace beauty of all sorts.

  39. @daniela i’m a Romanian girl 19 years old, be sure that 99.9% of Romanian girls are not arrogant as you might think, as Latinas are known for their beauty Romanian and eastern women are known for being also some of the most beautiful women in the world.
    In fact the beauty is something relative, I can be beautiful for someone, normal for another or maybe ugly for some other people, we can’t say that girls who belong to this or that country are the most beautiful. wherever you go you will find the beautiful and the ugly be sure of that. if we talk from another perspective, I’m sure that a man will not be interested in the look of a special woman. of course he will not get marry with a monster, but simply he wants a feminine woman, who knows how to take care of her family and herself, and she plays her main role as for being a woman. let’s avoid the way of thinking of American or western European women, who forgot who they are ( of course not all of them), most of them are obsessed by the idea of equality and bla bla bla. actually there’s no difference between men and women in earth, we’re both made for a special purpose.
    Men are physically strong which makes them capable to bear the harsh activities, meanwhile women are the feminine, the tender the affection. we both complete each other, if one of us forgets his/her role in this life there wouldn’t be any balance.

    So let’s forget about these generalizations, let’s be down to earth. and hey i know that Latinos think badly of us eastern European girls obviously not all of them, but i don’t know why do you have this attitude. sorry for being a bit rude but that’s what i think.

    1. Adelina for a 19 year old Romanian girl you have a lot of wisdom.
      Romanian girls are not arrogant, at least most of them. What you write is correct, beauty is also relative.
      I think few guys here would disagree with your statement that many American and Western European women focused so much on equality that they do not forget their special purpose on this earth.

  40. Hello to all of you out there.
    I am a Romanian man (26 of age) and proud of it. I have been to most of EU and (at least from my perspective), indeed I am lucky to leave here as women are really beautiful.
    Also regarding the country sides, Romania still has 100% pure natural untouched by man’s “wisdom” places. It is unique in the world as having in one place so much bio-diversity (large fields, beautiful hills, mountains, rivers, sea and the diamond: Danube Delta). I myself said that before going to outside borders for vacation (I saw most EU because of my job so no time for visits) I need at least 15 years to discover Romania. I must warn you though be careful of what services you choose as for many times going to well advertised resorts/ hotels etc. is a disappointment. Chose instead small motels, villas etc. For those who love nature, maybe this is one of the few countries left in EU where you can go with your tent and settle almost anywhere (please leave clean spots after settlement). People are very worm (but it depends from area to area) and in some parts (for instance in northern part of the country), would be sad for not visiting their community/houses (if you search for a room to spent the night).
    As for feeling secure, don’t be afraid. It is one of the most secure countries in EU. No one is going to come and smash you in the head just to take your wallet. In this case I honestly thank EU because adopting Romania as a member country in 2007. Since than lots of bad intended people traveled outside our borders (most of them gypsies) especially to France, Italy and Spain and some to UK. This is why those that are still here are of good habits in most of the case. Thank you EU … they are all yours. Of course this is why Romania is badly seen in the West … and I understand the West because in their place I would do the same!
    Nevertheless food is very good around, and some dishes are cooked like nowhere else in the world. Enjoy it!
    We are renowned for our wine and alcoholic drinks … and as a drawback we love drinking. As for bars and night clubs, they are secure and have good stuff (depends of many factors, music you search for etc.).

    Hope it is clearer now for most of you. if needed some more info I would be more than happy to make recommendations
    Wish you a wonderful day.

  41. So where do you meet these wonderful girls. I’m living in Craiova, and it’s the hardest place to meet these women.

    1. This is a beautiful city. I guess my first question is what is your strategy now? How do you chat up girls and what is their reaction? Do you know any Romanian?

  42. Hey, I`m Carmen, I`m 21 years old and I`m an Romanian Girl.

    First of all, I would like to say my opinion regarding Daniela`s and Max`s comment.
    @Daniela: I think every woman from this planet has a jealous side, maybe you just crossed some lines or did something without noticing, but we are not all like that. What you are doing it is called “to generalize”. I`ll give you an example: if a part of romanian people (which are not really romanian, are gypsies), go to Spain or Italy, and STEAL, doesn’t mean that we are all THIEVES! Got it? I`m very certain that we all have a good and a bad side. Depends on the way you see things. Ow, and Daniela! Usually, beautiful girls don’t stand other beautiful girls around them. They usually organize, one beautiful girl in every group, so they could always be in the spotlight. I was just joking :)).

    @Max: Craiova is a rather dangerous city. Beautiful girls are everywhere, just try to look at a single one and you`ll be safe.

    Finally, I have to tell you that I read this blog and I`m pleased about the way you think and about the way you see us. I thank you in the name of all the girls. 🙂

  43. I keep hearing that Romanian girls are breath taking, and are one of the most beautiful girls in Europe. But honestly, every single one of them that i’v seen are ugly……Both my parents are Romanian and i speak Romanian fluently,been to Romania countless of times, Both Bucharest and some of the smaller towns.Yet, i can’t seem to see any good looking Romanians….. Yes of course there are a few in the city but 75%-85% are ugly lol.

    And to all the american guys out there looking for a Romanian girl…. Watch yourself, romania is very poor…..There resorts are one of the most expensive in Europe, especially around the black sea.And don’t bother trying to win a girl over with your American stories and money…..Roamnian girls are hella cleaver and sneaky.Being an American doesn’t give you a edge either if your there……Most of there parents hate Americans.

    1. I use to warn people about Polish girls because I did not want foreigners scooping up our girls. But now I am more open minded. I find your view on Romanian girls a little off, perhaps I am partial as I live in Eastern Europe but I do not think so.

  44. how dare you talk about the values of Romanian girls intermixed with the types of pictures and photos you have on this page? You want a woman with values to use like a s_x object, right?

    1. Honey is natures bait for the birds and the bees.

  45. If you must insist that Romanian girls and European girls are somehow better, then let me speak as a Romanian girl (who comes from a typical striving, social-climbing family whose attitudes I thankfully escaped by growing up poor in corporation-drenched America). Look for the girls who don’t want to be like Americans, who don’t idolize the American celebrities, and capitalism. Look for the girls who do not watch S_x in the City, and other American shows, do not have to be seen strutting their stuff in the cities with skimpy clothes, do not look up at you with blind adoration when you say that you’re American, do not have a favorite alcoholic drink (I’m a vodka and jager woman” someone gag me with a spoon, please…..) If you’re man enough to date someone like that, then you’ve come a long way in picking the right Eastern European girl (or girl from any country for that matter).

    1. No person is better than another. We are all equal in God’s eyes. However, culturally there are different trends. In Romania it will not always be like it is now. In Poland things are changing. But now the culture is that of love and marriage.
      You may be from Romania but that does not make you an expert. I may live in Eastern Europe but I am not an expert either. But if you look at statistics like divorce and marriage it is hard to argue with that.

  46. I have to agree with you Daniel. I have been to Romania twice and have not seen one “gorgeous” Romanian woman. The majority are ugly like in all countries. The women there are jealous and catty as well. So many of them gave me nasty and mean looks of jealousy. Romanian men are not happy with Romanian Women. Hence my two trips there! Yeah they hate Americans but love to spend our money – sad.

    1. Untrue. I have spent many years in Eastern Europe where I live now. Some people are greedy, but most are not. Romania is connected to Rome and Italians and are like the Italians in that they are religious. Not all, but most. If you meet these girls that are into money, it is because what you are projecting about yourself. Even in Poland where I live I meet greedy girls, but most are humble girls looking for true love.

  47. To the admin, You are an older man, And these women might not see you as a threat or maybe they assume you have money to spend on them being older and wanting some arm candy so they are nice to use believing you’ll spend money on them, but typically, country girls look country. They are usually not attractive. Any any woman who has to die her hair, wear heavy make-up, wear revealing clothing, push-up bras and implants is insecure, especially bleached blonds. Bleached blonds are all unattractive brunettes who know they are unappealing so they have to die their hair and go to extremes just to be noticed and get a man’s attention, Sorry for the rant, I digress, my point is, insecure women attract insecure men, and you can recognize these women by how they’ve altered their appearance, and the men that hang around them are just desperate and hard-up. so what I’m trying to say dude, is that you probably feel you’re more successful with Romanian women than u.s. women, but it may be a fall sense of security since these women have their own insecurities and are behaving so, is a cycle. sorry. That’s how I see it.

    1. Dina, I almost deleted your comment as it is in chat style, please use grammar and punctuation etc. I cleaned it up a little. I also almost deleted your comment as what you right makes no sense. Your MTV Jersey Shore is amusing.
      I always did fine with American women. I just did not find any that I connected with. I never had a problem with American girls. In fact just the opposite.
      When I came to live in Eastern Europe, I was a foreigner yes so that is a novelty. But many girls do not want to date foreigners. My wife did not. She would not date me because I was a foreigner, as she did not want to waste her time with me, some guy that would fly home. So it can make it harder.
      I always put it out that I am not rich. I lived in a 19 meter flat and washed my clothes in the shower. Do you live i a 19 meter flat and wash your clothes in the shower? So I do not think money was the point either.
      I am a person who is moral and some people think I am smart. Smart and values can win the heart of any girl if you have the charm and she is the one for you. It is about finding the right girl. That is all. I do not want every girl nor do they want me. It is about finding my one and only.
      I married a Polish girl. However, the Romanian girls I knew on a cordial respectable basis were nothing like you talk about. They were church going, or spiritual, well dressed and educated.
      I do not care if someone is insecure or confident. That does not matter. I care if they are a good human that is all.

  48. ADMIN.Good for you.At the end of the day being a good person wraps it up! And I must say,as an ESOL teacher who has met a good number of Romanian(And Polish)girls,that many of them are beautiful.In fact,I don’t date U.K.girls at all now…No comparison. And my current Romanian Girlfriend is beautiful in looks and in character,and is no gold-digger.

  49. I agree that Romanian girls are beautiful, I was in a relationship with a girl from galati, i visited her city 15 times over 3 years until Romania joined the European union, then this girl came to Ireland to live with me, she had a daughter from a previous relationship. i treated her child as my own and treated my girlfriend like a princess, gave her everything she wanted, then boom. she tells me she is with me to provide for her family as their wage from work is so low that she is willing to be with any man she can take from, now she works as a prostitute, never again would I consider a Romanian woman for a relationship, iIhad a short term relationship with another woman from Bucharest and it was the same, take.

    1. I think Romanian girls are pragmatic in what concerns a relationship with a foreigner. They are more interested about your material situation than about your personality (of course if you are a demented sob you’re not on their target). That doesn’t mean they are not well-intentioned in most cases. They just need stability.
      The new generation (college age and under) becomes really shallow though.
      And I have to make a correction mentioned already by many here: you will hardly find someone speaking Russian in Romania, unless he(she) is a former Moldavian Republic citizen. Republic of Moldova was an ancient Romanian county but it was occupied by Russians (even before Soviet era ) therefore many people knows russian there (many people are russian there – ethnic purification done in Stalin’s times)

    2. Sorry to hear that. My previous comment is confirmed in a way by what happened to you. I am from Galati like your first girlfriend. I’m a guy, I have to mention.

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