Polish single girls

Polish single girls and what I know

I am an American living in Poland and learnt Polish.  I have lived here for quite sometime.  I have seen dating in Poland from both the side of a foreigner and from the inside, that is from the Polish perspective. I live in Krakow, Poland a rather popular city in Poland.

Polish girls from the foreigner perspective – Pcordialos do not do justice

Beautiful single women are everywhere in Poland. I do not know why. Maybe it is a combination of culture and genetics. Genetically Polish girls have high check bones and blue eyes and tall, thin figures. Culturally, they dress to impress.  They are women and they know it.  Also a Polish girl normally does not eat junk food and is not corpulent like her American girl counterpart.  But in a word they are just beautiful. When foreigners arrive they get sore necks as they turn their heads so often. I think the critical determinate factor is the attitude of the Polish single girl. She wants to get married, have a family and pleasure her husband. Can you imagine this attitude in American women?

Polish attitude towards marriage

Women in Poland believe in family not femenism. They will stand by their man and take care of them. This is a surprise for many western guys where women talk semi materialistic ideology and at the same time deny they need a relationship.  Polish girls want a relationship and want to get married be a lady friend and take care of you and their family.  The idea that a woman is made to make a man happy might sound strange to an American or wrong. It is not. I mean I as a man want to make my wife happy and I would do anything for her and will love her all the days of our lives and if God grants us after that. Why should you not go for a woman who feels the same?

Where to find Polish single women?

Unless you have no male drives, Polish girls are in my opinion, along with Russian and Ukrainian girls the girls to date in the world, for a long term marriage relationship.  I would also say Latin women are up there, but I prefer Slavic European girls, that is just me.

Problem with dating Polish girls

Once the initial shock wears off, that beautiful models want to date you, the problems of relationships are the same.  You are not looking for 100 Polish girls, but just one for love and marriage.

Being a player is not only boring, but in my opinion just wrong, because to hurt someone is one of the worst things you can do. It’s all for ego gratification, because you have a poor opinion of yourself deep down.

So to find your lady friend, the question is just like in the West, who? Not just any lady friend or Polish girl, but your other half. What is my recommendation? Read what I wrote about how to get a girl to love you and if you follow this, the rest should fall into place. You can also come to Poland and you will meet many Polish single girls and you will see for yourself.  Most guys go to a disco and in six months they are on their way to getting married.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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I am Irish in my late forties and I would like to met a Polish girl to settle down with in the near future. I adore children.

I m an Irish women and i am married to polish man living in Ireland with 2 children I often here about Polish girls yeah there is some nice Polish girls and some not so nice over all i find them very rude to Irish girls and yeah they with Irish men I do not care because i have my husband and love him not because hes polish but because I love him for being herself I do not think it nice that Polish girls think there better than us Irish girls because they not I am Irish and i am as nice or maybe nicer than some Polish girls live long brown hair I am 5ft 4 I am a size 10 I am blue eyes and that is after having 2 children and my youngest is 2 months old so I think Polish girls need to get there facts straight about us Irish girls my husband Polish and loves me and I am an Irish girl.

I have been living in Poland for one year. If you do not speak Polish, forget it. Polish girls will be never interested.

Jep, This is untrue. I have been living in Poland for over five years and if you speak other languages Polish girls are interested in you because you are different. But if you learn Polish you will have a better chance. Polish girls like 1) religious 2) smart 3) family oriented guys.

I’m a Polish, attractive girl, 33 yo and would like to meet a good guy for marriage, family oriented who is as well Catholic and loves dogs 🙂

Highly un-recommendable for western boys/men to sink their deep ideals of eternal romantic endeavors into Slavic women. Picture a child who has lived almost their whole life closed up away from various freedoms that us westerners take advantage of our whole life’s, suddenly,poof,you belong to the EU now, go away, leave Poland for a better life and use the whatever situation thus befalls you. Well,a lot of Slavic folk have this motto genetically in their blood.’Grass is greener on the other side’, Well,things and attitudes towards the U.S. has been drastically changing since the EU, now a lot of westerners are looked at a little differently as opposed the way we were 20 yrs ago. Money, job situations, connections, etc.Now those pretty young ladies from Eastern Europe have more opportunities to choose from here in Europe and, Americans, Brits,well, you’ve got competition. I’ve found a lot of Polish Women vague in thought of relations with forieghners. Be carefull. Always have eyes in the back of your head and a plan to protect yourself.

I have no idea what you are talking about. I am an American that has lived in Poland a good part of my life and you are talking like someone who has no idea about Poland and Polish girls.

Indeed I’m very positively shocked by reading this post. I am a Polish girl, working in Krakow science a year. I lived a good part of my life abroad. To me it feels like hope; so there are some nice and decent guys left out there waiting to meet a life partner.
Take care guys,

I’m a nice English guy, and I am about to go to Krakow for my second visit. I do speak a few words of Polish, and will always try to speak in Polish when meeting locals. My goal in life is to find and marry a nice, honest and caring Polish girl and to make us both happy. I am quite shy when it comes to talking to women, even more so in a strange country. I hope one day I will meet my Kasia, Magda, Kryztinya or Dorota, even if it takes many trips.

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