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Unfortunate fact: Most people have never heard about girls. OK wait a minute, maybe they have heard about girls, but not my pages on girls

This is a vibrant community with interesting people, facts and comments. I’d really appreciate anything you could do to get the word out!

The following are some things you can do to spread the word.

Level 1 Use girls

  • Bookmark girls – and comeback
  • Comment often, or long.

Level 2 Share girls

  • Email an article or comment to a friend
  • Use the FaceBook ‘like’ button on any post or Twiter or Google Plus 1

Level 3 Follow girls

  •  RSS comments and RSS Articles – These little buttons are on my sidebar, click them to subscribe. This way you will be on top of the conversation. I also recommend you go to and add your image, it brings life to the online commenting.

Level 4 Promote girls online

  • Link to girls  <a href=””>girls for love</a> You can use this or any tagline you like. A link in is a vote positive vote.
  • Write a blog post about this site on your website. It has been featured on some major websites, why not yours? People do like it it is a win-win.
  • Invite me to guest post on your blog. I would be more than happy to write an article for your website on a topic that we can both agree on.
  • Hey Beautiful. If you are a girl send your photo and I can write a quality respectful post about some aspect about dating and relationships you like. It would me my pleasure to write on a topic of your choice, or I can pick on. If the photos are creative than this is a plus.

Level 5 Promote girls offline

  •  Tell a friend about it – Just tell your friend about my website. I know it is a crazy domain URL and hard to remember, but you can tell them and sent them a link when you get home.
  • Text or SMS them an article.

Level 6 Develop

  • You can help the website directly by writing a post or improveing a current one – If you want to get involved in the development of girls, contact me and lets see how this could work. Imagines, graphs, research, ideas, guest posts, interviews, information about countries and places. A lot of the posts here need to be developed further.
  • Translate an article in your native language and we can build on it and publish it.
  • Contact me at if you have any questions or ideas.

Level 7

Girls for love – The next level

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