Romanian girls

Romanian girls are beautiful. This is a guide to Romanian girls.  I am an American living in Eastern Europe and although I am not an expert on life, I feel I have a reasonable perspective on Romanian women are derived from my personal experiences with them over the last ten years.

If you are looking for true love, a mate for life, have you ever heard of the country of Romania?

What exactly is Lipscani neck?

The average woman  walking down the street in Bucharest has more natural rustic beautiful naturally than a brand name Hollywood actresses. I kid you not.  In fact, after a day in the old town, you will get  ‘Lipscani neck.’ That is what expats call a sore neck from turning their heads too much from gawking at Romanian university Studente.

The photos of Romanian girls I have posted on this website do not do justice to their charm. They are posted here to spark your interest. The rest is up to you.

In a nutsehll what are Romanian women like?

  • R – Romantic – They dress with style on par with Italian and French women but do so on less money. Some guys think their provocative styles equate with easy. This is not the case. Rather, their conception of the world is romantic, that is not fully rational and a little chaotic. This is almost the classical definition of classical romanticism. Rebellion against the rational with sensuality.
  • O – Odd – The people of Romania on one level, know in their heart’s their greatness of their culture, but many times lack the confidence and compare themselves to the west, especially economically.  Like many Eastern European countries, Romania is trying to come to terms with corruption or hard economic conditions, yet amazingly creative and intelligent population feel they do not have the opportunities to actualized their talents.
  • M – Meaningful – The meaning of life question, and how you live your life is important. I am from the west, I do not know if I could say if people think so deeply about faith, life and the seriousness of relationships. In the west people treat marriage like a relationship that can be broken. In Romania it is more a sacred covenant you swear on the altar to God.
  • A – Authentic – Life here has a rustic feel. It is real, not plastic, but at times spartan. Economics plays a big role in life here.
  • N – Net, Romanians in dating age demographics use the web. As a percentage compared to other countries they are an average European country,  but when you are talking about students, then Romanians are plugged in and this trend is not going away. Again I think it is a function of economics. I mean if you are living in a 50 meter flat in Iași or Cluj-Napoca what else are you going to do when the rest of your disposable income is paying off your highly inflated apartment. I think many young Romanians are borderline Internet addicts. I mean so am I, but this just tell you I guess you can meet Romanian girls online, I think FB has 3.5 million profiles for example.
  • I –  Imaginative – I do not know why but in Eastern Europe, I have found a disproportional number of hot chicks that are into science fiction and fantasy and creative arts. Much more so than in the West. I mean you have girls that look like Romanian models Alina Puscau or  Ana Ularu but wear glasses and read imaginative literature on a park bench or a tram. I think it has to do with the weather or the harder economic conditions that make people more escapist.
  • A- Attractive
The average girl walking down the street in Anytown, Romania looks like a model

How often people confuse beauty with virtue

I believe in the proverb ‘so as within, so is without’. That is, what you have going on in your inner life will eventually reflect your outer beauty.  The majority of Romanian girls are still pretty humble, loyal, devout, educated good girls. If you want to find a date and have had no luck at home because you feel your value system or your sense of ideals about love and romance are from another century, consider Romania. You do not need a time machine to date a princess, just a plane ticket.

Ok if I have at least got your initial interest and you maybe want to meet Romanian girls there are many ways. The best way is to go there. If you have any questions about that let me know. You can do it on a shoe string.I can advise you.

If you are a far away land or your can not practically do it, leave a comment I can recommend Romanian dating sites, Romanian chat and internet, ICQ. There are also traditional Romanian marriage services. Actually dating services are not bad, if I was living in the states I would consider trying one at least to get your interest in the country going.

Or learning the Romanian language, even the basics.  Romanian is not a hard language to learn. And if you learned a few words you would set yourself apart from the rest of the guys trying to win the heart of a Romanian princess for happily ever after.

I would say that if you are looking for Romanian girls for less than noble motives, do not, why waste their time and yours. But if you are looking for Romanian girls for love, below I tell you the best way to meet Romanian girls.

I also make more specific recommendation in on this page: Bucharest girls.

Origins of Romanian girls

Romanian girls are an odd lot. They are actually ancient people’s influence by Romans culture as manifest by their language. However, their ethnicity is a mix of peoples whose names are not household words to most Westerners. The Roman province of Dacia was cut off during the collapse of the empire and some of the descendants lived in Slavic Eastern Europe along with indigenous people.  In Romania there is also a large gypsy population (Indian origin) and even some Turkish, Hungarian and Tartar (all Asian). However, Slavic people are mixed of course.  This is why Romanian girls are so beautiful.  They are Latin, Slavic, Ancient Greek, Eastern and mixed with their Dacians and Illyrians base. They are a little bit something exotic, ancient and untamed.

Romanian girls looks

Romanian girls are dark, thin and rather shapely. They have long legs and thin waists. Their noses can sometimes be pronounced, but this is not a bad thing. If you like girls with the contast of dark and pale, you will like Romanian girls.

Their hair almost always dark, yet their skin is pale and their bodies are lithe many with blue eyes. Something out of a Gothic fairy-tale or almost elf like. Maybe I am exaggerating a bit but you get the point.

Values of Romanian girls

Romanian girls are Orthodox Christian. Most of the girls in Romania are traditional good morals girls, waiting for their prince.  This is every guys dream. To find a girl whose beauty is only exceeded by her virtue and grace. Why is it that so often men confuse beauty and goodness?

They project on women all these noble attributes on a female just because they look good? Well there is a place you do not have to worry too much about making this error.  It is called Romania.  Most are humble and really want just a normal boyfriend. How can a people who have been steeped so deeply in the ideas Orthodoxy for so many centuries not have a greater awareness and goodness in them? It is almost in their genes. So forget all the troubles and heartaches girls back home have cause you. Romania might just be the land of fairy-tale princesses.

Harder economic conditions in Romania are a double edge sword. On one hand the girls have been shielded from hyper consumptive western ideas. The vast majority are not gold diggers and are easy to please.   However, because of the poverty that still exists in Romania, there are some women that think they can have both love and money. For me women who think in this way are the most dangerous type of women.

Romanian girls with less than noble motives but most are of good moral fiber and spiritual. The photo above is a good girl/model not a bad Romanian girl.

  • A word of advice for guy dating girls. There is a slight inverse correlation between price and quality. Take that for what it is worth. Many times the most high maintenance and demanding girls today, are the worse quality and choses for mates. While the ones that would be content reading a book with you on a park bench, not going to a fancy restaurant are the ones you should marry.

Language of Romanian girls

Romanian can be understood my Italians and Italian by Romanians. This is because both languages are a derivative of Latin. English is spoken by any Romanian girl under 30. Russian is also known, but English is really the magic language that give you the key to communicate to Romanian girls in dating age.

How to meet Romanian girls

The most obvious way to meet Romanian girls is to fly there.  I would highly recommend it. I live in Eastern Europe. I flew here five years ago and I never went back to the USA.  If you visit Romania the girls you will meet will be 100 times better than the women you might meet in the USA, on the Internet or any other way. Leave a comment if you have a question about meeting Romanian girls. I would highly recommend a trip to Romania to meet

Romanian girls.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

613 replies on “Romanian girls”

Right. They are the most beautiful, genuine mind and attractive girls I never met. That’s true. They almost look all like models. I went there for a business once. Since, I am going ther few times a months. I can tell you that I never remain, eat or sleep alone when I am there. No matter of money. Age doesn’t matter for them at all. At least you are sympathetic, correct and well-standing, you can just board girls in the shop, streets wherever..
The accept right away to come for diner, lunch or even a walk around. Without any bad feeling or meanings.
Michel from Brussels.

I am a Romanian girl (well woman, I am 29 after all) and I’m a weirdo among the women from my own country I have a large area of interests {arts of any kind [visual (painting, drawing, sculpting I was in Art School, every now and then I go to see a play ); music (trying to learn to play the piano even tho I don’t have one, listening: jazz,classical (I also go to symphonic concerts); cooking(which I love and try to perfect); dancing (took ballet and dancing classes when I was a child); martial arts(which I enjoy watching); love to read and write(poems,essays etc)]; science [Physics, Chemistry, Biology. Was a Management, Landscape Architecture, Med student, I enjoy reading cybernetics]; study new languages [English, German, Italian, Spanish, tried to learn Russian and Japanese].

I like mental games[ Chess, Snooker (it’s all geometry and physics in there), Puzzles etc]; I like sports, politics and stock markets} I consider myself a self made person (I didn’t let myself guided by a trend or influenced by the mob so I’m an atypical girl everywhere, the thing is intellectually wise no matter what nation you represent it’s all in your power to gain or not to gain knowledge, accept/follow or discard models out of society.

Romanian trends vary: some women are gold diggers(these women base their whole existence on looks, spend a lot of money on that sitting around the corner to jump on the first billionaire no matter how stupid, fat or ugly he is, unfortunately this is a model that’s being promoted on TV as a recipe of success over here); some are career driven gals(which often have to pairs of pants) and some but not too many are oriented towards self development, the ones that want a family are heading to extinction, a rare breed among us [I was heading towards that extinction myself (out of choice) before I changed my single status into a fiance one[with a US Guy which I adore, not because he’s from US (US it’s not even on the top 10 of my favorite countries to live in)or his wallet (he has an average income) I simply don’t see myself marring other guy but him(yeah, I’m a romantic girl)].

Romanian girls are a mixed race Looks wise (I’m a mix myself, I have Italian roots and Hungarian as well), their genetic makeup vary from region to region, south Romania has Greek (nose, long face)-Tatar(mongoloid eyes)-Turkish(green eyes, dark skin) features(skinny and tall) in north-east Ukrainian (wide face usually round with high cheekbones)-Russian (big breasts) features(with shapes, average height) in north-west Hungarian (mongoloid eyes, wavy hair)-German (tall, athletic, fair hair, blue eyes) ones.

Like every girl that respects herself the Romanian girl likes to be skinny or be in shape[there are fatties around here too, main cause: health issues(heart problems caused by stress and depression which causes overeating)], dress up(some dress like prostitutes lacking in style and finesse, some dress fine), have manners(some women have issues either act hysterical either talk like truck drivers), so women in Romania are the same as women everywhere(it’s the globalization effect at work), yes we are good looking creatures the reason for that is being on the Slavic-Latino-German boarder, emotional and intellectual wise we depend on our individual past experiences not on the regional culture, every other statement could be taken as a stereotype.

I already commented a few times, but this time I felt I had to make a comment on its own. I am not exactly a Romanian per se, at least not ethnically. I come from the other side of the border, although, I grew up in Romania since I was 10, so, quite a while ago.

I didn’t think Romanian girls were the best in looks matters, but since I moved to Germany over a year ago, I must say that we have some gorgeous women. lol I also find that the majority of Romanian girls do have a more romantic view on life, but somehow manage to keep themselves down-to-earth. I also don’t condemn those who are more materialistic. Why shouldn’t they be? The culture is extremely misogynistic and for a woman to climb up the ladder is no easy task at all. There are no laws to support them, or to back them up.

I generally find Romanian girls to be more intelligent than those here. They have more common sense and seem to hold more value to having a healthy relationship and a family. They aren’t necessarily traditional to the T, because many of us do care about our rights, and demand to be treated with respect, but who will hear us? We’re second class citizens in Romania. And here is my final point coming.

I just can’t stand these Romanian guys who get online to trash their own women. The most critical, unappreciative, disrespectful and negative people are them. They always find something bad to say about us, no matter what. They think they are entitled to trash us whenever and however they feel like. They have no respect for us at all, but completely fail to look at themselves and see the mess that they themselves are. These guys are the most demanding and pretentious of them all, while they themselves offer nothing back, not even looks. How can anyone take these guys seriously? They have nothing positive to say about us, and it is very unwarranted and undeserved. Most Romanian women are hard working people, and many are single mothers who have to struggle to give their children a roof above their heads and some bread. How dare these guys trash them like this? How? And even expect them to look like supermodels at all times. With a life like that, no woman can stay looking like a model. The majority of these men don’t deserve the women they have in their lives. They should be grateful for what they have, no criticize and degrade. I am disgusted.

Oh, and I forgot to mention the violence against women in Romania is rampant. Something all too common. So common that people think it is acceptable and normal. No wonder why so many Romanian girls leave the country in drones for better dating prospects. Who wants a life like that?

I enjoyed reading your comments and I agree with you completely. I lived in Timisoara for almost two years with my wife before we moved to my place in the US.
She’s going back to Europe because she says she hates the US and the people here. The problem is she will not allow herself to like it or really enjoy being here.
I believe a woman should be treated with love and respect but she was so abused growing up that she can not accept being treated with respect or being loved for real.
I never thought circumstances growing up could damage a person so bad they won’t let themselves move forward from there to make their life the way they want it to be.

No matter what I suggest or want to do she always responds the same way. “We can’t do it” Even though I’ve done the things all my life that she thinks we can’t do… she seems to believe that somehow I’m completely stupid now and can’t ever do the things I’ve always done anymore.

I want to start my own company again and she refuses to work with me, but working for someone else she goes all out and works so hard for other people I can’t believe it.

She’s convinced that she can’t run a business even with me to work with her. I see she’s beautiful for me and she believes she’s basically an ugly duckling. No matter what I say. I tell her I love her and she says that she’s unlovable so if I love her there must be something wrong with me.

I can not win for losing.
She is one of the most intelligent women I’ve ever known and she knows how to work and deal in business and we could be so successful together but she refuses to even try.

I’m an electronic field engineer and I designed some equipment and I want to start my own company to make it and sell them. She told me she thinks I’m too stupid… Look at all those other people in the world and why didn’t they ever think of it and make it before me???

I finally told her if she goes back home I’ll be so glad because she won’t be able to abuse me anymore. I really wouldn’t be glad she’s gone… but I am so tired of her hammering at me.

She won’t allow herself to like things here… It’s like she feels she will be a traitor to her home country if she allows herself to be happy here.

The only two things she’ll allow that she likes here are that the red, yellow, green street lights here are on the opposite side of the intersections and that we have better quality roads. She refuses to accept that she’s a part of my family now, nor that we’re married. She thinks because it’s never been registered in Romania it’s not valid there, so she won’t even need to get a divorce.

Your words were so refreshing to hear. Thank you. It was good to hear your confidence and pride tempered with reality.

I prefer European women and to be honest. I do miss living there in Romania. I mean, after almost two years?

I’m thinking about selling everything I have here and going back over to Europe again.

AnaGia you made a very good point I am a girl from romania and I know what you talking about, I don’t know for how long man will treat women in Romania like this, it is bad and somehting needs to be done, I undestand why so many girls will marry with forigner guys.

Well to all the men here: Watch out what you wish for.

Those traditional “beauties” in their micro skirts and slutty stilettos, and wearing 2 kilos of make-up, do have a lot of other ideas in their mind rather than your best interests romantic or otherwise.

Yes, it’s true that many are mistreated by their ethnic male counterparts, yet they are capable of doing the same to men regardless of where the guy is Romanian or Foreign.

I’ve seen what a lot of Romanian women behave like, and I am NOT impressed.

I (born in Romania guy) living for about 20 years in Canada, I’ve seen right here in a mid-size Canadian city the following:

  • Romanian woman married with a Romanian man: she was cheating on him with a Romanian Gypsy (none the less).
  • Romanian woman married with an Indian guy: she was cheating on him with various men.
  • Romanian woman married with a Romanian guy: very religious both of them; her hobby is orgies & group sex. Husband stays at home with kids.
  • Romanian guy comes to visit here occasionally from Romania: has affairs with at least 2-3 married Romanian women.
  • Romanian woman married a Romanian guy (after meeting on the internet). He was well established here and owned multiple properties. He brought her here at great expense, she divorces him after 4 years or so. Takes half his wealth and properties.
  • Romanian woman married an Italian guy: once she gets out of Romania and gets established outside, divorces poor Italian chap.
  • Romanian woman married to Canadian-Chinese guy: she was sleeping around with her Turkish neighbour, while the Canadian-Chinese guy was working hard to provide for both.
  • So much for morals, religion, tradition, and a good education.

    And did I mention that all these women are all university educated with careers. Imagine what the trash of the society is like.

    ALL This in a small Romanian community of a few thousands in a mid-size Canadian city of about 600,000 people.

    The sad truth is that behind the curtain, there’s a lot of adultery, cheating, superficiality, immorality, hypocrisy, lies, among both Romanian women and men alike.

    That’s not to say that all Romanian women are rotten. Many are good and decent, just like many Romanian men are good and decent as well.

    However, you should notice how many times a Romanian woman behaves around a nice Romanian guy vs. around a foreigner (no matter if foreigner is rude or nice). The foreigner will get her attention and smiles regardless. The foreigner is an exit ticket for her. Or the foreigner is a road to riches. Or a ticket to exotic new cultures.

    My advice is chaps: don’t be naive most of these babes are gold diggers. The more easier you seduce them, the bigger the warning signs. Same goes for the provocative clothes as well. The more provocative the worse. Just a bit more experienced and also with lower standards than gold diggers in other lands. Lots of Canadian gold diggers in my town too, but they tend to have higher standards when it comes to the way guys look like. They tend to want a Brad Pitt with millions, while a Romanian one will be content with a short & bald Danny DaVito with millions.

    And furthermore Romanian women are notoriously easily manipulated by the slogan “Romanian women are so beautiful”. Quite an easy ticket for the foreigner to reverse the table, and bang bang a Romanian girl with much much ease, and then drop her like the cheap piece of meat that she was to him.

    It is known that Romania now is quite a tourist destination for relations these days, with men going there and picking up girls for free in clubs etc. and in a week having 3-5 girls. And I’m not even talking about “working women”, etc. (you know those honest girls that at least don’t lie about what they are doing); nope 3-5 girls that just wanna “attach themselves desperately to a foreigner” in the hope that he’s the rich one and the ticket out.

    As for their “beauty”, it’s all in the eye of the beholder. I’ve traveled around many many countries; also my town in Canada is a Mecca of communities, ethnicity, and multiculturalism, and Romanian women aren’t even in the top ten if we were to aggregate all the women within every group together and compare each ethnicity in a bar chart.

    Remove the rose colored glasses, and start seeing clearing.

I am surprised economics is being discussed without the mentioning of the Gypsies.

Regarding looks/beauty/etc. External beauty stems from the ‘presentation’ of the Romanian and other specific European peoples. Go meet Romanians in the US. Unless you were born Romanian with a very good eye for the look of a Romanian, you would never know a Romanian from an American. Furthermore, you would not see any “exotic” or otherwise unusually attractive beauty that stands out like you have/have not seen it in Romania. Regardless, Romanians in Romania can be attractive, but they pale by comparison to many other European countries IMHO. Perhaps if Romania was clean and beautiful like most every other EU country is, the people would also look better. I don’t speak on behalf of the inevitably clean/delicious mountains, quaint towns, castles, etc. but with regards to the horrid roads, dust, and filth. How can a country/people allow endless trash on the land regardless of what part of Romania you are in? I have one answer=It’s Romania.

Romanian people have a kind nature on a whole, but as another person said it correctly about those living in the specific region of Canada, all is not exactly cute and pretty. I know a ton of Romanians and even they, along with the very first Romanian I met 9 years ago said to me, “do not trust anyone.” If the Romanian people/culture is so beautiful, why is there no trust? Why was I either naive or even scared when this absolutely gorgeous Romanian woman looked into my eyes with a look of great intensity and said, ‘never trust anyone, never’.

In the end, after some many visits to Romania (including this current one in Apr-May 2013), I cannot help but miss the way Romania felt especially in the first visit of 2004, and also during the following visits up to perhaps 2006/2007? Maybe the downfall of what I had seen as being special/beautiful had something to do with Romania joining the EU, the crazy housing boom, etc. Regardless, I will always cherish the special people of Romania, and Romania will always be strong within me for the special things it has given me that I pray I have given in myself/soul back.

Oh, and something not mentioned anywhere, once you go in bed with a real Romanian woman, you either get eaten alive or you wake up and wonder if you are in a hospital.

I am a Canadian girl from Denmark but since my mom is from Ireland, I have very traditional values. Here in Canada we find Romanian women and women from Eastern Europe to be gold diggers, very aware of money and materialistic to the point where it is annoying and an embarrassment. Eastern European Women here have trouble meeting Canadian men because of their attitude. And they tend to be fickle friends, but if you don’t mind a superficial friendship or superficial romantic relationship, then that’s the route to go.

Canadians are very romantic, we have the British cultural background and English literature which influences our daily life. People just need to find that one person that they click with. I found my beau who happens to be from Texas. Who ever would have thought a Texan would be romantic, but he is and I adore him.

I am a Romanian woman living in Canada. And I find a lot of Canadians complaining the same about Canadian women – that they are very materialistic and gold diggers.
So, let’s not generalize. I don’t find any of these statements to be right. Each country has its own bad apples. But from there to speaking bad about other people is a long way.

This article is spot on about Romanian women. Most of us believe in values and don’t care about money. I dare you to leave in that country as a single woman and with only the salary you can make there. Maybe then you will understand a bit more about us. We look for financial security (as I think anyone on this planet does) and we know how to work hard for that. We don’t need a guy to give us that.

The vast majority of Romanians (both men and women) are intelligent and very hard working people. And I see a lot of respect for them in Canada.

Just Google and see who is president of Air Canada. So let’s stop this nonsense. People are good or bad because of their nature. Not because they are born in Romania or Canada or Denmark.

I am also a Romanian girl and many people from the outside misunderstand us like Codifex Maximus. If you are born in Romania, you understand us. It is false the population of girls that cheat on their boyfriends and husbands are high. And if we cheat it is mostly because they treated us like a possession and cheated and left us. For example, my grandmother did not cheat on my grandfather even after he cursed at her and sometimes hit her.

Often Western guys will be dating Romanian or Eastern European women and then declare their girlfriend a cheater. This is false. The real story from someone who spent a decade of their life in Eastern Europe and part of the culture my whole life is Eastern European woman are loyal. What happens is a Western guy from the US or the UK for example will date a woman who is easy to find in Eastern Europe, someone who speaks English and is ready to jump into a relationship with a foreign, maybe it will improve their English or their economics or excitement. For me the destiny is often already set in stone. These women are quasi westernised and want to act out their new found ideas on some western guy.

In contrast I recommend finding the girl who is hidden. One that you might met in Church and not in a pub. One you might meet at used bookshop rather than with a group of their friends in a club. One that is just anonymously living their life pursing intellectual and spiritual development, which is the majority of women in Romania.

What is the cause of infidelity? Lack of loyal to ones ideals. First you have to have ideals and then you have to have the commitment to them.

You find a good girl from Romania like aforementioned and you will have no problem with fidelity.

I do support Natalia’s comment. Where moral values and ethics are concerned, they are not confined to any particular race or nationality. It is all down to the individuals as to how they want to conduct themselves, regardless of their gender. In any race, we find both men and women devoted to their spouses; similarly, on the contrary, we find the opposite as well. So, to me it is an individual conduct rather than attributing any characteristics to a certain group of people, race or nationality.

I have met a Romanian woman and she is very loving, compassionate, sensible and intelligent. Regarding her look, to me she is the most beautiful one at her workplace. However, since beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, others may not find her the same, but I DO! Because of her I am definitely going to Romania one day to learn more about the country, its people and culture. I am sure I will love it.

To the poor examples of Romanian girls given by Codifex Maximus above, with due respect, I would say that women from other races are no different. If we imply that women generally from poor countries or background cheat and leave/divorce their husbands ones their motives are fulfilled, what about the ones who are married to millionaires/billionaires? Romania is not a poor country, it is considered so only against the living standard of the western European countries like Germany, UK, France, etc. I have watched a programme on billionaires’ lives and one of the problems the couples face is infidelity and adultery. Then when the time is right, i.e. pre-nuptial-agreement time has lapsed, the wives ask for divorce. So, I would put these sorts of problems from happening to individuals’ own personal conducts that stem from their own moral values and principles. Good-bad, beautiful-ugly, fat-slim, etc, are present in all races. It’s just that how we want to evaluate and compare on others.

What is the visa process like? Can Americans apply for long term residence/long term visa while in the country? I ask as i am a young retiree, i would also consider studying to learn Romanian as i am fluent Spanish and English speaker, i find i understand most Italian and if the comparison made above is true, i should have no trouble understanding some of the local language.

You need to obtain a visa or your time in Europe will be short. I know Americans that have been deported. I obtain a residence card though European Ancestry. If you know one Latin language you will have no problem picking up Romanian at a basic level with some study.

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