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Do you want to watch videos of Polish girls until sunrise? My wife who knows a little more than I about Polish models, actresses and singer as well as weathergirls created the list below. She added a few search terms also that will yield Polish video girls.  If you do a search on Polish videos girls  you will find really base images of Polish women on places like Metacafe and some less respectable websites. I do not recommend these. Just go to YouTube and search the list below, they are normal beauties from Poland.

Where to find Polish girls videos, short movies and film clips

You will get an endless supply of quality videos with beautiful Polish women made for TV and to be in the stars. I know I am Polish and American and these are the terms you need to search, others will get you spammy videos. The reason these terms are better is they are in the Polish language.

Polish girls have such striking features that any girl on the street in Warsaw or Lublin could be on TV or a modelka.

Each one of these was researched. Now as a favor for me since I am giving you the keys here, is like this post on Facebook or subscribe to my RSS or leave a comment.

  • Doda – Fake Polish blonde with a juicy fake body. Even though it is all an illusion she is worth looking at if you want to get an idea of what Polish girls on videos look like.
  •  Ewa Farma- 18 year old Polish singer who lives in the Czech republic. She is just a girl, but has a nice voice. Has an English CD and one teen awards.
  •  Monika Brodka – Smoking cordial Polish brunette with long hair, one Polish idol.
  •  polskie prezenterki telewizyjne _ Polish TV news casters, only the best on TVN and Polsat and TV1.
  •  polskie piosenkarki – basically Polish songs.
  •  polskie aktorki – Polish actresses.
  •  polskie artystki – Polish artists if you like artsy music girls singing.
  •  polskie tancerki – Polish dancers – get your mind out of the gutter, these are for normal dance like dance with the stars.
  •  polskie sportsmentki – Hot Polish girl athletes
  •  polskie celebrytki – Polish celebrities.
  •  polskie modelki – Polish female models
  •  Anita Lipnicka – Cute Polish songwriter in her 30s famous for Wszystko się może zdarzyć – which means – Everything Can Happen.
  •  Agnieszka Maciag – Endowed with a large chest naturally and a cute smile this Polish brunette is known how as a TV personality in her 40s, in her youth she was a model.
  •  Joanna Krupa – Polish American classical Polish blond bombshell and singer worthy do be on any swimsuit calender or wallpaper screen saver.
  •  Edyta Herbus – Young Polish dancer and model from a poor Polish town. She is a brunette with long hair.
  •  Anja Rubik – Tall blond Polish model from South Eastern Poland. She usually has short hair and big hips.
  •  Natasza Urbanska -Actress from Warsaw in her 30s, a brunnette.
  •  Alicja Bachleda – Famous well endowed Polish actress.
  •  polskie koszykarki – Tall friendshipy Polish basketball players
  •  Agnieszka Szott – Hot Polish basketball player, blonde and tall and thin.
  •  Katarzyna Dzwigalska – Polish basketball player, another blonde.
  •  Justyna Zurowska – Famous Polish athlete for her beauty.
  •  Malgorzata Kozuchowska – Polish blond day time TV actress.
  •  Ania Przybylska – This girl is a five-star model and actress and singer. Look up her YouTube films up and you will see one of the most attractive Polish girls in videos.
  •  Magda Molek – Nice modern looking Polish TV hostess.
  •  Edyta Górniak – Exotic looking Polish singer, part gypsy.
  •  Anna Mucha – Polish actress who has done some sensual films that expose.
  • Kasia Cichopek – Polish actress known as Kinga Zduńska and some for lingerie exposure.
  • Malgosia Socha – Polish blond actress with a pretty face and wavy hair.
  •  Agnieszka Wlodarczyk – Polish singer and actress with a troubled family life and turned to music. She has a high hairline and high cheek bones.
  •  Agnieszka popielewicz – Dance with the stars celebrity – blond who is always smiling.
  •  polskie pogodynki -Polish weather girls
  •  Patrycja Kazadi – Part black African and part Polish
  •  Paulina Sykut – Black haired Polish weather girls with long straight hair, you have to love it, but she did just get married this year.
  •  Kasia Sowinska – Polish model.
  •  Weronika Rosati – Daugher of a Polish political leader and she is a TV celebrity.
  •  Weronika Ksiazkiewicz – Polish blond who was in that famous men’s magazine that shows it all.
  •  Marta Zmuda-Trzebiatowska – Polish film star who could be a model.
  •  Ania Dabrowska – Polish retro pop singer in her 30s. Artys looking if you like that, with short hair.
  •  Tatiana Okupnik – Singer with a deep raspy voice.
  •  Agnieszka Chylinska –  Polish rock star. She looks like rocker. Has a square face.
  •  Justyna Steczkowska – Polish singer from a musical family. Nice girl.
  •  polskie prezenterki pogody – Female Polish weather girl.
  •  Anna Popek – TV presenter with short dark hair. In her 40s but still looks good.
  •  Monika Richardson – Polish female reporter, married a couple of English guys.
  •  Aneta Piotrowska – Polish classic dancer.
  •  Martyna Wojciechowska – And you thought economic models were only about graphs. This former economist is a model and TV presenter.
  •  polskie prezenterki telewizyjne – Polish female TV presenter.
  •  Dorota Gardias – TV journalist and presenter that show off her body on TV.
  •  Marzena Slupkowska – Polish TV weather girl.
  •  Natalia Jakula – Skinny perky Polish TV presenter.
  •  Marzena Sienkiewicz  – Polish reporter, too many tattoos for me.
  •  Magda Sakowska – Professionally dressed Polsat Polish TV Newscaster.

If you search these terms you will get hundreds of hours of Videos with Polish girls for free. You can download them with a YouTube downloader which is a Firefox extension. If you have any questions let me know.

You might also see a lot of ‘Neon Indian Polish girls video’ come up. This has little to do with Polish girls in short movie clips. It is an alternative music video.

You can also go to or the each have score of videos in such categories as weather and sports and news and dance with Polish girls. Again since it took a lot of work to put this list together, leave a comment and let me know what you think, or like it on Facebook.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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