Prague girls

If you want to find Prague women read this post.  I am from the US but have lived in Eastern Europe for many years now and know Eastern European girls and where to find them if you are looking for love.

In this post I will tell you the best places in Prague to meet ladies and where to chat and meet Prague girls online. The girl pic below is actually a very respectable, virtuous person in real life.

Prague Czech republic

Prague, Czech is the most Western Eastern European city.  The city has about 800,000 single girls between 18 and 35.  The reason is, like Krakow, Poland, Prague, Czech Republic is a student town.  This is a lot of Czech women looking for men.

I have never recommended Czech girls for marriage, however, I am sure there are some nice ones that could be potential lady friends.  However, along with Estonia, Czech Republic is one of the most non-religious countries in all of Europe.  I think this Eastern European Slavic culture has been too influenced by decadent western morality. Many Germans drive to the city for the weekend looking for fun and UK stag parties also for the weekend.   I think Prague is an anything goes city in terms of nightlife. The girls in Prague I think are too easy for my style. Fast cars and fast women, this is what I think of when I think of this Bohemian Gothic city on the Vltava river .

Prague girls online

If you want to chat with Praguewomen online here are Czech sites, not European or English or German sites but real dating sites that Czechs use to meet each other:

  • large CZ portal with a lead in to the portal for dating ->  If you go to this could be your one spot place to meet and chat with Prague girls online for free.
  • Similar to above great for chatting with categories not just for dating or love.
  • is from, it is a large chat and message and even video potential.
  • is not for dating but many pictures and videos of young beautiful women from Prag.

However, since these sites are in the Czech language, maybe you want to try some free dating sites that have an English interface.  However, these are ore women looking for English speaking foreigners, but maybe that is what you want.

Clubs in Prague for meeting a woman

If you want to meet Pragauegirls these are the places to go, this is no review of clubs just names of places to meet girls in Prague:

  • Cross club – Plynarni 23 – many local girls go here.
  • Vertigo music -Havelska 4- Electro trance music, DJs a place I would go.
  • U Sudu – Voova 10 – Undergound club mostly locals,  was once a wine cellar not its a club for music, many places like this in Krakow also.
  • Club Nebe – Kremencova 10 – Alternative club a lot of people of Western Europe go but many young student girls in Prague also.
  • Rocky O’Reilly’s – Stepanska 32 – expats and tourists but also local women to meet foreign guys.
  • Alternatiff Prague – Karlova 25- like the name says, alternative, Bohemian hang out.
  • M1 Secret Lounge – Masna 1- old town club, reasonable place to chat up Czech girls.

These are some of my recommendations, let me know if you have better places to meet a Czech woman in Praha. Also you might also meet or run into foreign women, you can expect Russian and Slovak girls in Prague from time to time.

I love you in Czech

Miluji tě is I love you in the Czech language. Only use this if you really mean it as people are not to be played with.

Write me if you want or have more information on Prag girls.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

28 replies on “Prague girls”

Hi, I am from Mexico, thanks for the information, I agree with you in the idea of easy women, but I have heard that there are some Praga Girls, studied, educated and with some idea of serious relationship.

I live in the mexican caribbean, Riviera Maya so here I finf “party girls” from around the world, I am 44 and divorced, I am tired for parties….

They are famous (Praga) because their beauty, I am planning to take a long trip at the end of this year 2010, I really like tall and blonde girls I am 6´5″ tall, white man, but what really drives me crazy are read hair girls, by the way, do you know some cities, besides UK to look for them? deep and dark red hair, green or blue eyes and tall?…….mmmm should I contact some laboratorie?

Thank you so much for your comments, Good Life and Good Luck!


Mauricio Garcia,

Czech Republic is an atheist country. So if you can deal with a woman that does not believe in god then that is fine.

As for UK women. They are mostly ugly.

Red hair is rare in Czech Republic and most of Eastern Europe. You either get brown, blonde, or black.
Northern Russia has high concentration of blondes, but there should be some red heads there.

Hey…thanks for the info…very useful. Questions:
1. Do you know where the Cross club – Plynarni 23 is? I couldn’t find it the google map!
2. I am planning to go there end of March…do you think the weather will be ok?


Hi I do not know there this club is in Prague, but they have a website. March the weather is fine. Sometime it is warm and people are in shorts and sometimes it snows. However, it is not bad, bring a light jacket.

Hi ,

Thanks for the useful info , i am planing to spend 8 nights in Prague starting on the 9th of Feb.

I heared its freaky cold this time of year, is that true?

Do i have to wear like a model or casual outfits do the trick?

Where is the best place to stay? do you recommend a hotel or an apartment?

PS: we are three guys.

Thanks …

Hello Mark
I’m from middle east and travel to Europe but haven’t actually lived in Europe yet.
I read many parts of your website. Thanks for the information, you have a useful website. You have asked for recommendation so I would prefer more detailed information about why you actually prefer this part of the world. you could add some true stories for example.

Anyway, I just have a problem here. after reading these pages I honestly didn’t understand what do you mean by a Princess?
Why do you associate religion and spirituality with qualities necessary for a woman to be a suitable life partner?

I know it’s your opinion and point of view but the world has changed and many people don’t see religion as a path to a good life, a romantic or even spiritual life. And I don’t consider it as a corruption from western countries.
There are couples in, for example Estonia (which is correctly identified as an atheist country) who live together and even have children without being married!
My own cousin lives with an Estonian girl and they have always been romantic and tender towards each other, etc. None of them believes in a any religion.

I don’t know man. Maybe I am wrong
But I’m going to experience it for myself.
It really depends on each person and what they are looking for in life

“what do you mean by a Princess”

It means a woman that is too demanding and wants everything her way without and conesseions. Think of a king or queen with absolute power

Hi everybody!
I live in one of Prague dorms and I´m originally from Czech republic. I have to kinda disagree with your ideas, cause Prague girls are not easy. There are tonnes of girls looking for serious relationship, but what you can expect if you come for few days or weeks to hang out? You as a foreigner are attractive to them and if you tell them “I´m just gonna hang out for few days” you can´t expect any longer relationship, right? After that you may be a “magnet” for easy girls, but Czech woman looking for a serious rel. tell herself that it doesn´t worth it. I know few girls from Charles university and Economical univ. and that´s pretty much how they feel about it. If you decide to live here for much longer and make her sure that you´re really gonna stay here in Prague it´s way much different and you can get cool relationship.
I know from my own experience that get a girl in New York or Los Angeles is so easy and I think it´s because of your foreigners aura :), but I just can´t claim that all the US girls are easy.
Anyway, not to be all critic, I appreciate your European skills, one thing I would like to ask, I´m always excited to meet people from foreign countries, does anybody know where are the best places in Prague to meet foreign country girls or exchange student girls? I have tried few pubs in downtown close to Charles bridge with my friends, but we were not really lucky.
Many thanks


Women in big cites in America like NY and Los Angeles are difficult unless you are talking about corpulent women. Fat women are easy, and since most American girls are corpulent, they are easy in a way.

Czech girls are mostly cordial, but you must realize Czech Republic is a s_x capital of Europe.


Prague like other Eastern European cities is full of discotecque clubs and pubs. Don’t tell me those girls want “Serious relationship”. That is where one goes for “fun”.

the thing is that I´m not talking about corpulent women :D, they´re not my style.
And the other point is that you probably didn´t understand what I wanted to say: Yeah Prague is full of pubs and if you´re trying to find easy girls you´ll find them, but that´s everywhere all around the world, no matter if you´re in Tokyo, LA, Berlin, Amsterdam, whatever. It´s not very objective to judge all girls only from your discoteque experiences plus Czech republic is not only Prague :). Try to visit Brno, Ostrava, Plzen or Pardubice, kinda cool are pubs in countryside villages as well, but like I said, depends on area.

when I came to US I couldn´t believe my eyes, cause cordial girls I could never get in Czech were way much easier there, it was pretty cool experiences there.


While most American that did not do well in America, many have done well in gaining super cordial women of course from the areas of disco clubs and pubs in Czech Republic compared to Czech men that come to U.S. are dissapointed at the low qualiy girls. Fact is Czech Republic has a better selection of girls that the U.S.

And yes Prague is not the real Czech Republic. It almost has its own culture compared to the rest of the country. That same for all European countries with capitals versus other areas of a country.

I think we can agree with something.

Hot girls exists in every country, no matter where you are you can always find cordial girls… and if you look in the right places you would always find easy girls.

I’ve been in lots of places like Ibiza, Prague, Amsterdam, Paris, Rome, Brazil and in every place i go, I always finds the “serious relationship” kind of girls and the “One night party” kinds, you just need to know where to search.

By the way, I’m from México, and here you can find cordial girls too, just come and take a look.


“Hot girls exists in every country”

But certain countries have more cordial girls than others. Just like you can find a riches everywhere, some nations have more money. Women are all different and style has a lot of influence of their attractiveness.

I just ran into an American woman, a young woman from San Francisco, of all places; it was a negative encounter. She was not attractive, but she sure was argumentative, and threw a whole lot of conviction and emotion and a hint of hostility into whatever view point she had to offer, no matter how petty and trivial the subject or point she was out to make; basically, she reminded me of the disturbed alcoholics who are so common, and so abrasive, in San Francisco.

Hi “Mr. Intelligent”

I never mention that the number of cordial girls is the same in all countries right?, I agree that there are more cordial girls in some countries than others, my only statement was that you can find then in any place where you go, it makes sense for you? I hope so.

And what was that about the money??, did it really offended you??

Grow up man, trying to offend other people does not prove your intelligence to well.

Im an Aussie that plans on traveling to either Vancouver or Prague next month, and yes i hope to meet some cordial women depending on who’s offering the best travel deal at the time of departure. I met an American lady from Wisconsin while on holiday in Thailand last year and had a lot of fun. If i end up in Prague i will just play it cool and be friendly and take in the history and sites. That folks is how i usually end up meeting women.

If Prague is the capital of s_x, i wonder what Amsterdam is… This is def. no capital of s_x, its just a very nice place to visit, ful of monuments, full of cultural life, with very beautiful women.

The rest…u can see it almost everywhere. Barcelona for example 🙂

I have met many Prague girls, dated one Prague girl for three months. Beautiful girls without a doubt, flawless bodies from hair to toe, sweet, caring and charming, highly cultured and well-travelled, those girls can revolutionize anyplace where they make an appearance, everyone turn their heads because their captivating beauty accent and ability to keep a conversation, but not values at all for a loving relationship at all. They can have relations with different people and it’s like drinking a glass of water, the worst part is that they can still look you in the eye and tell you that they love you want a future with you. They think it’s normal to have threesome and don’t mind to share you with one of her friends. Unless you are a swinger, you wouldn’t want to share the one you love or be shared with anybody else. It’s like cold water running through their veins when it is about loving one person for real. They can open their legs to anyone, for fun, for hobby, for money, for a green card, and they call it being “open-minded”. For a weekend, yes the best weekend ever, they love to give let you do them without questions, anywhere anytime, but for love and raising a family, don’t waste your time. Maybe in Prague you might find some women that believe in loving one person, but the ones here in US, NY or FL, forget it, many of them are professional working girls who tell their families they are just hard-working here, but they don’t say they’re working with their legs. I don’t mean to generalize, I talk with facts, and those are the facts that I have experienced with the Czech girls I’ve met.

I love Eastern European women. I have been to Latvia, Romania and Ukraine. Would love to come to Prague and teach English as a 2nd language. Do you have any connections that would be helpful with ESL certification and job placement?

Teaching in Eastern Europe you will meet more women that are like models than any professional football player in the USA in a lifetime.

If you are a native speaker in English you do not need a certification that you are an ESL, I think that is a scam to make money off native speakers. You use the language like no one else can. Most people in Eastern Europe want to practice conversation not, learn grammar rules they studied in school from non-native speakers. You can go there and walk into any English language school and get a job or start posting fliers around town or in gumtree or some Eastern Euroepan classified. The real and only question is how will you get a visa, not that it is EU you can really only stay there for three months. And any income you make remember to report to the IRS. Even if you make a pittance, like I did, you want to report every penny every penn, let me know if you have any questions and you are right, Eastern European are worth it.

Wow. You make it sound so easy. Don’t think I am quite as bold as you are.

So you just jumped a plane to Eastern Europe, hit the ground and started making contacts? What language did you use to communicate with people? I would have to know who I would be working with, where I would live, what compensation would be, blah blah blah before I would be comfortable going over. I’m sure once I got to know a few locals I would be fine.

Were you a teacher before you went? I taught business finance at University of Phoenix for a little while and love the teaching part it. Other than that I have just been your run of the mill banker.

Did you have to develop your own material? Can you send me links to English schools you have worked with? Plus any other info you can think of.

What country do you live in now?

Thx for your help,


I jumped on a plane and figured it out from there. I downloaded as much Polish as I could to my brain before I got there using mp3 files. I made contacts when I got there. I met an American who was there who showed me the ropes. I was brave and had a lot of courage. I figured out of to get a visa because my grandparents were from Poland and in the Polish constitution you can get a visa.

I live in St. Augustine, Florida now but intend to live in both countries as I have a citizenship for both.

My journey was not easy as I had a lot of problems, but it the end, it all was a dream come true.

You do not have to have any teaching experience. All you need to be is a native speaker in English.

I think your only issue is your visa. Do you have any connection to Europe? Did your grandparents come from Europe. If you do not have a visa the best think you can do is fly back and forth, which is not a bad option.

Also before I left I travelled a lot.

Let me tell you straight. I think there is a low probability of meeting a girl on or your local sports pub or ‘getting set up by friends’. I think a lot of American dating is hopeless. Maybe I am wrong, but I think it is a very strange dynamic in the American dating culture. Too much competitiveness, maybe it is our culture.

In contrast in Europe girls, OK Eastern Europe look like run way models and they want to get married and just be good wives. These same girls also might have high levels of education and a classical education and view of the world, which I like. My wife has a Master’s degree and some medical school and is a joy to exchange ideas and thoughts with about all subjects. She is tall and thin and treats me with love and kindness.

I think the risk of losing I do not know what in the USA, is far outweighed by finding the love of your life.

I think you should ask me as many questions as you need to. I can say with all my heart, I do not regret leaving my career and life in the USA to find and marry the one and only love of my life. It is what life is about.

Everywhere in big capital city including western culture you will find ‘easy girls’. Go to Spain islands, walk down the street and you will find many. Go to England and you will discover that most English women on Fridays get drunk, have a one night stand and in morning bye bye. If you are French or nice gentleman or with exotic look, in America you can get any American woman. If your darker haired, you can get easily any German woman.

Bear in mind, that Czech men aren’t offering much potential to today’s Prague independent hard working girls, Czech men in these days got frozen somewhere in last century they drink much their lazy their macho’s yet they cant fulfill the role of breeder, husband or dad.

They don’t care much about their appearance as Western men, so don’t be surprised when Czech girl see a foreigner, she is excited. The nature is forcing women to mate with men who offer best potential-best genes. so now the situation is like Czech men are looking in far Easter poorer countries for wife’s, and Czech women for foreigners, and I think its in each country.
Your problem guys is, you coming to this country with high opinion about yourself, that ‘Eastern European girls’ will love you even your ugly as heck, 20 years older, and working as a builder.

If Prague is not high on your list because the girls are too easy, give me some additional countries to visit where the girls are at least friendly, nice, and beautiful. I don’t travel looking for women. But it’s nice to know.

Countries that have conservative social values. Of course everyone is different but I would put Poland, Romania and Italy near the top of my list, as well as India and Pakistan. But the country does not matter as much as the the girls reason for being. Examine what is the meaning of her life.

No je zajímavé tady číst, jak o nás holkách smýšlejí cizinci 😀 Bravo! 😀 Mluvíte tady jako kdybychom byly ‘street girls’, všude se takové najdou ale nemůžete je dávat všechny do jednoho pytle.. :-/

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